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    Author's Note: I have been working on Kamen Rider Navy for quite some time. Couple of rewrites and I finally feel comfortable on where it is. So for all who read, hope you enjoy!


    Kamen Rider Navy
    Episode 1: The battle begun
    By: Matrix

    Downtown Office Building

    Waiting by a door, Gamma Squad leader Kenji “Ken†Lee stands with a line of AAR, Army Against Reborns, soldiers behind him cocking their rifles. Ken leans forward and closely looks into a room, filled with men and women in business suits and formal dresses while several men walk around wearing black hoodies with them all wearing the hoods over their heads to hide their identity, and black pants. The mysterious hooded men are holding rifles aimed at the business people, seemingly being held hostage. Ken makes a signal to hold his Gamma Squadron by raising his fist. He presses his ear piece in to check in with other Squad Leaders.

    “Gamma Squad Leader in position.†Said Ken.

    “Alpha in position.â€

    “Beta in Position.â€

    “Delta…..Delta….GAHHHH!†Instantly after, a loud screeching noise goes through all of the communicator ear pieces after Delta’s communications is lost, causing Ken to yell and throw the com out of his ear. The hooded men turn their attentions outside the room, as two of the men come outside to attack Gamma.

    The men with the rifles inside the room quickly come towards the doorway as Ken aims his gun ahead and waves his hand forward signaling his squad to attack and move forward. They go in quickly as both Gamma and the hooded men meet at the door, as gun fires begin to fill the noise everywhere between the two opposing forces. In the com on the ground Delta Squadron’s Leader finally gets through, “We were ambushed! It’s a trap! All squadrons retreat! I repeat, RETREAT! We are heavily outnumbered! We can’t take them all! It’s the-†as the com cuts out again.

    Oblivious to Delta Squadron’s warning, Ken and his crew continue to attack the men seemingly holding the other men and women hostage. Jin and his crew using a mixture of gun shots and physical attacks take the men down. Some of the men appear dead by the gunshots, others severely injured. None of the hostages are harmed by the flailing of gunfire. Ken steps forward, with blood coming down his face and holding his right arm, “Alright, get the hostages out and lets recon with-“

    Suddenly, the hooded men all stand up, even the ones who were assumed dead. They all begin looking at Ken and his army with evil smirks. One of the men, who was assumed dead, steps forward and takes off his hood, looking as a normal old Caucasian man and a very pale and deathly complexion, is seemingly not scared at all from the battle. His eyes become all black, as he flails his arms out and yells, quickly transforming into a monstrous being. The other hooded men take off their hoods, with their eyes turning all white, and transforming into husks with a skull motif, each holding bone swords. The monster roars at Gamma Squadron knocking them all back, including Ken.

    All Ken can do is stare in shock and starts to crawl backwards slowly, as the rest of Gamma begin to fire on the monsters but it seemingly does nothing to the monsters, “A Reborn…can’t be….they’re back!â€
    AAR Underground Base

    A man with black hair wearing no shirt is lying down on his stomach in bed. His arm is hanging off the side of the bed with his mouth wide open. Suddenly, a beeping noise sounds, as the man’s eyes start to open. He raises his arm and throws it around trying to find the source of the noise. He finally reaches to the counter and grabs a phone and flips it open. Walsh rubs his eyes trying to make out the screen on the phone, as a face is projected on the phones screen, and begins to talk.

    “Walsh, we need you down at the Deck, we have a code Red.â€

    “That’s nice.†As the sleepy man, now revealed to be named Walsh, drops the phone and rolls back over. After a quick realization of what the face had said, his eyes quickly open wide open, and rolls over and picks up the phone and yells into the phone, “CODE RED?!â€

    A door slides open and Walsh comes running out the door putting on a shirt, while holding a short black jacket. He throws the jacket on, as he runs and turns down a hallway to the left. He then turns right into a control room full of monitors with men and women in uniforms on the computers controlling the monitors and on phones. A man with a thick gray mustache with the same face in the phone Walsh answered, wearing a black and navy uniform, with a badge symbolizing his rank as Commander turns to Walsh and sternly looks at Walsh, “About time.†He said. He points to one of the monitors, showing the monster that had just attacked Jin and all the men and women being held hostage, “Look real close Walsh, those are what you have been training for.†The

    Commander looks more closely than before at Walsh, “Reborns. They’re back.â€
    Walsh stares at the monitors, and sees the Reborns first hand. He looks at the Commander and smirks, “Guess it’s time to go to work.†The Commander nods, as Walsh starts to run out of the room. Walsh turns out of the control room and bumps into a girl with short brunette hair with a petite physique wearing a cadet AAR uniform. The bump of the shoulder causes the girl to drop a file of papers all over the floor that she was holding, “Sorry!â€, as Walsh continues to run down the hall towards his destination.

    The girl quickly smiles and frantically picks up her papers, “Great, run into a marathon sprinter on your first day and now-â€, the girl looks up before she could finish her sentence as she fells someone standing above her, and sees the Commander standing right above her, “Commander Hunter!†She stands up quickly; dropping all her papers again from the file she just picked up, and salutes the Commander, as she grimaces in embarrassment.

    “Cadet Kimberly Jonesâ€, he says with a smile, “Welcome to the AAR.â€

    Running continually down the hall, Walsh stops at a door on his way. He puts his hand on a scanner, as it quickly reads his handprint. A steel door slides open and Walsh walks inside, to another door. Walsh opens his right eye wide open, as a red laser scanner scans over Walsh’s eye. The door is unlocked, as condensed air is released from the door. In the air, a small blue “N†is seen and a dark blue belt lighting up. Walsh stares at the two items and steps forward staring at the objects for a moment. He quickly clenches his right fist, and closely his eyes. He takes a deep breath and opens his eyes, “This is for you, Dad†He quickly grabs both the key and the belt, and turns out the door filled with anger and determination, “I’ll take them down, one by one.â€

    Walsh runs out of the room, as the doors all close behind him. He runs faster, and faster, until he reaches a door leading to a garage hanger. There, a navy blue motorcycle stands, with mechanics working all over the hanger, and some on the individual bike, with one man with short, brown hair, and wearing glasses lowered on his nose, wearing a white trench coat standing right by the motorcycle. He turns around towards Walsh who runs towards the motorcycle. On the back of the motorcycle is a titanium case that is attached to the rear of the seat of the motorcycle, as the man in the white trench coat points to it, “Walsh, aren’t you going to-â€

    “No time, Doctor Thomas.†Says Walsh, “Is she ready to go?â€

    The man in the white trench coat, revealed to be Doctor Thomas, had scientist of the AAR, pushes his glasses close to his eyes, “Yes. We made several modifications to the Navy Cycle. We added Nos, as you requested, also fixed the handling, the suspension, and-â€

    “Doc...†as Walsh stares at Doctor Thomas unimpressed by the new specs of the Navy Cycle, “Give me my damn helmet.â€
    Doctor Thomas shakes his head, “Always in a rush. Always never listening.†He turns away but quickly turns his head back towards Walsh with a smile,

    “Just like your father. Well, your father at lease listened, but boy he was always in a rush.†He waves a mechanic to come over to hand him the helmet. The mechanic runs over and hands Doctor Thomas the helmet. He puts in in Walsh’s hand as he immediately puts on the helmet, “By the way Walsh, NIC has been added to your bike helmet as well. We were able to connect it through the AAR’s new Cloud system we installed in your Rider suit.â€

    “NIC?†asked Walsh, as he wraps the belt around his waist, “Oh right, Navy Internal Computer. That’s great, Doc. I told you I hated that damn thing and it is useless. It is always yelling at me.â€

    “Well, NIC does know the limitations of Navy more than you do. And NIC doesn’t talk, you know that.â€

    “Good to know. Open the hanger now!â€

    Doctor Thomas becomes seemingly frustrated, “Always cutting me off or answering your own questions. Reborn or not you can be just a little patient! Open the hanger! Rider Navy launching!â€

    “Rider Navy Launching!†is yelled and echoed in the hanger by each of the workers in the hanger, as the hanger doors slowly open.
    Walsh revs the Navy Cycle Engine and waits for the doors to open. Finally, with the hanger doors open enough to get him out, he steps on the gas and flies out of the AAR hanger.

    Doctor Thomas’s glasses fly off as Walsh speeds off through the hanger doors. He goes on his hands and knees looking for his glasses as he finally reaches his hand on the ground at the same location as his glasses are. He finds them and puts them on and pushes them closer to his eyes, he stares out the hanger doors as he sees Walsh become further and further away from the AAR Base, “Walsh…..Be careful.â€
    Downtown Office Building

    Police cars sit outside of the office building where the hostage situation was happening, awaiting for more back up. Suddenly, the front doors open as Alpha, Beta, and Delta squadrons painfully walk out of the building, along with some of the hostages from the building, excluding Gamma squadron and their hostages they were trying to protect. One of the police officer runs over to the Alpha leader, “Sir, are you alright?! What the hell is going on in there?
    We heard there were monsters! What nonsense is this?!"

    The Alpha leader raises his head higher as he hears a motorcycle speeding his way closer to him, and smiles. “Don’t worry officer; our backup is out of the way.†As he finishes his sentence, Walsh comes flying into the situation and riding right into the building, breaking the glass. The Alpha leader pulls out a government official badge to the Police Officer, “We are a top government association; I need you to get these people out of here and wait till our men come to clean up the situation.â€

    “Yes-yes, sir!†as the Officer salutes to Alpha leader, and turns around ordering his other fellow Police Officers to do as the Alpha leader said.
    The Alpha leader turns around facing the building, “Take em down Walsh.â€

    *Insert Opening Theme: Haruka Kanata by UNLIMITS*

    The Alligator Reborn continues his rampage as he throws Ken, Gamma’s leader, into a wall. The Reborn quickly runs up to Ken and picks him up by his throat. He stares at Ken, who has blood dripping from his head and from his sleeves, with both eyes badly swollen. He starts to laugh at Ken, “Look at the destruction you caused! You weak humans, this is why you must evolve into the next stage of life! DEATH!â€

    Ken barely is able to open his eyes, as he does indeed look around. He is astonished as he sees most of his men badly wounded and barely moving, the same with the hostages who are all lying on the ground agonizing in pain. Ken closes his barely open eyes, as he awaits his faith.
    Suddenly, a bright blue light shines in the room, as odd sounding gun shots are heard across the area where the hostages were being held. When the light dims down and the Alligator Reborn is able to see, he sees an armored figure standing over the dead Husk Minions, who soon disintegrate into the ground.

    The figure turns around, wearing a navy blue armor with a silver secondary color. The orange/red visor on the silver helmet of the figure lights up, as the figure points his gun at the Reborn, “Put him down, now.â€

    The Reborn laughs historically and drops Ken. He steps forward and reveals his claws, “Who the hell are you supposed to be?!â€

    “Hmph.†The figure steps forward and points at the Reborn, “Your worst nightmare, Kamen Rider Navy.â€

    “Kamen Rider?! It can’t be!†Navy walks forward and shoots at the Reborn’s hand holding Ken as the Reborn releases him from the pain from the gun shot,


    “Yes, it can be. And yes.†Navy grabs the reborn by the throat and throws it away from Ken. He stares at Ken as Ken barely opens his eyes again, Navy just shakes his head, “You idiot.†He turns his attention the Alligator Reborn who comes jumping to attack Navy. Navy is knocked down with the Reborn trying to claw his Rider armor. He kicks the Reborn off and shoots at him again. Navy goes to the side of his belt and takes of the N key, and inserts it on the side of his gun and turning it.

    “M-E-L-E†the gun responds, as the gun is soon transformed into a small enhanced battalion stick. He runs to the Reborn who stands up and starts to beat the Reborn with it. The Reborn grabs the hand Navy has his weapon in, and puts the hand down.

    “You…..just what the hell are you?! The Kamen Rider is dead! My Master told me!†says the Reborn.
    Navy uses his own strength to put the weapon back up to the Reborn’s throat, “Tell your Master, I’m alive and well. And I am coming for him!†He kicks the Reborn out of the window, and takes the N key off his waist again, and puts his hand on his belt, he runs to the window but before he can leap out, he sees that the Reborn vanished. Realizing that he could not have fallen in that quick of time due to the height of the building, Navy became quickly frustrated for letting the monster get away, “God damnit!†He looks around, as he puts the N key back on the belt’s waist, and detaches the belt from his waist. The blue light is seen again around his body, but not as bright as before, and lasts only a second, revealing the user of Kamen Rider Navy: Walsh.

    Instantly, men with blue and navy army suits come into the hostage room, wearing the AAR symbol, and start to extract all the people in the room, including Ken. Ken moans and grunts as he is being helped up to leave the area, “Easy.†He said, as he slowly is helped by two men out of the room. As he leaves the room, he is grabbed by the collar. He looks to his left, seeing Walsh being the one holding his collar, “What the hell do you want?â€

    “Give me a second with him.â€

    The two nodded at Walsh, as they put Ken’s arm around Walsh. Ken slowly turned his head towards Walsh, “I said what the hell do you-â€
    Forcefully, Walsh throws Ken up against a wall, as Ken tries to let out a scream of pain but Walsh puts his hand over his mouth. Ken glares right at Walsh as Walsh glares right back, “You idiot! Why the hell didn’t you call back up sooner!?â€

    “What the hell did you expect?!†yelled back Ken with Walsh’s hand still over his mouth. He starts to cough out blood, as Walsh lets go of Walsh’s mouth, “I was ambushed, and I tried to fight back!â€

    “And look what the hell happened?! Look!†Walsh held Ken’s head in the direction of all his men from Gamma Squadron being taken out by medical teams,

    “This is all because of your arrogance and your self-righteousness bull shit that you always try and show to everyone! The world isn’t like that Ken! These Reborns aren’t anything to screw with!â€

    “And what room do you have to talk?!†Ken exclaims, struggling to talk from all his injuries, “You aren’t even an officer….you just got a hammy down from your big dad and you act like you’re God’s gift! You are nothing! And neither was….†Ken stops himself and stares off to the right,
    Walsh pulls Ken in closer to him, “Say it.â€

    “Neither was your father.â€

    Walsh looked left and right, as he quickly clenched his fist, and punched Ken square in the face as he fell over unconscious.
    The two men holding Ken earlier ran back over after hearing Ken fall on the ground, “Sir! What happened?!â€

    “He just went limp and fell to the ground. Has several contusions to the head and needs immediate medical attention, I just wanted to make sure there was no server brain damage during the fight. Get him out of here.â€

    “YES SIR!†both men claimed and quickly picked Ken up and carefully, but quickly, carried him out of the building.
    Walsh watched, but then walked away. He rubbed the hand that punched Ken, “Hope I put that bastard in a coma.â€
    Dr. Longshore’s Lair

    In a dark, unknown room, the Alligator Reborn lies on the ground. His closed eyes squint, as the slowly open. The Reborn finally shoots up and starts to walk around, “Hello?! Master!†Suddenly, The Reborn transforms into his human form, the same when he attacked Jin and Navy, still having the very pale and ghostly look to him, looking as if he was dead. He walks around as lights start to slowly come on one by one, “Master….Master I’m sorry! There was that Kamen Rider; the one you talked about destroying….he’s back! He calls himself Kamen Rider Navy! MASTER!â€

    The last light is shone on a man wearing a black doctor’s coat, with a grey long beard, and black glasses sitting in what looks to be a throne. He stares at the Reborn and shakes his head at him, “Gator, why are you panicking? You should rejoice that you were saved and are still alive.â€

    “Saved?†asks Gator.

