Kamen Rider Zero-One's beginning.

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    So, the show finally kickstarted, and I have to say, I love that fight music. I still have an issue with how Aruto is portrayed, namely because it kinda is annoying, you know, guy who is trying his best, and has to fault to Godai's philosophy of "making people smile" cliché. I love Godai when he did it, now anyone else that comes after it seems like it's out of character.

    I like what they were going for with Jin, and how he ruthlelessly shoots a HumaGear in the head while still laughing, but I find his acting a little forced. He seems to be having too much bad acting going around that people will just call "quirky" when he pulls off these types of scenes. In an essence, I get what they were writing this type of character for, just seems like the actor didn't "fully" get into the energy of the character.

    It's a bit too early, but I do find the two Riders for A.I.M.S. to be pretty good actors from the first viewing, although Vulcan's entire shtick seems to be the stereotypical "they need to be destroyed because I have a deep burning hatred for them!" secondary Rider that is supposed to be the rival and ideological foil to the main protagonist. The problem is, they always make these secondary Riders embody some sense of stiffness and sometimes engage in stoicism that just comes off a little too much like faux stoicism.

    That being said though, I like how the HumaGears transition into the Kaijins version of themselves. It's a decent enough concept. Even if I do have my gripes about the Zero-One belt looking like plastic, I like how it operates. Overall, this series seems to start off pretty straight forward, and will most likely try to do the Gaim or Ex-Aid treatment of gradually increasing Riders for a "Rider War" again.

    Some of it's a breath of fresh air, some of it's like "ah, are we still stuck with this type of mentality and portrayal?" But I'll take this series over Zi-O any day.

    Looks like my Sundays are going to be a little brighter after a year of tolerating Zi-O.
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    Was this first episode as irritating as Ex-Aid's first, given how the same crew is working on this show? I'd welcome a Gaim/Ex-Aid style of show as long as it's played straight, the stupid gags are kept to a minimum, and we don't get another facepalming "God Kuroto Dan".
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    Oh yeah, in a way, it did it's opening episode better than Ex-Aid, with how Aruto technically becomes a Rider, as opposed to how Emu just "happened" to be the right guy at the right time. Comparing those two, Aruto became one because he arrived at the scene of crime, accepted becoming a Rider, which also meant he would accept being the new President. Emu was just a doctor that just so happened to be a gamer, that also just so happened to be at the scene all at the same time. Sure, somethings seem too coincidental to line up that perfectly well, but it's less than Ex-Aid's case.

    Although, I'm not gonna lie to you, there are quite an amount of gags here. I did laugh when Aruto got hit in the face when his assistant HumaGear threw his weapon at him to catch and it hit him in the face, but I laughed and facepalmed when he did his first Rider Kick and tripped after making a bad landing and sprained his ankle. The first gag was good, the second one felt like "seriously? okay, it kinda makes sense for a guy who has never been a Rider to trip like that after a kick" but this was just played up for top comedic effect. Reminds of those unnecessary trips Emu had going on as a gag that was just annoying at some point.
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    There goes my hope for not wasting TM Revolution's opening.
    It's like three songs playing at once, music is too loud to the point where it sounds like vocals are trying to overpower it. Nishikawa's voice doesn't complement that J guy at all. And there is that ZEROWAN thing.
    It's not even that song itself is THAT terrible, but it's so busy and overstuffed with noise. I doubt even theoretical solo version would save it (though it probably would be at least a slight improvment).
    Argh, was it really too much to ask for a good TM Revolution song for the opening?
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    Yeah, when compared to that opening, the fight soundtrack, "Find a New Life", I believe, is what it's called, is a much better song than the opening itself.
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    Is his spinning pose after transform , come from his comedy pose? I mean he even flex his body tighter afterward, almost look like his pose when he try to show his punchline. And also remind me to Den-O Rod Form, which later other Den-O suit actor notice it become too feminine. Well i have same reaction to Build hip pose but become used to it, lets hope Zero One can make it cooler later like Lazer or atleast Wizard.

    I thought Aruto will have hidden charisma inside him, cause his main theme was leading figure. I mean even Emu ,as silly as he is, can make charismatic speech even from first episode. Aruto have chance when he try to stop board from blaming each other, but instead they give him weak dialog. Which is weird enough to stop Board from panicking. Maybe show him grow up bit by bit to become worthy leader, but there is a chance they would show it so late like what we got from Sougo.

    I hope Vulcan will stay as jerk as he is. More dynamic, and give Zero-One a worthy rival to clash and compare his ideology with. Rather than Brave, please let it be Snipe.
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    Alright, the first episode was amazing. :D Can't wait to see where they're going with this one.
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    Just be better than Build.
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    That first episode looked kind of in the same vein, so I doubt you're going to end up liking it.

    But, yeah, first episode-- all I'm really looking for so far is getting a gauge on how interested & impassioned the writers are & it seems like pretty much everyone involved in this project was on their A game all across the board with this one. I guess they really wanted to give the first Rider of the Reiwa era a good first impression.
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    I must admit the first time I watched it I wasn't too impressed. The first part with the comedy just dragged, and the second part was very (cheap) CGI heavy. But I re-watched the action scene again and enjoyed it much more. Looking forward to episode two.

    Also, I noticed that in the last week the song that was playing while Zero-One jumped through the bus has popped up in a few places labelled as the theme tune? I kinda hope it is the opening theme and the other song (which played during the scene with his sword) is an insert theme, as I much prefer that one.

    EDIT: I just noticed that the TV size version of realXeyez has been uploaded to Spotify, and it is indeed the song I prefered. :D
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    Episode 1 Review:
    Pretty good start to the series. Fleshed out the basis of Aruto's character. He wants to be a comedian and bring laughter to people. Which was mostly used to reference that fact that A.I. robotics are stoic with no emotions. Good job writers? I thought the CGI was decent, still cheap for obvious reasons but not bad. I thought the fights were good too. Nice tribute to Ichigo where the first MOTW strongly resembles a kaijin. The A.I.M.S organization is cool too. But I don't understand why they had only one copy of the Gun device to kill off the humagears? The fighting seem to imply that they have already tried using the old fashion bullets and that had no effect, so why aren't all the soldiers armed with one already? I didn't like the goofy Zero One moments, where he twisted his ankle and got hit in the face with the Bladerise. Why is it so hard to bring back a Tsukasa/Tendou Souji type protagonist, that can react to things with dry/straight humor? It's always goofy faces and screaming now. I am still predicting the twist of the show to be Aruto being a humagear like his father even though he already got cut in this episode and bleed red......

    Episode 2 Review:
    Once again for the third year in a row, we get some weird event that occurred which affected our heroes. Why is this always being recycled almost every year? This time the event is called DayBreak and we learn that's how Aruto's humagear father died and also where Isamu got a near death experience with them. I like the different ideologies of both Zero One and Vulcan that came from the same event. This is can lead into something intense and great storyline but I don't see that happening. Aruto cracking one his jokes and Isamu secretly liking it, pretty much tells me, how this is going to go down. They end up being buddies. It would be nice to have a nice buildup between both the Primary and Secondary Riders before they become a team, we haven't gotten that since Fourze and Meteor. I also don't understand how all Isamu had to do to become Vulcan was just to use enough strength to open up the progrise key! I thought Yua had to do some overriding on it in order for it to work. Good episode 2.
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    First Gackt, now T.M. Revolution...LMAO

    What next...all of JAM Project together doing a Rider opening?

    (Yes, Rica Matsumoto did Alive A Life...but I mean the whole group)

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