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    Down a dark alley ran a long, dark haired man in a manila coat and beige pants, soaked by the rain as it poured down relentlessly. Thunder roared in the sky shortly after each bolt of lightning danced through the cloud filled sky above. As the Asian man raced along in a panic, he began to stumble and toppled over a large assortment of crates and barrels, denting and crashing through them under his body weight. Staggering back to his feet he managed to make it to the end of the alleyway and found himself trapped by a metal fence. Quickly, clumsily he started to climb up the freezing cold, steel wired fence as fast as he humanly could. Nearly reaching the top he slipped and slammed to the ground with a wet, slapping thud.

    All of the sudden he thought he could here a distinct, soothing melody begin to play in his ear. Yet it seemed to be so far off that he could not make out the words, but attempted to try and see if he could focus in on it...

    Then, instead of the roar of thunder, the man heard the sound of howling beast from up above him. Forcing himself to squint through the beating droplets of ice, cold rain, he somehow saw the outline of something staring down at him from the rooftop of a building. His eyes went wide with terror, and hurrying to all fours the man began to scurry along the slightly, flooded pavement. His breathing turned ragged, sharp and heavy as he tried to escape.

    Suddenly a pair of sharply clawed feet of that of an animal, landed in front of him with a splash, sending water into is face and knocking him onto his behind. When he clearer his eyes a bit he looked up and swore he felt his heart leap into his throat. The man's breathing halted as he looked into the eyes of his worst nightmare raising a clawed hand up over its head... and with one quick swipe, the beast slashed downward.

    Upon the wall there were two shadows. One an animal-like humanoid and the other of a man sitting up. As the lightning flashed, the arm that was once held up by the wild beast was now down. Where the head of the man used to be, was the clawed weapon of the killing creature. A large spray of dark liquid continued to sprout from the severed neck, until the lifeless body flopped over onto the pavement. The clear water in the potholes were soon overflowed with red. Then reflecting in the red filled water was an elegant, beautiful, an almost milky white face of a young woman smiling down into the overflow of reddening water...

    Kamen Rider: KENKAGE

    Written By:
    Robert J. Wong.

    "JUST ONE LIFE"-Spyair
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fza_WIbjTdI"]Samurai Flamenco/????????? Opening Full - Just One Life ?? - YouTube[/ame]

    Episode 01: “On the Edge of Change.â€

    Tsurugi Kuro, in a blue hoodie and brown wind break and faded jeans, road his motorcycle through the slightly crowded streets of Zenmujiku city, during the afternoon rush hour. Dodging and evading random people as he went he kept an eye out for the apartment building number he was looking for. The smell from the delivery box on bad of the steaming , hot pizza with the works filling his nostrils at every stop sign he came to. Coming up on Tengawa Avenue, Kuro eased on the breaks and came to a rolling stop. Lifting up his tinted, black visor on his SHOEI helmet, he took a quick look around then reached into his jacket and pulled out a red, smart phone. After some searching and swiping he found the GPS app he downloaded the other night.

    “Ah!†he exclaimed, “Found you.†Then a shadow loomed over him and came a booming, cute, female voice and looked up.

    “Hello, everybody! B-Girl here and today is a new day!†boomed the female voice from above. Floating high in the sky among some clouds, came the Sky-Screen. A massive rectangular monitor on a high-powered hover-craft of sorts, as an invisible current of magnetic energy holds it up in the sky. On it stands a petite, twenty-one year old, woman with teal hair tied back in a ponytail with two, thin rings of hair in the back. She wears a white, low cut, latex, mini-dress and royal blue gloves that go up mid-bicep that match the thigh-high, five inch heeled boots she had on. And around her waist, a black belt with silver strips on top and bottom with a circular buckle in the center, like a disc.

    Kuro shook his head in disbelief at how she could start off the day happy, when he knew what the following announcement was going to be. It was pleasant that's for sure. Getting on with his job, he quickly put the phone away after turning it off. Then with a sigh he breathed, “Man..., well...†He then flipped down his visor and brought the kick-stand back up into place. Revving up the bike, Kuro continued on his way to the address's location.

    “Can't let that get me down!†he exclaimed over the loud, slightly deafening engine as he popped a wheelie.

    “Last night though,†she began holding her slightly closed hands up to her face cutely, “We had another Melody Beast attack! People should remember to stay within the safe zones when you hear the melody!†Suddenly the soothing tune started to play through the speakers, while the woman held a hand behind an ear as if listening. “Otherwise you will be in trouble! So be careful out there! Okay? Don't lose your heads out there! Bye-bye!†she finished with a wave and a wink before the video ended with the image of a blue circle, covered in green vines and black musical notes. In the center spelled the words out of musical notes: “Musicular Organization†with the subtitle under it: “Where Your Song Begins.â€

    After making it to the right street, parking it on the side, Kuro turned off the engine and removed his helmet, placing it on the handle bars. Scratching his head of messy, dark brown hair he swung a leg over and dismounted from the bike and went around back to get the pizza. He searched high and low all over the street for the apartment number. Honestly he was starting to think he would never have found the place until someone opened, narrow, beige painted, metal door with the number in small, black digits in the middle. “Ah-ha!â€

    Kuro rushed over to the open apartment door out came a average height, young woman with straight, long, auburn hair. He only seen her from behind and actually enjoyed the view. Her small, heart shaped bottom was what really caught his eye in a pair of black, jean shorts that appeared to be skin tight. Following up her proportionately slender frame, with two nicely form, though somewhat small breasts came into focus through the confines of her white sweat-shirt.

    He wondered how long he'd been staring and quickly shook his head and looked her right in the eye just as hers met his. The twenty-five year old delivery boy couldn't help but smile at how beautiful she looked and found himself under to utter a word for a moment.

    “If that's mine, you're three minutes late,†the Asian woman spoke sharply, yet softly at the same time. It was a enough to make Kuro want to melt but at the same time what she said snapped him back to reality.

    “Eh? Oh!†The bumbling delivery boy clued in that he was holding her Pizza, “Yeah, I had a hard time finding the place... the GPS isn't that reliable. Heh...,†Kuro spouted out, rubbing the back of his neck as he struggled to continue to look her in the eye. God she was beautiful, and. Some part of him hoped she'd take a little pity on him due to the trouble finding the place. Sadly that wasn't happening anytime soon.

    “Riiight,†she said faking concern, not believing his excuse one bit. “Well I'm still not paying for the pizza, not full price anyways. Says so on the guarantee. It's here within the time or I don't have to pay full price.†The twenty-four year old, auburn haired woman shoved a hand into her shorts pocket and pulled out a few bills. “Here's half,†she said shoving it into Kuro's open palm as he stood there, then grabbed the pizza and the mail box for today's mail before going back into her apartment.

    “Eh? Eh?†Kuro stood there blinking, unable to process what had just happened.

    The Z.C.P.D was a buzz with the usual days workload of petty crimes reported overnight and as the first rays of light came up. It went all the way into the afternoon, keeping everyone on their toes and quite steady throughout their work shifts. The air conditioner was still broke and so the air felt warm, and the smoke from a few lit cigarettes thickened it to that of a haze. Stale, lukewarm coffee from the night before mixed in with it as well. Most of the offers were used to it, but some did pray someone would make a fresh batch soon. A lot of them felt like they could use it, especially the ones who were not morning people.

    In walked a decently toned man, about five-foot-seven with well kept, shaggy black hair and a goat-tee. Dressed in a blood red, leather jacket, a black T with a white, button up shirt over it, three buttons open at the top, and a pair of beige pants and black shoes, he certainly dressed like cop from another country. Even though he looked obviously Asian, the clothes certainly screamed western, at least the brand names did.

    He marched on thrown the row of desks, ignoring the smell of stale coffee and cigarette smoke filling his nostrils as he went along. It didn't bother him all that much, but he couldn't say he enjoyed it either, though he was there for another purpose entirely. Reaching the end of the blue and grey painted room, he reached a door that lead to a room covered in glass windows, with white blinds shielding whoever it was inside. The blinds on the door's window w tilted open a bit so whoever was inside would know who was at his door.

    He then gave a quick knock before entering Captain Mitsuhara's office, where the man himself sat behind a large, dark wood desk filled with papers, a laptop and a lamp. At the front of the desk sat a golden, rectangular plate with the Captain's name on it. Captain Hiroshi Mitsuhara looked about his late forties, with short, black hair that appeared to be thinning at the top. He wore a white, button-up, short sleeved shirt that had faint, blue stripes and a tie with dark slacks. Draped behind his comfortable, somewhat cushioned chair was a black coat that matched the pants and shoes he had on.

    Mitsuhara stopped his pen and looked up for a moment then went back to doing what he was doing, “Take a seat, Detective Yamato,†he said, gesturing to the one of the smaller, stiffer chairs in the front of his desk.

    “I'll stand,†Yamato replied dryly.

    “Suit yourself,†said Mitsuhara, not caring either way if his new detective took his offer or not, he was going to make him wait regardless. Already busy with paper work that needed his attention was more important then briefing some new guy from foreign soil.

    Desmond Yamato eyed the back wall, noticing several frames that were filled with pictures or friends, family with only kids and guessing divorced. Others held certificates, even a baseball team photo among them from either college or highschool. Looking over the desk he could tell Mitsuhara was a procrastinator due to the amount of paperwork littered about. Desmond could also tell that his new Captain was indeed a man tough man with a lot of scars as well, even if he couldn't see them. He just gave off that vibe to him, every mistake, every victim was a hit he took and hung over his own head.

    “So..., you asked to be transferred to us from America,†he stated nonchalantly, “Why come here to our little city?â€

    “The Beast attacks,†Desmond answered flatly, “I've done all I can over in L.A. and my investigation has led me here. Only way I could continue-â€

    “Let me stop you right there,†Mitsuhara interrupted, holing a hand up. “Here, you won't be doing that. You'll be working regular cases, ordinary crimes. It's best to just leave it at that.â€

    “I intend to do my job, sir,†Desmond told the older Captain, “But I will be continuing my investigation into the Melody Beast incidents.â€

    “Don't be foolish!†Mitsuhara raised his voice and slowly rose up from his seat, propping himself up with his hands. “Do you know how many men and women I've lost out there trying to uncover what those things are and where they come from. -No one knows. No one will ever know. No one survives an encounter outside the safe zones. Nothing more.â€

    The forty-eight year old Captain glanced at the paperwork upon his full, messy desk and sighed heavily. Then, as he sat back he continued in a much calmer demeanour. “Listen, Desmond. I've seen guys like you before. Think you're tough enough to cut it on your own. But out there against those things.... Bullets don't work against them, neither do fisticuffs. Might as well be firing blanks. Seriously kid, you got a life ahead of you still.

    “Around here we consider a natural disaster and treat them as such. Cause there is nothing we can do about it, but run and hide. And fools... don't get benefits for doing fool hearty tricks cause they think they are invincible.â€

    Mitsuhara sat back down while picking up his pen and continued to write, “Listen. Don't listen. You just do you job and leave your death wish for your free time. Not while you're on duty. You got it?â€

    “Yes, sir,†Desmond responded a little bit of a louder voice, to show he understood his Commanding Officer. He wasn't done yet though and slowly, arrogantly leaned over the Captain's desk to look him right in the eye and started to talk in a quieter, sterner voice. “I never think I'm invincible, sir. I do believe evil wins when the just do nothing. Thought we are part of the justice system? Well at least I am the justice, and will do what I must to stop these attacks anyway I can... On my own time. Sir.â€

    With that, Desmond casually stood up and marched out the door while Mistuhara watched and witness the door slam on his way out.


    Across town, Kuro stood outside his last customer's apartment, knocking on her door while waiting for her to answer it. “Excuse me! Hello? Miss?†So far the plan was to wait till she opened the door then somehow not become a bumbling buffoon and ask for her number. To him she was the most beautiful girl had even seen in his life and he had seen plenty. Granted it was only in the magazines, at work and on the computer monitor. Still he felt that he had to at least try and ask her out somehow, maybe to a coffee.

    Finally the door opened up and she stuck her head out through the opening to look around and see who was bothering her. Her eyes came up to the young delivery guy's and there they stayed as her expression changed from curious to a bewildered one. “What are you still doing here? You stalking me or something???â€

    “Ehh... no... I...â€

    “You're not getting the full price, I told you your guarantee says I don't if you're late, and you were late. Now shoo-shoo!†she told him while gesturing for him to do so.

    “Ummmm... actually, I wanted to know... would you like to go get a pizza with me sometime...?†WHAT WAS THAT? Kuro wondered to himself, cursing himself in his head for saying something as stupid as that, and he didn't even ask for her number either! “And... it only works if I'm thirty minutes late.... heh. So you kinda have to give me the full amount....†He added, scratching the back of his head embarrassingly.

    “What the hell, the guy on the phone said if it was late—period I didn't have to pay! I'm not paying it. You pay it. And get the hell out of here you creep!†she shouted at him and then slammed the door in his face, locking it up.

    “Well that could of gone better...,†Kuro said quietly to himself, scratching his head again. “I still need the money though....â€

    Taking a step forward, he was about to knock until he heard the sounds of clicks and clanks from the locks opening fast. Before he could step out of the way the door smashed him right in the face and knocked the twenty-five year old, brown coated lad onto his behind. Daze and confused he watched her run out in a panic, now in pants, jacket and a bicycle helmet. Shaking it off he staggered back up to his feet, holding onto the railing behind him .

    “Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! I need to get down there...!†shouted the young woman, charging along the walkway and flying down the staircase to a black scooter parked underneath. Getting on she stuck in the key, turned it and heard the engine sickly try to turn over for the better part of five minutes. “Come on! Come on! Come on! Don't do this to me now!â€

    “Hey!†yelled Kuro from above her, grabbing her attention. “Do you want a lift?â€

    She just stared up at him in shock for a minute, not realizing he was still there until that very moment. Honestly she wasn't sure if she felt relief, or fear for the fact that guy who asked her out was still standing near her apartment after she told him “no†and to leave her alone. Although given her situation right now, she couldn’t really hook this gift horse in the mouth right now...


    Sitting in a big, comfy red chair sat a tall, athletically built woman in a dark, business attire ranging from a jacket, white shirt, and knee length skirt. Her dark brown hair flowed elegantly down over her shoulders in front and back. The bangs held back behind her ears out of her face while sitting cross legged and arms resting comfortably against the rests. The twenty-six year old woman looked on out towards an open window as a light breeze blew into the room, blowing the curtains around as if they were dancing along the wind. Every so often she would glance up towards the clock then back out to the light coming in through the window.

    A long ray of sunlight shone through it all the way up to her feet, illuminating the eggshell coloured carpet beneath her. Next to her was a small, dark wooden, circular topped table, holding a white and pink china cup, half full with hot tea. Beside the cup and saucer was it's matching teapot. After a moment she reached for the cup and gently raised it to her slightly puffy, sensuous, rose coloured lips, and took a tiny sip.

    “Tendou-sama,†spoke an elderly gentleman as he casually walked in into the nearly bare, opaque room, clad in an impressive suit, with thitw gloves and black bow tie.

    “Yes, Ichijou-san?†she asked, placing her cup back upon the saucer.

    “It next one is going to occur sooner then expected we believe,†replied the elderly, greying butler, curiously wondering what he reaction would be. Or possibly what action his mistress would be taking now that things were moving a bit faster then expected.

    “I know,†said told him, “I've been watching the clock and... I can feel the moment coming. The melody even.â€

    “What are you planning to do?â€

    “I'm going to stay and wait...,†she answered, “To see what happens.â€

    “Oh...?†wondered Ichijou out loud, raising an eyebrow at his mistress' answer.

    “Yes,†she said, taking another sip of tea from her white-pink china cup. “This song and dance... is just beginning.â€

    Both Tendou and Ichijou shared a grin while the butler nodded and chuckled.

    Kuro and the girl he decided to give a lift to road along the streets of Zenmujiku City, passing vehicles every so often to get ahead of traffic. He was trying his best to get her where she needed to go as fast as he could, without going over the speed limit too much or endangering them both. The young delivery guy could feel her arms squeezing against him tightly as he bobbed and weaved the bike through a few more cars a little bit faster then last time. To be honest he wasn't complaining, he liked it actually and figured it'd be the closest he'd ever get with her so, Kuro thought he might as well enjoy it.

    In fact a small smile came over him from under his dark visor, SHOEI helmet. Thankfully the tinted visor prevented her from noticing when he glanced back at her to make sure she was alright, and to continuing refresh her beautiful face into his memory. Deep down he didn't want to forget her and for sure didn't want to stop meeting her, but alas she probably wanted nothing to do with him. So after this he decided to bolt and move on with his life.

    Earlier today wasn't bad enough to ruin his day, this sure was making up for it unfortunately.

    Coming up to the curve of the street next to his passenger's supposed destination, Kuro slowed down and then put the kick-stand down before turning off the engine. She hopped off first and ran into the small, single story music shop. Kuro remained on the bike and just lifted the visor up, which the sun forced him to squint from where it was shining. There he waited for her to come out and she wasn't long inside the building, the young, auburn haired woman came out rather quickly holding a white, plastic bag with the store's logo on it. Inside the bag appeared to be a whack of stuff from the size of the bulge.

    “You were in a rush to get all that...?†he questioned, raising both eyebrows in disbelief.

    “Yeah, I've been waiting forever for her new single to come out,†she answered reading through the mini-booklet that she pulled from the bag. “What's it to ya?â€

    “I thought you said you were late to pick up some important work files...?†he asked accusingly in a jesting tone. “You did say it was very important.â€

    “Well...,†she began and looked him right in the eyes, seriously, “It's important to me. She's my idol. I wanted to get this on the day it came out.â€

    “Okay, okay, but...,†Kuro trailed off.

    “But what...?â€

    “Can you...,†continued the delivery boy, “at least tell me your name?â€

    She began to think it over, and though he did drive her across town without prying into why all the way there. Slowly she gave in and told him her name. “Shizuka. Yonemura Shizuka.â€

    Kuro offered his hand in friendship and waited. “Tsurugi Kuro.â€

    Shizuka then took his hand and they shook, with only the young man unable to control a broad smile from forming upon his face. The young woman on the other hand , eyed him a bit funny as she still found him rather odd. “Nice to... meet you...,†she said, awkwardly.

    “Like wise,†he said, still grinning from ear-to-ear. Kuro found himself unable to take his eyes off her the whole time they were standing there on the side of the street as they both became silent, and the moment turned even more awkward. “So...â€

    “So...,†began Shizuka uncertainly, “Do you do this a lot...?â€

    “What?†he asked, taking off his helmet for a moment.

    “Pick up girls you deliver pizza to?†she questioned, giving him a curious look and chuckle.

    Chuckling, Kuro just shook his head, “And with vehicle troubles?â€

    “Yeah, those too I suppose,†she laughed.

    “Well the answer is no, not usually,†he answered, still grinning somewhat, “It's definitely a first time doing that. Though the bumbling like an idiot earlier is rather normal for me, when...†Kuro trailed off looking away from her eyes, finding it impossible to say what he wanted to say to her. His nerves were sadly getting the better of him again as he shied away from her gaze.

    “What...?†Shizuka chuckled, pressing to find out what he was going to say.

    “I-it's nothing...,†he told her, waving her away. “Listen. I need to get back. I'll take you back first though, okay?â€

    “Hmmmm,†she mused over what he was about to say but decided to let it go for now. Shizuka knew he was right that he had to get back probably before his boss yelled at him or something. “Okay,†she agreed and hopped onto the back while putting on her bicycle helmet once more.

    Kuro and Shizuka made their way back, taking a quicker route through the small market part of town. At least during this time of day it wasn't as busy or crowded with tons of people, so driving through to a bridge that went over a river, surrounded by white, concrete tiled ground on either side. Both of them could feel the heat of the mid-afternoon sun beating down on them as they rode over the stone and metal railed bridge. Which it took reflected off of the water, causing the illusion of it sparkling to Shizuka as she turned to look on out towards the large mass of water. Kuro still kept on looking straight ahead, but could see it too in his peripheral vision.

    Once on the promenade which was filled with stone, rectangular pillars, metal columns and even sculptures, they slowed down as they noticed there was a quite a bit of people around. Taking a smaller pathway they drove along in between two rows of cherry blossom trees and onto the other half o the promenade towards the business district lied.

    As Kuro and Shizuka headed towards the main street, passing between several buildings owned by the Musicullar Organization a soothing, melody began to play through the air even over the loudness of the engine. Slowing down on the throttle and coming to a halt, Kuro and Shizuka quickly looked around for wherever the creature would be coming from. Both of their hearts began to beat faster and faster while they also searched desperately for a safe zone marker. The closest one was all the way at the exit into the industrial area.

    “Hang on!†he exclaimed to his passenger on back then quickly turned the bike in the direction of the safe zone and gunned if at full throttle. Revving it higher and higher, Kuro hoped he'd been able to outrun the Melody Beast no matter where it came out of.

    “Where is it?!†asked Shizuka trying to be heard over the engine.

    “I don't know!â€

    Suddenly a few feet in front of them, a six-foot, green scaly lizard with metallic armor, claws and tipped tail landed crouched. Kuro could see the yellow beads of its eyes glaring right into his, and as he closed in they became bigger and somehow, angrier from what he could tell. Deep down it terrified him to the point where he didn't realize that he was speeding up and not slowing down. All of the sudden the front of the bike smashed into the Lizard's face, hitting the Melody Beast with enough force to knock it over a few more feet.

    “Hang on to me!†he shouted back to Shizuka, hitting the breaks which forced the tires to skin and burn against the concrete to a stop as the bit pivoted to the side. “You aright?â€

    Shizuka nodded her head while keeping her body held tightly against his back, afraid to let go for an instant. “Mm-hm!â€

    Kuro could hear her breathing heavily and at least it gave him some comfort to know she was still on there and still alive. Then he heard the growling of the Lizard coming from the right. As he turned to see what it was doing he and his passenger were both knocked off the bike by the creature's large, scaly, ridged and metal tipped tail. Coming to, Kuro found himself laying flat on his stomach with a large crack on the right side of his visor. Looking up he noticed his bike had been thrashed over quite a ways, or he was thrown that far off. Either way his head and shoulder and pretty much his entire body ached. Remembering about Shizuka he quickly scanned around for her, and then he saw her lying a couple feet from him in another direction on her side, back facing him. Sadly there was no way for him to tell whether or not if she was dead or just asleep from here. Forcing every last bit of strength in his body that he could muster, Kuro crawled on over to her, dragging himself by his forearms and the side of his knees.

    Then, he remembered the Lizard and quickly looked around for where it might be in case it attacked him again. While looking in behind him, a piece of his cracked visor broke off, shattering upon the ground beside him. Standing there was the Lizard Melody Beast, tail flowing in a kind of wild, fluid motion, as if preparing to strike at a wounded animal. It was preparing to finish him off. “No!†Kuro shouted and kicked the creature between the legs as hard as he could. While the beast stumbled backwards, stunned and growling in pain, Kuro staggered and tumbled getting up to his feet. The pain that shot through his own body was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. He figured it was the adrenaline surging through his body that allowed him to even move that much.

    Rushing over to the fallen Shizuka, the young, delivery guy dropped to his knees beside her. Grabbing her by her shoulders, picking her up, he attempted to shake and wake her to see if she was dead, though he hoped otherwise. “Shuzka-san! Shizuka-san!â€

    “Hello everybody! B-Girl here!†came that familiar, cutesy girl's, cheerful voice as the sky monitor flew across the the mildly cloudy, blue sky. “A Melody Beast attack is in progress! Remember, if you don't want to die, head to your nearest safe zone till the all clear!â€

    “Shizuka-san!†Kuro exclaimed again, shaking her body once more. He heard her moan and breathed a sigh of relief finally knowing she wasn't dead at least. Unfortunately their time was running out as the Lizard Melody Beast had a swift recovery and roared a loud into the air, raising both its metal clawed hands into the air.

    This was it, the end of the line for them. Death's final knock echoing to the very core of Kuro's soul as he watched the creature saunter towards them. He felt it's grip soon tighter around his neck, and felt his knees lift up from the ground, followed by his feet which dangled in the air. The air... quickly leaving his lungs as his wind pipe was forced closed by the massive grasp the Lizard had on him. Slowly feeling his eyes shut, everything started to turn blurry with only the soothing, hypnotic sound of the melody becoming the only thing he could hear....

    Suddenly the young man felt something strike him in the gut, knocking the remaining air out of his body. It sent the twenty-five year old, delivery guy flying through the air away from the Lizard at near break neck speed. Sailing through the air he heard a kind of high-speed, slithering, wisp sound followed by a click, then hit the ground hard. Once more he blacked out and after regaining consciousness yet again, everything slowly faded back into view. The Melody was now in the distance, faint and almost not even there anymore. Instead what replaced it was the sound of a subtle, low-volume, repetitively quiet beep.

    Kuro could feel something around his waist, it fitted rather snugly he thought. Gazing down the front of his body he saw that there was an wide, nine-sided, silver-metallic buckle. It had the appearance of a kind of boom-box of sorts, at least on either side which appeared to be speakers. In the center was a circular hole, like a clear, LED lens and a smaller, golden flat, circular knob in the center. It seemed like it could hold something from what he could tell. At the very top in the middle was a single, rectangular, grey button. Curiously he pressed it, causing the belt to blink in the center with a white light as it gave an “Error†notification noise.

    “Great... now what the hell do I do with this...?†he asked a loud to no one in particular as he took off his helmet finally, dropping it to the ground while standing up. Checking out the rest of the belt, Kuro noticed it was similar belt to that of B-Girl's. Black with silver stripes on the top and bottom, but this time there was ports for something on either side. “What is this thing...?â€

    “Ah! Ahh...!†exclaimed B-Girl on the monitor, then from one of the metallic pillars on the ground, a ray of light shone out of a small point near the top. From that light materialized a partially see-through hologram of B-Girl a few feet from where Kuro stood, facing him. Clapping her hands together, B-Girl exclaimed joyfully, “You've been selected! What will you be??â€

    “Eh?†gasped Kuro, “What the heck are you talking about? -What is this thing!?â€

    “Oh...,†she replied, “That is a Disc Driver. You do have your disc, right?â€

    “What disc!?†he questioned, angrily. He noticed the Lizard charging in and swipe for the holographic girl only to watch the holograph break up around it's metal, clawed hand. Quickly turning around the Lizard swung its steel tipped tail towards Kuro, who ducked in the nick of time and rolled out of the way onto a knee. Watching the tail come at him again, the young man was able to dodge it yet again, but the third struck him in the arm and spun him through the air. Landing on his side with a dull thud, he cried out in pain before rolling over onto his back.

    “Mmm-mmmh,†murmured B-Girl, pouting and shaking her head as she watched and cringed at what was happening. “You can't transform without it, but where could it have gone...?†she wondered out loud, tapping her bottom lip with her left index finger.

    The Lizard Melody Beast snarled a laugh as it sauntered back over to finish the job once more. Stopping a few inches away the monster raised it's mighty tail and aimed the point right for Kuro's head. It looked down upon its victim and waited for him to look back at it, just so it could stare deep into his eyes as he drove in the final blow.

    Suddenly there was this odd, spring-bouncing sound coming from the left of the Lizard, and Kuro's right. As they both turned to look in the direction of the noise they saw a small, green and grey, robotic grasshopper with tiny red eyes and silver antenna. Like lightning it bounced into the air and struck across Lizard's face, back and forth then dead center in the forehead, knocking onto it's behind. Once the monster was stunned, the Grasshopper robot hopped over to Kuro. They both looked at one another for a second until the robot turned on it's side, and popped open a rounded holder with a palm sized, green, crystallized disc that had a techno-circuit like outline of a Grasshopper on it.

    Kuro hesitantly took the disc out and held it in the palm of his right hand. While standing he stared at it for a moment before looking back to the mini-robotic helper. As it bounced away the young man saw that the Lizard was starting to rise again. Startled, Kuro backed p a bit until form the corner of his eye he could see that B-Girl was trying to show him something.

    “This!†B-Girl instructed, pointing with both hands to her waist where a holographic representation of Kuro's Driver appeared. “Put it in this!†Her holographic body turned into a vid-window projection of a kind simplistic instructional video. With light blue, kid-friendly arrows the Driver opened up into four sections. Two arrows demonstrated that he had to pull the side ones apart, followed by placing the disc in the center, and finally shutting it.

    Kuro looked down at the Driver hesitantly at first, uncertain of what would happened to him if he did as the holo-spokeswoman instructed. His decision was suddenly made for him as the roar of the armored, Melody Beast snapped him back to reality. Instinctively he grabbed the left side of the buckle and pulled, easily it opened up into four sections, showing a dark-red interior, circuitry panel around the clear, circular LED port. “Driver Open!†went the belt in a loud, human, semi-excited voice. Placing the disc on the small, golden cap, he then pushed in on both sides of the open buckle, shutting it with click. Following that came a green energy bar across the middle of the disc, which quickly scanned up and down. Shortly afterwards the buckle said, “Hopper!â€

    “Henshin yo!†shouted the B-Girl through cupped hands around her mouth after transforming back into her original form. It was almost like she was cheering him on from the huge smile she had on her face, that also kind of gave Kuro a chill down his spine.

    “How...?†he asked, bewildered on how to actually operate the bloody thing. “This?†as he said that he tapped the top button down with a balled up fist. A ray of green light shout out of one side of the disc, then the disc suddenly began to spin—followed by more light rays appearing. The light and crystal disc spun in the counter-clockwise direction for a few seconds, until a metal version of the disc spun out and stopped a couple feet in front of Kuro. There it grew into a large one, about a meter and a half in height and across, as well as a three inches thick. “The hell...?

