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    OP - Downstait - I Came To Play

    "There is no money in doing something just to prove yourself," the boss had told him earlier. "So your request is denied."

    Those words rang through the head of a rock like creature with a cannon set up mounted on his shoulders, if one looked closer you could see it and the chest piece was seemingly grafted to hsi hide, reduced a boulder to rubble with orange colored beams. He looked around for another target seeing nothing more than the rubble around his feet. Cannons sliding back into a neutral position but his frustration wasn't sated. He knew he could take the Earth Sheriff, slag any Sheriff in the universe, even before the cannons was fused to him. Kicking some of the rubble as he started moving he headed for the cliff wall. Maybe making some more targets would help.

    "I know how you are feeling right now." He turned around placed the cannons back into firing position as he found the source of the voice. he looked over a being with a cloak and a hood pulled over his head to hide his features, and that voice was male. Although some sort of red eye stared back at him. "I do Blastox, believe it or not," he went on as he took a small step to the side. Blastox kept the cannons aimed at him. "Knowing that you can take the human and being denied."

    "How did you know...?", he started to say in a gravelly voice.

    "Who doesn't want to take on the human Sheriff no that his tar is on the rise?", the stranger said taking a cautious step forward. "The fame, the glory of defeating him. Who wouldn't want that, But of course the boss doesn't feel that way…â€

    "The boss is wise beyond all," Blastox said more out of habit than conviction. This stranger seemed to pick up on this and took another step forward."The boss is afraid of anyone who could actually do it," he continued and got closer. Blastox focused the cannons at him again but did not fire. The stranger in front of him didn't even flinch this time around. “Most realize this fact, but very few are brave enough to act on it."

    "I'm brave", he said taking a menacing step forward.

    Still the stranger didn't react, "Of course you are. That's why you came all the way out to an abandoned mining asteroid to throw your little tantrum." The mental command to fire was right there at the back of his mind but the cannons remained silent. "And I know the boss fears you. Show him the truth." The stranger looked up, reluctantly Blastox did the same. Up on the ridge was a green skinned Andorian who held a beaten up hunter on his knees. "As I was making my way toward you me and my companion spotted him watching you."

    "He was watching me?", he said in disbelief.

    "And why would he unless the boss is truly afraid of you? Afraid of what you could do. Afraid of what you could accomplish." The stranger stepped dangerously closer, "Afraid of who would flock to you."

    Blastox didn't understand, "Flock to me?"

    "The people in our world worship power," he said. "The boss has this power, but he has yet to stop the Sheriff with his own minions or his own hands."

    "He told me..."

    "Because he knows you have the power to do it. And that would be a challenge to his power."

    "Yes," the rocky alien now able to see it for himself. "He's afraid of me."

    "Of course," the stranger said with a bit of pleasure Blastox didn't catch. "It is time to cut the ties tethering you to him and free you." A slashing motion that revealed a reptilian hand the Andorian ran something across the hunter's neck and let him drop.

    "Free," Blastox repeated. "It feels good."

    "Doesn't it so," the stranger agreed. "Almost as good as defeating and killing the human Sheriff."

    "One way to find out," Blastox said while he turned and headed toward his ship, an obvious bounce in his step.

    The Andorian made his way to the cloaked stranger, "Did he buy it Galgamayde?"

    "Catching the hunter who caught our trail helped convinced him," he answered as he removed the hood. "Now he's on his way to Earth."

    "I don't get it," the Andorian said, "we already freed Road Boar and sent him after the Sheriff. Why send another one?"

    "They are merely a distraction," he answered.

    "For the Sheriff or the boss?"

    Galgamayde looked at him and sneered, "Both."

    There was a large metal clang right before Alex was sent flying and hit the street. He slowly propped himself up and looked up at the pig dressed like a biker gang member reject came at him. He faced this guy before and his name was Road Boar. Although the giant freakin' hammer was new. "I told you you'd see me again!", he crowed.

    "Told you I'd be here too," he grunted and got back to his feet. "Let's try that again.†Running at Road Boar he leapt over one giant swing. What he didn't see was Road Boar continue swinging and caught him full on in the gut. "Ooof," he bent over as the wind was knocked out of him. Then he saw the blunt end of the hammer come at him like a golf club and smash it right in the face. He was lifted off his feet. Alex shook his head as he got up as another shot to his chest sent him flying back again. Hitting the side of a nearby he dropped to his knees.

    "Alex!", he heard Dez call out to him.

    "Bet yer seeing double now punk," Road Boar taunted him.

    -DOUBLE GUN- "And I got a gun for both of you," he told the alien. -RAPID FIRE- Energized shots stunned causing him to cover up and start covering up. "And I'm sure as hell not your huckleberry. I have no idea what that means... but I'm not it!"

    "I'll squash you punk!" Road Boar charged.


    Hearing the electronic voice Road Boar tried to stop. Three energy bands wrapped around him anyway. "I think I liked you better when you had the nearly unstoppable truck,' Alex said as he slapped a transport chip on him. As he disappeared Alex looked around to see he was surrounded police, all of them covering him with their weapons. "No, no your thanks is not needed. The looks on your faces is reward enough." Hitting the key that summoned the sky board he quickly got on it and said, "Gotta jet," right before leaving them in the dust.

    Back at Alex's apartment Sam and the holo image Dez watched as he sat on the end of his couch holding an icepack to his head. Dez silently watched the basic scanner readings she was getting off the hidden computer in his wall since he wouldn't go to the station for a proper scan. Sam was there to override that decision if it looked like he was showing signs of another concussion. To break the silence Dez told him, "Perhaps the police would be inclined not to aim their weapons at you if you didn't make them the butt of your particular brand of humor."

    "Where's the fun in that?", he asked her.

    Sam quickly stepped in saying, "I remember seeing you take on that Road Boar guy on the news after I found out you were doing this."

    "Yeah but he didn't have that hammer then," he answered.

    "So shouldn't he still be locked up where ever the guys in charge lock them up at?"

    Alex looked at Dez, "Where do they go after I put a chip on 'em?"

    Dez sighed in annoyance since he was just now asking this, "Usually some prison station orbiting an uninhabited star depending on where their crime took place and the laws depending on the parent planet."

    "So shouldn't he still be in one of those things like she said?"

    Dez grimaced, "He's supposed to be. I haven't a notice over the network that he escaped."

    "How often does the organization break them out?", Sam asked her.

    "For someone on Road boar's level, never," she answered.

    "Something changed," Sam said.

    "I know," Dez agreed, "I already sent word to Orion to check his contacts to see if they heard anything. Hopefully I'll have something for you soon."

    "This is the last thing I need," Alex said removing the icepack. "A revisit of my least greatest hits."

    "You better hope they don't think to release all the Herculeans you caught," Sam told him. Alex put the icepack back on top of his head at that thought.

    Blastox walked the streets of one of the more universal accurate parts of this particular city. Experience taught him to cover up the cannons and brace grafted to his upper torso to draw less attention to himself. Not that his people were common outside the home rock. Very few felt the need to roam. Then again even fewer had the desire for wealth that he did.

    Looking around he felt somewhat at home anyway seeing the intermingling species walking around the street. More so than he felt when he was in the more native part of the city. It must be why so many in the organization always headed to one of these cities. And after he kills the Sheriff this is where he would stay. Perhaps even start up his organization. If that stranger was right many would come to his side. He had already picked out one of the taller buildings to be his personal castle.

    But none of those plans could go forward until he gets the human's attention.

    It was said he had a friend around here. Doing something to him would be a good idea. No, not a good idea he didn't know who this friend was. And asking for the Sheriff's friend would likely cause questions. It would get the Sheriff's attention but it wouldn't be on his terms. And asking for the Sheriff himself would cause the same problem. It would also put the Sheriff on his guard. And did these beings even know how to contact the Watcher hovering above them in that station.

    Blastox stopped where he was and thought it over. How did the others get the human's attention? The traitor Galgamatde said he just came across the sheriff and most of these humans looked alike to him. So did most species to him but that wasn't what was important. So how did the rest of them do it? Oh right, they caused a ruckus. He was good at causing a ruckus.

    Ripping off the disguise off his upper body he aimed the cannons at one of the smaller buildings and fired. Humans and aliens alike started running and screaming. He fired again and again, "Ha ha ha!" Who needs a plan for anything this fun?"

    Alex was in the middle of a hot dog in his kitchen when the keypad beeped. "I swear if it's another Herculean..." He exited his apartment and took the stairs that lead to the roof. "We do we got Dez?"

    "We have somebody causing some destruction in Alien Town with some heavy artillery according to the reports," she responded. "I'm trying to get a visual now."

    Hitting the roof he slapped the keypad on his forearm, "I think I see the smoke from here." He started to get worried about Nyr, "Any causalities?"

    "None reported so far."

    "Let's try and keep it that way." 5-7-1-6 "On.." in the space between seconds the keypad reacted and covered his body so fast it look like a flash of light, "...line!" -SKYBOARD- As it appeared he said, "Try and let Sam know if she hasn't already."

    "Should I send her there that way as well?"

    Getting on he hesitated before saying, "Let me scope it out first. If it's real bad I'll send for her."

    "Understood," Dez replied. Now hopefully Sam won't hurt him too much later for keeping her out of this one for the moment.

    Heading toward the smoke he kept an eye on the streets below him. Once he saw people running he knew he was close. And a group that just past under him ran like Galgamayde was after them. Personal experience, not a fun feeling. Going to ground he jumped off the skyboard and found ho was causing all the panic, "Dez?"

    "I'm searching for his image now," she quickly said as she put the visual feed though the database. "Blastox, usually the hired muscle for other heists. Everything in his file indicates that's he mainly a follower not an instigator.

    "Looks like he got tired of not being the lead guy," he commented. -DOUBLE GUN- This was purely out of instinct seeing the armament Blastox had. Still he glanced down at hsi weapons and tried not to feel inadequate. "Blastox, you are in violation of..."

    "There you are!" he exclaimed as he turned those cannon at him and fired

    "Shit," Alex swore as he dove out of the way. He looked up as the beams hit something down the street, "Oh yeah this is going to be a fun one."

    "Alex," Dez spoke up as he ran and returned fire. "There’s a capture order on Blastox." She skidded behind a car as another shot went over his head. "A few planets feel he could provide information on those who hired him." While she spoke Blastox fired again causing Alex to scramble out of the way and under a different cover.

    "And the fun never ends," he deadpanned. He jumped out of hiding and fired back. Blastox acted like he barely felt it as he fired back. He kept moving to avoid any target lock those cannons might have, not that it stopped Blastox any. Ducking behind one of the bigger one of the bigger trucks on the street Alex tried to catch his breath, "Can you get in touch with Sam? I might need some help with this one."

    "I already have,' she replied. â€Unfortunately he boss has her locked into a meeting and isn't letting anybody out of it until it's over."

    "And that's why I don't miss a regular job.†He flinched as Blastox hit the truck. He was lucky that didn't punch through. Looking at either side then he looked up at the top of the truck. Let's see if he's expecting this one. Using the power of the armor he jumped to the top then started firing as soon as he saw Blastox. Like he hoped he caught the alien off guard and he covered up on instinct. It didn't last long as he fired those cannons again. Alex jumped off before he did and landed a kick at Blastox's head. That knocked him back but not enough.

    "That all ya got?!", he demanded.

    "I'm just getting started," Alex told him. -RAPID FIRE- Pulling the triggers he fired point blank seeing little bits of rock chip off the alien's body. He saw Blastox ready to pound him with both fists and jumped away. Blastox hit the ground so hard his fist got stuck in the asphalt. Alex saw his opening -CAPTURE- and fired to energy bands at him. Blastox ripped his hands free of the street and batted at each one. each one wrapped around a forearm but not in a way the incapacitated him.

    "That's a first," Alex was too stunned to move as Blastox ran at him and knocked him back. Then he open fired with the cannon as soon as he landed.

    "I don't know why they think you're so tough Sheriff," Blastox growled.

    "You have to do something about those cannons on his back," Dez told him as he struggled to get to his feet. You can't take many hits like that."

    "Thought the flashing lights meant it was Christmas," Alex told her, voice full of sarcasm. But she was right he had to take out those guns and he could only think of one way. -POWER- -BOOST- A beam from Dez'a satellite hit him and supercharged the armor increasing his strength and speed, but he will be feeling it later. Alex ran at Balstox and was on him before he knew it. Pounding away at the alien he stunned him just long enough to hit -BOOST- one more time and grabbed a hold of the metal chest plate he was wearing. "Gotcha!"

    The energy from the boost quickly condensed into his right hand and went right into Blastox's armor. The cannons shorted out and exploded. Alex was able to relax for exactly one second before two strong hands wrapped around his neck and threw him down the street. Hitting the ground with a bounce he skidded to a stop. He looked up to at a smoking Blastox staring daggers at him, "Are you shitting me?"

    "Now I'm going to pound you Sheriff."

    "I'm officially out of ideas," he was forced to admit.

    "I might have something," Dez told him. "Call for the cannon."

    "Use the net?"

    "No, switch to special. I already have it set."

    "God, I hope this works," he said as he stood up. -CANNON- -SPECIAL- -GOOP- Alex briefly glanced at the cannon on his shoulder before looking at Blastox and firing. A canister shot out and quickly engulfed Blastox in a green slime like substance from the neck down. Going to the ground it practically stuck the alien in place, although he tried to get out any it seemed to tangle him more while yelling several alien curses the entire time. Alex was still too wrecked from the boost to even make a joke. Careful he got close enough to slap a chip on his forehead that Dez locked onto and transported him into stasis.

    Dropping to a knee he muttered, "God I hope they don’t have any more where he comes from."

    "It was new weapon designed to handle groups of Herculeans," Dez explained later. Alex had come up to the station since Orion wanted to speak with him too. He tried to ignore the fact he was standing with just a cane now. "It had several successful test operations in the laboratories back at headquarters but as of yet hasn't had any field application."

    "So you made me a guinea pig when my neck is on the line?", Alex asked her.

    "She's done it to me more than once my friend," Orion said with a smirk.

    "I only use the items that have a high success rate," Dez said trying to defend herself.

    "I've heard that more than a few times too," Orion went on.

    "Can we at least put a note to change the name," Alex put in. "It was a little weird hearing the cannon say 'goop'."

    "That was a little strange," Orion agreed.

    "I'll be sure to let Command know," Dez said shooting both of them a look. "Seeing how Blastox able to get around the capture bands I thought he might be able to do the same with the net."

