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    Yeah I'm definitely looking forward to how the characters develop and always glad to give feedback!:thumbs:

    On Spider Rider, its true that he's appearance's so far have been short but when I read the parts where he made one of Cheetah melody beasts back off with just his presence I thought to myself "Damn, he can punk Melody beasts just by lookin. That's pretty cool" Then the second time "Okay, now that's pretty badass!".
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    Episode 6: "Their Searches Begin Here..." (FINALLY! Hope you enjoy!)

    Smashing his right palm onto the button activated the Driver's function, spinning the blue disc with a circuitry etched stag beetle, as blue rays of light shone through the gaps. Next Kuro could feel the armour begin to unclamp and detach from his black, leather-suited body.

    Just as it was about to leave the Cheetah Beast darted for him dead on. “WHAM!†the sound of of something high-speed hitting a solid, immovable object rung through the air. The Melody Beast was stopped by a the bigger, green-silver disc that was made up of Kuro's armour. Blue laser beams emitted from the center of the buckle, cutting the large green-silver disc, changing the colour of it as well. Once the new armour pattern was etched, the now blue-silver, larger sized disc flew back, and through the gap Kuro could see the Cheetah rolling back and forth on the ground a few meters away. Holding its face in pain. Then turning his attention back to the disc is it opened up and flipped on hinges with the new, slimmer, sleeker, speedy, armour pattern, it quickly attached over his body. Covering the hands, forearms, lower legs, feet; sides of his thighs and upper arms, shoulder and body while clamping shut in the back. Even a new helmet was formed, but without eyes until two, silver trimmed, pincer-shaped panels popped out a bit. They stayed at a ninety-degree angel before finally turning up in different directions taking up the proper position of Stag Beetle antlers on the top-front of the helmet. At the same time, revealing a pair of metallic-orange, compound eyes where red ones used to be.

    “Speed! Speed! Speed! Of the Ninja...!†came the sing-song voice of the Driver, only with a little more energy to it this time.

    “Speed...?†Kenkage said under his breath, figuring maybe the speed boosting abilities were part of this form, just like how the robot allow his bike to go faster. Cocking his head up in the neck of time, avoiding the Cheetah's pouncing attack from overhead. Like lightning he avoided every other attack as well, weaving from side-to-side, though from his point-of-view, things seemed slowed down. At enough for him to see where the next set of claws were coming from. Ducking he dodge a swipe that might of taken his head clean off. Deciding to go on the offensive now, Kenkage started hammering out punches into the chest of the Cheetah, but he wasn't making much of an impact at all. Still he threw those punches in until the creature slashed him across the chest, once with the left, then the right. Finally taking one good right hook from the Cheetah's claws sent Kenkage spinning into the air, but he went with it too and manged to land a kick into the Beast's jaw.

    Both of them spun into the air, flailing in different directions before slamming against the wet ground in a rolling motion. Each of them slowly manged to make it to a knee though, they were a little stunned to say the least.

    Kenkage breathed heavily as he stared down his speedy adversary. The realization that his strength from what he assumed was halved now, do to this speed based form, was not making things look too good. What it made up for in speed, it lacked in power unfortunately, and right now he could use both. “Great...,†Kuro said in bated breath, “This is interesting...â€

    As the Melody Beast began to stand, so did the now blue-silver, sleek and speedy, Techno-Ninja-Stag Beetle. Quickly they assumed a battle stance, though the Cheetah's claws extended even further, causing Kenkage to startle a bit; but he resumed his fighting posture anyways. Then glanced in the direction of the Inagomaru, then the Hopper disc that he dropped on the ground during the earlier attack. Finally his gaze returned to the Cheetah and he hunkered down, bracing himself for the fight yet charge at him.

    The Melody Beast sprinted forward, its hands low, claws extended and ready to tear the Blue Rider to bits. As it swiped for him, Kenkage bobbed and weaved to evade it, throwing a solid kick into the right side of the Beast's ribs. Then another to the left, then another to the right! Back and forth the monster took kick-after-rapid kick, but it was hardly phasing the Creature. Enraged the Cheetah slashed downward with the left hand, then tried with an upward strike with its right, only to have the Rider still evade the attack. It then tried to grab a hold of the Stag Beetle-Techno Ninja, but suddenly the Rider spun around and landed a spinning heel-kick to its jaw. The speedy kick caused the Melody Beast to spiral into the air and hit the ground hard, but it didn't keep it down.

    Kenkage watched the Beast quickly get to a knee and wipe away with a thumb, a dribble of green-ish blood from the corner of its mouth. He saw it lick the blood off as well and once it started to rise, Kuro quickly made a dash for the sword, still stuck in the ground behind him.

    Noticing what he was going for, the Cheetah leaped into the air and landed in front of the sword, causing the Blue Stag Beetle to clumsily skid to a stop. Kenkage quickly went into a defensive posture, arms up with the right outstretched more, the left held closer to his stomach. Slowly titling his head passed his right forearm, he eyed the Beast, as the Beast stared at him right back.

    Then it did something unexpected, it raised its right claw and gave a 'come here' gesture with two, bronze, clawed fingers.

    Kenkage then reaffirmed his defensive posture, bracing himself for what could be a long fight.

    Kamen Rider: KENKAGE

    Written by:
    Robert J. Wong

    “JUST ONE LIFE†-Spyair.

    Episode 06: “Their Searches Begin Here...â€

    Swiftly the Techno-Nina Stag Beetle, dashed and zoomed along with the Cheetah Melody Beast, battling one another as a blue-silver and deep yellow blur. Quick, sparse explosions rocked the surrounding area where they fought. Finally both blurs became whole again on the side of the river bank. The Cheetah continued the rapid, assault of slashes with its extended, bronze claws, as Kenkage managed to evade them easily. Although each strike the Sleeker Armoured Rider managed to deliver back, barely phased the creature. A few palm strikes he landed did stun the Beast for a moment, each time they connected with its face.

    Kuro felt like he was at least getting somewhere with that, or maybe ticking the creature off even more. Then another wide swing came right for his Beetle Antlered donned head, to avoid it he shoulder rolled under the swing—stopping to one knee right behind the Beast. Kuro breathed heavily inside the armoured suit, but kept his defences up just in case. He watched the Beast slowly stand up straight and just as casually turn around to face him. The claws suddenly then shortened and it just stared at him. Confused, Kenkage rose up to his feet and hesitantly lowered his guard, but a moment later he realized how much of a mistake that was. With an intense burst of speed, the Creature's grip wrapped around his under-suit covered neck, and squeezed tightly to cut off the air flow. Kuro struggled futility against the awesome strength of the Melody Beast. Things stated to go dark, his vision blurred and it became increasingly difficult for Kuro to breathe; but he didn't give up and continued to smack around the muscular, vein covered, furry and spotted arm. Kuro then shot several, rapid kicks into the abs of the Creature, causing it to loosen the tight grip it had on him. With one final kick with both feet, Kenkage rocketed himself off of the Beast's chest and rolled backwards after landing hard upon the riverbank.

    Stopping on his butt, Kuro felt something on the side of his belt while trying to steady himself as he backed away. He looked down to the left of the belt to find a light-grey, pod in the shape of a scarab beetle. A outward curved, rectangular silver button donned the top of it, seeming as if it had to be pushed forward. That was when he noticed something else on the back of his belt. When he grabbed for it, Kuro pulled out a seven inch, curved, gold trimmed, blue dagger. The grip appeared black, with golden rings on top and bottom of the hilts, and small enough to fit only one hand. Checking the other side on the back of his belt, Kuro removed another dagger of the same design, and then noticed they hand small, rounded, golden knob ports on the inner side, close to the upper hilt. As if they could hold discs on them.

    A growl from the Melody Best shook Kenkage out of his transfixed gaze of the newly discovered weapons. He held them in the under-handed grip as he rose up and readied himself for another attack. Watching the Cheetah walk towards him slowly, it brought up its right arm in front of its chest and the claws extended, then it proceeded to do the same with the left as it got closer. The growl became even louder and angrier, before it turned into a cackle and the Monster pounced for Kenkage. Instead of going on the defensive, Kuro went in with a slash of the dagger and cut across the abdomen of the Melody Beast as it soared overhead. Sparks showered down from where he made contact, but did little to block his sights that kept with the Cheetah as it sailed to the ground.

    The Cheetah rolled up to one knee and glared at the Rider who stared right back at it, while holding a hand over the shallow, bleeding cut that the weapon gave it seconds ago. With a wince the Beast twitched and cringed from the pain, but gradually stood up to attack again. The Melody Beast growled like a rumbling of thunder. From the look in its eyes, the Creature was in pain, though it tried to hide it through the rage it was exposing.

    Kuro readied himself again, as if almost hunching himself over but with both arms raised, with the right farther then the left. The daggers he continued to hold in the under-handed grip, seemed more comfortable that way. Though he just hoped he'd get lucky and land several slashes and maybe end this quickly. At that moment he recalled that the Driver had a charge up function. 'Now just to hit it, and hope it doesn't rush at me while I set this up. Be a nice, civilian killing, Cheetah. That's it.' Kuro kept saying to himself in his mind as he watched the Monster intently; carefully lowering his left hand to the top of the buckle. Suddenly he caught the Cheetah preparing to dash, Kuro without thinking slammed side of his clench, left hand onto the top button. He heard the disc begin to spin up, but before he could flip the buckle to send the charge—the Beast made its move; and so did Kenkage.

    Unable to pivot the buckle, the two combatants clashed back and forth for a good minute, though Kuro with his new weapons, kept on getting the upper hand. Slicing away at the claws of the Melody Beast, using the new, stag beetle, antler-shaped daggers, sparks and little chips of the bronze flew in every direction. Kuro allowed himself a smirk from behind the solid, blue-silver, orange eyed, beetle mask. Priding himself that he was doing some damage while being on the defensive; certainly it was better then nothing. That was when he saw his opening and took it. Swinging from the inside out, Kenkage slashed the front of the Cheetah's neck, sending a spray of sparks and green blood flying through the air. Without hesitation he landed an upper slash with the left blade, sending another burst of sparks into the air, thus forcing the Cheetah to back way, holding its bleeding neck with its right hand.

    Stumbling away the injured Beast switched back and forth between one, and two hands over the wound in its neck. Panic and fear screamed through its eyes as it constantly glanced back to the blue-silver, Techno-Nina, Stag Beetle Rider, who watched cautiously from a far. A mix of growling and groaning escaped the fanged mouth of the Monster; which was now gushing green, staining the hairy, muscular chest, and arms of the Melody Beast as it tried to get away.

    Kuro whistled, catching the Monster's attention and making it face him again. They glared at one another, though the Cheetah's glare had a mix of annoyance and agony. Soon they turned to fear when Kuro readied the blades and prepared to charge. Panicking the Cheetah attempted to dart off, but that quickly turned into staggering, nearly tripping over its own feet as it tried to escape. Kenkage then ran right for the Beast, and as he reached it he jumped up and cut downward with the left dagger, then slashed horizontally from the outside with the right. Bursts of sparks flew about as he continued the assault forcing the Cheetah to face him. Kenkage quickly changed it up to rapid, speedy strikes all over the Beast, like what it did to him earlier in the day. The final strike he landed send the Beast flying to the dirt ground a few feet away. Kuro then halted his speed attacks as he watched the Monster crawl along the dirt ground on its stomach, digging its claws to pull it self a long most o the time.

    “How does that feel?!' Kuro questioned angrily, breathing just as heavily. He didn't care if the thing never gave him a response; 'cause at that moment he was just happy to give it a little payback. “I'm ending this... Now!†with that Kenkage pivoted the right side of the buckle up, pushing down on the left side with his left hand swiftly and forcefully. He felt the charge go up his right arm, and then watched the blue, arcs of energy enter the blade he held in that hand. Uncertain how it would go into the other blade, and figuring he had the time, cause of how slow the bloody, cut up monster was moving. Kuro proceeded to check the other dagger for some sign of a port of sorts. Tilting the outside into view he noticed a small hole. Glancing at the right dagger he noticed the disc holding port was small enough to fit into it, so the Kuro plug into the port, crossing the blades like an “X' in the process. Watching it intently an extra charge was sent into the left dagger, and soon both glowed blue. “Alright....,†he said, finally separating the weapons and readying them out to the sides, but keeping his elbows bent as he angled his arms while crouching, preparing to dash for the Cheetah.

    Just as the Melody Beast got to its feet, Kuro darted like a blur, this time with charged blades of the stag antler daggers in hand. Once the Monster got to one foot, Kenkage was already there, hacking and slashing away with rapid succession. Sparks spraying about as the Creature was forced up to its feet from the constant bombardment of charged blows. Kuro didn't use much finesse or rather didn't care where he landed the blades, he just wanted to end this here and now! Suddenly the Cheetah roared up to the heavens, raising both arms in the process while its body continued to be thrashed about; then BANG! The Cheetah exploded and sent Kenkage flying backwards where he practically slid across the ground, flat on his back, only managing to stop himself by digging the daggers deep into the dirt. Quickly he sat up straight, due to the sudden stopping power from stabbing the ground under him. Watching the burning embers a few feet away, Kuro breathed heavily, attempting to catch his breath, and relaxed as the fight was finally over.

    Flopping over onto his back, Kuro sighed, “That was close....†Then made a mental note to remember to get back before that happens again...

    Desmond stood in front of the window in his room at the Zenmujiku City hospital, bracing himself with one arm against the outer, right frame. Even though it was painful for him, he couldn't stay in that bed any longer. He needed to move, and get moving as soon as possible, as staying in this sterilized place was not something he was ever fond on. Still, gritting through the pain from his injuries, inflicted upon him from B-Girl; Desmond felt determined he would get out by tonight at the very latest. All he had to do was bide his time and wait for the curtain of night to cloak his escape. Now was not the time to make his move, too many people were about the premises.

    The sound of the door being slid open broke the Detective out of his trance. Slowly turning to his left, he peeked over his shoulder to see a Nurse enter the room, a lunch tray in hand. From the looks of her she seemed like a young, regular orderly, dressed in the casual, pink and blue pyjama pants and short-sleeved shirt. Continuing to examine her appearance, Desmond saw her short hair, obviously long but tied up neatly in hair pins. Glancing at her hands holding the tray that had a covered bowl of soup, rice, some kind of fish and vegetables; he noticed her hands. They appeared rough, nails cut short, definitely someone who wasn't afraid of getting her hands dirty, or at least doing the rough chores.

    Turning back to the window, he heard the tray being placed upon the small, white, plastic table, connected to a beige, metal swing-arm.

    “Hope you enjoy your lunch, Yamato-Keiji-san,†said the Nurse in sweet, quite voice that didn't really match what Desmond saw of her.

    Glancing over his shoulder again he noticed her bow and then watched as she left the room, slowly and quietly sliding the door closed. Also hearing his Police rank in Japanese was still going to take a bit of getting used to. Detective Desmond Yamato cringed and grunted as he accidentally moved the wrong way, causing the two broken ribs to pang with a sharp pain in his side. Gently holding a hand over them he attempted to ginger rub the pain out. Sadly it was not helping all that much. He then signed deeply and looked over at the tray of food, keeping his strength up was definitely something he needed for later tonight.

    “Are you sure there is no footage of B-Girl in that video file at all?†Shizuka asked disbelievingly while hovering behind a cute, fair-skinned woman with short, light-brown hair, dressed in a green blazer with matching pants, and a plain, white, silky top.

    “Shizuka-chan....,†sighed the light-haired, young woman who appeared to be the same age as Shizuka. “We've been over this for three hours.... There isn't anything with B-Girl in any video. Either they edited it out live, or....†She clammed up fast and looked away from Shizuka, keeping her eyes fixed on the screen as she went through the vid of the battle a few days ago.

    “You think I'm going crazy??†Shizuka questioned, raising an eyebrow to her friend who wouldn't turn to face her.

    “No, course not,†said the young woman, biting her lower lip and looking to the side.

    Shizuka then forcefully swivelled the chair around to make her friend face her finally. With a hand on her hip, Shizuka then asked, “What are you saying, Mitsuki-chan? That I made it up?â€

    “No, no no,†Mitsuki quickly replied, putting up both her hands and waving them back and forth to emphasize and affirm what she was saying, at the same time shaking her head 'no.' “I'm just very limited in my computer skills... I'm not a hacker, or a miracle worker, Shizuka-chan,†continued Mitsuki, then she lowered her head and placed her hands upon her bare knees and sighed. “I wish I could help more then I have...â€

    “I know...,†replied Shizuka as she crossed her arms and trotted through the small, neat apartment of Mitsuki's. After reaching the big, comfy, navy couch she spun on her heel on the brown carpet, and plopped down. With her head tilted down, Shizuka's mind began to wander. She wondered they they kept all the secret when she knew what happened, she'd seen it for herself, and there was Kuro. Sure two witnesses with no evidence were easy to ignore... but someone out there would believe them, at least that's what Shizuka hoped. “Maybe I'll post up something on facebook, or twitter... someone's bound to question what's going on.â€

    “-Maybe. -That's a good idea!†Blurted Mitsuki excitedly, then that excitement turned to worry and she added, “But what if they come after you... to try and keep you quiet?â€

    “I dunno, Mitsuki-chan... I dunno...,†replied Shizuka sombrely as she bit her nail a bit. It was definitely a possibility, but she couldn't just sit and keep quiet. Not after being targeted by a Melody Beast again and one of those mechanical insects saving her. At least she assumed that's what saved her... although Shizuka did recall the Blue-scarfed Cheetah looking up at the roof the building behind her. What was there that she didn't see? Shizuka's thoughts then focused on that now, more then they did earlier. Heck it took a hour or two just to calm her nerves down, being attacked by two different Beasts was enough to shake up anyone. “Though I've been really lucky so far...â€

    “Yeah, I know. No one I know has survived that many Melody Beast attacks outside a safe zone. -And you got that Kenkage guy, or whatever they call that Melody Beast,†replied Mitsuki all excited again. “Maybe its a friendly kind, you think?â€

    “He's not!--†Shizuka exclaimed but then quickly caught herself before blabbering about who Kenkage was to her friend. She trusted her, but giving up information about Kuro wasn't something she was keen on doing at the moment. Not even to her best friend who was now looking at her curiously. “Nothing... I don't know if... its friendly or not.â€

    “You said he though...,†said Mitsuki as she leaned forward, keeping her legs together as she tried to determine what her auburn haired friend was going to say. “You know who it is?â€

    “No,†Shizuka answered hastily, looking away and hoping Mitsuki would just drop the subject.

    “Yeah you do, and I heard you sai “Heâ€,†continued Mitsuki in an accusing tone while pointing a finger at Shizuka.

    “Well he looks male, that's all. -Okay!?†Shizuka shouted, hoping her snap would shut her up finally. “I'm guessing here... it's all I can do at the moment.â€

    “Okay, okay... I'll drop it.†replied Mitsuki as she saw how upset her best friend was getting now all of the sudden, and then added quietly to herself, “At least for now....â€

    “Thanks...,†said Shizuka, brushing strands of her auburn hair behind her ear. Then she stood up and headed towards the open doorway to her left, “I'm be right back.â€

    “Sure,†replied Mitsuki as she went back to her computer screen and brought up the local news site, then peered through the open blinds of the window, just behind the desk in front of her. It stilled looked gloomy outside, but at least she felt a little better that the rain stopped. Glancing to her right, Mitsuki then gazed up to the clock hanging beside the front door, close to the ceiling. It read seven o'clock on the dot. Mitsuki let out a small sigh and then shook her head as she logged into the news site.

    Coming down a short hall, Shizuka wandered into the bathroom, flicking on the light and shutting the door behind her. The room itself was definitely a bit bigger then her own, though it had the same white walls, and a tiled tub area to the right. Standing in front of the sink, Shizuka leaned forward and braced herself against the beige counter-top around the sink. There she sighed deeply and calmed herself down before staring into the tall, rectangular mirror in front of her. Her reflection stared right back at her and for some reason, it seemed odd to her. It was hard to explain the sensation... but it didn't feel like she was looking at herself for some reason. As if the person staring back at her was not herself, but after a moment she just shook off that feeling. With everything that's happened to her, meeting Kuro, surviving the Melody Beasts, and that B-Girl moving in on Kuro... Quickly dismissing those thoughts, Shizuka then turned on the tap and allowed the cool water escaping into the drain below to heat up slowly. Once it was warm enough she splashed her face a little.

    Then grabbing a towel she dried her face and hung it back on the rack beside the window. After a moment she turned around and then went over to the toilet, and took a seat on the closed lid. Now she found herself thinking about Kuro again, wondering if he was alright. Taking out her cellphone she checked the time and hoped that he wasn't still out there fighting. In fact she wondered why he decided to keep fighting, and if he even knew why he proclaimed what he did before transforming into that suit again.

    It would of been a lot easier to just get away and find a safe zone, at least she assumed it would have been. There was no need for him to keep fighting like that, and she never asked him to. Then she recalled asking if he had that thing when the Wolf took his bike. Maybe it was her fault in someway that he was still doing this...

    “Shit...,†she cursed herself under her breath.

    “Driver Open!†exclaimed the Driver's voice after Kuro pulled the buckle apart into four sections. Soon after that the blue-silver, Techno-Ninja, Stag Beetle armour detached off of his black, leather suited body and formed back into the large, metal disc. Spinning back into the belt and dissolving into the smaller disc in the center of the driver, the suit then retracted back into the belt strap. Kuro then retrieved the smaller, blue disc from the open buckle and looked at it again. The etchings of circuitry and a stag beetle design still evident all over it.

    “So speed but less power...,†said Kuro to himself as he stared at the disc, resting in the palm of his right hand. Then looking over towards the green disc on the ground he added, “And that was is mainly jumping... or agility... though it does have more power then this one does.†Walking over to the disc on the ground, he then crouched down and picked it up. Holding them in the palms of both hands, Kuro looked them over and slowly rubbed his thumbs on the circuitry patterns. Now we found himself even more curious about them. Was there more? Why was Musicular making these weapons to defeat the Melody Beasts? Heck Kuro was still puzzled why it was even given to him in the first place.

    Small mechanical sounds then broke him out of his train of thought, and when he looked to his right he noticed the small, robotic stag beetle beginning to stir. After a few shakes the small, orange LED eyes lit up on it, and the robotic device then began to float into the air. Turning to Kuro it spouted some more mechanical jibberish.

    “You want this?†asked Kuro, holding up the blue disc. The robot only swung itself back and forth and flew off into distance until finally disappearing. “Guess not....†Kuro then remembered about the scarab-looking pod on the left side of the belt. Looking down at it, he then instinctively grabbed it after putting both discs into his right hand. With a thumb, Kuro pressed won on the outward curved, rectangular, silver button and pushed it forward. The side slid out to reveal a slot with three, different coloured discs, that were similar in size to the other two he held. Kuro then curiously removed one and looked at it. The one he picked was orange in colour and had a golden, circuitry etching that reminded him of flames all around the disc. Slotting it back he picked the next two, one was a lighter blue with electric, circuitry etching. The third one was a lighter green with a wind kind of etching circuitry design.

