Is Kyuranger the best of Super Sentai?

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    Over the last five years I've been taking on Super Sentai in production order. Most were decent with a handful being okay and it's better to not mention the two bad entries. A nice rich mythology with guaranteed action, kaiju fights, catchy music, and (usually) good cinematography. It was worth the forty show marathoning. Now we have Kyuranger, this time with intervention from Bandai America and set in a new continuity. I still have yet to watch the last nine episodes, but I can safely say this has a real chance of ending up in the top three sentai of all time, perhaps even taking the mantle of best. It has nearly everything a sentai series should have: Lots of action, lots of kaiju, lots of monsters of the week, good comedy, rangers having standalone episodes (Yellow and to a lesser degree Blue could be fleshed out a bit, but I still have nine eps left and this is a twelve ranger cast, minor nitpick), the pacing is (mostly) quick, the world building is very strong, the music is high quality, the villains prove to be menacing, some serious moments, and it has callbacks to previous entries with new takes on them.

    It's almost like the mythology the various constellations were based around. Strangely enough I've seen nothing but negativity for something so positive. It does a lot of things correctly, even more so than most sentai entries. This might end up being better than Magiranger for title of "Best of Super Sentai". Hell, this even has a serious chance of surpassing my favorite tokusatsu shows of all time (Ultraman Dyna, Kamen Rider Drive, and Juspion), maybe even surpass the Ultra Galaxy Legends movie for "best tokusatsu" period. Is it though? This time of year miracles can happen, you could call that lucky.:cool: Sadly though, because Kyuranger is so well done, I doubt LuPat could hope to follow in its footsteps.:(

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