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    "Replenish the earth." And oh! how they obey me.

    Welcome to the discussion thread for Dinoknight Sentai Ryusoulger, episode 21; "The Kishiryu of Light and Darkness".
    (Show's title and episode title translation may vary depending on your fansub group of choice.)
    This week: While Canalo and Mosarex head off to investigate a mysterious power source coming from outer space, the other Ryusoulgers try to uncover the mystery behind the disappearances of several animals and plants along the mysterious resurrections of several dead people; including Ui's mother, Master Pink, and Tankjoh.

    This thread was made with Toku Prime's permission. And remember, this is a SPOILER ZONE! If you are trying to avoid spoilers, this is not the place for you.
    HOWEVER! This is not the place discuss future episodes nor next-episode previews. You may discuss previous episodes and related subjects, but stick to the episode at hand. Please be considerate of those who haven't watched ahead yet. Thank you.​
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    So Canalo is totally fine with ****ing the dead? That's not something I ever needed to know. Thanks, Ryusoulger.

    I know Sentai isn't the kind of show that would ever address it, but Ui's mom's complete lack of reaction to having freakin' died seems a bit strange.

    Kureon's reunion with Tankjoh seemed to have more feeling to it than Asuna's with Master Pink did. I was disappointed that Tankjoh got defeated again, as he's probably my favorite of the three generals. But he was in the next episode preview so hopefully he'll stick around.

    Shadow Raptor's introduction was a bit underwhelming, but I like the gold/black combination his armor gave Canalo's suit.

    Hopefully this Setoh guy is going to give the actor something more interesting to do.
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    I honestly don’t have much to say. The episode introduced a story, but didn’t finish it. Shadow Raptor was cool, and we haven’t seen much of what Shine Raptor can do. However, we still don’t know who or what is making the dead come back to life. Makes me wonder if there was any point in defeating Tankjoh since he could potentially come back again. But at least this story isn’t over so quickly. :) I want to see more characters come back before the mystery is solved.

    I think the fact that Master Pink can walk, talk, and doesn't resemble a corpse right now probably counts for something. He hasn't gone full necrophile on us. I suppose instead of saying "I'm okay with that", Canalo should have said something like "You're alive enough for me." The show played it up for laughs, so I'm trying not to read too deep into it for once.

    I feel like this is becoming the difference between anime and modern tokusatsu. If they had to choose, a show like Super Sentai would probably aim for a younger audience, and shows like that try not to have too many extremely emotional scenes even when it's complete called for. Anime, which tends to aim for more than just kids, can get away with having more emotional scenes and realistic reactions to seeing loved ones rise from the dead. Though honestly, I didn't think Kureon and Tankjoh's reunion wasn't all that much better when Kureon brought back this point game thing they use to do; something I didn't even pay attention to previously.

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