    Laser lights emitted from the center of the belt and laser sizzled the techno-circuitry grasshopper symbol on the larger disc that matched the one on the disc in his belt. As the giant version split into pieces of grasshopper like armor on a hinged frame, it flew back towards Kuro's body. Meanwhile the belt itself covered--digitally a black body suit over him, from head-to-toe. Just as the amor attached and folded back over his body forming plates of armor that covered his: body, shoulders, down the outside of his arms, front of his thighs, over his forearms, hands and legs, feet and even his head. Which became a grasshopper like helmet with two, metallic-red compound eyes and twin silver antenna flipping up, curved backward a bit. Everything sealed up in the back, with a clamping click and a powering up hum as the eyes lit up.

    “Edge of the Ninja...!†spoke the belt in a sing-song voice, once the transformation had ended.

    Before Kuro could process what just occurred or even catch what the holographic girl in the white latex mini-dress, the Melody's Beast's tail came whipping towards him. Catching the new, black and green armored, techno grasshopper felt the credible impact force of the metal tip, striking across his chest. An explosion of sparks soon followed it, blinding the young grasshopper for an instant. It was all the creature needed as the stunned, suited up Kuro took another whack soon after. Then came a straight on jab from the tail that stunned the heck out of the Armored Grasshopper. It was so powerful it sent Kuro rolling backwards onto his stomach.

    As he forced himself to look up, Kuro could feel the pain surging through his body still from earlier, it wasn't as bad now, but it still didn't help. The added strikes on top of it only shook him up a little bit more. But that sudden knock down did a good number, even through the suit. Shaking it off the Grasshopper saw the Lizard briskly marching over, with it's tail swimming like a cobra in the air behind it, preparing to strike yet again. Forcing his hands either either side, Kuro pushed up with everything he had and then some. Somehow managing to move both feet under his body, he pushed and with great speed, jumped up into the air. In the nick of time he avoided the incoming tail as it tried to catch him in mid-flight. Coming back down Kuro reaching back with his right first he shouted, “Eat this!†He missed...

    The Lizard side-stepped the incoming Grasshopper's punch and lacerated across the front of his chest armor, showering sparks all around yet again. It continued it's onslaught, slashing and clawing at the pour Kuro who desperately tried to strike back, but only managed to hit air. Suddenly the young Armored Bug fell back again from the tail, sending slamming onto a patch of pavement, back first with sparks even erupting under him.

    Kuro found himself almost to the point of blacking out from that attack. Honestly, wasn't this thing supposed to be helping? He wondered to himself as he tried to roll on over, but his body would not budge. Until he saw the Melody Beast charging at him as he looked back, upside down. Somehow using a burst of adrenaline he managed to brace himself, and swing back both legs, giving the Lizard a good crack on the nose. While it staggered back it tried to swipe for the Techno-Grasshopper again with its tail; Kuro flipped back to his feet avoiding it. He didn't stop there though, the young Armored Insect sprung down on both hands and shot back both legs, slamming both feet into the Monster's chest—this time really driving it onto its own back, stunning it.

    Using that impact force with the forward momentum he somersaulted ahead and turned around on one knee, facing the creature once more. Charging in himself this time he leaped into the air again and this time flipped himself over behind the creature as it began to regain its footing. Grappling onto the back of the Lizard, Kuro held onto it for dear life. The Melody Beast swung around back and forth trying to throw him off with everything it had, but he just wouldn't let go, and instead Kuro tightened his grip around the monster's throat. Maybe choking it to death might work, Kuro thought and applied even more pressure, but forgot about the tail as it struck him across the back repeatedly. Then came the clawed hands as it somehow grabbed a hold of the Grasshopper. Honestly it was pretty damned determined to get him off its back, and when it did, Kuro felt his body thrown quite some distance.

    As he struck the ground in a flurry of sparks, the Grasshopper Armored Kuro tried is best to shake off that impact as he did the others. Sadly it wasn't working, and at one point he swore he seen stars, that's how hard he hit the concrete this time.

    Just then, Kuro heard one of the metal columns activate, but this time the whole side of it opened up with a pretty life-like B-Girl skipping on out. Across the battlefield she made her way, reaching for the a unique sword on her back. It had a curved blade with a square hand guard that had a bit of a mini grip on the back. Without breaking a sweat and without a shred of fear, this B-Girl came in front of the Lizard, giving it a slash across its chest. She followed it up with more, even cutting the tail off with one swing! With lightning, and elegant precision she swung the sword in a spinning motion with one arm and continued to drive the creature backwards. Finally this B-Girl stabbed forward with the tip of the blade and as it impacted in the center of the Beast, there explode a burst of sparks! B-Girl then threw the sword into the air and let it stab into the ground a few feet away from Kuro. As she gave him a wink and smile she skipped away back into the adjacent column. “Good luck, Ninja!â€


    Kuro didn't know what to think, other then why did she just keep at it? She would obviously be doing better then him right about now... Unfortunately he couldn't dwell on that for long, the Melody Beast was already up and snarling again. Except this time it dashed for the sword! Kuro mustered up everything else he had left and did a mad run for it as well. As they both were about to grasp for the weapon, Kuro pulled back and swung for everything he had, slamming a good solid punch into the nose of the Lizard. He swore there had been a crunch, and the blood gushing out of it was the only proof he needed. If you could call that green stuff blood? The Grasshopper Ninja then grabbed for the sword and shimmied it from the ground. Turning the blade upward he looked it up in down as he held it with both hands.

    “Alright..., -huh?†he gasped turned to find the now extremely infuriated, bleeding Lizard nearly on top of him. With lightning reflexes, the Ninja Grasshopper spun around and hacked with the Ninja Sword at the same time! Sparks flew while the sharp edge made contact, sending the wounded creature back again. Kuro didn't let up though he came at the monster again and haphazardly attacked, missing most of the time, but somehow able to hold the monster at bay. Each time he did land a strike, it sent waves of pain and sparks all over the Lizard's body. Until it finally caught the blade within one armored, clawed hand. Kuro then pulled back with his right and punched again, only this time the creature grabbed a hold of his fist. “Come on!â€

    There they struggled for supremacy of the fight, each combatant doing everything they could, using every last ounce of strength to over power the other. Neither of them was going to budge though, and neither one dare relented. But Kuro could feel his knees giving out a bit and found himself down on one knee as he struggled to hold back the Monster from killing him. Just then he felt the soft touch of two hands caressing around his stomach. Looking down he noticed they were royal blue gloved hands. Turning his head to the right he could see in his peripheral vision that it was in fact B-Girl. “Ehhh?â€

    Smiling, she gave him a wink, leaned in close and gave him a quick peck on the side of the helmet. “Trust me,†she whispered to him.

    He could feel her hands caressing himself still and honestly he was really questioning what the hell was up with this. He was about to freaking die here! Then he noticed her hands move to the top of his Driver and watched her press the button down. Suddenly the buckle came to life and the disc began to spin clockwise, shooting every so often a flicker of light out of it, as if pulsating. Then B-Girl grabbed both end so the Buckle and titled it down towards Kuro's right leg before letting go.

    “Let's Kick It!†exclaimed the Driver in it's usual voice.

    “Kick'im.†she told Kuro, winking at him again before disappearing once more.

    “Eh?†he questioned a loud, but then he remembered about the jumping ability of this suit. “Wait! Right!†With that the Techno-Ninja Grasshopper forced himself to get back on both feet, then slowly, almost struggling, began to crouch down. Pushing off he raised both legs and caught the Lizard off guard as he slammed both, charged feet as they glowed with green energy—into the Melody Beast's chest!

    Back flipping a few feet back, Kuro watched as the Lizard screamed out in agony, stumbling backwards as it's whole upper body exploded into pieces. In the end only the lower half remained and dropped to both knees before falling over, burning the rest of the way, to ashes. Rising up Kuro watched the flames in shock and curiosity, though it was mainly out of shock as he continued to stand there... and stare. Unaware that part way through, Shizuka had been watching the fight and was now, staring right at him.

    “Well, Tendou-sama?†asked the old, thin-haired butler, placing a small, square, shiny, crimson box on the side table next to his mistress.

    “Very interesting...,†she answered finishing off her cup of tea. Placing it back onto the saucer with a clink she looked over at the box upon her table. Tenoud Ranru then looked back out the window and with a single though the vid window outside it vanished. “The overture has been long since over... and now... the first verse has had quite a beginning...â€

    “You don't intend to step in and conduct them, Tendou-sama?†Ichijou asked, genuinely curious as he took her cup and saucer away with the teapot.

    “Not just yet...,†she replied casually, and then glanced back towards the box on her table once more. “I want to let the pieces fall where they may first.â€

    “Very good, Tendou-sama,†said Ichjiou, bowing to his mistress.

    In the distance, looking over a bridge stood a rather tall man with spiked up dark hair with some blond highlights. He wore a black tank, blue jeans and a white jacket with a pair of medium sized, golden, square framed sunglasses. Golden chains dangled from his neck while one hand stayed in his jean's pocket, the other held onto a cup of coffee. Taking the final swig of it he tossed the cup into nearby trash can and the tured back to the aftermath of the fight. “Tch...â€

    Also farther in the distance stood a shadowy figure, holding a staff weapon with a kind of spear head tip. Something moved beside it and the figured waved it back as if to settle down and then turned to watch the battlefield once more as well before turning and leaving the scene.

    Shizuka continued to lay there, unable to get back up due to still being in shock of what happened and no what Kuro had become. Staring up at him she could see the flames reflected within the metallic, red lens of the compound eyes staring off towards the burning corpse. Then she watched as he slowly turned to look right right her.

    To Be Continued...

    "4U" -camino
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VMuNcI9ux4"]4U / camino - YouTube[/ame]​
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    Pretty good man. a couple of good starting points for some mysteries with Tendou and the guys with the gold chains at the end. although I wonder what Shizuka thought of B-Girl showing up during the fight... if she saw her at all. And with Desmond we might have a potential antagonist or at least a rival of sorts for Kuro. All in all I'd say it's a very good start.
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    Yes, plenty of mysterious to kick-start the story. Interesting observations too, you'll just have to wait and see how things pan out. :3 Glad you liked the start of it though, Jim. :thumbs:
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    Episode 02: "Dream? Chase the Wolf!"

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    Ep2: "Dream? Chase the Wolf!"

    “Let's Kick It!” exclaimed the Driver in it's usual voice.

    “Kick'im.” she told Kuro, winking at him again before disappearing once more.

    “Eh?” he questioned a loud, but then he remembered about the jumping ability of this suit. “Wait! Right!” With that the Techno-Ninja Grasshopper forced himself to get back on both feet, then slowly, almost struggling, began to crouch down. Pushing off he raised both legs and caught the Lizard off guard as he slammed both, charged feet as they glowed with green energy—into the Melody Beast's chest!

    Back flipping a few feet back, Kuro watched as the Lizard screamed out in agony, stumbling backwards as it's whole upper body exploded into pieces. In the end only the lower half remained and dropped to both knees before falling over, burning the rest of the way, to ashes. Rising up Kuro watched the flames in shock and curiosity, though it was mainly out of shock as he continued to stand there... and stare. Unaware that part way through, Shizuka had been watching the fight and was now, staring right at him.

    “Well, Tendou-sama?” asked the old, thin-haired butler, placing a small, square, shiny, crimson box on the side table next to his mistress.

    “Very interesting...,” she answered finishing off her cup of tea. Placing it back onto the saucer with a clink she looked over at the box upon her table. Tenou Ranru then looked back out the window and with a single though the vid window outside it vanished. “The overture has been long since over... and now... the first verse has had quite a beginning...”

    “You don't intend to step in and conduct them, Tendou-sama?” Ichijou asked, genuinely curious as he took her cup and saucer away with the teapot.

    “Not just yet...,” she replied casually, and then glanced back towards the box on her table once more. “I want to let the pieces fall where they may first.”

    “Very good, Tendou-sama,” said Ichjiou, bowing to his mistress.

    In the distance, looking over a bridge stood a rather tall man with spiked up dark hair with some blond highlights. He wore a black tank, blue jeans and a white jacket with a pair of medium sized, golden, square framed sunglasses. Golden chains dangled from his neck while one hand stayed in his jean's pocket, the other held onto a cup of coffee. Taking the final swig of it he tossed the cup into nearby trash can and the turned back to the aftermath of the fight. “Tch...”

    Also farther in the distance stood a shadowy figure, holding a staff weapon with a kind of spear head tip. Something moved beside it and the figured waved it back as if to settle down and then turned to watch the battlefield once more as well before turning and leaving the scene.

    Shizuka continued to lay there, unable to get back up due to still being in shock of what happened and no what Kuro had become. Staring up at him she could see the flames reflected within the metallic, red lens of the compound eyes staring off towards the burning corpse. Then she watched as he slowly turned to look right right her.

    Kuro looked back towards the smouldering embers that remained of the Lizard Melody Beast for the longest time, then slowly and hesitantly glanced down at him self. Through the round lenses he saw the black, lather body suit and the flat, green, techno-like armor over it. Raising up the sword in his hand then saw what was covering his face, the full green, grasshopper helmet. Silver mandibles covered the mouth area, silver antenna sprouted from the middle and upward, sleeking backwards. While two, metallic red, compound eyes stared back at him. “What the...?”

    His body began to tremble and shake with shock and fear as everything that happened ran through his mind—hitting him all at once. It frightened him completely out of his wits and suddenly dropped the sword on the ground. Looking back over at Shizuka, now resting upon the side of her curled up legs, who stared right back at him with shock and uncertainty in her eyes. “You...”

    Kuro, still in the armor felt panic begin to set in and ran over towards the bike. Picking it he turned the key, then once on he started up the engine and revved the bike to life—then roared out of there like a bad out of hell.

    Shukza watched from where she was on the ground for a few moments, then slowly her eyes drifted downward. There was mix of anger, terror and loneliness that soon all turned into a numbing sadness as she glanced back up in the direction Kuro was going.

    Kamen Rider: KENKAGE

    Written by:
    Robert J. Wong

    "JUST ONE LIFE"-Spyair
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fza_WIbjTdI"]Samurai Flamenco/????????? Opening Full - Just One Life ?? - YouTube[/ame]

    Episode 02: “Dream? Chase the Wolf!”

    Some time afterwards police and paramedics arrived on the scene to find Shizuka still upon the ground. After helping her up and checking her out to make sure she was fine, they kept watch over her while she sat on the back of the ambulance with a blanket wrapped around her. Breathing into an oxygen mask, Shizuka still felt a little shaken up. Watching the police move people out of the vicinity who had started to gather cause of the commotion of the paramedics and several officers, she figured they didn't want people around in case of another attack. After she slowly took the oxygen mask off, the crowding people tried to see what was the matter with her while the police did their best to keep them back. Shizuka found herself starting to feel out of breath again and quickly put the mask back on.

    Marching through the crowd towards her came a man with shaggy, black hair and matching goatee in a blood red, leather jacket. While scanning the crowd he spotted the lone, auburn haired girl, dressed in a pair of grey pants, jacket and holding onto her bag and white, bicycle helmet by the strap in one hand. In the other—the oxygen mask, up against her face and breathing in the air flowing out of it. He figured she'd been the one in the attack and with any luck she might be able to give him a clue as to what happened.

    “I'm Detective Desmond Yamato,” he stated, flipping out and showing his badge to her as he stood before the shocked woman. “I'm investigating these Melody Beast incidents.”

    “Yonemura Shizuka,” she replied lowering the mask, then continued, “Why investigate something like this? It happens all the time here...”

    “I have my reasons,” Desmond replied nonchalantly and then he knelt before her, to get at least somewhat eye level with her. “And someone has to. Fight the monsters so-to-speak.”

    “And that's you?” The image of Kuro fighting that Lizard as that green and black insect-ninja entered her mind again as she said that, making her bring the oxygen mask back up to her face.

    “Yes,” stated Desmond in a blunt and cold tone. He wasn't kidding either, he meant it and knew it through and through he would stop these things, no matter what. Nothing was going to get in his way, not her, not his boss, no one. Starting here was better then nothing, he just hoped that she'd of been a little more co-operative. But... maybe these people were too used to this being the norm that they just don't care anymore. Maybe these people wished for death now as their lives went from normal to a game of chance in the last decade or so. “Just humour me, miss. Start from the beginning and work your way from there.”

    Shizuka took a deep breath from the oxygen mask before she began and talked about what had occurred from the time she got up this morning, to meeting the delivery guy, to him driving her across town and finally what happened prior to being knocked off the bike. Part of her wasn't sure she wanted to tell him about what happened to Kuro, cause she didn't know where he was, or where he could of been now. There's no guarantee he would have went back to work. If she was honest with herself, there was lingering uncertainty of wanting to even remember any of them. Deep down she just wanted to push it all away and move on with her life. Though part of her wanted to looking for her delivery boy and to make sure he was alright, yet the thought of his sudden change, cause her to dismiss the idea of doing so. In fear of the unknown really.. but really who would know what would happen if she went looking for him?

    “So after that insect-being appeared, save you both, he just ran...?” Desmond questioned, curious and wondering if that was what really happened.

    “Yes, he just ran off, and the Grasshopper-ninja, whatever it was... left after it killed the monster,” explained a still shocked Shizuka, pulling the oxygen away from her for a few seconds then pressing int back on.

    Desmond quietly sighed to himself and then figured he could try tracking down this delivery boy she mentioned. At least he could be a better lead or source of information then her, with any luck he might be able to piece together a better picture of what happened from this guy's side of the story. There was always two sides to anything, and usually he had a knack for figuring the truth from piecing the two halves together. “Okay... how about this Kuro fella? Know where I could find him?”

    Shizuka thought about it and wondered if telling him where Kuro worked would help either one of them. Then she wondered if Kuro's change would be a cause for concern for this officer either, and if she did tell him the truth, she'd be caught in a lie, and taken down town as it were. She really just wanted to go home now and prayed that the detective would never find him. “He works at the Dance dance Pizzeria.... I'm guessing the one in Yokofuku perfecture.”

    “Eight blocks from here... well it's a starting lead, thanks.” Desmond said, rising back up and marching back towards the officers and the now dispersing crowd of people.

    Shizuka watched him leave and took a deep breath of the oxygen once again then placed it back onto the floor of the ambulance. Part of her felt relieved and the other... dreaded what that detective would find in his search for Kuro. Heck, maybe he'd even get killed by a Melody Beast along the way, but it was his life and he had the look of a painful anger, fuelling his determination for answers. It scared her a little bit....

    Still in the techno-ninja, grasshopper suit, Kuro gunned it all through the city on his enduro, delivery bike as it puttered fumes out the exhaust. It sounded and even felt it was on its last legs and he wanted it to hold on at least till he got home. Taking the back roads he did his best to stay out of sight, though some of the kids he passed by gave him a stunned look. Some even yelled to him that he had a “cool” cosplay outfit. If they only knew what he'd just been through....

    Making his way down several back alleys, Kuro made it to his own street and raced down the narrow back lot of his apartment complex. Turning right on the sharp corner towards the end as he avoided the gutter trash that littered the dark, pavement, he nearly crashed into the dumpster, only managing to dump the bike side on in the process. Letting it go he tumbled over and turned to sit on the ground a few feet from it. Still in a panic, he desperately began to search for a seam or anything to indicate how to get the helmet and suit off. There was nothing, nothing to grip, pull or even unzip, not even snap or Velcro strap.

    “Dammit!” he cursed a loud and punched the side of the trash dumpster, pushing it into the middle of his driveway, and leaving a massive, indentation that resembled his four knuckles point of impact. “Oh shit!' he cursed again, panicking even more and continued to search for a way to get out of the suit again, even considering tearing it off now. Then he suddenly remembered the buckle, then began to dig into the center for the disc. Kuro's gloved fingers prevented him from being able to wedge it out, so he tapped it, shook it, until remembering to pull the sides.

    “Driver Open!” shouted the buckle in its male, semi-excited, announcer voice. The armor then opened up in the back, unclasping and clanking as it detached from Kuro's black, leather suited body. It reformed back into the large, green and silver disc before starting to spin and shrink, then flew back into the smaller one like a spinning, disc of energy. Kuro sat there watching the whole event happened right in front of his eyes. Still stunned he watched the black body suit dissolve back into the black and silver, striped belt strap. From the look and feel of it, it was as if little nano-bots rapidly crawled over his body as the back edges of them glowed a light blue light. It even partially had a vague impression of a honey-comb pattern to some degree.

    Once Kuro snapped back to reality, he frantically pulled the smaller disc out of the open belt. Looking at it for a second, he saw the green, circuitry-etched grasshopper on it, and stared at it for a moment. What the hell was this thing? Why was this happening to him? WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM? Questions upon questions filled his mind, swirling like a hazy tornado. Frustrated and panicking even more he threw the disc down the alley, then started to try and remove the belt. All of the sudden the buckled closed up with a thunk and click, followed by a glowing light as the strap unclicked on the right side. With a speedy, swishing hiss the belt retracted into the other side of the buckle before vanishing into a orb of silvery light that disappeared into his stomach. Breathing heavily, and shakily running his fingers though his hair, Kuro's eyes went wide with terror and disbelief. With his adrenaline and heat pumping a million miles a minute, he thought he was about to have a heart attack. Quickly he ran up the stairs to the middle apartment and slammed the door behind him.

    After falling onto the double bed in his apartment bedroom, the adrenaline had finally worn off and when he dropped off to sleep. He hit it like a brick. Unconscious by the time his head touched down upon the pillow. Kuro felt himself fall into a kind of haze as everything swirled around, mixing and meshing into a non-coherent collage of images. Places, people, things all there, disappearing and reappearing in different locations.

    Eventually the twenty-five year old delivery guy whose life had suddenly changed drastically, found himself, battling the Lizard once more. Sparks erupted gain his armored chest as the Beast slashed violently with its claws. Suddenly the metal tipped tail struck out and claimed another devastating strike cause even more sparks to erupt. Kuro then found himself on the ground, and through the two, red, compound eyes he saw the monster stand over him. It raised its tail, and pointed the razor sharp tip right at his head... then struck!

    Kuro sat up in his bed with a start, eyes darting back and forth within the darkness of his small, cluttered bedroom. The only source of light came from his large, window up behind the bed. The binds were open enough to allow in the pale moonlight that washed over him and his generic, white sheets. He felt a damp wetness running down his face, and when he touched it, Kuro realized he had awoken in a cold sweat. Looking down he found his shirt drenched as well, being that exhausted the young man had fallen unconscious in his clothes.

    Quickly shaking off the remaining haze, Kuro ran his fingers through his soaked, dark brown, now flattened hair, making it all messy again. He didn't care though, all he wanted to do now was to get out o these clothes, and prayed for no more night mares for the rest of the night. After getting undressed in the dark, relying on the moon to light his surroundings enough for him to make it back to the bed; he plopped back on the bed in his boxers. Grabbing the scrunched up, green comforter, pulling it over while rolling onto his side, Kuro hesitantly closed his eyes once again. Eventually drifting off to a sound slumber, with little to no trouble.
    Shizuka returned to her own, cramped, yet cozy apartment which had little more then the essentials. From a small red, couch, to matching lazy boy, a dark oak, round coffee table, to small, matching end tables with black, metal lamps. Magazines cluttered the coffee table next to an open notebook laptop. The Musicular Organization add played upon her thirty-five inch television that rested upon a small, grey, two-level stand. On one level Shizuka had a PS3 and on the bottom her CD player and iPod doc, though the player was broken, she kept it out of nostalgia.

    When she shuffled over to her couch, after tossing her jacket on the coat rack beside the door, she tossed her bag of goodies she bought earlier upon her table. Then flopped onto the comfy, red cushions and closed her eyes tightly. She could still feel her body shaking from earlier, but it wasn't as bad as it was back then. A few minutes later she tucked her legs up against her chest, wrapping her arms around her knees. There she stayed, resting her head against her jacketed forearms for most of the night. Eventually getting up to go to the bathroom, then she made herself a pot of coffee, where cup after cup she drank till it was down to the last few inches of liquid.

    Sleep wasn't happening this evening, not for her at least when the events of the day before raced through her mind. Looking out the slightly opened, dark blue blinds of her window, she noticed it had become night and that made her check the clock. It was already after three in the morning from what she could tell. With a sigh she finished her last mug of coffee and got up to head for her bedroom, which was through the door on the far side of the couch, next to the kitchen. Indeed her place was cramped and small, but it was all she could afford, working at a coffee and book store.

    As her head hit the pillow, Shizuka hoped that his nightmare would end, that life would returned back to normal... or as normal as it could get. Though throughout the rest of the early morning hours, thoughts of Kuro interrupted her slumber on and off. Even with what happened scaring the hell out of her, there was some small, bit that actually worried about the guy. But either way there was no clear, defining decision of whether or not she'd track him down to make sure. To be honest, she stayed on the fence about it for a long time that night.

    Once the first rays of sunlight struck across Kuro's drooling, zombified face, mushed against his pillow, his eyes slowly blinked open a little. Gently lifting his head a bit to look over at the alarm clock, and it's glowing, red numbers upon the dark, rectangular screen.... he sat up with another start. It read “12:48pm”. Hair dishevelled to one side and lines from his scrunched up pillow case indented the side of his cheek, Kuro raced around his messy room getting ready. It was late—he was late, for work and he still had to get his bike fixed. Then he stopped in the middle of the room, realizing that explaining it all was going to completely different altogether.

    Or impossible for that matter, how does one explain about fighting a Melody Beast and living to tell the tale? After thinking about it for a good thirty seconds, he decided on his story and quickly finished putting on his shirt, shoes and jacket. Grabbing the keys and helmet... he forgot his helmet. Now Kuro would have to buy another one! Quickly reaching into his jeans pocket, the twenty-five year old pulled out a few yen bills. Barely enough to get him a helmet... and maybe a rice ball.

    Staring at the folded bills within the palm of his hand, he sighed, “Man...” Then with that he stuffed it back into his pocket and darted on out of his place. On the way outside he nearly tripped over his own two feet, but managed to regain his balance and make it down the steel staircase. After picking up the bike and rolling it to the alleyway, he saw the dumpster had been moved back. Kuro felt reluctant to check to see if the side still had the dent of his fist in it... Suddenly he could feel a buzzing coming form his back pocket and took out his phone. Looking down at the screen he could make out the name of who was calling him...

    “Igawa-san...” Kuro uttered under his breath. His boss.

    Very hesitantly he pressed the call button and placed the phone up to his ear. “Helllo?”

    “BAKAAAAA....!!!” shouted the voice of a disgruntled, forty-something year old man from the top speaker, forcing Kuro to pull it away. “Baka! Baka! Baka! Baka! Where the hell are you, Tsurugi?! You're late! Do you know you're late? Do you even know how late?! Heck you didn't even call to tell me you took the rest of the day off! Think I'm running a military kitchen—where you can go AWOL whenever the mood strikes you!? HUH??”

    “Uhhh... I don't think they can do that...?” Kuro gently corrected, hoping not to piss him off anymore.

    “YOU'RE RIGHT!” so much for later..., Kuro listened in as Igawa's voice quieted down a bit. “Now, Tsurugi-kun... What's this I hear about you getting in with the cops?”

    “EHHHH???” Kuro questioned aloud, raising an eyebrow before furrowing both as he hated the accusing tone from his employer. “What are you talking about? I'm not in with the cops!”

    “Some big shot detective was in here asking about ya!” Igawa complained back. “Well just get your butt over here, you're late, I got pizzas in need of delivering! And you're wasting my minutes! I'm hanging up!”

    “Alright... I'll be there, I just need to get another helmet. I lost the other one... some stole it,” he lied, then continued, “Just calm down, Igawa-san,” Kuro tried to candidly calm his boss. When he heard the click of the other phone being hung up, he turned off and put away his cell. Holding onto the handle bars, he sighed begrudgingly and then guided the bike down the alleyway.

    Desmond sat in his car, a dark green, twenty-thirteen Honda Crossroad, parked across and down the street a ways from the Dance Dance Pizzeria. Thumbing through his little, black notebook he skimmed over the notes he had taken from that girl, Shizuka and this Kuro guy's boss. Sadly what he had gotten out of them was very little and not all that helpful. Desmond partly assumed that kid was still shaken up and perhaps this Mister Igawa wasn't going to rat out his employee in fear of getting a bad business reputation. From his position it was understandable from a business point of view, but personally the twenty-six year old, Detective disapproved of Igawa's choice not to help in finding the kid. Though he did figure that the kid was probably still in shock over what happened, but that was irrelevant—he needed to find him and gather more information, now rather than later.

    Taking out his phone, he typed in a number and hovered his thumb over the send button for quite some time. Pondering whether or not he should send for nearly a minute, Desmond finally pushed the button. He stared at the display screen for the first two rings and watched as the signal continued to send, then finally pressed it to his ear. Once the forth ring stopped there was a pause of silence and finally came a lovely, cheerful, young woman's voice. “Hi...! This is Yuuki, you've reached my phone, but I can't get to it right now. Please leave your message and I'll get back to you when I can. Bye!”

    Taking the phone away from his ear, Desmond hit the end button and stared down at the end screen, emotionless. Yet deep inside he fought back a twisting, agonizing pain that swelled within his chest. Quickly putting his hand holding the phone down upon the seat, he turned and stared out his driver side window, while resting his chin and lower lip against his slightly closed hand.