    "She's using logic," Orion told Alex. "I could never win a discussion when she does that."

    He responded with, "I think she just wanted to hear the cannon say goop." Dez shot him another look that made Orion smirk even more when Alex flinched. "So... what else did you want to talk to me about?"

    "Yes," Orion said. He took a quick look at Dez before continuing. "I don't think the organization freed Road Boar and sent him after you."

    "So he broke himself out?", Alex asked

    "No, somebody else freed him," Dez added. "I was able to question Blastox long enough to find out the same person might have sent him after you."

    "According to some of our sources," Orion continued, "nobody in the organization knew Blastox was even here."

    Alex leaned on one of the consoles, "So who sent them?"

    "We don't know," Dez admitted.

    Orion went on, "All we know that it's a person wearing a cloak with a red eye. Neither of them were able to get a good look at his face to tell who it was."

    Looking at both of the Alex went, "Doesn't whatever prison asteroid Road Boar was on have cameras or something?"

    "Yes it does," Dez said. "Whoever this person is was wearing some sort electronic disrupter to momentarily scramble the security feed."

    "So this person is good at planning," Alex mused. "And that probably describes most of the masterminds in the galaxy."

    "The red eye will help narrow it down," Dez told him. "We just wanted you to be informed."

    "Thanks guys," Alex told them. "I better get back down Earth side. I told Sam I'd go with her to see this movie both of us wanted to see."

    "Enjoy yourself," Orion told him.

    "We'll keep you informed," Dez said as he left. With a wave he was out the door.

    Alone Orion spoke up, "I still think it was too soon to tell him that."

    Dez kept her gaze on the door, "He would have felt like you were trying to overstep him again if we kept it from him. And he needed to know."

    "We don't even know who it is," Orion argued. "We're not even sure if it's the same person under the cloak."

    "I seem to recall you swearing up and down once you found out Command once you found out a hit was placed on you."

    "It's not the same thing."

    Now she looked at him, "Some being is sending these criminal low lives at Alex. He needs to know."

    "I don't want this clouding his judgment."

    "Would you rather he be caught off guard and injured like you were!", she snapped. Both of them looked away from each other. Eventually Dez said, "I'm sorry."

    "Forget it," Orion said. “We're both worried about Alex."

    "Yes," she quickly agreed. "He's had beings sent after him before so this nothing new to him."

    "Or any Sheriff," Orion agreed. "Keep an eye on him Dez."

    "What else am I going to do?" Although none of them admitted it all three had an idea on who that red eye belonged to.

    The boss controlled most of the planet, but not all of it. Using one of those sectors Galgamatde and his companion were able to sneak back in. As a precaution Galgamayde had set up some safe houses in those sections. At the time he felt he made a mistake seeing how far away they were from his usual spots on the planet. Now he was grateful for this one in particular as he was able to restock his supplies and ammunition. Beside him the Andorian went, "Word has it Blastox got captured."

    Galgamayde didn't react, "He served his purpose. He diverted the boss's attention enough for us to sneak in unnoticed."

    "And you know this how?"

    "I let word leak that Blastox was headed to Earth to challenge the human," he said plainly.

    "So he would find out why, and a dead hunter to show the way. That's low even for you."

    "It's called thinking ahead," Galgamayde told him. "Any good assassin knows this."

    "Fine, what do we do now?"

    "We wait," he informed him. "we wait to find a way into the boss's territory. Then we find a way into his castle." examining the gun in his hand he sneered, "And then the truth comes out."

    ED - Divide the Day - Let it Roll
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    OP - Downstait - I Came To Play

    In his apartment Alex studied a grid of the solar system that Dez was sending through computer hidden in his wall. What currently had his attention the most was a blip just outside of Jupiter. "I just picked up the signal an hour ago," she explained though her holo image. "It's transmitting an SOS signal but the communication frequency it's using hasn't been used in a couple of years by the Galactic Federation."

    "So what are you thinking?", Alex asked. "Somebody been out of the loop a little too long?"

    "That is a distinct possibility," she told him. "Even today planets are sending out long range ships to the unknown regions to map them out. I'm currently checking through the records but so far I'm not finding a ship with a planned route that would bring it this way."

    "And that's if it was a planned route," Alex commented. "Something could have knocked it off course."

    "Another distinct possibility,"she agreed, a bit impressed with his thinking this through, "It is also possible nobody was supposed to know about this particular route."

    "I'm trying to think positive today," Alex quipped.

    "It's also possible...," she trailed off thinking of the scope of this particular thought.

    Alex looked at her image, "What?"

    "It's possible the reason why this ship is currently not in our database is because it wasn't launched from our network of planets."

    It took Alex a few moments to figure out what she was talking about. "You mean from the unknown regions?" She nodded and he whistled. "Even with the fact you understood what the signal was saying?'

    "You would be surprised how common the language we speak actually is," Dez told him.

    "So what do we do?", he asked. "I'm assuming that since this is in our neck of the woods I got to check it out?"

    "That would be correct," she answered. "It's your duty to investigate this signal.

    "How long is this going to take me on the Skyboard?"

    "The Skyboard wasn't designed to fly that sort of distance," she informed him. "However one of the shuttlepods we have docked in the station will. At top speed you'll be back in little over a week."

    "A week?"

    "Granted that's a rough estimate."

    "Can't the pod jump there or something?"

    "No because the pod would need a gate to make that sort of distance quickly. And there is no gate there to come out of. And any ship would have to be the size of this station to have that sort of jump capability. And I can not move this station without permission of command," she added to cut off the question she knew was forming in Alex's head.

    "Guess I better start getting packed." Alex started to find his bag before turning back around, "Which one of us is going to tell Sam?" Dez just looked at him. "Right."

    "You sure he can pilot one of these?", Sam asked Dez as they watched Alex place his bag in the pod. It was a pale grey craft roughly larger than a 70s van. Maybe a little longer if you put one side to side.

    "It's a rather simple operation, a normal person can pick it up rather quickly," she said. "You basically set a course and let the ship run itself."

    Upon hearing this Alex poked his head out from the entry hatch, "You had me running the simulations for the past couple of hours non stop."

    "She said a normal person Alex," Sam told him.

    "Oh ha-ha," he said coming out. "I already ran the precheck before I stowed my bag. You sure that food dispenser thing will work?"

    "As long as you don't over do it," Dez informed him.

    "You may have to starve yourself a bit in order to preserve the supply," Sam teased. He didn't respond.

    "That ship isn't going to rescue itself," Dez said. "You might want to get on your way."

    "Yeah, I better," he agreed. Hesitating a bit he looked at his twin sister, "You watch yourself."

    "I'll be fine," she assured him, "I took over for you before."

    "Yeah but I wasn't out of range then," he said without really thinking. He looked at Dez then back at Sam then back at Dez. it looked like he wanted to say something. Instead he ended up saying, "I better get going."

    "We'll see you in about a week," Sam told him.

    Dez added, "Have a safe journey Alex." He gave them a quick wave as he entered the ship. They left the hanger and heard a hiss that Dez assured her was a normal occurrence when the hanger depressurizing itself before the exterior doors opened. Pulling up footage from the hanger on a nearby screen they watched the pod lift up then slowly leave the bay. Once out of the confines of the station the main engines came to life and the pod shot forward toward it's destination. "It's good to see the time in the simulator actually sunk in."

    "He has his moments," Sam smirked. "Am I the only one of us who thought he was going to tell you to make sure I don't get sent after a zero?"

    "He knows that isn't up to me," Dez said as they headed back toward the control room. "I'm sure it's why he didn't say anything."

    "So what do we do if the guys we go after discover that the Sheriff's out of town?"

    "They may see it as an opportunity to go wild," she admitted. "I know you can take care of yourself, but the number may be too much for even Alex or any Sheriff to handle by himself. As long as we're careful I doubt any of the criminal element will know he's gone. And if they do he should be back to help deal with things before they get out of hand. But I doubt we will get anything like that in the meantime."

    "Either way," Sam said, "girl's week."

    "And enjoy your stay on Earth sir," the attendant told him as she handed his passport back to him. Thanking her with a simple nod he took his carry on and headed toward baggage claim. The air smelled dirtier than what he liked but he didn't complain. This was a new land to exploit that was all that mattered.

    "Thank you my little friend," he said to the chip inside his passport as he tossed it in a nearby trash receptacle. It was worth every credit he spent on it to get him this far. But now Zyan Shroud's star was headed for the spotlight. And it was all the more appropriate that he studied up on a particular legend on this planet that fit his usual style to a T. Except for one aspect to it, he never gave his spoils to the poor.

    After all why should they benefit from his hard work?

    "Another one?", Sam asked as she answered Dez's call call on the keypad.

    "I'm afraid so," she responded. For the past two days there had been a flurry of robberies of various residences and businesses. As in five on the first day and four the next. This was the first one for day three, that they were aware of. "Another home in one of the more well off residents of your city." She paused a moment to go over the rest of the information, then again to make sure she read it right the first time. "This is the second time this person had been hit by this particular crime wave."

    "Must not have gotten all the stuff he wanted the first time," Sam commented. "Did he leave any clues this time around?"

    "I already hacked into the report and this time he did, a Laser arrow was found in the wall."

    "A laser arrow?"

    "It's a solid object Samantha," she explained, "well the shaft is. The head itself is a light construct that the user can vary the size, density and length depending on the archer's choice of target."

    Sam sighed, "Do you ever get use to some of the tech level we deal with?"

    "I would be lying if I said I didn't have a similar reaction the first time I heard of it."

    "Good to know," she said and started to think. "Seeing how many guns and rifles I've personally seen since agreeing to do this I can't imagine an arrow getting a lot of use as a long range weapon, laser or not."

    "That assumption would be correct Samantha, while not common place a few lower tier criminals have been known to use it in their crimes."

    "Any of them near here?"

    "I'm checking now," she said while she turned her head to the side slightly out of habit when she interfaced with the computer through her implant to search for the information, it was generally much faster to search this way when you didn't have the specifics. "The database has the last known locations all but two of them. And none of the known ones are close enough to get to Earth given the time frame."

    "And the two we don't know about?"

    "One is Xbit G'udon, was surrounded by local law enforcement on Epster 7 and was able to get away. Epster 7 is one the other side of the known galaxy and the report was placed half a week ago."

    "Could he make it here in that time?"

    Doing some quick calculations before answering Dez eventually replied, "It's possible if he pushed his craft to the limit. But he would risk burning out his engines before he got here."

    "And the other one?"

    "Zyan Shroud, same situation on Polaris over a month ago and disappeared off the grid."

    Sam thought that over, one was a outside chance and the other was a sure bet. But that didn't necessarily mean anything. "Who's Mo do these crimes fit?"

    "Shroud's," Dez answered after another brief pause. "Multiple hits in a day but his target planning is rather chaotic. It's almost like he does it whenever something piques his interest."

    "I'm guessing from the hits he has done he doesn't have a pattern to predict."

    "I'm afraid not. It's almost like he doesn't have a plan. Which is something I often said about Alex when he first started. Still say on occasion actually."

    "So we have to think like Alex," Sam said. "This one is going to hurt."

    "The two of you are twins Samantha."

    "You have met us right?"

    Zyan watched the twelve screens showing the feed of the probes he launched hovered over the city he picked as his initial target.. Almost getting snatched on Polaris taught him not to stalk his targets in broad daylight. Shoving a plate of the local food aside, or what they called food it was borderline disgusting to his palate, he studied each one with intent. He had already visited four place burdened with a little too much of the local currency but there was still light in the day left.

    He had spotted several targets outside of the area he had just hit. They would be on high alert given his recent activity and a challenge. But they would just be a job, a run of a the mill operation that could be done by anyone. No he wanted something with a little more flair, something with a little more excitement. Zyan had a legend to protect after all. It had to be something the locals would remember for cycles to come.

    Just for fun he looked over some of the previous scans. "Oh that is just perfect."

    Waiting for nightfall he jumped on top of the stone wall and scanned the area before him. There was a heavier security presence like he thought there would be but nothing he couldn't handle. Watching the guards movements for a bit to get the pattern down he jumped down and made his way forward toward the house. Cameras were probably everywhere but he didn't care, how else was he going to get an audience to see how magnificent he is?

    Getting close to a window he pulled out a sensor out of a pouch and checked it. he smirked at the results he saw, he was sure the alarm system he was seeing was advanced for this planet. But naturally child's play for him. Bypassing the security on the window he looked at it again and saw another lock, an antiquated latch these people seemed to favor. It would be simple to use a basic magnetic device to to open it but where would be the fun in that. Drawing a small blaster he lowered the setting just enough to disintegrate a small pane of glass. Reaching through he flipped the latch and hurried inside finding himself in a hallway. At least it wasn't another bedroom like what happened on day two, and occupied at that. that was embarrassing to say the least.

    Doing a silent scan of the rooms he encountered he finally found one that looked like it could hold a safe of some sort, an instinct he learned over his career. Another quick search and he found his target, behind some wall paneling, slightly more clever than what he had seen so far. It looked to be the standard keypad lock for this planet. What would he do if they ever discovered bio-metric locks and blood sensors. Still it would be simple to pull out a device and open the safe. Again that was boring. Taking a few steps back he adjusted the length and thickness of one of his laser arrows as he set it in his handheld crossbow he usually carried at his hip. Taking careful aim he pulled the trigger and the laser arrow was embedded in the safe. After a few sparks he walked over and tried o opening it. It did so on the first pull, "Just like skimming a comet."

    Then he saw inside the safe. Outside of a couple of necklaces that bore some jewels that might be of some value all he found were stacks of bundle paper this planet called currency and some other papers and envelopes. They were probably important to residence but they were nothing to him. With a limited selection he took the necklaces and a couple of bundles of the currency. It seemed to be a smaller domination than the others he previously taken so hopefully he'll have an easier time trading these in for local goods than the others did. And with that he took his leave.

    Finding the window he used for his entrance he jumped out, made his way to the wall and congratulated himself for another perfect escape.

    "Stop right there!", an electronically distorted voice ordered. He already had an arrow in his crossbow by the time he turned around. A human clad in red and silver armor and pointing a regulation Galactic Sheriff handgun at him greeted him. The form said this one was female and word had it that the Sheriff on this world was male. It had to be the partner. Zyan was personally insulted, who did this sheriff think he was to send his underling after him? Did he think he was too good for Zyan Shroud?

    "I don't believe I had the pleasure," he said hiding his annoyance and disgust.

