Lady Battlecop and Rewatching Winspector

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    First off, I saw the movie Lady Battlecop for the first time. It's overall not bad, though I'm surprised that most of its soundtrack isn't featured. Instead they recycle the Black RX soundtrack several times. Also, was this supposed to be a prequel to something? It ends on a sort-of cliffhanger. It feels like a pet project from someone at Toei.

    I've also finished rewatching Winspector, this time with subtitles courtesy of Weaboo Shougun. I had fun seeing this show again. The only real complaint I have is the lack of much character focus for Ryouma and Junko, and even Walter. Hisako got more episodes about here and she's only a periphery Winspector member. Bikel seems to get the bulk of focus.

    The finale unfortunately isn't that exciting. I get how bringing back Kuroda and R24 from the first episode emphasizes Masaki's concern about unrepentant criminals and Winspector's weaknesses in general. But it would've been cool to see a follow up on episode 47 with the corporate espionage linchpin. The finale also makes it plain how little development Ryouma got: only now we find out some backstory about him and Yuko. I wonder if they had originally intended more for them to do but had issues with scheduling Yuko's actress, or some other behind-the-scenes stuff. The fact that she's thrown in danger in each of her appearances also gets tedious.

    Anyone else have thoughts on Battlecop or Winspector?

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