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    When the thing was first announced, I read that it was to celebrate the emperor's retirement.

    I'm not going to get started on Zi-O. So glad I dropped that shit stain after four episodes.

    Gao vs SS had Red Falcon and Big One physically appearing on screen.
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    Episode 2:
    Not sure reviving a dead child is the best use of a wish... I mean, sure, it'll make the family happy, and no one should die so young. But life is cruel like that sometimes. There might be other, better ways to use that wish. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the fight between Zyuoh Eagle and Gao Red, it's one of those match ups I always look forward to seeing. I can even forgive Ginga Green and Vul Shark being there. It's just too bad we didn't get to hear what kind of wish they wanted. Instead, we got a rather preachy speech... Yay? Also, if you don't tongue-and-cheek laugh at the message of this episode, you'll end up hating it a lot. Having blind faith in your comrades? Only in things like Super Sentai would that ever make sense. As a lesson for the kiddos? Yikes.

    Also, have the Gokai powers been retconned? According to their own TV show, if the Gokaigers have the power of the Super Sentai, then the original owners cannot transform. I am hoping there was a rule change in one of the previous installments with the Gokaigers and I'm just completely forgetting.

    Episode 3:
    You know, now that the story is unfolding, I wonder how no one noticed that the other Gokaigers were missing from this Super Sentai battle royale... Also, when this series was announced, I joked about Rita being linked to Bandora, but with Planet Nemesis being revealed as well as the resurrection of Satan, she HAS to be tied to Bandora in some way. I do look forward to seeing what Satan will look like with modern technology, even if he's just one big CGI mess. But more importantly, I want to see how they'll explain Rita's link to Bandora, if at all.

    I've seen comments like this appear, and I can't say I agree with this mind set.
    Even if it's voice over only, it's still the original actor, and that should still count for something. Isn't that better than hiring a sound-alike voice actor? Toei could have easily done that and probably saved some money doing so.

    Speaking of, I could be wrong, but the way I understand things in terms of how much actors are paid...
    Recorded lines for voice-overs < Singing < On camera appearance
    Also, it's really hard to tell what returning actors want. I don't know what happened with Hirose/Tsuruhime specifically, but a returning actor could easily ask for more money than what they were paid the first time (I don't know if that's standard practice or not, but there have been cases of actors doing this), while some are happy return at any pay level because they're doing it for the fans or other similar reasons.
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    Episode 3 Review (Battle of the Swords!)

    Kagura/ToQ-5 vs. Doggie/DekaMaster fight was an interesting and bizarre match-up! lol
    Interestingly, this year marks anniversary year of ToQger (5th; 2014) and Dekaranger (15th; 2004), so I see what Toei did there.
    The ToQger theme made the fight even better.
    Ironically, Kagura was my least favorite among the team, it was nice to see how she grew up (no pun intended) throughout 5 years.
    While I like Doggie/Master better than Kagura/ToQ5 in terms of character, I enjoyed ToQger as the series better than Dekaranger, which IMO is overrated (unpopular opinion alert!).
    It was the best part of the episode and it was much better than twist behind Gaisorg’s identity.

    Gaisorg turned out to be… an evil armor that needs a host to function, similar to Armor of Darkness (Abaranger) and Dogold (Kyoryuger)… seriously, what’s up with Dinosaur Sentai repeating past formula (1-female ranger in main team, Red T-Rex Ranger, Evil Ranger, etc.)?
    Though, the twist itself was interesting, since I thought Gaisorg was going to be Rita’s older/younger brother, seeking to take over the universe. Then again, with 4-episode miniseries, there really isn’t much time for complicated story, so let’s make it simple by having no real human form and just makes it armor to save time and cost. lol

    Rita revealed her true color!
    I saw this one coming miles away, since she’s a serial killer! lol
    ...seriously, that is a face of serial killer.

    Dai-Satan is coming back? The big head from Zyuranger?
    Based on next episode preview, we will get to see his full body this time (albeit all CGI).
    Doesn’t seems like there’s going to be a mecha/robot battle, so curious how rangers would defeat him.