    Behind the Alligator Reborn, a woman puts her hand on his chest and starts to rub it, “Please, don’t tell me you forgot about me already there darling.†She comes into the light, as a blonde haired woman with long legs, an immaculate body, and red lips. She walks around the Alligator Reborn keeping her hand on him as she walks in front of the man in the throne.

    “Gator, don’t tell me you don’t remember my generals, especially General Falco, who, yes, did you save you from your joke of a battle!†says Longshore,

    “Shall I reintroduce you to my other Generals again?â€

    “I think you should, Master.†Says General Falco, “I think he has forgotten all about us.â€

    “I-I-I didn’t forget the Generals, Master.†Says the Alligator Reborn seemingly scared.

    Out of the dark corner, a figure begins to walk towards the Alligator Reborn. He comes into the light and is seen wearing a cut off t-shirt, but being very skinny with his black hair spiked up. He stands next to General Falco and smirks, as he puts his arm around her, but quickly has his arm knocked down by Falco. “Come on Falco, loosen up.†He gets closer to her as she now shoves him away, knocking him to the ground. “She likes to play hard to get, Gator.â€

    “Well just to be safe Gator let me reintroduce to you General Beet.†Says Longshore, “And how could you have forgotten my lead general in my fight against humanity: General Sharks.â€

    “Where is h-he?†asks Gator. Suddenly, Gator is lifted in the air and thrown right by Longshore’s throne. Gator rolls over in pain, and sees General Shark standing in between General Falco and General Beet. He is wearing swim trunks, very muscular and a bald head.

    “Right behind you, punk.†Says General Sharks. All of the Generals had the deathly pale skin that the Alligator Reborn had. Instantly, all three Generals change into their respective forms: the Falcon Reborn, the Beetle Reborn, and the Shark Reborn.

    The Alligator Reborn turned to Longshore on one knee, “Why are you reintroducing them to me, Master?â€

    Longshore stands up and walks forward to the Alligator Reborn. He kneels down, and picks up the Alligator Reborn by the collar and holds him up in the air. He stares deep into the Alligator’s eyes, “Because I don’t want you to forget, that if you fail me again, I will send each and every one of them after you to finish you off! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME GATOR?!â€

    “Ye-yes sir.†Says the Alligator Reborn.

    “Good.†He drops him and walks towards a table off to the side of his throne. “Gator, go find Kamen Rider Navy, if he is real.â€

    “HE IS!†yells the Alligator Reborn.

    “Then you should have no problem finding him, now will you.†Longshore turns his head towards Gator, “GO NOW!â€

    The Alligator Reborn nods and runs off into the darkness, “I won’t fail you again Master, I promise!â€

    Longshore takes a very deep breath, and continued to walk towards the table, as he put both his hand on top of the table, “Falco.†He says, “What did you see?â€

    General Falco took a step forward in her Reborn form, “Exactly how you described him to us in your stories of your battle with the original Kamen Rider. But this one is much stronger than you described.â€

    Longshore closed his eyes, quickly opening them; he flips the table in anger and frustration and yells at the top of his lungs, “Damn you to hell Alex! Damn you!†he then kicks the table across the dark floor, “How the hell did they find a way to beat the DNA lock. It was in his original plans when he created that damn Rider System. Alex always followed his own protocol; I know that damn lock was impossible to break…..unless.â€

    “Unless what, Master?†asks General Beet.

    “Nothing.†Lonshore responded, “Falco go do recon for me with Gator. Make sure he finds whoever is using the Rider System.â€

    “I thought you killed the original?†asks General Falco.

    “Yes, so did I. But I didn’t destroy the Rider System, it seems I failed in that perspective.†Longshore looks in the distance, “But then again, there was that one battle, where I sent all of those Husk Minions to destroy what was Alex’s base. I thought they were destroyed in the building’s destruction, but maybe I was wrong…â€

    “Alex? Who the hell is this Alex man you always speak of?†asks General Sharks.

    “His full name was Alexander Navy. He created the Rider System, he was the original Kamen Rider, or I guess as this new one calls himself, Kamen Rider Navy. This new Kamen Rider’s name honor’s Alex’s name. But that does not matter. All I know is that whoever is in that suit must die. Or my plans to change humanity for the better will fail.â€

    “Shall I assist Gator if needed while me recon?†Asks General Falco.

    “It will be fine.†Says Longshore, as he turns around and walks to what seems to be a tube of some sort of liquid substance. He flicks on a switch that lights the tube up, with a black armored figure attached to black tubes floating in the tube, “If Gator fails, than the plans for my new general will just be pushed up quicker than expected.†Longshore turns to the Generals, “Generals, allow me to introduce you to your new General Comrade, The Dark Rider!â€
    A.A.R. Underground Base

    Ken is seen laying on a hospital bed in stable condition, but very bruised up and sleeping. Outside of the room, Walsh is standing by the room’s window looking at Ken. Commander Hunter walks up to the window and stands next to Walsh, “Our doctors say he is fine. Couple of broken ribs, fractured collarbone, and a nice black and blue right eye.†Commander Hunter turns to Walsh, “Why did you punch him Walsh?â€

    Walsh looks at the Commander, “Why the hell you think I was the one who punched him? Did you not notice he was trying to fight a Reborn by himself? Black and blue eye is a common injury in a fight ya know?â€

    “You were the last to see him before he collapsed, according to the two medics who he was attended by.â€
    Walsh sighed, “He mentioned my Dad and I lost my cool….Sir.â€

    “Walsh you can’t get so defensive when people talk down about your father.â€

    “It’s only Ken who does. Everyone else praises my dad. Who he was, what he did. But Ken, he just does it to get under my skin.†Said Walsh

    “You let him get under your skin, Walshâ€. Replied the Commander.

    “Anyway, he also said I wasn’t a soldier, just basically got a hammy down from my Dad with the Rider System. Starting to just think he is right.â€

    “Walsh, don’t doubt yourself now. You have trained harder than any other soldier I have ever been around. You are more than a soldier, know that.†Commander Hunter signals Walsh to follow him as they both start to walk down the hallway away from the window, “So quick brief.â€

    “Quick? Didn’t know our briefs were quick, or even if quick briefs was in your vocabulary.†Says Walsh.

    “Today is an exception. Reborns are back Walsh, time is not a gift that we have any more.†Says Commander Hunter, “So, as you know, your Dad, before he passed away, found that Reborns give off strong nuclear radiation, inhuman doses. He deduced that Longshore used some sort of nuclear chemical in the Reborn Serum. We are able to monitor that with the radiation sensors that we put up all over the city as our beta testers before we put more around the country, that’s if we can’t contain the Reborns here. No one knows they exist so people can live their lives in peace, and we’re going to keep it that way. And with the recent morgues mysteriously loosing dead bodies, we can assume that the Longshore is starting his operations of terror here. Unfortunately we can’t keep covering up said morgues much longer. Anyways, one of the radiation sensors went over near that office building, I called a friend with the local P.D., and got our squad to enter the situation instead of them. We had no idea that the Alligator Reborn was there, and the Anti-Reborn weapons were worthless. Then you came in.â€

    “So far you basically just told me everything I already know about reborns, their radiation, the monitors, and them being in the city which by the way is no longer an assumption because clearly we saw one in the city today so it is fact now. What I don’t know is why didn’t you just send me in to deal with it in the first place? I could have taken them all out.†Says Walsh.

    “We didn’t want to show Longshore that AAR still exists, let along that we still have the Rider System. And if you are so sure that you could have taken them all on, why is the Alligator still alive?†Commander Hunter stops in front of a door and stares at Walsh.
    Walsh looks away from the Commander in embarrassment, “It’s my fault, okay? I was going to use the Rider System’s final move, to test it out. I didn’t know what the projection of the blast might have caused so I kicked him out the window so I couldn’t hurt anyone in the building and he was gone. I have no idea how. We were 10 stories high, it’s like something swooped in and saved him. Some secret weapon I am.â€

    “Well, you are no longer our secret weapon. You are now Kamen Rider Navy, and now Longshore most definitely knows that. Anyways, that is beside the point. The past is the past. We will monitor to see when the Alligator Reborn comes back up. Stay on standby, and in the meantime.†Commander Hunter opens the door they were standing in front of, with Cadet Kimberly Jones sitting at the table, reading the files she had earlier. She quickly sees both Commander Hunter and Walsh. She stands up and salutes at both of them. “At ease, Cadet. Cadet Kimberly Jones, meet Walsh Shin, your new assignment.â€

    “Her what?†asks Walsh utterly confused.

    “I’ve read all about you Mr. Shin. I was transferred here from the CIA, and was assigned to be your assistant in any way shape of form. And Commander Hunter briefed me on the….um…Reborns, those monsters that are real. I saw them.â€

    “Yeah I did too. Wait, you were just transferred here, know about the Reborns, and you haven’t ran away yet?†Says Walsh as he stares at the Commander.

    “Well, I tried, but you guys have a real tight ship here so yeah. Ha-ha!†Kimberly tries to do a fake laugh but realizes how much of a fool she is making out of herself. “So, they are real, this is real life. Not fiction?†asks Kimberly very shaken up, “Sorry, I don’t mean to sound scared, but I really am. This is not what I was signing up for I-.†Suddenly, Walsh’s hand is on Kimberly’s shoulder.

    “You weren’t kidding about the whole running away thing, huh?†asked Walsh.

    “Nope.†Kimberly said seemingly frantic.

    “It’s going to be alright. I promise.†Says Walsh. He looks back at the Commander, “Can we speak outside, Commander?†The Commander nods as both he and Walsh leave the room. The door closes and Walsh glares at the Commander, “I’m her assignment?! What the hell is this?!†yells Walsh, “Not only that you don’t just transfer an innocent girl into this mess and drop all that information on her like your teaching her how to use a copier or the office’s coffee machine! Are you insane?!â€
    Commander Hunter shakes his head, “Listen, Walsh. I knew sooner or later that the Reborns would return. You refuse any help; we have worked on numerous Rider System projects-â€

    “I don’t need help, Commander, Sir, whatever I don’t even give a damn! I’m fine! It is why, like you said, have trained harder than any other soldier.†Exclaims Walsh, “No one needs to get any more involved in this mess. She is frightened, you better get her out of here-“

    “Walsh, let me make this real clear.†The Commander interrupted, “Your Father was one of my closest friends, and before he died, I promised that I would take care of you. This is the only way I know how! You have left me no other option. Cadet Jones had some of the top testing scores from the CIA. She is intelligent, young, and I think she will work well with you.â€

    “The CIA and AAR are two different worlds. Are you that desperate or naïve to have someone watch out for me when I am fine by myself?â€

    “YES!†The Commander yells, “Yes I am that desperate for that exact reason. Because you think you are fine by yourself. You aren’t Walsh. You may be able to fight the Reborns but you still need to take care of yourself, you, Walsh Shin, NOT Kamen Rider Navy. The Commander then stares at Walsh as he is seemingly still frustrated, “Look, Walsh, please, if you don’t do this for me, then please consider doing this for your Dad. I promise you, if Cadet Jones wants to leave then fine. But give it a chance, please.â€

    Walsh closed his eyes, as he pounded his fist constantly on the door with anger as he finally opens his eyes, “Damn you FINE! But she stays away from me in battle, safety precautions. And stays away from me training, away from the Rider System Vault, and away from all files, well never mind you gave her all the files on the Reborns.â€

    “Fair enough. But, the files aren’t of the Reborns, well at least the ones she was just reading†Says Commander Hunter, “The files she was reading were your files.â€

    Suddenly, the door opens with Cadet Jones in the doorway, “You knock? Or, loudly knock? Sorry was still reading, Sir, or Sirs?â€
    The Commander smiled, “Yes, Walsh is actually going to be taking you on a tour right now for the rest of the base, I think it will be the best way to get to know each other.â€

    Walsh finally smiles, “Yeah, umm, I think we will head down to the Hanger? It’s our means of getting in and out of here.†Walsh starts to walk out and stares at the Commander, and then looks back at Cadet Jones, “Don’t call me Sir, by the way. So you know where we are going at all?â€
    Cadet Jones smiles back at Walsh, “Yeah, that is where they brought me in, but I didn’t see much of it; I think it will be nice to see it from a new perspective. You know, not blindfolded.â€

    “Blindfolded?!†exclaims Walsh as he turns to the Commander.

