Kamen Rider Build, Episode 01: "These Guys Are A Best Match"

Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Toku Prime, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Toku Prime

    Toku Prime Active Member


    Another victim of an angry Jigglypuff!

    Rider! OverTime! Best Match! Yes, it seems they're rested up and back in the weekly Rider subbing game, and have already got their first episode out into the open!

    This week, astronauts are disappointed that the mysterious cube does not allow them to change into Zyuoh Whale, a backstory that will send Rider continuity enthusiasts into total fanwank mode, TWO monsters of the week, floating mathematics, and Kamen Rider becomes a fugitive!

  2. Milky Rose

    Milky Rose is Mayor of Farmville

    Maybe it's just me, but Build's henshin sequence is one of the SLOWEST I've seen. the MoTW (Smash) had all the time in the world to just punch him in the face XD
  3. Black Fang

    Black Fang Active Member

    Not a bad first episode, albeit a bit rushed. The humor at least isn't too cartoonish. Banjo looks like a younger version of Kenzaki/Blade. How did these people get that lab and the Build system if they not only don't work for the government, but the government didn't even know they existed?

    Is Yukari Taki a toku staple at this point? She's been showing up everywhere since her appearance in W.
  4. Dr Kain

    Dr Kain Active Member

    Aside from having like five episodes worth of plot in it, I liked it. I'm getting some W vibes from this thing.
  5. Black Fang

    Black Fang Active Member

    I just thought of something: does the Build Driver run on the liquid in the bottles? If so, then presumably Sento can stay transformed until the liquid runs out.
  6. Milky Rose

    Milky Rose is Mayor of Farmville

    If it's not a liquid, then it must be some sort of essence that drains very, very slowly, Black Fang
  7. SamuraiEchidna

    SamuraiEchidna Active Member

    They really covered a lot in this episode. We barely know anything about all the main characters. And the giant wall dividing the country gave me Attack on Titan vibes. But if Japan is going this crazy, I can't help but wonder (yet again) how the rest of the world sees this. Though I highly doubt the show will actually address that...

    But I really enjoyed seeing random people taken to a lab and operated on to become Smashes. Felt like on homage to the classic days of Kamen Rider 1 and the various cybernetic Showa Riders. Confident hero, a mystery, and tons to explore. This is looking like a great first episode, in my opinion.

    ...And come on, Toei. You tell us the monsters are called Smash, and you IMMEDIATELY follow that up with a pervy Gentoku. Just admit it, you know about the "Lemme Smash" meme, don't you Toei? :D
  8. LaZerwolfX

    LaZerwolfX Henshin a Go-Go!!

    I've come to the conclusion that we can't look at henshin sequences as being entirely diegetic. (Long) Henshin sequences simply don't work if you insist on believing that everything is happening in real time.
  9. Toku Prime

    Toku Prime Active Member

    There was a brief line where they mentioned that other countries were trying to take advantage of the situation, implying that part of why the three new countries have become so isolated is because they're trying to stop other countries from getting too much influence over them. But I doubt it will be a large aspect of the show. I mean, Gaim never dealt with that whole "nuking the US" thing.
    I think that's true for Sentai, where they often show alternate "instant" transformations. But Rider usually shows them "in camera" rather than as a stock footage insert, and there are plenty of Riders who have used parts of their transformation (such as Ghost's parkas or OOO's big medals) to shield themselves from enemy attacks while changing.
  10. SamuraiEchidna

    SamuraiEchidna Active Member

    I suppose so. I somehow missed that line about other countries showing interest, but at least it was there.
    Am I wrong for wanting to see some international reactions in tokusatsu narratives? Usually I can forgive the fact that the stories are self-contained in Japan (for obvious production limit reasons), but when they increase the scale to all of Japan and/or beyond, I always wonder why other countries don't get involved or get mentioned at the very least, since it seems like something they'd be interested in. Maybe I'm just too spoiled by Western media. It's such a staple in our stories that it seems weird when it's absent in other places.
  11. Toku Prime

    Toku Prime Active Member

    My exerience is that UK and US shows are just as limited to their own countries. Hollywood movies are rather well-known for saying "the world" and then never showing anywhere outside of the US, or if they do it's just a 30 second montage of the same world landmarks (Westminster Clock Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Sydney Opera House, the Taj Mahal etc). That has changed slightly in recent years, because the most expensive movies have received funding from China and the deal seems to be that you have to include a scene set there, so you get a generic industiral zone or cityscape that could be anywhere in the world but has a caption informing the audience that it's a place in China.

    But I guess Rider's always been like this. For example, V3 starts with a nuclear bomb detonating but nobody in Japan seems to notice nevermind elsewhere in the world.
  12. Kivat

    Kivat Some kind of Beast mode

    This first episode was cringy, but i'll give the actors a slide assuming they filmed this first. Super rushed as per usual, which isn't a good thing to be getting used to. The girls I'm sure will never be more than 'secretaries' but the rider candy girl (sorry i dont have a clue what anything or anyone is called, I wasn't present for pre-season hype and info like the old days) seems cool enough.

    What I dislike the most though? The Henshin and belt mechanics. The mini shake weights are the biggest tension killer thus far as well as the crank mechanic being even slower. They looks goofy, but more accurately they aren't dynamic or have a nice kinetic flow.

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