Kamen Rider Sin Unfinished Rough Plot Outline

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    Beware, there are major spoilers for my story Kamen Rider Sin here that I'm leaving here in case I can't complete the fanfic. If you don't care anymore, then read this and give me your opinions. I'm still thinking of places in the stories for the supporting characters plotlines and any help or pointers for that would be appreciated. When or if I write the chapters, they might or might not follow what I wrote here so there can still be some surprises if you read this. I left out some plotlines that I haven't fleshed out yet so at least those will be surprises if you read this.

    For those who do read this, I'd like to hear your predictions for what will happen if that's not too much to ask.

    Kamen Rider Sin Rough Outline.
    Chapter 1- Vine Krimival
    Chapter 2+3- Ram Krimival
    Chapter 4- Siren Krimival
    Chapter 5- Rika’s Imps
    Chapter 6+7- Jack Krimival. A very unlucky man takes a loan from a Loan Shark who just happens to be the Jack Krimival, a monster who acts like a game show host to its victims and giving them impossible questions or tasks to complete or else die. Shou appears in front of Naoki and fights him by partially transforming his arms into the Steel Krimival’s arms. Episode 7 features the debut of Goliath Sin, a form that allows Naoki to enlarge his fists to become giant-size, after Naoki desires more power after losing to Shou.
    Chapter 8+9- Bomb Krimival. Kamen Rider Kiga and Lainn debut. Rika and Isamu bond more.
    Chapter 10+11- Ace Krimival and Princess Krimival. Episode 11 features the debut of Icarus Sin, a form that allows Naoki to fly to save the Krimival’s victims. Rika learns of Isamu’s identity as Kamen Rider Vice at the end of Episode 11.
    Chapter 13- Double Krimival, Steel Krimival, and Princess Krimival. Sora makes her debut fighting the Double Krimival. Rika is conflicted with her feelings about Isamu and her mission to kill Sin and the rest of the Deviant Riders. Isamu finds out that Rika is the Princess Krimival. Deviant Rider Midas makes his debut by attempting to kill Rika after she’s revealed to be the Princess Krimival.
    Chapter 14- Princess Krimival. Rika and Isamu decide to betray their comrades and elope. The Gear Krimival Hideaki, however, takes Rika’s life for betraying them and decides to take it into his own hands to take Sin and the Deviant Rider’s lives.
    Chapter 15- Steam Krimival. Isamu cannot transform into Vice, the LUST Driver refusing to be worn by him. Hideaki steals the LUST Driver, transforms into Vice, and uses Vice’s powers to humiliate Isamu. A woman wearing nun-like garbs, her name being Hikari, appears at the end of the episode.
    Chapter 16- Debut of Deviant Rider Virtue, a woman obsessed with justice who reveals the true nature of the Krimivals and the powers of the Deviant Rider’s Drivers but doesn’t reveal how she obtained the Virtue Driver. She defeats the Steam Krimival by having her main weapon, a claymore-type magical sword, judge whether or not the Krimival is guilty or innocent.
    Chapter 17- Hikari tests Naoki and the other Deviant Riders, judging whether or not they can aid her in the extinction of the Krimival.
    Chapter 18
    Chapter 19- Gear Krimival vs Sin. Debut of Deadly Seven Sin, a form that allows Naoki to use unique versions of the other Deviant Rider’s powers. Hideaki is surprised when Naoki is finally able to fight him on his level and is afraid of his potential to actually kill him.
    Chapter 20- Debut of the Wing Krimival and the Tiger Krimival.
    Chapter 21
    Chapter 22
    Chapter 23
    Chapter 24- Debut of Leviathan Sin, a form where Naoki harnesses the full power of the demon Leviathan trapped inside the Envy Driver. Using the power of Leviathan, Naoki defeats and kills Hideaki, stopping his plans.
    Chapter 25
    Chapter 26- Kaori can no longer control the Krimival trapped inside the Gluttony Driver and slowly transforms into the Devour Krimival, permanently at the end of the episode.
    Chapter 27- Tsuchiya is forced to put Kaori down when she cannot regain control of her hunger.
    Chapter 28- Debut of the Legion Krimival, the monster that’s responsible for creating new Krimivals. Naoki is revealed to be the one who released the Krimivals from their prison.