    Tendou Ranru stood in her bare, opaque room next to her red, cushioned chair, holding a cup and saucer. Every so often she'd raise the teacup to her lips and take a sip. Today she wore a dark, rose colored business jacket and matching knee-length skirt, and a white blouse; she even had her dark, brown hair tied up in the back, all businesslike. Again, Ranru kept an eye upon the clock and smirked to herself.

    “Tendou-sama,” came the familiar voice of Ichijou-san, the elderly, thin-haired butler as he entered the room through the dark, double doors, at the back of the room.

    “Yes, Ichijou-san?” she asked while continue to look straight out her window towards a digital, holographic screen in the sky as B-Girl talked and showed images of the battle that occurred yesterday, between the Grasshopper techno-ninja and Lizard Melody Beast.

    “Have you considered stepping in this time, or have you decided to continue watching from a far again?”

    “From a far,” she replied casually as she took her seat after placing her cup and saucer upon her side table. “It's not like I need the practice, and besides... I'm done seeing where the pieces have fallen yet.”

    “Well at least the president will be approving of your continued hesitation, Tendou-sama,” stated Ichijou filling up the tea cup once more. “I'm sorry, I should of said your choice to wait.”

    Ranru glanced slightly to her butler and then looked back out towards the sky monitor, “Maybe it is hesitation. Or maybe it's wisdom... wouldn't you consider it wise for one to gather most of the information before making their first move?”

    Ichijou thought about it for a minute and without question he would agree, but honestly her response was quite true and quite logical in his mind. Putting down the teapot he nodded and then took a few steps back. “I would have to agree, Tendou-sama.”

    A smirk formed upon Ranru's face as she sat with her legs crossed and picked up her cup yet again to sip the hot tea. There was no need to worry about Ichijou's loyalty, at least not yet anyways and even if things changed... she knew how to take care of herself. Old or not, she underestimated no one and made sure she knew enough to not overestimate them either. “Guess we will see what today's concert will bring.”

    “I believe a something special is going to occur, Tendou-sama.”

    “Oh...?” she said, forming a knowing smirk upon her lips.

    Parking the white and green enduro, delivery bike on the curb just outside the small, Dance-Dance Pizzeria building, Kuro Took off his helmet and dismounted then quickly went up to the door where he hesitated to enter the rest of the way. He was later then usual and felt his pulse quicken as anxiety took hold. Taking a deep breath the young man slowly gripped the door handle, pulled it open and heard the jingling of the door chimes that would alert his boss that another customer would be coming in. As he swallowed hard, Kuro stepped entered the pizzeria.

    Over in the dark green Honda Crossroad, Desmond watched in silence, unsure if whether or not it was Kuro or some other delivery boy. If the kid didn't show up it could of been someone else, but the best course of action would of been to check. He thought it over and then clicked the buckle of his seat belt and opened the door to get out.

    After coming through the metal framed, glass door to the pizzeria, Kuro briskly made it into the small, green waiting room. Yellow and Orange cushioned booths lined along the walls, that went well with the yellow-orange painted walls. From what he could see there was a single customer sitting in one of the booths further down with her back to him. At least Kuro assumed it was a woman from the long, auburn hair... Then he realized or at least wondered if it was in fact, Shizuka, and just as he was about to call out to her.

    “Eh-Emm...,” came the sound of someone clearing their throat.

    Kuro turned to his right and saw who it was, standing behind the orange and white-grid lined, counter-top. “Igawa-san...,” he uttered under his breath.

    There stood a five-foot-four, stocky, older gentleman with sixties styled black hair, in a white t-shirt with a blue and white apron wrapped around his wait and white towel, laying over his shoulder. There was even a pencil resting between his ear. “You're late,”

    “Yeah...,” muttered Kuro walking up to the counter, “I can explain.”

    “I know, I was just told you survived and left the scene of a Melody Beast attack,” interjected Igawa, “And you told me you were heading right here after a helmet. So what happened? You run into another one again?”

    “My bike quit,” Kuro told him right out flat, “Had to take it in to get it fixed... and get a.... helmet...”

    Igawa just nodded gingerly, then dabbed at his sweaty forehead with his towel while taking a few steps forward, until he stood within a few inches from Kuro. Looking down for a moment he quickly raised his head back up, nearly clipping Kuro in the process, and looked him right in the eyes. “Tsurugi-kun...”

    “Igawa-san...” Kuro said, leaning closer with his left ear as Igawa gestured him to.

    “Next time...,” Igawa added, grabbing the towel from his shoulder, whipping it against Kuro's backside, with every word after that, “CALL! ME! FIRST!”

    The young delivery guy shielded himself as best he could from the whipping towel, and once Igawa finally stopped, he threw the towel around the back of his neck, with both hands holding onto each end. “You need to let me know what's up, so I can get someone else to cover for you! Huh?!”

    “Yeah...,” muttered the twenty-five year old, scolded delivery guy, “Sorry, Igawa-san. I'll try to do better next time. At least I'll remember to tell you. But I wasn't counting on the bike conking out today...” Truthfully it didn't surprise him, it was old, second hand and it hitting the ground so hard probably didn't help. At least what happened afterwards was a dream, it had to be. The experience was so bad that he just blocked out what really happened.

    “But, I was lucky to get my nephew to take your job for today, he needs the money.”

    “Oh,” answered Kuro, “So...?”

    “So, Tsurugi-kun, you're off for the rest of the day. But I won't do this all the time. So don't let it become a habit! Besides...,” stated Igawa and then he gestured to the customer sitting in the booth towards the back, “you got a guest. Seems cute too, so good luck.” With a somewhat hearty chuckle, Igawa disappeared into the kitchen, leaving Kuro there alone with the customer.

    Taking a deep breath he walked over towards the auburn haired girl as he felt his palms begin to sweat. Quickly he wiped them along the sides of his jeans and checked his breath. It seemed fine from what he could tell, though he did forget to brush this morning... and then a slight panic attack settled in, but Kuro swiftly calmed himself. Whoever it was, clearly knew him and he must... not be able to remember her. This wasn't going to be good, he thought as he finally reached the booth, standing off a bit behind it and cleared his throat. “Eh-em, Hello.”

    “Hey,” said the auburn haired customer as she looked back at him

    “YOU!” Kuro exclaimed, jumping back a bit and pointing a finger at her in surprise. “What you are doing here?! Why?! And you... still owe me for that pizza....”

    “Wait just a minute, you were late!” Shizuka snapped back at him, then standing up she poked him in the chest. “He said if you were late, I didn't have to pay for full price.”

    “Really...?” he questioned, unbelievably, “Then you won't mind me bringing my boss out here to... “confirm” that, would you?”

    “Go right ahead!” she scoffed back, gesturing with her arms.

    “I will!” Kuro mocked right back at her and sauntered up to the counter. Leaning over he whispered loudly enough for his employer to hear. “Igawa-san!”

    Igawa shuffled out of the kitchen, holding that same towel around his neck and shoulders and looking down upon his employee with nearly closed eyes. “Yes, Tsurugi-kun?”

    Half-covering his mouth, Kuro stretched over the counter a bit more and still barely raised his voice, “Did you tell her she didn't have to pay full price cause I was two minutes late?”

    “Yup,” stated Igawa, his expression unchanged, “I said she didn't have to pay cause you were two minutes late. You're point?”

    “What...?!” Kuro gasped, shocked and annoyed all at once, “What the hell? Why??”

    “Told you...,” Shizuka whispered into his ear in a sultry voice, smirking devilishly as she did so.

    Kuro snapped out of his disbelief and jumped back in surprise yet again, realizing how close she was. In fact he nearly tripped over his own feet as he took a few steps backwards and caught himself against the booth behind him. “I dunno if this is just some dream... or a nightmare anymore...?”

    “I wish part of it was a dream... but it's more like a nightmare...,” said Shizuka under her breath while she looked down and away. The world they lived in was something no one should have to live in, but this was life and only thing you could do is make the best of it. Sometimes... there was something to make it seem less dark and maybe just a bit more brighter though...

    “What?” asked Kuro, cocking an eyebrow.

    “This...,” Shizuka began, “This is all a bloody nightmare, one that's impossible to wake up from....”

    They both looked down at their feet and pondered upon she had just said. There was some truth to it actually, a world of monsters and mayhem that could pop out of nowhere, to take you into an darkness forever. Since the attacks began there had been fewer and fewer ordinary deaths that didn't occur as a result of Melody Beast. Even those who supposedly have been to the other side and back back as they claimed have ceased popping up in news. To them it felt as if... when death came for you, that was it. There was no ever after, only an end. Beyond that was now unknown and forgotten to the sands of time and memorial itself. Others believed there was just a void of darkness that those who were taken from this earth went and now resided within. Purgatory was another name for it among some others in the world populace.

    Shizuka then remember the last thing Kuro mentioned, then furrowed her brow she snapped at him, “And if you want that money for that pizza so bad, why don't you go ask that slut of yours!”


    “B-Girl,” continued an angry Shizuka, arms folded, “That holographic bimbo that's on the Sky-Monitors! You two were pretty damn cozy yesterday!”

    Hiding under the counter, Igawa could only face-palm himself again, shake his head while pinching the bridge of his nose, with both eyes shut. He couldn't believe what he was hearing, and felt a little ashamed for Kuro. Taking a peek he could still see them there arguing, and he figured it was a good sign, cause she didn't storm off yet, so his young employee still had a chance. Inside he cheer for him to realize the truth here and to make amends with this girl. But what was happening... made him realize how fast the young guy was drowning.

    “What??” Kuro asked, “That really happened?”


    “Huh...,” said Kuro nostalgically, “I thought that was actually a dream....” He then shook off the memory and refocused on a even more crossed Shizuka, who stared him down with furious, almost squinting eyes. For a second or tow he thought they were on fire actually. “Hey, I was in danger and all she did was help out!”

    “She had her hands all over,” she retorted.

    “Nuh-uh,” corrected Kuro remembering her hands, caressing him over his suit and armor, “She had her hands on the belt-er, buckle... or whatever she called it....” Then with a chuckle Kuro added, “And my stomach..., heh...”

    Shizuka took a couple steps towards him, causing Kuro to back up a bit into the counter, shaking it as he bumped into the edge. Another bump followed by an “Ow”; which caused Kuro to turn and raise an eyebrow for a moment until Shizkua grabbed his attention, and slammed a hand upon the counter top. Standing there, they both looked back and forth into the others eyes where they could see each others' emotions thinly hidden under the surface. Kuro saw the pain and fear being held back behind her eyes and she noticed the confusion , fear and innocence emanating from his. Just as Kuro started to raise a gentle hand to her face, they heard a voice from the front of the store...

    “Excuse me, are you Kuro Tsurugi?”

    As they looked up to see a shaggy, dark haired man in a red, leather jacket holding up a badge, he added, “I need to ask you some questions.” He wasn't going to apologize for interrupting either. There was no need to, at least that was his prerogative on the matter. It was his mission to find out everything and anything about the Melody Beasts, from those who survived the encounters, to family's of those who did not. Even the deceased had their story's to tell, clues left behind for him to find. All Desmond needed to do was look in the right place and hoped he get lucky.

    “Yeah..., I'm him.”

    Suddenly a yell came from within the kitchen along with clanging and banging, as Igawa came flying over top of the counter. He didn't stop there, no, the pizzeria owner kept on going—crawling in fact to a near by booth to get away. At the same time, Kuro, Shizuka and Desmond all moved to the back of the store quickly. The detective though, unholstered his piece and held out his arm to keep the them back as he moved up ahead to check what was causing the racket.

    “What is it, sir?” Desmond asked, not looking at the cowering and shaking Igawa.

    “M-m-melody beast!” the owner stammered and held up his towel in front of him like a sling-shot.

    “-What...?” gasped Desmond, pausing for a second then quickly replaced the clip with another clip, filled with several blue tipped bullets. Cocking the slide he replaced the already chambered round with one of the new ones and quickly reaffirmed his focus on the kitchen. “Anyone here the melody actually play...?”

    “Y-you don't hear it!?” exclaimed Igawa, slapping his hands over his ears, “It's getting louder...!”

    “Did you here it...?” Kuro asked Shizuka under his breath, turning his head in her direction slightly, but keeping his eyes on the kitchen. She shook her head and then slowly the tune began to play in her ears as well, but Kuro could barely hear it now. “It's there... but faint...,” he added quietly, “Like last time when...”

    The side wall farther down the room exploded, sending concrete, dust, smoke and debris everywhere on the other side of the room. Soon after a large, dark grey Man-Wolf hopped out of the huge hole. It sniffed the air above it for a moment then as it noticed the four of them at the front from the corner of its pale, yellow moonlight colored eyes, the Wolf Melody Beast growled. Glaring directly at Kuro it then showed its razor sharp teeth and the drool dripping down over its lower jaw. Shortly after turning it's hole body towards them the Wolf began to furry step forward with a clawed foot, followed by the other and another. As it came closer the metallic claws sprouting from the long, dangling, gangly finger tips, extended an inch further, all the while making a low, grumbling chuckle.

    Desmond only froze for a bit as the creature sauntered on in their direction. Then quickly he squeezed the trigger of his glock nine millimetre—a loud, near ear splitting bang echoed throughout the pizzeria. From the flash of the muzzle whizzed a bullet that exploded on impact with the Wolf's chest. A mini-explosion cause it to tumble back a bit. They were in fact explosive rounds, low grade and apparently effective... though not as effective as Desmond would have liked. He fired again, ringing out the sweet, soothing, yet creepy melody that played faintly in his ear. Another explosion, then another, every time he pulled the rigger sent the Beast backwards, and finally into the exit door at the back.

    As it shook up against the door from the final four explosions from the last remaining rounds, Desmond watched as the Melody Beast casually wiped down its chest, then snarled right at him. “Dammit...,” cursed the Japanese-American detective as he began to back up and quickly reloaded with another clip. “Get back!” he shouted to his witnesses and then continued to fire more explosive bullets at the Man-Wolf, knocking it back into the door again. Ferociously the Wolf roared and swung both its arms around, trying to swipe at the incoming rounds. Eventually the Beast just charged towards Desmond and co, growling like a wild animal.

    Quickly Kuro shielded Shizuka while Desmond continued to futilely empty the magazine of his pistol into the monster. Just as the creature reached them, it leaped up into the air and brought both arms up for a final blow, mouth open wide and brandishing its razor-sharp fangs. Then all of the sudden there as a sound of glass breaking and crashing. Kuro was first to look, followed by Shizuka and then Desmond whole nearly got clipped in the face by a flying blue and silver, flying stag beetle. Impacting the Wolf right in the kisser, it sent the thing rolling backwards onto its hind legs, till it stood on all fours and growled again. Out of the blue the Wolf was hit in the face by another mechanical insect, the green and silver grasshopper from before. On the side of it had the green disc, spinning fast, while the Stag Beetle had a blue one in the top, held down by a triangular clip with a gold round knob.

    They attacked the monster rapidly and repeatedly until it was forced out the back door. The mechanical insects chased shortly afterwards down the alleyway. Desmond followed soon after them, loading his final clip into the glock. Just outside, he quickly took aim and then noticed the creature getting onto Kuro's delivery bike, as Kuro himself made it outside too, Desmond held him back just in time.

    “Hold it! Get back!” the detective ordered, pushing against Kuro's chest.

    “But that things taking my bike!” he shouted back, then paused for a moment as he thought about what he just said, “It's stealing my bike...? How can it ride...? Why??”

    With great haste the creature zoomed off into the street, causing a traffic accident as two taxi's collided with one another and several pedestrians were nearly knocked on their backsides. Desmond turned back to Kuro and Shizuka who had recently joined them outside, “You two stay here!” The twenty-six year old, Japanese-American detective took off running down the alleyway and made it to his car across the street. Once in he started the engine, shifted into drive and went after the now motorcycle driving wolf. If this was any other situation it'd of been funny and he would of actually gotten a laugh, but this was the closest he'd ever gotten to capturing a Melody Beast. Well if he could, but if he was honest with himself he'd rather destroy the monstrosity.

    Grabbing at his hair with both hands, Kuro kicked a rock on the ground, cursing himself for leaving the keys in the bike like that. Then reaching into his pocket he found out that he didn't and realized that the creature hot-wired his bike. “Agh!” he shouted throwing the keys against the stone wall of the adjacent building.

    “Calm down,” Shizuka told him, “Don't you have that... thing you got yesterday?”

    “No!” Kuro shouted back at her, throwing down his arms. “I took off and threw it away and I was hoping that it was a dream! But it's not!” He then calmed himself down as he turned away from Shizuka, “I can't believe this...”

    “Hiii...!” came the familiar cutesy voice, causing both of them to turn towards the other end of the alleyway, and walking up to them was in fact...

    “B-Girl...,” uttered Kuro.

    Shizuka crossed her arms and glared at the approaching, white latex mini-dress wearing, spokeswoman of the Musicular Organization.. “Here comes your girlfriend....,” she muttered in an aggravated tone while glancing into Kuro's eyes.

    “She's not my girlfriend,” he muttered back, and he could see the annoyance ever evident in them as she walked on passed him. Part of him wanted to go after her. Kuro even reached out for her wrist, only to be pulled back to look B-Girl right in her smiling, sparkling eyes. “What?” he asked, furrowing his brow.

    “I'm here to help, Kuro-kuuuun,” she told him, still smiling from ear-to-ear and giving a cute wink while leisurely resting her wrists and arms upon his shoulders, and around the back of his neck.

    “How do you know my name...?” he questioned, curiously about how and even why she was willing to help him out.

    “Oh I know things...,” she said, looking up to the right as if thinking, then smiled back into the young man's eyes. B-Girl gently leaned in close to his ear and and whispered, “Trust me. I am here to help you...”


    “Your Rider disc, you threw it away but...,” she glanced away again and then smiled even wider, “It's here with us.”

    “Rider... disc...?” repeated Kuro, curious as to why it was called that.

    “Yes,” said B-Girl jumping back from his ear, but keeping her arms around his shoulders still. “The Rider Disc, the disc that gives you the armor and powers to fight against the Melody Beast. You were chosen. Don't you remember?”

    Kuro looked away for a moment as he recalled the memories from the other day, before looking her back in her eyes angrily, and answered, “I remember...”

    “Here,” she said, holding up a hand, palm flat as the robotic, metal, green and silver grasshopper jumped and landing gently upon her hand. The holder slid up on its back and revealed the green, techno-grasshopper etched disc Kuro believed he had throw away. Taking it out with her other hand, B-Girl placed it into the palm of her interest's and gently closed his fingers over it. “Hen...shin... yo.”

    Then all of the sudden, in a streaming, ball of silver-white light the Disc Driver formed in front of his waist. From the left side shot out the black and silver trimmed belt, then with a hiss and click it connected with right side. B-Girl seductively moved her hands down his chest, to his stomach, until finally reaching the large, chrome-silver, speaker-looking buckle with the clear, LED circle in the center. Giving him a quick wink and a wide smile, and Kuro giving her a questionable look, she pulled the buckle apart and the belt spoke: “Driver Open!”

    She then nodded to Kuro and took a few steps back.

    He just stared down at the disc within the palm of his hand for a long time, then locked it into the open section of his buckle and closed it. As the green laser bar scanned the disc the belt replied: “Hopper!” Kuro then looked up into B-Girls eyes, determination evidently emanating from his gaze.

    “Henshin...!” he exclaimed quietly, slamming his right palm onto the top button, causing the disc to spin, shoot light out, followed by the larger disc. A green laser light cut the right armor designs, and as it flew back towards him, each one opened on a hinge. Once the light-blue, honeycomb pattern, nanobots formed the black, leather suit over his body, the green-silver, techno-ninja armor that also doubled to make him appear as a grasshopper—attached to his body. “Now... how do I go after that thing? Jump?”

    B-Girl simply shook her head, but the smile didn't fade. Instead she threw the small, robotic grasshopper into the air. It grew into a larger one and transformed and contorted different pieces to become a enduro, grasshopper-motorcycle. “I think this will come in handy... Wouldn't you agree...?”

    The now, transformed Kuro stood there, staring upon his knew ride with awe, though hidden by the red, metallic, compound eyes.

    Down around the corner, Shizuka secretly watched and even she was in a awe of not just the bike, but Kuro's second time transforming in front of her. Even to the point of making her forget about B-Girl who sauntered over to the bike, seductively and sleazily throwing half, bare leg over it while gripping the handle bars. Seeing her do that made her believe even more so now that she was in fact a slut and so Shizuka returned to glaring at her with her arms crossed.

    Up above them, peering down into the alley stood the shadowed figure with the spear beside it. Spinning the weapon around the figure held it diagonally behind its back before turning and walking away from the edge. Soon came a icky and yet mechanical noise shortly afterwards but not loud enough for them below to here.

    “Come...,” said the figure to something, and then followed a slur of noises in response before they finally disappeared.

    After getting on the bike himself once B-Girl hopped off, Kuro, now armored revved up the engine a few times, then looked up at the cute, young, spokeswoman. “Why are you doing this...?”

    “Cause...,” she simply stated, “Now go get that Pooch and show it who's boss, Kenkage-kun.”

    “Kenkage...?” Kuro questioned, raising an eyebrow from under his insect-ninja-like helmet, “Huh?”

    “Just something I came up with,” she replied, looking all coy and cute, “You inspired me, let's say....”

    “Oh... okay.” With that Kenkage revved up the grasshopper motorcycle yet again, then dashed on out after the Wolf Melody Beast. Determination and adrenaline intertwined within his veins, surging throughout his entire body. Though when he cornered that thing, he did wonder how he'd fair this time? Though unbeknownst to him, Shizuka quietly prayed for him to be safe as she watched him ride off...

    To Be Continued...

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    A pretty good episode, kept the story moving after the first episode. Desmond seems like the type of guy who has a hidden cork board in his apartment with all the beast sighting on it. Although I am liking the bit of the odd triangle you got with Kuro, Shizuka and B-Girl. Over all a good episode.
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    Editied through ep 1 and 2 and re-posted/ pasted them. Think i got most of the spelling errors I could find... maybe not all but I tried. :p When episode 3 is posted up it'll be the un-edited version first then I'll back through later and edit that one.

    And it's title is...
    Episode 03: "Friend or Foe?"
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    Episode 03: "Friend or Foe?"

    “Henshin...!” he exclaimed quietly, slamming his right palm onto the top button, causing the disc to spin, shoot light out, followed by the larger disc. A green laser light cut the right armor designs, and as it flew back towards him, each one opened on a hinge. Once the lightblue, honeycomb pattern, nanbots formed the black, leather suit over his body, the green-silver, techno-ninja armor that also doubled to make him appear as a grasshopper—attached to his body as the driver said in sing-song: “Edge of the Ninja...!”

    After the whole event subsided, Kuro then looked to B-Girl and said,“Now... how do I go after that thing? Jump?”

    B-Girl simply shook her head, but the smile didn't fade. Instead she threw the small, robotic grasshopper into the air. It grew into a larger one and transformed and contorted different pieces to become a enduro, grasshopper-motorcycle. “I think this will come in handy... Wouldn't you agree...?”

    The now, transformed Kuro stood there, staring upon his knew ride with awe, though hidden by the red, metallic, compound eyes.

    Down around the corner, Shizuka secretly watched and even she was in a awe of not just the bike, but Kuro's second time transforming in front of her. Even to the point of making her forget about B-Girl who sauntered over to the bike, seductively and sleazily throwing half, bare leg over it while gripping hte handle bars. Seeing her do that made her believe even more so now that she was in fact a slut and so Shizuka returned to glaring at her with her arms crossed.

    Up above them, peering down into the alley stood the shadowed figure with the spear beside it. Spinning the weapon around the figure held it diagonally behind its back before turning and walking away from the edge. Soon came a icky and yet mechanical noise shortly afterwards but not loud enough for them below to here.

    “Come...,” said the figure to something, and then followed a slur of noises in response before they finally disappeared.

    After getting on the bike himself once B-Girl hopped off, Kuro, now armored revved up the engine a few times, then looked up at the cute, young, spokeswoman. “Why are you doing this...?”

    “Cause...,” she simply stated, “Now go get that Pooch and show it who's boss, Kenkage-kun.”

    “Kenkage...?” Kuro questioned, raising an eyebrow from under his insectoid-ninja-like helmet, “Huh?”

    “Just something I came up with,” she replied, looking all coy and cute, “You inspired me, let's say....”

    “Oh... okay.” With that Kenkage revved up the grasshopper motorcycle yet again, then dashed on out after the Wolf Melody Beast. Determination and adrenaline intertwined within his veins, surging throughout his entire body. Though when he cornered that thing, he did wonder how he'd fair this time? Though unbeknownst to him, Shizuka quietly prayed for him to be safe as she watched him ride off...

    Desmond was hot on the tail of bike stealing Man-Wolf as it wildly rode through traffic, slashing up vehicles as it went along, causing them to spin out of control. The twenty-seven year old detective did his best to avoid the collisions. Though smoke, flames and sparks scattered all around him as well, Desmond quickly and expertly navigated his way into the clear. This was getting ridiculous he thought to himself and put pedal to the metal, gunning his Honda Crossroad even faster towards the flying Melody Beast.

    He followed the creature through the nearly crammed city streets until it finally started to reach the freeway overpass. Quickly cutting the wheel, the Japanese-American detective struggled for control, but swiftly manipulated the vehicle upwards the ramp--wheels burning and squealing the entire time. Suddenly he was cut off and swerved into the curb of the freeway, crashing the front end that shook him the hell up. He cracked his forehead against the wheel before jolting back into his seat. Putting a hand against the spot he hit, Desmond leaned back, grimacing and grumbling the entire time as he tried to shake off the dizziness. Though a splitting headache soon replaced that and then he felt a trickling of stream of liquid running down his forehead. Taking his hand away he saw it was red and then watched as a drop fell in front of his eye, dripping onto his cheek.

    Frustrated and angry, he slammed his hands against the wheel and then put the car into reverse. Backing up fast, screeching the tires, he then shifted into drive again and drove like a bat-out-of-hell after the Wolf once more. Now the pain fuelled him along with the burst of adrenaline... Then, all of the sudden as he looked into his rear-view mirror, he saw something green, black and silver racing fast, weaving through traffic at break-neck speed.

    Whoever or whatever this was, he was certain is wasn't human... even though it rode a motorcycle the resembled itself—a Grasshopper. Desmond then focused upon the metallic red, compound eyes as he muttered, “Another Melody Beast...?”

    Kuro, now in the techno-ninja, grasshopper suit, revved the motorcycle throttle and caused the engine to roar and then pulled a wheelie as he charged forward!

    Kamen Rider: KENKAGE

    Written by:
    Robert J. Wong

    "JUST ONE LIFE"-Spyair
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fza_WIbjTdI"]Samurai Flamenco/????????? Opening Full - Just One Life ?? - YouTube[/ame]

    Episode 03: “Friend or Foe?”

    As Kuro zoomed up to the rear of Desmond's car he attempted to pass him, only to have the bleeding, agitated detective try to run him off the road. Startled, the transformed Kuro swerved out of the way but nearly steered into the back of another car, forcing them to drift into the railing with a loud CRUNCH! “Whao!” Kuro exclaimed with a double take. “Sorry!” he then shouted to the driver of the wrecked car, then once he returned to looking ahead Kuro sped up the motorcycle again, “What the hell was that for?”

    Gunning dead ahead Kenkage tried to pass the speeding cop again, only to nearly be rode off the street from the other side. Just that this time he was ready for it and quickly hit the breaks popping another wheelie int he process, allowing him to avoid the corner of the rear bumper. Landing with a bit of a bump on the opposite side, Kuro in the Kenkage armor then manoeuvred around the other side and as he reached halfway, the Honda Crossroad slid closer in an attempt to smash him into another incoming car. Wide-eyed on the bike, the Grasshopper techno-ninja newbie froze on the spot as everything around him happened so fast that it turned slow motion. Then suddenly the green, silver and black insectoid motorcycle's similar compound eyes lit up, while in the back—two rockets ignited and then the bike suddenly jettisoned into the air! Kenkage on the grasshopper motorcycle launched through the air, barely clearing over top of the incoming vehicle. Safely he thundered down upon the pavement and kept on going without stopping or slowing down.

    “Whoa!” gasped Kenkage, double-taking what just happened and still not fully believing it. “No way! WOOO! YEAH!”

    In his Honda Crossroad Desmond was watching what had just occurred in his rear-view mirror, honestly it didn't surprise him, rather it pissed him off even more. Though part of it was due to throbbing headache that wouldn't let up. Wiping away the trickling stream of blood out of the way of his left eye's vision, he then grabbed for his gun and checked the chamber for a round. Luckily for him there was one loaded, so Desmond waited for this riding bug to pull up closer again. Casually he pressed the window control button to lower his driver side window, hoping the motorcycle-riding Grasshopper wouldn't notice.

    Kenkage on the other hand kept his attention on the Wolf Melody Beast who continued to gain more ground, and escaping down a ramp. Travelling through the traffic heading down that way with it, Kuro witnessed another pileup happening. Hacking and slashing went the Wolf as it weaved along through the cars. Thankfully it was only one way and Kuro figured he could jump over the crashed cars and trucks no problem. Only if he could figure out how he did it in the first place....

    Riding up along side of the dark green Honda Crossroad while keeping an eye peeled, just in case the cop tried to hit him again. So far so good he thought, but luck would change as he caught the glimpse of the officer peeking out his window. His shaggy, dark hair kept blowing in the wind which gave away the fact the window was rolled down, which made him a little curious but also gave him a weird feeling in his gut. Something was off, so he eased his hand on the break, slowing down enough so he'd come up right behind the car again. Then suddenly Kuro revved the motorcycle to pick up speed once more.