    As for Ryusoulger Black/Green Sidequest Thingy, it’s nice to see someone unmorphed/non-transformed (Master Red) appeared at the end. I’m curious how this segment would end and whether or not it would continue into main series.

    Looking forward to see the Final Episode and how it would all wrap-up.
    This is probably the best episode of the miniseries I’ve seen so far.
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    Episode 4. The finale!

    Can I just say that Luka was totally the real bada$$ of this episode? She fought til her transformation broke, and even then, she just kept on shooting. Was a little disappointed that Rita had no real relation to Bandora, despite throwing her magic wand in the same way. But I think it's for the best. Those who remember how ZyuRanger ended would know that Bandora no longer had a way to pass on her evil magic nor did she have any other offspring to speak of outside of her son. Making Rita a citizen of planet Nemesis was much better. And Great Satan looked so cool in full body! Now I want to see him battle King Dark of Kamen Rider fame. I kind of expected him to just become a floating, disembodied head; but I'm still happy. Also, Gokai Red should've had his own special Gold Mode, one with all the red rangers' helmets instead of just borrowing Gokai Silver's Gold Mode. I know, it's just a 1-off, made-for-TV special. They probably didn't have the budget for it. Still, if they were going to do that, I think they should have gone all the way or not do it at all. It's just weird seeing him use that armor randomly.

    Thoughts on this 4-part special over all?

    This was a fun little aside. It had some plot holes, which can be par for the course for many Super Sentai specials. But I think it made up for it by having various Sentai heroes communicating with each other like comrades. I've always had this head canon that the Sentai veterans of old are always giving the new team of the year a chance to prove themselves, either watching from a distance or dealing with stuff in their own lives. It might be a hassle, and you'd have to forgo making a new Sentai team, but I'd love to see an entire show based on this premise. I'd love to see Sentai teams of old defeating whatever remains of their rogues gallery, coordinating efforts together across Japan/the world, mixing up the hero roster to see different individual Sentai heroes working together and bouncing their strengths off each other, while also sometimes letting us see what these heroes do in their down time since we last saw their personal stories end. I can never get enough of those kind of stories.

    I have no idea why Toei decided to make this 4-part special. It's not like it changed anything. Kamen Rider and Super Sentai are still misaligned in their schedule. Ryusoulger will still air before Zi-O finishes his run on TV. I wish we could go back to where the new Sentai TV show and the new Rider TV show of the year would premiere simultaneously, but I guess that's just me being nostalgic. Still, I don't hate this special. For whatever reason, I'm happy we have it! The only way it could be better is if there's a director's/extended cut waiting to be released; but I won't hold my breath on that. :)
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    Home Page:
    ^ It would have been better if Rita -- as most fans assumed -- ended up being Griffazor and Lamy's kid who was introduced in Zyuranger's finale. Some fans would probably have been like "Well, the infant was born while sealed along with Bandora and her gang, so how'd she get out," but...it's better than having all of the Zyu homages, but going nowhere with them.

    Overall, this miniseries had problems, but it was a better team-up than Boukenger VS Super Sentai, which would be hard for Toei to top as lousiest Sentai team-up. Like I said, maybe this miniseries can give Toei the confidence to do more things like this, with heroes from different teams gathering. (And maybe have the confidence to focus on older characters.)

    And there WILL be a director's cut released to Blu-ray.
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    Episode 4 Review:
    Luka guest stars in this final episode and she is pretty much the MVP for destroying the "heart" of Ultimate Great Satan, thus allowing our heroes to destroy him for good.I'm not gonna lie I was expecting a mecha fight. Possibly with the Ryusoulgers appearing and defeating Satan. Instead with get the Kamen Rider version of a giant monster fight, where they just go full-on super mode to kick ass! I loved the tribute to Gorenger with the "end ball" attack, its a classic move that never gets old. Cool to see Gokai Galleon making an appearance as well. Part of me kinda wishes they would of just kept this New Satan as a head like in Zyuranger, would of made for a more balanced fight. Since there was no real reason to give him a full body cause the Rangers are already going to be at a disadvantage.

