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    Life is like a garden... Or something like that.

    Welcome to the discussion thread for Kamen Rider Zi-O, episode 32; "2001: Unknown Memories".
    (Episode title's translation may vary depending on your fansub group of choice.)
    This week: As the G3 army prepare while the Another Agito army grow in strength, the Time Riders find Shouichi with Heure as the Time Jacker uses him to empower the prime Another Agito. When Sougo's group faces a stronger Another Agito to restore his victims to normal, Tsukuyomi appears to unlock a mysterious power hidden within herself.

    This thread was made with Toku Prime's permission. And remember, this is a SPOILER ZONE! If you are trying to avoid spoilers, this is not the place for you.​
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    This was a great two-parter tribute for Agito. The team up fight at the end was great. This episode had a noticeable amount of CG which is pretty rare for an episode, usually saved for the first and last ones instead. While I'm not ok with Tsukuyomi, out of nowhere subplot for her losing her memories, something that was never talked about or even implied at all during the series, it made sense given the parallels with Shouichi. I don't even like the whole time freezing power she suddenly obtained during this two-parter arc.

    The problem with this show is that it doesn't follow the rules that the show established since episode 2. We don't know the origins of the Time Jackers, the extent of their powers, the whole Ridewatch theory doesn't make any sense either. With this episode, we found out that you can transfer powers back and forth between the Original Rider and new users. So why didn't Sougo give them back after they defeated the Another Riders? Why don't the Time Jackers just redo the whole evil plan again until it works since they can freeze time? Why do we keep seeing back and forth thinking with Geiz suddenly wanting to kill Sougo and then being his friend again? Why would Shouichi want to see Sougo as King anyway? How come some Legend Rider's Ridewatches work differently from others? I'm starting to side with Tsukasa on destroying Zi-O's world.

    I still enjoy the show and want to finish the series, but this show doesn't make any sense. Next week is Hibiki!
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    It's obvious that someone from the Agito creative staff made this episode, isn't it?

    It's epic hearing that Agito insert song, but it also kind of ruins it for earlier episodes that didn't do this, and sets an even higher standard for future episodes! Still, for now, it was an epic finale to the Agito arc.

    Souichi and Tsukuyomi really had a lot to learn from each other. It's nice to know that giving her a mysterious past wasn't just thrown in there for the lolz random, the creators of the show are actually giving it the gravitas it deserves. And seeing the Time Jackers using a Ride Watch for once really does redefine this show. Were they always able to that? Did they just think making Another Riders was more useful? And of course, I love how they employ Another Agito in this. Sure, the introduction was a little vampire-ish, but at least they acknowledged the potential for anyone in humanity to evolve Agito-style.

    It's always hard to answer questions while the show is on-going. It's easier to explain things, or at least attempt to explain things, when the show is over and all the facts are in place. But as far a in-show logic goes, I'll try and answer your questions...
    • Time Jackers' origins? Unknown. But their powers seem to include time travel and time freezing, as well as the use of Another Watches (and now Ride Watches). That's been pretty consistent so far. It's implied that their origin is tied to the origin of Oma Zi-O, but the rest isn't clear.
    • As for how the whole Ride Watch thing, I'm still figuring it out. If the Time Jackers create a Ride Watch or Another Watch in the past, it mostly negates that past and creates one where previous heroes never became Riders. If it's made in the present, previous heroes retain their memories. And until a Ride Watch is actually made and transferred to Sougo (or someone else), previous Riders can still transform, as long as all the events are happening the present.
    • In previous episodes, Sougo didn't even know you could transfer Rider powers the way this episode revealed. But it probably wouldn't have mattered anyway. At the end of the Blade arc, Kenzaki gave Sougo his Ride Watch anyways, saying it was better he have it. Souchi/Agito did the same. Sougo just now learned that old Riders can be given their powers back, but even if he knew about this in previous episodes, it'd probably end the same way. The Legendary Riders would have their moment before telling Sougo to keep the Ride Watch regardless.
    • Zi-O and Geiz have time machines, as well as the power to defy time in their own ways. There's no point for the Time Jackers to just keep sticking to one plan or one MOTW until it works. If Zi-O defeated that plan or that MOTW, he could do it again. That's why they keep changing their approach.
    • Geiz has all ready made peace with being Zi-O's friend. They haven't been at each other's throats since the last Decade arc. If you really don't know why it was so hard for Geiz to befriend Sougo, then did you even watch the first few episodes of this show? You do realize that there is a possible future where Sougo becomes an evil king that destroys everything, right?
    • Because Souichi is a airhead! :p He never thinks too deeply about stuff. That's his adorable character quirk. He's a previous amnesiac. Thinking about things too hard kept him from living in the moment.
    • They don't? Lately, the show's been doing a slightly different presentation since it first began, and I wish they had stuck to a presentation more like this from the very beginning. But the rules haven't completely changed, it's just a different approach. But go ahead and side with Tsukasa if you want, for once he's being more noble here than he was in most of his TV show. :)
    But I'd be happy to expand on things further, if you want. Unless it involves spoilers for previous episodes. If that's the case, you might want to send me a PM. I all ready regret talking about the Blade arc here, but it was the best way to answer your question.
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