Go-Busters' reappraisal

Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Kamen Rider IXA, Sep 7, 2019.

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    I remember Go-Busters being slated around here (and some other places) during the time they were on, but nowdays the series often pops up when people talk about best Super Sentai shows.
    What are your thoughts on Go-Busters and why do you think people seem to warm up to it over time?
    "inb4 all following shows were bad"
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    Go-Busters brought Sentai back to basics. Smaller core team, plot is not reliant on collectiables, mech designs, weaponry, suits all in the vein of old school Sentai. Soundtrack was great with a plot a lot of fans got behind. This what I see from Go-Busters and why fans have warmed up to it. It also made references to Power Rangers, which Western fans always seem to love. We have never gotten a Sentai since Go-Busters in that likeness. I only say this because I just wish Sentai wasn't so toy driven but that's something that can't be undone.
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    But that raises the question why didn't people like it in the first place then?
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    My problem with Go-Busters is that it lacks energy and many of the characters are just uninteresting. I also found the Buddy Roids to be utterly annoying. The Monsters of the Week aren't all that inspiring either.
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    I think point "lacks energy" is what make Go-Buster weakness so forgettable.
    I remember feel bored while watch it but everytime I recall every scene, only good scene come out, like their way to battle enemies which is feel so tactical. Choreography of battle was fluid and beautiful, be it ranger battle or robot battle. Make me believe their enemies was really dangerous and not just clown with evil power. For dialogue, I can only remember dialogues including Jin and J.
    Honestly, team relationship almost feel fake before those two join the team.
    When Go Buster was trying to introduce character, it almost feel like drama from past, sometime like doubt their own move to peel out any character story.

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