    Final Thoughts on the show:
    Overall I enjoyed this series, are there plot holes and things that don't make sense? Of course, Toei stopped caring for years. But what I loved about this was just the idea of having Legend Rangers forming an oddball team, after seeing them in their own show. This miniseries proves that it can be done. Imagine if they made a full series with this cast? I would watch it. Kagura became so likable in this series and everybody has grown and matured. Its an interesting concept of seeing what our heroes are up to since their first adventures have ended.

    When I first heard about this, I wasn't expecting much and the budget was low. But this show exceeded my expectations. Anybody could say that this was made just to promote Ryusoulger, which they did because every episode had a post-credits scene about them but it did more. It captured the spirit of the franchise and quite possibly opened up a new concept that the franchise could live on should the series get cancelled due to poor toy sales from Ryusoulger.
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    Episode 4 (Battle Ends) Review + Miniseries Overall

    Nice to see Luka back, with her new hair cut!
    It’s only been few months since we saw her with her Raptor 283 in Space Squad.
    Great job destroying the shield generator.

    So apparently, Rita wasn’t related to Bandora’s gang (Grifforzer and Lamy daughter) after all and THANK GOD for that! Even though Bandora’s gang were evil, I really didn’t want Rita to be related to them, since she’s too horrible for that. lol
    As for Rita’s motivation, I felt it was very weak and somewhat pathetic and it makes me hate her character even more; despite miniseries, she is still one of the weakest female supporting/villain I have seen so far (including Power Rangers). I don’t blame the actress though. Then again, it was already established she’s a serial killer from beginning so can’t complain too much.
    I really hope she doesn’t meet Tsukasa/Decade in any future Sentai/Kamen Rider crossover movie… I don’t want to see THAT happen.

    As for Nemesis REAL guardian, I’m surprised Rita didn’t kill him/her, but rather send it to end of the universe, which I guess it’s a homage to Bandora’s gang exile. I wonder how long they’re going to leave that plot thread; maybe it would solve in another miniseries or Ryusoulger VS movie with Patorangee/Lupinranger? Or maybe we have to wait another 500 years. lol :D

    The highlight of the episode is a final battle with Dai-Satan, an ultimate villain from Zyuranger.
    The ONLY thing I like about Rita is when she summons Dai-Satan, which is clearly homage to Bandora’s; throwing staff, ground rift, and EXPLOSION!
    As for Dai-Satan’s design, as much as it was nice to see rest of his body for first time, I kind of wished they kept face similar to original, rather than using full mask.
    I still love this design.

    I like that Yamato takes the lead of the team, where Marvelous passes the torches of leadership (FINALLY!).
    It was nice to see a team power-up with their respective series, including power-up that was used only on Special DVD (Gokai Red Gold Mode).
    Nice to see ToQ-5 use her Hyper Form (without joined with ToQ-3) and using Daikaiten Cannon.
    As for final attack to defeat Dai-Satan, aside from Gokai Galleon ramming, it was surprising that they used Goranger Storm (Goranger finishing move) like attack, Super Sentai Special Storm… just roll out of my tongue. lol

    After Dai-Satan defeat, we get the weakest part of the episode.
    Rita wore Gaisorg armor and attempt to destroy the team and suddenly… Ryusoulger Green/Black Sibling arrived, just in time.
    I’m not a fan of their suit design and I really don’t like their power-up mode; too bulky and cumbersome (I still prefer Kyoryuger Armed On, which was more simplistic).
    I kind of wished it happened before Dai-Satan fight, since seeing scrawny woman wearing evil armor AFTER the massive battle, makes it underwhelming IMO.
    Bit disappointed Rita didn’t die by armor’s explosion; though I’m curious who picked the armor after.

    I’m kind of curious how rangers got back home at the end; I guess Marvelous gave them ride in Gokai Galleon.
    I’m curious what’s Yamato going to do with that tiny piece of meteor. Is he going to use to bring back that kid? Who’s going to grant a wish? Way to resolve thing guys.
    Master Red picks up T-Rex Ryusoul at the end and that’s where the series ends… I guess Ryusoulger sidequest was pilot or “Episode 0” of the series.

