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  1. Thunder025

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    New fighting game for PS4 just announced today.


    Here is the PV

    - Kamen Rider Climax Fighters.
    - Releases on PS4 exclusively on December 7th.
    - Kuuga, Faiz, Kabuto, Decade, Ex-Aid and Build confirmed.
    - There will be a livestream on the 9th at 8PM Japan Time featuring Emu and Sento.
    - It seems to be a mix of the old Climax Heroes franchise with the style of Battleride Wars.
  2. Thunder025

    Thunder025 Active Member

    A lot of new information coming from the live event.

    - It is a 4v4 Action fighter game.
    - You can play it both online and offline.
    - 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4 play modes are available.
    - The game is being described as "Technique vs. Technique". They are really focusing their efforts on the clashing of techniques.
    - The game has a "Skill" system that allows, for instance, Faiz to become Accel Form. The producer said it doesn't mean that the Skill System = a Technique.
    - All main Heisei Riders are in the game.
    - You can transform from CycloneJoker to FangJoker........ uhhhh
    - There will be an avatar creation system that you will be able to use in the online lobby for communication with other players.
    - So far, it seems that the same VAs from Battleride Wars are back for this one.
    - They seem to have changed Kabuto's VA though.
    - Original VAs confirmed to be returning are: Build, Ex-Aid, Ghost, Drive, Wizard, OOO , W (Shotarou), Den-O (Imagin), Hibiki, Blade, Faiz, Ryuki
    - The newly formed DJ group PANDORA will be teaming up with the RIDER GIRLS for the theme song.
    - Pre-orders open on the 11th of September.
    - The game will be released not only in Japan but in other Asian countries like Korea, Taiwan, etc...
    - 2 versions will be released: The regular version and a special version labeled "Premium R(ider) Soundtrack" which features opening and ending themes for all shows. No word of custom soundtrack as of yet.
    - Only the physical version of the Premium R Soundtrack will feature a set of 7 cards.
    - Both versions (in Download or Physical form) will feature a download code for a special Climax Fighters PS4 theme.
  3. KamenRiderShinzo

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    Looks good.

    Kabuto's voice actor died, so that's probably why they got a new guy.
  4. Domon Kasshu

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    Hey guys. Been a while. Keeping track of this game as well. Speaking of keeping track, Amazon.co.jp has preorders out now !! :D


    If you're having problems getting from outside Japan, try this link.

    Limited Edition:

    Regular Edition:

    Was able to get mine, but no Prime Shipping with the trial. Is it cause I'm from the US ? Can't wait to hear more info !! :D
  5. Domon Kasshu

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  6. Domon Kasshu

    Domon Kasshu Member

  7. Herman the German

    Herman the German Treasure Cards of the Underworld

  8. Domon Kasshu

    Domon Kasshu Member

    Was just about to post. XD lol Yep, just got that and the collector's edition now !! :D I hope the future DLC is compatible with each other. :)

    Btw, if you purchased the asian version (Like I did by mistake. XD), you can contact play asia to cancel it.

    Also, any new info from TGS ?
  9. Thunder025

    Thunder025 Active Member

    So far nothing, I was hoping the Twitter account would mention something but really nothing.
  10. Thunder025

    Thunder025 Active Member

    Site updated + 4Gamer Article:

    - Play from a third-person, over-the-shoulder perspective.

    - Kamen Rider Build

    His Skill is the "Rabbit Jump". It has a quick cool down time and is really effective to cross the stage or get to the second floor of vertical stages in one jump. It can also be chained with his finisher.

    - Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

    Although his Skill is the Maximum Gamer LVL 99, Ex-Aid can summon and equip Energy Items freely. He can only equip "Muscle Up", which increases his strength or "Speed Up" which increases his speed. The Energy Items are random so there is a gamble aspect to this.

    - Kamen Rider Faiz
    Faiz's Skill is the ability to turn into Accel Form. With it, time stops for 10 seconds and the player can take advantage of it to punish enemies or to run away from a pinch. Of course, the chest armour flipping effect is also present.

    - Kamen Rider Kuuga
    Kuuga's skill is the ability to change into his Rising Forms. After filling a gauge, if Kuuga's HP goes to zero, his body starts to spark and he automatically becomes Rising Form allowing the user a second chance to fight while restoring his HP.

    - The game's theme song is called "Proud of you" by, once again PANDORA featuring the KAMEN RIDER GIRLS

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