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  1. Toku Prime

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    The latest Garo stage play has been announced. It will also be called "Kami no Kiba" but will use different characters that translate as "wake up". It will star Masahiro Inoue in his role of Jinga from the TV shows.

  2. Toku Prime

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    So back on August 13th, the company that produced the two Garo anime, Tohokushinsha Film Corp, released a trailer for an anime called 'Vanishing Line'. It was done so low key and without fanfare that nobody really paid any attention, and it's taken almost a month for someone to spot that the title card in the trailer actually says 'GARO: Vanishing Line'!

    So yeah, apparently the third Garo anime is starting on October 6th and nobody even noticed. :oops:

    Press 'CC' to activate the optional English subtitles.
    A summary has been kindly provided by Tom Constantine on The Tokusatsu Network.

    "Set in the giant city of Russell, the man with the title of GARO, Makai Knight Sword, protects the city from Horrors that possess humans, fighting in secret. One day while annihilating a Horror, Sword encounters the keyword Eldorad. Believing it to be a large plot of the Horrors, not just eliminating Horrors, he begins an investigation to find the meaning behind it. While doing so, he comes across girl named Sophie. Sophie is looking into the word Eldorad as it was the last message from her brother who went missing. Sophie has lost her brother and Sword lost his younger sister in the past. The word Eldorad pulls them together and they feel an unseeable bond between them, leading them to working together. With those feelings connected, their journey begins."

    So this one seems to have ditched the historical aspects of the previous two seasons. I don't know how to feel about a big Zaruba bike, but hopefully it will be better than the second Garo anime and more like the great first one.
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    I'll admit seeing Zaruba as a bike is a little weird but it looks like it could be a good one
  4. Hangyakuno

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    Wait, which guy is Garo again? The muscle head or the sniper. Somehow it hard to imagine Garo punch or shoot horror. By the way, that Zaruba bike is so cool.
  5. Toku Prime

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    The 'muscle head' with brown hair and the white coat. It looks like they're going for something different this time. If he is the "modern day" Garo I guess it finally confirms that the anime Garo-verse isn't meant to be in continuity with the live action one.
  6. Dragonfan

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    Wel... That's not exactly what happened. It was a marketing gimmick.

    They released the trailer without mentioning nor showing Garo, calling the show just Vanishing Line.

    However, some people noticed some of the hints and started to suspect.

    Then, this week, they uploaded a new trailer showing the title and the armour, so confirming that this is in fact a new Garo season.
  7. Dr Kain

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    Meh, another Garo anime but still no word on when the Raiga movie is coming out. Hurry up already!!!
  8. Toku Prime

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    As announced today, 'Kami no Kiba' will premier at the Tokyo International Film Festival, which takes place from October 25th to November 3rd. It will then get it's proper cinema release and home release in 2018.
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    Righstuf is now shipping the first collection:


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