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Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by SamuraiEchidna, Jan 13, 2019.

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    This is not what I had in mind when I joined the night-shift...

    Welcome to the discussion thread for Lupinranger VS Patranger, episode 46; "An Inescapable Game".
    (Episode title's translation may vary depending on your fansub group of choice.)
    This week: On New Year's day, the Lupinrangers are trapped in an illusionary world by a Gangler and Keiichiro discovers that some of Zamigo's victims include Kairi, Toma and Umika's loved ones and is once again suspicious of them.

    [NOTE: I am aware that the discussion threads are a few episodes behind, so if you haven't done so all ready, feel free to share your thoughts on episodes 42-45 here!]

    This thread was made with Toku Prime's permission. And remember, this is a SPOILER ZONE! If you are trying to avoid spoilers, this is not the place for you.​
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    So they had five episodes left to finally start the show's plot and they wasted one of them on ANOTHER clip show. Such an utter waste.
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    My thoughts!

    Episode 42:
    I really shouldn't have read some comments before seeing the episode. A lot of people were praising it as the episode they've been wanting to see, but really the whole episode was just a major boss battle. There was teamwork between the two teams, but that's hardly what I wanted to see in this show.

    Episode 43:
    But THIS episode is more like what I had in mind! Noel possibly being a double (or should I say, triple) agent for both the Rangers and the Ganglers?! Why didn't we get to this sooner?! I totally predicted something like this would happen way back at the start of the show!

    Episode 44:
    ...And then this episode killed all that potential off. That ending was so weak. I guess it was kind of predictable that the old cop buddy from out of town was a Gangler in disguise, but I wish they hadn't gone the predictable route. What's even more lame is how there were two races of Ganglers, one that looked human but got outrun by the monstrous Ganglers. Isn't it kind of late to be falling back on Sentai cliches like this? So much story potential wasted...

    Episode 45:
    Well, I'll admit, the Mortal Kombat reference surprised me. Not saying it was a well placed reference, but it surprised me. Speaking of out of place, was there something I'm missing? Was salmon previously a traditional meal around Christmas time for Japan, or is this show just spouting random nonsense to be funny? Also, not sure why I didn't notice this sooner, but I like how the different Super forms are handled! Lupin Red's super form really reflects the all-for-one ideology of the LupinRangers, but Lupin X's golden super mode encourages teamwork with those handles/triggers on the side that can be used by other PatRangers. (Which is why I would have preferred Patren X getting a super form instead, since the same gimmick could also be used by the Lupin Rangers. Or maybe a super form for Patren #1 to balance things out. Just a thought.) And of course Keiichiro would be the first to figure out who the LupinRangers are. Why not?

    Episode 46:
    I normally don't mind a clip show, as long as it tries to throw in SOME story, or do something to expand on previous events with new details. This show... Sort of did the former? Keiichiro brought everyone up to speed on who the LupinRangers are, so now they have a plan. And honestly, I wish they hadn't killed off this villain so fast. His design was lame, but he could have been cool! Even though his plan to steal the pieces of the Lupin Collection failed, he still could have used that power to gather intel on the LupinRangers/PatRangers. Or just keep them in that pocket dimension forever. That could have lead to a potentially good story ending with the LupinRangers' identities being exposed once and for all. But again, wasted potential.
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    40 - Oh joy, episode 40 and we have another filler episode, yay? At least the ridiculousness of Blue and Yellow's thoughts were funny.

    41 - Destra is finally doing something. Oh hey, it's only been 2 episodes since Zamigo was featured, that's a new record. So Destra just summoned up giant monsters so we can have an unnecessary mech battle. Joy. Hey, when are the Patrangers going to fight in the mechs?

    42 - Destra just burned up the city and 5 minutes later it's all back to normal. Does Japan just have already made buildings hiding underground that sprout up after every fight? I'm starting to think so. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Destra's dead... Am I supposed to care? This entire thing felt like it should have been done 15 episodes ago.

    43 - That dude is totally going to frame Noel because he's a spy. That monster sums up my luck with 2018 in a nutshell. Hey, shoot her. Oh, the Lupinrangers are featured in another mech battle. Cool? Are the Patrangers going to get to have their own mech fight anytime soon? Nice chase scenes though.

    44 - Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I am totally surprised by this. Can you tell I'm shocked? Oh damn, quick, someone scream, "SOYLENT GREEN IS HUMAN SKIN!!" Wait, what am I thinking? This is 2018 silly goose. He's not dead, he's just imprisoned somewhere with his image being used like a Zygon from Doctor Who. Um dudes, she's standing right there. SHOOT HER!! No seriously, why are you just standing there frozen while she makes the monsters grow? SHOOT HER!!!! Hey, the Patrangers finally get a mech battle to themselves.

    45 - Wow this episode is dumb. It totally missed the opportunity to make a Salmon Pink ranger joke. Oh... so Keiichi and Tsukasa are just going to remain absent the entire time... okay... Yet again, they just stand there waiting for Gauch to grow the monster. WTF?! ABOUT FRIGGIN TIME!!!!

    Overall, not thrilling, but I did enjoy episodes 43 and 44 more than any other episodes in the last 15 shows. Nevertheless, this story should have been done in the mid-30s. At least there were some cools stunts and camera work used regardless of how quick they were. Just once can we get an entire fight done with that rounded camera rotation thing happening?
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    Ah, the traditional clip show at the start of the new year. It gives the cast and crew a little time off to celebrate. Or given how insane Toei's scheduling is, time off to finally get a full night's sleep. Either way.

    It's interesting that they picked the clip show to finally move the plot forwards. I guess it makes it less disposable than usual.

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