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    Liveman 2014

    Don’t be a dick. Please be civil about any complaints and keep them to this OCC thread. If you have any special requests regarding your character please PM them to me. I’ll do the same if I have any issues with actions taken in or outside of the RP.

    No one liners or ultra brief posts. If your up to date on the events there should be enough for at least a paragraph or two at the least.

    Relationships are fine and encouraged but lets keep things G rated and not hold up the story.

    Same with swearing, a bad word or two for emphasis is fine but lets not get too carried away.

    While some if not most of the rp will take place in Japan All of your characters will have prior history with either each other as students of the world science academy the 6 researchers attended or The True Earth organization, both of which are organization which pull staff and students from all over the globe so your characters can hail from anywhere.

    25 years have passed since the death of the villain known as Grand Professor Bias. A man of unmatched intellect Bias was behind a series of disappearances over the course of decades culminating in a series of battles across Japan. Many of the monsters weapons, and devices created by Bias and his cohorts as well as the mysterious individuals who defeated Volt became the source of rumor and urban legend around the world.

    Pursuers of such stories be it to confirm the truth or skepticism would become the first victims of Volt’s revival. What were originally believed to be the discovery of OOO-Parts potentially tied to volt lead to the disappearance of 6 scientists and the death of 2. As the story goes 8 researchers went into the hostile area to investigate the OOO-Part when a rouge military unit happened upon them, Killing Two and capturing the rest.

    The reality of the incident was covered up by the “True Earth” foundation, a private organization believed to have ties to the U.N. and various intelligence agencies worldwide. Founded in the aftermath of Volt’s destruction the True Earth foundation grew exponentially over the years with the goal of suppressing and procuring any and all proof of Volt’s existence from the world and its various militaries. The real story of what occurred that day is known only to select members of “True Earth” and the 6 who disappeared.

    Upon discovery of the OOO-part an entity appeared. He identified himself as Dr. Null, emissary of the New armed brain army “Neo-Volt”. Of the Eight present 3 immediately accepted the invitation to join Neo-Volt in spite of its predecessor’s rumored infamy. When the others protested Null attacked, severally injuring 2 or the 5 remaining. Null disappeared with the 3 volunteers leaving the wounded 5 to their fate. While the 5 remaining researchers were recovered by True Earth’s medics 2 died in transport. Enraged by their loss and betrayal the 3 remaining researchers cry out for vengeance. The call is answered by True Earth. Believing their ties to Neo-Volt’s newest members may assist in halting Volt’s revival “True Earth” bestows upon the 3 the means used to defeat Volt’s prior attempt on the world. When equipped with these powered armors, weapons, and vehicles the 3 transcend their human limitations and become _ Sentai Liveman. The outcome of this decades old battle will determine the fate of the world and all its inhabitants.

    Name: Dr Null
    Age: Unknown
    Appearance [​IMG]
    Affiliation: Neo-Volt
    Research Specialty: History and Paranormal Phenomena

    Powers/ Abilities: Dr Null possesses what he refers to as “The Third Eye” . It appears as a projection of light on his forehead which takes the shape of an eye. He uses it primarily as sources of precognition for both plotting and in combat. The nature of “The Third Eye” is a mystery to all but Null with those within Volt postulating that it’s a means of probability calculation or a means of accessing information databases compiled elsewhere.

    Tools/ Equipment
    Data Cards: Resembling tarot cards, Null’s data cards are compressed versions of Null’s personal stable of Brain Beasts. These creatures were created digitally unlike creatures made by Volt’s prior incarnation. These creatures are often based on the occult, crypto zoology and other unnatural phenomena.

    The Alter: The means through which Null summons his brain beasts from their data cards. There are 5 slots allowing him to summon as many as 5 at a time. If placed face down The Alter can project attacks in the vein of that beast on the respective card, at the cost of being able to summon the same creature for anywhere between 4 to 36 hours based on the strength of the attack.

    Bio: An entity which appeared to the heroes and villains of the story heralding the return of Volt. It is suspected that he has some mastery of time/inter-dimensional travel as he predicts events which would occur with some minor variance. He speaks in a grand and formal manner to enemy and ally alike. He expresses little fear of the Livemen and at times praises their abilities to use the armor and weapons. He holds nearly as much admiration for the original Livemen as he does for Volt’s incarnations. Null expresses misanthropic views of the world and encourages his 3 disciples to prey upon the inherent weakness and malice of human nature, children being the one exception to this. He is interested in History and the many unnatural phenomena hidden with in it and uses his research of these subjects to create his brain beasts.

    Name: Mariko Yamada
    Age: 28
    Appearance [​IMG]
    Affiliation: True Earth
    Bio: The on call Handler of the Livemen and their Liaison to the company. Mariko grew up as a latch key kid due to her parents work within True Earth. She is a confessed hikikomori and is frequently accused of being married to her work. Utilizing a cutting edge computer and database combination she affectionately dubbed “The rig” Mariko monitors various communications and newsfeeds to monitor and alert the Livemen and True Earth of Neo-Volt’s activities. While she has the means of blocking the Liveman equipment and is only meant to activate it in times of need she is lax in this duty and tends to leave it active unless directly ordered not to by higher ups.
    The Liveman suits have been altered to communicate with her and allow her to monitor their action through their visors. She is able to scan and evaluate life forms which the Livemen come in contact with.
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