    Desmond could see him getting closer, as though he was going to ram the rear of the car! Swiftly hitting the breaks forced the tires to lock up, screech and shoot trails of smoke as the rubber burned against the pavement! Suddenly Kenkage popped a wheelie once again and the rockets fired shooting him and the motorbike over Desmond's vehicle. All the disgruntled detective could do was stare in disbelief. “Son of a bitch...!” Desmond accursed to himself.

    Just then Desmond hit the gas but then suddenly stopped with a loud crunch as the front end of his car crashed into the side of another car! All he remembered was his already aching head, hitting the steering wheel then nothing. When he drowsily came to, he found his face covered in a white, not so fluffy airbag. Hitting it with frustration the twenty-seven year old, injured detective deflated the thing and shoved it back into the wheel. Then looking through the cracked windshield he saw the other car that had bid caved in, it's driver moaning, covered in shattered glass and bleeding from several lacerations. Beside the driver sat a woman, who seemed to be unconscious from what Desmond could see, though the cut on her forehead looked pretty deep. Then he looked over at the ramp leading down to the street level, the Grasshopper Rider was already hopping over cars after the Melody Beast. Quickly grabbing the shifter he stopped, hesitating once the cries of a child rung out of the crunched up back seat of the vehicle he just hit.

    With a deep breath he was able to relax but only briefly, while digging out his cellphone and punched in the emergency number. “This is Detective Desmond Yamato,” he began all the while keeping an eye on the escaping two on bikes. “I have witnessed a car accident on the Yamaguchi overpass. Send a ambulance immediately—I am in pursuit of suspects. I'll leave my phone there so you can track it to the scene.”

    “What just a second Detective you can't--” with that Desmond dropped the phone outside his window and then put the car into reverse. Screeching all tires he speedily backed up a couple feet then charged off around the crunched car and continued on after his targets. Though down that ramp wasn't the way to go, so he turned off towards another exit, hoping that there would be another way to get back on their tails. Even if it was going to take him a little bit longer.

    Back in the back alley of the Dance-Dance Pizzeria, still hidden and peeking around the corner of the buidling at B-Girl, was Shizuka. She watched the spokeswoman in white the latex mini-dress spin round and round giggling and glowing as she smiled from ear-to-ear; swinging and clapping her hands as she swayed her hips along down the alleyway. Shizuka rolled her eyes, believing she was a slut now more then ever. Once the coast was clear, Shizuka came out of hiding and made her way down the alleyway after the slutty spokeswoman. She followed her all the way until the end of the alley, for after turning to see where she would be going next, B-Girl was nowhere to be found.

    Checking in every possible direction Shizuka could not find her anywhere. Slapping a hand against her forehead she then ran her fingers through her, thick, long, auburn hair. Where the heck did she disappear to she wondered, and looked up and down the adjacent alley to see if there was any sign or a the least, a clue to the Spokeswoman's whereabouts. Alas there was nothing of the sort, and then an utter sense of uncertainty fell over her. She didn't know what else to do, or even where else to search next, and there was no way barging into the Musicular Organization's building. They'd have security “escort her out... and more then likely, not so nicely either.

    Cursing herself she trotted back towards the open back doorway of the Pizzeria, returning inside to see how Igawa was doing.

    Meanwhile up above on the roof top of the adjacent building across from the pizzeria and the building next to it, stood B-Girl. She watched with a hand on her hip and grin upon her face, while Shizuka gave up the search and went back into the building. Once the young, auburn haired lass disappeared, B-Girl then thought it would be a good time to check in on Kenkage's action again. Though possibly getting back to this situation would be in order as well. As she turned and left the scene, the white, mini-dress wearing spokeswoman decided to leave it up to her mood. But for now... her interest was indeed peaked.

    As Shizuka looked around out front of the pizzeria, Igawa was nowhere to be found. It was only when entering through the kitchen that she found the stocky, middle aged chef alone on a stool. He was wiping away the cold sweat from his brow when she slowly walked up towards him, gingerly placing a hand sincerely upon his shoulder.

    Igawa then looked up at her, “Oh you're still here.”

    “You going to be okay?” she asked genuinely worried. From her past experience she learned all to well what it was like to be attacked by one of those things. How shaken it could make one who wasn't used to it on a daily basis. At least that's what she figured from the middle aged chef's reaction.

    “Yeah, I will,” he replied, then feigning smile, “Just need to catch my breath. It's not everyday I have something like that happen to me.” Igawa then turned away as he adjusted himself on the stool. Looking out the broken front window he continued, “Even though it happens quite a lot out there. I figured this was a safe zone... Looks like I was wrong.”

    “A lot of assumptions have been wrong lately I would say....,” said Shizuka in a low voice while gazing down at the floor. Her mind went back to the first look she saw in Kuro's eyes, and how much it kind of creeped her out at first. Though in part there was an odd bit of an attraction there, or at least a bit of a spark. At first Shizuka was rather uncertain about it though, until she witnessed how B-Girl had her hands all over him! But why was she angry about that, she wondered to herself. Sure there was a bit of an attraction from either of them, but why get upset over that? Shaking the thought form her mind she brought herself back to reality.

    “Hmmm? What does that mean?” Igawa questioned, not really sure if he heard her correctly. Although he did, he was still a bit curious by what she meant by that exactly.

    With a head shake she waved her hand back and forth rapidly, and smiled as she answered, “Nothing. Never mind.”

    Igawa dismissed the idea of pursuing it even further, and with the mess that was left he had to get started on cleaning up things. Maybe even locking up early too would be in order. “Well... Yonemura-kun,” he said, slowly standing up and casually holding the towel around the back of his neck, “I'm going to get this place fixed up a bit, then call it for the day. I need a break from all this stress...”

    “Okay,” she replied and then walked out into the dining area, before suddenly stopping, then turning back to the counter. Giving the place a look over she then reached into her pocket, retrieving a few paper yen and placing it upon the counter top. “Here. This should help a little.”

    “You don't need to do that,” Igawa told her, waltzing up to the counter himself and glancing down at the money, then returning his tired, sympathetic eyes to hers.

    “I do owe you for the pizza. Just don't...please...,” she began but trailed off, only finishing the sentence off with a quick look, then looking away, not wanting to continue the eye contact.

    He understood what she was going to say and simply nodded as he said, “Don't worry. I won't tell him.”

    A wide smile formed upon her lips as she bowed to him politely, “Thanks,” then she left him and pizzeria.

    Igawa returned the bow and watched her exit his place, and then looked back down at the money before scooping it up. He returned to the kitchen shaking his head bewildered.
    In her nearly empty, white-opaque room sat the athletically built, dark brown haired woman that cascaded over her shoulders today. This time dressed in a matching white, business suit, but with a v-neck, button up shirt under her jacket. Tendou Ranru sat cross legged in her same, large, red comfy chair while sipping at a white, china cup of tea. Feeling and even looking at peace with both eyes closed softly while she listened to the breeze entering the room through the open window-doors. Amongst the breeze came the sound of the flapping, white curtains as they flapped about freely.

    “Tendou-sama,” came the familiar, elder voice of Ichijou the butler, standing and bowing in the open doorway at the back of the room.

    “Yes, Ichijou-san?” spoke Ranru, curiously and without opening her eyes.

    “I'm sorry to disturb you from the unfolding event...,” he replied as he rose up form his bow, keeping both his hands folded in front of him. “But a young gentleman is here to see you.”

    “Oh?” she asked opening her eyes slowly, but keeping them on the large sky-monitor hovering in the distant sky. A video feed of Kenkage chasing after the Wolf Melody Beast through the city streets was taking place. Honestly for the last hour or so she had been just listening as the cat-and-mouse adventure seemed to drag on and on for quite some time. From the looks of it there was no chance of that changing anytime soon and figured she could use the distraction. “I believe I have the time to see this person. I foresee this interlude continuing to repeat for a little while longer...”

    “Shall I direct them here, Tendou-sama?” Ichijou questioned and waited for the subsequent reply.

    “No,” Ranru answered quicly, “I'll meet them down stairs. Give me but a moment.”

    “Very well,” Ichijou accepted, bowing to his mistress with a small grin on his lips. “Tendou-sama.”

    Raging across town through the busiest section of the city streets, Kenkage and the Melody Beast continued their relentless chase. As the Wolf continued to hack at random vehicles to try and throw off its pursuer, the Ninja-Grasshopper managed to find a way around, over and even under them. Suddenly one SUV came tumbling upon its side, but the Rider was able to quickly turn the bike to skid along the edge of his tires. Getting as close as he could to the ground without putting him into an accident, Kuro slid directly underneath the toppling brown family vehicle.

    Nearly getting clipped on the antenna, Kuro found himself holding his breath for a little bit longer then he'd normally have. He even thought that somehow his whole life flashed before his eyes, that's how close it was to closlining him! “Holy crap!' he excalimed with a gasp, and then started to breath again, heavily and erratically.

    “Too close! Too close!” shouted Kuro weaving to the left and the right, dodging two incoming cars that were forced around from a couple slashes before. The smouldering trails of smoke trailing off the inner sides. He figured they must of been still confused about the direction they were in, as he thought he heard them spinning out of control, and before he could see what happened they were already heading in his direction. Kenkage revved the motorcycle again, making it pick up speed. He had to catch up and stop this maniac of a Melody Beast from doing anymore harm! With more determination and resolve, he gunned it even faster!

    Meanwhile the Wolf kept up it's rampage, attempting to use the incoming vehicles as canon fodder, or at the very most, live debris. As it wasn't trying to kill anyone with it's attacks, but that it would end up becoming the final result somehow. All the while the miniature, blue-silver, robotic stag beetle kept on pecking away at the Creature. Swatting and howling in irritation, the Melody Beast futilely tried to destroy the small insectoid nuisance! Then suddenly the Wolf managed to nick it and sent it flying backwards to Kuro.

    The Techno-Ninja, green black and silver Grasshopper eyed the device floating around him for a moment, before putting his attention back to the road again. He dodged another out of control vehicle in the nick of time, barely clearing the side of it! Giving a double-take to the car as it fell behind on the street, he wondered if they were alright. In fact, Kuro wondered about all the people today, would any of them survive this attack? He had to end this fast... if only he could somehow get close enough to knock the monster off the road!

    A electronic, subtly high-pitched, cacophony string of noises came from the stag beetle. “What? You talking to me?” asked Kenkage, glancing repeatedly quickly at the flying, robotic device. It replied with another array of metallic, echo-y sounds as it did a kind o nod in mid-air, while still keeping up with Kuro's bike.

    It then did a sudden side roll over top of Kuro's head. Mid-way through the roll it popped open the black, triangular disc holder clamp—releasing the blue, techno-etched disc itself. Dropping down the Stag beetle chirped to grab Kuro's attention. As he looked up the disc landed into his palm, then suddenly a similar triangular clamp on the gas tank flipped open with a click and hiss. It took him a moment to figure out what he was supposed to do, but once he figured it out he placed the disc under the clamp, and slapped it shut. Pressing a few of the buttons, specifically the four that lit up on the small silver, rectangular console just above the disc holder.

    Just then as the disc started to spin Kuro heard and then watched the Stag Beetle itself grow and began to transform, finally splitting into two different component sections. One latched onto the front, sprouting a sleek, round piece with two stag beetle antlers. The back got a more of a silver, dual-thruster engine piece, with the surrounding armor flaps remaining in blue while fanned out around the engines turbines themselves. Once locked onto the grasshopper motorcycle, alterating it's design though keeping the compound eyes on front, though this time in the colour scheme of orange—the thrusters suddenly kicked on! The burst of incredible speed was almost too much to control, to the point of finding the bike a little too wobbly and hard to steer. Even the gust of wind hitting his entire upper body cause a bit of trouble. But still... either way, Kenkage was determined to not slow down. Not yet at any rate at least.

    Leaned up against the wall of a rather large, eggshell colored room, was a young man dressed in a plaid, button up shirt and jeans. From the top two opened buttons, a bit of a grey under shirt could be seen as well. His dark, somewhat messy-styled hair dangles just over the top of his blue frame, small rectangular glasses. Gently brushing one of the bangs out of his view, he then places his arms crossed in front of his chest. She was making him wait quite a while he thought. To the point of annoyance really, but the young man kept his cool anyways. No sense in looking the fool if he lost his cool all of the sudden. Women have always taken too long to get ready, he believed. Then just as he slid his hands into his pants pockets, he heard the clicking of heels coming down the stairs to his left.

    Looking in that direction he then saw Tendou Ranru saunter down from the upper left-side staircase before coming down the center one. Her hand gently brushing along the arm-rail as she took her time down the long flight of stairs. After reaching the final two steps Ranru stopped and then her eyes met the twenty-two year old's. Both of them gave one another an unimpressed look, which frankly the feeling inside was mutual. Neither one of them were impressed with the other, though their reasons were certainly different.

    “What is it?” Ranru asked impatiently.

    “Why so impatient?” retorted the younger man, hiding his subtle snicker. Somehow he enjoyed getting to her. Although what has happened and is continuing to happen, he just could not excuse. There was no honour in what Ranru was doing, or rather wasn't doing.

    “If you want to play games, we're done here,” she stated coolly and began to turn.

    “I could ask you the same thing,” he replied, slowly looking away from her, down more towards his feet. Now the young man allowed a small smirk to form upon his lips, once he noticed in his peripheral vision that she stopped turning and stayed where she was. “Why are you playing this game, Ranru?”

    “You will address me with respect,” she told him demanding.

    “One does not demand respect, when one has no earned it,” he clearly stated, with the serious look in his eye to back it up. “You are using others to do your duty.”

    “And what is my duty?” questioned Ranru quickly, keeping the unemotional expression on her face while awaiting the response.

    “You know it. Just as well as I know mine,” added the young man, this time turning back to look at her again. “You are honour bound to do what you have others doing for you now.”

    “Honour... hah,” said Ranru mockingly as she walked down the remaining steps, and then only stopped a little ways past her visitor. Without looking at him she continued, “What is honour in a world that has none, with creatrues who are just basically animals—following an instinct?”

    “Are they...?” he questioned rhetorically, eyebrows raised.

    “What...?” she asked, looking in his direction with a puzzled look.

    “Do you really think that's all that they are?”

    The beautiful, elegant and athletically built twenty-six year Tendou Ranru just stared her twenty-two year old guest for a moment, but that moment seemed to last a little longer then she would have liked. Part of her was worried that she'd seemed to be at a disadvantage while pondering over her reply. Eventually her expression changed to a calmer one, and as she looked out of the wall windows near the front on the left side of the room that was beside the main entrance—Ranru casually shut her eyes and grinned to herself. “From what I have observed, that's simply what they are. Though you and I both know why they are doing what they do. It is part of the circle of life.”

    A pained expression appeared on the younger lad's face and the same feeling pinged within him. He knew why this was happening, just as much as her and he hated it. But there wasn't anything to be done other then continuing his mission. To stop the Melody Beasts from brining death to those who were innocent. “That cursed song....”

    “Cursed?” asked Ranru curiously as she gently opened her eyes, “Is that how you hear it?”

    “It is a song of death...,” he explained bluntly, “When it comes, it is an insult to the peacefulness—the transcendence of a true passing. There isn't any honor to die in such ways. Especially when they can't die fighting.”

    “Not all death is peaceful,” she interjected quickly. “You know that was well as I do. Though your way of thinking on the subject of honour, I do find to be.... archaic.”

    The young man sighed deeply and regained his composure. He then pushed up his glasses as he replied coldly, “It is what I believe. Those who do not share that view..., either have no honor themselves.” He tilted his head back. “Or are naive fools who have not the intelligence or the experience to know of such things.” Looking in her direction he finished, “I think we know which one you are. Don't we, Ranru?”

    Keeping her mouth closed she gritted her teeth as she felt a pang of anger shoot through her very core. Ranru then calmed herself down as she exhaled deeply. How dare he accused her of such nonsense? Quickly thinking, she replied with a little smile, “Do you fear it?”

    “Hm?” he murmured.

    “The Song?”

    “I do not. Nor do I fear death,” he stated firmly, truely believing it too. “It is natural... when done by natural causes. And it is honourable when it comes to those who gladly give their lives for someone. Or a cause.” With that he turned to look in her general direction again, his gaze serious and resolute, which was much the same as his feelings. “But those creatures are not natural. There is no honour in what they are doing and those they kill, die badly.” Pausing for a moment, he then looked right at the woman who was the same hight as him... if she were without her heels, “So I will do what I can in my own way...,” looking down at his balled up, raised fist that he brought up to chest level, he finished, “With my own power.”

    Ranru raised her head up slightly, fully understanding what he meant and accepting it. She wasn't going to argue with him, even in some small way there was a truth to his words. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of letting him know he was right, it could of gone to his head. No, in fact Ranru knew it would of went to his head. Dismissing any more thoughts to refute the point with him, she took a deep breath, relaxed and said, “Do what you want, Takuto....”

    “Even if what I do may go against his wishes when I find him?” he asked as he pushed up off the wall and stood a a couple steps just ahead of Ranru, standing closer to the front door. Takuto ketp his hands within his jeans pockets and only turned his head slightly towards her, “Do you really have the resolve to accept the consequences that may occur due to my actions?”

    “We all have our cross to bare. Difference is I may still enjoy it,” she smiled, “But the real question is...,” putting a hand upon Takuto's shoulder she finished saying, “Do I have a choice in the matter?”
    With that Ranru returned back up her stairs, leaving Takuto alone to his own devices.

    Takuto stayed there for a moment longer as he ran what she said through his mind. It made him grin and shake his head. “Interesting question,” he said to no one in particular and then left out the front, double doors.

    After the slam of the door closing shut, at the top of the right side staircase peered Inchijou with a grim look upon his face. He stared towards the front entrance for a few seconds then turned and looked in the direction his mistress went to, her usual observation room.

    Meanwhile as Shizuka wandered her way back to her apartment, an overcast covered the mid-afternoon sun. Pausing on the stop she raised a hand to shield her eyes from the glare while looking up to check out the clouds. To her it did look gloomy, she hoped it would not rain until she got home at least, and so far there was no sound of thunder. “So far, so good,” she spoke to herself, then continued on her way down the sidewalk, hoping for the overcast to dissipate.

    Passing the red neon-sign of a small, local bar as the door chimed open, out came a tall man in a white jacket, faded jeans and a yellow trimmed, black tank-top. As the door shut behind him he leaned up against the front wall of the brown, concrete, flat-hut-like building. He reached into his left inner jacket pocket and pulled out a pair of squared, golden framed, sunglasses and casually put them on.

    Shizuka noticed the golden chains dangling from his neck and wonder why would anyone need that much jewellery? Even though he wore sunglasses she somehow could feel his eyes were on her when she walked by. Quickly Shizuka tried to double check and make sure she wasn't being followed, hoping he wouldn't notice, but even she thought that was hard to believe from her shaky actions. Instead she picked up her pace and didn't look back as she turned the corner. Luckily there was no sound of his approaching foot steps, and she allowed herself to deep, exhaling breath of relief.

    Although the dark spiky, blond highlight haired man stayed where he was, cause he didn't feel the need to follow her. Least not yet. The next time she was around that kid though, then he had every intention of staying close to them. Never in his life did he want to miss a good fight, though he knew he could of done better. Heck he'd even seen better and maybe, just maybe he could teach that kid a thing or two. Unless there was a way to get in on that action? That was worth looking into he thought. Then suddenly Nickleback's “Learn the Hard Way” began to play, so he reached a nd pull a small, iPhone from his back pocket.

    Pressing the answer button on the screen opened the call but turned off the music with a quick, muted beep. Placing the phone to his ear he spoke in a gruff voice, “Ni hao?”

    Reaching just outside her narrow, metal door, Shizuka stopped some J-pop song began to blare from pocket in her blue, sweater-jacket. Rumaging in it she pulled out her red Blackberry and answered it. “Hello?”

    “Hey, Shizuka-chan! Are you alright??” came a panicked female voice on the other end.

    “Ah, Mitsuki-chan!” exclaimed Shizuka surprised but it pleasantly as a smile formed on her lips. Hearing her friend's voice filled her with some comfort and eased her mind on everything that's been happening lately. “Yes, I'm okay. Why you asking?”

    “You kidding?” blurted Mitsuki baffled, “It's been all over the Sky Monitors, news and everywhere else that has a tv! You were in a Melody Beast brawl!”

    “What...?” she questioned, genuinely confused. Brushing fallen strands from her long, auburn hair out of her face, behind her ear, she then corrected her friend. “I was in a Melody Beast attack, yes.”

    “Well from the images it looks like two of them were fighting it out!” blurted Mitsuki excitedly, “It was like a those kaijin fights we you can see in those Sunday Morning kids shows! Though that bug one did look more... mechanical I guess. They even named him something! What was it...?” Mitsuki then trailed off and mumbled as if trying to remember for herself.

    [i[Kuro-san...[/i] she thought to herself, then replied uncertainly as she tried to remember from what she thought she heard B-Girl say in that alley, “Kenkage...?”

    “Uh-huh! That's it! Kenkage!” Mitsuki replied aloud with her excitement bordering on overboard. It was almost as she she was swooning from the sounds of it. “It was so cool to see that happen. It's the first time one of them fought for one of us! Unless...”

    “What...?” questioned Shizuka, curious to what her friend was going to say.

    “Was thinking—it doesn't make sense for it to be fighting to protect you. Maybe...,” answered Mitsuki as she trailed off again, then added, “It was fighting that monster to have you all to itself! Though the image cut out after the Lizard explode... Guess it left, huh?”

    “Yeah...,” muttered Shizuka with a hint of regret in her voice, “He ran away... But what about B-Girl, did you see what that whore did?”

    “Huh? B-Girl? She was there??”

    “Yeah!” Shizuka loudly accused, “Didn't you see her come in and hack at the Melody Beast?”

    “No....,” Mitsuki sadly moaned, “The vid didn't show B-Girl at all. In fact I was wondering where that sword came from...?” She stopped talking a for a moment, and more or less mumbled to herself.


    “Oh right! Anyways,” stumbled Shizuka's friend, “Glad you're okay! Want me to come over?”

    “No... Not right now. Thanks though.”

    “Well if you need anything, holla.” Mitsuki replied jubilantly.

    “I will. Thanks. Bye.” With that they both hung up and Shizuka found herself alone again and to her one thoughts. Walking up to the railing outside her apartment she slowly leaned over it and allowed the cool breeze to blow over hair face, hoping to clear her mind soon. Though one thought kept on coming back to the forefront regardless.


    Kenkage found himself on a lone, vacant road heading into the country outside of Zenmujiku City. Still in pursuit of the thieving Wolf, he had caught up with the creature a few times already, only to have his efforts thwarted from random slashes. But he wasn't going to give up, he wanted his bike back that badly for one thing. It would cost him in the long run, quite a few of his paychecks if he lost it. Hitting the boosters again, Kuro found himself struggling to control the motorcycle, but somehow kept it steady. Reaching the rear he hit another button on the small, rectangular console. Then suddenly the Stag Beetle antlers widened up and launched shortly afterwards with a loud puff, and a zipper sound as a cable went with them.

    With a loud clunk they latched onto the back end of the delivery bike. Kuro quickly hit the breaks, making the tires squeal and burn rubber, sending large trails of smoke into the air behind and around him. He gripped tightly and struggled for everything he had to prevent the Wolf from going any further. “You're not going anywhere now!” Shouted Kenkage taking one hand off the handles as she shook it, only to realize he was losing traction and quickly put it back. A few mechical, echo-y noises came from the front of the Stag Beetle Armour. Then in the back he heard something moving and attempted to look back to find that the thruster panels opened outward and turned the actual Thrusters themselves around, facing his direction, though spread far enough out to not burn him alive thankfully. A second or two later they ignited and gave him the traction he needed, though only for a short amount of time as the back of the Delivery bike--suddenly broke off! “EHHH???”

    “WHOA!” exclaimed Kenkage in a mix of shock and confusion as he popped up into a Chinese wheelie. The thrusters quickly disengaged and he plopped back down as he witness the Wolf went tumbling over the handle bars and onto its back, slapping hard against the pavement. Just as the back of the Delivery bike flung towards him, the Antlers snipped the back half... in half again. The top top came flying for Kuro's head! With split second timing he ducked out of the way and found himself hyperventilating! “Geeze..! That's my bike! You dumb... Bike?” exclaimed Kuro angrily smacking the top of the Stag Armor's head, receiving an annoyed combination of sounds in reply. “Oh don't start! I'm not gonna here the end of it from Igawa-san..! -Huh?”

    Cocking his head to the right he watched as the Wolf, on all fours, gallop operatically across a large gravel area, towards a small cluster of abandoned and condemned, concrete buildings. He had no intention of letting that thing get away, not with his work bike destroyed. No, Kuro had every intent on taking his frustration out on the Melody Beast now, more then ever. Bringing the twin-combined insect bike around with a loud, ear-piercing screech, he stopped and slowly revved up once... twice... then suddenly an explosion of sparks hit him on the chest! Shaken up a bit, it took Kuro a moment to regain his wits and then looked to his right.

    Down the road, driving fast towards him, came Detective Desmond Yamato in his dark green Honda Crossroad. Leaning out the window with gun in hand he fired again, causing the Techno-Ninja Grasshopper to fall off his motorcycle, as several more shots took their toll on him! Desmond allowed himself a snicker and quickly cut the tires, bringing his car to a screeching stop. Getting out he fired a few more times!

    Kuro's chest armor exploded with more sparks as he tried to stand, only to fumble back to the pavement again and again. There seemed to be no letting up from this!

    Scrambling away at break neck speed, the Man-Wolf Melody Beast darted into a desolate courtyard, void of life. The only things that decorated it were a few old, broken and even burnt chairs, along with some dead potted trees and vases that were empty, except for possibly rain water that had filled them instead. Running around the dried up fountain, the Wolf took a few quick sniffs and then ran in another direction and pounced up a flight of stairs. Getting halfway there something grabbing the creature by the back, tugging harshly at its hair! With howl the monster was yanked off into the air and slammed onto the dusty, concrete floor!

    There it rolled frantically back and forth as if panicking and scared out of its mind! In fact it was and quickly tried to remove whatever it was that was on its back. When it did the monster got to its knees and stared at the silver-white, metal-organic substance curiously. Bringing it to its nose, the Wolf quickly pulled it away and then threw the web-like substance. Looking around frantically while breathing quite heavily as well, the Melody Beast studied the darkness for wherever that came from. Then all of the sudden, the loud thumping of heavy, armoured boots echoed within the dark lobby it found itself in.

    Tilting it's head to the side, the Wolf could barely make out the outline of a shadowed figure that seemed to have angular, spiked shoulder armour, and holding a spear-like weapon. The Melody Beast watched it for a long time as it came to a halt a few feet before it. A low growl emanated from deep within the Wolf's throat, and then it readied its claws for battle. Crisscrossing, causing sparks to splash down to the floor.

    The Shadow Armoured Figure grabbed the spear with both hands and pointed it towards the Monster, readying for battle.

    Explosions continued to rock Kuro's world, even with the green, metallic armor protecting his body. Those explosive bullets were still brutal enough to knocking him to the ground repeatedly. Managing to get to the side of his bike, gave him some shelter from the incoming fire. He could hear the frustration roaring out of Desmond as he huffed, and then fired a couple rounds at the bike itself! Bursts of sparks showered over Kuro and his combined bug motorcycle, which made him hold up his hands for protection while quickly checking to see over the seat, how close this nut job was getting. In the nick of time he ducked as a round whizzed by through the air. That ping rattled him for a few moments, as he gasped, “Holy crap!”

    Suddenly there was a thwip sound. Kenkage noticed that the gunfire had stopped all of the sudden, though the swearing from Desmond continued. Standing up slowly he looked around and then noticed this thick clump or silver-white, metal-organic substance covering over the Detective's gun hand. “What the...?”

    Then another clump hit the Japanese-American in the other shoulder, then another hit him in the chest, knocking the poor bastard over onto his back. A final couple of clumps tied his arms and feet up, and there he struggled back and forth, trying to free himself from the confines of the metal-webbing. “Argh! What the hell is this shit?!” Desmond shouted boiling mad, then glared up at Kenkage with a mix of anger and fear rolled into one. It was as if he was waiting for him to finish the job...

    “Uhhh... -stay there!” said Kuro aloud with a bit of a distorted, metal-like echo to his voice which made him pause a moment. Gently gripping the jaw of the helmet he looked away as he wonder what was doing that, “Hah... neat. But yeah, you just stay frosty. I'll be back to free you!” With that he mounted his motorcycle again and darted towards the condemned buildings, hoping he didn't lose the Wolf's trail. Though since those things came from the direction to the medium sized building on the right, maybe he should check that one first. Revving up the throttle, Kenkage gunned it there without looking back.

    “Hey!” shouted the tied up detective, rolling back and forth on the ground, helplessly frustrated and even angrier then he was before. “Hey!!”

    With each and every impact of the Armoured Figure's spearhead, explosive bursts of sparks showered down to the floor! The Figure jabbed and stabbed repeatedly but differently with each attack, then switching it up every so often to either block, parry and then finally slashing the Wolf in the chest in one swift motion. Standing coolly with the spear stretched out as the Figure held it in both hands on one side of the room, while the Wolf staggered to a knee and held it's chest.

