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    Good News Guys! ...For me anyways! :D


    it'shereit'shereit'shereeeee! And my Ganbaride card :D Well, about to play now. wish me luck!

    Also, is it just me, or is there some sort of delay on the loading for the PSP version? (UMD, at least.) Cause that fancy music plays, then after that the VS thing will come up for a couple seconds.
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  2. draewon

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    @shroud:IIRC you were asking about KR mp3 sites? they have one here in HJU,and i got most of mine from here hXXp://www.4shared.com/dir/5252782/429c1e75/kamen_rider.html

    its just strange playing KR with MK music>.<

    no,its normal,it happens in wii and PSP versions,the drumming comes first and then the laggy vs screen,don't be afraid>.<

    yes,we need more stages

    -a space stage is quite hard to do since not all riders are anti gravity proof nor can survive without oxygen,the only two showa riders that can fight well in zero G are super1 and sky rider(due to his gravity controllers and the fact that they are no longer human,one is designed specifically for outer space operations)

    kabuto riders can move normally due to clock up,although,if you really want a space stage the ZECT space elevator interior from the PS2 game should suffice>.<

    -a rooftop stage is good,a lot riders have rooftops events(even kamen rider G,at some point),so there's nothing bad about that,but it might be a bit bland(unless its a kabuto stage rooftop,at least we can see tokyo tower there)....atop fuuto tower would me more epic IMO(but that requires eternal to be in game>.<)

    -snow stages are okay too,blade fought in the snow once and have a snow scene more than once,it probably more fitting for the wii version or the next gen only though,to create abit more realistic snow effect(like leaving deep prints on the ground),not saying that the PSP can't(PS2 could,as seen in virtua fighter 4 and dead or alive 2)

    and yes,the finisher censor and the dimension background are a really stupid addition to the game,several riders looks that they are standing still due to no visible background(raia,knight survive,etc)

    for me i hope that the give a decade related stage,since they already give W and hibiki their own special stages,it could be the hikari photo studio exterior with randomly changing backgrounds due to dimension shifts like what happened in decade eps1
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  3. Rider Kick

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    What finish censor are you talking about? I've played everyone and the only thing that looked remotely censored IMO is Tiger. Even then the light vanishes half way through the impalement and you still see the claw stuck in their back and stomach.
  4. draewon

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    90% of the ryuuki finishers got either censored or cut short,odin(doesnt headbutt,gives really hot shockwave instead),knight survive&ryuuki (very wierd final vent),zolda got shorter too iirc,etc.
  5. TsukasaxDouble

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    After playing for less then a few hours, i've already got a pretty good idea who my best characters are. So far they're KickHopper and Zeronos. What about you guys?
  6. KuugaX

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    well i still hope they add some characters that are un-playable in CHW the monsters are quite fun to play as even through they don't have much to offer
    it will be fun to play as Riot Troopers :laugh:

    oh ya back to talking about stages riders appeared in :sweat:

    i confirmed Kuuga also has another part where he's in the beach

    Rising-Dragon vs that grongi that freezes things if anything comes to contact with her whip

    Still i hope the next game adds a few more riders :laugh:

    i have a small List

    maybe add some hibiki riders? hoping for Ibuki :laugh:
    Dark Kiva(Kiva)
    Another Agito(Agito)
    but mainly i really want them to make some riders that don't have finishers to have 1 at least because if they don't they are most likely to be defeated easily
  7. TsukasaxDouble

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    *coughden-owingform*cough*. And i'm not just saying that cause i like him. I Mean, 1. He'd be better then Den-O's DenLiner summon (In my opinion, at least.) and 2. He's a part of Super Climax Form. I Mean, i understand having Den-O's DenLiner summon cause of the whole Liner Form Finisher, but lets face it. If they're gonna include Liner, it needs to be playable. Not just as a finisher like the previous games. But Yeah, Den-O Wing would be sweet.