    “Wonder what these do...?†he questioned to himself aloud with a furrowed brow. Putting them back and even sliding in the Stag Beetle disc along with them, Kuro noticed it could hold a few more. Closing it up he then stuffed the Hopper disc into his back pocket before shutting the buckle, allowing the belt to retract around him and then the buckle dissolved into silver light into his stomach. Glancing in the direction of his fallen motorcycle, it seemed to be waking up as well, moving and beeping with mechanical sounds. “You alright now too?â€

    The green and silver enduro shot up onto its wheels and automatically dropped the kick-stand, allowing to stay lened over a bit. Several more mechanical sounds came from it as it turned its front in the direction of Kuro, lighting up the headlight a few times as it spoke.

    “Yeah...,†said Kuro, unsure of what it was saying, “Whatever you say, buddy.†It was then that Kuro realized something. That was twice now he didn't hear the Melody. When the Locust attacked and now the Cheetah. Both times there was no Melody in his ears. Though he figured Shizuka must of heard it, and that it might be a good idea to go and ask her. She did mention seeing a friend near his place... at leat it was somewhere to start searching.

    Grabbing his helmet off the ground, he then mounted the bike, but before he switched on the engine, Kuro heard a faint whimpering. He looked in the direction of the dead fisherman and that was when he saw a white and black-ish grey, husky nudging its nose against the corpse of its dead master. With a sigh of resentment that he didn't manage to save the older gentleman, Kuro then hung his helmet off the upward tilted, right handlebar before dismounting from the bike and hesitantly going over to the fisherman. After reaching the side of the body, the husky looked up at Kuro and continued to whimper at him, and as Kuro looked into his eyes it had a confused expression, although that quickly changed to a sad, knowing one. Without thinking about it, Kuro crouched down and petted the dog on its head and said, “Sorry about this, fella.â€

    Kuro then sighed and nearly choked up a bit. He wished he could of heard the Melody and beaten the monster back for this had to happen. He even cursed himself in his mind for not paying attention to his surroundings and getting lost in an old memory. But how can one predict when one of those things would appear...? Shaking his head, Kuro gritted his teeth and clenched his other fist, while petting the dog with the other. All of the sudden he felt something warm and wet running across the top of his fist, and looking down he saw the husky giving slow, gentle licks. He figured the dog could sense how he was feeling and assumed he was cheering him up. “Thanks boy,†he said, giving the dog another quick pet on the head.

    Eventually Kuro found a tarp in a nearby boat to throw over the body, and pulled out his cellphone to alert the police of the incident, from a land-line outside of the fishing shack. He was a little surprised payphones were still about, even out here. At least it wouldn't have to worry about them finding him through his own cell though, so there was that. Making sure the dog had some water in a dish and some grub he managed to scrounge from in the mini-fridge inside the shack, Kuro then headed off on his motorcycle and never looked back. Sadly he couldn't bring the animal with him, as it refused to leave. So hopefully the police could find it a good home when they arrived. Certainly leaving the animal there wasn't his first choice, but staying behind wasn't an option either. Kuro was just glad there were no more civilians around to explain what happened to the Melody Beast. Sure lying about it would of been fine... but he was afraid of tipping off that Detective. Heck, keeping his identity from that Detective was a job in itself so far.

    Things began to get darker as day turned to night, Kuro then revved the throttle and charged along the wet, blackening pavement through the countryside, heading towards Zenmujiku City.

    Laying in bed, Desmond eyed the clock intently, waiting for the next nurse to do her hourly rounds. Once she was gone he'd have a short window to attempt to get out of here, and he intended make the most of it before they called security. Desmond believe he'd have no problem taking them down, except for the fact he had still, two broken ribs and several bruises that would make it a challenge at the very least. Even what he planned to do to get out of the hospital was risky in his condition, but it was his best shot at a quick escape. While waiting there in bed, the Detective continued to go over the plan in his mind, over-and-over and then proceeded to consider where to go next. A local apartment that he didn't list on the address part of any profile information he gave out, popped into his mind. Thankfully it was really local, only about a block or so away from this hospital, from what he could tell from the window. Having some hidden contacts and all this prep-work prior to arriving in Japan was certainly helpful.

    Eventually the thoughts running through his mind dipped into a memory, the memory of that nightmare he had recently. It became intertwined in flurry of other memories, none of which made much sense as they collided and mixed together as one. All were about one person though, from images of a flowing, shimmering, white dress as a female figured danced with another figured, dressed in a black tux. As another image of their hands meeting, another memory bled into that one as the woman's body spun in close against the male figure, and then their mouths became close as Desmond finally forced the image out of his mind. The pang of pain that shot through him he had wished was from the broken ribs or the bruising... but he knew better.

    Leaning back against the propped up hospital bed, Desmond crossed his arms in front of his chest and took a deep breath. Then uttered one word while hesitantly calming himself, “Yuki....â€

    Shizuka opened the narrow, beige-metal, front door of Mitsuki's apartment and stepped out onto the same colored, metal porch. Turning back she was greeted by Mitsuki herself, with one hand on the door and the other on the door frame.

    “You sure you're gonna be okay, Shizuka-chan?†Mitsuki asked, the concern evident in her cheerful voice, “I can go with you if you want.â€

    “No, Mitsuki-chan, that's okay. I'll be fine,†replied Shizuka before finally taking in her surroundings and realizing how dark it was. Still, she didn't want to burden her friend and figured she'd wait for the a bus. She thought she'd seen a stop close by on her way over, or perhaps she'd call a taxi.

    “Alright, Shizuka-chan...,†said Mitsuki, forcing a smile and giving a nod then added, “Be careful.â€

    “I will,†replied Shizuka returning a subtle smile and nod, though hers wasn't as forced. As she headed down the staircase, Shizuka gave a small wave and said, “Night.â€


    Then they both heard the rumbling of a motorcycle engine getting closer from down the right end of the back lot. First Shizuka stopped a couple steps from the top of the staircase and looked in the direction of the approaching noise, then Mitsuki came out of her apartment. More so out of curiosity then anything else, until she caught a hint of a hopeful look in Shizuka's eye. “Do you know who it is, Shizuka-chan?†she asked with a raised eyebrow.

    “Maybe...,†she breathed in reply, feeling her heart beat a little faster, hoping it was indeed who she was thinking of. Though she wished her heart would stop going so fast though, more so cause she was afraid either of them would be able to see how she was feeling. Honestly it felt really embarrassing to her if they noticed and called her out on it.

    Just then the Rider on a green-silver, enduro motorcycle came around the corner and stopped near the stairs of an apartment, which was a few doors down from where Shizuka and Mitsuki stood. The Rider then looked down where they were, as if trying to make out who they could be, until he gave a reaction of recognition. Revving up the bike again he rode down to them, and his appearance became cleared, allowing Shizuka to exhale a deep breath that was more so in relief.

    The Rider clad in a dark green t-shirt, with a plaid, army-green, long sleeved shirt over it and open in the front, with beige kaki pants, slowly came to a halt just at the bottom of the staircase where the two women were. Quickly the Rider turned off the engine and unstrapped his helmet before taking it off, revealing a full head of messy, short, brown hair and a tiny cut on the right corner of his lower lip.

    “So this is where you've been hiding, Shizuka-san,†said Kuro with relief.

    “Yeah...,†she replied, her breath catching in her throat as she noticed a couple of small bruises starting to form and the cut on his lower lip. “What happened to you?†Shizuka then asked, hoping he'd take the hint that the woman with short, light-brown hair behind her didn't know anything, and even emphasized it by tilting her head slightly in Mitsuki's direction.

    Kuro looked over at the woman in the green blazer and skirt a little puzzled, then looked back to Shuzuka, still just as confused. “Uhhh... just umm... had a disagreement with a costumer...,†he slowly explained, making an excuse up on the fly, especially when put on the spot like this was not that easy. Though he wasn't sure how much this other person knew, but figured it was her friend she mentioned to earlier. Then as he placed the black helmet upon the right, upward titled handlebar, Kuro dismounted from the bike and casually walked up the stairs. Once he stood right beside Shizuka he turned to her and asked, “Can we talk...?†then noticed the other girl still looking in their direction. Honestly he felt a little awkward from the curious expression she was giving them, though that was more do to the little smirk that formed shortly after. To Shizuka he then added, “In private?â€

    “Uhh... sure,†she answered, glancing back and forth to Kuro and Mitsuki, bewildered herself. Unsure of why he wanted to talk with her, Shizuka did notice the serious look in his eyes, telling her that it could be something important. Then she quickly said, “Oh this my friend, Mitsuki-chan. The one I told you I was meeting around here earlier.â€

    Kuro stopped near the bottom of the stairs and looked back and gave a kind of awkward wave as he said, “Hey.â€

    “Mitsuki-chan... this is Kuro,†Shizuka introduced, then quickly added. “He's a pizza delivery boy I know.â€

    “Boy?†Kuro questioned quietly aloud to himself, “I'm twenty-four...â€

    “Not a friend, Shizuka-chan?†Mitsuki asked, raising her eyebrow again, this time with a smirk upon rose coloured lips.

    “Well... kinda,†corrected Shizuka, not wanting this awkward moment to get anymore awkward. “We met a few days ago... so I guess he's more of an acquaintance?â€

    “Really... just an acquaintance, Shizuka-chan?†Mitsuki questioned, hoping to get a more straight forward answer as she wasn't buying that they only knew each other as an acquaintance. She didn't buy that is was nothing more then that from the look she saw in her auburn haired, friends' eye. “Sure he is,†she then added but quietly, so that only Shizuka would here.

    “Would you just go!†Shizuka exclaimed in a near whispering voice, clearly showing her frustration with her besty's remarks and insinuations. Quickly she finished, “I'll see you later.†Then went down the stairs after Kuro, hoping Mitsuki would not keep at her usual match-making attempts and would head back into her place.

    “See you later,†Mitsuki replied quickly and went back into her apartment. “You do behave yourselves,†she then added and swiftly shut the door, locking it before Shizuka chased after her. Although she didn't care if they heard her little giggle through the narrow, metal door.

    “God, Mitsuki-chan...,†Shizuka whined, shaking her head and then met Kuro down at the bottom of the stairs.

    Kuro stood on the opposite side of the bike, his left hand on the tilted down, left handlebar with the other at the back end of the seat as he waited. “She doesn't know much, does she?†he asked, genuinely curious, although he did hope she was out of the loop. The less that knew about him as Kenkage the better.

    “No, she doesn't know you're... that thing,†Shizuka explained, standing at the other side of the bike, looking Kuro in the eyes. “Did that Melody Beast you went after do this to you?†she asked, almost raising her hand up to touch the cut on his lip, but successfully forcing herself not to do that.

    “No it... got away,†Kuro sighed in reply, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he turned and looked away, running everything that's happened in his mind. “It was another Beast. It surprised me after the Locust escaped. Got beaten pretty bad... but...,†then Kuro caught himself and wondered if he should tell her about how B-Girl had saved him. Maybe telling her that much wouldn't be too bad, just mentioning being undressed while unconscious was probably not a good idea. With a deep breath he continued, “I was saved by someone, B-Girl said it was her friend..., and she bandaged me up.â€

    Leaning against his bike, Kuro cautiously peeked over his shoulder to check out her expression, hoping she wasn't fuming. Though from the look he managed to see before she quickly composed herself, he was certain she was not entirely happy with what he just said. “Nothing happened....,†he told her, then added in his head, 'I think....' Feeling his face flush a bit, Kuro quickly turned away again and regained his composure before facing Shizuka again. “I defeated the other Beast, it was a.... Cheetah,†Kuro continued to explain and then stopped as he noticed the shocked look on Shizuka's beautiful face.

    “Cheeath?†she questioned a loud and quickly added “-A Cheetah Melody Beast was about to attack me when you left!â€

    “Must be the same one I killed...,†Kuro said, wondering if that was true or not. Granted it could move like a blur, but how could it have found him that fast if it was attacking her? He then looked up and asked, “Wait, why didn't it...., I mean, I'm glad you're okay. -But how are you still alive? Did you get to a safe zone in time?â€

    “No,†she answered, turning away with her arms crossed in front of her chest. Taking a few steps to stand in front of the bike, she then faced Kuro and continued to explain, “There was another one of those mechanical insects... and something else that seemed to stop it in its tracks. It actually looked like it was afraid and ran off...â€

    Crossing his own arms, Kuro's brow furrowed as he pondered on what he just heard. Was there another Rider out there, or was it something else? Different possibilities filled his mind and with a shake of his head he cleared them out. Now was not the time to dwell on that, and he needed to know something else from her. Though honestly he was just glad she was okay and doing fine, although he hoped she'd not bring up the B-Girl stuff. He already mentioned how she bandaged him up, that was enough at least he thought it was enough, but couldn't tell for certain how she was taking it.

    Then uncrossing his arms he looked her in the eye, seriously, “Did you hear the Melody when that Locust attacked us?â€

    Shizuka thought back for a moment then answered, “Yeah, I did. Why, didn't you hear it?â€

    “Was a little occupied actually and I saw the thing coming,†he replied with a bit of a chuckle and scratched the back of his head as he looked down. “Guess I just didn't notice...,†added Kuro, not knowing if he should mention that other incident where he didn't hear the Melody when that Cheetah attacked that fisherman. Although he did remember that when Igawa, his boss was being attacked, only he was able to hear it until that Wolf turned its attention on them. “I think you should stay with me,†Kuro then blurted, but quickly amended right after, “Just to be safe.â€

    Shizuka raised an eyebrow, wondering to herself where he was going with this. If in fact he really meant for her to be safe, or was he trying to put some moves on her in some weird way. Even though she would like to go on date, staying at his place over night was a bit too fast for her.

    Kuro then said, “That other Melody Beast is still out there. And safe zones are not that close by. Now I could take ya home if you want... but I think it would be better if you stayed close. At least I can do more then a safe zone.†He then held up the green disc in his right hand after retrieving it from his back pocket.

    “Alright,†Shizuka agreed, “But you better keep your hands to yourself. Don't want your girlfriend to jealous, now would we?â€

    “B-Girl's not my girlfriend, and I don't you nothing happened!†Kuro moaned, hoping she wouldn't bring this up again. Then again he probably should of know after saying she bandaged him up, so in essence it was his fault in this instance. “Come on,†he then said, turning the bike around and walking it down the marginally lit, back lot. “My place is down here.â€

    Staying a few steps behind Kuro to make sure he wasn't looking, Shizuka then allowed herself a tiny smirk as she did enjoy still ribbing him on that. Although part of her was a bit relieved that B-Girl had bothered to help out Kuro when he was injured, since it meant Kuro would still be alive for her. Catching up she then asked, “Do you got anything to eat? I'm kinda hungry.â€

    “Yeah?†Kuro said, raising both eyebrows, surprised that she be willing to try his cooking. He then asked, “You like stir fry?â€

    “Yeah,†she replied in an nonchalant manner, burying her excitement as she didn't want him to know it was one of her favourites. At least not yet. “Wait.... we talking frozen or fresh?â€

    “Oh it's fresh, or nothing. Heck my Nee-san wouldn't be pleased if I made it from frozen,†Kuro explained, chuckling as they went down towards his place.

    “You have an older sister??†gasped a puzzled, yet curious Shizuka.

    The last nurse for the evening, dressed in similar attire like that of the previous nurses, stood beside the bed of Desmond, who laid there with his eyes shut. To her he seemed to be vast asleep, breathing normally and consistently, while writing down the readings from the monitors on the chart she held in her left hand. Once she was finished and left the room, sliding the door shut behind her, that was when Desmond's eyes snapped open.

    Quickly giving the room a quick scan, Desmond threw the blanket off and sat up then hopped out of bed on the left side of the room. There he crouched down in front of the nightstand cabinet beside the bed. Opening the door he reached in and pulled out the bag that contained his clothes and quickly emptied them onto the bed. Grabbing the red, leather jacket first, the Japanese-American, shaggy haired Detective checked the inner lining on the right side of it. After finding the seam he pulled with one fast movement and revealed a hidden pocket. Quickly he stuck a hand in and searched for something, until finally he felt his hand grab a hold of what he was looking for. Desmond then pulled out three, small, grey and black gizmos. One looked like a pod-shaped, motor device, the other looked like single-handed grip with a small, black, rectangular button that could be pushed up and down; and the final device was a small, grey and black lined box.

    Placing them off to the side on the bed, Desmond then quickly got dressed, though paused for a second at the monitoring sensors placed on his body, from the looks of it they were connected via blu-tooth to the monitors in the wall. Figuring he had to be careful not to give whoever was watching the receiving screens outside the room any alerts; Desmond did his best to stay calm. Steadying his breathing and heart rate, he quickly got dressed, doing his best not to disturb the white, circular, suction-cup sensors on his body. Getting the jacket on last he then went to grab his gear, only to stop all of the sudden as he heard two people walking and chatting in the hall, though he couldn't make out what was being said as they were quiet about it. Still they were loud enough to alert Desmond of their presence, thankfully they just continued [passed his room from what he could make out as their voices and footsteps became less prominent, once they got farther down the hall.

    But it was enough to make his heart jump a bit though, and getting caught right now would not be good. Especially for whoever came ins health. Though Desmond had no intentions of ending anyone's life, other then a Melody Beast's, he had no misgivings of rendering them unconscious. In fact, he probably could use the practice.

    He then grabbed the pod-motor and attached it to his belt, then opening the grey and black lined box, revealed four, quad-pronged, mini-grappling hooks with a spearhead design to them. Each was coloured in a gun-metal grey shine, with a small, five centimetre connecting rod in the center at the bottom. Taking one out he shoved it in the top of the grip and twisted until there came a quick, snap and locking click. Desmond marched to the window and pulled up the white blinds, then slid open the window itself, after unlatching the tiny locks along the right side of the frame.

    A cool, evening breeze greeted him as he steadied himself into the window, edging himself out to look around for a good spot to hook onto and spelunker down the wall. The only problem he was having at the moment though were the constant shocks of pain from his broken ribs, they had injected some nanobots in earlier, but they hadn't full mended yet. So this was going to be a rough climb down either way he looked at it. Taking a deep breath he then gritted his teeth, using every last ounce of his will that he had to ignore the pain. Desmond then held the single-hand-held grappler above his head, aimed as precisely as he could, and then slid the button downward. With a pop and a puff of smoke, the grappling anchor fired into the air at breakneck speed; and the black, metal-beaded cable hissed along the way.

    Then the spearhead anchor pierced through the concrete ledge near the roof of the hospital, and continued to extend a few feet away, until finally falling onto the floor of the roof with a small, metallic clink. A second later the spearhead-shaped anchor popped open into a 4 pronged hook, then suddenly retracted backwards until finally clanging, and puncturing into the inside of the roof's ledge.

    Desmond gave a few quick tugs on it to make sure the line was secure. Once satisfied he flipped the bottom cap on the grip, which revealed a port to plug into something. He then plugged the grip onto the motor pod on his belt. After hearing the click telling him it was connected and secure it self he proceeded to check around him. It certainly was a cold evening, but it didn't bother him was he was grateful for the cover of night, even though there was chance someone might spot him going down front o the building. There were certainly enough lights from the below and the windows themselves that would of made it somehow easy to spot. Although the path he decided on taking down had the better cover and deepest, darkest shadows he could find.

    Taking a deep breath, he held it and then pushed off of the windowsill and plummeted to the balcony below. Slamming his feet just above the top of the window, Desmond was able to stop himself from going any further. Finally he exhaled that breath and allowed his heart to slow down again while leaning down to peek inside the room through the windows. From what he could tell there was no one there, except for patients who were asleep. So far, so good, he thought to himself and then jettisoned himself off of the wall again and went further down.

    In her mansion, Tendou Ranru sat cross-legged in her large, red leather chair in the opaque room with the windowed doors wide open. The cool evening breeze came into the room, causing the white curtains to flap and flow about, although Ranru didn't seem to mind the chill as she dressed for it. Wrapped around her, she wore a long, brown fur coat and dark pants from the looks of it. From the window she watched the Sky-Monitor, which had the video feed of Desmond spelunking down the side of the hospital.

    Slowly she uncross her arms and rested her left arm upon the arm rest, while gently tapping her temple with the right hand's finger. Ranru felt rather curious about this person, curious about what exactly drove him to do this, to go this far to escape the security and care, and a break from the monotony his job as a police officer entailed.

    “What are you thinking, if you don't mind my asking, Tendou-sama?†asked Ichjjou, as he placed a white cup and sauce down on the table beside the beautiful, and elegant, twenty-six year old Ranru. Then he poured a matching kettle, filling it near the brim with tea, before finishing it off with a touch of milk.

    “Do I look that deep in thought to you, Ichijou-san?†she genuinely questioned while looking over her shoulder to her tux wearing, elder butler.

    “I do not mean to pry, but you do seem to be deep in thought, yes,†replied Ichijou, placing the kettle down beside the cup and saucer, then he held the silver platter against his waist with both hands. “Is there something the matter?â€

    “All it is is mild curiosity, Ichijou-san,†sighed Ranru in reply, picking up the cup and saucer and taking a sip of the hot tea from it. “We're nearly halfway through the first verse... and the second movement may be beginning a lot sooner then I've anticipated. Which isn't a bad thing, I'm sure... but very... unexpected. But interesting no less.â€

    “Do you still wish me to go ahead with aiding that scumbag?†asked B-Girl was she waltzed into the room through the large, dark wooden doors at the back of the room, with her arms behind her back. Each and every step she took caused her five-inch heels to click and clack upon the wooden floor, while she moved closer to the back of Ranru's chair.

    “Perhaps...,†answered Ranru, after swallowing another sip of tea. Then she placed the cup onto the saucer and rose out of her chair, taking a couple steps towards the windowed doors. “He could prove to be interesting if given a chance to make a difference. And besides... with what you've told me about Takuto...†Ranru then spun on her three-inch heeled shoes and faced both Ichijou and B-Girl, then continued, “It could prove to be valuable to have a wild card in this song and dance. Next chance you get.. give it to him.â€

    B-Girl smiled, though deep down she scowled and fumed but she did not want her employer to see how miffed she was about this. Though for the simple reason that it this would give the Detective an edge on her Kenkage, if they butted heads again. Bringing her arms back around from behind her back, she then held a silver-chrome, CD player-like buckle down in front of her. It appeared exactly like the one that Kuro was given, right down to the red back-plat that could be seen in the circular center of the belt, and the golden knob that held discs.

    “It will be done, Tendou-sama,†said B-Girl with a bow, and with that she spun on her heel and waltzed on out of the room, swaying her arms back and forth as she went.