    “I’ll leave you two alone then.†Commander Hunter said, “And thank you, Walsh.†And continues to walk down the hall.
    Walsh and Cadet Jones quickly follow down the hallway heading towards the Hanger. Walsh and Cadet Jones make awkward eye contact on more than one occasion along the way. Finally, Walsh initiates a conversation, “So, CIA huh?â€

    “Oh, yeah. I was a Data Analysis for 2 years. Both my parents were in the armed forces, it is where they met. I thought I wanted to too, but I just never could put myself up to it. The whole war thing just freaked me out, not knowing if I would come for holidays, or even just come home at all. So went to school studying Political Science and ended up as a Data Analysis.†Cadet Jones started to slow down, “And here I am, in a War after all…this is worse than war.â€

    “It is a war, don’t be mistaken…..Can I just call you by your first name? Kimberly right?†asks Walsh.

    “Oh yeah of course! This whole Cadet thing is just weird.†Says Kimberly, “I guess that is what everyone gets when you come here. Are you a ranking?†asks Kimberly.

    “No.†says Walsh, “I’m just the dude in the big tin suit.†Both Kimberly and Walsh share a short laugh as they come closer to the Hanger, “So anyways, how you end up here?â€

    “I was getting tired of being a Data Analysis. A transfer job was offered; I applied blindly and got the transfer. Was told, ‘You can never imagine the world you are going into’. I thought it was just dead bodies or something, not this.â€

    “Whelp, dead bodies is accurate.†Says Walsh.

    “What did you just say?†asks Kimberly.
    Suddenly, an alarm goes off, as it startles both Kimberly and Walsh, “Code red.†Walsh darts the other way from the dart, “Follow me!â€

    “Wait, hold on! Where am I even following you to?!†she ask as she starts to run after Walsh down the hall.

    “Change of plans for the tour! Going to the Deck instead!†Walsh sprints down the hallway towards the deck with Kimberly following right behind him. They quickly both end up at the Deck as Walsh approaches the Commander staring at the monitor “Let me guess.â€

    “Alligator Reborn. But it’s much worse; he is hitting the main part of the city. Civilians are involved. People will now know the Reborns are real.†Says the Commander, “I’ve sent an EVAC team out to help with crowd control and keep the civilians safe.†The Commander turns to Walsh, “It’s up to you to finish what you started before.â€

    Walsh nods, and looks at the Commander, “He’s mine, don’t worry.†Walsh begins to turn and run out the door when Kimberly grabs his arm, “What you doing??â€

    “Do you have to go?†she said frightened, “Do you have to fight those things?â€
    Walsh looks at her with a sympathetic face, “Yes.â€

    “Why? Aren’t, aren’t you scared?†she asks as a tear falls from her eyes, “Sorry, it’s just, I’m so so scared, and you are running out here like it is a normal day, I-â€

    Walsh grabs Kimberly’s arms and stares at her, as he attempts to say something but shakes his head, “Just stay here. I’m going to keep you and everyone else safe.†He turns and continues to run down the hall.
    Doctor Thomas’s voice comes over the intercom while he is running, “Walsh, the Rider System has already been transported to the deck.â€

    “Figured as much.†Says Walsh, as he continues to run down the hall towards the Hanger Garage. He turns into to the doorway and enters the Garage. The Navy Cycle is sitting in the middle of the garage, with AAR workers working around the garage area.
    In a high up corner is Doctor Thomas looking over a railing, “It’s in the silver case, it was put there for a reason.†Says Doctor Thomas, “And another thing, we didn’t get to upload the V3 system yet, still working on some finishing patches. You’ll have to fight in Navy’s base form for now. Oh, and don’t forget about NIC!â€

    Walsh shakes his head as he hops in the bike, “Rider System in the silver case, V3 system is delayed, and don’t forget about NIC. Got it. Oh, and Doc?â€


    “Don’t ever let anyone else touch the Rider System again.†He smiles, as he puts on his bike helmet, and immediately rides out of the Hanger Garage towards the city.

    Doctor Thomas shakes his head, “Gets so protective of that thing.†He looks up and gives a small smile, “Just like you, Alex.â€
    Downtown Main City

    In the main part of the city, civilians begin to scramble left and right in panic, as the Alligator Reborn continues his destructions. The Skeleton Husks are attacking the civilians at a more personal level, while the Alligator Reborn focuses on the buildings. Suddenly, 3 police cars pull right in front of the Alligator Reborn. They all exit their cars, with two Police Officers in each car. They each pull out their guns at the Alligator; “FIRE!†the one Police Officer yells as they all shoot at the Alligator Reborn.

    It knocks him back only an inch, as he begins to laugh, “You think your little guns will do anything against me?!†He charges at the Police Cars throwing them in the air, and repeatedly striking each of the cops one by one and one by one the cops fall to the ground covered almost entirely by blood.

    On top of one of the larger buildings in the main part of the city, General Falco sits with a pair of binoculars, observing Gators rampage. She brings her wrist with a watch being worn on it close to her mouth, “Gator seems to be doing better than expected, Master.†She says, “Seems like too much fun for just one monster to have.â€
    Dr. Longshore’s Lair

    “Yes I know, General Falco, but it is all part of the plan to let Gator have all the fun. Stay in sight for recon. Sooner or later, this Kamen Rider Navy will show up. Make sure to use the video signal feed on your communicator when it happens.†Says Dr. Longshore, as he is standing in front of the tube that was holding the Dark Rider.

    “Master, how are you so sure he will come?†General Falco responds through the Communicator.

    “Because if he is anything like Alex.†Says Longshore, “He will make it his duty to ruin our little ‘fun’.â€

    “Yes, Master. Over and out.â€

    Dr. Longshore lets out a short, maniacal laugh, as he turns to his right, and beings to walk towards a dark figure, “When he comes, my beautiful creation,
    you will be the one to end his life, and destroy the Rider System.â€

    “Yes, my Master.†Replies the figure.
    Downtown Main City

    As the Alligator Reborn continues his rampage, he hears in a distance a motorcycle coming towards him. He turns around and sees Walsh riding the Navy Cycle riding right into him, as the motorcycle impales him knocking him backwards. He looks at the motorcycle as it drifts sideways and stops, “Another human wanting to die today?! You can join the rest I’ve killed today!â€

    Walsh removes his helmet, and gets off the bike, putt his helmet on his bike’s hand bars. He walks to the back of the Navy Cycle, and opens the silver case, taking out the Navy Belt and N Key, “Don’t tell me you forgot all about me?â€

    “No, no, no! You-you’re-†stutters the Alligator Reborn remembering who Walsh is by the look of his belt.

    “Yep.†As Walsh wraps the Navy Belt around his waist, “I’m Kamen Rider Navy.†In the middle of the belt is a circular lock, with a key lock in the middle. Outside the circular lock is a round ring surrounding it. Walsh turns the ring until the navy arrow from the ring matches the black arrow at the top of the circular lock, “And I’m going to finish you!†He raises the N Key in the air and stares at the Alligator Reborn, as he yells the voice activation code,

    “HENSHIN!†Walsh inserts the key into the lock hole, and turns it to his left, and immediately removes it, as a navy light projects from the lock hole.

    “N-A-V-Y-M-O-D-E†announces the belt, as the navy light materializes into the Rider Armor, and attaches itself to Walsh’s body, until he becomes Kamen Rider Navy. His visor lights up red, as detaches his Navy Blaster from his waist. He begins to immediately shoot at the Alligator Reborn as the battle begins.

    Back to the rooftop where General Falco is reckoning, she is seen pressing a button on her watch, as she brings the watch closer to her mouth again,

    “Video stream sent Master, what do we do now?â€

    “Nothing.†Replies Longshore in the communicator, “I’ve already sent our new General to finish what Gator will fail to do.â€

    “Master, did you send Gator just as bait?†asks General Falco.

    “Yes.†Replies Longshore, “As Alex’s rider system is shown to be working, I will show my own Rider System as well.â€
    Back at the battle, Walsh is thrown across the road as he lies on his back. He pulls out his N Key and inserts it in the Navy Blaster, and turns the key, “M-E-L-Eâ€. As the Navy Blaster transforms into the Navy Baton Stick. He charges the Alligator Reborn and strikes him several times, as he does a roundhouse kick knockin.

    “You will not defeat me, Navy! You will not!†says the Alligator Reborn as he charges Walsh, but Walsh charges at him jumping in the air and landing a punch to his head, knocking him to the ground.
    Walsh grabs attaches the Navy Baton Stick to his waist and detaches the Navy Key. He goes to insert the key into the lock hole, but pauses. He looks around and sees some civilians still be evacuated, “I don’t know the radius of the final move. I just can’t take that risk. I wish I knew the goddamn blast radius!†Suddenly, inside Navy’s visor, a map of the blast radius comes up. Walsh gets a big smile within the visor, “Oh NIC, how the hell could I forget about you?!†He looks at the Alligator Reborn as he struggles to get up.

    “You-You will die by my hands! I will fulfill my mission for my Master!†the Alligator Reborns exclaims.

    “Sorry.†Says Walsh, “You won’t be seeing your Master, at least not till I am finished with him.†He inserts the key and turns the key to the left quickly removing it.

    “R-I-D-E-R-K-I-C-K†As an energy surge is sent to Walsh’s right leg in the Rider Armor, he begins to bend down in a motion preparing to jump. He then jumps high into the air and goes quickly into a kick motion and is launched right at the Alligator Reborn. As Walsh lands the final blow, the Alligator Reborn explodes, and Walsh breathes heavily.

    Walsh turns around and looks behind him. He starts jumping up and down and is yelling in excitement, “Now what is how you do that! Thank you NIC! I’d kiss you if you were real-†Suddenly, a black blur impales Walsh three times in a matter of seconds as he drops to the ground immediately. He is agonizing in pain in the Rider Amor, and looks in front of him, and sees a black armored figure. Walsh struggles, but manages to slowly stand up, “Who the hell you supposed to be?â€

    The figure steps forwards holding a black sword and a diamond black shield, “I am the Dark Rider. And I am here to destroy you, Kamen Rider Navy!â€
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    Ah you're giving Navy another go, cool. Not going to say much about it now since I seem to recall most of this particular episode from your previous go. Maybe a little more cleaned up from what I remember. Can't wait to see more.
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    Yep, I want to finish it out. I always have. Finally got time to get going again and pick up where I left off. I'm excited. Episode 5 and 6 are really interesting and can't wait for you to see.
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    Kamen Rider Navy
    Episode 2: A blue history
    By: Matrix

    Downtown Main City

    As the Dark Rider has introduced himself to Walsh, Walsh can only stand and stare at this new Rider. He slowly goes to detach his Navy Baton Stick, as the Dark Rider moves at unearthly speeds to attack at Walsh, instantly knocking Walsh down to the ground. Walsh screams agonizes in pain only for a short time, before he gets mad as the Dark Rider is standing in front of him again, “If you think you won this…â€

    Walsh quickly detaches the Rider Baton Stick and detaches the N Key and puts it in the key hole on the weapon, turning it to the right, the gun announces “G-U-N†and Walsh goes to aim at the Dark Rider.

    “Then bring it!†Walsh quickly begins shooting at the Dark Rider as he raises his shield and charges at Walsh raising his sword and slashes Walsh several times. Walsh is only able to dodge some, but is struck the majority of the slashes. The Dark Rider then uses his shield to mêlée Walsh, knocking him backwards, “The V3 system would be just great right about now. NIC patch me through the Commander.†Inside the helmet is seen NIC calling the Commander at the AAR Underground Base.

    The Commander finally is patched through, “Walsh?! Walsh are you okay?!†he exclaims.

    “Dandy, Commander. What the hell is this?! I thought my dad only created 1 system!†he says, as he takes more fast blows from the Dark Rider.

    “Commander, not going to lie, I can’t take much more. I don’t have enough power to do another final move.â€

    “Then Walsh fall back-†before the Commander could finish, the Dark Rider picks up Walsh by the neck, crushing his throat, and disrupting the communication circuitry in the Rider System, losing the Commander’s communication signal.

    “Kamen Rider Navy, this is the day that you die.†He throws Walsh on the ground, as Walsh tries to get up, but is extremely wounded from all the attacks the Dark Rider had impaled on him in such a short amount of time. He reveals a black key to Walsh, as Walsh is shocked.

    “Just who the hell are you?! How are you even here?!†he exclaims, becoming increasingly worried as he has lost a large amount of power in the Rider System, and knowing he cannot continue defending himself much longer.

    The Dark Rider inserts the black key in his all black belt, and turns it upside down, quickly removing it. He points at Walsh with his sword, “I am here because of my Master, and I am the Dark Rider! General to the great Dr. Longshore!â€

    “RIDER SLASH†as the belt announces the attack in a dark menacing computerized voice, the Dark Rider starts to run at Walsh before jumping high in the air, and lands a striking slash right on Walsh, instantly deactivating Navy’s Rider System. Walsh falls limp and is covered in blood, lying unconscious on the ground.

    The Dark Rider now has his back faced towards Walsh, as he begins to laugh maniacally. He turns around and sees Walsh on the ground. He begins to walk over and hovers over him, “Still breathing.†He then draws his sword again and again still hovers over Walsh, “For my M-M-GAHH!†he becomes agonized in pain, as he drops both his sword and shield and goes to his knees and holds his head and continues to scream in agony!

    Quickly, General Falco sees this from her recon spot on the building and goes to her communicator, “Master, the Dark Rider, he seems like he is in pain.â€

    “Is he injured?!†asks Dr. Longshore panicking from the communicator, “Did he defeat Navy?!â€

    “He defeated him, but I don’t know if he is fully dead. But no, Navy couldn’t touch the Dark Rider I-†before Falco could finish, Longshore responds.

    “Forget Navy! Bring my masterpiece back here! NOW!†he exclaims.

    General Falco stood up as she shook her head, “We were once his masterpiece.†She quickly changes into the Falcon Reborn and flies down to the ground where the Dark Rider is still in pain. She lands next to him and puts her arms around him, “Come on, time to go.â€

    “NO! Let me kill him! I must finish him! For the-AHH!†he becomes in pain again as he is unable to finish his sentence.

    “Sorry there sweetheart, Doctor’s orders.†As General Falco physically picks the Dark Rider up and flies off with him.

