Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 06: "555 913 2003"

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    They're about to have the most furious kiss!
    This week: Well it wasn't Orphanochs like we thought, just a run-of-the-mill undead. This is technically part of the Fourze story, but that series wasn't done by this producer so it's been cast aside in favour of one he did work on. Oh, and the minisode straight up says Gentaro and Ryusei's actors were too busy working on the live action Bleach movie to appear lol.

    Anyway, the Japanese murder car is still driving around looking for school girls to run down, in this timeline Takumi somehow still exists even though Orphanochs don't AND he's now buddies with his mortal enemy, and if all that wasn't confusing enough our new heroes then blow up a monster at two separate points in time without changing the timeline.

    Man, I'm glad Doctor Who is back. Much less confusing time travel stories.
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    Maybe what caused Takumi die was an Orpenoch, that is why after his series get erased, he was still alive and somehow made friends with Kusaka like what happen with Kisaragi Takumi and Banjou. He did not meet with Mari thus they never quarrel for her.
    Well Kusaka mention about King Orpenoch breeding school though, i have no way to reason with this.
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    The episode was good, but the minisode was somehow better. Seeing Takumi and Kusaka do a proper Rider introduction really makes up for the lack of one in the show (which makes perfect sense, since they wouldn't remember that timeline anyways), seeing the actors geek out over the connections between Fourze and Faiz, and seeing the Zi-O actors run off to see Bleach. It's great!

    It was Kusaka who died, not Takumi.
    And yet, despite having his history changed, he is still a creeper who gets obsessed over a helpless girl. Different timeline, same old Kusaka.

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