    Once their visitor was gone, Ichijou took a heavy sigh and shook his head in disbelief. “I don't mean to second guess you, Tendou-sama. But why bring another Rider into the fold? There is already two.â€

    Ranru took another sip of her tea, and after placing it back on the saucer she faced the open windowed doors again, just as a guts of wind blew the curtains about. She didn't say anything, and didn't have to answer the enquiry from her butler. All Ranru did was stair out at the monitor and allowed a small smirk to form upon her mauve coloured lips.

    Desmond slowed his decant once he reached the top of the entrance's roof. Once he feet touched the dark, shingled platform, he got himself into a crouch then unplugged the cord from the top of the grip. Pulling out another one he plugged it into the port, disconnected from the motor and headed towards the back, left-hand corner, right at the edge. From what Desmond could tell there was more shadows on that side, so if he was to make his way down, that would be the best side to do it. And just as luck would have it he saw there was an ambulance parked there. Although he couldn't tell if there were people inside, it was a better idea to lower himself down to that, then straight to the ground in one fowl swoop.

    Desmond quickly turned around and fired the grappling anchor at the other end of the platform, stabbing into it and waiting for the clang of it latching. Once ready, he gave it a tug and then edged himself on the edge of the roof entrance. Taking a look around for anyone nearby, so far he couldn't see if there was anyone out watching, but it was his best shot of getting out of here now. Desmond then pushed off the edge and descended slowly onto the roof of the ambulance. Lightly putting both feed down he slowly knelt, though mainly from the pang he was feeling shoot up from his ribs and the bruises on his body. With a grimacing grunt, the Detective then unlatched that grappling hook and eased his way to the back of the vehicle. He gave the area another once over and then proceeded to climb down to the ground.

    As he landed on his feet against the pavement, he stayed in a crouched position. At least there wasn't anyone in the vehicle from what he was able to see, peeking in through the back windows. No one came out either, but taking the vehicle wasn't an option, especially if they could track it with the GPS, unless he somehow disconnected and disabled it. Thinking about it, Desmond then considered everything that has happened so far, from the hit and run, to being suspended without pay. Why not add property damage?

    Moving stealthy as he could to the driver's side of the ambulance, he cautiously open the door but stopped as a sudden, loud squeak came from the hinges. Darting his head back and forth he made sure no one was coming cause of the noise. Then, once certain the coast was clear he finished opening the door and just as he was about to hop in... he froze. The sickly, soothing sound of the Melody filled his ears, nearly stopping his heart. If he was in his room, he'd be hearing the obvious alarms of the monitors that were going off right about now.

    “Shit!†shouted Desmond as he ducked in the nick of time just as an explosive blast of sparks exploded in front of him, taking off the driver side door. Several more quick, bursts of sparks trailed along the side of the ambulance, leaving large-calibre, gaping bullet holes in their wake. They forced the startled, Japanese-American Detective to run in the opposite direction around the front of the vehicle. Staying below the front of the hood, Desmond only stood up a few times, quickly checking to see if he could find out where the shots were coming from. It certainly was a Melody Beast, and honestly wondered why now of all times? Heck he was even hoping for a safe zone somewhere nearby in this case, as he had no means to fight back.

    Breathing heavily, he swiftly peeked over the hood once more, only to dodge a near fatal shot that would of took his head clean off if he didn't move a second later. “Dammit!†he cursed aloud under his breath and looked to his left. There were a bunch of cars he could use for cover in the adjacent parking lot.

    Suddenly Desmond discovered what his attacker looked like as it swiftly stepped out from behind the ambulance. Standing there was a six-foot-five bipedal, Zebra with a singular, long barrelled, gun-arm with the same stripes that matched the ones all over it. Except for the golden and silver trimmed plates of armour upon it's shoulders, upper body and thighs. It quickly aimed the gun-arm at Desmond, firing a shot but missing its prey and huffed in frustration.

    Desmond stayed out of sight as he plugged in another grappling anchor, figuring he could at least try and do something with it to defend himself. Or at the very lest, by him some time somehow to get clear of here. Checking either side of of him just in case the creature came around the other side, the startled Detective found himself breathing heavily, his heart still racing fast in his chest. He even placed a hand ove in a futile attempt to keep it from behind heard by the creature. Which didn't take him long to realize how stupid that was, but when was one rational in this kind of predicament? It was then he hared the hooves of the Zebra Melody Beast coming closer, but from the driver's side of the vehicle.

    Now knowing where the Beast was coming from, Desmond started to map out his escape as quickly as he could.

    Meanwhile across from the hospital, down several, small hills of grassy banks separating different levels of the outer parking lot in front of the hospital entrance; across the street the man in the white jacket with golden chains around his neck, rolled up on a black, Honda Hayabusa motorcycle. Once stopped he lifted up the visor and squinted his eyes a bit, examining what was going on at the hospital entrance. Gunfire had caught his attention over the rumbling of the bike's engine.

    “What the hell..?†he questioned aloud, then his eyes went wide as he saw the Zebra Melody Beast coming around the side of the ambulance, missing the driver side door. Although he did notice it a few feet ahead of the vehicle, laying on the ground, smouldering in near the hinges. Once he looked at the monster's long, narrow, zebra-striped barrel that replaced the right arm of the Creature, he figure it must of blown the door off.

    “Wonder how he's gonna get out of this one?†he muttered, and then continued to watch. “And I thought today was gonna be boring... Heh.â€

    Desmond quickly fired the grappling anchor into the ceiling enclosing over the main entrance and let go of the grip, He hoped it'd be enough to distract the creature, and as soon as he let go, Desmond dashed towards the parking lot. Running and weaving through the rows of parked cars and trucks, the Detective only dared to check to see if the Melody Beast was coming a couple of times. The second to last time he then saw the Zebra step out in front of the ambulance, aim its long, narrow, black-striped, gun-arm forward and fired.

    Several explosive bursts of sparks, glass and metal went flying all around Desmond as he dodged and kept his head covered. Unfortunately he found it hard to breathe and quickly ducked in front of a large, blue, Toyota 4x4's. Leaning his back against the grill as he rested on the bumper, he attempted to catch his breath. Until he heard the huffing of the Zebra Melody Beast closer then it was the last time. Nearly jolting up to his feet, Desmond caught himself and stayed low enough but edged over the hood just a bit to see if he could spot the Monster. Suddenly his eyes went wide with fear as he saw the Creature only three cars down and aiming right at him.

    Pushing off the bumper Desmond darted through the cars, leaping over the trunks of two that were stuck close together. The cracking of bullets ricocheting off of everything as large, flurries of sparks sprayed around him, made the injured Detective run even faster. His heart pounded loudly in his chest, almost louder then the explosions going off around him as several cars were blown up from many high-impact shots. Breathing was becoming even more diffiult for Desmond, but he knew if he stopped it'd be the end of him. He just had to find a way out, or at least get some distance, and then a vehicle he could hot wire to get the hell out of here.

    As he braced himself himself with his left arm against the side of a green SUV, Desmond tried his best to regain some of his breath and hoped the adrenaline would allow him to push on. It was then he realized how fast the raging infernos were getting closer, until suddenly a shot came through the side of the vehicle—striking him in the side of his jacket. The sheer impact force of the round send him falling a couple feet into the air. Just then the SUV exploded and sent the injured Detective further, while in mid-air!

    To Be Continued...

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    I knew it Desmond is freaking Batman. A good ep with a couple of twists I wasn't expecting like just how many sides B-Girl seems to be working for. Kuro speed form was kill and the knife finisher was good. Although him not hearing the melody an interesting mystery if he's truly not hearing it before the beast attack. And him and Shizuka seem to be getting friendlier at least... and god help them if B-Girl ever finds out lol.
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    Just another update and, Episode 07: "Solider" is well underway. Hope you're all ready for some sadness, cause it's gonna have some of that. Hoping I've written it well enough to make ya reach for a tissue, so wish me luck. :)
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    Episode 7 "Soldier" (Better late then never! :p )

    Swaying back and forth in a small, dark, office room that seemed to be lit only by candle light and a few, sparse, dark shaded lamps, stood a well dressed couple. They moved close to one another in unison as Frank Sinatra's “Fly me to the Moon†played on an iPod, plugged into a speaker dock on a table in the background.

    The man wore a black tuxedo with matching, black leather shoes and a bow-tie, while the woman waltzing with him wore a lovely, egg-shell white, low-cut, silky dress that reached her knees. Either of them couldn't take their eyes off of one another as they danced to the music, until finally leaning in close to give one another a quick, but gentle kiss. Deep inside they felt the sparks flying just as they had when they first met over three years ago. Only that with every kiss they shared since they rekindled that moment over and over, every time they felt their lips touch.

    As the woman slowly pulled away from her lover, she smiled and gently messed up his slicked back, jet-black hair and said, “I like it that way better. Seems to fit you better.â€

    “I just fixed it up cause I thought you'd like me in a more kept fashion, Yuki,†replied the man. “Was looking really forward to tonight though. We haven't had time alone in a long while. I'm sorry it's... in my office of all places. So much for a romantic getaway for our Anniversary, huh?â€

    “It's fine, Desmond,†she moaned, “Stop worrying about everything being perfect. Not everything has to be and not everything in life is ever going to be like we want it to be. We only can hope for those moments, and being with you tonight, no matter where, is enough to make it perfect.†She went in for a quick kiss, and as she backed off,Yuki then smiled and said, “Happy anniversary.â€

    “You always have to look on the bright side of everything, don't you?†said Desmond, bringing her right hand which he gently held in his left, closer to his mouth, he then proceeded to kiss the backs of her fingers. After that, he smiled and added, “Maybe that's one reason why I love you.â€

    “Almost afraid to ask what the other reasons are,†she replied with a chuckle, grinning from ear-to-ear, which became a just as wide, smile that could bring any man to their knees.

    “Not being able to keep a straight face is certainly another,†he told her, coming in closer for another kiss. “You have a gorgeous smile, Yuki. Always makes this bleak world bearable for me.â€

    “And what woman doesn't want to hear that?†she snickered then kissed him again, but it was a quick one this time. She held him there, making the kiss ever so passionate, invading his mouth with her tongue, showing how bad she didn't want to this moment to end. But eventually when the kiss ended, both of them caught their breath. Yuki then laughed as she spoke ever so softly, “I don't want this night to end.â€

    “I don't either,†Desmond admitted, resting his forehead against hers, while looking down at her lips, taking in the small, but cute shape of her mouth, before returning to her beautiful, dark eyes that he found himself getting lost in. Just like when they first met a year ago.

    “I love you,†whispered Desmond, grinning and then kissing the love of his life once again. Just as he felt her slender, silky-smooth arms wrap around his shoulders, he reciprocated wrapping his toned and slightly muscular arms around her waist; bringing her tightly against his body as their kiss became even more heated than before.

    Suddenly Yuki broke the kiss again and Desmond could see her eyes were wide with fear as she froze on the spot, and just stared him right in the eyes. She honestly felt her whole life beginning to flash before her eyes as she knew what the sickening, soothing melody meant as it filled her ears, getting louder and louder. It told her the Creature was close. “Oh God...,†she whispered as her breath became caught in her throat.

    “What's wrong?†asked Desmond, breaking Yuki out of her frozen state of shock.

    “You don't hear it?†she questioned back, genuinely curious if he couldn't or not. It was so loud, 'how could he not hear it?' Yuki wondered to herself. “One of those things is here, Desmond.â€

    “Melody Beast?†he asked as his brow furrowed, looking the love of his life right in the eye, but this time with a serious expression. “Are you sure?â€

    “Yes!†she breathed aloud, trying to hold back the tears that threatened to well up in her eyes. “I don't want die and lose you... I don't!â€

    Placing a hand on either side of her face, he held her tenderly as he wiped away with his thumbs, a couple of tears that started to flow down her cheeks. All the while looking her right in her beautiful, green eyes, Desmond then said, “You won't, we'll get out of here. We'll make it. Trust me and follow my lead. No matter what happens, even if I have to storm the gates of heaven and hell, I'll be with you. Forever.â€

    Yuki got lost in Desmond's dark eyes, feeling a tremendous warmth within in her, taking in and absorbing his words of reassurance. She couldn't help but form a smile in return, even through the tears the threatened to continue falling. Quickly wiping the corners of her eyes, and sniffling a bit, she then started to speak but was cut off from a noise outside the small, dark office they were in.

    They both looked through the slightly opened blinds covering the windows of the office, at the front of the room. Sadly there were no others in there, being a corner office and nearly boxed in didn't help things, at least not in this circumstance. Desmond then reached behind him and pulled out a glock, and then reached down to grab his back-up, six-shooter and tossed it to Yuki, who caught it easily enough. Each of them checked to make sure both were loaded and primed to fire as if they were vets at this kind of thing. Which they were, being on the force together, in this precinct for the last four and a half years.

    “Can you see anything?†Yuki asked, moving closer to the small, dark, cushioned, wooden chairs at the front of the office. Quickly taking up a better defensive position as she tried to see through the blinds again. Still Yuki couldn't tell if there was anything in there, except the sound of buzzing continued to go in and out of her ears. “I can only hear buzzing,†she then whispered to Desmond, who took up a defensive position on the other end of the front wall.

    The Detective pried open the blinds with a finger and thumb to try and get a better look outside his office. Unfortunately with all the lights off, it made it that much more difficult to discern objects clearly. Though one would think spotting a Melody Beast would be easy, granted their size and shape, which mimicked humans. “You'd think something that big would be easy to spot... though the light from outside isn't helping much. You hear that buzzing too? What is that?â€

    “Desmond,†Yuki spoke up again, this time taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. “In case this goes bad... I lo-â€

    Suddenly bolts of golden-yellow energy, rapidly punched through the windows, breaking and shattering glass over the place. Desmond and Yuki barely moved in the nick of time before a screen of tiny, glass particles nearly hit them. Once the sharp mist faded, they turned back and opened fire out into the rest of the station. Thankfully they didn't have to worry about shattering anymore glass though, but they weren't able to tell if they were hitting anything either. Until suddenly a bolt came from and struck Yuki in the abdomen, causing her to stop firing all of the sudden. In turn Desmond stopped as well, and looked on his lover with his eyes wide in shock and horror.

    “Yuki!†He shouted and raced to her nearly getting struck by more bolts as they followed him all the way over to his woman in white, catching her body before she hit the floor. Even though he could feel tiny pin brings from the glass as it slid and cut through his pants and jabbed him in the knee, breaking his skin The physical pain was tolerable and distant to him, but the emotional and mental pain that struck him even harder, as the thought that he might lose her tonight took him by force was nearly unbearable. While holding her he gently rubbed her cheek, brushing her short, medium-length, dark hair away form her face, Desmond leaned in and kissed her as he trembled, fighting back the tears in his eyes.

    With the taste of blood filling her mouth, Yuki then felt a stream begin to trickle down from the corner of her mouth. But she kept her eyes on Desmond's as they teared up along with hers. The beats in her chest from her heart went faster with her breathing until everything began to slow down. As if time was slowly coming to a halt for them both. “I... I...†she tried to speak, or rather gasp out, but the blood coming out of her mouth, which also leaked from the wound through her abdomen, cause her to gurgle until finally the light in her eyes faded away... Till nothing but emptiness remained in them, and her head turned a bit as her body became limp.

    Desmond held her up and tight within his arms, crying loudly into her while screaming her out her name. After a few moments, while shaking, he placed her back down and gently felt for her pulse upon the side of her neck, except he felt none at all... it was not there anymore. Desmond then brushed her hair away form her face as he tenderly touched her cheeks and kissed her once more. Tears streamed down his face when he leaned back up, as he hissed through gritted teeth, “Yuki...â€

    In the darkness of the station, a Bee Melody Beast, clad in a heavy upper body, with a hive-like, thick, right forearm, which had a spike sticking out of the center. Flew along through the rows of desks, clipping lamps and sending flies with papers into the air before swooping to the floor, making a mess everywhere. It's wings moved so fast that the buzzing around the creature was indeed very loud. Though it didn't seem to bother the actual creature, as it went along, scanning the window with its large, black, compound eyes. Its antenna then began to move in response to something, and then came a bullet right for the creature's face, showing sparks down from the impact that didn't phase it one bit.

    The Bee Melody Beast then fired from its tip of its hive-forearm, taking out more of the wall, blocking its entrance into the cramp, dark office. Which was pitch black like the rest of the precinct, due to striking the lamp from it's barrage a few moments ago, the one that took out its target. Though it needed to be sure, and it was obvious, something was left alive in there. Cocking its head from left-to-right, the Monster fired into the room again, only to get gunfire in return.

    Staying behind the desk, Desmond quickly checked his chamber to see how much ammo remained. Sadely there was less then a clip and spares were sparse. Slapping it back in he jumped back up and fired rapidly, grabbing the second clip at the same time. Once he heard the click of an empty gun he hit the button and allowed the empty mag to drop, while pulling out the replacement. He then slapped it in and felt the slide lock back into place, but suddenly a loud crash came from the front of the room and Desmond felt something stab into like a hot poker, shoving him up against the wall and holding him there. The sound of his agonized cry soon became drowned out by the sound of buzzing. Desmond's eyes then opened to the large, black, compound eyes of the Bee Melody Beast, and drifted down to where its Stinger Arm had jabbed him in the side of his gut. Holding it with his hands he tried to force it out, but the Creature only gave a curious cock of its head, back and forth.

    After a second or two later, the Melody Beast pulled it out quickly, causing the injured, angry and devastated Detective to slide down against the wall, onto his knees before flopping onto his side on the floor. While on the floor he held a hand over his bleeding stomach wound, applying pressure to it as best as he could. From the corner of his eye he could still see the Bee staring at him, but the vision started to blur as the blood loss became more apparent. Everything had just happened so fast, he didn't realize how bad it must of been. Though the amount of pain could of been putting him out as well, which was known to happen to some people... He just wished it wasn't happening to him as he looked over at his dead lover. Reaching out with his left hand he tried to touch her... but then he lost sight of his beloved Yuki as the darkness took everything away, consuming all...

    A sharp, jolt of pain struck violently from his left side, waking Desmond who found himself laying on the pavement outside in the hospital parking lot. His left arm outstretched in front of him as the blurriness started to fade. The first thing he saw was the impression of where a wedding band used to be on his middle finger. Pain from within flooded him, though it wasn't from the wounds he sustained earlier or a few moments ago, at least he assumed it was moments. Though honestly he didn't know how long he'd been out... but it must of not of been long, for he was still alive at the moment. Still, looking at that impression on his weeding finger, left behind by the ring triggered a rush of painful memories that seemed to mix with the physical variety he felt now.

    Eventually he forced himself to his hands and knees as he tried to move away from the small fires of burning debris around him; instinctively he grasped his left ribs with his right hand. He couldn't feel any blood, but certainly those ribs were broken again from the impact, though he could feel a cool breeze against his hand. Checking he noticed a partial number of holes in his jacket. The Armor at least did the trick for the most part.

    Smoke continued making it harder to breath as he held his side, forcing himself to crawl. Although there was no longer any huffing from behind him... just the crackling of fires burning. Desmond managed to take a look around, and when he looked back, there was no Melody Beast there. Even though he did question what happened to it to himself, he wasn't one to hook a gift horse in the mouth for this lull in the attack. So with gritted teeth, he staggered to his feet and did his best to ignore every bit of pain, physically, mentally and emotionally before running off into the night; tossing away the sensors as he threw them off his body...

    Kamen Rider: KENKAGE

    Written by:
    Robert J. Wong.

    “JUST ONE LIFE†-Spyair.

    Episode 07: “Soliderâ€.

    High above on the roof of the hospital, the Spider, Techno-Samurai Rider in grey, black and silver armor waited. Next to him stood, on all eight, mechanical legs, a similarly coloured, robotic Spider that was about half the size of the Rider's body. Although it did have six, dark, blood red, compound eyes. Two long, greyish-white, metallic strands were being pulled by its mouth, with a kind or spinning, retracting mechanism, under the black, mandible fangs.

    The Spider-Rider watched Desmond stagger away in the distance for a few moments, until he disappeared into the night and then changed his sights to what was being drug up, onto the building's roof. Suddenly the Zebra Melody Beast was thrashed onto its back a few feet in front of the Samurai-esque, Spider-Rider. He pulled off the smaller, condensed version of the black and grey, spear. Its double-edged blade shining in the moon light that reflected in the silver alloy that it was comprised of. With a flick of his wrist, the weapon extend fully to a full two meters, maybe even an inch or two more then that. Quickly taking up a battle posture with both hands firmly gripping the black, metal shaft. The Spider-Rider then turned the blade to reveal the disc-holding mechanism, that comprised of a flat, circular tray, mainly black in color, but with a grey, triangular clap with a golden, round nub at the end to lock it.

    Huffing and puffing, the Zebra finally got up to its feet and shook off any pain the Rider assumed it might of had from that slap on the ground. Immediately the creature took in its surroundings, regain its barrings and attempted to get of a shot. The Spider-Rider was quicker, striking diagonally back and forth on the Beast's chest. Stabbing forward, took the Zebra off guard and forced it to roll back upon the ground after slamming hard on its back. It managed to get a shot off the second time around, but the Techno-Samurai Rider evaded it easily, then countered with a swing as he got in closer. Moving in closer, and with a parrying swipe to the long-barrel gun arm, the Rider slashed with his spear, cutting down the Zebra's chest again. A hard lunge followed suit soon after, then a wide, overhead swing to the Melody Beast's face sent the created across the rooftop.

    As the robotic Spider tried to step up, the Rider held out a hand and told it to stay back with a gesture.

    “Don't. Least not yet,†said the Techno-Samurai Rider, looking in his ally's direction slightly. The robotic helper just mumbled something in its own mechanical language and shook its body in disapproval, but obeyed and took a few steps back.

    “Don't worry, you'll get your turn,†replied the Rider, “Next time. This one's just not gonna back down like the other one.â€

    The robotic Spider made more noises, gesturing its head in the direction of the Melody Beast.

    “Agreed,†answered the Rider, “It's intelligence leaves much to be desired.â€

    Turning back to the Melody Beast, the Rider then switched his weapon to the right hand and grabbed the pod on the left side of his belt, which was similar to Kenkage's, just with a grey disc in the center of the silver-chrome, CD Player-like buckle. The pod too was silver, and in the shape of a scarab beetle, and opened with a press of the top button being shoved forward a bit. It released a holder that held multiple discs, some the same as Kenkage's, while others were different as well. He retrieved a lime green disc, with spiral, wind-like, circuitry etched designs around it, and at the same time retracted the spear to the shorter version. Flipping open the disc holder, he placed the lime coloured disc, that would fit the palm of anyone's hand, into the center and shut the clamp. Extending the weapon again with a flip, and pressing a small, hidden trigger on the side of hte shaft, the disc then started to spin clockwise.