    Finale was just as I expected; not great or terrible, just fair.

    Not the best episode of the miniseries, but it was somewhat underwhelming (though, I was kind of expecting that).

    Rating: 5/10.

    Overall, this miniseries was just OK.
    Despite Toei originally DID NOT plan to make this special and turned out to be rushed production, I fairly enjoyed this special for what it was.
    I kind of wished Toei did this during Zyuohger (Spring 2016 movie) or Kyuranger vs. Zyuohger movie that never happened, because you can clearly tell that some of the plot were meant for either of those; I guess this special meant to make up for that, especially since Yamato was the focus.
    I personally think it would have worked better as direct-to-video or YouTube/Streaming Service exclusive special, rather than airing on TV.

    Despite the title, there really wasn’t the battle between the teams; if this was weekly YouTube/Streaming Service Special, it would have been nice to see deleted/unseen/uncut battle, 1 match a week. Since there are 32 teams, there will be Match 16->8 (Best 16)->4(Quarter)->2(Semi)->1(Final) = 31 weeks of battle, which fills out most of the year.

    As I said before and I say it again, I HATE Rita “The Serial Killer”. Never liked her character and probably never will if she appeared in any future movie/crossover special. I don’t blame the actor, Nana Asakawa, since she was just paid to do whatever director/producer told her to; not her fault.
    I just think she was mis-casted; she should have been casted someone older (21~27) IMO.
    Her character sounded interesting on paper, but terrible on execution.
    She’s probably the WORST female villain in Sentai/Tokusatsu.

    The best thing about the miniseries was Gaisorg.
    While he may not be the most original villain in Sentai/Tokusatsu franchise, he was very menacing. I’m looking forward to see him in Ryusoulger.

    As for Ryusoulger Green/Black sidequest thing, I kind of wished Toei didn’t do that and just have all 5 rangers at the end/final episode as a cameo, similar to VS movies. Granted, they only did that at the end of each episode, rather than pause the main event and shoehorn in at the middle which I’m glad they didn’t do it, but it was still annoying. I understand Toei are desperately promoting Ryusoulger, since it might be their “last chance” for Sentai survival but still. I’m still going to see the series though, despite my low expectation, which I will discuss in Ryusoulger thread.

    As for writing, I felt it was mediocre; not great nor terrible.
    I haven’t been too impressed with Naruhisa Arakawa’s work in past decade or so; it’s not Arakawa’s weakest work, but FAR from best.
    The biggest weakness of Arakawa is that he’s not really good at writing a villain and Rita is undoubtedly the WORST villain Arakawa EVER wrote.
    Upon watching the series, I cannot help but wished that it was written by Kento Shimoyama.
    Despite Shimoyama is not good at writing main series (Ninninger, Kamen Rider Zi-O), he is good at writing crossover and spin-off series, so I really think the miniseries would have been much better had he wrote it.

    While I wasn’t too positive that Koichi Sakamoto was directing, the action and choreography wasn’t too bad, just mediocre.
    Much like Arakawa, I haven’t been too impressed with his work for past decade, but I thought he did an OK/acceptable job here; I think it helps because it was miniseries instead of full year long series. Not his worst, but FAR from best.

    From scale of 1 to 10, I give this miniseries a 5.
    It’s not the best crossover special, but not the worst.
    It’s probably on the middle, if I rank EVERY crossover special; which I have yet to see all of it.
    Despite that, I’m still looking forward to see “Director Cut (1 part instead of 4)” Blu-ray, with whatever additional footage, which might fix some of the problem I had, though I wouldn’t hold my breath for that.

    Long Live Super Sentai.
    Good Luck Ryusoulger!
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    Is there a picture of his design?
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    I found a concept art.
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    Sorry, I meant like a screenshot from the episode that just aired. I don't feel like downloading the episode just to see what he looks like.
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    His face is not even close to being accurate... He looks like Doomsday if he decided to become a Luchadore wrestler.

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