    Also, i think they should have added Sasword or Drake for Diend's summons. If memory serves, he summoned both of them at least once... and it'd be better then a shitload of Ryuki summons.
  8. Black Shroud

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    It seems that Zolda's quote can be said to all riders so its not unique.
    As for Imperer, he lacks unique speech vs Zeronos; Each time he uses different generic speech vs him.

    Its not like I replaced KR music with MK music per se - and I dont see replacing repetitive generic stage music with more advanced ambient music (that MK has) being "strange", especially that MK has same types of stages that Climax Heroes (Forest, Temple, Street, Bridge you name it). Its hard for me to imagine someone being a big fan of CH stage tunes.
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  9. draewon

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    yeah,especially this,i keep hoping for everyone to have a finisher since the first CH is over and CHW was announced,but it seems like they wanted to keep trolling us like this(just like sengoku BASARA games and their truckloads of cool NPC's that you can only see,but not play as)
    people would scream for those two to be PLAYABLE instead,since they will need to make a model for those two from scratch,so yeah,i can totally see why those two aren't available as diend summons in the game,along with delta,psyga,caucasus,saga,rey,and ibuki........

    i do however,question the loads of ryuuki riders that diend has in the game,i mean he also summons den O sword,blade,IXA and kiva in the TV series(which model is in the game),plus the riotrooper model is IN THE GAME TOO,so why only "panch happer" as the non ryuki selectable?

    @shroud:the last MK game i ever played was.......the one after MK3(forgot the name,ultimate?trilogy?) and it was nothing mesmerizing,so yeah,sorry if it sounds offensive:sweat:

    i do however,quite loved the CH stage tunes,but after 3~4 games with only ONE new stage tune,it does get VERY repetitive and boring(especially in the wii ragnarok!),it was awesome in CH,still sounds okay in CHW,but they need to add new tunes and stage for the game,a lot of them,in the next game if there would be one......
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  10. Black Shroud

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    You can try my sound pack I uploaded few pages back, to compare (on Dolphin). Before that of course you would need to extract the default versions of game's tunes as backup. You also can use BrawlBox to listen the tunes from my sound pack without patching the iso with them. By the way all the tunes I use are from 3D MK games.'

    In all the KR games the stage tunes are generic and repetitive only some are good (entirely by chance). Ryuki PSX game had good tune on the night stage from movie, for example, but the rest of tunes were pretty bad.

    Drake summon for DiEnd would be questionable in terms of balance singe he's not a melee rider. It would make two shooting riders opposing 1 character at same time, the "you cant run you cant hide, you only can get guard break" situation
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  11. Chris

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    Characters I wan't in the game:
    Kamen Rider 1
    Kamen Rider 2
    Den-O wing
    Kiva to have form changes
    Rising Ultimate Kuuga
    And give the "half finished" Characters some development love :D
  12. KuugaX

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    i have a few :laugh:
    like 5

    Kuuga(Orange bar or Ultimate Form)'sometimes i will use the green bar for weak opponents'
    Agito(Trinity/Shining or Orange bar)
    Faiz(Accel,Blaster) i see autovajin is a little useless :sweat: i'm better in accel then blaster
    Zolda(well he only has summoning..)
    and lastly Kiva(Emperor or Orange Bar)

    well if they give all the showa a Silver bar and being able to select moves i think they might make it in for Stronger probably the only showa rider with a red bar to turn to that power up form i personally dislike Rising Ultimate Form :sweat: sadly if you ask me for opinion i will say something a little cute
    :laugh: it looks like a golden bear walking around shooting beams.. :sweat:
    still prefer Ultimate just hope they add movie riders like Den-o Hijack form/Skull Form, Gaoh Form or maybe even add new den-o? i will laugh if this part of den-o appear in the movie where the young Ryoutaro henshins to Den-o
    ~Mini Den-o~
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  13. Rider Kick

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    well you know maybe we will get lucky and there will be some 40th anniversy DLC or something. Honestly I'd just like the unfinished characters finished.
  14. KamenRiderUNDERGROUND


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    I found a mini glitch: If you're using Garren and just did Burning Smash, when opponent tries to super you and you're lucky enough to have the right timing to do final reflect, you can see both of Garren's feet still on fire during the smashing button bit lol.:laugh:

    Also, all other glitches you mentioned doesn't work for me. (Kuuga Gouram/Agito Tornader summon in Decade, missing tongue for Verde) Is it because I am not using the download version but bought the game instead?