    Meanwhile, Walsh continues to lie on the ground, unconscious. Finally, the AAR medical team arrives on scene with the Commander and Kimberly inside one of the transporters. The medics run over to Walsh and quickly and frantically begin examining him and begin the process of putting him on a gurney.

    Kimberly runs over with the Commander as she becomes seemingly emotional.

    “Oh my God.†She says, “He, oh my God, please don’t tell me he is-â€

    “Cadet Jones! I order you to…..to stay positive. Walsh is a soldier, he will be fine.†Says the Commander.

    “He is also human.†Says Cadet Jones, as the Commander quickly glares at her, “Sorry, sir. I just, I just can’t believe this is all happening, in a day. I need, I don’t even know what I even need.â€

    “I will set up your transfer out of here. But until then.†He looks at the medic who turns to the Commander.

    “We have a pulse, sir, but it is very weak. We need to take him back to the base immediately.â€

    “What are you waiting for?! GO!†The medic nods at the Commander’s order, as they quickly get him up on the gurney, and put into the medical transporter. The Commander watches Walsh be driven away. The Commander looks up in the air, “Oh Alex, I’m so sorry. I never meant for this to happen to him. I couldn’t fulfill my promise.â€

    “What happened to staying positive?†asks Kimberly, stepping backwards after she spoke.

    The Commander again glares at Kimberly, but suttedly nods, “You’re right.†He signals to Kimberly to follow him as they both go into the AAR truck. He lets Kimberly go in before him, as he stares to where Walsh was laying, stained in blood. He becomes angry seeing the scene, “Longshore. If he dies, I will personally kill you with my bare hands.â€

    In the medical transporter, Walsh is instantly given oxygen and having IVs of blood being put into his veins. But while Walsh is unconscious, he begins to dream. But in this dream, Walsh recalls the events that led him into this circumstance.


    “Walsh. Hey Walsh!â€

    Walsh quickly shakes out of spacing out, “Sorry, just thinking.†Walsh is seen at his high school graduation wearing his graduation robe with his honor society sash. He looks over to his friend who was calling his name, “Can you believe it, Bobby? We are graduating. Class of 2015. Just can’t believe it.â€

    “I know man.†Says Bobby, “But, I do have one question before you space off again, why do you keep looking back to the stands? Hot girl coming or something?â€

    “Nah, only girl I’d care about is Ashley, but since she moved away with her parents, we broke up. Distance was too much.†Says Walsh.

    “Dude, you didn’t tell me you and Ash broke up?!†says Bob, “So then who you looking for?â€

    “My dad.†Walsh says, “And sorry for not telling you. Haven’t told anyone. Not even my mom knows.â€

    “You and your dad still getting close?†asks Bobby.

    “Yeah, man. It’s nice. Been almost a year since he solidly came back in my life again. For so long, it seemed like his work mattered more than anything, even my mom and I. It’s why they got divorced even though my mom still loved him. But I am glad he came back. We have a lot in common, more than you would think. It’s…..it’s just nice Bob.†Says Walsh as he smiles.

    “I’m happy for you man. You still thinking about changing you name back to Navy after you graduate?†asks Bobby.

    “That is the plan, again haven’t told my mom yet.â€

    “You never tell your mom anything.â€

    “Well, that is true. But I’ve been Walsh Shin for I don’t know how long. My mom changed it because my grandparents HATED my dad, and basically begged her. But I think it’ll work out nice. New name, new school, new friends, it’ll be nice.â€

    “Hey! We are going to Princeton together, remember? Don’t replace me yet.â€

    “Wouldn’t think of it Bobby.†The Principle gets up to give his opening speech, as Walsh looks back to the stands one last time, still not seeing his dad, but just his mom. Walsh gives a quickly wave to his mom who waves back.

    Walsh’s mom shakes her head in disappointment, “Damnit Alex. Your son’s biggest day and you still can’t be on time.†Suddenly, Walsh’s mom hears an argument coming from behind her and catches her attention. She looks back, and sighs, as she sees two security guards holding a man back from entering.

    “Let me go in! My name is Dr. Alexander Navy! I am on the guest list, or something! I’m here to see my son, Walsh Shin!†yells Dr. Navy.
    Walsh’s mom comes up to the security guards waving a ticket, “He’s telling the truth! He’s with me, to see our son!†The security guards look at each other and take the ticket. They let Dr. Navy go with Walsh’s mom as he picks up his silver case that he had dropped.

    “Sir, you can’t bring it in to the ceremony.†Says the Security Guard.
    “This is my work, please! You already gave me a hard enough time.†Pleads Dr. Navy. The security guard waves his hand away from Dr. Navy as they focus their attention to the ceremony. Dr. Navy follows Walsh’s mom to their seats, “Thanks Tess. Sorry I was late I-â€

    “Got caught at work. I know how this works Alex. I thought you said you have been cutting back on your work, that’s why you have been able to see Walsh more.†Says Tessa, Walsh’s mom.

    “I know Tess, just, I can’t-â€

    “I can’t tell you what happens at work. Again, I know how this works Alex. It’s why we aren’t together anymore.†As she finishes saying that, she looks at Dr. Navy, who is seemingly hurt by her words, “Alex listen I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-â€

    “No, you’re right. I know I messed up before. A lot. I messed up our marriage, my relationship with my son. I realize that now and that is why I am trying to fix everything. That’s why I want to be a part of Walsh’s life finally. Well, I always wanted to, but now I can. And.†He goes to grab Tess’s hand, “I want my relationship back with you.â€

    Tess smiles and holds Dr. Navy’s hand, “Maybe one day Alex, maybe one day. And when or if that day comes. I’ll be happy again.â€

    The Principle finishes up his speech as he continues to the next part of the graduation ceremony, “Now, it is my pleasure to introduce to you this class’s valedictorian, Walsh Shin!†everyone in the student body begins to clap and stand for Walsh, showing his appreciation from the entire student.

    Both Walsh’s parents continue to clap along and stand themselves. Dr. Navy leans over to Tess, “I still wish you would have let him keep my name. I thought Walsh Navy had a better ring than Walsh Shin. Did you know in Japanese that ‘shin’ means new?â€

    “Alex, you know I had my hands tied with my parents. And after we split, they were helping me out a lot. Least I could do. I know now it wasn’t the best decision, but it is what it is. And you are way too obsessed with the Japanese culture. I know you loved your time studying abroad there, but give it a rest.†Says Tess laughing to herself at her comments about Japan.

    “Hey, I wanted to move there. You weren’t for it.†Says Dr. Navy.

    “You are allergic to Japanese food!†says Tess continually laughing. As they sit down to listen to Walsh’s speech.

    “I am not! I just puff up sometimes whenever I eat-†suddenly, a huge crash comes from the side of the auditorium, causing uproar of screaming and panic instantly. Walsh is on the ground, unconscious from the explosion. Dr. Navy stands ups, “HUSKS!†instantly; a booming sound is heard as part of the auditorium begins to collapse with Dr. Navy and Tess diving away before falling uncurious.

    End of flashback
    AAR Underground Base

    Back in present time, Walsh is lying on a medical bed, with several IVs hooked up to him. Medical phasitions attend to him, as a female doctor exists the room, while Commander Hunter and Kimberly both watch from the window to the room. The female doctor comes over to both of them, “Commander.†She states as the Commander turns his attention to her.

    “Any update?†the Commander asks.

    “We stopped the blood loss. Thankfully, no internal bleeding or blood clots which was our main concern because of the amount of blood he lost, which was a substantial amount. Brain activity seems fine, faint but fine. However, putting him in into a medically induced coma was necessary due to him having so many injuries. Both his right and left shoulder’s were dislocated, several broken ribs, a severe concussion, and make large lacerations that we had to stitch up. When we removed his clothes, it looked….awful.†the Doctor said looking at Walsh, “It really is a miracle he is still alive.†The Doctor sees Kimberly staring at Walsh, with tears in her eyes. She walks over to her and puts out her hand, “You must be Cadet Kimberly Jones. My name is Doctor Donna Tyler, head medical doctor of the AAR. But Doctor Donna works just fine.â€

    Kimberly quickly wiped away her tears and shook Doctor Donna’s hand, “Sorry, heh, very nice to meet you.†She said as she couldn’t resist having her attention be sent back to Walsh, “Is, is he going to survive this? I know he is alive but-â€

    “Yes.†Doctor Donna said, “We believe he will.â€

    She started to walk away as the Commander leaned towards her, “You didn’t have to lie to her, Donna.â€

    Doctor Donna looked back and stopped, “The one thing that Walsh needs is hope. From my understanding, she just got here, and yet, she has more hope than you do right now.†She continued to walk away, as Ken Lee walks towards the Commander. He stops and salutes the Commander, as the Commander signals to go at ease.

    “Ken, good to see you back into shape.†The Commander said, “I assume you have been updated on the details of our current situation.â€

    Ken nodded, “Yes, sir. Can’t say I didn’t smile when I heard.â€

    Kimberly hears Ken’s cruel word and storms over to him shoving him, “He is dying! How dare you!!†she becomes angrier by the second as Ken is in a state of shock of what just happened. The Commander stepped in front of Kimberly and stared right at her.

    “Cadet Jones you stand down right now! That is an order!†he exclaimed.

    “I AM NOT A CADET! And you are not my ‘Commander’! If you were, you would show care for Walsh. You claim to have brought me in to protect him, but all you do is stay quiet and be this negative egotistical buffoon. I have no respect for such a man in any intellectual way unless he can show emotion at some point in a dialectical conversation!†She begins to breathe heavy, as the Commander stands in awe of her use of strong vocabulary used in the argument, “I may seem to just be a naïve girl, but I didn’t get in to the CIA on just my looks or anything or anything of that sort. I am an intelligent young woman and have been holding back my feelings all this time because of this madness. And I don’t mean the monsters, as crazy and insane as it all is, the real monsters are you all! Because you can’t care for one human being, who puts his own life on the line to save who knows how many people, and you can’t even give him that? That is a monster. All Walsh needs is hope. More than ever, the monstrosity is how you can’t even give him any.†She points at Ken, “And you! You need to just shut the hell up and go back wherever you came from, Private First Class Kenji Lee!â€

    “How the hell do you know who I am??†asks Ken, “And Commander, are you going to just let her push me, a mere cadet!â€

    “In Walsh’s files, it said that you two had a long lasting rivalry since he came into the AAR because you were supposed to take over the Rider System even before the AAR found out about the DNA lock that Dr. Alexander Navy created to ensure no one but him could get his hands on it. Then when he died, Walsh became the user of the Rider System, and you were left in the dust…..oh my God, listen to me! I’m-I’m so sorry. Commander, I-â€

    “At ease, Kimberly. Ken you were once a cadet too. And by the looks of itâ€, The Commander says as he looks at Kimberly with a smile, “She has more guts than you ever had. Kimberly, you just proved that I made the RIGHT decision bringing you here.â€

    She begins to realize her actions in more depth and words that she just said to the Commander, and slowly comes back down to reality, and looks frightened, “Why-why you say that, sir?â€

    “Because, only one person has ever has stood up to me like that, and has proven me to be wrong, and me agree that I am wrong.â€

    “Who was that?†Kimberly asks.

    “Walsh.†The Commander says, “And he alone, is one of the bravest people I have ever met.†He turns his attention back to Ken, “Now Ken, I know you had a reason to be here. What is it?â€

    “Brave or not, Walsh still failed to secure the Rider System, and because of that sole fact, Dr. Thomas thinks he found a glitch in the Rider System from the previous battle, and the DNA lock which you just so happened to mention miss Kimberly may have been damaged just enough.â€

    “Just enough for what, Private?†The Commander asks becoming now more worried and interested than he was before.

    Ken stood up tall and straight, “I’m here to ask permission to become the new user of the Rider System. Code name: Kamen Rider Navy.â€

    Utter silence enters the room after Ken’s question. As the question lingers with Kimberly and Cadet Jones, Walsh begins to continue his continuation of his flashback.


    As the auditorium slowly begins to collapse, Dr. Navy lays on the ground. He finally opens his eyes, but can barely see. He looks around for his glasses and finds them, with one of his lenses cracked. He looks to his left, and sees Tess on the floor. He crawls over to her and tries to check her pulse, “Oh thank God. Tess! Tess! Damnit Tess wake up!â€

    Tess finally begins to opens her eyes, but very slowly. She finally opens them fully and sees Dr. Navy hovering over her, “A-Alex? What happened?†She starts to lean up but Dr. Navy pulls her back down.

    “Stay down Tess.†He says, “Do you remember what happened?â€

    “You yelled Husks, a bomb I think went off during…..WALSH!†She exclaims, before Dr. Navy puts his mouth over Tess’s mouth.

    He signals her to be quiet, as he slowly looks up, and sees Walsh still lying on the ground, but somewhat hidden. He looks around, and sees the Skeleton Husks dragging the dead student bodies into some sort of van. Suddenly, Dr. Navy’s eyes widened, as he sees a man come out of the van, that man being none other than Dr. Longshore, “David….I’m going to kill you.â€

    Dr. Navy lets go of Tess’s mouth, “David? David Longshore? He did this??†she whispers.

    “Tess, there is a lot I didn’t tell you about my work because it was too dangerous. One of the things I didn’t tell you was my research.†Dr. Navy says.

    “You always told me you did research for cancer?†she said confused.

    “Yes, but it was so much more than cancer; every other disease in the world as well. I was hired to work because of my research that I did when I was over in Japan, along with my mechanical engineer research as well, but were focused on my medical research. I was hired to cure humanity, to rid of any disease known to man, because my research was the best the government or any one on this world had seen. I discovered so much. David worked with me as well when I came back. We actually succeeded; a lot of today’s modern medicine was my doing.†He says panting and begins to look up again,

    “Where is my suit case??†he begins to search for it as Tess becomes increasingly confused.

    “So, you created today’s medicine. Why was the so top secret? That is amazing!†she says still whispering, “And what is so important that you need your case now. Walsh is up there! Let me look-â€

    Dr. Navy grabs her arm, “Don’t. Don’t look at what he did.â€

    “Who what did?†she asked.