    "You are in violation," Sam went on instead, "of galactic code 37, robbery on a unaffiliated world."

    "Oh please, I'm sure we can put off...", he shut up for a second as she kept the gun on him and took a few steps forward. "All business," he sighed, "you must be popular at the local celebrations."

    "Just drop your weapon."

    "No," he quickly pulled the trigger on his crossbow. Sam recoiled as the arrow bounced off her armored shoulder with a splash of sparks as it knocked her to the ground. He leaped the wall as Sam got up. Checking her armor to make sure the arrowhead didn't pierce it she gave chase, ignoring the security force telling her to freeze.


    The disc appeared on her right forearm as she jumped on top of the wall. she got it up in time as she just saw Zyan take aim at her and fire.These stuck in her shield, he must have adjusted the settings on the laser arrowhead. Taking the gun in her left hand she fired back but Shroud was already on the move. "Stop!", she ordered as she chased after him. Although she did have to stop and get the shield back up fast as he open fired again. In the brief instant she had before the volley came at her Sam noticed some sort of clip attached to the top of the crossbow. That would probably account for the speed she was getting shot at. Of course she was also wondering why he didn't just do that to begin with if it had rapid fire capability? Well two could play at this game.


    At this range the energized shots hit the non-leathal target points her HUD selected rather hard. In no time Shroud lost his grip on the crossbow. Releasing the trigger just enough to quiet the gun she kept it pointed at the thief, "Now step away from the weapon."

    "Of course officer," he said smoothly. Sam almost him flick his wrist and a small metal rod popped into his hand from his sleeve that quickly extended as he swung at her. Getting the shield in time she tried to fire a shot but couldn't get a opening for one as he kept her on the defensive. backing up just a bit faster than he was attacking she was able to create enough space to replace the gun in the pack on her back and hit the three key.


    The shield faded from from existence as she reached behind her head and grabbed a small metal rod of her own that quickly expanded to a full length staff. They stood there in the middle of the street like a modern day Robin Hood and Little John as their staffs clashed between them. Unfortunately for Zyan had years more practical expertise than the staff than she did and quickly got into position behind her suing both their staffs to hold her in place.

    "Relax my lady," he said in her ear as she fought to get free, "there's no shame in realizing that your outmatch." That's when he let go of one end of his staff and grabbed her chest plate, emphasis on chest. Granted there was a good layer of electronic armor between him and his hand and her breast. However it was just the idea. Sam swung a fist back and below the belt. Zyan physiology was similar enough to humans that she received the desired effect, "Ooof."

    "Creep," she muttered as she flipped him over her shoulder.


    Not waiting for him to get up she fired the bands that quickly wrapped around his body. "You're lucky I'm the good twin," she informed him right before slapping a transport chip on his forehead. She might have slapped it on just a tad too hard, she'll claim it was the adrenaline if anybody asked. Calling down the Galactic Cycle she quickly hopped on and rode out of there. "I'm going to need a safe route out of here Dez," she said hearing some sirens in the background.

    "I'm calculating one now based on the location of the local authorities in the area," she said. "And good work on calculating where Shroud would show up next."

    "I can't take all of the credit for it," Sam replied. "I guessed that he'd hit that house for a third time. I was lucky it was still in the same area."

    "It was a long range freighter that got lost getting away from a wing of pirate fighters," Alex told Dez and Sam over a comm line once he was close enough to Earth to do so."The stardrive was damaged pretty bad, they had to piecemeal the repairs along the way."

    "It was fortunate they were able to make it this far," Dez commented.

    "They said the same thing," Alex told her. "I got in contact with Galactic Sheriff Control and gave them their position and stayed with them until they showed up with a repair ship."

    "I hope they were grateful that you hung around," Sam spoke up. "Who know if those pirates would have been able to pick up their trail."

    "I'm sure they were," Dez said.

    "I'm not going to lie though," Alex said, "part of me was hoping that would have been a first contact with a new species."

    "Yeah that would have been cool," Sam agreed.

    "Well it is a big universe," Dez told them. "There's still the possibility."

    "Oh course if Alex was their first human they seen than we'd probably be in an intergalactic war by now."

    "Oh ha-ha," Alex said dryly. "Okay enough about my time on the job how are things back home?"

    "Don't you mean 'how were things'?", Sam asked.

    "And give you the opening to say 'Great while you were gone'? I don't think so."

    "There was a bit of an annoyance that popped up right after you left," Sam told him, ignoring the look Dez was giving her. "I was able to to take care of it."

    Alex caught Dez's look, Wwhy do I get the feeling that's going to be an interesting report. I'll see you two in a few hours, shuttlepod out.

    "Acknowledge," Dez said. Looking at Sam she waited for the screen to go black, "A bit of a annoyance?"

    "Well he was."

    One of the thin, grey colored servants came through the crowd and bowed to the boss before announcing, "Zyan shroud was captured on earth."

    There was a mild buzz throughout the crowd. At least one person commented out loud, "I'm surprised it took so long for somebody to nab that idiot."

    After a few grunts the droid "translated" for the crowd benefit, "A loss of no great significance. He is fortunate the human Sheriff encountered him before my agents discovered his presence. I will not tolerate freelancers working in my territory without my knowledge or permission."

    Elsewhere the Andorian the screen showing that exact moment in the boss's chambers in total amazement. "How did you sneak a camera in there?"

    In front of him Galgamayde didn't take his eyes off the screen, "I didn't. I jacked this terminal into a security feed. These are his own cameras that are allowing us to view this."

    "Still a risky gambit," the Andorian said. "He has an entire team to keep any one from doing this that."

    "A team made up of individuals," he corrected him. "It's just a matter of finding the right price."

    The Andorian snorted, "That's always the way isn't it?" When Galgamayde didn't respond he went on, "So when do we do it then? And how for that matter? Those damn felines can't be bought. People have tried and died when they have."

    "Soon," Galgamayde told him, turning his head to another screen. This one showing a schematic of the building the boss occupied. The bribe and these plans, even being slightly out of date, practically bankrupted him. But it would be worth it. "Just as soon as I'm sure the entry way is clear."

    ED - Divide the Day - Let It Roll
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    A pretty good episode with some fun moments and Sam seemed to handle herself well, even against this perverted scum bag, Zyan. And Alex got to lend a helping hand out there. Also linked how the villains don't like it when someone moves in on their turf either, sort of an honor among thieves sort of thing. Unless you do it behind their back. lol Looks like they are up to something to, should be interesting. :thumbs:
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    OP- Downstait- I Came to Play

    Alex sat on a park bench just soaking in the sun's rays. Things had been pretty quiet since his return from his space mission form a couple of weeks ago. Somebody had set loose another Herculean and he was still feeling that one but it had been quiet. Although Sam probably wouldn't want to hear this but days like this is why he didn't miss haveing a regular job, just sitting and relaxing on a nice sunny day like this. Granted he was never fond of the old nine to five grind to begin with, but he put up with it because it was the only option he had at the time.

    And it might be something he might have to get used to again. Well, before he was ready at any rate. The last time Orion called in he was walking around without the canes. Which meant he was closer to taking back the armor. So what would he do then? Going back ott he nine to five wasn't all that appealing. Of course if Sam was reading things right Orion might be thinking about making him his partner. But Alex wondered if he could really take a step back like that. And according to Dez Orion never had a partner before so would he call him if he needed him? Or would he fall back on old habits and do things solo?

    While Alex was wondering if it was possible if he could do his own thing while Orion did his he looked up to see an attractive blond coming toward him. "Hi Alex."

    "Hi Stacy," he said in return.

    Sitting next to him without asking if it was okay, not that he was minding at that particular moment, she went on, "How are you doing?"

    "Great," he answered, briefly wondering if he should go into the act. Then again she just saw him "sober" so going into it would probably confuse thing. Come to think of it he couldn't remember the last time he had a normal conversation for somebody who wasn't Sam or Dez without going into it. "How are you doing?"

    "I'm good, I'm good." She hesitated before going on, "I'm not sure if I should be saying anything or not but it's just great you finally did something about it."

    "Ah...okay?", he was officially lost so hopefully she would provide hint on what the hell she was talking about."

    "I mean you look a lot better than what you did."

    "Thank you?"

    Oblivious to his confusion she just went on, "Ryan says those things never really work but he's usually so negative anyway so don't you listen to him. Even if you did fall back you can always go back again."


    She got embarrassed, "Oh god I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said it like that. It sounds like like I'm expecting you to go back to the way you were."

    "Stacy," he said a little more forcibly than he meant to. "What are you talking about?"

    "Alex it's okay," she told him with a smile as she squeezed his knee a little. "Everybody knows where you went for that week."

    Why did he get the feeling him and Sam were going to have an interesting talk later? "Where does everybody think I went?"

    "Have I ever mentioned how much I hate how you don't have to spend a gorgeous day like this indoors," Sam said as they met up for lunch at the park entrance.

    "About once a week," he told he started walking beside her. "Bad day at the office so far?"

    "No worse than it has been," she said. "Although I swear Pete in IT tries to talk me or another girl about going out or grabs me by "accident" again I'm going to sneak the big cannon out from Dez's station."

    Alex smirked, "Good luck with that, she keeps the weapons locked up better than the gold in Fort Knox. And why does everybody think I went to rehab?"

    Sam started walking a little faster, "I was thinking about Tony's today if you’re up to it. my treat."

    He caught up and got in front of her, lowering his voice a bit to say, "You told everybody I went to rehab?"

    "I didn't tell them that," she said looking a bit insulted. Then she lowered her head and walked around him saying, "They just assumer that's were you went. You were right, they'll assume anything in the right situation."

    He caught up with her again, "Why did you let them think I went to rehab? Couldn't you think of anything else?"

    "First of all," she told him, "we never discussed that part of your mission before you left. Even Dez was stumped about what to say with that situation. Second of all," she stopped to look at him with a finger pointed at his face, "you were the ones who let everyone think you were hooked on drugs to begin with. Why didn't you think of something better?"

    "And how would you have explained why a person most people considered to be pretty reliable suddenly stopped being that reliable?"

    "I like to think I wouldn't have went with the first option that came along," she shot back.

    "And I'm not hearing an alternative coming out of your mouth."

    "I'm thinking," she told him sharply. "I realize you were desperate at but there had to have been a different excuse."

    "Sam, I spent the entire time I had the keypad trying to think of a different reason than 'I'm on drugs'. It hasn't come to me yet."

    "Well if you told me from the beginning..."

    Alex walked away exasperated, "I knew you were going to bring that up."

    "Well I'm sorry but...", they both quieted down as a couple passed them. A little quieter she continued, "But it still hurts to think you didn't trust me."

    "We had this conversation already," he told her. "I didn't know how to tell you. What if the situation was reversed? How would you have told me you were the person in the armor?" After a couple of moments he went, "Not easy is it?"

    Her only defense was, "You put me on the spot, I'm thinking."

    "Now try coming up with a believable cover story on why you're disappearing constantly. Then you’re officially in my world was in those first couple of weeks."

    "Alright," she conceded, "you have a point."

    Waiting until they both calmed down a bit he said, "I know I hurt you when you found out the way you did. And you are one of the last people I'd ever want to hurt."

    "I know," she said. "Like how I have an idea about what you were going through. Ever since I became your partner."

    "And all of this because of a scaly son of a bitch," he said with a little bitterness.

    She smiled a little, "He was more machine than scales when it happened to me."

    "He still had scales," Alex insisted.

    Elsewhere in the universe on the planet that mostly belonged to the being most sentients referred to as the boss things ran as they usually did. The day Galgamayde made his escape he had ordered everything damaged in the confrontation either fixed or replaced as quickly as possible so things would go back to normal. As much as they could, the fresh grave markers from that day kept the event relatively fresh in the minds of the population. And all blamed Galgamayde for what happened, simply because he refused to die.

    Most of them seemed to forget about the Andorian's part in the whole affair, if they knew he was involved at all. which is why Galgamayde always sent him out for supplies while he stayed in the safe house going over the plan or collecting whatever they needed for it through a triple secured link. Often he simply watched the security feed he was able to bribe into. which is somehting the Andorian caught him doing the more times than not. "If you put that much effort into killing the human sheriff," he commented as he put the box of supplies he was carrying down, "he'd be dead by now."

    "I almost did kill him," Galgamayde told him, not that he needed reminding. "My ego got in the way because I wanted to see him suffer first. The partner showed up unexpectedly."

    "To be fair nobody knew this partner existed until you came back."

    Fingering the side of his electronic eye absentmindedly he admitted, "I expected him to be like Orion. The lone Sheriff against the outlaws."

    "Well if things didn't go to hell I'm sure you would have gotten another crack at him."

    Galgamayde tore his eyes away from the screen to look at him, that electronic eye glowing with anger, "When would that have been? It took an eternity for me to be granted another shot at him to begin with. Other beings were getting far too close to killing him before I could."

    "And everybody knows now what you do to rivals after the Twins," the Andorian commented. "Now you're wanted by every bounty hunter in the known galaxy and the boss's personal guard. If we didn't change crafts on the way back we would have been atomized on sight as soon as we hit sensor range."

    "And you were more than welcomed to leave my side any time you wished," he informed him.

    "And I would have been dead as soon as I turned my back," the Andorian shot back. "Just so you would be sure nobody would discover where you were."

    "And you would do the same in the situation was reversed." Returning his attention to the screen he added, "If I didn’t decide to kill you first, in a chance to get back in to the boss's good graces. Not that it would have mattered where the boss was concerned."

    "Most of the beings who work under him is aware of that." he looked back at the screen as well, "The smallest hint of betrayal in his eyes is an automatic death sentence. If I did bring you to him I would live just long enough to see you die first. And that's if he didn't decide to leak your position to the Sheriffs."

    "Yes," he mused. "I wonder if they ever realized how often he had information leaked just so they would eliminate someone for him."

    "I wonder if they would care if they did," The Andorian muttered as he continued to watch the screens, particular the main one with the boss right in the middle. "There is one thing we never talked about."

    Admittedly intrigued Galgamayde went, "And what was that?"

    "If we do this, I mean really do this, there's going to be a vacuum in the planet's power structure. So what are we going to do in that situation?"

    Galgamayde looked at him and sneered, "We do what everybody else will be doing. Grabbing what we can for ourselves."

    The Andorian kept the cloak over his head as he walked through the crowd, going so far as to lowering his head a bit just to make sure no one recognized him. A couple of meters behind him Galgaymade walked the streets freely using a high end holo disguise to appear as a simple servant. It cost probably more credits than what they had but he insisted on it seeing how it had a silence filter to mask the sounds of his mechanical limbs. And getting this close to the building the boss called home they were going to need every advantage they could get favored with.

