Favorite post-Goseiger Red Senshi pre-battle catchphrase

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Favorite pre-battle catchphrase from these Red Sentai Rangers?

  1. Captain Marvelous / Gokai Red: Let's make this showy!

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  2. Hiromu Sakurada / Red Buster: Busters, ready… Go!

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  3. Daigo Kiryu / Kyoryu Red: It's gonna get wild! Just try and stop us!

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  4. Right Suzuki / ToQ 1gou: Full speed ahead!

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  5. Takaharu Igasaki / AkaNinger: Instead of hiding, we rampage!

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  6. Yamato Kazakiri / Zyuoh Eagle: Better not underestimate this planet!

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  1. RiderKing

    RiderKing New Member

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    Ever since 2011 with Super Sentai's 35th anniversary series, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, the franchise has following this tread of having the Red Ranger proclaim some type of catchphrase after he and his teammates go through the standard team roll call. It's a similar case with most of the lead Kamen Riders of the Heisei-era Phase 2, or as some fans like to call it the "Neo-Heisei era". Okay, back on topic. Seeing as how we're currently in Super Sentai's 40th anniversary series, Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger, I figured I'd take the time to commemorate this special occasion. So which Red Senshi catchphrase from one of Alata / Gosei Red's successors at this point is your personal favorite?

    Side Note: Have you noticed that Gokaiger also seems to have ended the trend of Sentai teams having holsters for their sidearms?
  2. Jacky392000

    Jacky392000 Open Your Amazons!

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    kinda hard to choose between Captain Marvelous and Right, since both are my favourite 2010's Reds. I practically hated the others (except Yamato since I still need more episodes to judge him).
  3. MonoBlack

    MonoBlack NonStereoBlack

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    I know im in the minority but I loved the simplicity of Buster red catchphrase
  4. xiiliea

    xiiliea Lurker

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    Hard to decide between Capt Marvey and Hiromu. Both are very short, sweet and simple.

    Kyoryuger and Ninninger are to generic (rampaging, getting wild) and sounds too long, and ToQger sounds kinda too cheesy, and Zyuohger's one doesn't seem like something you would say every single time before the start of a battle (feels forced).

    I guess I'll go with Gobusters since it sounds more realistic than getting showy all the time.

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