Kamen Rider Build, Episode 45: "Hope's Scientist"

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    Two interesting bits of information before we get to the actual episode:
    1. According to the text over the sponsor's message near the start, Build's summer movie "Be The One" takes place between this episode and the next one.
    2. It wasn't mentioned in the text over the next episode trailer but the word on toku twitter is that Build isn't on next week and the next episode is on August 5th.

    This week: The grand return of that milk can used to store Date's cell medals in OOO, fun with possession, Sento's dad dies for realsies this time, some news reports about the new government structure that sets things up for the movie, even more fun with possession, Evolt takes Sento on a trip to what looks like Gaim's new planet, they set all the suits on fire, and a quadruple Rider Kick!
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    Evolt is the Lucky/Daigo of the Kamen Rider franchise. I love my villains, but he's become a one trick pony as he is way overpowered. How many times is he going to lose on purpose? How many more forms does he have? With four episodes left, I'm expecting four more. I feel like this show has been dragging its feet for the last 5 or so episodes as if they accidentally finished their plot too soon and now just have to keep the show going until Sept.
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    I know what you mean. I don't think it's been as bad as, for example, Ex-Aid was about defeating Chronos Every. Single. Week. But it's a trap that a lot of toku series fall into - the final quarter toys get introduced and everything is set up for the finale, only there's ten episodes left and the finale will only take about three so they have to pad until then.

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