Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 04: "No Continues 2016"

Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Toku Prime, Sep 25, 2018.

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    Once again, like the original Rider but slightly wrong.
    I kinda like the way they do this.
    This week: The grand return of 'Captain Ghost'! Well you can't say you were expecting an element from Ghost to show up in the Ex-Aid tribute lol. We re-visit the second episode of Ex-Aid, we get to see a bit more of Emu's personality than we did of Sento's in the first two episodes, Sougo makes good use of the time travel aspect to save the little kid, and Geiz changes to a suitably pink t-shirt at the end.
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    Maybe that was Toei theme this year, Lupinranger uses modified past sentai item as their Lupin Collection. For Zi-o, they already show us many modified of Faiz and Build Item, now Captain Ghost . A bit nod to Build RabbitRabbit when he transform to Ex-aid armor.

    His way to do finishing attack which is breaking fourth wall was hillarious. How can this kid become scary evil king? Furthermore Shougo always very bad at everything his senpai good at. He didn't seem bad at making friend though, so what part of him will be counterpart of Gentaro in next episode?
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    As enjoyable as the previous episode, but I still just don't care about these characters. So far they're the equivalent to card board to me. If I stopped watching this show I wouldn't miss it.

    Looking forward to see Gentaro back though, but I thought it was supposed to be the 555 episodes?
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    Apparently the Fourze tribute arc will crossover into the Faiz tribute arc as well. I even have this crazy speculation that Inui Takumi replaced Gentaro because of the Time Jackers, messing with the timeline.
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    Yeah, I'm in a similar position. If I wasn't writing up the show for articles on the main site I probably would have bowed out of watching weekly episodes altogether.

    I did enjoy this one, but I suspect that's more because I enjoyed Ex-Aid in the first place.
    I think if they'd really managed to get his actor back they'd have shown his face here. I am not expecting to see him in the next episode. The teaser images seem to indicate it's the weirdo teacher with the rainbow suspenders and a couple of minor student characters from the 'future where Gentaro is a teacher' part of Movie Wars Ultimatum.

    It seems we will get to see Faiz and Kaixa. They may just be cameos in the next episode before having a larger role in episode six. A distraction so that they don't have to do two episodes about Fourze without having him appear.
    I don't know about that, but I gather Faiz is by far the most popular Heisei series with the Japanese fandom (they must be crazy!) and combined with his apparent availability I can see them giving him a more re-occurring role. Who knows, maybe it will turn out that Oma Zi-O was really Kaixa all along. :confused:
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    Nah, we all know Oma Zi-O is actually Narutaki and he became that way due to Decade.
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    Not much to say here. Tsukuyomi reinforces some things about the future to make Sougo more empathetic about becoming a kind king. The epic showdown that ended the previous episode was cut short in this one; so much for people who were looking forward to a strong Zi-O VS Ex-Aid moment. And most of all, we get a reinforcement of the status quo. Zi-O earns the trust of previous Riders, gains their powers through a Rider Armor watch, and changes the past so that these Riders had a short (almost non-existent) run before surrendering their powers to Zi-O (and sometimes to Geiz, apparently). Honestly, I don't mind a basic formula for these two-part episodes, but I could use a bit more character growth or some bigger plot unfolding.

    The .5 special wasn't all that better. Just explaining some on-set stuff so that actors and staff know which part of the timeline they are filming. Makes me wonder if Doctor Who uses any similar on-set methods like that...

    The ghost of Decade rears it's ugly head...

    To be honest, I'm mostly looking forward to this. Anything to break up the status quo and mix things up.
    Faiz has always had a school element connected to its story. In the original TV show, the events that happened at a school were almost an afterthought because the characters had all grown up and moved on. In the Decade episodes related to Faiz, the story was set in a school, making it the major focus. So it would be interesting if all this meddling with time is making Faiz and Fourze's past mix together. I somehow doubt that's what's actually going to happen, but it'll still be cool to see where they're going with this. It's equally possible that Faiz (Takumi) has been watching Fourze's (Gentaro's) school from a distance, wanting to avoid a repeat of the tragic things that happened in the Faiz TV show. By the end of the two-parter, it'd be a good way to collect both the Faiz Armor and Fourze Armor watches.

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