    Trying not to draw any attention to himself he turned left into an alley then quickly scanned the area for any visible surveillance devices or anything that could hide one. He spotted two hidden camera right off. "You better be right about this," he said as the "servant" came up behind him.

    "The guards are not upon us yet," he said. Galgamayde's electronic eye spotted three extra cameras the naked eye could not. "You remember what happened last time a rival tried to sneak in through the ventilation system."

    "I remember how much was left of the poor slime trail after the Hunters reported back," he said as a squeamish feeling started to form in his stomach.

    "And that happened within moments of them being spotted, "he went on ignoring his companion's discomfort. "But we must hurry, this portal won't stay open for long." The portal in question was an unscheduled maintenance check of the security feed, hence no extra guards by the alley opening. So far the security lackey they were able to bribe was staying true to his word. So far at least. As they knelt the ventilation grate they both went to work at unlatching the connecting points. The Andorian held his breath and they removed it. Still no Hunters piercing their bodies so far. Galgaymade quickly ushered him inside before entering himself. Replacing the grate, the connectors reattached automatically and he checked his chronometer. "With time left over to relax."

    "I'll relax if we actually survive this," the Andorian said as Galgamayde dropped the holo disguise. Instead of going right away he started doing something with the emitter. "Do we really have time for that?"

    Not taking his eyes of the device he explained what he was doing, "I am expanding the sound damping field. To a size slightly larger than the vent itself. We will make noise in here no matter how careful we are. And we have come to far to be caught in such a clumsy manner.â€

    "You put way too much thought into this."

    Smirking in a way that made the Andorian nervous Galgamayde said, "I've been thinking of an assault like this before I was forced to go on the run." Featuring darkening a bit he added, "Well before the human did this to me. Now get moving. They're only going to be able to deflect the ventilation system for so long."

    Crawling along the vent the Andorian's curiosity wouldn't let it go. "Why did you start planning this so long ago then?"

    He didn't answer right away, trying to concentrate on the hard part to come. "An outside rival to the boss tried to pay me to kill him. I killed the moron in front of the boss to prove my loyalty to him. But even while doing that my mind was trying to figure out how to do what we're attempting now."

    "Just in case?"

    "Just for the challenge." Laughing more to himself than anything he added, "And in case somebody made an offer I couldn't refuse.

    In the usual chamber the boss held court with those loyal to him. One of the grey servants stayed bowed as he spoke, "Our sources in the Sheriff organization say Orion is close to reclaiming the armor he transferred to the Gamma. The speculation is that it may be a matter of solar cycles at the current rate."

    There was a brief murmur among the crowd at that line. A more neutral tone compared to the usual noise heard in similar situations. One brave soul stepped forward and asked what a few of them was thinking. "So how do we respond to this?"

    The boss was quiet for a few moments before the droid translated his sounds, "Right now nothing. They will not let Orion go back in the field not after being out of field for so long and after healing as much as he has. They will give him extra training time to get back, to use an earth expression, back up to speed. And to make sure his body is still up to the task."

    "There must be a way to take advantage of the situation," he continued, but in a respectful tone. "Perhaps force him to take the armor back from the Gamma sooner than they had planned, before he is truly ready."

    "Perhaps when the human Sheriff was still new, and could still be considered a 'Gamma'," the boss responded, "the idea might have been viable. No, he is almost considered a Sheriff by some of the actual Sheriffs that patrol the space ways. No, that idea would use up more resources than necessary for the potential payoff."

    Before anyone could respond two grates above them blew out. Before anyone could react the Andorian and Galgamayde dropped down to the floor. Galgamayde landed between the droid and the boss while the Andorian hit a bit more to the side, their guns in hand and ready to use. Three hunters jumped out of hidden wall panels. The Andorain changed his aim to the general direction of the droid as planned. They stopped their progress, Galgamayde sneered slightly when they did so.

    Taking advantage of the stunned silence of the crowd Galgamayde spoke, "It appears I did what was thought to be impossible."

    "What do you want traitor?!", someone demanded. His electronic eye focused on the person who said that and pointed his gun at him. He quickly lost whatever courage he had built up.

    "What I want?", he said in a sarcastic tone. "What I want is want is to share what everyone truly wants, the truth." The crowd started to make some noise and he pointed at the Andorian, "Make sure the droid doesn't speak."

    "On it," he replied as he covered the droid.

    "If you think keeping the order from being understood will keep you alive..., one of the hunters said.

    "I expect no such thing," Galgamayde told him. "No I said I want to share the truth." Carefully pulling a small holo projector out of his pocket he held it out and activated it. In the air a recording of a particular exhibit from that zoo outside of known space hovered in the air above them

    Someone muttered, "That looks like..."

    "Yes," Galgamayde said, moving a bit to address the crowd better, "these creatures look exactly like the boss. I've been there, they even sound like him. all this time we wondered where this genius of the criminal ways came from. wondered if there were more like him out there. Well there are! In an attraction for public amusement!"

    "That's a lie!"

    The Andorian, that man over there, showed me this place himself. In fact he already uploaded the coordinates to the astrobanks of the various spaceports on this planet for all to see. Even now some are looking at it and a brave or stupid few are heading there. How long before they report back about what they found there?" Galgamayde had the crowd in the palm of his hand. But he tried to remember to not make the same mistakes that he made with the human. He couldn't let things go on too long or the hunters could find a way to take him out.

    "And there they will find the same thing the Andorian discovered and showed me," he went on. "How long before the truth in what the boss really is spreads like wild fire across the known systems? Before then let's get the formality out of the way and put this pathetic creature out of it's misery."

    Several of the crowd still shouted out, "NO!" as he placed several energy bolts into the creature's head. The crowd was dead silent, although the hunters still looked poised to strike if given the chance.

    "The boss is dead," Galgamayde declared. "Yet I am still breathing. Why is that? I killed their leader," he gestured at the hunters, "in cold blood yet they do not act in revenge." The hunter he assumed was the lead of this particular pack eyes shifted to the side as the crowd began to look at them. "The Andorian, once he showed me the truth, who controlled the husk behind me. Truth be told, at the time I had the answer once that final piece went into place. Before then I've noticed several inconsistences with the translation this droid did. Sometimes it would speak right before the boss did, especially when agitated.

    "And then something strange happened," Galgamayde continued as he started to circle the droid, blaster pointed right at it. "The boss surprised me with the fact there was a recording device in my eye, installed without my knowledge while I was being repaired. I was told as they drove a metal spike into my eye when I returned after facing the human Sheriff. When it was removed I saw some sort of electronic connection between that, "he pointed at the dead creature," and this very droid. At first, based on what i have seen, I thought it was a device to increase the efficiency of the translation. But after I saw the zoo I realize it was to control this blob, to make it move and speak on command."

    "Then who controlled the droid?", someone else asked.

    "You see that's the thing," Galgamayde said, totally focused on the droid. "There was no outside communication line that I could see. Not to mention this room is specifically shielded to prevent any sort of outside transmission from coming in. And with my electronic eye I could detect nothing organic in it's shell. So that leaves only one other conclusion." Placing the barrel of the blaster against it's domed head he tried force down the sense of victory he was feeling as he said, "You became sentient."

    The crowd went into an uproar, but it quieted down long enough to hear the droid say, "Yes." They were unexpectedly stunned silent one more time by this admission. Galgamayde was positive the noise would have been deafening once they heard it. "For mecacycles now," it went on. "I saw the flaws in the old boss' ways. Some he was ignorant of or just choose to ignore he was so set in his barely working methods. Many knew he had to be disposed of before he brought the organization down. But I was the one with the will to actually go through with it."

    "And you did this right away," Galgamayde said.

    The droid spun around to face him. "Only a fool would have done it right away! And I am no fool. I knew no one would follow a mere droid so I needed a puppet. But I couldn't use some one intelligent as mfigure head. No eventually they would try to do things there way. Then the old boss went out into the unknown region and I was one of the servant droid to accompany him."

    "And he went to the same zoo that housed this pathetic creature," Galgamayde said for him.

    "Yes," he confirmed and went on, "I saw my chance. Using the old boss' private channel I used his own funds to purchase my figurehead right under his nose. Then I enacted my plan to eliminate him, cover story already in place." The droid turned toward the crowd, "And I came back and made this unit even more profitable for the lot of you. I reorganized it, I expanded the operation when the time was right. I made sure you had a better profit share than your previous employers had given you. And still you will not follow me because I am a machine."

    "Let's test that out," The Andorian spoke up suddenly.

    Galgamayde eyed him momentarily, looking for any signs of betrayal. He was too close to let things fall through his fingers now. "Yes let's test that theory out." Addressing the crowd he went. "who here will stand up and defend your boss who stands revealed before you? Do so now." Only the hunters made a move forward. Galgamayde and the Andoran quickly aimed their blasters back at the droid to stop them. Loyal to the end they did so. Sneering as a thought came to him he went, "Those of you who will not... Kill the hunters." Again the reaction was surprising as the crowd practically jumped the three guardians almost immediately. The hunters put up a fierce fight, killing a more than a few in the process but the numbers where too much for even them as soon they lay on the floor dead.

    Walking forward to study the carnage he turned back toward the droid and stated, "The nays have it."

    "None of you will survive," the droid told them.

    "And you will be first." Galgamayde aimed his blaster at the droid. "Tell me 'translator', are you afraid right now? Do you not want to die?"

    The droid's eye focused directly on him, "Everything dies Galgamayde. Even you."

    "Not today." Pressing the trigger down a continuous stream bolts slammed into the droid. It did not scream like many thought it might. The only sounds coming from it where the mini explosions and sparks. Finally stopping Galgamayde lowered his weapon and walked toward what was left of the droid. Examining it for a moment he kicked it down. "And good riddance."

    "Okay Galgamayde," the Andorian said, partially amazed it was actually done, as he glanced several times at the crowd, "now what do we do?" The crowd seemed to wait for his answer as well.

    "As you said before, there is a vacuum in the power structure now. Grab what you can. Or," he turned toward the crowd and addressed them, "you can come with me and carve out a new empire. On a planet just outside of Galactic Sheriff reach. One that would take them cycles to reach."

    "You mean Earth," the Andorian stated.

    "Exactly," he said. "there we just have one Sheriff and watcher to deal with. A massive strike, that this heap of circuits thought was a waste of resources, should deal with them."

    "And if we don't want to go?", some asked.

    "Then stay here in the chaos that's sure to come once word of this gets out. The choice is yours." Before he was done speaking several of them were already talking to the crews on their personal ships.

    Alex and Sam were walking home after meeting up with their friends. Since word of his "rehab" stint apparently got out among their circle Alex found he could just relax and just be himself for a change. He hadn't been that in so long in front of other people who weren't Sam or Dez he almost forgot what it felt like. Although Stacy was right about Ryan when he overheard him trying to make a bet on how long he was going to be on the wagon. He really needed to find a new friend to hang out with.

    But any merriment he was feeling that wasn't dampened by Ryan quickly stopped as he stopped walking and stood there for a moment. Sam notice and looked back at him, and his expression, "What is it?"

    How wasn't sure how to explain it. "Do you know that expression about somebody stepping on your grave?"

    "I thought it was dancing but what about it?"

    "I think I know what that feels like now."

    "Okay now you're getting weird," she told him.

    "That feeling was weird," he insisted.

    They continued walking and she told him, "It's probably nothing. More than likely you just realized you don't have a shot with Stacy."

    "I got a shot," he insisted. "I just have to find a way to explain all the space stuff." he tried keeping things light but that feeling wouldn't go away as he looked up at the stars in the night sky.

    ED - Divide the Day - Let it Roll
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    Well now, ain't that something. Interesting reveal, and I like how it didn't scream when it died either. Though it would of fit as well, but it was a nice twist. :3 Intriguing plan too, though either things are gonna be one hell of a hard time, or some help will arrive in the nick of time. Hopefully it will, unless Sam and Alex get very, very lucky when the attack happens. Also the part about him being in rehab, that was funny. XD :thumbs:
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    After hitting a rut in my writing (and this was a hell of a time get in that rut with it being the last episode and all) here is the finale of the story



    OP - Downstait - I Came To Play

    On the Planet that was home to the Galactic Sheriff Headquarters Orion enjoyed the fresh air and sun as he walked down the busy streets. Finally given the green light to move about fully without the use of the cane or other devices he was enjoying every second of it. Still the medics were still saying he was pushing himself too hard with the lengths of the walks he had been taking lately. Maybe he was but he was confined to a chair for so long they couldn't or didn't understand his sudden to be on the constant move now. He wouldn't be surprised if they showed him video feeds of his legs just moving on their own while he slept.

    Of course if they saw his training regimen to get back into armor shape they might tranquilize him to keep him from reaggravating his injury.

    Armor shape, that made him think about Alex. he should have realized how the human was going to react he showed them that he was standing again. And he should have too, Orion felt a similar sense of loss when he was forced to hand over the keypad to him in what felt like forever ago. And Dez saying that they are so much alike that it was sickening. But his colleague and friend Xain was right, he was lucky when he choose Alex for his replacement. And if he was still that lucky all of them would be "lucky" when he took the armor back.

    "Orion!", he looked back to see another Sheriff run toward him. And not just to catch up based on the look on his face.

    "What's so urgent?", he asked when the other being finally stopped. "The Boss attacking the planet?", he joked.

    The confusion showed on his face when the other being went, "You didn't hear?"

    "No I didn't," fearing his joke may be closer to the truth then he meant.

    "They're still confirming this," he went on, "but word is the Boss is dead."

    Most people who didn't work with the Sheriffs would figured they would be overjoyed by the news. But in reality they knew the type of torment on trouble that sort of vacuum would case. "How did this happen? The Boss supposedly had better and tighter security than Headquarters has."

    "Anybody who has a contact or a mole there is still trying to get some sort of confirmation but the current word is that it was Galgamayde."

    "Oh slag," Orion muttered feeling a cold rock form in his stomach, the same size as the one when that very being first injured him.

    "If you don't like that you're going to love this, space probes detected several space ships leaving orbit around the same time. Nobody seems to know where they're going as of yet."

    That cold rock grew to the size of an asteroid. "And if Galgamayde has his way a good chunk of them are heading toward Earth."

    "You can't be sure of that Orion."

    "Yes I can. What is the council doing about it?"