    As for my best characters, mine will be: Blade (Both King and Jack, I like Jack since I like it's super more), Kabuto Hyper, Decade (Both normal and Complete), Double (Form change and CJX), OOO SaGohZo (well anyone would be good at that...), Verde (I'm getting really good at Advent, Final Vent immediately before tongue pulls opponent)

    Riders that I think might and should be included in next CH game:

    Kamen Rider OOO TaJaDol Combo
    Kamen Rider OOO Final Form (Whatever that might be)
    Kamen Rider Birth (Obviously)
    Kamen Rider Eternal (I don't think Joker is needed)
    Kamen Rider Thebee
    Kamen Rider Ibuki/Zanki/Todoroki
    Kamen Rider Garren Jack Form
    Kamen Rider Chalice
    Kamen Rider Delta/Orga
    Kamen Rider Agito Flame Form + Storm Form (I wouldn't mind if they didn't put it since we already have Trinity Form)
    And supers for the grey gauge guys. (Especially for Kaixa, Garren and Gatack)
  15. KuugaX

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    not really i tried on both downloaded and UMD version that i bought :sweat: try this again i said in the beginning of the round just use Decade's gouram don't charge if it works for you then good for me it just shoots oh ya i'm using the psp version not the wii the verde's tongue glitch doesn't work in wii
  16. Chris

    Chris Member

    Yeah, I think New Den-O Should be included.

    I only got it a few days ago, but currently my more used characters are Decade, Den-O, Kuuga and Blade.
  17. TsukasaxDouble

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    Including the Showa Era Riders (STRONGER!) would be cool. But if you ask me, i don't think they'd include them in the Climax Heroes Series.

    I'm like, 100% sure TaJaDoru, Shuata, Birth and OOO Final Form Will be in the next game xD

    Oh, and this is my list of characters i'd like to see:
    Den-O Wing Form (Did i mention him yet?)
    Kiva's Forms (Seriously...Why Are they not here?)
    Gatack Hyper Form (Only in the Hyper Battle DVD, but i still think they should include it considering how badass it was.)
    Garren Jack Form (Haven't even watched Blade yet, but i think it's stupid they included Blade's Jack and King forms, but not Garren's.)
    TheBee/Sasword/Drake (I Love all 3, however i don't think TheBee will EVER be in this game, due to Punch and Kickhopper. But really, They can include the Ryuki riders, so why not the Kabuto Riders?...And before you ask, yes i know it's because they were in KRDK.)
    Skull (C'mon...It's Skull ._.)
    Not AutoVajin (Seriously...Slow...Bad Attacks..No Finisher...Why is he here?)

    Also, Why the heck doesn't Dark Kabuto get a finisher? I Think all the riders should get a finisher, but Dark Kabuto's is pretty much the same as Kabuto's, they just need to make a few variations to it to make it more like DK's.
  18. Black Shroud

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    If you can have fight CAX fighting versus Double or Accel, then it means you can have TheBee fighting against Punch Hopper/Kick Hopper/Gatack, no?

    Autovajin's point is using Wheel Buster up close in corner (preferably after guard break). It deals lots of damage then.