    Chapter 29- Naoki’s past. The Legion Krimival is revealed to be Naoki’s brother (Not by blood). Naoki’s past and the envy he feels towards his brother, for being far smarter, talented, and being adopted by a good family while he grew up in the orphanage. His brother being better at boxing, the one thing Naoki believed he was the best at, was the last straw. His hatred and envy accidently broke open the prison of the Krimivals, an ancient pig bone that was being transported to the museum where Naoki’s brother worked.
    Chapter 30- Jin leads the public to stand up and demand Naoki’s execution for releasing the Krimivals, forcing Naoki into hiding and reversing the public’s opinion of their former hero.
    Chapter 31+32- Sulphur Krimival. The Sulphur Krimival fights Naoki and defeats him when he uses the darkness inside Naoki’s heart against him. Leviathan takes control of Naoki’s body at the end of Episode 31 and transforms him into the Serpent Krimival. He rampages with the Sulphur Krimival watching in Episode 32, defeating Virtue and Lainn who try their best to restrain him. The Serpent Krimival only stops when Karin jumps in the path of his destruction. She doesn’t care that Naoki released the Krimivals. She still sees him as the hero who saved her and forgives him. A beam of light from the sky then envelops Naoki, turning him back to normal, and granting him the power to transform into his strongest form, Forgiven Sin. The Sulphur Krimival cannot believe that the darkness in Naoki’s heart just disappeared and tries to kill the young man. Naoki reveals his new power to turn Krimivals back into humans when he beats the Sulphur Krimival easily.
    Chapter 33
    Chapter 34
    Chapter 35- Sin vs Shou, final battle.
    Chapter 36-
    Chapter 37- Deviant Rider Steel appears.
    Chapter 38
    Chapter 39- Jin vs The Lord Krimival, battling over the leadership of the Jigoku Family.
    Chapter 40- Kamen Rider Sin VS The Lord Krimival. Naoki wins and manages to expel the demon inside the leader of the Jigoku Family but Jin interrupts the battle and absorbs the Lord Krimival’s demon, transforming him into the Devil Krimival.
    Chapter 41- Jin assumes control of the Jigoku Family and orders that the Legion Krimival must be found and captured. Sora and Kyoya join him out of self-preservation.
    Chapter 42
    Chapter 43
    Chapter 44
    Chapter 45- Sin vs Legion Krimival. Naoki saves his brother from the Legion Krimival and successfully destroys the Krimival, preventing anymore Krimivals from being born.
    Chapter 46
    Chapter 47
    Chapter 48
    Chapter 49
    Chapter 50- Naoki, Hikari, Shou, and Isamu battle the remaining Krimivals protecting Jin while the man tries to summon a new Legion of Krimivals to help him conquer the Earth.
    Chapter 51- The Final Battle between Kamen Rider Sin vs the Devil Krimival. Jin is no longer in control, his body and mind having been transformed into the Prince of Darkness Lucifer. Lucifer rants at Naoki while he beats him to a inch of his life. Naoki manages to turn the battle around and defeat Lucifer but ended using up too much of his power and turns into ash in Karin’s arms.
    Chapter 52- Last Episode. Set a year after Naoki’s death. Krimivals have almost been forgotten until the Omega Krimival appears and rampages. Hikari, Shou, and Isamu cannot defeat the Krimival since they haven’t used their powers for a whole year and are too rusty. While everybody else in Japan is terrified of Krimivals returning, Karin declares on national television that she won’t be afraid of the Krimivals anymore because she still believes in the man who beat them and that he’ll always come back to protect humanity from monsters like them. Before the Omega Krimival can kill Karin, Naoki appears in a flash of light from the skies and stops the monster. Karin is speechless and crying at the sight of the revived Naoki. Naoki once again transforms into Sin but tells the monster that he’s no longer a Deviant Rider. He’s a Kamen Rider now. Naoki easily defeats the Krimival by using every one of his forms against it and the series ends with Naoki telling Karin that he won’t waste his second chance at life.
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