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Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Dr Kain, Oct 17, 2019.

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    Made to tie into the Super Sentai Battle Dice-O arcade game, Goseiger focused its theme on a card system that the game utilized. Did Toei go overboard on this gimmick or did they give the show the same quality of writing they gave Shinkenger? Better yet, given it was lead by the head writer of Gekiranger, how does it compare to that series? Watch to find out.

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    You're really not going to like Sun Vulcan and the Space Sheriff trilogy if you think Goseiger was too bland/generic. I'm surprised you didn't mention the final arc even as "I can't go into spoilers", /m/ has very similar opinions to yours but even they admit the last arc was "WHOA! That was epic!" I don't read opinions here so I don't know how similar HJU is on that subject.
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    He liked Goranger at least. Sun Vulcan and Sheriff shows themselves are energetic enough to compensate for lackluster characters.
    @Dr. Kain, I don't think you hated any Uehara show so far, right?

    Can't say for others, but if you mean the VERY last arc... I find it a step down compared to Matrntis Arc (which was really decent, I consider it a book example of how to run a competent Sentai show with resources you've got, especially with how chaotic the whole series was up to that point). Actual B-stuff at the end was meh, because GoseiKnight sucks, easily the worst six ranger after Shurikenger and it was too late to salvage him by that point. Also, the most interesting stuff about final villain was already revealed and new flunkies he brought along were one-note and boring. It either needed to be stronger connected to Matrntis arc (like keeping Metal Alice or something) or have more episodes as its own thing. B-man himself is a good villain, but I find his endgame lacking.
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    I didn't like JAKQ at all, but I highly enjoyed both Goranger and Juspion. I don't think I've watched any other show of his in full yet. Oh, but I also do think he did some of the weakest Ohranger episodes.

    Metal ALIS was so useless.

    I didn't think the final arc was all that special either. In fact, I found it rather predictable and having GoseiKnight go bad for 2 episodes was pointless.

    I totally forgot to say I wouldn't go into due to spoilers, but I'm hoping with this being my 25th Sentai review, people are able to figure that out for themselves.

    I've heard a lot of mixed views on Sun Vulcan, but I'm planning to do BFJ and Denji first, so it's going to be a while before I get to Vulcan. I just figure since all 3 series have been subbed, I might as well do them in order.

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