    After catching its breath, the Beast jumped to its feet, spun around as fast as it could and lashed out wildly with both claws. The Shadow Figure was quicker and turned on a heel as it twirled the spear around, and stabbed the Wolf in the chest once again, this time cutting up to its left shoulder sending sparks everywhere! The Figure watched the Wolf tumble backwards and back rolled flat onto its stomach. There it laid cringing and growling in anger and agonizing pain, showing off all it's sharp teeth.

    The Shadow Figure slowly, confidently stood up straight and calmly stood its weapon upright on the floor, the spearhead pointing to the ceiling. Titling its head to the side, the Armored Shadow Figured carefully studied the Beast while awaiting its next move of desperation. Then came the roaring of a motorcycle engine as it reached closer to the outside entrance of the building the Beast and him were in. Reluctantly the Shadowed Figured started to head further into the building, next to a staircase. As he looked up above he could see a hole in the ceiling. Glancing back to the injured Man-Wolf, the Figure then whistled out loud.

    A large mesh of webbing cover over top of the Wolf, holding it down against hte cold, concrete floor. It's breath forcing the dust to jump off into a cloud that cause the Beast to sneeze a few times.

    Reaching close to the entrance of the building he wanted to go into, the bike began to slow down till finally halting on the gravel road. He nearly went over the handle bars himself and braced for dear life as the bike fetched up, at least Kuro thought that's what it did. With every try to get the bike to move, it just would not budge! “Now what's wrong?” he wondered and then dismounted from the vehicle looking the whole thing over. “Why aren't you moving?” The bike replied with everal noises, and then tilted back and forth in the direction of the lobby entrance.

    At any rate, he hoped the Wolf was somewhere nearby still. Also the fact that those balls of webbing—he assumed it was webbing, came from there as well. A Spider Melody Beast would do just as well to take his frustration out on, though thanking it for saving his butt back there might be in order. Suddenly there came growling and howling from within the darkness of the building's open lobby. It made Kuro jump a bit, and it was the only thing as the seat of his bike popped open, making him jump again. Caustiously he stepped up to look inside to find the Ninja Sword that B-Girl tossed him last time. Though this time it was sheathed in a solid, black sheath that reminded him of the nano-material of his own body suit. Dislodging it from the interior of the bike's hidden compartment, Kuro looked it over, checking out the black, ringed handle that had accents of silver and green. Grabbing on the sheath with one hand and the handle in the other, he slid the sword out and saw the shiny, silver-chrome blade that was sheathed within. Once he fully had the weapon out he looked it up and down while holding straight up, allowing the sunlight that cut through the overcast to reflect off the blade. “Nice...,” said Kenkage as adrenaline filled his veins once more. “This'll definitely help a lot. Alright.” Putting the sheath into the open compartment, Kuro in his bug-suit of Techno-Ninja Armour, holding the razor sharp Inagomaru in both hands, charged for the lobby.

    Sliding to a stop, Kuro looked around in the dark lobby, with only the light from outside giving him any illumination, aside from a few holes in the walls. Hesitantly he moved in further and listened carefully, the growl was coming from somewhere. Only that the darkness was giving him a hard time finding the exact location. Cautiously Kenkage moved about, keeping his blade out before him at all times, hoping that he'd connect it with the Beast if it should attack from the shadows.

    Then came a loud sneeze, followed by a growing, growling rumble from the floor to his right as he turned to the left. Looking right, Kenkage saw the Wolf tied down by a mesh of webbing, struggling with everything it had to get free. It honestly stopped him in his tracks for a second and then he raised the Inagomaru like a samurai-styled stance, pointing the weapon right at his enemy, with the sharp side of the blade turned upward. Carefully crouching down, Kuro waited to see what the Monster would do next...

    It pushed up on all fours, stretching the web-mesh, weakening it somehow with every stress-filled upward motion. When the Beast stopped for a rest bit, it glared right at Kenkage with it's beady, yellow eyes, drool dripping from its shaking, open mouth. From the looks of it, the Monster shook with intense rage. Kuro even saw it as a bloodlust from the looks of it and that caused him to step back a little bit.

    Suddenly there was motion from the left and as Kuro looked to see what it was, something in the Shadow's leaped upwards. Following it he saw there was a kind of large hole in the ceiling and figured it went through there. Quickly he ran over and looked up through the hole for himself, but it was so black in that that it was impossible to tell what went in, or wherever it may have gone. He just hopped there wasn't two Melody Beasts though. Uncertainty clouded his mind a bit as he felt his heart race and not in a good way. How the heck would he fight too, Kuro wondered to himself. Just then came a loud snap! Then another and another, until there was a lot of them. Turning quickly he saw that that Wolf had broken out of it's web-cage!

    “Oh great...,” Kenkage muttered.

    The Man-Wolf Melody Beast lept for the Grasshopper in a blind rage, only to take a stabbing from the tip of Kenkage's Inagomaru. On impact came a burst of sparks that showered everywhere, but the Wolf still tried to swipe at him, but futilely missed. Landing with a shoulder roll, the Creature bounced back around and swiped away like crazy.

    Kenkage started to slash haphazardly at the incoming Man-Wolf, cutting away each swipe of the animal's claws. Sparks rained down with every connecting strike, as the trails of smoke from each impact filled the already, thick, musty air. Until the Monster got in a lucky hit that stunned Kuro long enough for it to continue its clawed, ravaging assault. He felt the impact of each slash hitting him cross the helmet, chest and then finally the upper cut sent him back-flipping to the hard floor. Luckily Kenkage shook off the dizziness and lunged forward with his sword, making it count as the Wolf's chest exploded in sparks. It tumbled backwards to the floor on few feet away from him.

    Standing up to his feet first, Kuro then remembered about B-Girl hitting the top button and then flipping the buckle somehow. It allowed him to destroy the last one, so why not this one? But which way to flip the buckle was the question. Sadly Kuro had little time to figure it out or remember which way to do it. While holding the sword in his right hand, he hit the top button upon the buckle with his left thumb.

    “Whoa!” Kuro cried as he ducked and rolled out of the way of the Wolf's pounce. It certainly was a close one, but still somehow keeping his cool, he continue with the tilting of the buckle. This time tilting the right end to be angled upwards.

    “Let's Punch It!” came the belt's fighting game inspired voice. Kuro looked down at it as the powering up sound pulsated up from the belt, to his arm, where he witness the energy surge down to his hand—then finally outlining the blade of his sword.

    “Huh?” Kuro looked at the green, glowing weapon confused for a few seconds, only to snap back to reality as the Wolf started to run at him. “Whoat!” he shouted, quickly looking at the charging beast, ready to tear him apart. Part of him swore he felt his heart skip a beat and prayed that whatever his belt did to the sword, it would help him out right now. Bringing the sword up across his left, Kenkage then swung wide from there. The Wolf brought up both arms to block the attack, and suddenly its right forearm exploded in more sparks then it did before!

    Rolling away the Wolf head it's right forearm, groaning and whimpering in agony. Then it turned its sites on Kuro again, and snarled like the wild beast that it was.. Kuro waved it on to attack him. In a fit of intense rage the creature did some and leaped for the Grasshopper once again! Kuro lashed out with a swipe from the right, hitting the Wolf in the other forearm, causing the same effect and damage as last time. The Melody Beast howled in pain but did not let up and continued to try its futile attacks over and over again! Backing up fast, his heart racing rapidly, Kenkage resorted to parrying away the incoming claws—one after the other, causing them to explode repeatedly in sparks. All he could hear was the sound of the explosions and constant howling from the Wolf as it cried out in pain and anguish, while attacking full force in its blind rage! In a last ditch effort, Kuro managed to counter attack with a overhead slash! Connecting barely he slashed through the creature's left eye, causing it to explode with showering sparks everywhere!

    Roaring out loud the Wolf back-flipped and slashed across Kenkage's chest armor once more, sending him fumbling to the ground. Before the Wolf could move in for the kill, Kuro rolled to his knees and threw the sword at it. The Melody Beast leaned out of the way but took the charged edge across its fury chest, with the explosion forcing the animal through the air and into a concrete pillar before dropping to the floor in a flurry of sparks. It stayed there, wincing and groaning as it held its injured body gingerly, whimpering every time it touched a cut or exploded section.

    Both combatants stayed where they were, breathing heavy, though only one was more injured then the other. Slowly raising ot his feet, Kuro then looked at his buckle again.

    “Well... if it worked this way...,” he said to himself, tilting the buckle back to its original horizontal position. Tapping the top button again he then said, “Let's try it the other way!” He then tilted the right end downward.

    “Let's Kick It!” came the voice of the belt. At the same time the Wolf Melody Beast staggered to it's feet, rubbing up against the concrete pillar with its back. Fully stretching it's arms back the Beast howled into musty air and then hunched over, glaring at its prey. The bloodlust eer more evident now then it was earlier in the battle.

    Feeling the cackling energy shoot down his leg, to the sole of his right foot, Kuro in the Kenkage armor started to back up a bit. Once he felt he gained enough ground he then slowly crouched down, going nearly eye level with the madly, wild Wolf Beast, staring right back at him. There was a long silence between them with only the heavy breathing and the pulsating sound from the Driver echoing within the acoustics of the abandoned building's dark lobby.

    A second or two later the Melody Beast adjusted it's clawed feet and darted for the green, black and silver Grasshopper-Ninja. That was when everything felt as if it had started to slow down. Even Kuro felt that everything was becoming slow-motion. The pulsating sound of the Driver, the emanating glow from the energy vibrantly glowing from his foot, everything became in sync with his heart, until that was all he could hear.

    Taking a deep breath in, holding it, he then jumped into the air along with the Wolf. Quickly extending his right leg outward into a flying side-kick, Kuro watched as the creature tried to fall but it was too late. He connected with the kick and watched as the huge explosion sent the Wolf flying backwards, which Kuro managed to push off and flip back as well. Only that when Kuro landed in a kneeling crouch, the Melody Beast hit the rectangular, concrete pillar—breaking through it and continuing to somersault along the hard floor until finally slamming into the far off wall.

    There the Wolf sat, blinking blankly until suddenly sparks began to pop and shower all over it's chest and face. Green energy bolts crackled all over its body until the Monster's head finally dropped lifelessly... and the whole Creature exploded into flames!

    Slowly Kuro stood back up and watched the burning fires turn what was left of the Melody Beast into ashes. It was rather quick he thought, and at least this one wasn't going to bother anyonre again... but if there was another one, where did it go? Running over to his thrown sword which laid along the ground, he quickly picked it up and readied for another attack.

    Unbeknownst to Kuro, B-Girl watched the fight unfold from behind another concrete pillar that hid her within the shadows. But she wasn't the only one who was hidden in those shadows. Up above watching the fight happen below stood the Armoured Figure, spear in hand like a walking stick and something beside him slowly moved, and gave off mechanical, echo-y sounds. The Figure raised a hand to silence it.

    “Not yet,” whispered the Figure.

    B-Girl was about to step out and greet her Champion until the sound of footsteps crunching gravel was heard from outside the building. Slipping back behind the pillar she watched again from a far along with the Shadowed Figure who wasn't aware of her presence either. He too though heard the foot steps of someone coming towards the building.

    When Kuro heard someone approaching, he noticed there was some grunting and heavy breathing as if someone was struggling. Readying his sword he turned towards the open walled entranced of the lobby and waited...

    Suddenly out came Desmond, tearing off the webbing from his shoulder finally. Gathering his surroundings he quickly scanned the area. When he came to see the Grasshopper Humanoid standing with his sword ready, he swiftly raised the glock in both hands.

    Kenkage found himself staring down the barrel of the detective's gun, which he doubted would be the last time.

    To Be Continued...

    "4U" -camino
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VMuNcI9ux4"]4U / camino - YouTube[/ame][/center]
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    A good ep that continued some of the story lines you got going so far, and added a little intrigue about what's going on. The stag beetle was an upgrade for the bike which was a nice touch I thought. And we see how... single-minded Desmond is when it comes to the Melody Beasts and now Kenkage it seems, even to the point he drives off from an accident he caused after calling it in. A good one man:thumbs:
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    Chose a theme song finally, edited it into all 3 eps, and even though it's to another show... it kinda fits this story as well. Also it's a pretty epic song. :D

    Edit: Now all 3 episodes are with an ending theme.

    Chosen Opening is: "Just One Life" by Spyair, from Samurai Flamenco.

    Chosen Ending is: "4U" by camino.
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    Episode 04: "Deception of Clues!"

    Taking a deep breath in, holding it, he then jumped into the air along with the Wolf. Quickly extending his right leg outward into a flying side-kick, Kuro watched as the creature tried to fall but it was too late. He connected with the kick and watched as the huge explosion sent the Wolf flying backwards, which Kuro managed to push off and flip back as well. Only that when Kuro landed in a kneeling crouch, the Melody Beast hit the rectangular, concrete pillar—breaking through it and continuing to somersault along the hard floor until finally slamming into the far off wall.

    There the Wolf sat, blinking blankly until suddenly sparks began to pop and shower all over it's chest and face. Green energy bolts crackled all over its body until the Monster's head finally dropped lifelessly... and the whole Creature exploded into flames!

    Slowly Kuro stood back up and watched the burning fires turn what was left of the Melody Beast into ashes. It was rather quick he thought, and at least this one wasn't going to bother anyonre again... but if there was another one, where did it go? Running over to his thrown sword which laid along the ground, he quickly picked it up and readied for another attack.

    Unbeknownst to Kuro, B-Girl watched the fight unfold from behind another concrete pillar that hid her within the shadows. But she wasn't the only one who was hidden in those shadows. Up above watching the fight happen below stood the Armoured Figure, spear in hand like a walking stick and something beside him slowly moved, and gave off mechanical, echo-y sounds. The Figure raised a hand to silence it.

    “Not yet,” whispered the Figure.

    B-Girl was about to step out and greet her Champion until the sound of footsteps crunching gravel was heard from outside the building. Slipping back behind the pillar she watched again from a far along with the Shadowed Figure who wasn't aware of her presence either. He too though heard the foot steps of someone coming towards the building.

    When Kuro heard someone approaching, he noticed there was some grunting and heavy breathing as if someone was struggling. Readying his sword he turned towards the open walled entranced of the lobby and waited...

    Suddenly out came Desmond, tearing off the webbing from his shoulder finally. Gathering his surroundings he quickly scanned the area. When he came to see the Grasshopper Humanoid standing with his sword ready, he swiftly raised the glock in both hands.

    Kenkage found himself staring down the barrel of the detective's gun, which he doubted would be the last time.

    Desmond aimed down the iron sight of his glock, still breathing heavily from the struggle of getting out of that stuff, whatever it was. Honestly at this moment he didn't care, but what he did care about right now was that he had a lead. Right in front of his barrel was a Melody Beast waiting for him to take down. There was no way he was going to get any answers out of it alive, but dead... dead was a lot easier to deal with. Although there was something different about this one, it didn't look like the beasts that have been encountered so far, and in fact it kind of matched the description from that girl.

    Kenkage eyed the roughed up detective right back from the razor sharp point on his blade. Shifting his feet, Kenkage's boots crunched up the gravel and sand underneath as he switched his position, tilting the sword diagonally at the same time. He watched for any sudden movement on the detective's part, just in case he suddenly developed an itchy-trigger finger.

    Desmond then moved across the opened up entrance of the lobby as the afternoon light shone through, almost whiting out everything behind him. He could feel the heat from the sun above almost beating on his back, if it weren't for the shade from the roof that he stood under now as he moved further into the lobby. All the while keeping his gun trained on the Grasshopper-Techno Ninja.

    “What's it gonna be?” asked Detective Yamato, inching the trigger back slowly, “Beast...”

    Both of them waited in anticipation for the other to make hte first move.

    Kamen Rider: KENKAGE

    Written by:
    Robert J. Wong

    “JUST ONE LIFE” -Spyair.
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fza_WIbjTdI"]Samurai Flamenco/????????? Opening Full - Just One Life ?? - YouTube[/ame]​


    Episode 04: “Deception of Clues.”

    “I'm no Beast, pal,” stated Kenkage firmly as a matter of fact.

    “Could of fooled me. Talking's a neat trick you got there. Just pick that up all by yourself?” Desmond shot back, never lowing his weapon. “Either way I'm taking you down... And once I cut you open, I'll be getting closer to what I want to know.”

    “What??” questoned Kenkage, confused and not believing what he was hearing. “Like hell that's gonna happen!” He then rose his sword up a bit more, making his grip even tighter then before.

    “Did I ever say there was a choice in the matter? You're coming with me!” with that Desmond pulled the trigger causing the gun to fire another round at the green Armored Grasshopper. Only to watch as the Insect Warrior deflected it with the blade in the nick of time. Surprised, the Japanese-American detective pulled the trigger again, then repeatedly; only this time there was nothing. “Shit, jam!” Desmond cursed and attempted to pull the slide back, hoping to dislodge the jam, but the slide remained stuck.

    Kenkage jolted back a bit but then relaxed a little while keeping his blade trained on the frustrated Police detective. “Huh. Okay, how about this, you let me go and I can get you a free pizza, garlic sticks and barbeque wings...-Sound good?”

    Detective Yamato gave him a quizzical look that questioned if he was being serious or just being a smart ass. Fully dislodging the round he heard the slide shut with a clink. Straightening out his arms again, he gave the Grasshopper-Techno-Ninja a serious no nonsense glare.

    “No to free pizza huh...?” Kuro in the Kenkage suit and armor, nonchalantly, almost deadpanning, “Really??”

    Desmond pulled the trigger again, but this time nothing except the echoing clank of the firing pin hitting metal was heard. The sound of an empty magazine echoing through out the nearly vacant, desolate and dark lobby. Quickly he looked down at the gun and attempted to reach for another clip, but when he examined the magazine he had left, it only had regular bullets. “Shit!” he cursed aloud and still loaded it as fast as he could while closing the gap between him and his target.

    Taking this opportunity Kenkage leaped up to the balcony and made a dash to a nearby staircase to his left, hoping to lead to the roof. Then he would figure out his next step on how to get back tot he bike from there. At least he was thanking his lucky stars that he could jump so high in this amazing suit of technology. Finding out more about it would be a good idea, if the circumstances were more in his favor, Kuro thought to himself.

    “Don't you move!” shouted Desmond as he fired a few rounds to the fleeing Armored Insect-Man, but only managing to put a few more holes in the chipped ceiling behind him. The furious Detective then scanned around for a staircase that lead him up after the fleeing target. Once he found it Desmond rushed up them like a bat out of hell; he wasn't going to let that thing get away that easily, not when he was so close to getting some answers—maybe all of them.

    Finally making it to the roof from another large staircase which was the only thing left of the rooftop access, Kuro quickly scanned aout through the metallic-red compound lenses. He tried to piece the geography of where he was and where the bike was parked. From where Kuro stood it was rather difficult. Running his hands over top of his helmet he flung forward enraged and shouted, “Ah come on! Where are you you dang bike!?”

    Suddenly the green-silver grasshopper bike with the blue stag-beetle front and back pieces till on, launched up from the ground, honking its horn and making mechanical noises.

    Kenkage did a double-take, and then quickly pointed at it while proclaiming, “AH!!”

    Just then he heard footsteps coming up the stairs and when he turned—was met in the face plate with a solid, copper slug that crunched up on impact. A sudden burst of sparks sprayed off into the air before falling to the ground, followed by another and another. Finally his chest was covered in sparks as random bullets impacted down his body. None of them hurt though—at least he didn't feel any of them. It was like being pelted by hard rain while being protected by a steel windshield and Kevlar. Kuro would of found it funny—possibly even fun if the circumstances were different.

    “Hey!” shouted Kuro as he tried to speak over the constant volley of bullets, “Stop! Come on! Fu-!” He was immediately cut off on the last one though. Deciding to forgo any more talking, he then made a mad dash for the edge of the roof where he saw the bike jump up. “Here I go...!” he shouted as he leaped up into the air and arched himself forward, into a downward somersault.

    Desmond gave chase, but when he arrived at the edge all he saw was the dirt trail kicking up, left behind by the Grasshopper, in Techno-Ninja armour, driving away as fast as he could. He was already too far for him to bother chasing after him in his car, but from where he was, even Desmond could tell his car wouldn't start. If the large cloud of smoke coming from the crunched up hood wasn't enough of an indication. Sighing heavily, the twenty-seven year old Detective just stood there, tired, angry and with a constant throbbing that showed no sign of letting up any time soon. Touching the cut on his head he then pulled it away, quickly, and looked to see the stain of blood on his palm. Luckily there wasn't much and that told him it was indeed close to stopping. Still, he then trekked his way back to the rear of his dark green, Honda Crossroad and opened the trunk. Retrieving the first aid kit, Desmond then grabbed and held a gauze patch to his forehead before slamming the trunk closed. Finally resting upon the back bumper, the Detective clicked the safety on the side of his glock holstering it.

    Looking down the road from where he sat on the back of his car, Desmond saw three Zenmujiku City Police cruisers coming his way. Somehow he figured Captain Mitsuhara was in one of them, ready to suspend him or at the very least, give a loud lecture on his conduct. If he was honest with himself, he did kind of regret what he did there on the overpass. Then just as quickly he dismissed it and justified what he had done to himself as being for the mission, and that's all that mattered. Desmond didn't give two shits if Mitsuhara didn't like his reasoning. As long as he was okay with it that's what counted in his book.

    As each cruiser came to a rolling stop around Desmond's car, he just sat there and glared at them individually.

    B-Girl sauntered around a white tiled hallway, looking and even adjusting some of the pictures that hung along the opaque walls as she went. The only sources of light came from the small, round lights in the ceiling above her, with the largest natural light source emanating from a large window down the hall behind her. She came to staircase at the front end of the hall, then causally made her way up until she heard the sound of footsteps coming down from the stairs above her. She stopped and smiled at who met her halfway down.

    “Fukujima Takuto-sama,” B-Girl said with a bow, “Have your endeavours been fruitful lately?”

    Takuto, clad in a blue and white plaid, button-up shirt and dark, brown, kaki pants with blue and white skateboarding sneeakers, stopped a couple steps ahead of B-Girl. He eyed her carefully, then answered in a nonchalant tone, “Fairly.” Then he asked curiously, “Why the interest...?”

    “No reason,” she replied in a joyful but mono-toned voice while grinning from ear-to-ear, tilting her head to one side. B-Girl then spun around and continued her way up the stairs on the other side of Takuto. Stopping a few steps passed him, she turned back and leaned against the railing, stretching both arms out along it. “How is the President, Fukujima-sama?”

    “I have yet to see her today,” he replied casually, “Do you wish me to let her know you are looking for her?”

    “No...,” B-Girl answered, still in a mono-tone, but joyful voice, then she gave the twenty-two year old a genuinely, wide smile that bordered on the creepy side.

    Takuto honestly thought it was rather creepy but didn't question it any further then giving a couple raised eyebrows. After looking away from her, he continued on his way down while saying, “I'll be off.”

    “Okay,” she said joyfully, then she did a large, wheel-like wave as she finished before continuing on her way up, “Bye-bye, Fukujima-sama!”

    Hearing B-Girl's five-inch heeled boots click-and-clack up the stairs, Takuto took a look to see where she was. Once certain she had left, he continued on down the stairs. Already aware of her antics he did have to wonder what she was really going on about. There was a purpose although sadly, he for the life of him couldn't put his finger on what it could be. Takuto then made a mental note to keep an eye on his own back just in case it was to no good for him, and stuffed his hands into his jeans pockets as he went along down the hallway. He trusted her as far as he could have thrown her.

    Eventually he came to a narrow, white door with a tiny, square window that had its blinds down and shut tightly. Turning the brass handle he entered a darkened room before shutting the door and locking the knob. Inside the dark room there was a large, ceder desk. A notebook laptop and a small, green-shaded, beam-shaped desk lamp were on it. Taking the stiff, grey computer chair out from behind the desk, Takuto slowly sat down and started up the laptop with a button press. At the very back, the only source of light sneaked through the tiny gaps in the shut, dark blue blinds, of a large, rectangular window.

    Once it had powered up it didn't take him long to find what he was looking for. He dragged the mouse icon over and double clicked on a vid-file. The window opened and he clicked play and watched the high-definition footage that was recorded from what looked like a camera in the corner. At least from the angle the footage was taken from it seemed like a camera. Leaning forward, Takuto gently rested against his hand and his relaxed fingers covered up his mouth while he watched the footage of a a Armoured Shadow Figure attacking the Wolf Melody Beast from the other day.

    He stared as if studing it; the attacks, the technique and the ferocity of the Melody Beats as it tried to move in close. Once the Shadow Figure struck it down with its spear, Takuto smirked. Then hearing a whistle, the web net came down around the creature, he clicked pause and folded his fingers in front of his mouth, pressing the edge of them against it. Sitting back he studied the still image and just shook his head at it. “Too easy,” he muttered to himself.

    Then suddenly there came an array of mechanical noises from behind him. Takuto didn't really react, but glanced back slightly, before returning back to the laptop screen. “I know. I know. But the only way to learn is through true experience,” said Takuto in an authoritative tone as he raised his right hand and pointed his index finger in the air.

    More mechanical noises were strung along like a sentence.

    Takuto just smirked, “Yes. Maybe. Just be patient.”

    Another mechanical noise gave away it's obvious, disapproving reply, and Takuto just smirked again and shook his head.

    “In time you will understand, little one.”

    With that Takuto pushed his dark, small framed glasses back up, then clicked the next video feed. This time on the screen he monitored several people in white coats walking around a laboratory of sorts. Leaning back in his chair he crossed his arms and watched intently while the scientists handled chemicals, tech devices that resembled insects to a point, and even something that resembled the Disc Driver. Just without the chrome-silver casing though.

    Takuto murmured to himself, “Hmmm...”

    Kuro still in the armour, pulled up into the alleyway beside the Dance-Dance Pizzeria while the sun began to set in the distance. It gave everything an orange tint around him, even through the metallic-red, compound lens of his helmet. Kuro checked the alleyway from end to end and found no sign of Shizuka anywhere. Figuing she was inside he disengaged the bike's engine with a press of a button, then casually dismounted. Once off it transformed and shrunk into that smaller, compact robotic grasshopper before bouncing off somewhere. Trying to watch where it went, Kuro quickly lost track and gave up on it.

    Then gripping the right side of the chrome-silver, Disc Driver buckle, he pulled it open and it said, “Driver Open!” Then he proceeded to take out the Rider disc itself. Shortly afterwards the flat, shiny green and silver armour unclamped and detached from the black, leathery body suit. On hinges it folded and flipped back into a large disc before rotating as it shrunk in mid-air and quickly zoomed backward all at once before finally dissolving onto the micro disc in Kuro's palm. At the same time the black body suit retracted from Kuro's neck and feet into the silver lined, black belt strap with a light-blue glow emanating from the outer edges. Soon after the belt strap itself unlocked from the right and whizzed back into the other side of the Driver, before it too glowed then vanished as if absorbing into Kuro's waist. It was the second time he witnessed that and found himself awfully curious, but also terrified to find out where that thing went.

    Now in normal attire that compressed of a black, nylon jacket with dual red stripes down his arms, a grey t-shirt and black sneakers, slid the disc into the back pocket of his blue jeans. When he looked to the back exit the door was closed, when he left it had been open but instead of dwelling on it, Kuro figured Igawa may have closed it some time ago. Taking another quick look around he wandered around to the front and attempted to pull the front door open--it wouldn't budge. Kuro looked over to the large, broken window, now with boards on the inside over the hole to find a black and white “Closed” sign taped just above it to the side.

    That was great to know, Kuro sarcastically thought to himelf, but then he should have figured as much. Igawa had been through a Melody Beast attack and with no safe zone, staying open after that did not seem like the best idea. At least for a little while, and he did give Kuro the rest of hte day off.

    Tomorrow though... tomorrow was another set of problems to contend with altogether. Explaining how the bike got wrecked, why he was gone so long... and Shizuka. Oh crap! Kuro remembered the events of them arguing, then B-Girl showing up and making the situation worse. Then he stopped and wondered why she was so upset over nothing. Until he remembered how B-Girl acted with him... Where her hands caressed and lingered... the sound of her voice. Kuro had to adjust his jeans for a second and then snapped back to reality while shaking off that stupid grin off his face. Continuing to search for the best route from where he was to her place, he was sure it was still in his phone though Quickly padding all of his pockets he then realized it wasn't on him.

    “Great...,” he sighed under his breath, while his head hung down in admonishment, “Dang-stupid, good for nothing...”

    The twenty-five old ran his hand though his messy, brown hair and kicked a piece of trash on the ground, before travelling down the sidewalk in the other direction. Head down and hands in his jeans' pockets, Kuro headed towards the setting sun. Thinking he'd just go back home for now, hoping if he was lucky, he'd run into Shizuka at some point tomorrow. If he was lucky, he thought to self again.

    As day became night, Desmond found himself in the cold, dim confines of a concrete cell, with only the company of three, black metal barred walls for comfort. He rested on the front bars, dangling both his arms lo as if waiting to be taken away, hanging his head between his biceps. Partially glad they stitched up the cut on his head, did little for his headache. At least now it was a mild throbbing rather than a constant hammering.

    What a predicament the twenty-seven year Detective found himself in. After the long rant he received from the Captain, all Desmond figured he'd get was leave without pay for a couple of weeks. Instead after yelling at him for leaving the scene of an accident that was no less caused by him, Captain Mitsuhara had him thrown in a cell.