    “Tess. We tested on humans. That is why I couldn’t say anything. It was wrong, so wrong.†He said, disgusted at himself, as he continued to look for the case, “Found it!†he opened the case, revealing the Navy Rider System and the N Key. Inside was also a compact computer screen and viles of blood,
    “Damnit it was damaged. But…†he looked at the screen, as he pulled on the handle of the case reveling a keyboard,†and began typing into the screen, “The DNA Lock is complete! But the voice activation lock isn’t, and won’t be. It’s damaged, far beyond repair….no wait, it will still work, but will only lock onto one word, but not my voice. It’ll have to do.†Dr. Navy finishes talking to himself. He then pulled out his phone, which was still in his pocket and began dialing a number.

    Tess, now in complete shock just stares off away from Dr. Navy, “Alex…..you tested on humans. But-but why? Did any die? Did you kill any of them or hurt innocent people. Alex look at me!†she instantly turns her head to stare at him as he had hung up the phone and he is looking at her, with a tear in his eye.

    “Yes.†He said, “People did die. Because I couldn’t save them. We tested on people who were dying, dying of every disease possibly, and I tried to save them, my research along with David and I. It wasn’t illegal, but it was horrible and wrong in my eyes because I worked with death every day. I saw people, who I couldn’t save after they told them I could save them, die in front of me. But I did it for one reason.†Dr. Navy began to cry, “Because I can’t imagine my life without you and Walsh. When we started our family, and I heard of the medical advancements around the world, I traveled. I traveled to learn more about medicine and health and everything because I would do anything to keep us all alive forever, or at least as long as I can.†He continued to cry, but held it in to stay quiet. Tess went over to him and held him as he continued to cry.

    “Alex, I love you, I never stopped.†She began to cry too, “But, how does it relate to all this?â€

    Dr. Navy sniffled, and wiped away his tears, as he coughed to try and talk, “It’s for Amy….all of this is for Amy?â€

    “Oh no…†said Tess.

    “After she died, David too it so hard, really hard. After he lost Amy, he took our research too far. He thought the only cure he needed to find was the cure for Death. David used all of our research and created a serum, a chemical of some sorts. I don’t know how or when or even why, but he did. He called it, “Reborn.†He started with dead animals, then moved to our patients that we lost. Then he moved to morgues. The government began funding it until…†Dr. Navy looked above his seat, as did Tess, as Tess covered her mouth in shock and anguish, “Until they became those things. Those are Skeleton Husks, or what my work calls them, they are the unevolved creatures, respectively known as ‘Reborns’. The other creatures we saw, were animal like. Just like dead animals he tested on. The animal’s DNAs he used become encoded in the serum, transforming into the ‘true’ Reborn. He didn’t create life for the dead Tess, he created monsters, and he created Reborns.

    Tess begins hysterically crying as Dr. Navy can only begin to comfort her, “How long ago was all this? This is just a nightmare from a dream.â€

    “Last couple years. After we saw the creatures, we…..killed the creatures. Don’t argue with me they were human, they were not. Because David Longshore took that away. The government knew, as soon as David went missing, he would try it again because he stole his Reborn serum. They created, within the past year, a secretive military section that I am the head scientist at. I am using my mechanical-engineering knowledge to build a weapon, a weapon to defeat the Reborns.†He pulls over the silver case, “I call it the Rider System. And I’m going to use it to save Walsh.†He pulls out his phone again and calls the same number as he did before. The phone rings and rings until finally, someone answers.
    AAR Secret Base

    Assistant Doctor Thomas is seen snooping around Dr. Navy’s office, looking for something, “I forgot my phone in here, I just know I did.†He continues to look around until his phone begins to ring, “Aha!†he dives towards the ring and shoots his arm up holding the phone, “Got it!†he finally answers it,


    “Daniel?! It’s Alex!†he whispers in the phone, “Where are you?!â€

    “Uhm, actually in your office….I left my phone in here earlier.†He says, “Why are you whispering?â€

    “Code red Daniel. Code red.†Dr. Navy said, “And why were you in my office earlier anyways? What did I tell you, you can always look at my research, don’t have to snoop around.â€

    “Sorry, was actually looking for a file-DID YOU SAY CODE RED!?†Exclaimed Dr. Thomas.

    “Daniel, I need you to listen to me real thoroughly. I need you to go to my personal computer, access Protocol N, it will open the transportation portal for the Rider System armor.†Said Dr. Navy, “After that, go tell the Commander. Use the GPS tracking system from this call, you are tracking this right?â€

    Dr. Thomas looks at the phone as he finally scrambles around the room searching for the GPS tracker, as he finally finds it under a pile of papers and hooks up the phone to it, “Yes of course I am. But why don’t I just get-â€

    “Daniel! I’ve waiting too much time now! Just do what I told you! The Commander can wait!†He started rubbing his forehead in frustration, “Daniel, I’m sorry. I’ve never yelled at you. But please. This is in dire circumstances.â€

    Daniel closed his eyes and sighed, “You don’t have an emotion next to being happy, Dr. Navy.†He runs over to Dr. Navy’s personal computer and begins to start the process of accessing Protocol N, “So I know this is serious. Give me a minute, the signal will be sent. And Dr. Navy?â€


    “Be careful†as Dr. Thomas continued the process.

    End of Flashback
    Dr. Longshore’s Lair

    Dr. Longshore stares at the Dark Rider, as he has returned into the chemical tube that he was in before. General Falco walks up to Dr. Longshore and stands next to him, “What happened, Master?†she asks.

    “It was too soon my dear Falco. I released the Dark Rider before his genetic altercation and enhancements were complete. He is my most interesting subject to date using the Reborn Serum.†Dr. Longshore replied.

    “Interesting as in how?†asked General Falco.

    “So far, when a deceased body is injected with my Reborn Serum, they have either staid dead, become Skelton Husks, or become full Reborns. But, this particular case revived, with the strength of a Reborn, but still human. The closest I have gotten to date of perfecting the Reborn Serum! But, he began to quickly die again. I created this armor to sustain him and keep him alive, and use him as a soldier in my war against humanity. What is the saying, ‘Kill two birds with one stone’? The amount of Reborn Serum in the tube should sustain him for now and keep him alive. Because of me rushing the process because of that stupid Kamen Rider Navy, time will only tell when the Dark Rider will be able to fight again. But as long as he lives, my research will only blossom.†He turns away and walks towards his thrown. As General Beet comes out of the shadows, “General Beet, there you are.â€

    “Master, I know you are concerned about your new ‘Dark Rider’, but, you know, just for fun, who the hell is he?! We never even heard of this guy until the other day when you went all ‘He’s my new General, muhahaha.’ What makes him better than the rest of us corpses?†General Beet asks sarcastically.
    Dr. Longshore chuckles for a bit before answering General Beet, “Oh, my humorous General Beet, you are a curious one aren’t you? The Dark Rider was just like the rest of you before I rebirthed you into this world. He just reacted to the serum in such a unique way that it HAD to attract my utmost attention. He is no one special, I can promise you that.†Suddenly, the sound of objects breaking and being thrown is heard from the distance, “Now, now, General Sharks, what seems to have caused you to have a little temper tantrum?†Dr. Longshore asks, as General Sharks comes out of the shadows.

    “I am tired of you talking about the Dark Rider like he is a God. Allow me to show you Master our power! Let me bring you bodies to create new Reborns for our fight against humanity!†as he shows his teeth in anger.

    Dr. Longshore smirks, “Fine, with Kamen Rider Navy possibly dead, go and cause ruckus in the city. And bring me more bodies while you are out there. If he survived, he will come to the rescue. But.†He says as he extends his arm out, “Bring a friend along.†Out of the shadows comes out the Jellyfish Reborn, “Jelly isn’t our strongest Reborn, but still could cause a ‘sting’ out there.â€

    General Sharks shakes his head, “Jelly will only get in my way! I don’t need her!â€

    “Oh come on Sharks! I will do fine next to your bronze!†as the Jellyfish Reborn goes to wrap who arms around him, shocking him greatly.

    “Damnit! Fine! I won’t disappoint you Master.†General Sharks signals the Jellyfish Reborn to follow him, as they both go into the Shadows.
    Dr. Longshore walks over to his throne and sits on it. He rests his chin in his hand as he begins to ponder. General Falco walks over to him, “Master. The video feed, did you watch it?†she asked.

    “Yes.†Dr. Longshore replied, “I know what question you are going to ask. Yes, I do know who the new user of the Rider System is.†He leans back in his throne, “I should have known.â€

    “Who is he? He seemed like just a boy?†General Falco asked.

    “His name is Walsh Shin; he is the son of Alexander Navy. I thought I killed them both, along with the Rider System. But it seems I let him slip out of my hands.†Dr. Longshore became seemingly angry, “I knew Walsh when he grew up. You see Falco, I was actually close friends with Alex, even watched Walsh grow up, this was back before I lost…….I lost Amy. Then Alex fought against me in my conquest for ridding this world of the disease known as death. It is then, we became enemies. I still remember how this all started. I should have killed them both when I had the chance. And there was no better chance than that day…†Dr. Longshore dazes off as he remembers the day when he attacked Walsh’s graduation.


    Dr. Longshore stood inside the van as the Skeleton Husks continued to transport the dead bodies from the bombing of Walsh’s graduation. He watches and smiles as each one of them enters, “More test subjects. Soon, I know I will perfect the serum, and bring back the love of my life. Hurry up! We must leave before authorities come!â€

    Meanwhile, Dr. Navy and Tess still hide behind their seats in the auditorium. Dr. Navy is still on the phone with Dr. Thomas waiting for Protocol N, “Update me, Daniel.â€

    “One more…..Protocol N is activated. Sorry it took so long.†Said Dr. Thomas.

    “Good, thanks again Daniel.†Said Dr. Navy

    Unbeknownst to Dr. Navy, Dr. Thomas was in route to the graduation site in a van, working from a remote laptop. Inside the van was a group of AAR soldiers, and Commander Hunter. Dr. Thomas looked at the Commander, “Commander, please don’t kill him.â€

    The Commander looked angry and frustrated, “I won’t kill him Dr. Thomas, but I will have a few words with Alex. Like why he just took away our weapon against the Reborns.â€

    Back at the auditorium, Dr. Navy looks up again, and sees Walsh still lying there. But, a Skelton Husk is becoming too close to him for Dr. Navy’s comfort. He looks at Tess and grabs her arm, “Tess. I am going to go get Walsh, but you must stay here hidden. Or they will get you, do you understand me?â€

    Tess nods, “What are you going to do?!â€

    Dr. Navy takes out the Rider System and wraps the belt around his waist, “This.†He stands up and starts to walk down the stairs, “DAVID!!â€

    Dr. Longshore hears Dr. Navy and immediately smiles, “The fish caught the bait.†He exists the van and looks at Dr. Navy, “My dear friend Alex! I was wondering when you would stop hiding from behind those seats.â€

    Dr. Navy stops, “David, stop this. This is madness. You bombed a graduation with innocent people inside! For what?! Amy?! Or are you so sick and twisted that you find pleasure in created your creatures?â€

    “This is all for Amy! What would you do if you loss Tess?! This world is flawed Alex, we both know that. We worked with death every day, it was the only thing we couldn’t fully comprehend or even think to find a cure for. With my creations, I am able to become closer to finding the cure for death. The cure being immortality.â€

    “So you would kill all these people and more, just to bring her back?†Dr. Navy asked

    “Yes! Because I know you would do the same for Tess! And that is why I will let her stay behind those seats hidden, but you my friend. You will die! But first.†He looks at Walsh, “I think I’ll take Walsh with me. He has grown so much over the years. I must say, I am a proud Godfather.â€

    “You leave him out of this! The man who I asked to be Walsh’s Godfather died when Amy died. You are a sick, cynical, and evil man now David! And I will stop you!†He opens up his suit jacket revealing the Rider System. He detaches the N Key and holds it in the air. He pauses, thinking of the one word to use for the activation key. He smiles, as one head repeatedly comes to his head, “HENSHIN!†He inserts the key into the keyhole, with the blue arrow already lined up with the black arrow, and turns it to the left.

    “R-I-D-E-R-M-O-D-E†the belt announces, as a hologram is projected of the Rider Armor, as it materializes and attaches to Dr. Navy’s body. He steps forward and points at Dr. Longshore, “This ends now.â€

    Dr. Longshore stands in shock as he raises his hand, “What the hell is this?!†exclaims Dr. Longshore.

    “This.†Said Dr. Navy, “Is the one thing that is going to defeat you and all of your Reborn creations. Allow me to introduce MY creation, the Kamen Rider!â€
    Dr. Longshore become infuriated at Dr. Navy’s new founded power. He points at Dr. Navy, “Get him!†The Skeleton Husks turn their attention to Dr. Navy, as Dr. Longshore makes his escape. Dr. Navy detaches his Navy Blaster, and starts to shoot at the Skeleton Husks. He then charges at them and begins to take them on one by one. Two Skeleton Husks tried to jump on him but he shoots them both now. He then punches the Husks coming from both his left and his right. He then ran and a group of Husk and jumped in the air and landed a kusks knocking them backwards. He turns around and Husks begin to attack him in groups, as he becomes overpowered quickly, and tries to throw them off, “The power in the suit is more than I anticipated!†he is able to throw enough of the Skeleton Husks off to start shooting at them again. He then detaches the N Key, and inserts it in the key hole, turning it to the left.

    An electrical surge is sent towards Navy’s right arm holding the gun, as it announces its attack, “B-L-A-S-Tâ€.
    Dr. Navy does a 360 spin sending several powerful shots to all of the Skeleton Husks destroying them as they disintegrate. Dr. Navy begins to breathe heavily and catch his breath. He then turns his head and sees Walsh laying on the ground still, “Walsh!†he runs over to him, “Please be alive, please be alive!†he goes over to Walsh, and starts to shake him in panic, “Walsh! Walsh! Wake up Walsh! WALSH!†Walsh slowly wakes up and his eyes slowly open. As they open and Walsh sees his dead, his eyes open even wider and becomes in shock.

    “What the hell are you?! Why do you sound like my dad?†he asked confused.

