Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 07 & 08 (Wizard tribute)

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    This double episode: A man gains an obsessive desire to protect a woman he barely knows, the story hinges on an (engagement) ring, and Beast has barely anything to do with the story yet is vital to winning the day. This really is a Wizard episode!

    Also, I'm surprised they didn't make more of the returning Rider being themed after lions. You know, the king of the jungle.
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    Well as lion themed, Nitou was more Chimaera's Servant and not the King. He never stand at top, be anywhere or anytime, just like young lion without any pack to lead. Everyone follow Haruto not him. They did Haruto just like Gentarou but not even his voice this time.

    Well Shougo make use of Woz and Geiz to do what he want. Until now we see his selfishness still for the good of other, and even though Woz still follow his order despite he didn't like it, in the end he still see his overlord inside Shougo. I wonder when he get his own rider power, will he betray him or use his own power to force other rider to grant their power to Shougo.
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    The title of episode 8 Beauty and Beast is a reference to the story. Hayase being the beast (Another Wizard) and having a crush on the beauty Kaori. It's also a reference to the obvious: Kamen Rider Beast. It was pretty cool seeing Nitoh fight again even if it was for a brief moment. I wonder if they're going to address why Nitoh never gave Geiz, his ridewatch. We know that there is at least one secondary/extra rider armor time (Genm) that Geiz would get in the next episode.

    This was another great tribute arc that captured the essence of the Legend Rider. Hayase was falling into despair and the Hope being Sougo, saving his life. I feel Woz is going to betray Sougo and co. at any moment. He's either working for Oma Zi-O w ho could be a different entity or he himself will become Oma Zi-O, either way I don't trust that guy.

    I liked how they further explained the lore of the Ridewatches, it definitely alters the timeline and changes everything but they could still regain their powers/memories for a short period in time.
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    I knew that the manager (Kaori) seemed familiar. She was the Heat Dopant all the way back in the Double movie!
    It's weird. If minisode 2.5 hadn't explained the "rules" of how all this works then I'd have been so lost in the episodes so far. But the show itself is only getting round to it now, two months in. There must be a lot of really confused kids out there.
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    The show treated that as Shougo and co didn't pay attention to that until now. Now, officially they know about why legend rider's memory and identity got altered, as well they know there is history loophole when Another Rider got defeated which give back Rider power and memory for a brief time. So there is a chance they will explain anything in episode .5 to normal episode as part of story. They just explain it earlier to keep viewer up to what and why something happened in story because time altering story is so confusing for their target viewer. Well there is booming-explanation-story by fans when episode 1 come out, because even after 2.5 explanation, there is still so many fans confused with what is going on in show.
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    So we're pairing episode discussions together now, are we? I guess I can swing. They are all two-parters anyway.

    In episode 7...
    I was kind of worried about Geiz's characterization in this this episode. As someone who is use to seeing innocent people get harmed or killed, it seemed weird that he would take out his frustrations on an innocent person caught in the middle of these time traveling shenanigans, just because he can't take down Zi-O or do anything he originally wanted to do. However! The argument could be made in the other direction. Geiz has seen what happens when power corrupts; it turns people into a "monster". You could argue that the guy who turned into Another Wizard is in the same boat, being corrupted by power, and Geiz is all about stopping monsters that have let power go to their heads. Basically, Geiz is transferring his hatred for Oma Zi-O onto the Another Rider monsters. It's complicated, but not bad writing.
    In episode 8...
    However, none of that is really addressed here. I was hoping Geiz would be the one to hear Sougo/Zi-O talking about how Rider power should be used to protect people, but he wasn't. But at least Sougo is carving out his own path and not exactly playing by Woz's rules. I hope this means the future is changing into a good future instead.

    In 7.5...
    It was kind of cool to see deleted scenes, but is it really necessary? You could make a director's cut of the episodes, or put the deleted scenes on the DVD/Bluray releases. Are modern audiences so in love with streaming that this is the only way to give them the extra, bonus content?
    In 8.5...
    Nice call back to the Geiz/Gates name thing and making it relevant to the story of Wizard. It reminds me of those funny, one-off side comics that you might see in manga. Basically, after reading the real story in the main chapters, you might get one-page bonus comics that make fun of what you just read, showing how things could have played out in a different/hilarious way.

    And Sougo told the guy to have some COURAGE and admit his feelings. Because why not throw in a subtle MagiRanger reference? :D

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