    When checking out to see who else was in there, at least to talk with, he had found there was no one but him. The Detective found solitary confinement to be just fine though. The thought of being alone with his thoughts never troubled the man, silence had allowed him to concentrate on what he wanted to think about. Usually it was on his next step in the search for more clues on the Melody Beasts. Unfortunately, being stuck in here did prevent that and his leads were drying up pretty fast at this rate.

    Frustrated, Desmond stood up in a huff and booted the solid, black bars in front of him as he used it to bounce off and spin around on his heel. Then he walked over to the stiff, metal spring-boxed cot that was bolted onto the concrete wall. It also had the only window in the cell on the far, upper, right hand corner, covered in white, mosaic glass with three bars horizontally and vertically. The pale moonlight shining through giving the glass and a spot on the floor a faint, pale blue glow.

    Leaning back with his hands behind his head, Desmond pressed up against the cold, hard concrete wall, ignoring a cob-web his had lightly grazed against. Insects were also something that did not bother him in the least. He'd swat it as easily as he breathed, to the young Detective it was more of a reflex and one that came quite naturally to him. Just like when he pulled the trigger on that Grasshopper when he got a clear shot on it. Heck, Desmond knew if given the chance he'd do it again, that lead was too invaluable to him as it was to let slip away again. Innocents be damned, he would get that lead no matter what. If it saved a million... Sacrificing one or a thousand would little to no burden left on his conscience.

    Slowly and perhaps even with a little reluctance, Desmond closed his eyes. Though admittedly he did feel the affects of little sleep over the past two days weighing heavily upon them now. Earlier he had adrenaline to keep him going and now... just a little sleep wouldn't hurt. At least he hoped it wouldn't, he cared not for anymore nightmares. The Detective then decided to just shut and rest his eyes for a moment; long enough to rid himself from this sleeping spell that was coming over him all of the sudden.

    In the security office sat two, lone, low ranking officers watching the display of three monitors, each one with a quad-video block feeding them the footage the cell blocks. A mid-thirties man with short, dark hair, almost like a comb-over sat on the left, while on the right, another man sat. This one a tad younger but with well kept, dark hair and bangs that hung out a bit further. Both of them clad in the standard Japanese Police Uniforms of the Zenmujiku city branch.

    As the thirty year old stretches, placing his hand behind his back, cracking his fingers along the way, his chair squeaked aloud. Demonstrating how old and warn out it was and reflecting how he felt. The twenty-eight year old officer played a game of solitaire on the large, green counter top desk in front of them both.

    Neither of them wanted to be there. They both had their vices they wanted to attend instead, but alas they were forced into guard duty. Heck the thought they were being punished had crossed their minds more then once. Still the two guards sat there lazily as they rarely bothered to check in on the monitors to see if Desmond was there or even okay for that matter. Then over near the left at the back of the small, cramped, rectangular room a door opened. In walked another officer in the same, dark blue uniform as they wore. This one was older though, with glasses and greying, slicked back hair. Very distinguished and a lifer from the looks of him.

    In his hands he carried a cardboard tray with two white, Styrofoam cups, brimming steam from a pinhole in the top covers. “Coffee,” he said as he came up and placed the cups one at a time in front of the younger officers. They didn't really react much to his presence though, rather they just gave a smile and wave as they acknowledged him.

    “Hey, coffee,” said the twenty-eight year old officer, picking up a cup and sipping it cautiously.

    “Good, could use some. Thanks,” said the officer in his thirties, then took a sip out of his cup. The older gentleman watched as they drank heartily, not really minding the heat of the drinks. They were obviously used to it from how it seemed, just like most people in Japan were capable to eating and drinking hot things without much difficulty.

    After a few more gulps they suddenly began to feel woozy, verging on sleepy and then the older one of the two knoked out first. The younger officer followed. Still awake and standing behind them the oldest of them smiled at the toppled over bodies for a moment, before looking over to the monitor and then holding up his left wrist. On his wrist was a black, strapped watch with silver trimming all over it.

    “Proceed,” he spoke in a elderly, gruff voice into the watch on the underside of his wrist.

    A second or two later the screens flickered and the camera focusing on the entrance tracked along from the door to Desmond's cell. There it stayed focusing in on the unaware Detective himself....

    Desmond's eyes opened a little, but then abruptly he opened them fully as he heard the clank and squeal of the door's metal latch being released. Looking over towards the main entrance he saw a petite girl in a white latex, low-cut mini-dress, with a teal ponytail that sported twin, rings of hair in the back. Coming up to the main gate prior to entering the cell blocks, she gently pressed up against it, running her royal-blue, mid-arm length gloves over it seductively, while glancing back and forth through the tiny gaps in the caged gate.

    Standing away from the gate, there came a loud buzz and shortly after that the gate itself slid across and allowed her access into the jail. Then the clicking and clacking of five-inch heels from a pair of thigh-high, royal-blue boots, got louder the closer she got to Desmond's cell.

    Following her with just his eyes, Detective Yamato waited patiently to see what she was up to, or where she was heading. His logical conclusion was himself, but then again, she could be going to her own cell for that matter; but quickly dismissed the thought when no other officers came in after her. She wasn't cuffed either. Even he had been cuffed when they tossed him in here, and given the royal treatment of a a padding for his weapons and badge. Desmond doubted she was given such a warm welcome, though part of him probably wouldn't have minded doing that himself, under different circumstances.

    Coming up to his cell, B-Girl ran her fingers lightly across the black bars while eyeing the resting Detective on the other side of the cell. As she did this, B-Girl had a wide smile upon her lips and stopping midway she gave a wave and in a joyful tone said, “Hiii...!!”

    Desmond just stared for a moment, then after a bit and clearing his throat quietly he said, “I would ask if I could help you, but I am hardly in the position to do so. And normally I would be asking if you were lost. But I doubt very much that you are. Am I correct, or do I continue?”

    “Oh....” she said, cocking her head to the left gently, but never taking her gaze off of him. “You're not very nice, are you? ...Des...mond....san...”

    “Neat trick,” replied the twenty-seven year old Detective curiously while slowly sitting up and hunching over a bit, putting his hands upon his beige pants covered knees. There he eyed her carefully, then relaxed while taking a slow, deep, breath before glancing to the concrete under his shoes. Looking up to his gorgeous visitor, Desmond stared her right in the eyes. Hoping to see if he could discern her intentions through any kind of tell that could be picked up on. Sadly nothing seemed to stand out to him.

    “What trick?” she asked innocently, then coyly shied away as she leaned her shoulder against the bars and clasped both hands together, casually, while waiting for the captive Detective's reply.

    “My name,” he answered bluntly, “Using it in hopes to get a reaction out of me. From the get up you're that B-Girl I've been hearing about, and see in the sky on those... floating monitors. You're the spokeswoman for the Musicular Organization. Common knowledge you plaster in the public eye is quite easy to pick up. Maybe no one else gives such things a second though, but in my line of work. It's a necessity to look at what may seem normal and question the meaning behind it. To look in between the lines if that's too difficult to understand,” he explained in almost mocking manner with a small smirk, then continued, “And from what I can tell... there is something off about you. But I can't say you make a significant attempt to hide that fact.”

    B-Girl's expression didn't change as she stared him down, at least not until she glanced away and then her expression switched to a serious one, but still with a little, devious smirk and sparkle in her eyes.

    “So finding out about me shouldn't be that difficult. My name is no secret, and it's not one I try to keep as such either,” continued Desmond in a nonchalant manner, resting back comfortably against the wall again with his hands held behind his head. “So let's cut to it shall we? What do you want?”

    Glaring at him through her smile as she lowered her head unhurriedly, B-Girl then gripped a hold one of the bars closest to her. Tightening her royal-blue, gloved hand around it, causing the latex to make a squeezing noise, she then pulled the barred door aside easily. Sparks quickly burst away from the lock as its mechanism became damaged in that instant, and was ripped off entirely.

    Startled, Desmond sat up, but gradually lowering his arms just in case he had to act fast. Watching the petite, though incredibly strong spokeswoman, saunter leisurely into the cell, her heels clicking one at a time as she brought one foot in front of the other while moving closer towards the Detecive.

    Detective Yamato's brow furrowed, watching her reach the edge of the bed where she stopped suddenly.

    She eyed him carefully and smiled before leaning down, bending her body in half with hands held behind her back. Looking him right in the eye up close and personal, caught the twenty-seven year old off guard.

    Before he was able to do anything, B-Girl then grabbed him by the right side of his jacket's collar.

    Desmond then felt himself go flying from one, single, hard yank. Crashing into the three bars in the front of the cell that remained on the left hand side, he then slid to the concrete floor with a thud. A painful gasp escaped him, and he cringed and groaned trying his best to get himself up to his hands and knees. Until suddenly he felt the hard-tipped point of a B-Girl's latex-rubber boot, jab him in the stomach and the side of his ribs. Feeling the air being knocked out of him, he dropped like an old sack of potatoes against the cold, solid concrete. Breathing heavily he felt a bit of the sand on the floor flow into his nostrils, causing him to hack up a bit of a cough. Forgoing a sneeze, he felt another boot to his smash into stomach. Then Desmond smashed into the bars and floor again, this time he swore he hit both of them harder then the last time.

    As he rolled back and forth on the cold concrete slowly, body aching all over and even his headache returning; Desmond tilted on his side and looked up at the cute, petite thing standing over him. Eyeing her with contempt, the aching, young Detective clenched his hands into fists. “You're not human...,” he stated as a matter of fact, spitting out a bit of blood shortly afterwards.

    Holding up a finger B-Girl smiled and replied cutely, “Ping-Pong! I'm a woman.” Then lowering to a crouch with her legs closed together, she leaned in and gently played with the beaten man's, dark, shaggy bangs. Then suddenly she gripped his neck tightly and pulled him up off the floor just to bring him closer to her as she continued, “If you ever... ever... hurt my Kenkage again.” Pulling him closer, she shook her head while making a cute, angry face and finished, “Oooooh.... it won't be pleasant, no sir-y!”

    Suddenly letting go of Desmond's neck, allowed him to drop fast.

    His body and face slapped loudly against the floor, causing him to grit and groan lowly as a dull pain shot through him. Barely keeping his eyes open he was somehow able to watch the petite spokeswoman spin on her heel and saunter over towards the window with both hands behind her back. For a few moments he watched her looking out the pale, blue lit window before trying his luck to help himself off the floor, gripping shakily onto the bars next to him. Staggeringly he made it to one knee and looked back to see B-Girl still staring out the window.

    It was then he felt a trickle run down his forehead again, then came a drop of red in front of his eye. He followed it and watched as it fell into a tiny splash at his feet. Desmond found himself bleeding again, and checking his stitches quickly with his finger tips, they were indeed torn. “Shit...,” he cursed under his breath, spitting out a little more blood after it built up in his mouth again. He wiped the bit off his lip on the right sleeve of his jacket, at least it was red so it wouldn't show all that much.

    “I don't know anyone with a name like that!” he exclaimed in a mix of pain and anger, then glaring right at her he added, “And you are going to be under arrest for assaulting an officer of the law. Mark my words... bitch...”

    “I think not,” she said calmly, gingerly swaying back and forth on a heel before finally swinging back in his direction. “You see and do much but retain very little, Desmond-san... But really... what would Yuki think of what you have done?”

    Desmond's eyes went wide with shock, before turning back to complete rage as he forced himself to his feet. Staggering towards her as fast as he could , the Detective prepared to throw a punch at the seemingly defenceless woman. Only to watch as she caught his fist with one hand. He felt her grip squeeze tightly around his hand, hearing a subtle, low crunch; and then the sharp, agonizing pain that shot up through. A second later he was forced to his knees.

    She leaned down close to his right ear, “We're out of time I'm afraid, Desmon-san. Too bad, hmm.”

    With that B-Girl in one swift movement, flipped Desmond over onto his back and then sauntered on out of the cell, slamming it shut behind her. “We'll talk again,” was all she said heading for the exit.

    When Desmond looked she was gone, the gate slowly closing up along with the main door that lead out of the jail block. Again he was alone, now on the cold, concrete floor on his back in pain that wouldn't quit shooting throughout his body. He shook his head. There was no way he wanted to, or even could believe he just got his butt handed to him by that little thing. Not for a second did Desmond think she was human after that, let alone the fact she confirmed she wasn't, at least he thought she did. Though the question that flooded his mind and completely consumed this thoughts was... how dare she bring her up?

    “Yuki....,” muttered Desmond to no one in particular.

    As night turned to day over Zenmujiku city, the sky appeared to be filled with dark, murky rain clouds that loomed overhead. That turned what some probably hoped would be a nice day, to a rather depressing one. In fact it was only a matter of time before the plumped up clouds, unleashed all the water they had accumulated through the night. Still down below people went about their day. Some just prepared for it better then others as they dressed appropriately, or carried an umbrella.

    Unbeknownst to the people below as they went about their usual routines, atop of one of the large skyscrapers that towered over the city center, stood a six-foot tall army-green, bi-pedal Locust with its arms crossed. It wore tattered, blood-red and orange clothes like briefs, also wrapped around its wrists and ankles. A similar scarf flourished in the cool, gusting wind around the creature. Although a Locust, it had small, human-like, beady lime coloured, squinted eyes that seemed to search very rapidly through the large groups below. Then suddenly the Melody Beast focused upon a smaller group that seemed to break off, and headed towards a small cafe on the side of the street.

    Slowly the Locust Melody Beast ran a couple fingers down from the tip of its antennas before crossing the right arm in front of its chest again. There, the Creature tilted its clenched fist to reveal the palm and fingers scrunched together. Slowly it extended its thumb, giving the “thumbs down” gesture. With a nod the Locust leaped off of roof's antenna tower where it was standing, and back-flipped forward through the air, falling all the way down towards the city streets.

    Minding their own business, the four people who broke away began to sit down at a small table for four, at a cafe on the side of the street. Then all of the sudden came the soothing, creepy Melody. As it filled their ears, each one had a look of terror in their eyes, which became wider and dilated the louder the music got. Panic set in fast as they all began to push away from the table, looking around for any sign of the Monster about to attack, and hopefully a nearby safe zone to run towards for safety.

    Out of the blue came a humanoid foot, with insect-like plates all over it and semi-long, pointed nails; quickly striking each one of four pedestrians across the face! With each connection the foot made, came a loud crack and snap! When it was over they just stood there, heads back in pace and looking straight ahead. Their eyes still full of fear but now empty, as if void of any life that was once there. Now there was no light left in them to speak up and that's when one by one they fell to the ground, pale and lifeless. While there, standing on the table with its arms crossed looking all proud and triumphant, almost full of itself—the Locust Melody Beast.

    As people bore witness to swift, precise and brutal act that just occurred before them, all frozen there in shock. They were unable to take their eyes off of the dead bodies, until they all hesitantly and maybe even unwillingly, gazed up to see the bravado filled Locust, snickering at them. Shortly afterwards a woman bystander screamed, then everyone went running away panicking and screaming.

    Watching the people scamper away, running like chickens with their heads cut off, the army-green Locust merely made a quick, unimpressed clicking noise. Then with a short glance around for the next victim, it leaped into the air.

    After waking up to the murky looking sky, Kuro slowly drug himself out of bed in only his boxers. Shuffling off to the bathroom he scratched through his smooshed up, dark brown bed hair. Once in he did his normal routine, jumped into the shower and brushed his teeth, then spat out the mouth wash he used to rinse. As he leaned over the sink he stared into the mirror and pulled down the lower, baggy lids of his eyes, he believed he looked terrible. It too forever to get to sleep the night before, thinking of that fight with the Wolf and that Lizard the day before that. Kuro just honestly hoped for a normal, no fighting at all kind of day. Although if he ran into Shizuka that would change... but at least he wouldn't have to do it with fists.

    He stared down into the water pooling in the sink before him, the tap still running but the sound becoming distant as Kuro became consumed in his thoughts. Quickly splashing his face he turned off the tap, unplugged the sink and then watched as remaining water swirled down into the drain. Taking a deep breath he stayed there for a moment then pushed off the sink. Heading out of the bathroom he went to get dressed.

    Exiting his apartment, dressed in dark green t, with an army-green, plaid, long-sleeve shirt opened over it and a pair of slightly baggy, kaki pants, Kuro made his way to the stairs and hurried down towards the side alley. He stared at the ground as he went along with his hands in his pockets, not really paying attention to much of anything. Until a pair of blue and white sneakers came into his field of vision and he stopped abruptly. Lifting his head he followed up a pair of nicely shape, smooth feminine legs that were covering in tight-fitting, low-rise jeans. He continued up seeing a black shirt, with random English words in a graffiti on the front, and the long sleeves rolled up up her arms. Finally Kuro's eyes met Shizuka's beautiful gaze. Also he noticed she had a little more make up on today which really grabbed his attention. Honestly he wondered if his heart had just skipped a beat a few seconds ago.

    “Hi,” she said, a little uncertainly.

    “Hi,” replied Kuro, curiously.

    Both of them found themselves at a loss for words, unsure of how or where to begin. Though they knew they wanted to talk with one another. Kuro was somewhat curious to how she found his place though, unless she was going to see someone else. There were others living in the apartment complex, not just him so that was indeed a possibility.

    Rubbing the back of his neck he took a step forward, “So... how'd you find me?”

    Shizuka took a moment as she looked away and tried to find the best way to answer, then figured truthfully was probably the best way to go about it. If they were going to have this conversation now, it would be good to start off on the right foot. At least this time it would be a little better then how they first met. “My friend lives around here. Apartment forty-nine.”

    “Ah,” replied Kuro, nodding. He thought about what to say next and then continued, “So... about yesterday.”

    “Yeah...,” Shiuzka said while exhaling slowly, sticking her thumbs into her front jean pockets, “Yesterday was quite a day.”

    “You could say that,” replied Kuro looking down to the ground, then unhurriedly gazed back into her eyes, taking quick glances at her rosy lips every so often. “There's nothing between B-Girl and I okay? She's the one doing all the... moves, or whatever.”

    “Like you're not enjoying it?” she questioned accusingly, and crossing her arms in front of her.

    “Hey now, come on. You can't hate me for enjoying some attention. Though she picks the worst, or at least the weirdest times to come onto me,” Kuro replied tiredly. Then to try and lighten the mood he added while gesturing up and down himself and subtly smiling, “Can't help she just wants some of this.”

    “No accounting for taste,” said Shizuka bluntly while hiding a bit of a smirk as she shied away.

    “Hey!” whined Kuro, holding out his arms in protest.

    Sauntering away casually, Shizuka chuckled quietly to herself with a big smile across her face, keeping her back to Kuro allowed her to hide it well. Part of her was enjoying still causing him some grief over the matter, though there wasn't much to go on but his word that he wasn't two-timing. Though the look she saw in his eyes when he looked at her certainly made her want to believe he wouldn't. But she did want to know if his heart skipped like hers did. It took nearly everything she had not to come right out and ask him how he felt, she would rather him do it all on his own. Maybe take a hint and ask her out.

    “Shizuka-san,” spoke Kuro.

    It was enough to take the young woman come out of her thoughts, and she turned back to look at him as he wondered up towards her. “Yes?” she asked, brushing strands of her long, auburn hair out of her face.

    “Do you...,” he began then suddenly something caught his attention and he looked up passed Shizuka's head. “Watch out!” Kuro shouted, running up and grabbing her, pulling the young woman closer to him as he used himself to shield her from incoming attack of the Locust Melody Beast!

    Just as it was about to land its sharp toed, plated foot right into Kuro's back—the small, green-silver and black, robotic grasshopper smacked the creature away. The Melody Beast was sent flying but quickly recovered and kicked off the wall and landed a few feet from the two of them in a crouch. Slowly rising up it glared a the robotic grasshopper and then to Kuro, who held Shizuka behind him. Bringing its arm up across its plated, clothed chest, the Locut gave the 'thumbs down' gesture, and brought it down with a hard shake.

    “You have got to be kidding me... -Again? --Really??” Kuro questioned aloud and to no one particular. Then to Shizuka as he pushed her back, “Go. Get back!” Turning around to face the Monster, Kuro quickly dug into his back pocket and brought out the green, circuitry-etched, Rider Disc. Holding it in front of his chest at an angle, the Driver began to form with a silver light around it on the front of his stomach. Once solidified the belt strap came out of the left side, shooting around behind him and connecting to the right of the buckle with click, with the light dissolving away shortly afterwards. With a furrowed brow, Kuro glared at the cocky Beast as it waltzed towards them both.

    “I dunno why you want to kill us... but like hell I'll let that happen! Not now! Not ever!” Kuro proclaimed loud and clear, then pulled open the buckle.

    “Driver Open!” exclaimed the buckle in its odd, video-game announcer voice.

    Kuro locked the disc in on the golden, flat end knob in the center before shutting it; and a green laser bar scanned up and down it in a blink of an eye, before finally saying,"Hopper!"

    Quickly outstretching his left arm across his chest at an upward angle, and at the same time, bringing his right forearm over top of the driver. Both hands open with the right down flat, ready to tap the button and the others' palm facing outward, he yelled, “HENSHIN!!” He tapped the top, grey, bar-shaped button then brought both arms to his sides, bent at the elbows, hands clenched tight into fists.

    During that moment the disc in the middle of the buckle spun rapidly, shooting rays of green light every so often. Kuro watched as the Locust Beast leaped up into the air and then came down towards him with an elbow strike. In the nick of time he blocked it with both arms, driving a front kick into its gut, knocking it backwards a few steps. Then, Kuro, looking determined, stepped forward and landed a downward angled left hook, a right and then side-kicked the fiend in the stomach. He watched it wail back a bit only to attempt another strike, this time with its sharp nails of its right hand! Then suddenly out came the larger disc—striking the Melody Beast dead on, sending it flying through the air down the alleyway. Green laser beams followed and cut out the armor plate patterns in the blink of an eye, while the disc spun there in mid-air and came towards Kuro. As it was doing this the plates flipped out on joints and at the same time the black, leather body suit formed with the light-blue glow on the outer edges. As the armor attached all over, the buckle said in a sing-song voice: "Edge of the Ninja...!"

    Once transformed, Kuro noticed this time the sword as on his back, sheathed in the same material as the body suit. “Whoa...,” Kuro breathed through the green and silver grasshopper, techno-ninja helmet. He felt a little amazed that it was there, though he didn't have a problem with it. Certainly made it easier for him to get now in a fight. Then the agitated clicking from the Locust brought him back to reality, and Kenkage now took a fighting stance with both hands up in front of him. “Alright..”

    Shizuka watched as Kuro in the Grasshopper, Techno-Ninja Armour and the Locust Melody Beast, charged towards each other head on. Hiding behind a nearby metal, staircase while witnessing their battle unfold with her own eyes, she kept on asking herself how does anyone get used to something like this? Though there was no certainty that she would ever find any sense of normality in life, not with Beasts or... this.

    Kenkage and Locust repeatedly traded blows back and forth as they danced around each other, sparks flying every so often off of the Grasshopper's armour. Landing a few blows, the Grasshopper-Ninja Rider then threw a round-house kick. The Creature ducked and spun out of the way, only to take an elbow right in the face. Even though slightly stunned, the Locust quickly shook it off and continued against its haphazardly fighting opponent. As Kenkage attempted to land a right cross the Melody Beast dodged again, but this time landed a swipe from its sharp toenails, returning a round-house kick of its own. Cutting across Kenkage's chest, sparks sprayed everywhere!He was sent falling back against the wall as he exclaimed in pain, then slid down onto his butt.

    Not really stunned though, Kuro then glanced up to see the Locust Monster bounce up and down gesturing its hands like Bruce Lee. The Creature even mimicked the nose swipe with its thumb. Until out of the blue, the Grasshopper motorcycle sped in front of the Locust, slashing it across the chest and sending it tumbling away, with sparks flying through the air. The bike skidded and screeched to a stop a little further down the alley, turning to face the exit before finally stopping.

    The Locust swiftly recovered again and glared at the bike, only to quickly cock its head in Kenkage's direction as he got to his feet; pulling out the green, black and silver gripped, sword on his back. Startled the Monster jumped slightly, then charged for the Armoured Grasshopper Ninja, reading to strike once again.

    Kenkage readied his sword at the same time moving a little antsy. Then he too charged in and swung the sword as best as he could. Though he wasn't a real swordsman, Kenkage manged to swipe well enough to put the Locust on the defensive. Suddenly he stabbed forward with both hands gripped tightly on the handle, and manged to land the strike! A burst of sparks erupted from the impact, knocking the Locust onto the ground again. Quickly bringing the sword up to the side, tip pointed right at his enemy and the edge aied towards the sky; Kenkage waited for the monster to make its move.

    It was then that the Creature spun away and leaped into the air, leaving the field of battle far behind in its dust trail.

    Just then the motorcycle charged forward behind Kuro while he tracked the monster through the metallic-red, compound bug eyes. “Trying to run?!” he shouted and then brought both arms out to the sides before jumping with both feet together. Flipping back in mid-air he landed, almost expertly onto the black, leather seat of his bike. Grabbing a hold of the handles after sheathing his sword, Kenkage revved up the throttle and dashed out into the street; racing after the fleeing Melody Beast.

    Left behind, Shizuka carefully stepped out from where she was hiding and stared down the alleyway until Kuro disappeared from her sights. Still scared and trembling a little, Shizuka then wondered what she was going to do now. Just then the clouds over head started to become darker as they moved closer, and the looming sound of thunder cracked loudly in the sky above her head. Then she looked up towards the front balcony that came around to the side, leading to another downward staircase. But what came around the corner startled Shizuka out of her wits.

    Coming towards her from around that corner from the front of the building, was a towering, yellow-fur and skinned with black spots, bi-pedal Cheetah. Clad in a brass coloured chest plate, that was curved at the bottom, and had four round orbs in a semi-circle pattern. Blue loin clothes dangled in the front and back as twin, scarf link flaps hung from the back of its shoulders.

    Then the darkened clouds began to unload its accumulated rain and it poured hard. Soaking both Shizuka and the monster quickly. Frightened out of her mind, Shizuka cautiously walked backwards, running her hand long the side of stone wall, hoping to find something to grab or hide behind.

    Just as the Cheetah Melody Beast took a step towards her, a red and silver, cylindrical spike, that was slightly narrower at the front—stabbed into the stone wall in front of the creature. The Melody Beast halted in its tracks as it starred at small weapon, following metal, beaded line right behind it. With a kind of low-buzzing sound that seemed to get a little more high-pitched, the wire retracted, or rather pulled a small, purple and silver coloured, robotic scorpion onto the wall. It pulled out the spike and locked it back onto the tip of the tail before walking around to face the Cheetah Monster. Pinching the air with its twin, purple-painted, metal, clamp-like claws in a threatening manner; the Scorpion gave a few echo, metallic noises.

    Raising a black, clawed hand, the Cheetah was about to strike it off the wall, but from the corner of its small, human-shaped, moon-yellow eyes it saw something. Looking up fro the robot-scorpion, the Cheetah saw across from the backyard of the apartment complex, on top of the adjacent building—a tall, male shaped being in a black, leathery body suit. Though this one had grey armour with black and silver accents; in the design of a Spider crossed with a Techno-Samurai and holding a spear in one hand, with the non-bladed end planted on the rooftop. Two smokey-white, compound eyes stared back into the beady, moon-yellow ones of the Cheetah.

    Quickly the Spider-Samurai twirled the spear back and forth in front of him before aiming the tip of the double-edged, six-inch, silver bladed spearhead at the Beast. Turning it on an angle, it made a noise as it cut the air.

    The Melody Beast reluctantly began to walk backwards shortly after that, only giving the scorpion, Shizuka and then the Spider-Samurai a second glance before charging off around the front of the building.

    Shizuka stood there confused, though she saw the robot scorpion, she was rather curious to what drove the thing off. Then as if feeling someone was watching her, she turned around and looked in the direction the creature had looked. There was nothing there though, at least nothing she could see. If there was something that had been there, it was no gone. Then looking back she found the robot scorpion was no gone too.


    Chasing the Melody Beast all through the city until finally reaching a place in the country side that had been abandoned for some time. Unkempt vegetation growing in from all sides over top of the desolate buildings that remained, though damaged and decaying. Kenkage followed it into an open area, covered in damp gravel, grassy areas and even a fountain in the center of it all, with a tree sprouting from it. Seeing the creature stop and preparing to turn to maybe attack him, Kenkage popped the bike into a wheelie and drove the front tire across its chest. Sparks fly from the impact point and send the monster spinning onto its side hard.

    Rolling along the gravel until it finally stopped, the Locust staggered up to its hands and knees, and glared right at the Grasshopper Ninja on the motorbike.

    Kenkage figured it was cursing him in its human-sized, antenna flailing head, but honestly wasn't caring about that. It could curse him all it wanted, he was still going to destroy it. Dismounting from the bike, Kuro unsheathed his sword and brandished it as he stopped a few feet from the bike. Though a couple feet from the monster, he waited for a moment to see what it was going to do. Locust stayed where it was and just glared. Kuro grew impatient and then charged forward, holding the sword with one hand and readying for a downward strike! As he was about to follow-through with it, Kenkage missed as the Locust rolled on its side away from him!

    With a growl, clearing growing frustrated, Kenkage charged again and this time with both hands gripping the sword handle—he went for a overhead swing! He missed again but quickly went with an under slash and managed to cut across the Beasts chest, shooting sparks into the air.

    The Locust landed on it's back with a thud, sending many pieces of gravel flying away from the impact. As it staggered up with its hands, the Melody Beast shook off the sting and swiped with another kick, this time knocking the next attack of the Rider's sword. It then spun up with another kick and slashed Kenkage's chest, sending him spiraling back with sparks of his own.

