Lupinranger VS Patranger, Episode 33: "We're The Kid Phantom Thieves"

Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Toku Prime, Sep 27, 2018.

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    *screaming internally*
    This week: The actor for child Kairi might be a better actor than the guy who usually plays him, the thieves figure out Tsukasa's weakness, the Dial Fighters open normal locks too, and Kogure has some very specific cosplay items.
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    This one was pretty decent, though, I don't see how pink found the kids to be so adorable that she was willing to do anything they asked.

    The hide and seek bit was funny, but again, they did very little with the villains this episode. Kogure was awesome though.
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    Things like characters actually being cute/attractive is always up for debate. The point is, the show says they are, so just roll with it even if you disagree. Some people find kids cute no matter how they look. Some people have different standards. Etc.

    And the hide and seek moment actually left me confused, at least when they were caught with the VS Changer. Why were they caught in the first place? They know how to *magically* hide these things when not in use, so why was it hard to hide the VS Changer now? Why not stuff it in your shirt or something?

    Honestly, since I've seen the whole "adults turned into kids" trope a million times over, I was too busy thinking about the implications of such a transformation. If someone really could instantly revert back to a younger age like that, would they really keep all their memories they'd made growing older, or would their brain age backwards as well? If it's the former, would it stay that way forever, or would the subject's memories and perception of reality slowly change and warp until their mental state is no different than any other child? Would returning to that age come with childhood instincts and tendencies? Would you be able to better recall childhood memories and experiences that you'd long forgotten?

    ...Good thing this was just one throw away episode, so I don't need to think about it too heavily. :p
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    GoGoFive did something like that where the rangers who were turned into kids didn't retain their memories after a certain point. Turning rangers into kids is always a weird plot in my book as its usually done so poorly, though, they don't tend to be as bad as the ranger becoming an idol for 24 hours episodes.

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