    “Cyclone Charge!†shouted from a speaker somewhere on the weapon, in a energetic, male sounding voice. A second after lime-green, coloured, swirls of energy engulfed the double-edged blade at the tip.

    Spinning the spear around up over his Techno-Samurai-like, grey and black helmet, with spider-leg antenna on the top and around the black framed, silver mouth guard. He grabbed the lower end with his left hand and held the upper portion with his right, pointing the tip of lime-energy, charged spearhead at the foe before him while taking a wide, battle stance. Eyeing the Zebra Beast, the Spider-Rider then quickly moved his feet together and leaped up into the air with a single push off of the ground. Quite easily in fact. As he sailed down to his target, he swung the spear back over his right shoulder and then made his move once he closed the distance! The Zebra caught the the spear on its shoulder, surprising the Rider as it grabbed the weapon, but he went with it. Jabbing the Zebra in the face, stunning it, then forced the Melody Beast to move around with him.

    He then quickly twirled the long weapon backwards, spinning the spearhead back around in one, swift motion that was much faster then usual. Powered by the the Cyclone disc, the Rider managed to catch the creature's chest with the upward twirl strike of the weapon, which had lime-green, energy streams trailing the blade itself. The Rider spun it around again, this time bringing it down on the same shoulder, causing a row of sparks to follow as the blade cut across the Monster's chest. Switching his attack, he started stabbing forward, more sparks showered out from the impact point, forcing the Beast to stagger back. Swiftly slashing back and forth, then using angled slashes, and finally a mixture with his speedy weapon, sending bursts of sparks all over the ground. Each and every strike that made contact made the Zebra struggle to regain its footing from the unrelenting assault.

    As the Melody Beast tried to react, the Techno-Samurai managed to land a solid, jump-sidekick into the chest of the fiend with his left leg, knocking it over onto its back again. Chasing after it the Zebra managed to roll to its feet and fire off a few rounds, forcing the Spider-Rider to block with the rod of the spear, and his arm guards. Sparks flew off as each explosive shell impacted, but his guard never wavered. Bringing the weapon around behind him, holding it int he nook of his right arm and hand he charged forward through the remaining, explosive shots. In range, he brought the spear around and started twirling back and forward with upward strikes, landing them consecutively, with sparks flying into the air. Holding the weapon up the Rider hacked downward with both hands on the shaft, and caught the creature in the face and down its chest.

    Falling to its knees, the Melody Beast appeared to be weakened enough, breathing heavily with a trickle of green liquid going down from the corner of its mouth. The Rider then pressed the button on the buckle's top, making the grey disc inside to spin, and then pivoted the right side of the buckle up.

    “Let's Punch It!†came the voice of the Driver as it sent, grey, electricity bolts up his right arm and into the tip of the spear, making it glow with grey, even the wind effect was changed.

    Just as he started to pull back for one final lunge forward, the Zebra Melody Beast's head snapped back up, fully awake and fired an explosive shell. It caught the Rider off guard and forced him to roll backwards, but he quickly got to his feet. He then dashed forward to try and end this now, but the Zebra blasted again, causing explosive blasts of sparks all over the place, making the Rider and robotic Spider to cover up, blinding their vision. When the Rider was able to lower his arms, he dashed through the smoke screen created by the explosions, only to find the Melody Beast had gone.

    Checking around the rooftop, only to find no trace of the gun-armed Zebra, the Rider took the ability disc from his weapon after retracting it to the short form. He held it up and looked at it while holding the disc between his black leather, and grey, armour-plated, gloved index finger and thumb. “Well at least this works well enough...,†he said to no one in particular and then slid it into the open holder on the left side of his belt, shoving it closed. Fastening the shortened spear on the back of his belt, the Techno-Samurai Rider then walked over to the larger, robotic Spider as it transformed into a crotch-rocket styled, motorcycle, with all six compound, blood-red eyes where the mini-visor would normally be. Getting on he then rode off the roof, shooting a web-line down, the bike was able to swing itself to the street and continue riding off into the night.

    At Kuro's apartment, Shizuka sat on the floor at a large, wooden, square table that was rather close to the floor. At least there was carpeting, though Shizuka didn't really care for the brick-like color of it, she kept her mouth shut about that though. It was his place, she was a guest, no sense in fussing over it. Least the comfy pillows that he set out for them to sit on like cushions was a nice gesture. Kuro did have manners from what she could tell. The wonderful aromas from the kitchen that sneaked their way out of the open doorway behind her, filled the young, auburn haired beauty's nostrils. She could almost taste the stir fry it smelled so good, and indeed Shizuka was feeling rather hungry.

    Looking around the room she noticed it was rather sparse, thought cluttered with some manga on a short, black, coffee table to her left that stood in front of a navy futon. To the left of it was Kuro's bedroom door she assumed. She only got a glimpse when they first arrived in the apartment. Though he shut the door after coming back out of there. Shizuka figured it to be a mess, most guy's places were but she just figured that was normal. Against the wall that blocked off the small kitchen, she looked at a large, black, glass-door, cabinet. There were stacks of CDs, DVDs, and a few picture frames that filled the majority of the shelves. A couple of shelves housed a PS3 and even an old CD player. The forty-inch LCD TV was mounted on the wall facing her though, seemed to be on a kind of swivel mount. Under it was a gaming chair from the looks of it, folded up and with speakers built into the red, silver and black, cushioned frame of it. Looking at the set up she couldn't tell where he hooked up the PS3, then again maybe it wasn't hooked up at the moment? Shizuka shrugged and raised her eyebrows for a second.

    The living room seemed cozy nonetheless, and even quaint. When she first walked in, she noticed the old coat rack near the door, hiding a few framed papers that she couldn't make out, as he had hung his plaid shirt in front of it. Shizuka had to hold back a grin when she saw the big, comfy, red, bean-bag chair below the front window, adjacent from the coat rack. Though Kuro placed his black, dark visor, SHOEI helmet on top of it. Making the center of the bean-bag chair sink a bit due to the wait of the helmet. Probably an old piece of furniture from what she could tell. On the wall beside the bean-bag, there was another small, dark wooden, shelf with some more books. Seemed like a bunch of cooking books from what she could see. Old ones, with the seams barely holding together, seeing use over the years from what could be deciphered.

    After a bit, Shizuka rose up and started to take a closer look at the place. Moving the coats out of the way she took a closer look at the framed papers. A couple were certificates from a couple well known, culinary schools in Japan. Impressed was an understatement, especially from the smells still looming from the open kitchen, doorway. Until she noticed the names on the certificates which were not Kuro's, although the last name “Tsurugi†remained the same; the given name was definitely female on them.

    Reading it out loud to herself, though quietly, she said, “Kaoru....?â€

    Going over to the glass-door, cabinet, Shizuka opened it up with a bit of a squeak from the brass hinges. First she began thumbing through the Cd's, then the DVDs and a few blurays, until coming across the first photo, bordered in a golden frame. Picking it up she looked at the picture of the young woman on the front. She didn't look more then in her late twenties, maybe twenty-five or six from her estimates. Partly wondering if this was the older sister that Kuro mentioned earlier, from the looks of her semi-curly, dark brown hair that seemed to reach her shoulders, and other accents of her appearance, Shizuka could see a kind of similar resemblance to Kuro in her. The white coat this girl had on resembled a chef's jacket too, so more then likely, Shizuka believed it to be Kaoru. Putting the frame back she moved on to the next set of photos, which had a happy, older couple in one. Though they appeared to be in their late thirties, maybe early forties. Others were of very young children, playing in a park, taking a picture with them on Santa's knee, and them at home with the little girl using an Easy Bake Oven, and the boy with a fake pizza. It looked like play-dough from what Shizuka could make of it, and allowed herself a smirk.

    “Even back then you were into pizza...,†Shizuka said to herself, “Cute.â€

    “Found the family photos I see,†came Kuro's voice from the kitchen doorway.

    Shizuka turned to find him standing in the bright light from the kitchen, holding two plates of stir fry and rice. Startled a bit, she quickly put down the photo she was holding and rubbed the back of her neck, unable to make eye contact with him. “Sorry, I didn't mean to pry,†she apologized bluntly, “Was just waiting for the food. Smells good.â€

    “It's okay, don't worry about,†he explained with a brief smile, “Got nothing to hide here anyways. Pretty much an open book. Old fashioned in some ways I guess.... -Hope you're hungry though. I always end up making a little too much, heh.â€

    “Starving,†replied Shizuka as they both went over to the low table in the middle of the room.

    As they took a seat, Kuro placed the plates down in the respective places, then handed her a pair of chopsticks from the tin-can off to the side that held a bunch of metal ones. She nodded and said “Thank youâ€, then went to try the delicious meal that the delivery boy just made them. Taking in a pepper, a piece of carrot and a piece of broccoli, with a bit of rice, she smiled at how good it tasted. It didn't take her long to start scarfing down the rest from her plate. Kuro simply watched for a bit and smiled before digging into his own. He had to admit he did make a mean stir fry.

    For some time they enjoyed the meal in silence, aside from the sounds of the metal chopsticks clanking off the blue, porcelain plates.

    “Got anything to drink?†Shizuka asked, finally breaking the semi-silence.

    “Yeah, got some soda, orange juice... and water. Mainly water,†Kuro replied casually. “I don't drink alcohol though. But I can make some tea, or coffee... though it's late for coffee...â€

    “Water's good,†she replied, looking up from her nearly empty plate, “Had enough coffee today anyways. Don't want to be up all night.â€

    “One water coming right up,†Kuro said quickly, jumping to his sock feet and practically jogged into the tiny, white walled, kitchen that could only hold maybe three or four people at one time. It really wasn't spacious and that was putting it mildly. The fridge wasn't that big either, even though it was stainless steel, and had an ice maker built into the non-door side. Quickly opening it he looked around and found a water stuffed in on the door between some ketchup and the carton of milk. Wedging it out as fast as he could, Kuro tossed it up and nearly fumbled it, but managed to drop it at the last second.

    “Whoa, okay. Don't do that again,†he admonished himself, then closed the fridge before heading back out into the living room.

    “One water....,†Kuro began until he noticed she wasn't sitting at the table anymore. “Shizuka-san?â€

    Looking to the left he then saw her standing in front of the glass-door, cabinet again, holding a picture frame in her hands. At first Kuro felt confused, though unsure of what picture she was holding, he had to admit he was feeling a bit anxious... or nervous about it. “What are you doing?†Kuro finally spoke up, clearing his throat a bit as his gaze bounced back and forth from her face, to the photo she held.

    Shizuka jumped a bit, but managed to calm down and recompose herself. “Oh... I was just wondering, is this...,†she began, tilting the photo towards Kuro nervously, “the Older Sis you mentioned that taught you how to cook...?â€

    As he gazed down at the photo within the golden frame, his heart suddenly felt as if it had stopped dead in its tracks. Kuro swallowed hard while staring at it, the picture of the woman with dark, brown hair, in the chef's jacket. Placing the bottle of water down on the table, he then took a seat and forced a smile upon his face. “Yeah, that's her.â€

    “Are you okay?†Shizuka asked as her brow furrowed a bit, feeling a little puzzled at the distraught reaction he had displayed a second ago. “We can drop it if you'd rather.â€

    “No, no...,†Kuro replied quickly with a head shake, then looked down the table top, then reluctantly looked back up to Shizuka. Part of him didn't want to have this conversation, and part of him felt like maybe it would help to get this out. All he hoped for was that the pain and anger he continued to shove down; which he kept deep in a dark corner of his mind, boxed up tightly where no one could find it. Hoping it wouldn't be unboxed and turn him into a sad, wallowing mess of tears, like it did many a time back then. Kuro didn't want Shizuka to see that, and did his best to keep his cool as he continued to speak. “So.... what do you wanna know?â€

    “Are you sure?†Shizuka questioned with a hint of curiosity in her voice, and in her eyes, though she wasn't sure if she should continue with this conversation. “We can change it to something else if you'd rather. I don't mean to pry or anything.†Quickly she put the photo back and closed the cabinet door, then swiftly returned to the dining table.

    “It's alright...,†Kuro assured her, “Maybe it's a good thing to talk this out...â€

    Shizuka felt even more nervous now, even reluctant to continue talking now. There was an uncertainty in the air that felt as if it would choke her into silence. She picked up the bottle of water, twisted the clear, plastic cap off, and took a long drink. Though right now she probably could of used a much stronger drink then this. “I get the feeling there's... more to it then she's just your Older Sis and taught you how to cook.â€

    “You could say that,†he replied with a forced chuckle, almost rocking back and forth while sitting there. “But she did teach me quite a bit about cooking. Almost everything she learned from culinary school, so I wouldn't have to pay a lot of money to go there myself. I was already out there working by that point. Sadly... I'm ashamed to say I wasn't so... gung-ho on the work oriented life back then. I was a little more care free back then I guess.†Kuro then forced another smile, trying to laugh it off, though thinking back to his old life... it was something he could laugh off now. At least some of the lighter points of it.

    “You still seem to be that way now to be honest,†stated Shizuka with a hint of a smile, then took another sip of her water as she listen to him continue.

    “Could assume how my parents felt, but worried would of been an understatement. Though that was more so my mom, than my dad. In fact mom got upset with dad and I cause of our tendencies to be so care free, that we just seemed to let life slide on by. She said we took it “too easy†heh,†explained Kuro, “Dad always told her “Don't mind, don't mind. He'll figure it out in his own time. Don't rush him.â€

    “They seem like good people, and good parents,†she complimented, while curling up a bit, bringing her knees to her chest as she wrapped an arm around them. Sipping on her water every so often, enjoying the cooling sensation as she listened to him.

    “They are... or were...,†Kuro stated, looking away as he leaned back against the hard, half wood-panel wall behind him.

    “Were...?†questioned Shizuka, lowering the bottle of water from her lips before taking another drink. There was a sense of apprehension in Kuro from what she could see, as he tensed up a little bit from her enquiry. “Did something happen?â€

    “They...,†Kuro started to speak, but caught himself and forced the growing sadness within him to subside. He even placed a hand over his eyes, then rubbed around his face a bit as he took a deep breath, and ran it over his full head of dark, brown, messy, hair before continuing on. “They're.. deceased.â€

    It was then that they both went silent. Silent for what seemed like a eternity, though it was more likely for a moment; but the longest moment either one of them had either experienced, except for Kuro. He had experienced this feeling before, when finding out about their sudden deaths. Even the memory of it was still fresh in his mind, weighing down on him as he reminisced.

    “I'm sorry,†muttered Shizuka, unable to keep her eyes upon his, as he gaze lowered to the floor near her feet. She stared there for a long time, unsure of what else she could say, and wondered if she should even say anything else now, or rather keep her mouth shut entirely. There was even the passing thought of getting up and leaving. All she would have to do is excuse herself to the bathroom and hoped the window was big enough to escape. Or maybe heading to the door, as now she was almost convinced that Kuro would gladly of kicked her out after making him bring up any bad memories that may have resurfaced due to this conversation. Even though he was adamant that she stayed here tonight to keep her safe. Although she couldn't deny the thought that there was more to it then that, and the passing thought that maybe he was up to something. It would cross any sane person's mind at least, so she couldn't of been blamed for that. Though now all Shizuka felt was shame, mixed with embarrassment, wishing she could restart this whole thing night over again. Or that she had never brought up this conversation. It was already bad enough that she blamed herself for steering Kuro into being, whatever it was when he donned that suit and armour.

    “It's okay...,†Kuro finally said, or rather murmured, then repeated it more clearly, “It's okay. It's been quite a few years... nearly a decade now...â€

    Shizuka stayed clammed up though, uncertain about how to continue things. Maybe going to bed would be a better idea, instead of dwelling on bad memories. It had been a long day for her and she assumed it had been the same for him. At least from the scrapes and bruises that were still evident upon Kuro's face. “Maybe we should just get some sleep now. It's been a long day. For both of us...†After saying that, Shizuka quickly took a long drink of water, hoping she didn't come off as an invitation of sorts. That would of made her want to die and would of made things much more awkward. Although that's how she already felt after bringing up this conversation, at least a few times it had made her feel that way. Now more then ever she couldn't keep eye contact though, and continued to look around the room, only moving her eyes, but keeping her head down slightly.

    “If you want...,†Kuro replied, breaking the silence after a few long moments. “I'm gonna be up for a short while. I can make the bed for you. I'll take the couch.†He then quickly added, “You did nothing wrong though. Talking about this could help, like I said. I've kept a lot of this... buried I guess...â€

    “Are you sure you want to continue talking about it?†Shizuka asked, genuinely curious if he wanted to, as she finally looked back up at him, awaiting his reply. “We could wait for the morning to continue this. Might be a better idea.â€

    “If you're tired, we can,†answered Kuro, getting up and heading towards the closed, bedroom door, most likely going to make the bed for her. “Like I said, I'll be up for a while yet. Sleeping's all out of whack lately...†He then said without looking back at her after reaching the door to the bedroom. Standing there for a long time, he could feel her eyes were on him, even without looking to confirm it.

    Shizuka sat there, watching him with a puzzled look upon her face, wondering what was the matter, and why he wasn't entering the bedroom. Part of her started to consider maybe he was lost in though, or that maybe she did say something wrong. Maybe he really needed to get this out in the open, to tell someone about all this. She wasn't sure how she felt about that, though partially Shizuka felt flattered that he trusted her enough to open up like this in some way. Which also caused her to think that maybe telling him to wait till the morning was definitely the wrong thing to say. In her own mind she began to chastise herself which seemed to consumed most of her attention until finally hearing Kuro's voice break through.

    “They were killed by a Melody Beast that caused their car to crash into oncoming traffic. Kaoru was with them at the time...,†he began, drawing Shizuka back into reality, listening intently to his every word as Kuro continued. “They didn't make it... but she did... Though she was in the hospital for months... -In a coma for most of it. The doctors said they didn't know if she'd come out of it... Was told to consider signing on pulling the plug...â€

    “I'm sorry, Kuro-san...,†uttered Shizuka, with a mix of grimace and sadness in her expression and voice. Knowing you had to be the one to decide something like that, to the person that was the same as your flesh and blood, and assuming they were so close... it was heart breaking for her.

    “Thanks...,†Kuro replied, then went on after swallowing hard, nearly choking on his words as he began again, “Luckly.... ummm... Lucky I didn't have to. She woke up.†He then slowly turned back towards Shizuka, shaking, though subtly, though doing his best to keep it hidden as much as he could, even holding back the tears that threatened to fall. “Once she was better enough, I... told her what happened to Mom and Dad.â€

    The dark, brown, messy haired, twenty-five year old, distraught, young man slowly took a seat on the futon beside him. Hunched over while resting his foreheads on his knees, fingers intertwined as he stared down at them, almost through them. Lost in his thoughts, Kuro nearly forgot that Shizuka was still in the room with him. Recollecting those events certainly wasn't what he really wanted to do, but... needed to do. Needing to do something was never something that would bring someone joy, or pleasure, at least in most cases. Though he knew that usually... there were more benefits in the end of doing what needed to be done. Then there were in putting it off... Though it was taking all his will just to not break down and ball his eyes out, or to thrash the coffee table across the room as farther events after that night played through his mind.

    Shizuka waited patiently for Kuro to continue, but when she could tell that he was really lost in his own mind, she figured she ought to say something to break him out of his trance. “How'd she take it?â€

    “Hmm?†Kuro murmured, looking up finally as he broke from his concentration.

    “Your sister, how'd she take it?†Shizuka repeated, though concerned with the expression of anguish on Kuro's face; then she added, “When you told her what happened to your parents.... If you still want to keep talking about this...?â€

    “I do...,†Kuro answered rather quickly, rubbing his hands together as he ran through the memories in his mind over and over. He wasn't entirely sure it was helping now and that uncertainty managed to sneak through a bit in in his voice. The guilt was still there too... no matter what anyone told him, Kuro blamed himself for what happened in the end. Even if Shizuka was to say “It wasn't his faultâ€, here and now, there wasn't any part of him left that could believe her.

    After a moment he went on, though Kuro was unable to fully hide is sadness in his eyes while he gazed down at his hands, “Nee-san.. took it well... on the outside.â€

    “I mean you wouldn't know it just by looking at her. When I first told her, she nodded, but wouldn't look me in the eye for a long time. But when she finally did, she placed her hand on mine, telling me everything was going to be alright.†Kuro then took a deep breath, and swallowed hard before continuing, “For a while things were alright. We grieved in our own ways... I was more vocal about it... But I could tell she was hurting more some days. Just just wouldn't say it... or maybe couldn't admit it to me. 'Cause she was oldest, figured she had to hold us together...â€

    Shizuka just watched him, fitting the pieces together on where this story might be going. Then she spoke up again, “Seriously, Kuro-san. I can see this is causing you pain, talking about this. Maybe we should just stop.â€

    “Can I please... finish this... I need to get it out,†he asked her, nearly losing it as the tears welled up in his eyes, glistening in the dim light of the room. Kuro practically shook, but somehow managed to keep himself under control.

    “Okay,†she replied, nodding for him to go on, “If you need to get this out.â€

    “Thank you,†he replied with closed eyes, he felt the tears fall soon after, streaming down his cheeks, and their warmth quickly fading away as they dripped from under his chin. Sighing heavily, Kuro then wiped away some of the wetness from his face as he looked off to the side for a moment. Sifting through the memories again with a subtle sniffle, he looked back down at his trembling hands. Holding them them to try and stop the shaking, but they didn't relent. Not until he saw another, softer, and gentler hand being placed over them. Looking up he saw Shizuka gazing down at him, pitty evident in her eyes, as she bore witness to Kuro's pain.

    “It's okay,†she said in a quieter voice, then took a seat beside him, cupping his hands to help try to stop the trembling.

    Kuro finally went on after he was able to calm down again, Shizuka was helping, and he did feel grateful for her doing so. “After a while... eventually was coming home with hidden injuries, telling me it was just accidents at work. But.... At first I thought maybe it was some abusive boyfriend of hers that I didn't know about. I confronted her one evening and we fought... though the more I looked at those cuts, they seemed more self inflicted, and that lead to another fight.†Suddenly he stopped, and took another deep breath before going on as he still kept his eyes down. “She blamed herself for our parents death she told me... kept screaming at me that it was all her fault.â€

    “How was that any of her fault?†questioned Shizuka with a furrowed brow, feeling rather bewildered. Then she asked, “You said a Melody Beast was what killed them, right?â€

    “It cause the car accident...,†Kuro muttered in a quieter voice, swallowing hard again. “She told me.. the Monster had its eyes on her... after the accident, when she was starting to lose consciousness... It came over to her window... peered in... waited a bit, as if examining her.. Then as she blacked out she said she assumed it left. Which it obviously did, cause she was still alive... just in a coma. Though I'm guessing it thought she wouldn't make it... and from what the Doctor's said... It was almost true.â€

    “Still that isn't her fault, Kuro...,†she assured him softly, gripping his hand a little tighter.