    “Walsh! You are alive!†Dr. Navy realizes he is still inside the Rider Armor and takes the belt off, as the armor de-materializes and reveals that to Walsh his dad.

    “Dad!†he got up and hugged him, “What was that? That armor looked awesome! Mom, Oh God where is mom?!â€

    “Here, I’m over here!†she says as she runs over to them from the stands, seemingly the only 3 that survived. Then, a sound of a van coming to the auditorium. Dr. Navy holds onto both Walsh and Tess tight thinking it is Dr. Longshore returning. As a huge military vehicle enters the building, Dr. Navy stands up.

    “Tess, Walsh, I think it’s time you see who I work for now.†He says, as the vehicle parks and the Commander comes out instantly.

    “In the name of the AAR, no, no, I won’t even go into that. Alexander Navy what the hell were you thinking?!â€
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    The flashback/ how it all began episode, I remember this one.
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    Kamen Rider Navy
    Episode 3: A Blue History Part 2
    By: Matrix


    AAR Underground Base

    Standing in the center of the testing room, Ken stands tall with a cocky smirk on his face. He looks down at the Rider System around his waist. He looks back up at the camera and nods. He then takes the N Key off the side of the belt and holds it in front of his face as he says sternly the activation word, “Henshin.†He then inserts the N Key into the Rider System and turns it to the left.

    “E-R-R-O-R.†The Rider System announces as sparks begin to fly off of the belt causing pain for Ken.
    Ken goes on one knee and removes the Rider System from his waist and throws it across the room. He breathes heavily as he punches the ground, “Why?!

    Doctor! Where the hell are you!?†Ken gets up and runs over to the Rider System kicking it across the testing room, “You said it would work this time! DOCTOR THOMAS!â€

    In the observation room, Doctor Thomas lifts up his glasses with his fingers and begins to rub his eyes in frustration, “I can’t keep working with him. I’ll kill myself before the day ends, I just know it.†He turns to the Commander standing next to him, as the Commander stares at Ken through the monitor in front of him, “This is the 5th test, Commander. There is nothing more I can do. Even with the DNA Lock damaged, it has backup ‘locks’ that prevent anyone from using it except Walsh.â€

    The Commander looked over towards Doctor Thomas, “I figured as much. Alex is probably rolling over in his grave now with us tampering with his project. He made sure no one could use the Rider System except him. We just got lucky with Walsh.†He turns around and looks over to Doctor Thomas again, “Call off the testing, Doctor.†Says the Commander as he begins to exit the room.

    “But what if the Reborns come back? Then what? Walsh is still in his coma, his wounds aren’t healing at all how the medical team had hoped they would.
    Now what?†Doctor Thomas asks.

    “Hope.†The Commander says continuing to exit the room, “We just continue to hope.†The Commander goes up to the exit as the door slides opens automatically as the Commander walks out of the observation room. He stops, closes his eyes, and takes a breath, “Alex, I’m so sorry.†He says as he looks upwards, “I didn’t protect Walsh. I failed.†He opens his eyes and continues to walk down the hall.

    As the Commander continues to walk around the Underground Base, he finds himself at Walsh’s medical room. There standing in the window is Kimberly, with her hair tied up into a bun, wearing her AAR Cadet uniform, and clearly exhausted, “Commander.†She said with a weak voice. She coughs to attempt to clear her voice, “Good to see you again, sir.â€

    The Commander smiles and nods, “Likewise Kimberly. But as we talked about, you don’t need to call me Commander anymore.†He sees Kimberly becoming embarrassed as she begins to remember her previous words from their argument early. He looks at Walsh to attempt to change the subject, “I signed your transfer papers today.†Kimberly quickly stares at him, “I-I thought after everything and our ‘discussion’ that is what you would want?â€

    “No.†said Kimberly, “After everything, Walsh, the Reborns or whatever, the argument, I need to stay. This is where I need to be. Can’t believe I just said that….â€

    “Kimberly we have devices that can erase this all from your mind. You can go back to being a data analysis and live a normal life and forget all of this madness. You got drug into this and I realize now that it was unfair for me to do that, it’s unfair to think anyone should be brought in here. You had no experience with any of this, you’re not even trained for war. This would drive any normal person insane. Getting you out of this madness is the least I can do.†Said the Commander.

    “Then I’d just be running away. Even if you can erase my memories of all this, which by the way how in the hell is that actually possibly, how can I leave all of this? This is reality, whether I like it or not, this….this is where I need to be. Maybe the more I say that the less crazy it’ll sound, but as crazy and insane as this all is like you said, and I don’t even know truthfully how I am mentally stable at this point after seeing all this, I feel like I need to stay.â€

    She looks at the Commander who looks back at her, “I’m not leaving, Commander. And if I’m staying, I guess I have to call you ‘Commander’.†She smiles and softly laughs.

    The Commander also laughs, “Well then, ‘Cadet’, any update with Walsh?â€

    “Wounds are starting to heal, but still not as fast as the medical team had hoped but he’s better than he was. It’s only been a couple days since he has been in here so there isn’t much that can change in such a short time. Still can’t believe all the medical equipment you possess here. Miracle workers these doctors and nurses are.†Kimberly said as she yawns and stretches.

    “Why don’t you go get some rest?†asked the Commander.

    “I never was shown my room, if I even have one. I’ve been sleeping wherever I can find a comfortable spot but haven’t found that much time to sleep. I want to keep making sure that he is okay.†Says Kimberly.

    “I’ll have one of the other Cadets show you to your room, but I still don’t get it. It’s almost been a week since you been here, only really met him once, and yet you care for him as if you’ve known him your whole life. Why is that?†The Commander asks.

    “I….I don’t know. I think it’s because I see more in him; more than just the cocky arrogant Walsh everyone seems to know.†Kimberly looks at the Commander, “He showed me care and kindness, but it was his eyes. When he looked at me and told me he would protect all of us, I saw something in his eyes. Deep down I think there is a completely different Walsh, the REAL Walsh, and the one we know is just a façade. Reminds me of myself. People think I’m just the pretty girl who got everywhere on my looks and not my brains. For so long, I just went with it and acted like that pretty but dumb girl, but it just wasn’t me. That’s when I finally got my life together and changed for the better. I….I just wish I could talk to him, find out more. Help him change for the better tooâ€

    The Commander smiles again at Kimberly, “And that Cadet is why you are truly the perfect person for this job. When I created this position, it wasn’t for someone to be Walsh’s secretary or anything, it was to make sure they could keep an eye out for him, on a personal level, and make sure he has a partner that is willing to do whatever it takes to keep him safe. You are a very bright woman, Kimberly. Don’t ever fool yourself.†The Commander than begins to walk away, “Another Cadet should be here shortly to take you to your room. Unpack your belongings and rest. Maybe even sleep and have a nice dream.â€

    Kimberly nodded and looked back into Walsh’s room, “You think he’s dreaming?†she asked.

    “Knowing Walsh.†Says the Commander, “He’s probably dreaming about how the hell he got into all this mess.â€

    Kimberly nods with a smile and continues to watch Walsh. Walsh, still in his medically induced coma, continues his flashback of his journey into becoming Kamen Rider Navy.

    Walsh sits next in between his mother and father in the AAR transportation van, he continues to sit in silence attempting to hold in all of his mixed emotions about what has just occurred in the past several hours. He sniffs as he fights to hold back tears, as he remembers all the people who died at his graduation during the bombing. His mother, Tess Shin, rubs his back trying to comfort him, while his father, Dr. Alexander Navy, sits across from Commander Hunter who is on the phone.

    “Yes. Yes. Thank you.†The Commander hangs up the phone and stares at Dr. Navy, who stares at the ground, “Alex you better look at me right now.â€
    Dr. Navy looks up showing no care on his face, “What you want Geoff?†asks Dr. Navy.

    “What do I want? Where should I begin? Maybe we can begin about how you have moved out of the prototype stage with the Rider System for months now according to your assistant. Or how about you making the Rider System unusable to anyone but yourself?! It was supposed to be mass produced to fight the Reborns and Longshore!! How can we do that if YOU are the only one who can use it?!†as the Commander hits the van in anger.

    Dr. Navy stares at the Commander, “Don’t raise your voice in front of my family, Geoff. And when I found out that the AAR wanted to mass produce it, I moved the Rider System out of prototype stage and moved it into the next stage, Version 2.0 or as I call it V2.†Dr. Navy then looks at Dr. Thomas who is seemingly terrified of everything going on in the argument continues to keep looking away from the conversation in fear of becoming blamed for telling on Dr. Navy, “Daniel, calm down. I’m not mad at you. You did your job.â€

    Dr. Thomas looks over to Dr. Navy opening his mouth as if he was going to say something in response to Dr. Navy, but says nothing and puts his head back down.

    Dr. Navy smiles and nods and looks back at the Commander, “Geoff I told you from day one I didn’t want the Rider System to be duplicated or mass produced. It’s not a weapon.†Says Dr. Navy.

    “That isn’t your call! And YES, it is a weapon!†exclaims the Commander.

    “It became my call when I was put in charge of creating a weapon against the Reborns! I know about the meetings you had with the Government, the donors, and the facilities where you were going to take my creation and make an army with! You can’t hide anything from me! The Rider System is much more powerful than you think.†He starts to breathe heavily and stares deep into the Commander’s eyes, “I created the Rider System, I know its full capacity, so yes it is my call. And also, what gave you the damn right to make that call? And it’s not a weapon! It’s a tool to save people and humanity from people like Longshore and the Reborns! â€

    “I was given the right when I became the Commander of the AAR!†exclaims the Commander as he quickly stands up hovering over Dr. Navy.

    “I’M THE DAMN REASION YOU BECAME THE COMMANDER HERE!!†Dr. Navy yells back as he to stands up and gets right into the Commander’s face, “Don’t you remember? I was the first one brought in to the AAR, which I also named may I add, and they asked for a recommendation from ME on who should be put in charge of this secret covert operations section of the government. So I suggested you. In an instant I can have your commanding rank taken away. You may think you are in charge but I have more pull than anyone here.†Dr. Navy sits back down continuing to stare at the Commander, “Even though the government went behind my back after all I did for them to try to mass produce my creation, I still have connections within our corrupt government that would blow your mind away, and take away your job.†He looks away but quickly looks back at the Commander with an evil glare, “And I thought I could call you a friend, after all we been through. This is how you treat me, and of all times in front of my family.â€

    The Commander becomes angered and rubs his mouth while slowly sitting down, as he tries to not lash back at Dr. Navy knowing it is a battle he simply cannot win. He looks over to one of the soldiers, “Hand me that file over there.†The soldier nods and goes to pick up a manila folder laying on the seats in the van. He passes the manila folder over to Dr. Navy, “Even if you didn’t want it mass produced you have never had combat training or anything of that sort.†He looks up at Dr. Navy, “In that file is the soldier that was originally chosen to use the Rider System, to be this ‘Kamen Rider’ as you call it. We felt that he was the best choice to done the Rider System.â€

    Dr. Navy opens the file and skims through it reading over the information about the chosen soldier, “So now you’re saying I am not qualified to fight?â€

    “That is exactly what I’m saying.†Says the Commander.

    Dr. Navy laughs softly, “You really are trying to piss me off, aren’t ya? Let me tell you something, but first let’s go over this soldier of yours: Private Kenji Lee, or ‘Ken’ as he likes to be called. Do you know that he is barely older that my son? Actually only 5 months older than Walsh. He is fresh out of basic training and while he tested highly in all combat and mental scores, he is not appropriately sufficient to be the user of the Rider System. The user of the Rider System needs not only the strength of a soldier, but the mind of a man who chooses to fight for the right reason, a bright mind. Someone who understands a difference between a weapon of war and a tool for peace.â€

    The Commander becomes confused, “A bright mind? You even said it yourself his mental test scores were high, and by far the highest out anyone in our United States Army today. A weapon can be a weapon for peace.â€

    “But is he fighting because he is a soldier and he feels it is his duty to his country, or fighting to save another life? I fight because I want to save the people from suffering by the hands of David’s creations. Not because my commanding officer tells me to or because I feel it is my duty to my country, I will fight because I want my family to live in a world of peace, and use my tool of peace. Anything called a weapon will only lead to it to being used in the wrong way.†Dr. Navy says as he looks over to Walsh and Tess. Tess is smiling with a tear rolling down her eye as Walsh has his head in his lap crying.

    Dr. Navy goes over to Walsh and lifts his head up, as he looks more angry than saddened, “Walsh, are you okay?â€

    “Dad.†Walsh says looking at Dr. Navy, “Those…..those things, Uncle David create them?â€

    Dr. Navy hesitates but slowly nods at Walsh with Tess hitting Dr. Navy, “Alex, no! Don’t you-â€

    “He needs to know, Tess! He saw what happened…There is no more hiding, not anymore.†Dr. Navy looks at Walsh, “Uncle David…..he somehow was able
    to create a chemical of some sorts to bring people who died back to life, or what he thought, so he could bring Aunt Amy back to life. But when you mess with science like that and try to become God, things tend to go terribly wrong.â€

    “So that chemical, made dead people those ‘Reborns’ like you called them.†Walsh looked down, becoming angry and yelling as he hit the van and kept hitting the inside of the van until Dr. Navy grabbed Walsh and held him tightly.

    “Walsh stop!†exclaims Dr. Navy.

    “NO! Those things….they killed my friends, their friends, and their families…..if there is an army, I want to be a part of it. I’ll fight beside you dad, because I’ll send every single one of those monsters back to their graves and kill Uncle-no, he’s not my uncle anymore. I’ll personally kill Dr. Longshore myself!â€
    End of Flashback
    Dr. Longshore’s Lair

    Dr. Longshore sits in his throne as he begins to ponder his current scheme, “Sharks and Jelly will bring me more bodies to revive into the don of the new age for humanity while the Dark Rider continues to be kept alive in the Serum Chamber while his genetic altercations and enhancements finish in full cycle. Yet, I still feel as if there is something…..something that lingers in the shadows that will become a nightmare for me in my conquest.†His eyes widened, “The Rider System.†He snarls, “What if he lives….what if Walsh lives and the Rider System is intact. I thought it to be destroyed before and I was wrong….†Dr. Longshore looks over to the Dark Rider as he is in the Serum Chamber, “A few more seconds both Walsh and the Rider System would have been destroyed.†Dr. Longshore pounds on the arm rest of his throne, “WHY?!†He stands up and begins to stomp angrily, “Why did you have to come into my life Alexander Navy?! My life was fine before I met you! YOU were there when Amy died, YOU went to her funeral, YOU wept with me, Tess wept with me, but why wasn’t that enough for you to understand why I am doing this?! WHY WHY WHY?!†He then begins to breathe heavily and puts his head down, “You left me no choice but to kill you…..†He then looks up, “And now you leave me no choice but to kill Walsh as well, and destroy the Rider System once and for all. This war……lies on your deathbed, Alex.†He storms off into the shadows of the lair.