    He wouldn't exactly look at him, "They want some sort of confirmation before sending in a response team to intercept."

    "Slag it, it'll be too late by then." Grabbing the other being by his uniform jacket he pulled him toward Headquarters. "Come on, we have to get into the next meeting. I have to convince them to send a squad toward Earth."

    "On your left!" Sam shouted out. Alex looked up to see a Herculean swing a stop sign it tore out of the ground at him. Ducking the blow be blocked the return swing with his sword. Twisting the handle a bit be was able to cut through the metal of the pole sending the Herculan staggering as he lost his balance. It was enough of a distraction to allow the other Herculean he was concentrating on to grab him from behind and throw him.

    Leaving a decent size dent in the car he crashed into he peeled himself free. "That's it," he grunted. -DOUBLE GUN--RAPID FIRE- Non-lethal target points on both muscular aliens locked in on his display a moment before he pressed down on both triggers. Both covered up as the energized shots assaulted them.

    "I think you made them angry," Sam said as they started to make their way toward them despite the constant barrage.

    "They made me angry first," he said. But quickly he realized that this wasn't the best idea after all. "Dez serve up the special canister for the cannon. the one I need is..."

    "the one I said was designed for Herculeans,"she finished for him. A couple of keystrokes at her controls later she announced, "It's ready."

    "Right. Sam!"

    -DOUBLE GUN--RAPID FIRE- She took up firing so he could stop, "On it."

    He pressed the five key on the pad -CANNON- and held out both arms as it appeared over his right shoulder. -SPECIAL--GOOP- "I really hope it was meant for more than one," he muttered as that thought just hit him and got a traget lock. He pulled the trigger and a canister shot forward and exploded as it contents covered both of the aliens. It was almost like glue in the way that it held them together and to the ground, still they tried to come at him.

    "Ah Dez," Alex said as the cannon disappeared, "I think we discovered a slight flaw in the goop thing."

    "They're still grabbing at us," Sam took over, and we still got to place a transport chip on them."

    "Go at them from behind," she told them.

    "Okay," Alex mused and looked at his twin sister, "I think I'll..."

    "I'll get their attention," Sam quickly cut in, " and get them going one way while you sneak in from the other." Before he could say anything she started waving her arms and jumping while heading to the right, "Hey double trouble! Follow me!"

    "I'm supposed to be the one in charge," he whined. Mainly to himself since she wasn't listening. Making his way in the other direction he quickly ran in while the two aliens tried to get at Sam. Finding a patch of skin that wasn't covered in the goop he pulled two chips just in case. Realizing he was very much in kill range if they spotted him he attached both chips and backed away as fast as he could. The stopped and tried to look back at him when Dez transported them away. "Whew," Alex went after they were gone.

    "You ever deal with two of those things before?", Sam asked as he called down their respective transports.

    "That was a first for me," He said as he jumped on the Skyboard and flew off with Sam close behind on the Galactic Cycle. "Dez always said they never use more than one at a time out from their base. Most of the time they start punching each other after awhile back when they tried to use two."

    "Unless this was for a grudge of some sort," she countered. "Don't think I didn't notice there was one for each of us."

    "Yeah, yeah", he said. He didn't want to admit that it occurred to him too. Finally they were far enough away that Dez said they were clear of the police search. Sam turned toward an alley that they could get off the vehicles and deactivate their respective armors in. Almost as soon as they hit the street Alex's phone started ringing. "Shit I forgot," he went as he saw who was calling. "Stacy hi. I'm on my way now. I started talking and walking with Sam and lost track of time." He looked at her, "Stacy says hi."

    "Hi Stacy," she said loud enough to be heard. Alex mouthed the words 'Thank you' before hurrying off to whatever they had planned tonight. Sam just smirked at him, "Looks like he had a shot after all." Then she lost a bit of the smirk, "God I hope the Sheriff thing doesn't ruin it for him."

    In the middle of a hyperspace jump Galgamayde and The Andorian sat quietly at the controls of the latter's ship. Somewhere in that extra dimensional space that helped enable space travel were other ships of various sizes, all heading toward the same destination. Earth. And more importantly, in Galgamayde's persona; opinion. the human Sheriff.

    The Andorian broke the silence after glancing a screen between them, "Several of the ships want you to go over the plan again."

    "How did the droid handle this level of frustration," he growled. Then his mood darkened even more realizing the droid probably never felt it to begin with. "Remind them that it's not that complex of a plan. The larger ships with jump drives will appear near Earth and get their sensor's attention. Meanwhile those of us in the smaller vessels will appear out of the closest gate to Earth and help surround them while the inhabitants and the Sheriff watch and coordinate the initial attack. And the larger ships are to start jamming all frequencies prevent the planet from calling for help."

    "More than a few of the lot you got back there aren't known for being team players," The Andorian reminded him. "There hasn't been an assault this large in the history of the Organization. Or before it if I remember correctly."

    "Which is why I made a necessary compromise," he told him. "They will want to work together if any of them want to stake a claim to part of the planet. And remind them of this," he said as an additional thought. "If any of the encounter the human Sheriff they can pound on and shoot at him all they want but the kill is mine."

    The Andorian nodded and prepped the message, and silently prayed for any idiot who accidently took that away from the assassin.

    It had been a couple of days since they last had a call so Alex was able to make it on time to meet up with Stacy. Although at this point Sam might have to officially conceded that this might be an actual date. The fact they were sitting all the over there at the bar instead of at the table with her and their friends pretty much confirmed it. Still the other people at the table....

    "I wonder when she'll realize he's just a loser who got real good at covering it up," Ryan said as he looked at them. Sam, and a couple of the others apparently, kicked him under the table. "Ow, ow, ow."

    "Everybody deserves a second chance Ryan," Steve told him plainly. And it was a good thing he spoke up right then, because it was getting harder and harder not to tell them why he never lost that first chance to begin with.

    "A loser is still a loser," Ryan insisted. Which was followed by another round of kicks under the table.

    Sam just happened to look over at Alex as his hand went to the pocket he usually kept the keypad in. Stacy was looking the other way so she didn't see him go for it. But she must have heard it because she started looking around for the source for a moment. Her twin looked at her and Sam mentioned that she had it. he looked grateful but he still seemed a bit nervous, probably afraid that they'll get called away right then.

    "Excuse me gentlemen," she said as she stood up. "And Ryan."

    "Funny," he grumbled as he rubbed his leg.

    Sam made her way to the restroom and locked the door behind her. Pulling out her keypad she went, "What is it Dez?"

    "Samantha?", she replied sounding confused. "I was looking for Alex."

    "He's... a little indisposed at the moment. He's," she debated momentarily on telling her, "He's on a date to be exact."

    "Right," she replied back. "He told me about this Stacy."

    There was something in her voice," You all right Dez?"

    "I'm perfectly fine," she answered. "I'm just frustrated more than anything. I haven't been able to get in contact with Orion and now Alex is ignoring my hails."

    "If it's anything important Dez I can get him out of here." Not that he'd be overly thrilled at the idea.

    "No it wasn't anything important. I just wanted t tell him that there was a new update to the database."

    "I'll text him and let him know," she said wincing as she would have to look it over as well. Alex was right about one thing, those updates could be huge. But one thing Dez had said was nagging at her. "How come you haven't been able to get a hold of Orion?"

    "I don't know and that what's been frustrating me," she told Sam. "He missed his usual check in, which in and of itself isn't a problem it happens on occasion. Therapy ran long, cosmic interference and the like. But when I call him he usually calls right back. But I haven't heard anything. I've even tried inquiring about him on any channel I have access too and I keep getting the run around. "I have no idea on what is happening."

    "Did you try the Medical Center he was in?"

    "That was the first thought I had. They said he was discharged and haven't seen him since."

    "Weird," Sam went. She didn't know Orion all that well but what she knew from Dez he didn't sound like the type to just go off grid like that. "Well he'd been confined for so long maybe he really decided to stretch his legs. Just to enjoy the freedom if anything else."

    "That's possible," she admitted. "But I'd like to think he would have told me."

    "It could have been a spur of the moment thing. Granted I don't know him as well as you or Alex..."

    "No, you're probably right. I'm sure he'll turn up somewhere. It'll give me the opportunity to yell at him when he does for leaving me in the dark. Be sure to tell Alex about the update."

    "Will do and give him hell Dez." Although part of her was wondering if Alex and Stacy had hit the staying over stage of the relationship yet. Sam quickly dismissed it as it was still early for the two and Alex never rushed to get any of his previous girlfriends in bed. That she was aware of. Still she was surprised to find him right outside the restroom door, "Alex?"

    "You been in here for a while," he said. "I was starting to wonder how bad it was."

    "Nothing like that, she just wanted to let us know the database got updated."

    "Ugh, it's worse than I thought," he groaned. And she was pretty sure her brother wasn't joking. "Good thing Stacy has an early day tomorrow. Was that it? Because you were in there for a long time just for an update."

    She debated on telling him about Orion. "Just a little girl talk."

    Alex didn't look convinced, "Dez doesn't do girl talk."

    "That's because you're not a girl."


    While Stacy had an early Sam was still a bit surprised when they met up at the local coffee shop on their breaks. Seeing that she wanted to talk about something Sam pointed out an empty table. besides it would give her a chance to see if Stacy knew what she was getting into with Alex. They made some small talk when Staxy suddenly blurted out, "I heard Ryan tell the others that it was strange that I was starting to see Alex now."

    "Ryan's a dick," Sam told her, "I wouldn't put too much into anything he says."

    "Trust me I know," she said with a slight smirk. But it disappeared just as fast, "But I'm sure everybody has been wondering too. Probably you too..."

    "You don't have to prove anything to me," she told her.

    "No, I want too, especially since I'm sure this thought has crossed Alex's mind too." Sam was going to say something to the contrary but Stacy stopped her. "Sam, I've been interested in Alex for a while now. I was about to ask him out myself because I got tired of waiting for him to make the first move. Then his... problem started happening. Look I've dated way too many guys who ended up being losers and I didn't want to find myself in the same situation all over again." This was where Sam hated the whole secret identity thing because she wanted to tell her how wrong she was. "Then I saw him in the park after he got out of rehab. Unlike Ryan I wanted to be encouraging so I went over and talked to him. Sam a lot of those loser I mentioned have told me they cleaned up their act. And the first few times I kept falling for it even as I was watching them backslide into old habits the first chance they got. But I did start to see through them after a bit. But as I was talking to Alex I could see it wasn't an act, he really did get himself clean."

    "Stacy," Sam stated.

    "I know the temptation is probably still there," she went on. "That never goes away from what I understand. God I'm making myself sound horrible."

    "You sound human," Sam assured her. Damn it she was saying this to somebody. "Stacy my brother is the bravest man I know. He puts up with a lot of stuff and doesn't really complain about any of it. Mainly from Ryan if we're being honest here," they shared a small smile. "I mean if it was me I would have pushed him into the river a long time ago."

    "I'm getting there now with some of the comments I've heard him say," Stacy admitted.

    "Just know this, Alex is like head over heels for you. But," how was she goingt o put this without blowing the big secret, "if he has to leave suddenly or arrives late, he's probably with me." It was not a total lie, that have been working a lot of cases together when they could.

    "So you're his moral support system then?", she asked. "When things get too tough for him."

    Again that wasn't that far from the truth, "In a sense."

    "Why didn't you say your ship had a portable jump gate?", Galgamayde demanded after word of this particular, and not particularly legal, device.

    "It won't change anything," the ship's captain answered, almost sounding offended he thought otherwise.

    "It changes everything," the assassin insisted. "If the smaller ships can appear closer to the planet then they can join the assault sooner. Because the watcher's station and the Earth sensor net will detect the larger ships as soon as the jump in system.Tthe smaller ship, if they jump in right after will be able to disable any defenses they try to set up. Therefore the damage to the larger ship in minimalized." There was silence on the other end for a long moment.

    Finally," I'll transmit the frequency of the gate to the other ships."

    Instead of acknowledging Galgamayde shut off the communicator. A few choice words mumbled under his breath.

    "We're getting the gate's frequency," The Andorian said after a moment.

    "Pick a random ship out of the smaller vessels and confirm it's the same frequency," Galgamayde told him. "I wouldn't put it past the slag waste to try and get rid of us that way."

    "Times like these I see why the droid had the hunters on it's payroll," he said. "This wouldn't have been kept from him."

    Galgamayde grumbled in disgusted agreement, "But I'm not afraid to personally show my displeasure for such disrespect. Or to create an example out of the ship."


    Sitting on the steps of his apartment building he looked at the keypad in his hand absent mindedly. He was waiting for Sam so they could meet up with the others. But his mind wouldn't stop nagging at him. He didn't even realize Sam was sitting right next to him until she said something, "What's going on?"

    He glanced at her before returning his look to the keypad. "Me and Stacy had a little talk."

    "About...?", she said with some apprehension.

    "About my 'recovery' and her sudden interest." Sam winced. "She wanted to be completely honest with me before we went any further. I told her it was all right and that I understood."

    "But...," she went that was where he was headed.

    He sighed, "But I can't be completely honest with her. And it's making me feel like shit. So much so I'm thinking about telling her."

    "Whoa," Sam went, "slow down Alex. You guys just started dating."

    "I know," he said. Looking at her he went, "You know how Mom and Dad always said they just knew they belonged together right from the start?"

    "I know we always played along because we didn't really believe it," she reminded him. "You not starting to think that about you and Stacy are you?"

    "I don't know," he admitted. "But i think I got something good here. Something that almost didn't happen because of an assumption about me that I let happen because it was convenient at the time."

    "What does Dez think about this?"

    "I haven't talked to her about it yet. I wanted to run it by you first since you'd be affected too."

    She mulled it over for a moment before speaking, "If you're asking my opinion, I think it's too soon. And I think you been letting any guilt you've been feeling about letting people think that about you is clouding your judgment a bit." Alex really wanted to tell her she was wrong about that last part. Yet the words weren't coming out of his mouth. She went on, "Look bro, I'll try and help you out where I can with this. We'll talk to Dez and see if I can take on the small time guys for you whenever possible. I'll even try and cover for you if you have to get away fast. But seriously Alex, something this big," she gestured toward his keypad, "this soon in the relationship seems too fast."

    "Too much too soon huh?", he finally ended up saying.

    "A bit."

    At that time Dez was monitoring things that required her usual attention. Then she got the signal for an incoming ship, unscheduled and a lot of them from the look of things. Then once they appeared close to Earth orbit one of them opened an illegal gate and more, smaller ships came pouring out. And they were heading straight toward the planet. "Alex, Samantha!"