    “It killed them to get to her!†he snapped, loudly as he shot up to his feet, pulling his hand away and clenching his fist tightly as he stormed over to the barren wall to the left of him. Bracing himself on his forearm, Kuro felt everything welling up inside, from the pain, the anguish, the guilt, anger... everything. “Nee-san... Nee-san... Nee-san took her own life!!!â€

    With that it all boiled over the surface in a made rush of emotions, colliding into each other, and Kuro slammed his right fist into the cyan-painted, jip rocked wall, and left a pretty noticeable hole once he pulled it away. Lowering his hand, Kuro could feel the warm, red, liquid stream and drip down, but the aching pain from it wasn't nearly as potent as how he was feeling right now. While breathing heavily, the tears followed free, but he didn't sob until a few moments later, as the sorrow he felt took hold of everything else... dropping to this knees with his arm sliding along the wall, placing his tear-filled eyes into his bare forearm.

    Shizuka sat there stunned, almost shaking herself after nearly jumping from the loud bang his fast made, and the damage it had left in the wall. All she could do was sit there... and look at him, unsure of how to help, or even react for that matter. Uncertain of there being anything she could do in this instance... how does one make something like that better... how? Gradually her head lowered and she closed her eyes, feeling her own tears flowing out now....

    After avoiding patrol cars, marked and unmarked, as well as anyone that could identify him, Detective Desmond Yamato, still in the beige pants, his red, leather jacket and dark shirt, finally made it to a two three story apartment building. It wasn't too old, but looked a bit weathered, kind of like he did at the moment. Staggering a bit on his feet in the night. Still suffering from the injuries he sustained from B-Girl and now with injuries on top of it, from the Melody Beast. Part of him wondered what was holding him together.

    Suddenly he tripped and stumbled, then reached out grabbing the open top of a large, blue, dumpster to regain his balance. Once Desmond steadied himself, he looked up at the large, decade old, dark, brick building before him. Luckily the metal ladder and stairwell weren't that far off the ground, figuring someone was either too lazy to pull it back up, but he didn't complain. Right now the pain in his side wasn't exactly helping anything, let alone everything else that was hurting. Gradually he trudged his way up the ladder, then painfully, made his way up the staircases until finally reaching the roof, and entered through the roof access door, which thankfully wasn't locked still. Not many people were up to climbing up to the top and entering through there he assumed.

    Once inside, Desmond got to the third story floor as quickly as he could muster, though his strength felt as though it was being zapped from him. Along the way Desmond found himself stumbling more, but managed to catch himself on the wall before he went further down. Shaking the dizziness off he staggered onward. Though a few people did stop to see if he was alright, the rest just avoided him like he was infected with the plague.

    From the interior appearance the place seemed like a decent enough place, almost homey, with orange-tinged lamps in the halls, a nice, warm, colored carpet, and hardly any decay from the looks of things. The people on the other hand were not the friendliest though, but Desmond didn't mind it, in fact he liked it that way. They didn't pry into his business, and he didn't bother them, and he didn't want anyone in on what was happening with him. Enough had suffered and died in his mission, and holding a close relationship to those he knew he'd lose eventually, was a waste of time and effort, or rather a waist of emotional integrity and energy. If he were to dwell upon it, it certainly would take up most of his thoughts and that in turn would take up his time, which Desmond considered better spent on the mission.

    When he reached his door, which appeared like the others, in a dark, brown color, with its own unique, golden-brass number. He moved the carpet aside and picked up the spare key, locked it into the handle and turned it. Hearing it unlock, he then turned the grey, metal knob and pushed the door inward.

    Entering the darkened apartment, with the only light coming from the hall that illuminated what looked like the back of a black, couch and a somewhat, thin, but long, dark table in front of it. The pale moonlight shone in through the partially open blinds of the windows to his left illuminated the sparsely, furnished place. Then the injured and exhausted Detective sighed heavily, almost grunting as the deep breath he took in caused his side to ache. He shut the door as he moved further into the apartment, and found himself in almost complete darkness. Turning to his right he hit a switch and soon all the lamps, mostly thin, black, poled, standing lamps, came on and illuminated the room completely.

    Turning the latch on the knob, then he turned all three deadbolts, and finally hooked the chain locking the door and making sure it was secure, Desmond then removed his jacket, slowly. Gritting his teeth through the pain as he went. After it was completely off, he looked at the side where he felt a sudden, hard and impact and found the small holes. Indeed he felt thankful for lining his jacket with re-enforced bullet-proof armor plating. Though his side was screaming otherwise at the moment, from re-broken ribs. Throwing it onto a nearby, comfy, grey, cushioned chair to his left, he held onto his side as he made it along the left side of the room, in front of the three, two-sectioned, windows. Peering out of them as he bent the blinds with his finger, to see if anyone was around, cops mainly. When he didn't see anyone, Desmond shut all the blinds completely, blocking out the light from his place. Then proceeding to the back of the living area, he stepped into a bedroom, flicking the lights on.

    It was much smaller then the living room he was just in, and carpeted with a dark fabris, unlike the hard wood, floors of the living area. Standing along side a single cot, covered in grey, plain, sheets and a dark blanket, Desmond peeled off his shirt as carefully as he could. Still the ribs throbbed and shot pain through his body. Though he assumed the other injuries were mostly the cause of everything else... he did have quite the rough night. Possibly a concussion too, well that was not something he could doubt, after being knocked out on the pavement... woken by a bad memory... or nightmare really. Subconsciously he outlined the scar on his left side with his right hand, flashing to that night again, when the Bee Creature stabbed him against the wall. It wasn't the worst thing his mind flashed too.. no, but it still came right after it. The image of Yuki, lifeless, bleeding... dead on the floor... growing colder till she felt like ice...

    Desmond closed his eyes tightly. Forced out the memory as he clenched his jaw, taking another deep breath before he opened his eyes. Looking down at the round, ugly scar, left by the stinger, he had to force out the bad memory again. So he went over towards desk in front of the window to his left, and took out some white, adhesive tape that they use in the hospital. Taking a long strand of it, he started to tape around his ribs, gritting his teeth through the pain as he went along. Actually part of him was grateful for the pain as it blocked everything else out, so nothing could creep up on hi. Like terrible memories...

    Once bandaged, Desmond tossed what was left of the roll onto the small, work computer desk, and flipped open the laptop, turning on the news feed he had on it. Opening a hidden compartment on the side, revealed a small, police radio and then he switched that on. Listening in for a few minutes on the calls to see if anyone was on his trail, until finally certain no one was. 'Good', he thought to himself and turned then just left it on as he walked over to the dresser on the other side of the room. Sliding out the top drawer he reached in and grabbed a small, orange bottle and flipped the cap off with his thumb. Pouring a few, long, white, pills into the palm of his left hand, Desmond popped them into his mouth and chomped them down fast. Taste wasn't really a concern for right now, and proved it when he stepped out and went into the kitchen beside the bedroom. Grabbing some store bought, rice balls which were bland, and a bottle of water, he went back into the room and sat on the bed as he listened in to the police radio. Scarfing down the sustenance he then tossed the empty wrappers and bottle into a small garbage bin beside the bed.

    Going into the dresser again he pulled out another shirt, a dark grey one, and slipped it on over his head. The painkillers he had recently started to kick in from the feel of things, though the tape did tug a bit, it was manageable now, more so then earlier.

    Heading back out into the living area, focused and with a determination in his eyes, Desmond stood in front of a large, painting of a World War II battlefield left of the bedroom. Looking upon it as if studying the meaning behind the painting, Desmond then grabbed the sides of it and lifted it off, revealing a large, cork board, the same size as the painting. Almost a perfect camouflage in essence as it were.

    In front of the shaggy haired, Japanese-American Detective was a large map of Zenmujiku city, with locations covered in small pictures of the places and thin, white, cards stuck on by thumbtacks. Each with a little blurb of sightings and what information he could find out. Yellow post-its covered around them with minor amendments to each when he found new information, or clues that didn't fit what he found, to cross examine them. Taking a card on the small table under the photo, and a blue, ink pen, he jot down the hospital incident that just occurred and stuck it on, then quickly proceeded to do the same for the other Melody Beast attacks he wasn't able to catalogue before being thrown in a cell.

    For a long time he stared at it... though frustration was what he felt more then anything else right now. Nothing was making much sense to him as it was, and tonight all he knew for certain, was that a Meldoy Beast had selected him as a target. Though perhaps that was a clue in itself. Looking away, Desmond pondered on that for a few moments, then jotted the idea down on the card, tacked on the hospital location with a large, blue, question mark at the end of it.

    Tossing the pen down on the table, the shaggy, black haired, Detective went over to a large, cedar chest that doubled as a coffee table, or foot rest in front of the couch. Propping the top up revealed a large, gun-metal grey, safe with a electronic lock and key pad, next to a black, gripped, handle. Punching in the appropriate code, the small screen, read in green letters: “Unlocked.†Desmond's mind was made up, with no further doubts in his mind on what he needed to do... though the starting point was unclear, there was a chance he'd get lucky and find the Zebra first.

    Turning the grip and raising the door up till he heard a click, telling him it was gonna stay, he then began to rummage into the large, rectangular, cedar chest/ safe. Pulling out weapons that either laid on top of each other, or were on some kind of rack along the inner walls. Desmond took out a couple of glock 9mm's, loading in the appropriate magazines into the black, studded grips. Pulling the slide soon after to load in the first round in each, then hit the safety. Taking out a belt he wrapped it around his waist and buckled it, holstering the guns into a back holster, and the other on the right hip. Taking out four more mags, Desmond stuffed them into the holders on the left side of the belt. Next he removed a few gas and flash-bang grenades, placing them upon the side of the couch. An MP5 Sub-machine gun was next on the list of weapons he intended to bring, popping a clip on and taking a spare, he stuff them into a duffel bag from under the couch. Finally he stuffed a singular grenade launcher with a whole box of grenade rounds, the kind that need to roll on the ground seven times before they detonated. The golden, round end, type that were seen in Terminator 2.

    Zipping the duffel bag up, Desmond then wandered over towards the coat rack, nailed into the wall, beside the light switches of the front door, grabbed another, leather jacket, this time a black on, and the motorbike helmet, gloves off the upper shelve and the keys off the adjacent key rack. Plopping it onto the couch he put the jacket on first, carefully as the tape tugged again as his ribs. Almost grimacing at the slight pain it threatened to shoot out to the rest of his body again. Stuffing the hand-grenades and the gloves into his jacket pockets, the twenty-five year old, Detective took out one more weapon before shutting the safe and locking it up. It was a sawed-off, lever-action, shotgun. Loading in the first round and cocking the lever, before loading in the rest, Desmond's eyes caught the photo of Yuki on the mini-stand between two doors. One leading to the bathroom and the other, the laundry room.

    She had on a nice, dandelion, yellow dress on, outside on a nice, warm, spring day from the looks of things, as greenery was seen in the background, almost out of focus.

    No matter what his eyes wouldn't leave hers, even if it was only a picture. Still Desmond managed to load the rest of the shells into the shotgun, then stuffed the weapon into the bag and zipped it up, putting the box of the remaining shells down on the floor, then sliding it under the couch.

    Rising to his feet, he casually walked on over to the silver, framed photo and stared, longingly into it. God he missed her, even now, after so many years since that day, on their anniversary of being married for a little more then a year. Unconsciously raising his left hand, he gently stroked the photo with his fingers, along Yuki's left cheek, until he noticed the wedding ring laying there, on a string, an inch in front of the photo, causing him to look at the imprint of his left, middle finger. Clenching it tightly, almost turning his knuckles white as the rage edged closer to the surface, he suddenly forced it away. He had to stay calm now. Focused. The mission now was to go out hunting after that thing that was after him, and ending it before it had another chance to take him out. No matter what, he was determined to make sure it died... even if his own life were taken in the process. Nothing else mattered now...

    Kissing his finger tips, he placed them against photo, in front of Yuki's, beautiful, warm, smile. Then taking the ring with the string through it, he placed it over his head and around his neck, then tucked it into his shirt. Somehow, somewhere, deep down inside, it felt as though she was with him in spirit. Maybe it was just his imagination, but, he didn't stop himself from holding onto that little bit of a possibility. Desmond wouldn't deny that he needed it some days that's for sure. Probably could of used it during the bridge incident that he caused... might of made him stay instead of running off...

    After a moment he refocused on the photo and gazed into the eyes of his late wife one more time, and then marched over to the couch, slinging the duffel bag over his right shoulder, grabbed the helmet and held it against his hip, pressed there by his left arm. The keys were the last to be grabbed and then he went briskly over to the front door, unlocking it quickly and headed out into the hall, locking the door behind him after turning off the lights.
    Briskly making his way to the underground parking lot, Desmond walked through the rows of vehicles, from residents of the building, or the other apartments around it and across the street. Until he found a large, black, Honda motorcycle. Specifically a VT750C Phantom. Hooking the handlebar through the open visor of his black, SHOEI helmet, he mounted the bike, dug out his keys from his pants pocket and slid them into the keyhole near the speedometer. Turning it the red, ignition light came on, but before he started it up he strapped on the gloves, but then stopped before sliding on his helmet. Desmond had the funny feeling that he was being watched, and gave the place a look around from where he sat. Leaning through cracks between vehicles, to see if he could tell if anyone was peering at him. After a bit he didn't find or see anyone and assumed he was indeed, alone, though the feeling wasn't shaken from him. All it did do was hurry him up a bit, strapping the helmet on fast, he then pulled the strap of the duffel bag over his helmet to come cross his other shoulder, to lay across his body. Hitting the ignition button, the bike roared to life and gave the throttle a few turns before shutting the visor down with a clack that echoed throughout the parking area. Till revving hte bike yet again and that took over the acoustics in the lot.

    Giving one more look around, Desmond launched out of his parking space between a white, Toyota Corola and some red, jeep. Roaring out of the lot completely soon after, once he was sure no one was coming down the street.

    Though further back in the parking lot, hidden in the shadows of a burnt out light, a lean figure, dressed in a grey, fleece, zipped up jacket, and black pants, with a matching helmet with dark visor, sat on a grey, silver and black, crotch rocket. Lying in wait as it were, watching curiously as Desmond left in quite the hurry. The figure suddenly ignited the engine of the ninja-styled, sports bike, lightning up the singular, pentagon-shaped, headlamp, just under a small, blood red, triangular visor. Kicking up the stand he then turned to look to the right, and saw B-Girl step out into the shadows.

    “Do I have to?†she asked in a pout face, and in a whiny voice that matched it. Rubbing away fake tears from her eyes, with the silver-chrome, CD player-like buckle in her right hand.

    The figure on the bike simply nodded and said, “I don't like it more then you do... Might be a mistake, but we know until it's too late. Just like everything else in life...â€

    “I gues.,†replied B-Girl, holding out the Disc Driver in front of her in both hands, pushing the corner of her mouth off to the side, as if puzzled and frustrated at the same time. A second later she heard the figure rev up the motorcycle, and watched as he charged on out of the parking space and saw the light-grey, spider on the back of the helmet.

    Storming out of the parking lot, the figure headed in the direction of Desmond, popping a wheelie in the process on the way down the street, till he finally disappeared into the night.

    B-Girl's pout of confusion slowly became a grin, then opened up into a smile as she waved and said, in a happy tone, “Good luck.â€

    To Be Continued...

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    Another good episode. This is the second time you mentioned somebody not hearing the melody right before a beast attack so there's got to be something to that. But it's also a good look at what caused Desmond to take this particular road and a bit of Kuro's history as well. Spider Rider was interesting, and the fact he could understand his spider/bike was an interesting touch. But I do wonder if that was who B-Girl was pouting too at the end of the episode.
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    Yup, that was the Spider Rider that B-Girl was pouting to. :coolshades:
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    Update: Episode 08 will be started on soon. Aiming for this weekend, just working on another story at the moment too. Trying to finish that up first before I get to starting on episode 8. I don't want to give the title away just yet though, since it's kinda spoiler-y. :laugh: Though it is a working title too, so it is subject to change, but we'll see. Hope all are still enjoying the story, and don't mind the wait between episodes. :) Pretty much over halfway through First Arc now too. :coolshades:
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    Aw man, I have to say the last episode really hit me in the feels. It was sad but I still enjoyed Kuro's retelling of his family's past and the flashback of Desmond's wife when she was killed. Interesting to see how in this ep both characters have similarly lost their loved ones because of Melody Beasts but have dealt with their experiences differently. One expresses their thought and emotions while the other represses them. And on another note that's already been mentioned, there's still a mystery behind some people being able to hear the melody and others not. Then there's the new belt B-girl's supposed to give away....Goes without saying I'll be looking forward to the next episode!:thumbs:

    P.S. Enjoyed Stag form's debut the previous episode(Sorry for not commenting btw) and ,of course, really enjoyed the Spider rider action this episode!:buttrock:
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    Glad you're still enjoying the story, and that's okay about not commenting right away. Everyone has lives and can get busy from time to time. So no worries. :3 Definitely some more stuff on the way for this, cause like I said, halfway through the first arc. Episode 8 is gonna be a bit more action packed, at least that's what I'm aiming for in it. Still plenty of mysteries to come as well. Even if it takes me a little while to get the episodes done. lol

    Also am glad the dynamics of the characters are coming through well too. I think you and the other readers will find it interesting to see where they go and develop as the story progresses. :)

    The Stag Beetle/ Speed Form has some Kuuga and Gaim inspiration to it btw. :) As well as a bit of Gattack too I guess, with the aesthetics at least. :3 More Spider Rider action is on the way too. :coolshades:
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    Thought I should give an update on things. Yes, Kenkage is still going, working on ep 8 now, taking a break from my gundam story to work on it and get it done. Also I've been back about a week now, since my kidney transplant, so still healing but doing better. Not sure when ep 8 will be up, but it is being worked on. Hoping to get some more rapid progress done on it tomorrow as I'll be heading offline shortly. Sorry this isn't some big reveal of the next episode, but I still hope any readers out there are still looking forward to the next installment. May not be pumped out like a weekly series on tv, but I think the wait for each episode is worth it. Long as you are intrigued by the story, like the characters and want to know what happens next. Which I'm hoping you do.

    So hang in there and get ready for a pretty action packed episode this time around. Got three fights planned for it, though that doesn't mean all of them will be getting resolved in this one episode. ;) >:D
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    Awesome news man!! :buttrock: And three fights?? Well I for one am definitely looking forward to the next episode. Also hope your healing keeps going well!:thumbs:
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    Episode 08: "A New Sheriff In Town" (FINALLY! Longest episode yet, 23 pages. @_@)

    Kissing his finger tips, he placed them against photo, in front of Yuki's, beautiful, warm, smile. Then taking the ring with the string through it, he placed it over his head and around his neck, then tucked it into his shirt. Somehow, somewhere, deep down inside, it felt as though she was with him in spirit. Maybe it was just his imagination, but, he didn't stop himself from holding onto that little bit of a possibility. Desmond wouldn't deny that he needed it some days that's for sure. Probably could of used it during the bridge incident that he caused... might of made him stay instead of running off...

    After a moment he refocused on the photo and gazed into the eyes of his late wife one more time, and then marched over to the couch, slinging the duffel bag over his right shoulder, grabbed the helmet and held it against his hip, pressed there by his left arm. The keys were the last to be grabbed and then he went briskly over to the front door, unlocking it quickly and headed out into the hall, locking the door behind him after turning off the lights.
    Briskly making his way to the underground parking lot, Desmond walked through the rows of vehicles, from residents of the building, or the other apartments around it and across the street. Until he found a large, black, Honda motorcycle. Specifically a VT750C Phantom. Hooking the handlebar through the open visor of his black, SHOEI helmet, he mounted the bike, dug out his keys from his pants pocket and slid them into the keyhole near the speedometer. Turning it the red, ignition light came on, but before he started it up he strapped on the gloves, but then stopped before sliding on his helmet. Desmond had the funny feeling that he was being watched, and gave the place a look around from where he sat. Leaning through cracks between vehicles, to see if he could tell if anyone was peering at him. After a bit he didn't find or see anyone and assumed he was indeed, alone, though the feeling wasn't shaken from him. All it did do was hurry him up a bit, strapping the helmet on fast, he then pulled the strap of the duffel bag over his helmet to come cross his other shoulder, to lay across his body. Hitting the ignition button, the bike roared to life and gave the throttle a few turns before shutting the visor down with a clack that echoed throughout the parking area. Till revving hte bike yet again and that took over the acoustics in the lot.

    Giving one more look around, Desmond launched out of his parking space between a white, Toyota Corola and some red, jeep. Roaring out of the lot completely soon after, once he was sure no one was coming down the street.

    Though further back in the parking lot, hidden in the shadows of a burnt out light, a lean figure, dressed in a grey, fleece, zipped up jacket, and black pants, with a matching helmet with dark visor, sat on a grey, silver and black, crotch rocket. Lying in wait as it were, watching curiously as Desmond left in quite the hurry. The figure suddenly ignited the engine of the ninja-styled, sports bike, lightning up the singular, pentagon-shaped, headlamp, just under a small, blood red, triangular visor. Kicking up the stand he then turned to look to the right, and saw B-Girl step out into the shadows.

    “Do I have to?†she asked in a pout face, and in a whiny voice that matched it. Rubbing away fake tears from her eyes, with the silver-chrome, CD player-like buckle in her right hand.

    The figure on the bike simply nodded and said, “I don't like it anymore then you do... Might be a mistake, but we won't know until it's too late. Just like everything else in life...â€

    “I guess...,†replied B-Girl, holding out the Disc Driver in front of her in both hands, pushing the corner of her mouth off to the side, as if puzzled and frustrated at the same time. A second later she heard the figure rev up the motorcycle, and watched as he charged on out of the parking space and saw the light-grey, spider on the back of the helmet.

    Storming out of the parking lot, the figure headed in the direction of Desmond, popping a wheelie in the process on the way down the street, till he finally disappeared into the night.

    B-Girl's pout of confusion slowly became a grin, then opened up into a smile as she waved and said, in a happy tone, “Good luck.â€

    Kamen Rider: KENKAGE

    Written By:
    Robert J. Wong.

    “JUST ONE LIFE†-Spyair.

    Episode 08: “A New Sheriff In Town.â€

    The roaring engine of Desmond's large, black, Honda Phantom motorcycle, filled the night air as it charged through the brightly lit, neon and LCD screen filled city. Behind the clear visor of the black, SHOEI helmet, he scanned his surroundings as cars passed by him, but he wanted to keep any eye out, just in case he spotted the Melody Beast before it took him by surprise again. Unfortunately he wasn't sure if he'd succeed... but if he was going to die, he intended to make sure it went with him. One way... or another.