    Out of the shadows walks out General Falco and General Beet side by side. They stop as they both stare into the direction that Dr. Longshore walked. General Beet sighed, “Ya know, this whole Dark Rider dude is really starting to piss me off! We used to be his prized warriors, now we’re in the same ranks as…..oh God what if we’re in the same ranks as Jelly?†says General Beet.

    “We’re not.†Replies General Falco, “There is more to this Dark Rider than I think Master is willing to reveal to us.â€

    “Well one way or another, we’ll find out who the hell he is. He’s the same as us, we just don’t get shiny army to flaunt around.†Said General Beet.

    “We don’t need armor, we’ll show Master that we are the superior Reborns, and that the Dark Rider is the one who is inferior. We will continue our conquest in the name of the Master and bring in the don of evolution for humanity, the don of the Reborn. Hehe†Said General Falco as she begins to laugh softly.

    “Well aren’t you a maniacal monster. Say, isn’t Sharks supposed to be rampaging with Jelly by now? I feel that is a perfect opportunity to prove to the Master our awesomeness!†asks General Beet.

    General Falco snaps her fingers as a large monitor lights up showing the city and its people, “It’s about to begin.†She says with a smirk.
    AAR Secret Base

    Inside of a government in the main part of the city, lied the original secret base for the AAR. Dr. Navy, Tess, and Walsh all were finally transported to the base as Walsh and his mother both are being attended to in one room while Dr. Navy is being attended to in a separate room.
    Dr. Navy sits on a medical bed in the separate room with Dr. Thomas attending to Dr. Navy’s injuries. He grimaces in pain as Dr. Thomas wraps a bandage around an area on Dr. Navy’s injured arm, “Daniel, I told you to get one of the medical team members, AHH! Be careful!â€

    “Sorry! And I couldn’t find any of them. They are all attending to the graduation bombing. We luckily were able to find some survivors and they are being treated immediately. So for the time being you are stuck with me, Dr. Navy.†Said Dr. Thomas.

    “Daniel, I told you to call me Alex.†Said Dr. Navy. “By the way, how’s my family doing?â€
    Dr. Thomas finished wrapping Dr. Navy’s arms and looked at Dr. Navy, “Considering all thing they are doing okay.â€

    “Good. I haven’t really seen them since we reached the base. Walsh was more upset than I ever imagined.†Said Dr. Navy.

    “Walsh just witnessed how many of his friends die? Within the past couple hours in basically a blink of an eye?†said Dr. Thomas, “He also found out that his Uncle went insane and created monsters that threat to basically take over humanity oh and that same Uncle was responsible for bombing his graduation. And don’t let me forget that his dad is fighting in some metal armor as….what do you call that thing the Rider System transforms you in?â€

    “Kamen Rider.†Dr. Navy said, “I call it the Kamen Rider, or Masked Rider. In Japan, there were folktales during wars about the mysterious Masked Riders. They would ride into battle and defeat any opponent in a blink of an eye. They were known as the strongest warriors ever to see a battle ground. They were just myths, but I always enjoyed those stories which is why I named the System after them.†Dr. Navy looked away for a moment and just shook his head, “Here I am talking about fairy tales, and all I can think about is Walsh. But I see what you’re saying Daniel, I can’t say I would act much different than Walsh is. I created the Rider System to stop David before he did anything like he did at Walsh’s graduation. I wanted to hide this from them, from everyone. I failed. Failed miserablyâ€

    “You didn’t fail, Dr.- I mean Alex. No one could have known when Longshore was going to attacked.†Said Dr. Thomas. “Also, the keyword you use to access the Rider System’s armor, ‘Henshin’, doesn’t that have something to do with Japan and your time studying over there?†asked Dr. Thomas.

    “Henshin, mirai no rokku o kaijo suru tame no kagi. It means, ‘Transform, the key to unlocking the future’. It was a saying that my mentor Dr. Shiro Kazumi used to tell me when I studied under him in Japan. I met him when I was finishing up my doctorate in mechanical engineering, he would come to America and teach as an adjunct. I was so fascinated by his work and research that I followed him to Japan. I learned so much over there and most of my research and findings were done because of what I learned from him. My research always was to transform medicine, and unlock the key to eliminating illnesses. But when I met Dr. Kazumi, he showed me that medicine was not the only thing that could transform and eliminate things that were evil in this world. I chose the word ‘Henshin’ in honor of him. Even when I was told to build a weapon to defeat David, I use that same saying to motivate me to create the Rider System. I think that’s why I am so obsessed with the Japanese culture, because of Shiro Kazumi. But now I think that saying is just a way for me to convince myself that the Rider System isn’t a weapon…..but in all reality it is.†Said Dr. Navy as he looked at Dr. Thomas, who became teary eyed, “Oh come on Daniel, and it wasn’t that emotional!â€

    “YES IT WAS!†said Dr. Thomas as he wiped the ears off his face, “But speaking of the Rider System, there is something I need to talk to you about. The Rider System was damaged...â€

    “Yes I know, it was just the voice activation lock, so it doesn’t lock on my particular vocal tone, but just a word. Nothing I didn’t know. How did you do a diagnostic test on the Rider System without me knowing?†asked Dr. Navy.

    “I kind of hacked into the Rider System’s internal database and rewrote the System’s protocol temporarily to run the diagnostic test. Commander Hunter’s orders.†Dr. Thomas said quickly as he started to turn his head away in fear of Dr. Navy’s response.

    Dr. Navy smiled, “Daniel I can’t even be upset. That is just impressive! It took me years to write the System’s protocol and bios.†Dr. Navy walked over to a computer in the room and opened up the AAR operating system, “Let’s pull up those diagnostic shall we?â€

    Dr. Thomas slowly turned around and went over to the computer where Dr. Navy was sitting and leaned over him to begin typing in the computer to give access to Dr. Navy the findings that Dr. Thomas had found, “There.†Dr. Thomas points at the screen as an abnormality is shown on the screen and causes Dr. Navy to look for his glasses and quickly put them on his face.

    “No….It was damaged…NO NO NO!†Dr. Navy punched the screen as he quickly got up, “Damnit the DNA lock is damaged beyond repair! How the hell did I miss that?â€

    “Alex, just calm down.†Said Dr. Thomas, “Listen, the Rider System is still intact. You needed a full diagnostic test to see the extent the Rider System was damaged. But only partially. See, your DNA is still required to access the Rider System, just not 100% DNA, only a partial sample is needed.â€
    Dr. Navy looked back towards Dr. Thomas, “Partial, so, a relative could use the Rider System?â€

    “Yes.†Said Dr. Thomas, “I know you have told me in the past that you had a sibling and that they passed away, and that both your parents are dead, and no other immediate family. Truthfully Alex, the only one who would be able to use the Rider System next to you is well, Walsh.â€

    “Well.†Dr. Navy said, “That will never happen. For as long as I’m alive, Walsh will not fight in this war. Walsh will NOT be the Kamen Rider. Daniel, you have to promise me, you will never let Walsh become the Kamen Rider!â€
    Unbeknownst to both Dr. Navy and Dr. Thomas, Walsh is seen standing outside the room listening in as his eyes are wide open and staring off into the distance, “Henshin? I-I could….I could be the Kamen Rider?†Suddenly, an alarm goes off in the AAR Base as Walsh becomes very confused and begins to panic.

    End of Flashback
    AAR Underground Base

    As the alarm is going off in the AAR Underground Base, Kimberly slowly starts to wake up and lets out a very loud yawn. She wakes up seeing that she is in her new room within the base, “I can’t believe I actually made it in my room.†She yawns again and starts to rub her ears because of the alarm, “Oh will you-OH MY GOD THE ALARM!†She quickly gets up and storms out of her room and heads towards the Deck. She quickly passed Walsh’s medical bed, without her noticing that Walsh was missing from the bed itself.

    On the other side of the medical room, Walsh is standing up breathing heavily, with all his IVs pulled out and blood dripping from his arms. He is staring angrily at the wall, as he hears a nurse come in the room and gasp. He turns around and stares at her while she is standing in shock.

    “Oh my goodness…Walsh! But you-†says the Nurse.

    “Sorry, the alarm woke me up. I need bandaged up. Now.†He says nonchalantly and smirks.

    Meanwhile, Kimberly enters the Deck with Commander Hunter and Doctor Thomas watching one of the monitors located near where they were standing. Kimberly looks at the same monitor, “Oh my God...†she says as she sees the destruction being caused by both General Sharks and the Jellyfish Reborn,

    “The shark one, it looks so much more powerful than the Alligator Reborn.â€

    “We believe that is one of Dr. Longshore’s trump cards. In Dr. Navy’s original data of the Reborns, he noted that during the initial testing of the Reborn serum, three of the original testing were revived and then mutated. They were believed to be the first of the ‘pure’ Reborns, and possibly the strongest. We think the Shark Reborn is one of the first three.†Said Dr. Thomas.

    “Pure?†asked Kimberly.

    “A pure Reborn are Reborns such as the Alligator Reborn and the Shark Reborn. They fully mutated into a monstrous form but still have their original human form. Unlike the Skeleton Husks are ‘impure’ and did not mutate fully to a Reborn and have no human form.†Said the Commander, “Dr. Thomas, is he ready?â€

    “If you’re talking about me, then yeah, I’m good.†Everyone turns around to see Walsh leaning against the doorway to the Deck and slowly putting on his AAR uniform jacket, “Sorry, took a little nap.â€
    Kimberly became enamored with happiness, “WALSH!†She runs over to him wrapping her arms around Walsh squeezing tightly as he grunts in pain, “Oh, sorry! I didn’t know you were even awake!â€

    “Kind of just happened. So, I see two Reborns terrorizing the city, and I caught the last bit of your little debrief. I can take the Shark Reborn if-who the hell is that with the Rider System?†Walsh points to another screen in the Deck showing Ken getting on his own personal bike, revving his engine and riding off out of the deck. Walsh turns towards the Commander as the Commander holds his hands up.

    “Walsh, we didn’t know when or even if you were going to wake up and we needed to take precautionary measures!†Before the Commander could talk anymore Walsh lands a punch right to the Commander’s jaw knocking him over. The entire Deck becomes filled with shock as they all just stared.
    Walsh goes over to Doctor Thomas and picks him up by the collar, “If you did anything to the Rider System, I swear Doc it will be your biggest regret.â€

    “No, I didn’t Walsh I swear.†Said Doctor Thomas, “I gave Ken a blood transfusion using the blood samples we took from you when you were in your coma. I don’t even know if it will work. We needed to protect the city Walsh!â€

    Walsh throws Doctor Thomas turns the Commander, “Neither of you have the right to give someone else the Rider System! I am the only one who can use it and you need to get that through your thick skulls! I-I’m not even sure if I have the right to use it, but I do because my father gave his life to protect everything and everyone he cared for. Including you two bastards. I’m not a soldier so I have no remorse for hitting you or throwing you, but maybe I should have remorse in thinking you two could honor my father’s legacy.†Walsh turned around and went over to a soldier sitting at a computer, “Move.â€

    The soldier quickly got up scared and gave Walsh his seat. Walsh quickly started typing into the computer and brought up a program in which he began transferring something to the cloud system for the AAR.

    “What are you doing?†Says Doctor Thomas as he gets up along with the Commander.

    “As I was trying to say before, I can beat the Shark Reborn if I have the V3 system activated. You are taking too long, so I’m finishing the program now.†Said Walsh.

    “Walsh it has taken me almost 7 months to try and figure out the coding your father used for the V3 system, it could be another year until I finally-â€

    “Done.†Says Walsh, “V3 system protocol is uploading. Should be done when I catch up to Ken.†Walsh gets up from the chair and starts to walk out the door, “I’ve been studying the code for months, I decrypted it not too long ago. I should have just done it myself in the first place.

    “If you think you are going out there you are more idiotic that I thought! You just woke up from being in a medically induced coma for almost a week!†said the Commander.

    “If anybody is going to fight the Reborns, it will be me.†Walsh walks over to a communication system and presses a button, “Get the Navy Cycle ready for launch, NOW!†he says as his voice echoed over the intercom. Walsh storms out and begins to run down the hall. Suddenly, Kimberly comes running after him and stops him.

    “You can’t be serious.†She says.

    “What?†said Walsh.

    “Walsh….how can you just act so tough and go out risking everything including yourself without ever being scared? How can you just wake up from almost dying and do those things. Walsh I don’t get you! I’ve read over your file, completely, again and again. I read what happened that night with your dad….â€
    Walsh begins running down the hallway as Husks are attacking everyone in the AAR’s base, “I got to find mom!†he keeps running as two Husks come around the corner and start to walk towards Walsh, , “Oh no.†Suddenly, Dr. Navy comes jumping in knocking down the two Husks.

    “Walsh, run now!†says Dr. Navy as he begins to run holding the Rider System in the silver case. He starts swinging the case around knocking away the Husks, “Walsh hurry! We have to find your mother!â€

    “She’s on the second floor!†Walsh says. Walsh and Dr. Navy continue to run and head up the stairway and enter the second floor main hall. As the began to run up the stairway Walsh stops his dad, “Dad what are you doing?! You have to transform!â€

    Dr. Navy stops at the top of the stairs and looks back at Walsh, “No Walsh, no I don’t.â€

    Walsh grabs his dad, “Dad what the hell do you mean?! You can beat them being the Kamen Rider!â€

    Dr. Navy looks at Walsh fiercly, “Walsh, this right here isn’t a weapon, and it will be used as one, just like Uncle David uses the Reborns as a weapon if I don’t show him another way.â€

    “Another way? Dad what do you mean?!†exclaims Walsh.