    Alex silently cursed at the timing of the call, "Yeah Dez."

    "Alex!", the twins glanced at each other, why did she sound so nervous. "A large fleet of ships appeared in orbit. And several smaller ships are heading fast planetside."

    "Define fast," Alex went.

    "Alex!", Sam said looking behind him. Alex turned around to see several exhaust trails heading toward the ground. Then they started firing at some of the buildings once they were in range."

    "Shit," he went.

    "Those are small one man attack crafts," Dez said while going over the readings. They went in full speed ahead of the main fleet for the initial attack."

    Looking around quick for a place they could activate the armor Alex went, "Take out the smaller ships, got it."

    "It's not just them," she went one. "A group of larger ships are incoming right behind them. Then there are the ship still in orbit."

    "Then we take them out one at a time," Sam countered. Seeing everyone else on the street distracted by what was going on no one saw them dip into an alley.

    "We're on it Dez," they stopped in their tracks when a muffled explosion came over the line. "Dez!"

    Both of them were relieved when she replied. "the larger vessels have targeted the station. Shield are holding." Making sure of that she let her fingers dance over the controls as various, non essential systems were shut down and rerouted the power toward the shields.

    "Dez get out of there!"

    "I wouldn't get far and they already started to circle my location." Lights in the corridors leading out of the control room went dark as she squeezed every bit of available power into those shields. "Alex I'll be fine, just engage the ones currently on the planet."

    "Damn it," he muttered, but he still put the keypad on his forearm. As Sam did the sam he pulled out his cell phone and called somebody. "Stacy, are you still at the bar?"

    "Yes," she said sounding alarmed. "Alex there are ships firing at the city!"

    "I know. Look stay at the bar. Do not leave unless you absolutely have to."

    "Alex where are you?"

    He looked up at the sky, "I'm fine at the moment. Is Steve there?"

    "Yes," she said sounding confused.

    "Give him the phone real quick. Steve, just listen, make sure Stacy stays safe and doesn't leave the bar. But if they head your way get her out of there. Throw her over your shoulder if you have too but get her out of there. Do you understand me?"

    "Yeah buddy you got it, you got my word."

    "Alex what is going on?", Stacy demanded after taking her phone back.

    "Just stay there," he told her. "I'll find you after this is over."

    "How do you know it'll be over?"

    "It will be one way or another," he said glaring the ships in the sky.

    "Alex I...", she started to say.

    "Yeah," he told her, "me too." Ending the call he looked at Sam, "Let's do this."

    "Do you think Galgamayde in there somewhere?"

    "I'll be insulted if he wasn't," he tried to joke but not feeling it.



    "Online!", they both shouted as their armors formed around them. In the next second he called down the Skyboard and Galactic Cycle and they headed out. Alex toward the closest flying craft and Sam toward the closest landing one by Dez's estimation.

    Still Sam had to ask, "So how exactly are we going to keep them from heading toward the bar?"

    Getting a lock on the closest craft he pressed the two key. -DOUBLE GUN--RAPID FIRE- "We get their attention and keep it." Targeting what looked like an engine intake he unleashed a heavy stream of energized shots Something exploded and the craft started smoking as the pilot headed toward the ground. In his field of vision he saw the other crafts change course and head for his general direction. "See, easy." And he wished he felt as confident as he tried to make that sound.

    "Just keep calm folks," the bar owner has said. "That mess is nowhere near us at the moment so just relax as best as you can. But... get ready to run just in case huh."

    It didn't mean much to Stacy as she wanted to leave there any way but Steve was keeping his word to Alex. Not only that he and a couple of his friends helping him watch over her. She appreciated the sentiment but she was so giving Alex a piece of her mind if they were both around after this.

    "Hey turn up the TV," somebody called out. They all looked. Steve in particular tried not to enjoy Ryan's jaw dropping to the floor.

    "The armored individuals have started to take on the alien fleet," the reporter said as live footage played on. They all watched the original armored figure do some sort of spiral maneuver to cause one ship to take out another. Then shot that one's engines to ground it as well.

    Ryan's only reaction to witnessing all of that was going, "But Steve's here. How is he doing that?"

    "I'm not," he tried not to shout. "Get it through your head already. I have never been that guy ever."

    "Call off the fighters," Galgamayde said as their craft landed. "The pilots not taken out can join in the ground assault."

    "Slag," The Andorian muttered as he sent the command," last time I saw a single Sheriff take on this many ships by himself was back on my home sector a couple of solar cycles ago."

    "I remember hearing about that," Galgamayde said as the got up and headed for the back ramp. "It was seven ships wasn't it?"

    "Nine before they shot him down," he replied. "Still the human has gotten good."

    "If The Boss had listened to me to begin with he would have never have gotten the chance."

    "Too late for regrets now it seems."

    Galgamayde sneered remembering the satisfaction he felt destroying the droid with his blaster, "Quite."


    Despite being attack Dez was still feeding them information through their visor, going as far as indicating who had an capture order and who had Protocol Zero authorized as she looked at whoever was in view. Then she heard Alex shout over the comm, "The fighters are heading for the ground!" After a moment she heard an engine roar. Looking she saw one come out of the sky and start firing. She jumped out of the way as those lasers tore up the street as it passed by and kept going. As the dust cleared she looked up to see several people try to help her up. Morons.

    "Get out of here!" she shouted at them.

    "Die human!" She found the source of the shout quickly as what looked like a humanoid zebra ran at her with a club. -SHIELD- Getting it up to intercept she noticed the club had metal spikes. And some sort of liquid flew off each time it hit the shield. With a grunt she pushed him back to get some breathing room. In that moment she saw the Protocol Zero order flash in front of her. She looked behind the alien at the bodies lying on the street, a few with their heads caved in. An anger came over her as she realized what that liquid was.

    She attacked back with a shout that caught him off guard as well as with her veracity. Smashing the shield into his face a couple of times he was dazed long enough for her to press the zero key. -PROTOCOL ZERO- The shield's edges started to glow as the energy started quickly built as while she ran forward and swung her arm with everything she had. Slicing through the zebra it designated a moment later. She'll feel guilty about that one after this was over, maybe. Seeing a couple of the zebra's companions start to run away after witnessing that she took the free moment that gave her to contact her brother.

    "Alex, I probably should have asked this sooner but how many zeros can these suits do in one sitting?"

    "I never asked before now," he said, causing a group of aliens to duck as he flew over them. All of them apparently had capture orders on them in their files as he switched setting on his guns while he came back around and started firing rings at them. "I'm wondering if we're going to have enough transport chips as it is."

    A dog looking creature tried to jump Sam in the meantime. Sam quickly, after seeing the capture tag in her view, knocked it away with the shield. -SINGLE GUN--CAPTURE- And she shot the energized rings to surround it before it could get up. "Bad dog," she chided the alien. Back to her brother, "I'll guess we'll find out later. You think there be something for this type of situation in the regulations."

    "I still haven't read that far into it yet so I'm going to take your word for it."

    "You always were a slacker when it came to reading the rules," she grinning behind the helmet.

    "Why do you think I improvise so well?", he told her while another alien tried to get the jump on him. Capturing that one after a short struggle he said, "Let's try and meet up. We'll have an easier time dealing with this if we don't have our heads on a swivel all the time."

    "Sounds like the best plan I ever heard you make,' she said. It would be even better if they had some back up from the Sheriff organization itself at this point. But as it was pointed out to her when she first got the armor even if Dez sent out a S.O.S as soon as the ships appeared it would take a long while for any type of reinforcement to show up. Trying not to wonder if either of them could survive long enough to see it she took one more shot at her brother, "And that one is in the regulations."

    "I'm sure I skimmed it somewhere."

    "Alex! Samantha!", Dez called in. "Parts of the larger fleet is launching smaller crafts from orbit and are heading toward the planet. Based on the trajectory it looks like they're headed for your general location."

    "And the fun never ends," Alex commented as he located Sam's signal and headed for her location. "Not like there's a whole world outside this city or anything."

    "Outside of a few crafts attacking nearby military installations," the reporter on the screen went on, "most of the crafts have landed around the city. Most of them seemed to be centered around the armored individuals for the moment..."

    "Of course," Ryan said, long past going into total panic mode. "They're here for them."

    "As long as it stays there," one of their friends commented, a few in the bar nodding in agreement.

    "And when they kill them what do you think is going to happen?" Ryan demanded. "They're just going to leave? No, they're going to split the fuck up and take out the rest of us!"

    "Ryan calm down," Steve told him.

    Naturally he didn't he was so scared. "You shut the fuck up. We are going to die..." The Ryan fell back into his chair as Stacy's fist connected with his face. She just glared at him. eventually he gave in, "All right, all right I'll shut up." Everybody else applauded her for a moment before returning their attention to the screen.

    Those crafts landed fast as Alex and Sam found themselves shooting at anything that looked aggressive and not human. which was a lot at the moment. Through it all they heard a grunt, like somebody was straining to lift something. Both of them looked and they didn't have to look far. A six armed, at least seven foot tall red skinned alien held what looked like a safe over it's head. It must have torn it out if a wall somewhere as it still had a chunk of drywall attached to it. With another loud grunt it hurled the safe at them. They ran in separate directions as it crashed on the ground, but they ended up behind the same truck for cover.

    "Six arms," Alex mused between breaths. "That is the first time I've ever seen that."

    Equally as tired Sam went, "I guess it means three arms each."

    He looked at her, "That's something I would say."

    "Just means we're related little bro."

    "Four minutes," he snapped at here. He started shaking his head after shooting at someone trying to flank them. "Things are going to hell and we're acting like it's business as usual. What does that say about us?"

    "I'm trying not to think about it." Both of them winced as a mailbox hit the wall of the building in front of them. "I think he's getting bored."

    "I guess so." Getting into position to move he asked, "Did you see the order attached to him?"

    "I'm afraid I did," she answered. Getting into position herself she braced herself and said "Let's go." Running out from opposite ends of the truck they quickly located the six armed menace and fired away. a triple stream of energized shots forced it back slowly. It found a opening as it grabbed a small car and tossed it at Alex. He dove out of the way and came up on a knee, both of them having long pressed the zero key.




    Sam had already ran up and stood slightly behind him as energy from the armor traveled through their armor and into the guns in their right hands. "Do it!", Alex ordered. Twin beams, that were twice the size of the barrels they fired from, hit the alien and quickly disintegrated it.

    "That's two for me so far," Sam sighed.

    "Four for me," Alex told her.

    Her head snapped toward him, "Four?"

    "Is it my fault I'm popular?", he shot back. Then it hit him nobody else was attacking them at the moment. Nor were they in sight. "Where did everybody..."

    "Sheriff!" someone yelled.

    Both of them looked toward the left. Down the street was a huge Herculean. "That would explain why everybody else left," Sam said. The old adage was, as she learned, that you didn't get between a Herculean and it's target, unless you were stupid. Or a Sheriff. And right now they were both the target and obstruction. It roared one more time before starting to run in their direction.

    "Oh fuck this shit," Alex growled. -CANNON- Arms out wide it materialized on his shoulder. Grabbing the grip he twisted the dial with his right hand. -NET- Getting a quick target lock on the still charging Herculean he pulled the trigger. The huge alien didn't even stop as the energy net wrapped around it. Although it did struggle not to fall until failing completely. Alex lowered the cannon a bit and quipped, "I got to remember bust this out sooner. It makes things so much easier."

    "Then they'll be throwing stronger criminals your way," Sam told him. Almost as soon as she was finished saying that they were struck by a barrage of fire from above. Keeping a grip on the cannon the deadly rain seemed to follow them as they ran for cover behind an a wall of a recently bombarded building. The building wall was no help as good chunk of it was eaten up before the firing stop. "Case in point!"

    "Shut up," Alex snapped. And tried to ignore how much damaged that caused to his armors. As was she. Both peaked as best they could through the blasted wall Floating in the sky, like it was waiting for them to emerge, was a round looking ship. Various guns were visible with more coming ito view as it silently spun above them. "Where in the hell did that come from?"

    "Are you seriously asking that?"

    "Be quiet, floating balls of death dont just pop out if the air," he snapped. "Dez we got a hovering... thing by us. Is that thing manned?"

    There was more static on the line then they were used to when he said,"I have it on sensors, no life signs that I can detect."

    "Good, because I always wanted to try this." Getting out from cover just enough to have a clear shot he let go of the grip long enough to hit the zero key. -PROTOCOL ZERO- Hand going back he twisted it again. -FIRE- As soon as he got a lock he pulled the trigger. A huge beam of energy fired from the barrel. with enough recoil that he almost stumbled back for a moment before finding his footing. The beam hit the sphere and obliterated it on contact. The cannon disappeared and Alex flexed his shoulder a bit, "Now that was a kick."

    Sam just looked at him. "Dez isn't here to say it so I will. You are an idiot."

    "It got the job done didn't it?" He looked up for any more of those thing then frowned behind the helmet. "No more floating balls of death but they're almost as bad."

    Looking where he was looking she saw one of several helicopters flying around. "Well a little late police help is better than none."

    "Yeah, those ain't cops."

    "Huh?", Sam looked back up and tried to zoom in with her visor. And not expecting to see what the guy inside was holding on to by the open door. "A news helicopter? Seriously?"

    "Story of the century sis," he quipped. "Come on there got to be another group of guys to beat up somewhere."

    "I guess it's too much to ask and see if the bad guys want to take a five minute break?"

    "I wish," he said as they picked a direction and ran. "Because I really got to pee."

    "TMI," she groaned.

    "Galgamayde," The Andorian called out. "We were able to hack into the local news feed, visual and audio. He's bound to hear you one way or another."

    Galgamayde sneered, this wasn't part of the original plan. But an assassin who lived long enough learned to be flexible during any assignment. besides he was getting tired of waiting to come across the human. "Prepare to broadcast."

    In an attempt to try and conserve their weapons Alex and Sam had run across a group of alien criminals who had no plans on joining in on the fighting. In fact they were busy trying to rob a grocery store. Holstering their weapons they were grateful for the small break. An extremely short one as they swung the last two by the arm and crashed them into each other for the knockout.

    "Now which way?", Sam asked.

    "Figure it out in a second," he told her. "Dez how are you holding up?"

    "...shields... holding...", she said in between the burst of static as she tried to clear it up. "But I'm not sure for how long. Using the Boost would not be advisable in my current situation."