    Behind him a few meters back, rode the biker in a thin, grey, jacket, with a red spider on the back of the dark helmet. The black visor continued to hide his face from view, so even if Desmond noticed him, he wouldn't be able to discern his identity. Nor would he allow him too if he tried to find out forcefully; cop or not, that fight would only end one way. Not in death though, but the Spider Rider had no intention of losing. Switching off the headlight, he continued his pursuit, though allowed himself to pull up a bit more. Thankfully the HUD inside his helmet allowed for night vision, so even if he didn't have any lights on the crotch rocket he road, which was the disguise for his robotic, arachnid companion; he'd still be able to see in the dark.

    Then several mechanical noises came from the grey, jacketed, Rider's bike, grabbing his attention. As he glanced down he asked aloud, “Where?†Though the roaring engines of both vehicles drowned out both his voice and vehicle's sounds, so Desmond wasn't able to hear either of them. What happened next kind of made him wish he had.

    Suddenly an explosion erupted to the detective's left, another soon blasted on his right, sending heated pebbles of pavement in his face. He thanked his lucky stars for the reinforced helmet though, as the rocks did nothing but bounce off it and scattered about. A burst of sparks spray from the side of his bike as another round ricocheted off the gas tank, followed by another and another. Eventually the bullets struck him in the leg, causing the Japanese-American Rider to wince in pain, though he gritted his teeth and was just glad it didn't go through the kevlar plates he had on under the pants. Soon more explosive impacts followed, though behind him and striking into the side of the buildings he raced by, revving his bike up to go faster.

    Quickly, avoiding a few stray rounds, the Spider Rider still in civilian form, roared into an alleyway as Desmond charged into another up ahead a ways. The Zebra Melody Beast landed where they once were in the street, turning as a car skidded to a stop and the drive attempted to drive the opposite way. Slightly peering at the roaring car as it escaped, the Zebra then marched on towards the alley that the riding detective went into.

    Unfortunately, a brick wall blocked off Desmond's escape as he skidded the tires and turned the bike around to face the opposing monster who slowly approached him from the open, one-way exit. It was certainly fine with him to play a game of chicken. Quickly reaching into the open bag behind him, he removed the sub-machine gun, and cocked the slide, aiming it with one hand, he turned the throttle, revving up the engine. Roaring louder and louder as he prepared to left go of the clutch.

    The Zebra continued to saunter slowly, and confidently approach him, shrugging its shoulders as it grunted and huffed along, keeping the long, black striped, white barrel gun arm, trained upon the rider detective.

    Feeling as if his heart had leaped into his throat, Desmond attempted to keep the beats under control. Though the pain in his leg wasn't make that easy, and the painkillers he took earlier only did so much, just hoped that it didn't break anything this time. Maybe a couple of large bruises were all there was, though the leaking he felt going down his leg made his eyes widen in shock for a moment. It was certainly from the higher wound in his thigh, but he quickly focused upon the creature, and roared the bike forward, firing the MP5 sub-machine gun. Bullets struck and covered the Zebra in mini-explosions, causing it to back off a bit. The rapid-fire, Desmond assumed was what aided in the effectiveness this time around. But just as he attempted to slip on by, the monster stuck out its gun-arm and clothes-lined the detective off of his ride, stopping him on the spot with his bag of weapons; while the bike continue on down the alley a ways, before toppling over. Skidding across the pavement, sparks covered the fallen side as it slowly came to a stop, leaving the broken off side-mirror a few feet behind it.

    Smashing hard onto the ground, Desmond quickly forced himself to re-aim up at the Zebra Melody Beast's face, and pummelled it back with a burst of explosive rounds. Catching the fiend off guard, the Japanese-American detective then rolled in the opposite direction. After he got to one knee, he fired the rest of the clip into the Beast, forcing it into the light, stone wall, forcing the monster into a small crater. Quickly he reloaded the weapon after tossing a smoke grenade from his jacket pocket, hoping to blind the Zebra for a brief moment while regrouping. It seemed to work as it tried to fire, and only struck the wall in front of it. From the looks of things, Desmond figured it was stuck in the wall, which might give him the edge, or chance he needed to end this thing.

    That assumption was short lived as the Melody Beast bellowed a huff and shrugged itself out of the stone wall. Small pieces of concrete showered the ground, and what was left in the monster's wake was a small crater in the shape of it. Making Desmond wide-eyed in shock for a brief moment before holding the trigger down, blasting the creature all over. Sparks showered its body, knocking it into a stagger as it backed up down the alleyway. Just as it seemed to be over as the automatic weapon clicked repeatedly for a few seconds, the familiar sound of an empty magazine. The Detective then briskly, stormed through the smoke with the sawed-off, lever-action shotgun in hand, firing a second after coming through the smoke screen. Bellowing the Zebra over as an explosive burst struck its stomach, and it stumbled backwards a couple feet. Desmond continued his assault as he moved forwards, hitting different points on the Zebra's body, but just as that too emptied, he went for a pistol and took a round in the left-shoulder from the staggered animal-monster.

    The Japanese-American Detective went spinning backwards at an angle and slammed into the pavement again. Still he managed to draw his weapon and turned back, firing the drawn glock from his right hand. Each round impacting and exploding upon the Zebra's face, with one getting lucky and striking the fiend in the left eye, with huge burst of sparks that continued to spray out as it held the injured area with its normal hand. Staggering to regain its footing, Desmond took this chance to get back over to the bag of weapons laying behind him on the ground, and quickly draw the grenade launcher, the Terminator 2 styled launcher. Opening the grenade box, Desmond loaded a round and quickly fired without so much as aiming. It was more desperation then anything, as he hoped it would finish this bastard off. Or at least, give him a chance to get out of here and regroup again, the former was more along the lines of what he wanted though.

    Not waiting for the explosion, be grabbed the bag of ammo and ducked behind a large, city dumpster to take cover. Covering up the sides of his helmet where his ears would be, out of reflex then anything else, just before belly flopping the cold, dark and still damp pavement, Desmond could still hear the loud explosion in the background. Although muffled, it still rung through his body and head. Without a second thought he scrambled back up and prepared another around while peering into the flames of where the creature stood.

    Slowly they died down to small flames along the pavement, sending a smoke signal into the dark, night sky. It wouldn't be long before someone else came to see the commotion, or call the cops. Luckily if a civilian came around he could attend to it, being part of the force and all. Though the rest of the force was out looking for him no less, and Desmond needed to avoid them at all cost if he was going to make it out of this alive. Just then he could see the fallen form of the Melody Beast laying upon the ground, unmoving and possibly not even breathing. Desmond held his breath and slowly moved out from behind the dumpster's cover. He kept his distance while still approaching the fiend, the grenade launcher slung over his shoulder, adjacent from the ammo bag, as he pulled out both glocks and trained them upon the fallen form. It appeared blackened upon the chest, but still, that did little to comfort the Japanese-American Detective.

    Deep in his chest he could still feel his heart pounding a mile-a-minute, and part of him hoped it wasn't dead yet either, while the other part wished it to be so. The part that didn't however wanted to make it suffer some more before finishing it off. Forcing himself to calm down, he kept on moving, though now walking backwards down the alley, towards his damaged bike as he kept both weapons aimed at the Beast.

    Then suddenly the Zebra jerked, hacked and huffed as it came to. Startled, Desmond nearly jumped, but cemented his footing and readjusted his grip upon both pistols. Watching the Zebra roll to its left side and begin to get back up to its hoofed feet, Desmond opened fire. Each round impacted with a minor explosion upon the fiend's striped and armored body, knocking it down again as he took it off guard. Then the familiar clicking of an empty magazine rung from the right pistol, and he holstered it while slinging the grenade launcher into his hand and fired it at the Zebra again, bashing right into the monster's face, striking it right in the damaged eye before dropping to the ground with a clink. As the beast wallowed in pain, holding its only hand over the injured eye that bled green down its torso; Desmond then re-aimed down at the spinning grenade—and fired. Suddenly it went off thanks to the shot from the glock, instead of allowing it to spin seven times before going off by itself, the explosion sent the Zebra farther back, where it slammed onto the pavement and rolled a few feet.

    Giving the ragged Detective the time he needed, he holstered the other pistol and slung the launcher over his shoulder again, then dashed to the bike, picked up the hefty machine and quickly mounted it as he started the engine, revving the throttle before racing out of the alley like a bat out of hell. Running on pure adrenaline, all the pain from his wounds and injuries seemed to fade into the background, until the distant whirling of sirens brought him back to reality. Roaring down another roar towards a not so busy street, he then turned down a smaller alley and kept on going, staying closer to the back roads. Not giving a damn about who he would wake up in this slum neighbourhood as he had to get the hell out of there and back to his place to regroup.

    “Dammit...,†Desmond chided himself in his mind.

    While the Detective rode out like a bat out of hell, the black body suited, techno-samurai Spider Rider, clad in silver and black accented, grey armour, stood on the edge of the roof top. Spear in hand and the non-bladed end resting upon the concrete where he stood. He continued to watch the escaping biker, before turning smokey-white, compound eyes towards the staggering Zebra. Then his head snapped to the open end of the alley as police cruisers charged down the alleyway. Tires screeching loudly along as they burned tread marks into the damp pavement.

    Although as the officers who arrived on the scene go out, the Spider Rider then noticed the Zebra was missing. The only evidence that something happened, was laying upon the ground, or burning away in patches of dieing flame.

    Mechanical sounds came from behind the techno-samurai Rider, in the form of question from, but the Rider didn't turn to face where the noises came from. He already knew it was from his motorcycle, although now in its large, mechanical Spider-Form.

    “It's gone, both are probably going to regroup,†replied the techno-samurai. Then more mechanical sounds came from the approaching robotic, grey, silver and black, blood-red eyed Spider.

    “Hmph, I just wanted to see how the good Detective could handle himself. Sadly I do believe making him one of us is the best course of action. Although...,†he explained then trailed off, though the Robotic Spider added a bit more.

    “Yes. Whatever he reasons... we'll have to figure out on our own,†stated the armoured Rider before turning and moving to his large, robotic helper who transformed into his crotch rocket, motorcycle. “We're heading out, the police have the situation in hand.†With that he mounted the bike and locked the retracted Spear onto the back of his belt before gripping both handle bars, as the engine hummed, letting him know it was alive and ready to go. “What's left of it.â€

    Revving the engine, the Spider Rider charged forward along the roof top, and leaped the bike into the air as it hit the propelled off the edge; soaring and disappearing down over the edge.

    Late at the labs in the Musicular Organization building, Doctor Imai, clad in his lab coat and dark pants, dark shirt and matching, black shoes, moved silently along the tiled floor. Managing to dampen his footsteps with a sound dampener the R&D department was working on for something. He assumed it was a stealth project, but wasn't completely sure. Still one of the prototypes he managed to sneak for himself worked, and for that he was pleased—in fact grateful.

    Although it took him quite a bit of money to get those working the cameras to switch them off, it certainly was well worth it. Getting it back wasn't much of a concern to him though as getting the sample and finishing the final stage of this project, or at least getting even closer to filling the gaps. Reaching a large, metal, security door to his left, Imai took out a small, pen-shaped device and pressed the tiny, silver, dome-shaped button near the tip. Lighting up the cyan LED at the top. Aiming it at the key-card scanner, it quickly turned the red lock light—to green. Next was the Hand-Print scanner, and so he turned the ring around the tip of the pen and switched the cyan light to orange before aiming it at that. It quickly accepted the beam being fed into the sensors, fully unlocking the security door.

    Heavily the metal, chrome-coloured door swung outwards, with cool, steam clouds escaping from within the dark, blue room. Almost as though it was lit with a black light really, but not quite. Imai's face soon formed into a grin when no alarms had sounded, and told him that his device certainly worked completely, just like he designed it to. His pride certainly took a boost from it, but the good, thirty-four year old Doctor refocused ont he task at hand, and stepped into the cold room.

    Inside the cold room, Doctor Imai walked up towards a computer station on the far left-hand wall. Illuminated by a few florescent lights just under the cabinets above the monitor and keyboard. Though neither light was very bright, but rather dim, which suited him as it was less time to readjust his eyes as he brought the system online with a few button presses. Grabbing the mouse and shaking it a bit to find the icon as the screen came to life and greeted him with the Musicular logo wallpaper with several icons. He moved the mouse over one marked “Projectsâ€, doubled clicked it and opened the folder to reveal several numbered icons. Though the one he wanted was not there, and quickly typed into the keyboard; which soon brought up a hidden screen, with several security checks being hacked through in rapid succession. All the while his fingers flew across the keys, clicking and clacking about in the somewhat, barren cold room.

    It didn't take him long to get to what he wanted and swiftly accessed it, bringing up another screen as it said “Lock Released. Container Open.â€

    Imai then glanced over towards the back wall, covered in chrome doors, each one holding a specimen that he had known about and more then likely worked with. But what he really wanted wasn't visible to human eyes, not until a bright, point of white light started to sketch out a large, rectangular, trimmed shape around a section of chrome. Large enough to hold a body, it slowly pushed out of the wall, until stopped a couple of feet from it. Cold, steam that would normally come from dry ice, drifted out and spilled over the top of the drawer-like slab.

    Cautiously, the thirty-four year old, Doctor approached the open containment unit, and peered into it as the cool, mist started to clear and dissipate. Imai's eyes widened and a smile formed upon his lips as he was greeted by a purple, black and grey, monstrous-humanoid form; with six muscular and stripped arms, and six, black, round, compound, lifeless eyes that stared upward. Unmoving. A large gash through its chest became visible as smoke cleared. Although it wasn't the only wound on it, as there seemed to be a surgical-type incision upon the side of its head. Imai guessed it was from their early experiments.

    “Fukujima...,†muttered Imai under his breath, furrowing his brow and subtly shook his head. “What were you trying to accomplish...?â€

    After a moment, the thirty-four year old, Doctor took a syringe from his pocket, plus a petri dish, and a small scalpel. Reaching in, and holding his breath, Doctor Imai cut some tissue and put it into the dish, before closing it up and tossing the used blade into a sharpy box on the left side of the wall. Pocketing the dish, he took up the syringe, pulled off the gap and stabbed into the creature's head before pulling back on the plunger, filling the barrel with a green liquid, filled with a kind of brain matter.

    As he watched the syringe fill up slowly, the smile upon his face widened along with the shining, gleeful look in his eyes.

    Climbing in through the window of his apartment's, dark bedroom, Desmond dropped the bag of weapons onto the floor first; before he followed, landing with a loud thud, flat on his back. The painkillers had finally worn off, the injuries he sustained throughout the night took their toll. From the broken ribs to the rounds that hit him in the leg, and the belly-flop upon the pavement. Everything hurt.

    Unfortunately he had to stash the motorcycle farther away from the apartment building. He couldn't worry about them finding it though as he knew it wasn't that well hidden, but there was no trace to locate him at least. That's what mattered to Desmond right now, that and still being alive to try for round three... and that one he vowed to come out on top... or go down swinging.

    Laying there, his black, shaggy hair, splayed over the floor a bit, the goatee-d, twenty-seven year old, Japanese-American could barely hold his eyes open any longer. Slowly they drifted shut and he dozed off into a deep sleep, his body finally giving into the rest he sorely needed.

    As the sun came up over the horizon from the west, lighting up Zenmujiku City for the start of a brand new day. The Sky-Screen flew overhead through the cloudless, deep, blue sky with the daily report from B-Girl who zoomed in onto the screen from the right-hand side. Waving with both hands frantically, she was all smiles and in the cheeriest of moods as she addressed the people who were getting up, or already out and about, or possibly coming home from a night at the bars, drunk off their asses.

    “Hello, everybody! B-Girl here, and today is a new day!†boomed the cheerful voice of the teal-haired spokeswoman for the Musicular Organization. Clad in her usual white, latex, mini-dress and thigh-high, five inch heeled, royal blue boots which matched her mid-arm length gloves. She gestured them about while continuing her morning report. Even though the news was rather bleak, she remained in a joyful mood and bright smile. Showing off her pretty, light-blue coloured lips, while her slightly darker shade of eyeshadow made her eyes pop on the giant, rectangular, high-def screen.

    “Last night we had another Melody Beast incident! This time at the Zenmujiku General Hospital!†she clamoured while holding her gloved hands up cutely to her face, feigning a scared look, when clearly behind those almost innocent, dark green eyes, showed nothing. “And a patient from the hospital is missing! Are the Melody Beasts capturing citizens?! Or did he get eaten?!†She kept her hands, with her fingers curled a bit, up in front of her mouth, as she feigned a look of terror in her eyes. But after a moment she returned her hands to her hips and smiled yet again. Wagging a finger as she leaned forward at an angle cutely while continuing, “Remember! When you hear the Melody, run as fast as you can to the nearest safe zones...!â€

    Standing back up she kept one hand upon her hip, knuckles pressed against it this time, though not really clenching her hand into a fist. The other she held up and waved her fingers up and down, smiling cutely to everyone as she ended her morning report. “Stay safe and Bye-bye!â€

    With that the image of her faded and the blue circle with green vines, and black musical notes that formed the words, “Musicular Organizationâ€, filled the screen in her place.

    Shizuka slowly came to after feeling the beginning rays of the morning sun pierce through the cracks in the blinds. Striking her eyes, though closed, caused her to squint as they brightened under her eyelids a little too much for her liking. Groaning quietly in frustration she rolled over onto her stomach under the big, brown blanket, pulling it over her and curled up. While trying to get back to sleep the memories of last night re-emerged through her mind, causing her to toss and turn. They weren't the only things bringing her two as the voice of B-Girl boomed through the large window behind the head of the bed, that was open just a smidge; but just enough for those loud speakers to pierce.

    With a moan she pushed the covers off of her head and slowly heaved herself up to a sitting position, although slouched over and looking dead tired. She was indeed not a morning person in any sense of the word. Least not till the second or third cup of coffee.

    “Coffee would be nice right about now...,†she murmured groggily and flumped back down, her head caving in the soft pillow around her head.

    After she kind of came to again she realized she wasn't in her own bed, or apartment for that matter. Took her a few moments to remember that she never did go home as Kuro insisted she stayed the night, to protect her just in case. Still, Shizuka found herself alone in the room after subconsciously stroking the back of her hand against the empty, left side of the bed. Until she reminded herself about telling Kuro that she'd sleep alone, and part of regretted saying that. Especially after he practically broke down in front of her. Yet it was him who didn't put up an argument about sleeping alone, as he told her before that he'd take the couch when she went to go sleep finally.

    Rolling onto her left side, her gazed shifted to the left, but Shizuka wasn't really looking at anything as she played scenario of what could of been in her mind. Just that it made the aching pain within her chest that much more agonizing; and eventually forced herself to push those feelings back into a deep corner of her mind. Then tossed the blanket off and stat up on the outside of the bed, dumping her face into the palms of her hands. Brushing back the sides of her long, auburn hair behind her ears.

    Eventually she got up and started search for her own clothes on the floor, after looking at the baggy, grey, t-shirt she had pulled out of Kuro's messy, unorganized dresser. Honestly she had to shake her head at that. 'So typical', she thought to herself.

    A few moments later, the bedroom door was pulled in and Shizuka, now dressed in her black top with graffiti upon the front, and jeans. Her shoulder-length, auburn hair tied back in a ponytail, she slowly glanced around while adjusting her long sleeves to go over her hands; keeping them warm as she found it a little chilly. Then her eyes found Kuro sitting upon his futon couch, still fully dressed, though his dark brown hair was a little messy from the pillow she assumed. He stared at the white, bandage wrapped around his injured, right hand, still balled up into a fist, though not clenched tightly.

    Shizuka couldn't help but sigh under her breath, though it was loud enough to get his attention as Kuro's sorrowful expression changed to a more alert one as he gazed up at her for a moment. Then returned to his hand.

    “Still hurts?†she asked, genuinely concerned, though she hid it well from her voice. Although the concern wasn't just for his injured hand, since last night he shared with her about what happened to his Older sister. Although Shizuka was unsure if she should bring that back up.

    “It's more numb then painful right now,†he replied, and returned his gaze up at her, forcing a normal expression and a bit of a grin, contrary to how he actually felt. “I'll be okay.†'On both counts' he thought to himself, not wanting a repeat of last night. Now was not the time to bring that back up, nor could he recall why he had to spill his guts to her. Kuro just chalked it up to something he had to do, to get it off his chest..., but regretted punching the wall. More so cause of the repair cost, then his injured knuckles. The painkillers were helping no less, well it wasn't exactly painkillers, just some over the counter drug like asprin.

    “Good, good...,†she returned with a nod as he eyes lowered to the floor, and she placed her hands behind her back, sticking he fingers into her back pockets of her jeans. “I'm not much of a cook, but I know a place near here. Makes a pretty mean breakfast.†Shizuka said, offering her own smile, and hoping he'd take her up on it.

    “Would love some breakfast, but I'll have to eat and run though...,†explained Kuro, digging out and holding up his cell in his uninjured hand. “Igawa-san called. Wants me to hurry on over to help him get ready to open for the lunch rush, and deliveries.â€

    “Oh, well that's fine...,†she replied, a little too sombrely she thought. Then turning to face the front door, took few steps, and then spun on her heel towards him again; lightly brushing a few loose strands of hair behind her right ear, she smiled and added, “How ab out a reign check?â€

    With a smile and a nod, Kuro then stood up and tucked his phone into his pocket as he answered, “Sure. But if you still want breakfast, I can drop you off, just need directions.â€

    “Mmh,†replied Shizuka with a nod and a wide smile. Least she wouldn't have to stay inside all day, and she'd get some food into her, as her stomach was already rumbling. Though quietly.

    Just then the twenty-five year old's expression changed, he looked concerned as his gazed lowered. Deep down he was, wondering how he'd protect her while being away at work. It was a cause for concern, and there wasn't a Safety Zone in the apartment, though telling her to stick close to one was all he could think of. It upset the young man greatly as his furrowed brow evidently showed.

    “What's wrong?†asked Shizuka, curious to what was troubling him now. They did agree on a reign check after all, was it that big of a deal that he couldn't skip work, even though a part of her wanted him to call in sick.

    “I can't protect you while I'm out working..., least, not well...,†he admitted, the regret and fear in his voice coming through loud and clear. “Might want to stick close to the Safe Zones, or... stick with me all day. Or do you have to work?â€

    “I...,†she began, then trailed off as she turned towards the front door and walked a few more steps, then turned back to Kuro, “Have the day off. And I don't mind spending the day with you.†Then Shizuka quickly corrected, “--I mean, so you can.... You know, ...protect me from a Beast attack. -Not implying anything else, alright?â€

    “Yeah, I know what you meant,†Kuro replyed grabbing his keys from the coffee table in front of him, and then started stuffing his feet into his sneakers that he hadn't untied, but slipped off on the floor. 'Too bad...,' Kuro thought to himself, as his gaze, which faced away from her, showed disappointment, but he quickly pushed that emotion away when facing her again. “I'll get you a spare helmet, then we can go.â€

    “OK,†she replied, moving over towards the doorway as Kuro went into his bedroom. Shizuka then finally allowed her own disappointed expression show as she chided herself for saying those things. It wasn't what she really wanted to say, and it in fact confused her to no end why she even said it. Or fought these feelings that she had welling up in her. In fact Shizuka was more then happy to spend the day with Kuro, but couldn't bring herself to let him no. Was she scared? She wondered to herself, and as Kuro came out of his room, she turned back to see him holding up a helmet as he approached.

