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    Found this on Tokunation. There was an announcement of an upcoming Amazons movie at the end of Heisei Generations Final


    I hope this can give a good resolution to the teaser put out at the end of Season 2. As I mentioned before, there's not much more you can do with Amazons and a movie would be a good way to tie up any loose ends.
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    Following up with a few more bits of info that have come out now:

    The announcement at the end of the movie only showed clips from the first season of Amazons and not any original footage.

    The movie is called 'Kamen Rider Amazons - Final Chapter'.

    It will be coming out in the spring. It is not yet known if that means it is taking up the usual Taisen movie slot, as the Kamen Rider #1 movie previously did.

    Six characters from the TV series have been confirmed as returning for the movie: Haruka (KR Amazons Omega), Jin (KR Amazons Alpha), Mizuki (Haruka's "sister"), Nanaha (Jin's babymomma), Chihiro (KR Amazons Neo) and Iyu (Crow Amazon). So if it's really set after season two, there must be a lot of flashbacks if some of those characters are appearing?!
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    Technically Nanaha is Jin's wife, at the very least by the time Season 2 begins.

    And possibly Chihiro is still alive.
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    Happy to see a movie coming out! Amazons deserves a finale! :) I was happy with how things tied up in the last season, but I welcome a definitive ending.

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