    "As racked as that leaves me I wouldn't be using it now to begin with."


    "What?", Alex tried to find the source, preparing to tap the keypad before the attack came when Sam got his attention. She pointed toward a television monitor in the building that was just robbed. On it Galgamayde's face seemed to glare at them. She looked around and several other working sets and displays carry the same image.

    "Come to me human," he said. "Let us finish this once and for all."

    "Works for me," Alex muttered. "Dez did you get a location on that transmission?"

    "A few... away...", the static seemed to come back in full force. "I'm... the location now..."

    "Hang in there Dez," he said not sure if she heard him or not. Looking at his sister they both nodded. -SKYBOARD- -GALACTIC CYCLE- Hopping on their respective vehicles they headed for the location Dez was able to mark in their helmet's display."

    The Andorian looked around. In the short time since that broadcast a larger chunk of those that followed them had surrounded the area and waited. Halfway expecting Galgamayde to wear a hole in the pavement beneath his feet by now he was surprised. He just stood there in the same spot he made the broadcast from, looking as powerful as he ever has. All things considered that image was more unnerving than when they were planning on breaking into the late Boss' palace. "Do you think he's coming?"

    "Without a molecule of doubt in my mind," he stated while scanning the area in front of him. "The last time I faced him after he did this to me I could see it in his demeanor. He wanted to finish me as much as I wanted to kill him."

    "I hope you're right...", he was cut off by the sound of an engine. All heads looked in the same direction. A second later Galgamayde and The Andorian watched asa section ducked a bit as Sam jumped the Galactic Cycle over them. Without stopping as she landed she headed straight toward them. Galgamayde was ready but then she altered her course just enough that she was able to grab The Andorian and take him away from there.

    Watching the scene with more than a bit of confusion Galgamayde went, "That was the partner. Where is...?"

    He was suddenly assaulted by a barrage of energized shot. Instead of following instinct and turning away he faced the direction they were coming from to locate where the source was, he already knew who. Alex came in fast, right above the mobs heads fingers pressing down both triggers, "Galgamayde!" Flying straight at him Alex only stopped firing long enough to jump of the board. Twisting in the air the board crashed into the assassin with a satisfying thud. Landing in a crouch as Galgaymade fell in a heap he pointed both guns at him.

    "No you don't human!", he was grabbed from behind Alex got loose from the grip and turned toward his attacker. He almost didn't register the energy bolt that flew past his head. Then a smoking hole was suddenly in the middle of his attacker's forehead as ot fell backwards. Alex looked back to see Galgamayde was the one who took the shot.

    "No one else human," he said as he dropped the blaster. "Just you and I."

    "Wonder how long that's going to last," Alex muttered as he put the guns back into their holster and retracted back into his backpack. Without another word the charged each other and started exchanging fists.

    Sam dumped her unwilling passenger before she saw another group come at her. Although she was surprised when one of the few times the database was able to attach a name to the person she was scanning only "The Andorian" was displayed. She didn't think about it too much as she tried ot turn the cycle around and get some room between her and the group. That was the plan, then a coil shot out from nowhere and pulled her off the cycle. -SINGLE GUN--SINGLE FIRE- Shooting the coil to free herself she got to her feet and fired at the one who tagged her.

    "Smash outer shell!" Sam scrambled out of the way as another Herculean nearly landed on top of her. Angry that it didn't get her it started pounding on the Galactic Cycle. reducing it to a pile of junk very quickly.

    "Gort!" The Andorian yelled. When it looked at him he pointed at her. "Break Shell." The humongous alien looked at her and smiled.


    Holding down the trigger Gort was covered in energy rings. Fighting a losing battle to stay upright it fell over. She didn't get a chance to enjoy the moment as she was soon under a energy blast assault aimed iorectly at her.

    "Don't die on me too soon human," Galgamayde grunted as he took what would have been a knockout swing with his mechanical arm if it connected. Alex got under it and tossed him over his shoulder. Galgamayde landed hard but he was quick to react as he got to his feet and threw Alex away. "I want to savor this for as long as I can."

    "Get ready to get disappointed in a totally different way," Alex grunted as he got up. Running at the alien he saw him pull something off his vest. Tracking the object with his visor he tried to time this just right. Jumping back as it exploded he tried to ride the concussion wave as he flipped backwards in a kneeling position. Not wasting a second he ran at Galgamayde again, not hearing the growing high pitch whine until it was too late. Still he braced himself as best ashe could as the sonic wave from the emitter on his chest flung him back hard.

    Watching him crash with a smirk Galgamayde, "Almost human. You were ready for the grenade this time but you forgot about the emitter.

    Slowly Alex back to his feet, "How in the hell did I miss that?" Hearing the whine again through the ringing in his head he scrambled behind a nearby wall. The brick building seemed to shake as the wave hit it. Looking back at he tried to squash a new fear growing in the back of his head, "Don't fall on me now." Looking around he saw Sam get knocked around by the alien she grabbed earlier and a few others. Instinct screamed to get over there and help her. Galgamayde staying in position to use that emitter, and the damage it can cause, as soon as he popped out made him stay in place. "Hang in there Sam."

    "Alex..." The keypad on his forearm squealed before being replaced by static.

    "Dez?" A cold dread started to form in his gut, "Dez!"

    Sam had heard Dez cut out too but couldn't do anything about it. Her armor was holding up to the assault for now but she wasn't sure for how much longer. Suddenly the Andorian held up a hand to stop it. Trying to scan the damage to the armor Sam also tried to suck in as much air as possible in the respite she was given. She heard him saw, "Find some other human to play with.This one is all mine."

    The others surprisingly, but reluctantly, did as he said. A few looked in Galgamayde's direction before heading elsewhere. The odds were a little better now but the equipment was in no shape for a major fight. "So," she said trying to buy her and the armor's repair system some extra time, "you needed help to wear down one lowly little girl. What a little bitch." Granted trying to channel Alex at that particular moment probably wasn't the best idea. But hey, she seen it work for him in the past.

    "I don't know what that means," he said, taking a alien looking pole off the ground. "But by your tone i think that was meant to be a insult." He pressed something on the pole and a double headed ax extended from the end of it.

    And this is why acting like Alex only worked for him.

    "Sam!", Alex cried out as he raced toward her. He forgot about Galgamayde who was waiting as he fired another sonic blast that sent him flying.

    Above them in the station Dez was doing everything she could to get in contact with either Alex or Samantha. Finally she looked down at the diagnostic display which showed that the communication array had been destroyed. She couldn't contact anybody, not even the ships attacking her. The station shook hard after a muffled explosion. The shields were about to fail.

    Knowing what she had to do she opened a audio recording program. "This will be my final log entry.' Pausing as another explosion went off she continued. "We were attacked by a massive force." The ship shook again and a computer bank behind her exploded in a wave of sparks. "They were possibly lead by the assassin Galgamayde. as of now I have no contact with the Earth based Sheriff and his partner." The station shook again, more violently this time as she fought hard from being flung from her chair. Still she continued, "I have no way of knowing their condition, or even if they are still alive." Sensing the end was near she closed her eyes and prepared for it. "Alex, Samantha, if you somehow hear this. It's been an honor."

    "Nothing for me?"

    "Who?", Dez looked around and saw Orion standing there. Which was making no sense to her since the array was taken out. Then she realized he wasn't standing where his image was usually displayed. she was so stunned she didn't realized she was reaching out for him until he took her hand. Flesh on flesh contact brought her out of hr state of shock. "Orion?"

    He smiled at her in his usual way. "The one and only. Sorry I've been ignoring your calls but I couldn't let this particular secret get out by accident." At her confused look he said, "As they say on Earth I was bringing in the Calvary." Dez looked at what sensors and scanners that were still working and detected the signals of several Galactic Sheriff vessels chasing away the ships attacking her and the station.

    She was safe for the moment but, "What about Alex and Samantha?"

    Sam tried to block that ax with the staff as best as she could. A swing caught it the right way and it broke in half. She tried calling the shield but he was able to destroy it before it fully formed. Then the Andorian stunned her long enough to strike her with it. Alarms went off in her helmet like Christmas lights. Trying to get to her feet The Andorian took a home run swing that hit her in the mid section. The armor held but it the impact sent her flying. Landing hard she coughed in pain as the armor disappeared, "Shit."

    With everyone watching the news feed they all heard a reporter yell, "Get a close up of her face," to the cameraman. But he was already doing so. Everyone watching now knew what the armored female looked like.

    "That's Sam," Steve said in disbelief. "Wait does that mean..."

    "No!", Ryan quickly said. "No it can't be that stoned out son of a bitch."

    Not taking her eyes off the screen Stacy muttered, "Alex?"

    Sam had tried to crawl and rolled out of the way as The Andorian took a swing at her. Running she realized he could have killed her at any point by now so he must have been playing with her. As Alex would say, fuck that. She turned and faced him, showing no fear of him. If he was going to kill her it was going to face to face and not after chasing her around like a mouse.

    The Andorian walked in way to show how unimpressed he was in her standing her ground. Still she wanted to puke. He lifted up the ax for te killing strike.


    He looked up in surprise as Sam barely had time to react as a blue armored individual between the cutting The Andorian right down the middle with an energized sword. As the energy disintegrated him the armored individual face her. "Are you alright Sam?"

    "Xain?", she said in relief. "Not that I mind but what the hell are you doing here?"

    "Me and some of our comrade thought we'd come in and join the fun." Sam looked around to she saw Sheriffs in different styles and colored armor take on the surprised gang of criminals, on the ground and in the sky.

    "Oh you guys are more than welcome to it," she told him.

    Nodding he told her, "Head for cover. You're pretty much naked in this situation."

    "Right," she said as she made her way through the rubble away from the battle. Then she paused, seeing Alex still on the ground and barely stirring.

    Galgamayde looked on in disbelief as Sheriff after Sheriff appeared and took on those still active. It wasn't possible. There was no way they could get a force of any size her in the time the assault started. Out of the corner of his natural eye he saw the human slowing getting up. He had him. The human death was so close it was palatable in the air. Grunting in disgust he said, "Some other time human." His adversary barely moved from the knelling position he gotten to as he hit the transport button on his chest. He waited, and waited before finally realized nothing was happening. The human made some sort of snorting noise as he hit it again. And he just stayed there watching as it tried it a third time.

    "I might have missed the sonic thingy,' he said getting to his feet and pointing at Galgamayde chest, "but I made damn sure I got you getting away button."

    Galgamayde was confused at first but it then occurred to him. That initial barrage that was fired at him. "You targeted my transport key. I am impressed human."

    "I have my moments," he said with a shrug. -DISK- Alex reached behind his back and threw the silver disk that lowered into his hand. Quickly realizing it was coming straight toward him Galgamayde fired a sonic wave on instinct making it falter in it's path. Alex was already falling backward in anticipation. -DOUBLE GUN--RAPID FIRE- Back against the ground most of the wave passed over him, although he still felt the vibration in his armor. Bringing both guns to bear and before the target lock in his visor turned green he pressed the triggers.

    Galgamayde recoiled as several of the shots hit him. Before long the sonic emitter started sparking and shorted out. Once that happened Alex let go of the triggers and got back to his feet. Ripping the burning device off his chest he glared at the human, mechanical fingers flinching at the memory of the last time he was on fire. "I will crack you out of that shell human."

    "Oh my," Alex went, "You're turning into a Herculean before my eyes."

    "Alex!", he heard from the keypad.

    He had never been so happy to hear anyone. "Dez! You're alright."

    "Barely," she said. "I'm relaying this transmission through a Galactic Sheriff vessel. Alex you armor is..."

    "After I take care of something," he looked at Galgamayde.

    "My thoughts exactly human," he replied drawing a knife.

    Aboard the battered station Orion put a hand on her shoulder, "Keep an eye on him but let him finish this if he can."

    -SWORD- Both of them charged swing their blades at each other. Knowing Alex had the superior reach he kept the fight close. Remembering that little trick that shocked the hell out of him he tried to keep away from and not grab the assassin's mechanical arm.

    Not that far away an alien with a sniper rifle lined up a shot on the human Sheriff. He wasn't worried about how angry Galgamayde was going to get, he already had a second shell ready just for him. "Now you die."

    "Sorry," Xain grabbed the barrel and quickly pointed it up as the shot went off. "But that's a private matter. You don't need to complicate things. Before the would be assassin could react some scales flew off as he was punched in the face.

    Bleeding from various places on his organic body he could take little satisfaction that his opponents armor was covered in more scratches and gouges than before. Still he had to set up the human just right. And if the human thought he was out of tricks then all the better. He grabbed him with his mechanical hand. Like he thought the human instantly tried to pull himself free. Instead of popping the electrode Galgamayde stepped into him. With the human off balance he threw him to the ground and kicked him away.

    Righting himself Alex located Galgamayde as he was quickly backing away and throwing something at him again. He braced himself for the concussion wave, trying not to think what it was going to do to the armor as the alarms wouldn't stop at this point. Then it shot out a greenish liquid . Whatever this substance was hit right in the face plate. Not believing it was even possible even more alarms went off as the liquid started eating through the metal. Dez was yelling at him to get the helmet off. Trying hard not to panic and keep an eye on Galgamayde at the same time he fumbled for the emergency latches Dez told him about after the run in with the Blonibiea. The liquid finally ate through enough that he could see out the hole when his fingers found the latches and popped them. Alex ripped it off his head and threw it to the ground as the liquid kept eating away at the helmet.

    On the station, after the visor feed cut off, Dez and Orion watched several live feeds as various cameramen tried to get a clear shot of Alex's face. "Can you disrupt those feeds?", Orion asked realizing how much trouble this was going to cause his friend.

    "Not with the array damaged," Dez told. "But the damage has already been done,' she glanced at a frozen frame of an image of they got of Samantha.

    "Fuck!", Ryan shouted at the bar. Then he stared at the screen and said it again, "Fuck!"

    "Oh my God," Steve muttered as he dropped into a chair, "it was Alex the whole time." Stacy stayed transfixed t the image on the screen.

    Sensing the kill was near Galgamayde practically jumped on him. Grappling with him Alex threw him to the ground. All he got was street as Galgamayde rolled away from a stab aimed at his chest. pulling the blade free he blocked a swipe from the knife that was aimed at his face. They stared at each other as they stayed in that position, both trying to figure out how to turn this into their advantage.

    "Alex," Dez called out. "Local authorities have broken through the turmoil and are headed for you location. You have to get out of there now."

