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Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Toku Prime, Oct 20, 2019.

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    Hey Jin, who do you think is about to get stabbed in the chest by a giant CGI scorpion?

    This week: It turns out that the dodo from last week isn't quite extinct, ZAIA Enterprises debuts, MetsubouJinrai.net steal a bunch of toys raid a weapons cache and hijack the Gigers, Horobi and Jin prove they're headphone-less HumaGear, Izu demonstrates the Progrise Key Holder (available from all good toy stores), and Horobi spends a lot of time waving around a sword that he never actually uses before transforming and Rider kicking Fuma.
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    LOL. I think his act of waving sword was him trying to dramatize his position as revolutioner. Like in Jidaigeki drama.

    Now it is clear about their transformation method forced those key to give them power. Every animal projection summoned by this method trying to kill its summoner but instead trapped inside them. And Horobi was gratefully accept Scorpion sting him.

    Looking at mass production of driver inside A.I.M.S base, maybe there will be rider troop in this series. It is weird though they develop Bow after they create a Shotgun. And there is Giger, which maybe prototype for Breaking Mammoth that likely will debut in next episode. It seem A.I.M.S was prepared to great war with humagear.
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    *Angry Ex-Aid noises*

    What can I even say about the story besides how obviously awesome it is? Outside of that, there’s a lot of nuances I like. The evil Riders have colors that complement each other (pink and purple) while their animals contrast (falcon and scorpion). And the AIMS Riders have contrasting colors (Blue and Orange) with complimentary animals that are both ground-based (cheetah and wolf). And yes, I am talking about standard/base forms only. Not sure if this has any relevance to anything, but it's interesting none the less. Still wondering why Zero-One and the Evil Riders can summon giant CGI animals, but the AIMS Riders can't.

    So Horobi and Jin are both HumaGears. Based on the ear pieces, I am guessing at least one of them was based on an earlier model of HumaGear. But that's just speculation.

    I find it funny how Yua doesn’t need a big speech before transforming; the guys are all ready loud enough on their own. Speaking of Yua, I was going to compliment her training for avoiding a Rider Kick; but after that, everything else falls apart. She still got beat, HQ still got invaded, and a lot of good tech got stolen. Does AIMS even have a lockdown procedure?

    I actually like that sword, in two different ways! Design wise, it really does look like a mix between a traditional samurai sword and modern sword-making advancements. Like seeing Genji's sword from Overwatch, except less high-tech. I feel like, if you get enough clear images, you can easily hire a smith to make Horobi's sword, and it would double as a real sword. However, since Horobi is a robot bent on killing all humans, wielding a sword seems highly ineffective. Jin had a hand gun, and even that would be far more effective at killing humans. I'm not sure what the subtext here is. He has gained corrupt emotions, and he wants to kill all humans, but he wants to do it with dramatics and questionable tactics? Is he malfunctioning?

    Also, nice observation! I'd love to see some kind of Rider troops come out of this story. :D
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    I'm guessing that Zea, Zero-One Driver and ForceRiser as true Hiden tech while Shotriser are stolen/imitation tech made by ZAIA. Therefore Zea didn't respond to Progrise Key which authorized using A.I.M.S tech.
    And maybe for plot sake, A.I.M.S will always be weak until Thouser debut. I mean really, an easy to spotted base full with high tech weapon only guarded by one Rider (which actually her true job is as advisor not really a combat type even though she capable for it). They should haste produce those Shotriser rather than develop that bow, they are an army not one man fighter.

    Don't you think Horobi antic to play with his sword, was a hint to make him comedy relief character later when he join the good guy? We have Rogue, Violet, dramatic, and evil rider which turn out that everything was because he is foolish son of rich which corrupted by power.
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    A sword is symbolism for power or authority in most literature. Makes sense for Horobi to have it around, it represents his attempt at being an authority and display power over humanity in a sense. Plus, he's based on a Scorpion. The guy can still "sting" you with his sword even if he's untransformed. I think the Scorpion/Poison theme with the sword perfectly portrays his sense of being a corrupted authority figure in a sense, since he is leading the HumaGears.

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