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Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Toku Prime, Oct 14, 2018.

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    The Kami no Kiba (God's Fang) project continues!

    In the news section I'd argued that it seemed like this was a prequel...and I have to eat my words because episode 0 begins with an introductory voice over that establishes that this does indeed take place after the movie (which in turn takes place after the Gold Storm Sho TV series).

    The movie ends with Jinga back in the Makai realm charging towards Messiah, the big bad of the original Garo series, intent on battling her for supremacy. The voice over tells us that Jinga lost that battle (a shame we didn't get to see that) and his soul drifted until eventually he was somehow reborn as a human.

    I'll be honest, that doesn't make much sense to me as Jinga's soul was consumed by a Horror when be became a dark knight, so do they mean that the Horror has been born in a human body?

    Anyway, to slightly redeem me, the rest of episode 0 really does seem like a prequel. The episode jumps between a big battle where Jinga has to battle against his own parents who have been consumed by Horrors - yet his younger brother insists it is he that has been consumed - and six months later when Jinga is a rookie-ish Makai Knight hunting Horrors with the aid of the Makai Priest Fusa.

    Where will it go from here? What did you think of the show? Am I the only one who is really confused by the timeline of the Garo franchise (seriously, this is set in the future of the Ryuga stuff, which was in the future of the Kouga/Raiga stuff, yet everything basically seems just like the present day)?
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    Futuristic set was only happened in Yamitera and yet everything was normal in Goldstorm, so I guess there is not much change after big event where Garo vanished for a while. But they mention about Madou tool become such rarity after that so Jinga can not be that Rookie-ish.

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