Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, FINAL EPISODE: "Endless Game"

Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Toku Prime, Aug 27, 2017.

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    This week: As the battle rages within a paused moment it all comes down to Rider Kick vs Rider Kick, Nico becomes a major shareholder, a press conference spells out how much more CR has to do (almost as if there was more content in the pipeline or something hmm?), and God resurrects the dead.
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    Well, I gotta say, that was an amazing finale. Love how they didn't pull any punches. I hated Dan Masamune for stealing their victory, but it only shows how great of a villain character he was.
    They didn't go for a happy-go-lucky, everyone-lives ending, and I'm glad they didn't. And yet, unlike the finale of OOO, I actually felt optimistic. If anyone can bring back the people turned into data, it's the doctors at CR!
    This is the first time a Kamen Rider show has been focused around anything medical, and they nailed it. So far, I'd say Neo Heisei is really knocking it out of the park.
    Game Clear. You Win.

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