    “OK, let's go get you some food,†Kuro said, grinning subtly.

    “Sure. I'm starving,†said Shizuka with a bit of a smirk.

    The smell of the fresh water filled the noses of two Joggers, a man in a woman, wearing sweat shirts and pants, with water bottles attached to their belts. Early in the morning was always the better time for a job, walk or run, and the beach was clear this morning, being chilly as the first signs of fall started to set in. Both of the joggers kept up pretty well with each other, although breathing heavily as they've been going at it for quite some time before reaching the sandy area. Although the male jogger, clad in grey sweats, and obviously showing more signs of fatigue as he had a little more weight to him, started to slow up. Hunched over he attempted to catch his breath, and wiped away the streaming drops of swet from his face and neck, with the towel he had stuffed into his collar.

    The woman, who appeared to be about the same age, early thirties, with her hair tied up into a bun, continued moving in one spot. Even as she turned around to face her jogging partner, smirking and laughing at his predicament. “Come on! We're almost done, halfway there already!†she called out to him, shaking her head.

    He just waved her on to continue and yelled back in gasps, “You go on ahead! I'll... I'll catch up!â€

    “No you don't, we're doing this together, now come on! One-two! One-two! Pick it up!†called out the woman, jogging on the spot in her black sweats. Waiting a minute longer, she shook her head as she didn't see him continuing and so continued her jog onward.

    Continuing to catch his breath, the stocky, male jogger turned to look up at the rising sun, still wiping up the excess sweat from his brow and neck. Certainly looked like the start of a good day to him, even though he really hated these morning jogs, but it was benefiting his health, from what his doctor, his friend up ahead told him, and what he kept on telling himself. Regardless of him also saying to himself that it was killing, or least his legs.

    Eventually turning to continue his jog a soothing melody began to play in his ears, and just as he was about to run off as terror washed over his face; a clawed, army-green foot struck like a blur across the chubby man's face. It sent him flying into the water with a loud splash, which caught the attention of the dark haired, woman jogger. When she spun around, her eyes darted around until her gaze saw the body of her partner floating along lifeless along the cold, rapid, moving waves. Her eyes widened as panic and fear for him welled up within her. Then she dashed towards him as it slowly pulled him out with the tide.

    Even as she ran into the rapid water, splashing it about, the coldness of it was the last thing on her mind while she trudged her way to her friend. Quickly pulling at him, afraid that maybe he had suffered a heart attack. Then something caught her attention and froze, slowly standing straight as her eyes went wider. She literally could feel her heart slowing down as fear took hold of it, almost stopping it as the Melody became louder and louder in her ears. Eventually it was all the woman jogger could hear and that was went two, plated, army-green, clawed feet landed upon her shoulders. Quickly they squeezed either side of her head tightly and spun like a blur before leaping away.

    She stood there, motionless, breathless, still looking straight ahead, even after her head was spun three-hundred and sixty degrees. Then a moment later, the woman flopped into the water face-first, dead...

    Some distance away, the orange and red, clothed, army-green, bi-pedal Locust stood with its arms crossed in front of its chest. It stared at the two floating bodies while they went along with the tide as it pulled out further into the ocean waters. The creature had a glint of pride in its lime coloured and glowing eyes.

    After deciding to go through the drive-thru, Kuro and Shizuka rode along on the Disc Hopper, in it's civilian disguised mode. They went through a rather quiet neighbourhood, least it was quiet in the morning, although some kids were out, heading along with friends, going to school no doubt. Going along towards the the train tracks that led to the road towards the inner city, they came across the street that ran along side the docks, and that was when Shizuka began to hear the Melody in her ears, even over the rumbling engine.

    Kuro felt the rapid taping of Shizuika's fingers upon his shoulder and looked back at her. It was then, from the corner o his eye, he saw Shizuka's eyes, filled with fear and dread; it took him a moment to realize why. Though he assumed it was what he was fearing, the message on the small screen on his bike confirmed, after grabbing his attention with a few mild, mechanical sounds.

    “Melody Beast...,†he muttered to himself. Then he darted his eyes around, hoping to catch it before it go within range. So far he saw nothing, but that didn't mean a damn thing, and quickly revved the bike to go faster.

    Shizuka then felt a presence and quickly turned to look in the direction from where it was coming from. Her eyes went wide as the Locust Melody Beast, clad in the red-orange clothes, wrapped around its wrists, ankles, around its lower region and wrapped like a scarf around its neck, coming fight for her. Its right, clawed, shell-plated foot extended outward as it approached her head. Shizuka flinched and curled in tight, bracing for impact. Kuro finally noticed too, but it appeared too late to do anything about it, until the blue, robotic, Stag-Beetle came out of nowhere and struck the enemy down as it cut across its path.

    As it struck, sparks spray out from where the robot helper's sharp, silver-lined, blue pincers connected, slashing across the Monster's shin. The Locust fell hard on the pavement, withering and seething in a mix of pain and rage while holding its injured shin, which bleed a green liquid from a deep wound. Again it had failed to end the life of its target and this added insult to injury. Still the creature managed to rise up, though obvious in pain, grimacing with every step it took.

    Kuro quickly spun the bike to a halt, skidding the tires a bit and thanking his lucky stars for not tipping them over. The robotic, silver and blue, Stag-Beetle hovered over them, and Kuro looked up to see it there, then glared over to the injured Assassin as it limped towards them. He watched as it gestured to Kuro, holding its right arm out and giving him a thumbs down, before waving for him to follow and leaped into the air.

    “Shizuka, stay here,†he told her, looking in her direction before cocking his head over to the Stag-Beetle, “You stay with her.â€

    The robot helper simply nodded the front of its self, as if acknowledging him, followed by some noicses.

    “What are you gonna do?†Shizuka questioned as she hopped over the back and removed her helmet.

    Pulling the green palm-sized, disc with a silvery grasshopper, circuitry design around it, he stared down at it for a moment while the belt formed around him; eventually lifting his gaze to Shizuka's.

    She could see the seriousness and anger in his eyes, and almost took a step back, but caught herself, understanding at least part of what he was going to do and why. Still, feeling responsible for setting him, though really encouraging him on this path, she grabbed his arm before he could race off. “Why?â€

    “Why what?†he asked back, looking into her eyes and seeing the worry and guilt within them. Kuro stared back puzzled, though his brow still furrowed, and his mind fixed on defeating that Locust.

    “Why do this? I know one took your parents away and led to your sister's suicide, but why keep on doing this?†she questioned, almost shouting at him.

    “Because...,†he began, and what she just said was indeed partially the reason, though it was not the only reason. “I need to.â€

    “But why not just run away?†she spat out and quickly continued before he could respond, “We could get to safe zone! You don't have to get involved in this anymore!â€

    Kuro paused for a moment as her suggestion ran through his mind, but this Melody Beast was after her. That much was obvious as he failed to destroy it the last time and it tried to kill her for the second time. If it wasn't now that he stopped this thing, then it might succeed on its next attempt, and Kuro was tired of people dying around him; senselessly and needlessly. Flipping up the visor, Kuro then told her what he was intending to do, “I'm stopping that Monster now. I'll be back.â€

    He flipped the visor down abruptly and opened the buckle, placed the disc in and closed it before charging off down the way they came. Roaring the engine as he popped into a wheelie then slammed the tire back down, picking up more speed.

    Leaving her behind with the Stag-Beetle robot helper, hovering above her as it scouted the area, she quickly ran a few feet and stopped when she realized it was no use trying to catch up to him on foot. Frustrated and worried, she bellowed over as she shouted after him, “KURO-SAN...!!!â€

    Littered along the floor, were bandages stained with blood, along with a pair of roughed up, beige pants with two holes on the side of the left leg, around the knee and thigh area. After that drops of dried blood reached all the way to the bathroom, which had the door wide open, light still on and packets of bandages lying torn open on the floor and sink. Towards the sofa, a white shirt laid next to the resting Desmond, covered in a blanket and his leather jacket over his head. A half eaten store bought dinner on the coffee table/ safe, unheated.

    Eventually Desmond tossed his jacket off over the back of the couch, peered around the darkened apartment, though some light was coming through when his eyes adjusted enough he could see somewhat of where he was. His memories of the night before kicking in and filling the blanks though. Slowly sitting up, he noticed the blinds open on one window, which had a mild, chilly breeze flowing through. Keeping the blanket around him, he moved over and shut it hard. Then turning back towards the rest of the place, he noticed the damaged clothes and stains of blood along the hardwood floors. With a heavy sigh, he shook his head and decided to just leave it for now. So far, Desmond was lucky to be still alive for another shot at taking down that damn monster. The pain in his leg was faint, but still there, and it had been quite some time since taking the another dose of painkillers. He just knew getting addicted to them wouldn't help his situation either, and foregone anymore. Instead, the Japanese-American Detective chose to use that pain as motivation, and the more you work it out, the more it'll lessen. At least that was what he was hoping fore, though burning the wounds shut probably wasn't the best idea, but it worked in a pinch. The bandages would hold up at least.

    Desmond gazed to his left at the cork-board and started to formulate another plan, taking in a deep breath as the pieces came together on what he'd do next. Though it was sound, it was risky... but if he wasn't going to take risks.. he wouldn't of chosen to become an officer of the law. Sadly the law was little interested in the dealings of the Melody Beasts. As they had no physical way to stop them and even his own efforts were showing they were right, it was still something Desmond wouldn't accept. In fact he felt the supposed keepers of piece and justice in this city were cowards for not even trying.

    After getting dressed in a dark red shirt, black jeans and the leather jacket, the twenty-seven year old reloaded the glocks, and grabbed the stuffed, duffel bag before as he headed through the door.

    Hopping like crazy, even with the injured shin, the Locust Beast made its way, bouncing off of crates, barrels, and cargo containers as it went along the dock. Finally it stopped and managed to hide as it ripped off the long, stands of fabric that made the red and orange scarf, and quickly tied off the bleeding wound. It was already healing from what it was able to make of it, wiping away some of the green liquid that oozed out. Making clicking noises, the Locust Beast rose up slowly and glared around the docks, awaiting the arrival of its enemy.

    Suddenly the roaring sound of an engine was coming up behind the creature, fast, and as it looked behind itself, the front tire of the enduro motorcycle struck the Locust dead-on in the face. The Melody Beast hit the deck hard, planting the side of it's scale-armoured, beady-eyed face that had been hit, smack dab right on the pavement.

    The motorcycle continued to sail over and through the gap of the towered, stacks of crates. Landing with a squealing of the back tire, the vehicle turned to the left and skidded to a stop, dropping his right foot down, covering in the green, silver-circuitry-etched, armour plates that made up the full boot that cut about half way up just below the back of his knee, that showed the black, leather-material of the body suit.

    As the Locust pushed itself up with its hands, the monster turned to look in the direction of the rumbling engine, revealing the injured side of its face, drift with trails of smoke from the impact point. Clicking menacingly, the Locust forced itself back up to its feet and glared its beady, glowing, lime eyes right at the red, metallic-compound ones of the green-silver, techno-armoured, ninja-Grasshopper.

    “Found you...,†said Kenkage through the filtered helmet-speaker as he dismounted from the bike, now in its Disc Hopper formation.

    He never took his eyes off the creature, and Kuro didn't dare turn his back just in case it tried for a sneak attack. Cautiously, but briskly the Armoured Grasshopper walked towards his enemy, clenching his green, armoured plated, gloved fists. Then switched to a defensive fighting stance as the Locust leaped for him, with Kenkage only managing to dodge the sailing, push-kick by an inch. A few seconds longer and it probably wouldn't of killed him, but it definitely would of hurt.

    Once the monster landed, it flung a backhand with its left, the Grasshopper caught it with a outside block with his forearm, pushing it aside with his right palm. Moving in he attempted a right, sidekick and the Beast simply tapped it down with its hand, but Kuro, clad in his armoured quickly spun around to the left and landed a solid elbow strike into the attacking creature's chest, stunning it for only but a moment. It was all the Rider needed and went in for a right cross, then a left hook, followed my more hard punches that landed on the Locust's chest, forcing it to stagger. Until it jump and spun its right heel around, knocking Kuro off balance. But the Grasshopper came back around with a double-jump, wheel-kick, missing the Locust as it jumped into a over-head somersault.

    Kuro followed it with his gaze and as he turned to try and attack, it shot out a lighting-fast, back-kick into the armoured chest of Kenkage, causing a burst of spraying sparks. Forced to roll and tumble backwards near the bike before managing to get to a knee; Kenkage held a hand on his chest, with his right resting upon the propped up right knee. He winced at the sharp pain from that kick that throbbed upon his chest as light, smouldering trails of smoke emanated from it due to the burst of sparks. Heaving slightly, Kuro wasn't exactly out of breath, but more so got it knocked out of him from that lucky hit, but still he regained his footing and rose up. Then grabbed for the green, black handled, Ninja sword upon his back, unsheathing it from the black scabbard, and revealing the chrome-silver, curved, blade of the “Inagomaruâ€.

    The Locust Melody Beast tilted its head from side-to-side, giving the sword wielding Rider a curious expression.

    Kenkage gripped the weapon's handle with both hands, clenching onto tightly as he aimed the razor-sharp tip right at his enemy.

    At that moment the Locust took up a kind of “Bruce Lee†fighting style posture, hopping up and down, with it's hands open loosely, before gesturing with its left which was held out. Then whipped its thumb over top of where its nose would have been, if it had one.

    The armoured, Grasshopper Rider quickly obliged, bringing his sword over to the left of him, the sharpened edge still facing his adversary before rushing into a charge. The Melody Beast simply hopped there, awaiting the attack.
    Kenkage closed the distance with a jump and shouted while raising the blade into a horizontal position over his, silver antenna's, “I'm taking a slice out of you!†He slashed downward at an angle, turning slightly with the movement of his blade as the Locust attempted to side-step, and came down upon the Melody Beast!

    Reaching high in the cloudless, blue sky, the afternoon sun beat down upon everywhere void of shade, including a small graveyard where Detective Desmond Yamato stood in the very middle. Amongst him were about twelve rows of grave stones, not all of which had been well kept, though some did have flowers placed against the fronts. Sadly the twisting feeling in his gut was not from the plan, but what he had done earlier. He continued to tell himself it was a a good plan, and it would give him some viable cover. Least that was his hope, though he had no allusions that this was the final stand for him, and how the setting was quite fitting.

    As the sound of the sickly soothing, eerie melody played into his ears, it was followed by the crunchy of hooves trotting the gravel laid path that led into the graveyard. Remaining calm, the young Detective glanced at his surroundings: Thick, dark green brush, and trees lined the outer sides, with the only clearing in front or behind the rowed field of tombstones. A narrow space between death or retreat, and Desmond had already decided that retreat wasn't the option he was going to pick this time. Clenching his fists, he slowly turned to face the approaching Zebra Monster with the long, white and black striped, gun-arm. Glaring right at it with the look of determination in his eye, which barely hid the feeling of inevitable defeat that he felt. Although he quickly pushed it aside into the depths of his mind, it was still there, a constant reminder that there was no guarantee he'd make out of here.

    The Zebra slowly came to a halt as Desmond drew a pistol, then gave the graves a once over, before glaring with its dark eyes, right back at its prey with a huff. Gesturing with a head movement, for Desmond to attack.

    Slowly turning his head slightly to the left, giving the monster a puzzled look, Detective Yamato raised his weapon with one hand, aiming with his right eye down the site—he then pulled the trigger. Flames exited the barrel after kicking back from the recoil, ejecting the spent cartridge, then another and another. Each round exploded on impact, barely stunning the Zebra, but at least it did seem to take it by surprise, until it started to march forward. Desmond watched how it wasn't firing back though, and wondered if it had something to do with the graves? It did seem to glance at them first before wanting him to advance, and now it wasn't returning fire. But the Melody Beast indeed was getting closer to the twenty-seven year old Detective.

    Gripping the glock with both hands he aimed right at the black spot on its chest, and fired right at the wound, at least he hoped it was a wound from earlier. When each explosive bullet struck, exploding with a burst of flame and sparks, directly against the black spot, the Zebra bellowed and dropped to a knee, covering it with its other hand. It huffed at him again and took aim with it's gun, though aimed right at his head now, way over top of the graves. Desmond swiftly rolled out of the way as it fired, the shell from the Beast whizzed by, and he could hear it ripping through the air mere inches from him as he barely got out of the way in time.

    As he rolled to a knee, the Detective already had his hand in and out of his jacket pocket and clicked the red button on a small, hand-held, device. Smirking as he watched explosives go off around the gun-armed creature of death that was after his life. Taking out chucks of the earth, gravel and some tombstones that all became, hot, shrapnel splashing over the Zebra.

    Forced to cover up, the monster rolled out of the way, until it took an explosion right in the face, knocking it over onto its back hard. It shook the dizziness fast and quickly got back up to its hooves, then opened fire, though this time the rounds weren't normal shells! It fired one like a grenade launcher from a machine gun, and it arched up and over the graves, exploding on the spot in front of Desmond who tried to turn and dive for cover. Only to have the explosion send him flying further and knocking over a really old, tombstone. Ripping it out of the ground as he crashed into it, slamming hard onto his stomach again, dropping and losing the glock somewhere else away from him. Once the ringing settled in his ears, and the smoke started to clear, it was replaced with the Melody again, and the sharp pain throughout his body. Forcing himself up a bit, Desmond then suddenly lost his strength and dropped down yet again. That grenade was certainly too close for comfort, and quickly tried attempt number too as he could feel the creature approaching.

    Looking back, bruised and injured Detective was indeed right on that, in fact the Zebra was taking its sweet old time moving up the pathway. Gritting teeth, the twenty-seven year old scrambled up to his feet as best as he could and took to flight, diving over another tombstone as he heard another grenade being launched. Just as he made it over another, using it as cover, the explosive shell went off again, tearing a large hole in the earth, obliterating the tombstone into jib rock !

    Spinning on his side through the air, Kenkage sailed along and smashed through stacks of oil barrels, with sparks flying everywhere. As he fell, hitting the pavement hard, another burst of sparks burst forth from the point of impact, then the armoured Grasshopper continued to roll along. Eventually he stopped himself with a punch to the ground, and still gripping the ninja-sword. Kenkage slowly pushed himself up a bit with his fist, then cocked his helmeted head to the left as something caught the corner of his compound, metallic-red eye.

    Coming down through the air, the Locust Melody Beast extended its right leg into a push-kick position aimed right at Kuro's head. Quickly the green-armoured and black-suited, Grasshopper launched himself out of the way, just as the creature's foot plummeted into the pavement, making a small crater as bits flew everywhere. Kenkage at the same time spun his body around and jabbed a solid right punch into the monster's neck, knocking into a backwards tumble. Then tripping over the fallen barrels, the creature continued to hold onto its throat, gasping for air though angry clicks, giving Kuro enough time to pull the horizontal grip on the Shuriken launcher upon his right forearm.

    Although he felt shaken and he rushed readying the barrage of disc shurikens, unsure if it would work or not, he awaited the Locust to get back up. It didn't take it long either, as it flipped up to its feet, then attempted to jump, by bringing its feet together first—Kuro fired. Each of the three, green, shuriken-discs launched forth once he hit the button in the back. Spinning clockwise through the air, each one struck the creature dead on, stabbing into the Locust's chest and blasting sparks out from the wounds; knocking it down from mid-way into its jump.

    It was then Kuro looked down at the hilt of the Inagomaru sword, noticing the back of supposed hand-guard with the tube-like gapped, grip was slid out an inch. He then changed the underhanded grip holding the blade upright and gripped the bar on the back of the black, square-ish, hand-guard, extending it a few more inches. It was then he noticed that it was a kind of tray that could possibly hold discs, like a dvd player or game system. “Hm?†Kuro queried to himself, “Oh!†He then recalled th e disc-holder on the left of his belt, the one with the silver-scarab beetle appearance. “Maybe...â€

    Switching the sword to his right hand, he opened up the silver-pod on the left of the belt with his thumb pushing the button down and forward a bit, extending the holder out. Sitting there were four discs, one light blue, one orange, a lime green one and the regular blue, Stag-Beetle disc. At random, Kenkage picked nad drew the orange disc. Holding it up he looked it over noticing the copper colored, circuitry etchings in a fire like design. Placing it into the open tray on the back of the sword's hilt, it seemed to magnetically lock onto the circular indentation. It certainly caught his attention for a second before shutting the tray, which the weapon followed up saying, “Heat Charge!†Then the silvery-chrome blade of the Inagomaru heated up from the base to the sharp point, turning the blade orange in colour with a partially invisible distortion emanating off of it. Like when pavement gets super-heated from the sun.

    Holding the sword up as he looked at it, Kuro spoke to himself, “Alright,†then looked over at the staggered Locust as it kicked and thrashed through the fallen, oil drums. “I'm not just gonna take a slice out of you now... I'm gonna burn it out of you!â€

    With that Kenkage closed the disc-holder and then spun the sword around while rotating his wrist as he ran at his adversary who manged to leap forward and extended out its right, 'injured' and partially healed leg into another push kick. Just that it tilted its clawed toes for the incoming Rider, until he grabbed the sword with both hands and swung wide from the right, catching the side of the Creature's lower leg. Sparks blasted from the point of impact, followed by a burst of fire as the heated blade, started to burn through and cut into the open wound.

    The Locust dropped and rolled along the pavement, clutching at the gaping, scorched cut in its leg, clicking in rage as it shuddered in agony.

    Watching, Kenkage smirked under his helmet to himself, and then rushed towards the injured Beast, ready to slash at the creature again. “I'm not letting you after her ever again!â€

    At the last second the Locust flipped back up to its feet, halting the Rider for a moment, puzzling him if it was really hurt or not. Then Kuro noticed the fiend was off balance then leaped to close the distance and hacked down its chest, cutting the shell-plate, leaving a scorched, smouldering gash in its wake. Then landed another and another, leaving a similar gash with sparks bursting off, and then Kenkage struck upward from the right hip to the left shoulder of hte Locust. Blasting with sparks, the Monster fell to the ground while clicking angrily in pain. As it rushed to attack Kuro was all ready for it's advance, and struck again, though not with the greatest of skill, but it aided him well enough. Landing a solid stab that pierced into the chest armour of hte Locust, caused a large burst of sparks to spray forth, making the Melody Beast tumble over, and roll a few feet.

