Kamen Rider Zangetsu the Stage: Gaim Gaiden

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    Yes, the love for Kamen Rider Gaim continues, with the official announcement of a new stage play based upon one of it's secondary Riders. Yuki Kubota will reprise his role as Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu.

    The play will be both written and directed by Nobuhiro Mouri, one of the secondary writers from the series who more recently was the head writer on Kyuranger. Another secondary writer from Gaim, Jin Haganeya, who also works at nitro+, is acting as script supervisor. The series' head writer Gen Urobuchi is described as having a supervisory role.

    Performances will begin in March 2019 and are currently scheduled in both Tokyo and Kyoto.
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    I'll admit never thought we'd get a stage show after how many years?

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