    Kenkage quickly rolled to one knee and held up his sword, reading for the next assault. Though they stayed where they were for some time, watching and waiting for the other to make the next move yet again. Getting frustrated and annoyed with this waiting game, Kuro punched the gravel below and then jumped into the air, coming down with another overhead attack. Swiping he missed as the Creature evaded! Not wanting to get caught from behind, Kenkage swung blindly behind him with a spin, only to find the Monster was nowhere in sight. He scanned back and forth quickly but couldn't find the Beast anywhere at all.

    Taking a few quick jogging steps forward, Kuro looked all around him and still there was no sign of the Locust. “Where the hell...?”

    Up on top of one of the larger, white, concrete buildings that remained mostly intact, the Locust Melody Beast watched from a far. It crossed its arms and attacked unimpressed, with a hint of annoyance to it as well as it glared with its beady, lime coloured eyes. Doing the 'Bruce Lee nose wipe' with it's thumb it cocked its head to the right for a moment, then leaped off somewhere; leaving the Rider alone.

    Kenkage continued to look around him, but no matter what he did he could not find his opponent. Finally giving up he stated to sheath the sword onto his back—then suddenly deep, yellow blur struck across his chest. Erupting in a huge, explosive burst of sparks, Kenkage spun around and stumbled back a few feet. He looked around him, in awe and taken aback at what just happened. Then the blur struck from behind him, causing another explosive burst of sparks! He spun around again but steadied himself with his sword, and just as he was about to ready it again, he suffered a double strike, back and forth across his chest again. This time losing his weapon entirely as it flung in the air. Watching it and preparing to grab it before it hit the ground—Kuro felt his whole body becoming assaulted by hard and fast slashes that moved like lightning!

    One final cut crashed across his chest, this time closer to his neck and face, as it went up his body this time; and the explosive outburst of sparks that sprayed was much larger. Also it was much more powerful as it flung Kenkage into a back-flip and at the same time, yelled out in agonizing pain!

    To Be Continued...

    "4U" -camino.
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VMuNcI9ux4"]4U / camino - YouTube[/ame]​
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    And the mysteries just continue with this one. There's obviously more to B-Girl, outside of apparently want more than grabby hands relationship with Kuro. The second Rider appears and Desmond seems to show a more demented Batman personality by the episode. Keep up the good work.
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    >:D Yes...[/Megatron] :laugh:

    PS. Made a small edit to the henshin scene.
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    Close to finishing Episode 5, about seven or so pages, but I am going to do some re-writing on it prior to posting so it won't be up right away. For more then that one reason though. I want to post it up along with my sentai idea which I'll be writing next, once I finished writing this ep of Kenkage. I want it to be like a Super Hero Time segment of sorts, so even though Kenkage will be written, it won't be up till I have the first episode of my Sentai fanfiction written. So please be patient. It's coming and hopefully you will enjoy both stories. We're nearly halfway through the first arch of the story. :coolshades:

    Kamen Rider Kenkage - Episode 05:

    Stay tuned!
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    Ep. 05 "Quickening" (Author note: Thought I'd just post it early instead)

    The Locust landed on it's back with a thud, sending many pieces of gravel flying away from the impact. As it staggered up with its hands, the Melody Beast shook off the sting and swiped with another kick, this time knocking the next attack of the Rider's sword. It then spun up with another kick and slashed Kenkage's chest, sending him spiraling back with sparks of his own.

    Kenkage quickly rolled to one knee and held up his sword, reading for the next assault. Though they stayed where they were for some time, watching and waiting for the other to make the next move yet again. Getting frustrated and annoyed with this waiting game, Kuro punched the gravel below and then jumped into the air, coming down with another overhead attack. Swiping he missed as the Creature evaded! Not wanting to get caught from behind, Kenkage swung blindly behind him with a spin, only to find the Monster was nowhere in sight. He scanned back and forth quickly but couldn't find the Beast anywhere at all.

    Taking a few quick jogging steps forward, Kuro looked all around him and still there was no sign of the Locust. “Where the hell...?â€

    Up on top of one of the larger, white, concrete buildings that remained mostly intact, the Locust Melody Beast watched from a far. It crossed its arms and attacked unimpressed, with a hint of annoyance to it as well as it glared with its beady, lime coloured eyes. Doing the 'Bruce Lee nose wipe' with it's thumb it cocked its head to the right for a moment, then leaped off somewhere; leaving the Rider alone.

    Kenkage continued to look around him, but no matter what he did he could not find his opponent. Finally giving up he stated to sheath the sword onto his back—then suddenly deep, yellow blur struck across his chest. Erupting in a huge, explosive burst of sparks, Kenkage spun around and stumbled back a few feet. He looked around him, in awe and taken aback at what just happened. Then the blur struck from behind him, causing another explosive burst of sparks! He spun around again but steadied himself with his sword. Just as he was about to raise it again, he suffered a double strike, back and forth across his chest. This time losing his weapon entirely as it went twirling in the air. Watching it and preparing to grab the handle before it hit the ground—Kuro felt his whole body becoming assaulted by hard and fast slashes that moved like lightning!

    One final cut crashed across his chest, this time closer to his neck and face, as it went up his body. The explosive outburst of sparks that sprayed was much larger too, as well as much more powerful; flinging Kenkage into a back-flip, causing him to yell out in agonizing pain!

    Smashing onto his stomach with trails of smoke trailing all over his green-silver armoured, and black leather-suited body; Kenkage struggled to get back up. Even dragging himself to his hands and knees caused him to wince and cringe through the constant aching throughout his body. As he slowly clenched his right hand into a fist, clasping some gravel into the palm of his hand; he hammered the ground in frustration. “Agh..., what is going on...?†he questioned aloud through gritted teeth from inside the helmet.

    Then looking up, he forced his body to move to one knee. Once that was accomplished he began to raise himself to both feet only to be struck down once more by the deep, yellow blur! Though this time the slash across his chest made Kuro's whole body spin around, before falling face-first into a forming puddle on the ground from the down pour that began earlier and didn't let up. Shortly afterwards, the armour and suit disengaged, though the belt still remained around his waist and the disc inside the buckle's center.

    The Inagomaru, the black, green and silver accented ninja-sword, finally stabbed into the ground a few feet from where Kuro laid. The relentless downpour soaking him and his clothes completely, drenching the unconscious delivery guy, and suddenly the deep, yellow blur stopped right next to the standing sword, though it was no blur anymore. Now stood a tall Cheetah Melody Beast, similar to the one that was going after Shizuka, but with golden-yellow clothes instead of blue. It watched the unconscious Kuro for a moment, before calmly lowering its gaze to the Ingaomaru stuck in the ground beside it, before deliberately looking back to its laying prey.

    A small cut on the right side of Kuro's lower lip dripped a drop of his red blood into the murky water that filled the deep puddle, submerging part of his face...

    Kamene Rider: KENKAGE

    Written by:
    Robert J. Wong

    “JUST ONE LIFE†-Spyair.
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fza_WIbjTdI"]Samurai Flamenco/????????? Opening Full - Just One Life ?? - YouTube[/ame]​


    Episode 05: “Quickening!â€

    Unhurriedly the Cheetah Melody Beast firmly gripped onto the handle of the Ingaomaru ninja-sword, and with a quick—sudden jerk, it pulled the weapon out of the gravel covered ground it was stuck in. Holding it up the Creature gazed up and down the blade, noticing it's reflection in the chrome-silver metal, and grunted in approval. Walking up to the unconscious Kuro, still laying in the puddle on the ground, beaten, cut and with a bruise forming on his chin; the Cheetah began to make a noise as though it was chucking. It even got so into it that its shoulders moved up and down, the Melody Beast was indeed enjoying its sweet tasting victory.

    Holding the sword in both, black clawed and spotted hand over its head like it was about to commit some kind of ritual sacrifice, the Cheetah waited a moment, then jerked the sword up before coming down fast! Only to be stopped from the sound of a bike engine approaching fast. The Melody Beast looked off in the direction of the noise while holding the sword at its side. When it saw who it was the Cheetah gave it a dirty look and and then licked the sharp, bronze fang on the right side of its mouth.

    Suddenly driving into the area from out behind some fallen pieces of the decaying buildings along a small, almost hidden path, came the black suited, grey, black and silver armoured, Spider-Samurai; sitting atop of a similar coloured, though mechanical-spider-like motorcycle, but with red accents too. Hitting the breaks the bike slowed down and stopped right in the middle of the entrance to the lot the creature and the unconscious Kuro were.

    The Spider-Techno-Samurai stared across the gravel lot, right at the nearly towering Cheetah, still holding onto the sword in its right hand. He then reached around to the back of his waist and unhitched a small, dark-grey stick. One end had a double-edged, six-inch, silver-chrome blade with a around platform just under it that was able to hold a disc, via a triangular, black clamp with a round, flat, golden knob at the lower end in the middle of the round platform. While the other end brandished a unique, light-grey spider-emblem while remaining flat. The armoured Spider-Samurai held out that condensed weapon horizontally, then suddenly it extended from both ends, until it reached nearly two meters in length. Quickly twirling it around his black gloved, grey armour plated fingers, the Spider Rider then stopped with the sharp pointed tip, aimed right at the Melody Beast as if challenging it.

    The Cheetah just snickered and then fully turned towards the mounted Spider Warrior and took a step forward before it stopped. Looking a bit to its right the Beast then saw another creature like itself step out from within the doorway of an adjacent building. It was the Cheetah Melody Beast with the blue cloths and scarf-like strands on dangling behind it. The Blue-clothed Cheetah shook it's head before stepping back into the darkness and disappearing.

    Casually glancing back at the bike riding, Spider-Samurai, the Golden-yellowed clothed Cheetah snarled in frustration. Though it reluctantly obeyed and before running off it dropped the sword, allowing gravity make it stab into the ground. Then the Melody Beast turned away and started to run before finally leaping away.

    Unable to keep up with the Creature's movements, the Spider-Samurai then retracted his spear and locked it back onto the rear of his belt. Slowly his gaze fell to the unconscious Kuro until something caught the corner of his right, smokey-white, compound bug eye. Cocking his helmeted head in the appropriate direction, the Samurai watched B-Girl come sauntering out from behind one of the smaller buildings with a tiny smile on her lips and holding an opened umbrella over her head.

    Coming up to and crouching down beside Kuro, she noticed the Spider-Samurai, giving him a wave and a wink with a big smile. Though she wasn't surprised he was here, in fact she was somewhat glad, otherwise she would have had to gotten her hands dirty again. So quietly she thanked him for his speedy arrival to the scene, even if he wasn't tracking after the one that hurt her precious Kenkage.

    He nodded then grabbed the handlebars before turning the bike around and riding off down the trail.

    B-Girl then turned her attention back to the beaten Kuro and gently played with his messy, dark brown hair that was now soaked but covered by her umbrella now. With ease she picked him up and threw him over her shoulder, keeping the umbrella over them both to keep them dry from the continuing down pour. Smiling wide and feeling incredibly happy to take care of him, she gave the unconscious Kuro a kiss on the cheek then spoke softly to him, “Oh Kenkage-kun... what are you going to do without me?â€
    In a darkened window in a building that was a little further back, stood the Asian man with blond highlighted, spiky haired man. He reached into the inner pocket of his white jacket and pulled out micro-binoculars. Putting them up over his dark, square, gold-framed sunglasses he watched as the Spider-Samurai drove away, and B-Girl picked up and carried Kuro over her shoulder. Lowering the binoculars he thought to himself that things are certainly getting interesting. “Now there's two of them... hmph.â€

    As B-Girl with Kuro on her shoulder, left the lot surrounded by a small village of abandoned, desolate buildings, the Inagomaru that was left behind, suddenly tilted then fell over onto its side.

    Desmond found himself lying in a queen sized bed, covered in white sheets and pillows. A cool wind blowing in from the open windowed doors, looking to a balcony with a pale, blue moon hanging in the night sky. Slowly sitting up he scanned around the room, but couldn't seem much of it as deep, pitch black shadows covered most of it. When he looked to his left that was when his heart skipped a beat and a sudden, sharp pain tore through his chest. Shocked in awe and wide-eyed he reached out but then two, small, silky hands stopped him and pushed him back onto the bed. Sitting on the side of the bed was a beautiful, Asian woman with medium-length, black hair that went down to the bottom of her neck. Dressed in a silky-white dress, she look absolutely stunning, but Desmond's mind felt as though it was reeling out of control.

    “Yuki...?†he whispered, trying to sit up again.

    “Shhh...,†she replied, placing a finger against her lips and gently kept the shirtless Desmond down against the soft, white sheets. “Rest. You're overdoing it again. Rest, Desmond-kun,†Yuki chided in a comforting voice that had a urethral quality to it. Almost distant in fact, given how close she sat next to him.

    “But... Yu-†Desmond began, only to be cut off with Yuki's finger pressed gingerly up to his lips. He stared down at her finger then calmly relaxed against the bed as his grey eyes met her cute, brown ones. She looked just like he remembered, light on the make up, and just natural beautiful and caring.

    “Shh....,†she soothed, “Rest already, you haven't slept much and you need your sleep. So get some. Please. For me?†A smile formed upon her beautiful, angelic face.

    The twenty-seven year old Detective hesitated a moment, blinking a few times before feeling the lids becoming heavy, succumbing to sleep edging ever closer, taking its toll upon the man. Still Desmond fought it to the bitter end, not wanting to let her go from his sights or his reach. He grabbed her hand and gently rubbed his thumb over the top of it as he spoke, “No... I don't want to sleep anymore... I've... Yuki...†Desmond eyes reluctantly shut as the curtain of sleep finally took hold of him.

    A moment went by and Desmond slowly opened his eyes again to make sure she was still there, but what he saw was Yuki holding a stop on her stomach. Grimace splashed over her face when her eyes met his. He could see the anguish and pain overflowing within her as tears filled and threatened to run.

    “Desmond...,†her voice cracked and the tears flowed down her cheeks, dripping to the bed but when they landed they were stains of red.

    Desmond then noticed the blood flowing down from that spot she held her hand over, and then instinctively reached out!

    Desmond awoke with a start, gasping in pain but stopped mid-way and cringed, holding his abdomen as he tried to sit up. Falling back against the bed he began to hear a noise. It was to the slow, constant beeping of a heart monitor and mumbled voices over the a PA system in the distance. Blinking once, then twice, it soon became clear where he really was; not in the dark room on a soft, silky bed next to Yuki as she attacked him. Desmond instead found himself lying hooked up to medical instruments and wrapped in warm blankets of a small, double-sized, hospital bed. Looking around the white, sterile room, it was one of the smaller, personalized ones with only the bed he was in, a couple of stiff chairs, a small, square, dark wood table between them up against the wall next to the bed on the left. On the small section of the wall a back-light panel for x-rays, and before him a large, rectangular window with white blinds. Though he was certainly surprised he didn't know where he was from the smell... that clean, sterile smell that all hospitals had was enough to make anyone uneasy. Sometimes he swore it was just pumped in nerve gas just to make everyone jumpy. Might be worth looking into someday when things settled down.

    Once Desmond was able to collect and reorganize all his thoughts in order, he remembered that dream. Or was it a dream? A nightmare? He asked those questions a lot he found, were they ever really in his subconscious only? If so it was obviously his own subconscious telling him what he didn't want to, but needed to hear. Just that the sudden brutal image of Yuki continue to appear every time. It never made sense to him as to why the dream always ended that way... Part of the young Detective didn't want to believe it was just him talking to himself through her image, he'd rather it be really her—without the last moment. Or at least he wished he could understand it, maybe some how put the pieces together and figure out why things went that way. It had no connection to what happened though... Where to start? He thought to himself.

    Although Desmond never considered himself to be a religious man of any sort, but if there was another plane of existence, he still partially hoped she was reaching out to him.

    With a deep breath he stiffened and grunted lowly in pain. The sharp, shock of it that cut through him felt like it was coming from his stomach and sides. That was when he remembered the event that most likely put him here, prior to falling unconscious, when B-Girl came to “visit†him in the cell...

    At that moment the door to his right slid open and in walked Captain Hiroshi Mitsuhara, dressed in a white dress shirt, grey slacks with black suspenders and a red tie. On two fingers he hung the matching grey coat over his shoulder. Badge hanging off of the right side of his black, leather belt. He gave the hospitalized Detective a sympathetic look, mixed with a little disappointment and anger. Mitsuhara had every right to be angry with him, after what happened on the overpass. Still, his newest Detective under his watch was injured pretty bad and laid up in bed in a room that felt more like a interrogation room, then a place of healing. At least that's how it always felt to him whenever coming to hospital. Closing the door behind him he went over and grabbed a chair, turned it around so the back was facing Desmond, and took a seat closest to the bed.

    “How are you holding up?†asked Mistuhara, showing genuine concern, while still being a tad bit stern.

    “Probably looks worse then it actually is,†replied Desmond, glancing away from his Captain, not wanting to rock the boat again. Desmond wasn't in any condition or in the mood for that matter.

    “I dunno about that, Detective,†Mitsuhara stated, “Two broken ribs, bruises up the ying-yang—size of grape fruits. Some internal bleeding that was caught in time, thankfully. Heck even that concussion from earlier is worse then before. Just wish we knew how it exactly happened....â€

    “What do you mean?†asked Desmond as he turned back to the Captain, looking puzzled.

    “Well,†began the Captain, remembering the video footage from the security cameras. He shook his head then continued, “It's either you're nuts and decided to beat the crap out of your self. Or you really picked the worst time to try gymnastics. Wouldn't recommend quitting your day job though.†Mitsuhara allowed himself a chuckle, but gradually turned back to serious when he saw Desmond's still puzzled expression, “Or... this S.O.B. is really good at video editing. Which I believe is the real explanation for what happened to you. Granted I do think you deserve a good ass-kicking for what you pulled—leaving the scene of an accident. Hit and run is what we call that, mister. You should know it pretty damn well by now,You're an enforcer of the law for God sakes....â€

    “I was occupied,†Desmond said nonchalantly, staring Mitsuhara unemotionally right in the eyes. “A Melody Beast did a lot more damage then I did... and you can blame it on that other one too. Whatever it is....†Desmond then looked away, wanting the conversation just to be over and done with. If he was going to fire him, then he hoped he'd just hurry it up. “Also we've been through this already....â€

    “Well I don't think you've heard it enough yet!†Mitsuhara suddenly snapped, standing from the chair and walking to the door then turned back just as quickly, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

    Desmond just simply rolled his eyes, sighing deeply, Here we go again, he thought to himself.

    Running his hand through his thinning, dark hair, Mitsuhara then continued his rant, “And that's not the point! You're an officer of the law who caused an accident! You should of stayed there till the paramedics arrived! You know better then that! Any adult knows better then that! Especially one who wears... that badge!†Captain Mitsuhara Hiroshi then walked up to the window, gently bending the blinds apart with his finger and thumb to look out, allowing the gloomy light from outside in. Still raining from what he could see and things certainly were looking pretty gloomy. “You are to set a good example of what a noble citizen is supposed to be. Chasing after those things isn't your job either.....â€

    Turning back to Desmond he continued, this time in a more calmly manner, “Yamato..., you know I told you to do that on your own time. Not while on duty. Now you lied to me, and I have to right that up in report... â€

    “I was defending civilians prior to the chase, doing what my job implies... -Sir....,†stated Desmond, slowly forcing himself to sit up, grunting as he went but managing. Then taking a deep breath he continued, “It attacked the owner of a pizza place, I was in there following up....,†Desmond caught himself and chose his words carefully, “a lead on a case..., and then out of the blue—A Wolf Melody Beast attacked the man. I stepped in and defended him and the costumers that were there. Then... something... broke through the window. It drove the Beast off. I gave chase.â€

    “I'll take your on that for now, since you can't make an official report just yet,†said Mitsuhara while thinking over what he heard in his head. Unsure if he could really believe all that, there were some interesting things being relayed to him down the grapevine, and there was something on the Sky Monitors a few days ago. Maybe be worth looking into on his off time, he thought.

    “There are three witnesses,†Desmond stated bluntly. “I can give you the names, the address, and the name of the place.

    “You just don't get it, do you..., Yamato...?†the Captain asked with a loud sigh. “You think you're above the law or something, Detective? 'Cause let me tell you something. --You're not. Officers like you don't go that far in this line of work. You either get booted off, or buried.â€

    Mitsuhara trotted back to the window and opened the blinds again, looking out into the rain covered city the Captain then added, “I've buried enough already.†He then paused for a long time, thinking of all those officer funerals he attended over the years. The weight that it brought to his heart made him subconsciously rub his chest. It took him a minute to register what he was doing, and stopped before going on, “Now I believe I may know... what you're going through. It's understandable, but it doesn't make it inexcusable. You didn't even bother to take the leave. Instead you kept on working.â€

    Desmond felt the pent up anger and rage boiling closer to the surface as he knew where the Captain was going with this, and not wanting to hear anymore of it. There was no real surprise either, as that information was written up in the report, but there were still things he made sure were kept out. Desmond pulled away the blankets and shifted around, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. As pain shot through his abdomen he grunted a guttural groan while gently pressing his right hand against the spot that hurt. It wasn't ideal but at the very least, he believed he could manage it enough and tried to step onto the floor.

    Mitsuhara hurried over to his injured officer, grabbing his arm to help steady him, but to also keep Desmond from standing up and leaving. Somehow he just wind up on the floor down the hall he believed. Making things worse for everyone in the end. “Hey, where do you think you're going?†questioned Mitsuhara.

    “Out!†grunted Desmond through gritted teeth. “Let go of my arm...,†he demanded coolly, glaring up from under his dark, shaggy bangs that were certainly smooshed and messily unkempt, blocking his vision somewhat.

    From what Mitsuhara could see though, he could see how dark and angry this man who sat before him had really become. Even through that darkness the Captain could still see the glare looking up at him... or rather through him, but he held his ground and casually shook his head; not wanting nor considering backing down in the least. Showing any weakness would be counterproductive in trying to help him, and it would be the only thing Desmond needed for an opening. To be able to find a way to get out of here. Given the injuries and how much pain he was in right now, Mitsuhara would be damned if he allowed him to leave like this though.

    “No, Detective,†said the Captain in an stern voice, then in an affirming tone added. “You're staying here. Getting some rest. You're in no condition to be moving around here, probably collapse on the floor or something. Also... you're on suspension for two weeks.â€

    Desmond grunted in an agitated manner, more so from the pain he felt throbbing in his mid section and sides, though partly do to what he just heard as well. “Without pay?†he said as more of a statement of fact, then actually asking.

    “Correct,†replied Mitsuhara bluntly, “It's the least I could get you, other then taking away your badge altogether and tossing you out on the street. The Commissioner wanted it pretty bad. But I told him how much stress you've been under with your ex-partner, trudging through work... Yamato...â€

    Desmond deliberately, though carefully swung his legs back over and pulled the blanket up over him again. This time turning onto his side and keeping his back to his boss, trying his best to focus on something else as he really didn't need to hear this. It was all he could do to not lash out and he hoped that Mitsuhara would somehow take the hint and back off.

    “Desmond..., there is more to it then just your partner, isn't there?†asked Mitsuhara, waiting for the reply to come but never getting it. Finally giving up he headed for the door, then stopped and turned back one last time. Rubbing the back of his neck he added, “I've seen other officers and how they react to losing a partner... but....this is different.†All there was was silence, aside from the usual noises in the room that came from the monitoring devices. “Rest up, Detective.â€

    With that Captain Mitsuhara left the room, hoping the young officer wouldn't end up doing something rash or stupid after he was gone.

    Desmond just laid there, motionless, breathing heavily through his nostrils and glaring across the room at a spot on the wall. Though really he wasn't looking at anything, rather his hard, angry gaze was filled with so much emotion. Everything he felt could seen through his eyes even though on his face, no one would be able to tell. In his own mind he thought about one thing, and one thing only that fuelled the surging collision of emotions he was feeling, as they boiled into sadness and then turned into anger...


    Men and women in long, white coats work diligently back and forth through a large, sterile lab . Some work at chemistry stations, others on insect-like tech devices, and others on computers with even a few working on the small, palm side Rider Discs. At one of the flat-screen computer terminals, stood a older, dark haired gentleman, wearing glasses, dressed in a blue shirt, dark tie and matching pants. Reaching into the pocket of his lab coat he pulled out a small candy, unwrapping it quickly he then popped the tiny, red morsel into his mouth and continued on typing with one hand. In fact he was really concentrating on the data coming up on the screen. Even unconsciously grinning like a schoolboy, he then began to type with both hands—faster and faster. Unaware of the clicking of heels quickly coming up behind him.

    “Doctor Imai,†said an elegant, young woman's voice.

    Looking up from his screen, the thirty-four year old Doctor didn't see anyone there, then when turned around he came face-to-face with a twenty-nine year old, young woman in a lab coat. Her dark hair, done up and held in the back by a long, dark red hair pin. From what he could tell she wasn't one of the chemical lab workers, but more suited for a analytical job. Wearing a tight, navy, knee-length skirt, with a matching jacket, with only one button closed at the waits. Under that a white buttoned up blouse.

    “Yes?†said Doctor Imai, doing his best to hide the annoyance with being disturbed from his work. Then regaining his composure he then asked in a much calm demeanour, “Can I help you?â€

    “Miss Tendou is here to speak with you about “the Projectâ€, Doctor Imai,†explained the young man, “She's in your office upstairs.â€

    Imai turned his attention in the direction of his office on the upper floor and peering through one of the four, vertically, rectangular windows, stood Tendou Ranru with her arms folded, dressed to impress in magenta coloured attire. She was staring back at him with a smirk on her face. Turning back to the lab worker, he thanked her with curt nod and then headed down the blue and grey, tiled floor towards the black, metal stairs, leading to his office above.

    Entering his decently sized office, which was coloured similarly to that of the lab, though with blue carpeting, quickly marched passed Tendou Ranru while giving her an unimpressed, bordering annoyed glance. Going passed the large black desk that was filled with messy papers, a PC that matched the desk and his chair, Imai reached the large, long, black cabinet table at the back wall that was not far from the desk. He picked up a glass that laid on a metal tray, next to a clear, fancy glass bottle of red wine and pour himself one. Quickly he downed about half a glass, then refilled it to about half again but kept his back turned towards his guest while nursing the refill he just poured.

    “Your timing is... Very... impeccable, Tendou-sama,†Imai griped.

    “Are we able to talk freely, Doctor?†Ranru asked, then walked back towards the window she was first seen in, and looked out towards those she considered underlings as they worked away down below Adjusting her magenta blazer that matched her knee-length skirt, she never could get it to fit just right, but loved the color of it. Just one more announce in her daily schedule, but this wasn't meeting wasn't apart of that. This meeting was on the personal, pet project she personally had to start and find someone who'd work for the money she had to offer. No questions asked.

    Reaching into his pocket, Doctor Imai grabbed a small, oval shaped device and pressed a button in the middle of it. “Yes. I believe we can now,†he reassured her before turning to face Ranru, glass in hand still. “I am close to reaching a critical juncture on my work. And you are interrupting my time for a... progress report...?â€

    “I am paying you for your efforts am I not?†Ranru retorted, “My money and neck is on the line here. You know. I don't need to be reminded on it. And you complain again... I can make sure things won't continue to go so well for you in the future, Doctor. And I know how bad Doctors are when they become patients...,†she added, sliding a paper over to see what was under it on the small, wooden table at the front of the office.

    “Threats do little to my mentality, Tendou-sama,†replied Imai and then he took a long sip of his wine. “Shall we speed to what you want, or do we need to continue this idel chit-chat that'll lead to nowhere but tempers flaring? I really have too little time and patience for both.“

    Ranru turned back and eyed the man for any nook or cranny that might be exposed, so she could break through his practised exterior persona. To her disappointment there wasn't one that she could detect, his calm, cool and collected manner matched the gaze she met, telling her she might as well give up trying. Although it did give her one piece of information she wanted. “So you are in in fact that close to figuring out a way then?â€

    “In a manner of speaking,†answered Imai taking another long sip of wine. “It's quite interesting. Though... there is some gaps in my information. I am sure I can find what's missing... but....â€

    “You need more from it?†she asked, crossing her arms just under her ample breasts, and raising an eyebrow, curious for the good Doctor's answer.

    “Would prefer a live subject, but yes... Another examination may prove fruitful to my research. In some ways at least.â€

    Ranru thought it over, weighing all the pros and cons she could think of, though the main one was that there had already been access to the specimen already. Again might raise some curiosity and unwanted attention to the work she was in charge of. Though if he was able to clear the room from being monitored... maybe Imai would have a chance at getting in without anyone noticing. “Can you get in without anyone knowing you're in there, or have been in there?â€

    “Perhaps,†replied Imai. He then finished his glass and put it down onto the back cabinet table, then taking off his eyeglasses he looked his benefactor right in her, gorgeous, dark eyes. “I have my ways, and if all goes well... I'll be able to turn that eighty percent into an ninety-eight... Or better,†he explained as a smile formed upon his lips. Imagining the possibilities of what he could find with another look, a more in depth one then the last, as long as his tools could help get him into the place, but the rewards were too great for him to pass up the attempt.

