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Discussion in 'Super GeekStation Climax: THE STARCADE' started by alternate-zer0, Aug 8, 2010.

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    Sorry if i'm bringing a old thread back to life but...i was playing this game today on my Nintendo Wii, all i played was the Hero mode, finishing all the stages for every rider and sudenly i'm stucked on 98%, all the riders are with that stars that mens all their stages are cleared and don't have any new rider for me to chose...so i stay with that 98% and one rider to be unlocked and don't know how to do it...if anyone can help me i am grateful.
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    wrong game, wrong thread, CHOOO doesn't have hero mode, stars, or completion percentage, CH Fourze does.

    you're probably haven't played the other Birth, just pick the second option when you select him

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