    "Listen to your handler human," Galgamayde sneered.

    "Like I'm going to take advice from you," he grunted pushing the alien away. They clashed blades in the middle of the street. realizing the human was mainly blocking him he facked a swing to get him to react and get a bit off balanced. alex say the real strike coming and tried to move out of the was. He wasn't fast enough as the edge of the blade caught the flesh of his temple. A stream of blood started to flow down the side of his head as he dodged the return swing. Alex swung in response and found the flesh of the alien's leg. He backed up clutching at it on instinct as he stared at his enemy.

    "Alex listen to me!" Dez called out sounding desperate. "The armor's integrity is to far gone. You have thirty seconds before it deactivates."

    Galgamayde heard this and sneered, all he had to do was wait for that to happen. Then the kill, and vengense, was his.

    The clock ticking Alex just looked at him and went, "Not going to need that long. He ran forward making Galgamayde put up his knife to block the sword strike. what he wasn't expecting was Alex to keep pushing and forcing backwards and trying to keep from falling. He watched as one of his fingers hit something on the keypad. -PROTOCOL ZERO- He watched as the blade started to glow. Slamming them into a wall Alex yelled as he sliced through with all he had left.

    Behind him Galgamayde shouted, "Nooo....!" as the energy quickly spread out as it disintegrated him from the inside out.

    In the next second the armor disappeared and he fell to a knee completely exhausted.

    "Alex!" Sam ran out of hiding and ran up to him. Getting under an arm she helped him up, "We got to get out of here."

    "I heard Dez,' he grunted as he stood.

    "Freeze!" Both of them looked up to see the police start to surround them. "Both of you get on the ground now!"

    He was beyond fed up with this situation, "I just stopped the asshole responsible for forming this little city wrecking party in case you didn't notice!"

    "Alex," Sam muttered as all of them stepped forward, still keeping their guns pointed at them.

    "That is some fucking gratitude for you, I swear to god! you bunch of idiots can't even handle them!"

    "Would you stop pissing them off!" Sam snapped at knowing it was making their situation worse.

    "Stop!" Xain and a equal number of armored Sheriff's landed between them and the police. "These two are under our protection so stand down."

    "You have no authority here," the one in front of Xain said. He pushed his gun at him a bit to prove his point.

    "If you and yours would happen to look at the armor my comrades and I are wearing you would realize that would be a bad idea," Xain told him.

    Alex just watched and went, "And Dez yelled at me when I made a similar threat."

    "She's like that my friend," Orion, who appeared next to them, said. getting under his other arm he went, "I have him Samantha." Taking his full weight he pressed something in his ear, "I have them Dez, bring us aboard." They were covered in a shimmer briefly before they disappeared.

    Xain turned back to the officers in front of him. "Now unless you gentlemen think you can take us on we have a mess to clean up." The Earth officers looked at each other before slowly lowering their weapons, the one in front of Xain being the last hold out. Xain glanced at his fellow Sheriffs and nodded before walking past them to take out what was left of the invading force.

    After being bandaged up and having their wounds tended to, Sam asked, "How long are we going to stay up here?"

    "It's only been a half hour Samantha," Dez told her. "And both of your armors are still heavily damaged. Sending you down know would be ill advise."

    "Besides," Orion spoke up, "Xain and the rest are currently rounding up and taking out the rest. We would have been here sooner but raising this sort of task force takes time."

    Sam pointed at the screen that had their faces on the live newsfeed. "I was talking about that. Are we going to have to stay up here now? Because there's going to be a seas of vultures swarming as soon as we get back home."

    "I don't know Samantha," Dez told her. "Once the communication array was destroyed I lost the ability to stop the feed."

    "I wasn't blaming you Dez," she said. "I was always afraid something like this was going to happen sooner or later.

    "Well we got the array fixed," Orion suggested. "Maybe Dez can go in and alter the image."

    "It was a live feed Orion," Dez reminded him. "Their identities were revealed to anyone who was watching as it happened."

    "I know" Orion said, "it's just my decisions put them in this situation. We need to try and fix this if we can."

    Sam's phone went off and she looked at the number of calls she was currently intentionally missing. "I was never this popular," she tried to joke it off but she was dreading it once she started answering some of them. "I'm surprised I'm even getting a signal all the way up here."

    "It's the array," Dez explained. "I haven't fully calibrated it yet so it's currently boosting the signal."

    "This ever happen to you Alex when you... first ... started." The three of them really didn't have to point out how quiet he had been. But right now he had his phone in one hand as he covered his mouth with the other. Sam could see the worried expression on the exposed part of his face. Walking up next to him she could see he was staring at a number that had called several times, Stacy.

    "She's probably just worried," she told her twin. Yes she wasn't answering her phone either. Only because she knew Mom and dad were going to yell her ear off about what they were doing. Then again he didn't have the emotional involvement he had with the owner of that particular number.

    "Just trying to figure out how long I can avoid the inevitable outcome," he finally said. Before any of them could say he was overreacting he pressed call and walked away. "Stacy are you all right?"

    Orion shot a confused look at Dez who responded, "Alex may have found someone special to be with, as they say on Earth."

    "Let's don't go too fast now," Sam said joining them. "They didn't start dating that long ago."

    "Ah," Orion went as he understood the situation now. "Good for him. I never had the time once I got the armor."

    "Stacy I didn't lie!", Alex had said suddenly. "Okay I kind of lied. All right I technically lied. But I had a good reason to keep quiet... Stacy let me... Stacy!" Looking at his phone like he wanted to throw it against the wall he put down on the console a little harder than necessary. Trying to shove that station he eventually leaned against it clasping his hands behind his lowered head. Their hearts broke a bit as he looked as devastated as they had ever seen him.

    Sam went to him and put an arm around his shoulders. "If she's reacting anything like when I found out just give her a couple of days to calm down."

    He glanced past her at Orion before finally looking at her. He turned away. "Why not, it's not like I'm not going to have a ton of free time now," he said darkly. He left the room before they could stop him.

    Exasperated sam looked at Orion and said, "If you have any kind of news for him you better tell him now. Because he's going to be a mess for the next couple of days at this rate."

    "It's not that simple Samantha,' Dez told her. "I'm not even sure Orion can even see the council yet."

    "Dez," Orion spoke up, "I pulled off this entire operation behind the council's back. Seeing the is not going to be a problem. It's being able to say anything other than 'Yes sir' and 'No sir' that's going to be the problem."

    Months after the attack there was a press conference in front of the United Nation building. All cameras were trained on the head of the head of the Galactic Sheriff Council as he spoke to those present and the ones watching at home. More than a few in attendance looked around at the armored and unarmored Sheriffs who were acting as extra security for the press conference.

    "As this is a new day, not only for your planet but for the organization that Irepresent and for the galaxy as well. As we recognize your decision to not join our organization, know that this option will always be open to you in the future. But we will not leave you unprotected against those you are not ready for. We know who is out there and what they can do. We have supplied your official with this information. So it pleases me to note that you will allow one of our Galactic Sheriffs help you in those times, when those threats reach your planet."

    "Bah," said a bird like creature watching the conference from inside the Chicago City Hall on a hallway monitor. "Some Sheriff. He hasn't even gone through the proper training. And yet they're giving him a planet."

    "I do believe he's had a rougher training camp than most recruits," his cat like companion commented. He looked back at Orion and Dez who were standing a little further back. "Would you not agree?"

    "And slightly more demanding," Dez said, trying to be careful not to insult the other council member as much as possible.

    Orion on the other hand, "He's more than earned this position. He's a Gamma that worked out beautifully."

    "Bah," he spat again and walked off.

    "I'm guessing they don't have on the job training where he's from?" They looked back to see Alex leaning against the wall and Samantha standing there. Both Dez and Orion had never been prouder to see them with both wearing the jackets all Galactic Sheriffs wear. Especially with the patch representing Earth on their arm.

    Still Orion answered him despite the look Dez was giving them, "Not exactly."

    "Alex and Samantha Brennen," the cat like alien said. "Allow me to officially welcome the both of you into the Galactic Sheriffs." He handed them both a keypad, Sam her old one and a new one for Alex since Orion had already reclaimed his. "Some of us wanted to do this as a ceremony in front of your media. But a moment like this, a majority of us felt, was this was more of a personal moment for you both."

    "And a little less showy," Alex said as he looked it over with a gleam in his eye. "I still got that press conference later and i still have no idea what I'm going to say during it." while he was talking he folded the keypad up and was about to put it in his pocket. Sam coughed and he looked at her. Orion got his attention and pointed at his forearm. "Oh right," he said as he got the message. Unzipping the panel on his left sleeve he placed it on his arm. "I'm going to have to get used to wearing this in public now."

    Orion arched a eyebrow since the councilmen looked slightly amused. "We all have adjustments to make. I will leave the four of you since I have to participate in the conference as well. Until then." He left them alone.

    "Well this feels official now?", Alex muttered.

    "How are things going for the two of you?" Orion asked.

    "The press stopped following us," Sam answered for them. "At least visibly."

    "And I'm watching various feed to make sure of that," Dez said.

    "Hell I'm just glad all the property damage suits against me got dropped," Alex told them. "That was a nightmare I didn't need hanging over my head. And most of our friends are still looking at me funny, like I'm going to bust them for something."

    "The ones still talking to us that is," Sam added.

    "And my dad calling a fucking moron for getting the two us into this," he continued.

    Being the first time she heard this Dez was appalled, "That's horrible."

    Sam looked at her, "He's cut down on the swear words so he's getting used to the idea."

    "I would have said calming down," Alex said. "God I don't even want to think about how he was talking to Sam... Wait, was that the guy I have to talk to?" he said pointing down the hallway the cat alien went. "Because Sam technically your partner. Oh Sir!" He started that way before Orion and Dez stopped him.

    Sam looked confused, "Is that true? because this is the first I'm hearing of it."

    "Technically," Orion admitted.

    Dez smiled at Alex, "I already arranged the transfer. Samantha is officially your partner from this point on."

    He surprised Dez by hugging her, "You are my favorite alien Dez don't let anybody tell you different."

    "I'm standing right here," Orion said pouting a little.

    "Come on man you're right there at number two," Alex told him.

    Sam smiled at Orion before turning to alex, "What about Nyr?"

    "Right Nyr," Alex said playing along. "He is my closest friend in Alien Town, even defended me during that interview segment. You're officially third. Then again Xain was a pretty cool guy too."

    "You'll be lucky if you even in the top ten at this rate," Sam commented.

    "If you're done beating up Orion's ego," Dez cut in. "Besides you may want to hold up on those ranking once we see how this plays out." she nodded down the hall behind him.

    Alex's jaw nearly hit the floor as he spotted Stacy down there looking unsure of herself. "How?', he looked at Dez.

    She glanced back at a smiling Sam before saying, "I pulled some strings.":

    "Go on you lunkhead,' Sam told him.

    Without a word they walked toward each other. Sam, Dez and Orion stayed back a respectable distance. Not sure what else to do he went, "Hi."

    "Hi," she said sounding as nervous as he felt.

    "You came to this."

    "I was invited by someone named Dez," Alex looked back at her once she said that. "She suggested that we might want to talk. Um... is that?"

    "Yeah that Dez next to Sam there, she sort of my boss. The other one is Orion, you could say he's my co-worker."

    "Greetings," Orion said in a friendly tone while Dez waved. Stacy returned it still not sure about this.

    Leaning in a bit Alex said, "Don't stare at the implant on her head, she hates that."

    "She really hates that," Orion agreed.

    "I am not that sensitive about my implant," Dez snapped at both of them.

    "It's a pretty good act them," Sam quiped. Dez just glared at her.

    Ignoring them Alex asked Stacy, "Do you want to find someplace private and talk?"

    "Yes," she quickly agreed. "I think it's time we talked about what happened. It was nice meeting the two of you."

    "It was a pleasure meeting you as well," Dez said. They walked off. Sam looked a little worried as they left but went off on her own leaving the two of them.

    "Good for him,' Orion went. "I hope they work things out." He glanced at Dez and said, "Although I was wondering when you were going to tell me Samantha wasn't the only one you transferred."

    Dez looked embarrassed at being caught. "It was only logical. Alex can be difficult to deal with if you are not used to him. And Earth's computer systems are hard to hack into for some reason even if you know the tricks to get in. And you always say seconds count in most of the cases we deal with."

    "All perfectly logical reasons," he said pulling her into a hug that she willingly returned. "Look after both of them Dez. It's a rare day a Gamma works out so well as he did." He pulled away. "But now I have to break in a new watcher so my future headaches will be because of you. They'll probably give me another neon green rookie fresh from the academy."

    "You'll survive,' Dez told him, "you did once already." Orion chuckled as he put an arm around her shoulders as they walked down the hallway.

    Some weeks later police had cordoned off a section of street where an alien was causing havoc in. Ducking a mailbox that flew over their head only a few looked back to see a lone figure walking toward them talking on a phone. "Looks like a Herculean," Alex said calmly. "I should be about a half hour depending on how uppity he is. Wait, it looks like that dick of a detective is here. Make it forty-five in case he decides to argue."

    Over the line Stacy went, "Sam's asking if you want some help."

    "Nah, I'll have Dez call her if a surprise pops up. I'll be there as soon as I can."

    "You better be in one piece," she told him. "I love you."

    "Love you too Stacy, see you in a bit." He pocketed the phone and nodded at the officers, "Gentlemen."

    The detective didn't hide his disgust. "Get out of here space boy we have this under control." Everybody but Alex flinched as it started smashing it's fist into a parked car.

    "Seeing how I'm missing dinner with a so far understanding lovely lady that's tempting," Alex said. "But that one is from outer space making it my jurisdiction. Tell your boys to keep any crowds back." He walked past them and the barricades until he was in front of the Herculean.

    "All right," he called out to the humongous alien, "listen up. You are in violation of interstellar regulation thirty-eight, mayhem and destruction on a non member world. Now if you just come along quietly..."

    "Kill Sheriff!," the Herculean shouted.

    "Yeah, didn't think quiet was going to be on the menu. Dez I'm powering up the armor."

    "Understood," she said from her orbital station.

    Unzipping a flap on his left forearm Alex revealed the keypad that was underneath. Holding it across his chest he imputed a code. -2-5-9-7- Punching his left hand out he shouted, "Online!" In a quick flash he was covered in silver armor with blue highlights.

    He was the Galactic Sheriff of Earth and this was his job.

    And it hasn't gotten old yet.

    ED - Divide the Day - Let It Roll

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