    “Well this certainly comes in handy,†said Kuro as he eyed up the super-heated sword, and then turned his head in the direction of the injured and staggering Locust. “Now to finish you!â€

    Just as Kenkage was about to hit the large, rectangular, grey button on top of his Disc Driver, a low growling caught the Rider's attention. Kuro straightened up and and quickly scouted around for the source of the growling, then turned around, and coming up behind him was another Cheetah Melody Beast. Clad in a brass chest plate, curved at the bottom and with four orbs in a semi-circle on the upper chest. Blue loin clothes covered the lower front, and long, blue strands like scarfs flowed behind it. The bi-pedal Cheetah Beast raised a black hand and pointing a clawed finger right for Kenkage in a threatening manner, then swung the arm out to its right, hand fully open as it called a metal pipe into its grasp. Once it took a hold of it, the metal pipe suddenly morphed into a black, bone-like rod with stone-ish, spear tips on either end. Slowly the creature held it in both clawed hands, readying the weapon to attack as it aimed a tip at the Grasshopper.

    Then the clattering of the Locust drew Kenkage's gaze back to it, and he saw the injured and burned, Melody Beast rising up, painfully slow. Still it appeared to be willing to continue fighting as it grabbed a piece of a broken crate. Tearing it off the Locust's grasp turned the jagged, triangular piece of wood into a short-sword with a similar shaped, steel blade, and black, bone-handle.

    Finding himself in pickle now as the two Melody Beasts approached from either end of the dock, Kenkage felt panic starting to settle in, but quickly raised up his Inagomaru over his head. Gripping the handle firmly with both hands with it still heated, Kuro kept looking back and forth, keeping his eye on the advancing creatures; hoping—praying, for an inkling of a chance of getting out of this alive.

    The shock-wave of a large, blazing, explosion sends Desmond into the air and rolling forward, slapping the gravel road with his back. Arching up in pain, the shaggy haired, Detective reaches around, holding the back of his left hand against the injured part of his back. But the pain shoots up throughout his body and forces him to fall back down, rolling slightly in agony, his face expressing it fully as it crunched up . Laying there, Desmond gasped for breath until he heard the crunching of gravel under hooves, and looked back to see the Zebra trotting through the dying flames.

    With adrenaline still rushing through him, he attempted to get up and moving, but the pain in his back forced him for fall back once more. He needed to rest a bit longer, but sadly he knew the Melody Beast wouldn't give him that time he needed and tried to get up again, only to fail once more. Cringing and groaning in pain, the twenty-seven year old, tried to go for his second glock, but the Zebra grabbed him by the wrist, stopping him and then yanked the injured man up to his feet, eventually raising him off the ground once the Zebra switched from Desmond's wrist to his throat. Choking the life out of him slowly, as it glared into Desmond's angry, fearful eyes.

    He didn't give up though, even as he believed this was it, he wasn't about to go out without fighting back, and kept on hitting the creature's arm and stomach with his hands and feet. Although each blow he delivered got weaker and weaker as the oxygen flow to his brain lessened, becoming thinner and his eyes started to drift shut while the light within them began to fade. Although the will to keep alive remained strong, the oxygen deprivation to his brain overtook him. Then suddenly Desmond felt the Zebra let go, throwing him back. Opening his eyes, the young Detective witnessed as time slowed down around him, watching the Monster raise the gun-arm on its left, preparing to end him once and for all.

    Suddenly a buzzing sound broke the silence as a mechanical red, silver and black-lined Japanese, Rhinoceros beetle with twin, black-barrels, lined with two copper coloured rings around them; flew passed Desmond's head. It fired the barrels one at a time in rapid succession, sending bolts of red energy at the Zebra Melody Beast, causing explosive displays of sparks to erupt from the creature's chest. Then the Rhinoceros pile-drived into the chest of the Beast, knocking it over!

    Desmond slammed to the ground, but this time managed to lean up a bit more, although gritted his teeth in pains till. Until he was suddenly forced to the ground again as a royal blue, gloved hand slammed a silver-chrome, CD-player with speakers, looking buckle onto his stomach. Pinned momentarily, as a black and silver-lined belt wrapped around him and clicked as it connected to the other side of the buckle. Desmond grunted from the hard hit to his already hurt stomach, which now sent pain soaring throughout his body. Though he struggled to look up, what he was gave him a worse feeling then the pain, at least at first as his eyes met the image of B-Girl crouched beside him. Her joyful smirk was obvious fake as the contempt in her eyes betrayed it.

    Her expression changed to a serious one. She titled her head and calmly, though rudely explained as she gestured with her finger to the points on specific parts of the Driver, “Put the disc in, then hit that button on the top.†Then she added while giving Desmond a snark-y grin, “Easy enough to remember? Or shall I draw you a diagram?â€

    With that she rose to her feet and smirked, then gave him a subtle wave goodbye with her fingers waving up and down. “See ya!†she spoke in her uusual voice, then skipped off behind him.

    Desmond tried to follow as he looked back and rolled onto his side, but when he looked back, she was gone without a trace. Exhausted and in pain, the Detective tried to catch his breath and then gazed down upon the silver-chrome belt on his wait. Gripping the right side, tilting up the buckle slightly with a angry shake, he questioned aloud, confused, “What disc?â€

    The Rhinoceros Beetle robot flew around the Zebra as it got to one knee and blasted around it, covering the creature in explosive flames and sparks. Then flew back around to Desmond, turning upside down, splitting its back shell and extending a tray holding a red, palm-sized disc with silver, circuitry etchings of the same beetle on it. Whizzing over Desmond's head, it dropped the disc down into his hands. Desmond crouched slightly, unprepared for the drop, and returned his gaze to the flying robot closing back up before returning to attack the Zebra as it fired a shot.

    Bewildered, the young Detective looked down at the disc in his hands, rubbing a thumb over the etchings. Curiously he touched the belt's circular gap with the golden, flat-end knob in the center that looked like it could hold the disc. Although unsure as to how to get it in there, when the disc seemed too big for the opening. Thinking fast, he wondered if it opened somehow, and pressed the disc to the center, but nothing happened expect for the clank of the two solid objects connecting. He grimaced in frustration as the Zebra nearly struck the attacking mini-robot, telling him his chance was fading fast.

    Desmond then suddenly noticed there were lines that gave the impression that the buckle was in four sections, and grabbed the left side speaker. Holding the other disc in his right hand, Desmond hesitated for a moment, wondering if this would even work, or what the heck it would even do. That bitch trying to help save his life was far from convincing, but given the situation, Desmond found his options limited as running would just prologue the inevitable. Making up his mind right then and there, he pulled hte side of the buckle, releasing the lock and expanding the four sections of the buckle as a voice came from the speakers: “Driver Open!â€

    The Zebra landed a lucky shot on the robotic beetle, knocking it into a spiral as it crashed along the gravel some distance further up. Finally able to return its attention to its target, the Melody Beast slowly started to approach again, beginning to re-aim the barrel of the gun-arm as well, huffing almost a kind of odd laugh.

    It was now or never and Desmond locked the disc onto the knob, then shut the buckle closed. A vertical red, laser beam appeared in the middle, scanned back and forth across the disc before disappearing, then replied, “Rhinoceros Beetle!†Right after, Desmond pushed the button with his left thumb, and gazed down to see what would happen next.

    In mere seconds the Disc spun rapidly, clockwise, shooting red light rays out of the etchings, followed by a materialization effect, as if something was forming and about to pop out.

    The Zebra huffed in a angry, though determined tone, then fired in an attempt to take out the human before letting whatever was about to happen, occur.

    Just as the explosive shell approached rapidly, a large version of the red and silver disc popped out, spinning, blocking the explosive blast. Desmond reacted as if it was about to hit, until he heard the sound, but felt nothing, and looked as he lowered his arms down. Seeing the larger version of the disc hovering there in mid-air, h e glanced down at the buckle, and saw the disc was still in there, spinning as well. Eventually both stopped , then multiple red beams followed from the knob and struck the larger disc from behind, cutting sections into armour patterns. Soon as it did that, the belt itself shot up and down his body, in a glowing orange, honey-comb pattern, forming a black, leather, body suit over him. Then the large disc opened up the armoured plates on hinges as it flew back and attached over Desmond's suited form. Granting the new Rider a kind of heavy-ish, solider-like, red techno-armour, lined in silver. Especially with the shoulder pads, have a three-panel look to them, with the helmet having a bug-like appearance with twin, compound, metallic-yellow eyes. On either side of the face-plate, two thin, triangular pieces popped out slightly, then the whole bottom row pushed out with the rectangular section in the middle, as it slowly raised up. The side triangles moved in to give the appearance of the beetle's horn, locking it into place not from from the forehead.

    Soon after the Disc Driver spoke in a deep, male voice, though similar to Kenkage's buckle as it spoke in sing-song, “Arm of the Law...!â€

    “Arm of the law?†Desmond queried quietly to himself, “What is this...?†He looked down at his armoured body and marvelled at the appearance, though it also confused the hell out of him as to what it was exactly. Looked like came out of a video game, at least to him it did. Then Desmond's gaze came over to the left of his belt, where a silver, scarab beetle, like pod was mounted. Absentmindedly he touched it with his left, armour-plated and gloved hand, wondering what it was for. Though something else also caught his eye on the right side, but as he went to check, the loud bang of a round being fired grabbed him back to reality. At the last minute he managed to raise both arms up and the armour to the blast from the explosive round. It barely staggered the red, silver and black, Beetle Rider, and as after lowering his arms, he leaped up and through the air, over the Zebra as he landed a solid heel into the back of the creature's head—stunning it, which made it stagger a few steps.

    Once the techno-soldier Beetle Rider landed, he flicked his wrist and turned about, leaning to the right to avoid the next shot, and moved in to slam a side-kick with his left, knocking the Zebra back a bit. He followed it up with several hard punches after knocking the barrel out of his way, then landed a right upper-cut and another powerful side-kick into the Beast's stomach.

    The Melody Monster flew back and rolled along the ground, after slamming down with a loud thud, trailing gravel along with it. Eventually stopping as it dug its hand into the ground, catching itself from going any further.

    Desmond flicked his right wrist again, and then took the moment he gave himself to check the right side of the belt, which holstered a pistol of sorts. Curious, he un-holstered it and looked the weapon over, which had a Rhinoceros Beetle appearance mixed with a revolver, with a kind of turbine chamber in the rectangular section that held it. Certainly had a reminiscence to the robot that attacked the creature earlier, even it color. Though the turbine-like chamber had a knob on the back like a belt, as if it could hold discs, and the hammer on the back also caught Desmond's eye. Making him wonder what it could possibly do or the purpose of it. Though it was possible that it opened the chamber maybe? Pressing it down the twin-black and copper-ringed barrels in the front, connected by a single barrel, started spinning clockwise.

    “Hmph,†Desmond murmured to himself, raising his eyebrows under his helmet. Then as he clicked the hammer back up, the barrels repositioned back to the horizontal state they started in. “Interesting...â€

    The Melody Beast huffed in outrage, slamming its barrel arm against the gravel and quickly charged at the red, Beetle Rider once it made it up to its hooves again. Grunting and practically galloping the Beast readied to fire...

    Desmond noticed in time and opened fire as he extended his right arm, shooting sprays of sparks from the barrels, one at a time with every press of the rigger. Sending a unique, red-lined and copper-coloured bullet at the Creature.

    As the rounds exploded heavily over the Zebra's chest, it halted its advance abruptly, dazing the Monster before sending it tumbling backwards. But it quickly got to a knee and fired anyways, which Desmond jumped sideways to the right, pulling the hammer on the Kabutorevolver, firing rapidly from the spinning barrels, changing up the firing-pattern that covered the Zebra's body in sparks. Remaining stunned the Zebra didn't see Desmond move up, but as it looked up, he was already there, but before it could shake off the haze, its face met the butt of the pistol! While stunned again the Zebra rolled back and tried to fire, but the Beetle Rider kicked the gun-barrel away and booted the monster back, making it stagger some feet backwards.

    Following up with rapid presses of the trigger, the Kabutorevolver unleashed a continuous barrage of spark sprays that sent over multiple, specialized, explosive rounds, rippling the Monster's body fully of explosive blasts of sparks everywhere! Letting up a little, Desmond watched as the Creature tried to fire again, but countered beforehand, shooting right at the barrel and destroying it!

    The Zebra yelled out horse noises in agony as it bellowed backwards, holding onto the smouldering remains of the destroy gun-arm. Still it huffed and puffed and hit its own chest with the remaining hand before galloping right at the Rider. Only to be pushed back and tumble hard along the gravel, as several more, circular-patterned rounds exploded into its wounded chest! Smouldering all over, the Melody Beast tried to get up, but dropped down from the pain that surged througout its body. Barely able to catch its own breath now.

    Desmond held the weapon up as he retracted his arm, smirking under the helmet. But his sense of victory was short lived, when he wasn't sure how to destroy this thing anymore then he did without the suit. “Now how do I kill this bastard?†questioned the Detective aloud to himself.

    At that moment, the sound of the mechanical, Rhinoceros Beetle robot from earlier was heard again. Desmond looked over to his right and watched as the damaged helper flew back up, though a smoke trail emanated from the damaged section, it wasn't on fire anymore and seemed to be slowly repairing. He watched it curiously fly over to him and spoke in a kind of mechanical series of sounds, which none of it he understood.

    “Right... might wanna repeat that in Japanese! Or hell, I'll take English!†he shouted at it, then added in a quieter tone, and more so to himself, but not caring if it heard him, “Damn robot...â€

    The Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle robot simply shook back and forth as if it fet up with the human as well, then flew up into the air in a hurry.

    Watching, Desmond's brow furrowed from within the dark confines of the helmet, bewildered more so now than ever. “What are you up to...?†It wasn't long before he got his answer... The robot beetle dropped down, with the back end heading right at him, though as he leaned back to nearly dodge it, the small robot slowed its decent at the last second, then plopped onto the button, making the Disc Driver's disc spin rapidly. A second later it tilted and fell over tot he left, using its weight to push the buckle to pivot the right side up, before fall off and then flying back up. Giving Desmond a few more mechanical sounds, it then went buzzing off.

    “Let's Punch It!†shouted the belt in the same, deeper sounding voice, causing the Rider to glance down at it and witnessing a red, surging energy, arching up from the center of the disc, up his right arm and into the gun which culminated into the tips of the barrels, glowing as orbs or red, vibrant plasma.

    While Desmond stared at the now, charged up and glowing weapon, the Zebra Melody Beast finally arose, though wobbly, and still in pain, it then stopped as it too noticed the weapon. The Beetle Rider then turned his gaze back at the Beast, though instead of it running away it charged for him one more time. Desmond wondered if it was trying to end its life, rather then another attempt at killing him? Either way he pulled back the hammer with the bottom edge of his left hand, after spinning it around his right finger, and prepared to fire from his hip as the barrels and turbine began to spin, increasing the plasma orbs slightly.

    “Die you son of bitch!†yelled the Techno-Solider, Armoured Detective as he finally squeezed the trigger, unleashing the orbs of red, white-cored, plasma, propelled by helix-like, red lasers from each barrel!

    Just as the Melody Beast tried to skid to a halt, the plasma orbs combined and struck dead on into the open, scorch wound, exploding and burning a hole right through the Creature's mid-section! Once the blast cleared, Desmond watched the monster stumble backwards, holding its open, bleeding wound, gasping for breath. Until arches of red energy emitted from the wound's smoke, trailed hole and covered the body of the Beast. Suddenly it began to spark all over and wail in agony, thrusting both arms out until the upper-half of the creature exploded! The remaining bottom half fell to the ground and was soon enveloped in flames.

    After a moment of holding his breath, Desmond exhaled and relaxed a bit, looking down at the gun before holstering it. Staring at the burning remains of the creature, the Beetle Rider found himself relieved that his incident was over, and satisfied to have finally killed one of these things as he clenched his fist to emphasize how he felt. Then gazed down at his hands after raising them up slightly, before clenching them both into tight fists. Until the sound of clacking was head, as if someone was right behind him, and his helmeted, horned, head titled back up a bit.

    Meanwhile, Shizuka sat upon the side of the road with her knees propped up to her chest, and arms wrapped around her shins as she awaited for Kuro's return. The robotic, blue, Stag-Beetle still flying about, keeping watch of the area. Eventually out of boredom, she picked up the black, SHOEI helmet that she laid beside her, and looked it over. Checking inside she found a white piece of tape that was started to peel. There was something written on it, so she pulled it out to check to see what it could be, and read, “Tsurugi Kaoru.â€

    'His sister's helmet', she thought to herself, and felt a little uneasy about that fact, though to trust her with it... it kind of warmed her heart in a sense. Which caused the young, auburn haired woman to crack a bit of a smile. Then she spoke quietly to herself, “I'll watch over him if you want me to. Even if you don't answer me... I will. Even smack him upside the head too when he needs it.â€

    With that she allowed a bit of a giggle to escape, until mechanical sounds were heard, but when she looked up, the Stag-Beetle crashed against the pavement, covered in webbing, with a few, small sparks flickering from it. Startled, Shizuka quickly got to her feet while still holding the helmet in her hands. But as the sound of the sickening, soothing, Melody filled her ears, her gaze met the eight, blood red eyes of a tall, black, humanoid female Spider, with six, spider-legs sticking out of its back. It held a large, black, staff with kind of spider-emblem blade at the top. Though the blood red, hourglass symbol in the middle of it matched the one upon her stomach, just above it's brass, armour belt, and the similar armoured breast plate that covered and pushed up, two, ample, mounds.

    The Black Widow Melody Beast lightly touched her thin, dark red, necklace which sported, several, human teeth of different types. Making a hideous hissing as it approached the frighned young woman.

    Shaking her head and staring at the Black Widow with wide, terrified eyes, she shook her head while uttering, barely audible “No'sâ€. Slowly she stepped backwards, away from the approaching Monster, though suddenly lost her footing and fell to the ground, frozen by the fear welled up inside her.

    With a bit of a cackling laughing, the humanoid Spider approached her with an arm extended, and pointing its gangly, sharp-nailed fingers at her...

    To Be Continued...

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    Looks like Desmond can annoy anybody, including the robot that's supposed to be his partner lol. Okay he got some of the Spider Rider respevt for holding his own against the zebra melody beast but he hasn't had a full conversation with him yet lol. The couple of nice moments between Kuro and Shizuka moved that particular relationship along nice but they both ended up in quite the jam at the end there. Can't wait to see how they play out.
  16. Afro

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    Awesome debut ep for the detective's promotion!!:buttrock: Now with three riders out and about I wonder what could happen if they meet considering only Spider Rider seems to know anything solid about the other two. I know for sure that'll be interesting. And once again a cheetah melody beast interferes between Kuro Vs Bruce Locust!(Just when I almost forgot about that cheetah too:laugh:). And to add on top of that, now there's another melody beast after Shizuka. also wondering what that doctor has planned. Looking forward to what you got cooking for the next ep!:thumbs:
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    Glad ya enjoyed the episode. :) Shall be interesting when they all finally meet, face-to-face, so-to-speak. :laugh: Especially Desmond's next encounter with Kenkage, now that he has powers that'll match his own, or possibly overpower him. Will have to wait and see what happens there. :coolshades: lol

    Although Kuro and Shizuka are certainly in a pickle now, and yeah, the good Doctor is definitely up to something. >:D Five more Episodes left for Arc 1, and the 2nd Arc is already taking shape. >:D
  18. Kamen Rider Oni

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    Thought I'd give an update on Episode 09. It's been started, though it won't be out until after the holidays, and once it is up there are only 4 episodes left for the First Arc. :coolshades:
  19. Kamen Rider Oni

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    I know I'm been away from this for a lot longer than I intended to be, and that episode 9 hasn't been released yet... Just been going through some tough stuff that's really killed my muse for a while. But I've cleared some of that off my plate, and gonna try to get episode 9 finished up. For now I'll leave you with a bit of stats on Kamen Rider Kenkage's current forms, and Desmond's as a Bonus:

    Kamen Rider Kenkage Stats:

    Name/ Rider Name: Tsurugi Kuro/ Kamen Rider Kenkage -
    Motif: Grasshopper.
    Disc Armor Colors: Green/ Silver accents and red eyes.
    Punch Power: 5 tons (normal)/ 10 tons (Finisher).
    Kick Power: 7 tons (normal)/ 15 tons (Finisher).
    Max Jump: 40 meters.
    Top Speed: 100m in 5 secs.
    Defense: 6.5/ 10.

    Motif: Stag Beetle.
    Disc Armor Colors: Blue/ Silver accents and orange eyes.
    Punch Power: 3 tons (normal)/ 8 tons (finisher).
    Kick Power: 4 tons (normal)/ 9 tons (finisher).
    Max Jump: 35 meters.
    Top Speed: 100m in 2.2 seconds.
    Defense: 4.5/10.

    Transformation System: Disc Driver (Belt) and Rider Discs.
    Finishers (So far): Overcharge Hopper Kick/ Hopper Punch, Overcharge Slash, Hyper Antler Slicing (Stag Daggers).
    Weapons: Inagomaru (Grasshopper Sword); Disc Shuriken Launcher; Stag Daggers.
    Insectroid Helpers: Grasshopper & Stag Beetle.
    Form Discs: Hopper, Stag Beetle.
    Ability Discs: Cyclone, Heat, and Electro.
    Rider Machines: Disc Hopper (bike); Stag Booster (Booster attachment); Disc Booster (When combined).


    Name/ Rider Name: Desmond Yamato/ Kamen Rider Gannon.
    Motif: Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle.
    Disc Armor Colors: Red/ Silver accents and yellow eyes.
    Punch Power: 5.5 tons (normal)/ 10 tons (finisher).
    Kick Power: 7.5 tons (normal)/ 15 tons (finisher).
    Max Jump: 30m.
    Top Speed: 100m in 7 seconds.
    Defense: 6/10.

    Henshin System: Disc Driver & Rider Discs.
    Finishers (So far): Overcharge Plasma Impact.
    Weapons: Kabutorevolver.
    Insectroid Helper: Kabuto.
    Form Discs: Rhinoceros Beetle.
    Ability Discs: TBA.
    Rider Machines: TBA.
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    I'm sorry to hear you've been in a rough spot man but its good to know you're coming back from it. With that said I wish you luck in finishing off what life's thrown at you!:thumbs:

    Ohoho the Detective's superhero title is Kamen Rider Gannon? Sounds cool! And those stats are interesting too. Gannon's clearly got the edge in power and Kenkage in speed. Makes me curious to know what the mysterious Spider Rider's stats are compared to the other two.

    As always I'll be looking forward to the next episode!:thumbs:

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