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Discussion in 'HJU Art Institute' started by Sentai Rider 1983, May 26, 2014.

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    I need some artwork done for two sets of stories I'm working on.

    The first is a series logo for my Kyoryuger Adaptation called Power Rangers Fossil Surge. I want to put it on the first page of every script-like story. It's gotta look prehistoric and morphenomenal!

    The second, and the most important, is a Nightlok I thought up for Samurai. His name is Wrapper and he's based on the Jatai, which are possessed cloths draped from folding screens. [​IMG] I need this one ASAP so I can give it to my friends who are gonna receive a copy of my story this summer. My character describes his appearance as "a Nighlok that looked like he had a foldable screen from Japan embedded in his chest". He uses two cloth-like tentacles shoot out from behind his shoulders that can be used as weapons & to drain life force called the Life Draining Cloth. He's also equipped with a sword. So if someone could please draw it for me, I'd be very grateful. Will even send you a copy of the story.

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