    “Good,†said Ranru in a subtle amused tone, fingering through the paperwork still. Then she looked back to the good Doctor and grinned, mischievously. “Then we will see how close we are to the Second Verse of this song and dance. Though I do believe the overture has been long since over. I can't tell if the this is the first chorus, or if we're just about to reach it...?†she continued, but wasn't really asking, it was indeed meant as rhetorical. Ranru could even see that Imai understood that, and was partially relieved for his silence on that matter.

    “You focus on that quite a bit,†Imai finally spoke, now wiping the clear lenses of his glasses with the flap of his long coat. “Verses.... music..., but what does it all mean?â€

    “It is part of life, death, and rebirth, Doctor,†explained Ranru while she headed for the door, then turned back for a moment, “Something those creatures know very well. Something some people don't really think about, and yet others think nothing but one aspect of it. Tapping in to allow us the ability to combat those Beasts was the first step.â€

    “Now this will be the next step... in our evolution, so-to-speak,†finished Imai as he poured one more glass of white, and then held it up to toast the occasion. “Cheers, Tendou-sama.†He then gulped it down in one shot.

    With a courteous, tilt of her head and a wicked smile on her face she said, “I'll be in touch, Doctor.†Then with that she left the office and headed down the stairs, turning as she came off them and heading towards the elevator at the end of the room, under the upper office space. Leaving Imai alone with his half glass of red wine, in hand as he shook the glass gently.

    He stared down into the empty glass for a long time, watching the fluorescent lights above him dance in the tiny angles of the glass. The thought of being so close troubled him, though the longer he had to wait... troubled him even greater. Raising his left wrist he checked the time on his watch. It was a precious thing, though once a fleeting thing. Savouring it like every last morsel of food, every last drop of water, every second was like a grain of sand, falling into an abyss that blacked out everything to him. Imai's gaze then shifted away from the glass as he held it aside, while getting lost in his thoughts.

    The deep, yellow blur moved faster then his eyes could see, striking his body fast and hard each time, exploding sparks all over. Suddenly Kuro felt an upper cut strike his upper chest and under his jaw, then the world seemed to flip upside down. As he tried to get back up he was struck again, but this time everything blacked out, while feeling murky rain water go up his nose and into his mouth. Then Kuro recalled the sound of a motorcycle engine in the distance, until a voice replaced it.

    “Shizuka....?†Kuro murmured as best as he could. Slowly opening his eyes to a large, beige coloured, bachelor loft. From what he could tell the bedroom and living room were connected, and even the kitchen when he looked to his right. Turning towards the left of him, his gaze landed on that of B-Girl's as she stood there in front of a couple opened, windowed doors that led outside to a small stream and garden. At least from what he could see from his peripheral vision, though Kuro's main forcus was indeed her. Staring back at him with a subtly wicked smile that did little to comfort the tired and injured Kuro much.

    “Hi...,†she greeted, swinging her arms out form behind her back, clapping her hands together and intertwining her royal-blue, gloved fingers. She did this while moving up closer to the king sized, white, silk sheeted bed, then finished, “Kenkage-kun.â€

    “B-Girl...,†Kuro said while attempting to sit up but halted as he managed to prop himself up on an elbow. A dull pain throbbed all over his body and jaw, and when he gently rubbed at his jaw, a couple fingers accidentally brushed across his lower lip. It caused a mild burning sensation, making him gingerly touch the right hand side of his bottom lip again. That pretty much confirmed he had a cut there, though healed from the rough texture of a scab that he touched. Ignoring the pain as best as he could, Kuro then noticed he was pretty much naked with only a pair of boxers on under the silky blanket when he checked. Though from the looks of it they were not his. He quickly looked to B-Girl and continued, “Where am I? What happened to my clothes? -Did you...?â€

    “Don't be embarrassed,†she explained, grinning, “Nothing I haven't seen before, Kenkage-kun.†Her eyes quickly gazed lower for a moment as she sighed deeply, keeping that wicked smile upon her lips.

    Kuro wasn't completely sure how to respond to that reaction, although his feelings on the matter were more then a little mixed. Feeling embarrassed, violated, and flattered all at once was certainly different; and with what had happened to him early that was not much point in objecting. Especially with that dull pain still pounding all over his body, but Kuro was thankful it wasn't something crippling at least. “Okay then... but.... Where am I and what happened?†Kuro asked again, wanting to get things back on track, maybe get some information out of her too in the process, cause for the time being he did feel a little safe. As safe as one could be around someone as mischievous looking as her at times. Granted she was helpful during the first battle he was in with the Melody Beast, but still he couldn't shake that there was something off about her. Other then the obvious flirting which wasn't entirely bad, but Kuro did have a gut feeling.

    “You took a nasty beating from a Melody Beast, and a friend of mine saved you,†she told him in a sweet sounding voice, while taking a seat on the side of the bed. She gently crept her hand along on two fingers towards Kuro's thigh, slowly climbing up it and moving closer, obviously making things a little awkward for him. From the reaction upon his face that's what it certainly seemed, so she backed off. “Too forward?â€

    “Moving a little fast, aren't we?†he answered awkwardly and trailed off, uncertain of what her reaction would be if he mentioned someone in particular that showed interest in him other then her. At least Kuro thought she might have, and quite frankly he had more of an interest in her too. Though Kuro enjoyed the attention and she was very hot, she wasn't the one he wanted. That off feeling he got in his gut about her wasn't helping any either. “It's not that I wouldn't be open to this... it's just that there's--â€

    Before Kuro would add anything further B-Girl placed her finger against his lips and said, “No need to explain.†B-Girl then took her hand away and placed one over the other upon her lap. She just sat there elegantly, but still with that shining smile upon her face, not giving him any clue as to what she was thinking. B-Girl then went on with the other question, “You're at a....,†her eyes moved to the left as she thought of the best way to describe it. Then her eyes met Kuro's again as she answered, “Sanctuary... of a sort. All you need to know is that here, you are safe. Safe zone devices are placed all along the premises. So there is absolutely no need for you to worry.†She then gave a wink.

    Kuro felt something touch his stomach lightly, it felt a little cool and rubbery. When he glanced down he saw her gloved hand gently caressing his semi-toned abs, running up to his toned pecks and winced as she grazed a sore spot. “Ummm?,†he murmured then was suddenly cut off.

    “Don't worry,†said B-Girl in a calming voice, “I'm just checking to make sure you're alright.â€

    “Right...,†Kuro feigned belief and hesitantly removed her hand gently, only to have her take his and hold it up closer to her face. She eyed and ran her gloved fingers over the lines in it, like some kind of a palm reader. “Now what are you doing?†he asked, a little genuinely curious if she was really reading his palm.

    “I find the lines interesting...,†she told him nonchalantly, then her eyes shifted back up to his as she added with a smile, “Just like I find you interesting.â€

    “That's good... I guess,†replied Kuro, his eyes shifting back and forth unsure what to think of that.

    He could see this wasn't going anywhere fast, and she more then likely wouldn't be much help in getting answers from the sounds of it. With a sigh he then attempted to get out of bed, though painfully, but it wasn't enough to keep him in the bed. Moving would probably help he thought anyways. Working out the soreness was something he'd done often as a kid taking those martial arts club classes, though now more then ever he wised he had taken them more seriously. Lately his butt had been kicked a little too much for his liking. Although he was just a pizza delivery guy and not some kind of super hero, being able to handle himself with the tools he was given now would be really helpful. Perhaps he would look into some midnight classes or something once he got out of here. Sitting on the edge of the bed beside B-Girl he turned to her and asked, “Don't suppose my bike's somewhere around here too?â€

    “It's just outside,†she answered, “Followed us here. Such a good boy.â€

    “Boy?†he questioned, raising an eyebrow, “It's got a gender now?â€

    B-Girl just smiled with a little bit of a chuckle, “Well anyways, if you sure you feel up to it you may leave. Though I bet you're hungry.â€

    At that moment Kuro's stomach gave a low rumbling sound that seemed to last a good ten seconds. Gently putting his hand over his abdomen he winced and had to admit, he was rather starved. He never did get to have breakfast, though at that point of the day with such a restless sleep, he wasn't all that hungry. Now was a different matter altogether though. Going into a fight, getting beaten and then somewhat of a full on nap, yeah, he was hungry for sure. “Yeah I guess you could say that...,†he said meeting her gaze, the forced a small grin. “What's for dinner?â€

    “I'll get you something, you just stay put and rest up. You're gonna need it,†said B-Girl. Then she stood up and sauntered around the bed, heading towards the kitchen on the right side of the bachelor loft.

    “Well that sounded ominous,†he said quietly to himself so she wouldn't hear. The first thought through his mind when he heard that wasn't anything battle wise though. Far from it in fact.

    “Oh, before I forget,†she added while turning around and walking backwards down the stairs without looking, continuing towards the kitchen. “They added a couple of trinkets to your Rider Gear. I think you'll like them... or at least find them helpful..â€

    “Who and what did they add?†he asked, turning his body to watch her head towards the kitchen.

    “You'll see next time you get the opportunity to transform,†replied B-Girl playfully swinging her arms back and forth as she clapped her hands together, with a wide grin upon her face. She knew exactly what they were, but liked to keep the surprise and not spoil him too much. “Oh and the Kenkage Hopper has another feature I forgot to mention before. But as it seems... you need a ride and if you go around like it is all the time... that nasty police officer might become quite the nuisance. Even after our conversation.â€

    “Conversation...?†Kuro questioned with a furrow brow, a little hesitant to find out what she exactly meant by that.

    “We had words,†she answered finally standing behind the mini-island counter top, preparing some dishes to be used in the preparation of the meal she was about to make for him. “I think he got the message, though... he is rather stubborn,†added B-Girl innocently, “And I'd hate to see you get bothered by him again, he is one persistent bastard.â€

    “He thinks I'm one of those things...,†explained Kuro, turning back and hunching over a bit as he stared into his hands. Rubbing his palms together, as if trying to rub off something that only he could see off his skin. “A Melody Beast,†he added then paused briefly before continuing again, “Can't say I can deny it though... the suit looks like a Grasshopper. Why is that?â€

    B-Girl thought about it for a moment as she stopped what she was doing. Then looking up, she gave him another smile and replied, “Even insects are part of the cycle, are they not?â€


    “The cycle of life, death and rebirth. Everything is connected. Without them certain things would go wild in the ecosystem. So in way... they keep a balance. Like you are able to balance out what they are doing,†she explained while cutting up some vegetables. “They extinguish the life of humans, and now you are able to fight back and eliminate them. Unless you were looking for a more complicated, mythological, world shattering reason?â€

    “Do you know why they're doing this to us? Or what they are?†Kuro asked while standing up and walking towards the open windowed doors. Bracing himself against the frame with his left hand he leaned forward a bit to look out at the greenery that surrounded them. It had a peaceful, silent, tranquillity to it all. While he was here and supposedly safe for the time being, maybe he could try to get some more information out of her while he waited for the lunch she was making for him. “You must know something if Musicular is making these weapons to fight them.â€

    “Hmmm...,†she murmured with a gloved finger, lightly poking her bottom lip as she thought to herself, trying to decide on how to answer his questions. “Wish I could say what and why,†finally came her reply, “I just know the Rider System is able to take care of the problems they pose to humanity.â€

    “Rider System..,†he repeated to himself, though almost in an agitated tone as he was still getting no where on the information side, but pressed on anyways. “Why is it called that?†he asked as he walked over and stood at the top of the three steps leading down into the kitchen. Maybe he could at least find out about the suit and belt he was using. “Where does it go when it disappears and how does it reappear?â€

    “So many questions, Kenkage-kun...,†she said coyly, in a cute voice.

    “That's another question you didn't really answer either,†he replied a little aggressively, maybe even a bit apprehensively too. When he saw that B-Girl was taken aback a bit, he calmed down and then finished, “Sword Shadow is what that name means... but..., I don't get it. Why call me that?â€

    “It's just a name that you inspired, that's all,†she answered modestly, “And why is it called the Rider System? Why not? Sounds better then the bug system... and you ride a bike.â€

    Kuro couldn't really argue with that explanation about the System, though she was still being coy about the name. Though it did sound cool to him: 'Sword Shadow'. After a moment of being lost in thought, he could feel her eyes staring at him. Noticing where her gaze was made Kuro remember he was just in the boxers, and quickly put a clenched up hand in front of that particular area, while holding his wrrist with the other. “Do you mind?â€

    “Not at all, Kenkage-kun,†she told him bluntly, keeping her head low to hide her huge grin.

    Great, he thought to himself, feeling a little embarrassed to be exposed like this. “Got any clothes I could put on at least?†he quickly asked, hoping the answer was yes. Though it had more to do with that he was a little chilly, then the fact that he was nearly naked.

    Looking to her right, B-Girl saw one of the loft's maids come in through the front door, holding Kuro's now dry clothes, folded up in her arms. “Here yours now,†said B-Girl with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

    Kuro turned to see a pretty, dark haired girl in a generic, maid outfit heading towards him, only to freeze and blush when she noticed Kuro standing there in his briefs. Her face became flushed and rosy red for a moment before she quickly went up the stairs, put the clothes ont he bed and then, just as quickly, began to exit. Though Kuro's voice made her stop for a moment.

    “Thanks,†he said a bit awkwardly, feeling even more embarrassed—more so for her then himself.

    The Maid gave turned around and gave him a subtle bow of her head, still without looking him in the eye and swiftly departed from the loft.

    B-Girl smirked and then started to cook the vegetables in a pot while turning on rhe stove, firing up a piece of fish in a pan, the skin still on and becoming crispy as the aroma filled the air. Finally flipping on the rice cooker she turned and clasped her hands together and smiled to Kuro who started to get dressed, but didn't say a word. Instead she just watched and figures he could sense her eyes on him, but she did not care and wouldn't listen if he objected anyways.

    Sitting on the bed, Kuro slid one leg into his pants, then the next, fastening the button and zipping it up fast. At least he got that on, though it still wasn't stopping her from watching him, and honestly under normal circumstances he probably wouldn't of cared, in fact he probably wouldn't of minded if it were Shizuka instead. After finishing getting dressed, Kuro and B-Girl ate the meal she had prepared, mainly in silence although she did bring up some light chit-chat, but nothing significant. Once finished with that he said his goodbyes to her, which she returned with a kiss on his cheek. Before Kuro left the loft though, she gave him a small piece of advice, at least she implied it that way.

    “Remember, if you come across that speedy, Melody Beast again..., you might want to be quick on your feet.â€

    With a nod he said, “I'll try and remember that,†then left the loft.

    Coming outside he noticed the rain had finally stopped, then he proceeded to the front of the building, into a kind of cobblestone walkway. It led to the driveway where his motorcycle was parked, and gave the place a once over. Part of him was impressed and wouldn't of minded living in a place like that, the fresh air, the greenery, just the whole atmosphere screamed a nice place to settle down in someday. Shaking the thought from his head, he went over, wiped the seat, and then mounted the bike while taking the helmet that dangled from the upward angled, right handlebar. Putting it on he started up the Grasshopper-styled, green and silver motorcycle with a button press. Luckily for him the intelligence of this machine was kind of enough to light up the appropriate switches to hit.

    “You wouldn't happen to know which ones to press for that new function, would you?†he asked the bike, the awkwardness in his voice was certainly not subtle either. Kuro never talked to a bike before, and wasn't sure if he'd ever get accustomed to doing so either. 'How would one get used to doing that?' He wondered to himself. Then the buttons lit up in sequence, each a different colour. Kuro punched it in, and soon after the Grasshopper motorcycle's plates began to open, shift and collapse into a different formation, turning the once insect looking vehicle into a regular enduro appearance. Just with the same colour scheme, though the covers on the wheel had a silver stripe to them. The bike's antenna were spread out and turned into the mirrors of the bike, and no longer did it have compound eyes either. They too were now hidden, with a singular LED headlight in the center at the front, all lit up and shining brightly in the murky weather.

    From behind living room window of the loft, B-Girl watched as Kuro left the driveway, going down the road towards the city. She sighed heavily as deep she would of rather he stayed a little while longer, but she didn't want to force him. Even though she could of done so, easily and with a smile on her face, but that would not please her Kenkage. Feeling a presence from behind her, she smiled and said, “Hi, Fukujima-sama. Been watching long?â€

    “He askes a lot of questions,†said Takuto as he walked into the living room area near the front of the loft. Taking a seat on the black, leather sofa, he placed his feet upon the black, glass topped, coffee table and relaxed. “Though a smart person would, so that is not surprising.â€

    B-Girl turned to face him and nodded and murmured in agreement. “Will you be explaining the situation to him, or shall I?â€

    “No,†Takuto spoke abruptly, then added casually, “no.... He doesn't need to know the why, as long as he just keeps on doing what he's doing. Even if he won't know what it is he's doing either.†Pausing briefly, Takuto pushed up his glasses, and folded his arms in front of him. “Understanding is not a requirement right now.â€

    “I see,†said B-Girl, crossing her own arms under her perky breasts, while taking a few steps closer to the casually dressed Takuto; wearing a black, plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and jeans with black shoes. “Then..., may I ask what you'll be doing, Fukujima-sama?â€

    Takuto slowly formed a grin upon his face before finally saying, “Set up a meeting. For some... training.â€

    B-Girl allowed herself a small smirk.

    Riding though the countryside, surrounded by hills of grass, brushes and trees, as he made his way towards Zenmujiku city, Kuro came across a small fishing port on the side of a river bank. He decided to take a last minute detour and parked the bike beside the front entrance of the wharf. From what he could see, there wasn't too many out fishing today, at least on the port, though rest must of left on their dingy boats before he arrived. Fishing was something that him and his father, when he was alive, used to do when he was a kid. Though back then he never understood how calming it was, and often fidgeted about, like kids tend to do when they're bored. Now was different, he was older, not as impatient, at least he liked to think he wasn't; but at least maybe he could appreciate the calmness that this particular activity offered.

    Coming to the side of the wharf, hands in his pockets, Kuro closed his eyes and breathed in deep. The sent of hte cool, crisp air off the water filled his nostrils. In fact he quite enjoyed it and it reminded him again of a time him and his father were out catching some fish for supper. A small smile formed as Kuro remembered the advice from his father when he had trouble catching the fish.

    “You need to be fast, Kuro. Fast with your eyes, your hands, feet too. They are really slippery and wail around so fast that if you're not careful, they fly out of your grasp and you'll lose it.â€

    Suddenly he snapped back to reality and opened his eyes as he heard someone scream. When h turned to his left he saw a towering, muscular, deep yellow, humanoid Cheetah with golden yellow clothes and bronze armour. It quickly slashed a poor fisherman with its sharp, bronze claws. Kuro could only watch as the man in fishing gear, flopped over dead. His body covered in deep gashes and blood dripping onto the wooden planks of the wharf. Looking up from the body, Kuro's eyes met the beady, yellow ones of the Melody Beast's, glaring right at him.

    “Don't tell me...,†said Kuro, mainly to himself, “You came to finish the job, huh?†Then he quickly pulled out the green disc from his back pocket, out of reflex since he never thought to ask where B-Girl may have put it. He didn't dwell on that though, it wasn't the time for that either; then putting his arm across his chest, showing off the disc in the palm of his hand, the Driver formed fast, shooting and connecting the belt around him with a click. A low beeping sound emanated from the buckle before he finally pulled it open.

    “Driver Open!†came the voice of the buckle, then Kuro locked in the disc and closed it up. The green laser bar scanned up and down fast like every other time, and the belt responded with: “Hopper!â€

    “We'll just see about that...,†he said under his breath; Kuro swung his left arm out across his chest, the right bent at the elbow and hovering over the grey, rectangular button. Hands open, though with his left tilted up, with the first two fingers being flat, and the rest closed a bit. “Henshin!†he shouted and hit the button with his right hand. Quickly he brought his arms to his sides, tilted up as he bent his elbow and clenched his hands into fists. The usual transformation sequence began and formed the suit and armour from the large, green and silver disc. Turning Kuro into the green, Techno-Ninja Grasshopper Rider, known as 'Kenkage.'

    Once finished, the belt said in a sing-song voice, “Edge of the Ninja...!â€

    Quickly pulling the sword out of its sheath, Kenkage wasted no time in getting the fight started and darted right for the Cheetah. As he was about to take an overhead swing, the Melody Beast chuckled and then vanished with blinding speed. Taken aback, Kenkage quickly scanned around him but was unable to keep up as he took a hit to the back, showering sparks all over the place. Hitting the deck hard, he gasped in pain and cringed as he fought through the continued throbbing, while trying to stand back up. Suddenly he was struck from the front and sent flying towards his bike. “Well... ain't this familiar?†said Kenkage to no one in particular as he rolled onto his side. The adrenaline pumping through his veins now, he quickly got to his feet again, readying the Inagomaru in both hands.

    He figured that he'd be able to block an attack this time, as there was only one way for the Beast to approach him. Directly ahead, though somehow there was something in the back of his head telling him that wouldn't be much of an advantage for himself. That was when he noticed the black, rectangular device on his right forearm. It looked like a launcher of sorts, that could fire disc-shaped weapons perhaps. At the top he saw there was a bar, cocking grip and quickly pulled it back. It locked into place and then he aimed it and pressed the black switch at the back. The grip shot forward and three, green shurikens flew out at break-neck speed.

    The Cheetah evaded two but the third cut across its left cheek. Other then it turning its head as it took the hit, the only other indication that it struck home, was the tiny, trickle of green liquid, slowly flowing down its face. With a wipe the creature cracked its neck side-to-side, and huffed in an unimpressed tone.

    “Great, now I just pissed it off,†Kenkage said quietly to himself, keeping the sword up at the ready for the inevitable attack. It happened fast and fierce, his armoured body was quickly covered in explosions of sparks, until suddenly sent flying and crashing over his bike. Rolling backwards onto his hands and knees, Kenkage looked up as the creature casually walked off the peer, onto the section of land he was on. Which wasn't far from the road either.

    Struggling to his feet he readied the sword again, but the attack came out of nowhere once the Cheetah moved out of sight. Rocked all over again, Kuro's body felt the pain spike even higher, then noticed his sword leave his hand. Smashing hard onto the damp, wet dirt ground, he heard the Inagomaru stab into the ground a few feet away. Managing through the aches throbbing throughout his body, Kenkage tilted his green-silver, helmeted head back, where he saw his sword stabed a few feet away, into the ground. Slowly he rolled onto his side and got to a knee. The Cheetah cackled in laughter at, drawing his attention over to the right where the creature stood, the same distance away as the sword.

    Clenching a fist, causing the green leather, armour plated glove to make noise as it grew tighter to the point where his hand shook. Kuro was pissed off even more, no matter what he could do, he wasn't fast enough to keep up with this thing. How could he get faster? He wondered to himself only to come up with nothing, until suddenly the blue, robotic, stag beetle flew in from out of nowhere and slashed the Cheetah back and forth, knocking it onto its back with a painful growl.

    The robotic Stag Beetle then came over to Kenkae and dropped off the disc it held inside, with a single, swift barrel roll before attacking the Beast again.

    He looked at it for a moment and wondered why it handed him the disc again. Glancing to the fallen bike, he wondered if the jet engine the Stag Beetle provided would really that much of a leg up. Then it hit him. Kuro looked down at the driver and felt with his gloved finger tips, the Hopper disc was the same size as the blue disc. While the robotic Beetle kept the Cheetah busy, Kenkage groaned deeply as he got to his feet and pulled the buckle open. Taking out the green disc, he then swapped it for the blue and shut the buckle. A blue laser beam appeared this time and scanned up-and-down in a flash, which caused the Driver to say: “Stag Beetle.†Kenkage eyed the monster, watching as the creature swatted the flying robot away finally. Bolts of blue electricity surrounded the robot, shorting it out as it crashed into the ground.

    The Melody Beast chuckled to itself before it spun on its heel to see Kenkage with a new disc in his buckle. It glanced at it then looked back up at the Rider's metallic, red, compound eyes, wondering what he was about to do.

    Smashing his right palm onto the button activated the Driver's function, spinning the blue disc with a circuitry etched stag beetle, as blue rays of light shone through the gaps. Next Kuro could feel the armour begin to unclamp and detach from his black, leather-suited body.

    Just as it was about to leave the Cheetah Beast darted for him dead on. “WHAM!†the sound of of something high-speed hitting a solid, immovable object rung through the air. The Melody Beast was stopped by a the bigger, green-silver disc that was made up of Kuro's armour. Blue laser beams emitted from the center of the buckle, cutting the large green-silver disc, changing the colour of it as well. Once the new armour pattern was etched, the now blue-silver, larger sized disc flew back, and through the gap Kuro could see the Cheetah rolling back and forth on the ground a few meters away. Holding its face in pain. Then turning his attention back to the disc is it opened up and flipped on hinges with the new, slimmer, sleeker, speedy, armour pattern, it quickly attached over his body. Covering the hands, forearms, lower legs, feet; sides of his thighs and upper arms, shoulder and body while clamping shut in the back. Even a new helmet was formed, but without eyes until two, silver trimmed, pincer-shaped panels popped out a bit. They stayed at a ninety-degree angel before finally turning up in different directions taking up the proper position of Stag Beetle antlers on the top-front of the helmet. At the same time, revealing a pair of metallic-orange, compound eyes where red ones used to be.

    “Speed! Speed! Speed! Of the Ninja...!†came the sing-song voice of the Driver, only with a little more energy to it this time.

    “Speed...?†Kenkage said under his breath, figuring maybe the speed boosting abilities were part of this form, just like how the robot allow his bike to go faster. Cocking his head up in the neck of time, avoiding the Cheetah's pouncing attack from overhead. Like lightning he avoided every other attack as well, weaving from side-to-side, though from his point-of-view, things seemed slowed down. At enough for him to see where the next set of claws were coming from. Ducking he dodge a swipe that might of taken his head clean off. Deciding to go on the offensive now, Kenkage started hammering out punches into the chest of the Cheetah, but he wasn't making much of an impact at all. Still he threw those punches in until the creature slashed him across the chest, once with the left, then the right. Finally taking one good right hook from the Cheetah's claws sent Kenkage spinning into the air, but he went with it too and manged to land a kick into the Beast's jaw.

    Both of them spun into the air, flailing in different directions before slamming against the wet ground in a rolling motion. Each of them slowly manged to make it to a knee though, they were a little stunned to say the least.

    Kenkage breathed heavily as he stared down his speedy adversary. The realization that his strength from what he assumed was halved now, do to this speed based form, was not making things look too good. What it made up for in speed, it lacked in power unfortunately, and right now he could use both. “Great...,†Kuro said in bated breath, “This is interesting...â€

    As the Melody Beast began to stand, so did the now blue-silver, sleek and speedy, Techno-Ninja-Stag Beetle. Quickly they assumed a battle stance, though the Cheetah's claws extended even further, causing Kenkage to startle a bit; but he resumed his fighting posture anyways. Then glanced in the direction of Inagomaru, then the Hopper disc that he dropped on the ground during the earlier attack. Finally his gaze returned to the Cheetah and he hunkered down, bracing himself for the fight yet charge at him.

    To Be Continued...

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VMuNcI9ux4"]4U / camino - YouTube[/ame]​
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    Speed form uses the faster body less power thing most forms do, still cool though. And Tendo seems to have a finger in a couple of different pies it seems, wonder how long she'll be able to do that. B-girl apparently has a bit of a pervy side to her it seems, should make thing kinda interesting down the line.
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    Episode 6 is coming along, a little slower then I'd like, but it's getting there. Gonna need to re-write the Sentai idea from the ground up I think, not really happy with how it's turning out. Hopefully readers will like the new weapon(s), Kenkage gets to use in this speed form, though that's not really what the episode is about. Definitely a lot more going on, other then just showing off the latest form and weapon Kuro's got. Bandai would not be pleased, thank God I don't work for them. :p
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    Another update! Halfway done Episode 6: "Their Searches Begin Here...". So far so good, so keep on hanging in there. It's getting done, slowly, but it's getting there. :D Sadly the opening them has been taken down from youtube though... and I can't find a good replacement till someone uploads it again, if they do. So if you didn't hear it, sorry, but I'll be just saying what the themes are from now on instead of posting up youtube links. :3
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    Yo! I just started reading Kenkage about week ago and, after catching up recently, I gotta say I've really enjoyed what you've written so far. I've already taken a liking to all the characters as well as your writing style which makes it really easy and fun to imagine what goes on in and outside the characters thoughts. Right now my favorite character is tied between Desmond and B-girl because I like Desmond's hardened and obsessed-cop personality with a dark tragic past but I also like B-girl's flirty/seductive quirks with an ultimately enigmatic personality. I'm also interested to know what makes her fond of Kuro because he come's off as the genuinely nice guy but falls completely under hot girls radars type. Overall I'm likin what you got and looking forward to episode 6!:castlerock: P.S. it sucks that the op song got taken down because I was really starting to like it...Oh and Spider Rider's a badass. Just saying.
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    Glad you're enjoying the story so far, makes me happy to get some feedback for sure. Makes me feel that I know people are reading for sure, other then the viewcount. :D And I'm happy that my style of writing is improving since you find it easy ti visualize what's going on in and out of the characters. :coolshades:

    Desmond and B-Girl are definitely tied on the characters I like to write for as well. :D Kuro certainly is the everyday, nice guy type lol, and he certainly has a lot going in his own thoughts and around him. Hope you enjoy their character progression where the story is heading as you continue reading this tale I'm weaving. :)

    Spider Rider is badass huh? That's cool, though I never would of thought his brief appearances so far would have garnered that much attention. Good to know they are liked regardless though. :D What makes him badass to you btw?

    And yeah... sucks youtube took down that down. Works so well with the storyline, oh well... what can ya do, right? :3
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