    Dr. Navy continues to run up the stairs getting away from Walsh’s grip, as he enters the doorway to the 2nd floor, he looks ahead of him. Standing there is a large group of Husks and in the middle of the group stands Dr. Longshore holding a gun to Tess’s head, holding her hostage, “David….Leave Tess out of this.â€

    “Why should I David?! Maybe I should just kill her so you what I feel when I lost Amy! So you can feel and know why I am doing this! TO BRING BACK THE ONE I LOVE!†exclaimed Dr. Longshore.

    “David you seem to forget that Amy was my sister! My best friend! I did everything I could to try and save her! The countless hours I put in trying to find a cure and pay for other researchers to find one! I did everything I could to save my little sister!†Dr. Navy yelled.

    “But you didn’t do enough! And at the time neither did I, but now I am. This research will bring her back to me! To us! Join me Alex. Last chance, just join me. Help me save your sister, my love.â€

    “David, this is not research. This is an abomination of science! You’ve created monsters! Creatures that live in fairy tale, you have brought them into reality! I will never work alongside this cause. What do you think Amy would say if she saw this?†asked Dr. Navy.

    “SHUT UP!†Dr. Longshore pointed the gun at Dr. Navy and shot him three times in the left side of his chest, as Dr. Navy fell to his knees putting his hand over the blood.

    Walsh stares at his dad in the doorway, as his dad begins to collapse. Walsh grabs his father and holds him, as Dr. Longshore throws Tess over to the group. Tess crawls over to Dr. Navy and holds him too as they lay him down on his back, “Dad…..dad don’t die.†Says Walsh.

    “Alex, Alex honey. Hang in there it’s going to be okay.†Says Tess.

    “Walsh….†Dr. Navy says struggling to speak and keep his breath, “Protect…..the ones….you love….†Dr. Navy breathes his last breath as he dies in the arms of Walsh and Tess.

    “Dad? Dad?! DAD!!!!!†Walsh screams in anger and stares at Dr. Longshore, who does nothing but watch his former friend die by his hand.

    “No more getting in my way Alex. No more.†Dr. Longshore walks away, “Kill them.†The Husks begin to slowly go towards Walsh and his mother as they try to move away from them crawling backwards.

    As they begin to crawl, Walsh bumps into the silver case holding the Rider System. Walsh stares at it, quickly remembering what Doctor Thomas and his father had discussed earlier that Walsh could use the Rider System. He stares at his mom who is crying in fear. Walsh stops crawling to open the silver case. He takes the Rider System out and wraps it around his waist.

    “Walsh….Walsh what the hell are you doing?!†Tess asks screaming at Walsh.

    “Protecting the ones I love.†Walsh closes his eyes, remembering the conversation he overheard before and remembering the keyword his dad used. He opens his eyes and yells, “HENSHIN!â€
    End of Flashback
    AAR Underground Base

    Walsh wipes a tear from his eye as he looks at Kimberly, “Protect the ones you love. Those were my dad’s last words. Those words right there are how I still fight, how I can be so scared fighting these Reborns because I don’t know how strong they really can be. I fight even if I am in so much pain, because I know deep down inside my dad was scared too. I know that he was in pain, but he sacrificed his life to protect the ones you love. That is how I keep doing this. That is why I am not just the Kamen Rider, but Kamen Rider Navy. Fighting with my dad’s name is a constant reminder of why I fight.â€

    Kimberly stands there with a shocked face, “Walsh….â€

    Walsh nods and turns, running down to the hanger. When he gets down to the hanger, he hops on his Navy Cycle and quickly rides out. “I will continue your legacy father. I promise.â€
    Downtown in City

    General Sharks and Jelly continue to destroy the city and kill people left and right, “This is fun Sharks! All these new bodies for the Master! We really should do this more often!†says Jelly

    “How about you just focus?†says General Sharks. Suddenly, a sound of a motorcycle comes closer and closer to the two Reborns, “Ah, now the show begins.†He turns around as the motorcycle goes flying in the air with Sharks grabbing the front tire and throwing the rider off the motorcycle tossing the motorcycle to the side. The rider lays on the ground as he slowly gets up, taking off his helmet revealing him to be Ken, “You aren’t who I am looking for.†Said General Sharks.

    “I’m a better match for you than the one you are looking for.†Says Ken. Ken takes a step towards the bike as Jelly walks over to the bike and takes the silver case, “Put that down!†yells Ken. He then runs over to Jelly and lands a round house kick to her knocking her over with her dropping the case. He grabs the case and puts it out the ground quickly opening it, he stares at the Rider System and rolls up his sleeve, showing the tube in his arm that is causing the transfusion to happen using Walsh’s blood, “I’m going to show him why I am the true user of the Rider System.†Ken wraps the belt around his waist, detaching the key from the belt and tossing it in the air, “Henshin!†He catches the key and inserts the key into the keyhole, turning it to the left.

    “E-R-R-O-R†announced the Rider System as sparks began shooting from the belt forcing Ken to throw the belt off of him, “No NO NO! Not now!â€

    “You….You kicked me!†The Jellyfish Reborn runs over to Ken and starts to beat on him, shocking him every hit she lands. Ken finally collapses from the shocks and lays there unconscious, “Sharks lets tear this city until there is nothing left!!â€

    “He can really piss you off can’t he?†Jelly and Sharks turn around as Walsh bends over and picks up the Rider System from the ground, “He usually needs a good beating to shut up.â€

    “You.†Says General Sharks, “You are the Kamen Rider my Master speaks of. The one who I will kill with my bare hands!â€
    Walsh smirks, “See here’s the issue.†Walsh wraps the belt around his waist, “I’m not that easy to kill. And another thing.†Walsh bends down again to pick up the key on the ground from when Ken through the belt off, “I’m not dying until I kill YOUR Master with my bare hands! HENSHIN!†Walsh quickly inserts the key and turns it to the left.

    “N-A-V-Y-M-O-D-E†announces the belt, as the navy light materializes into the Rider Armor, and attaches itself to Walsh’s body, until he becomes Kamen Rider Navy. He points at General Sharks, then signals them to come to him, “Bring it.â€

    “I’ve had enough! Jelly! Get him!†yells General Sharks.

    “My pleasure Sharks!†Jelly runs over to Walsh as he quickly runs towards her. Walsh lands a punch to her stomach as she begins hitting him with her electrical arms quickly.

    Walsh backs off as Jelly as the technical parts of the Rider System are beginning to go haywire because of Jelly’s electrical arms, “Damnit.†He quickly detaches the Navy Blaster and begins shooting at Jelly.

    Jelly dodges the first few shots but eventually is hit by several of them, “AHH!†Jelly falls down but begins get back up.

    As Jelly tries to get back up, Walsh takes the N Key and inserts it into the belt turning it to the right

    “S-H-O-O-T-I-N-G†the Rider System announces.

    A Navy electrical surge is sent to Navy’s right arm holding the Navy Blaster as Walsh aims at Jelly as she finally gets up. He aims and shoots it right at her. In an instant Jelly is destroyed.

    General Sharks stands in the back of where Jelly was standing and snarls, “Let me show you what a REAL Reborn can do! ARGH!†He runs towards Walsh jumping in the air tackling Walsh to the ground.

    The two begin to roll around as Walsh finally kicks him off. He take the N Key and inserts it into the Navy Blaster transforming it to the Navy Battalion Stick. Walsh charges at General Sharks and strikes at him, doing very little damage. He tries striking again, but General Sharks grabs the Navy Battalion Stick mid attack and throws it to the side. He then begins striking Walsh at a fast rate knocking Walsh to the ground. Sharks than kicks Walsh backwards.
    Walsh lays on the ground trying to get up, but begins to feel his current and previous injuries come together. He stares at General Sharks who is laughing at Walsh.

    “Puny humans! You’ll never know this power unless you reach our level of evolution! The Master’s dawn of humanity will make the strong gods and the weak deceased.†Says General Sharks.

    Walsh becomes angered with what General Sharks said, “You think you’re Master is a god? You’re Master is nothing more than a monstrous mad man!†Walsh finally stands up, “NIC, I need an update on the V3 system protocol upgrade.†NIC responded by showing that the download of the V3 system was complete. Walsh smirked within the helmet of Navy’s armor, “Let me show you real power.†Walsh takes off the N Key from the belt, and turns the outside ring of the middle circular part of the bell until now the green arrow is on top of the black arrow. Walsh holds up the Key, “Henshin!†he inserts the key and turns it to the left.

    “B-L-A-S-T-E-R-M-O-D-E†The Rider System’s armor is now covered in a green light, as Navy’s armor begins to change, with both shoulder pads become squarer. Then, two large rifle blasters emerge in Walsh’s hands as he aims both of them at Sharks.
    “Come on fishy.†He starts shooting at Sharks at a rapid rate as Sharks is too slow to even attempt to dodge. Sharks became angry and charge at Walsh. Walsh dodges the attack continually shooting at sharks. Finally Walsh throws one of the rifles in the air as he inserts the N Key into the keyhole of the Rider Belt turning it to the right.

    “R-I-D-E-R-B-L-A-S-T†announces the Rider System.

    Walsh then catches the rifle as two green electrical surges are sent to Walsh’s arms. He aims at sharks and shoots both of the rifles at Sharks knocking him backwards several hundred feet out of sight from Walsh. Walsh stands there and looks at the two rifles and his new forms, “Dad, you are one genius.â€
    Dr. Longshore’s Lair

    Dr. Longshore sits on his throne as General Sharks comes stumbling into the presence of his Master. Dr. Longshore stares at Sharks as Sharks looks up to Dr. Longshore.

    “Master, I-â€

    “You are nothing to me Sharks. You promised me that if the Kamen Rider would return you would defeat him, instead you were beaten immensely! BE GONE! OUT OF MY SIGHT! You are a disgrace to the new order. Dr. Longshore sits in his throne as Sharks goes off into the darkness, Longshore became angered, and “I should have killed you Walsh when I had the chance. Who knew you would be more of a pain than your father, or even stronger than him.
    He’s mastered the Rider System’s power already. This….this is not good.â€
    AAR Underground Base

    Walsh sits in his room, as he stares at a picture of his family when he was a young boy. Then, Kimberly knocks at the door, as Walsh quickly puts the picture away.

    “Picture of your family?†Kimberly asks.

    “Yeah.†Said Walsh. He pulled it back out, handing it to Kimberly, “Here.â€
    Kimberly looked at the picture and smiled, “You were adorable.†She smiles and laughs as Walsh laughs too.

    “Yeah, those were the good days.†Walsh says.

    Kimberly hands Walsh backs the picture. There is a silence in the room as Walsh again begins to stare at the picture, “Walsh, you never said or in your files what happened to your mom?â€

    Walsh put the picture down as his head slowly dropped and didn’t say a word.

    “Oh no Walsh…I’m so sorry.†Says Kimberly, thinking she knew the fate of his mother.

    “She’s in protective custody. And has been for the past year.†Said Walsh, “After I used the Rider System for the first time, I destroyed the Husks and saved my mom. My dad’s body got toppled over from the building collapsing, Longshore released another bomb trying to kill everyone inside. After I saved us, I joined the AAR knowing I was the only one to use the Rider System. I gave up everything to fight. My mom begged me not to go but I know I had to. I was the one who suggested protective custody. It was to keep her safe from Longshore finding her. She has 24/7 security around her. She’s safe. She has no idea where I am, and hasn’t talked to me since she went under.â€


    Walsh looks up at Kimberly, as he gets up and starts to walk out, “Protect the ones you love. Even if it hurts you.†Walsh walked out of his room. Kimberly jsaying nothing and walked out of his room as well, as Walsh’s door slid closed.
    Meanwhile, Dr. Thomas sits in his office as he sits working on his computer. Suddenly, Dr. Thomas’s door opens but does Dr. Thomas does not move from his chair or even to look back to see who it is. Commander Hunter walks in as the door slides close behind him, “Daniel. I see you’re hard at work.â€

    “I am.†Replies Dr. Thomas.

    “You know why I am here.†Says the Commander

    “No.†says Dr. Thomas

    “You don’t know why I am here?†asked the Commander.

    “No, I’m saying ‘no’ to your request. I won’t do it.†Said Dr. Thomas sternly.

    “Daniel, a year ago you were an emotional, goofy, and easy going. Now you are going all stern on me. What happened to you?†asked the Commander.
    Dr. Thomas sighs, and takes off his glasses, rubbing his eyes, “When Alex died, it changed me. He used to always tell me that I was going to be his successor someday. And when that time finally came, I didn’t feel honored, not the way I was. So I changed. I had to so I could honor Alex’s work to the best of my ability. And I will honor his work by saying no to you.â€

    “Daniel, you and I both know Walsh needs this to happen.†Says the Commander.

    “The V3 system will be just fine. Walsh will be fine.†Says Dr. Thomas.

    “Daniel, we don’t know if the V3 system will be enough against the Dark Rider. I’m not asking anymore Daniel, it’s now an order.†Exclaims the

    “NO! I won’t do it! It goes against everything that Alex ever worked for! I won’t copy his work!†yells Dr. Thomas as he stands up and stares angrily at the Commander.

    “Daniel, you and I both know that it will only keep Walsh safe and alive. I’m going to do whatever it takes to keep him alive. It’s the least I can do.†The Commander walks over to Dr. Thomas, “Daniel please. We almost lost Walsh once, I don’t want to take the chance of losing him again. We both have promises to keep.â€

    Daniel puts his head down and looks up at his computer angered. He types into the computer as a program is pulled out titled, ‘PROJECT CRIMSON’. Doctor Thomas stares at the screen and shakes his head, “Alex, forgive me.†He turns around in his chair to the Commander, “Project Crimson as of now is initiated.â€
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    I do believe this is where we left off last time. Should be interesting to see where things go from here.

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