    Dark Kabuto didn't get a finisher precisely because it would require to make brand new finisher. In Kabuto game his finisher is different from Kabuto (he does the whole sequence in reverse) and so would require the team to preduce new character animations.
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6jTzZN5vfE"]YouTube - Kamen Rider Kabuto PS2 - Dark Kabuto - Rider Curbstomp[/ame]
  19. MetalSymphony

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    I have to say that my Top 5 in CHOOO's are:

    Faiz Axel (My best Blue Groove)
    Imperer (Decent attacks, good vent, love the Finisher)
    Kabuto Hyper (Can combo pretty well with)
    Agito Trinity (Shining is good too, but i find Trinity is more my style)
    Decade Complete

    My Bottom 5:
    Kick/Punchhopper (Only 2 Special's, one of which leaves you wide open for way too long)
    Tiger (Attack Range's seem's shite, Strike Vent none too useful)
    Raia (Whip is near useless, otherwise unremarkable)
    W FangJoker (Too Combo reliant, Special's easy to block/avoid)
    DiEnd (Attacks do HORRID damage, Summon's are half spent before they do anything)

    Auto Vajin (Need's fancy footwork, but can be pretty good in the right hands)
    Ryuga (I like Ryuga :sweat:)

    As for who i'd like in the next game:
    Kuuga Rising Ultimate
    Gills/Exceed Gills
    Another Agito
    Garren Jack Form
    Chalice/Wild Chalice
    Skull Form (Den-O)
    Rising IXA
    DiEnd Complete
    Accel Booster
    The Other OOO's Combos
    OOO's Third Rider (if rumor's are true)
    Rider 1
  20. Black Shroud

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    Kick Hopper has safe combos (namely f+(111) is safe on block, and can be comboed further on hit), Punch Hopper has safe specials; both are great for guard crushing.
    The specials that "leave them wide open for too long" are homing and to be used from range (thats why they have range),
    and often against guard broken opponent (and also in Clock Up).
    During Climax Time they will quickly charge gauge and spam Clock Up. I dont see how they can be seen as Bottom chars.
    Punch Hopper basically Rider Punches you to fill half of guard gauge and immediately goes into (1111) without Rider Cancel, which fills Rider Gauge almost completely; 1-2 more rider cancels and voila Guard Break.

    His (222) starts off dash punch, thats like max melee attack range, no? And can be looped in corner using Guard Cancel.
    His Strike Vent can cycle through strong combos in a loop of sorts; it also can link two strong combos without Rider Cancel.
    His summon is great combo breaker/combo filler between two sets of strong combos, and is spammable on Climax Time.
    Overall he's like 1-trick pony but I cant say that he's too weak.

    As for Ryuki Rider, his defence is higher than usual, his gauge charge speed is higher than usual, so he can spam his summon all the time (and in Climax Time like every second); His summon works on different heights (high to be obstacle for jumpers, low to pursue knocked down opponent and to use as combo fodder), his normals are great as he can lift opponent from ground with them and is able to chain 2 strong combos without Rider Cancel. His whip is basically his "fireball" move to play keepaway game, and is to be used in conjunction with his summon move. He is basically a well-rounded character without weaknesses to speak about.

    Lets see:
    Overall: Charges his gauge in an instant
    Up close: heavy hitter using his combos, if blocked easily guard crushes. After guard crush here goes "Arm Fang lol Super easy 130% combo" which cannot be Final Reflected I think. Basically he has easiest super combo in the game.
    Long range: Messes up whatever gameplan opponent has with Shoulder Fang which has incredible zoning. Moreso, it will launch and hit opponent even AFTER FangJoker is hit by opponent during move startup.
    So far he is one of the stronger characters in game.

    How's Ryuga an underdog? He is basically Ryuki on drugs (boosted damage), so he has
    -crazy fast normals while unarmed, so theres not much hit trading, if both chars attack at same time, its Ryuga who will hit.
    -second most damaging summon in game I think (42%). Again a great combo breaker.
    -Very easy 1 lifebar combo (Sword f+222 - Summon - Sword f+222), no hitconfirm no nothing.
    -A Ryuki character with access to Guard Vent cannot be weak by definition. This basically means he can become a relative of Sagohzo for the duration of Climax Time, where his gameplay can be described as tough-suparmored-advent-shooting-cannon-that-charges-gauge-constantly. With this he may let opponent hit him until he's on final lifebar, then Climax Time begins and opponent gets destroyed.

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