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Discussion in 'Henshin Justice Unlimited' started by Toku Prime, Oct 12, 2019.

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    Wow, the Buddyroid from Go-Busters' summer movie got BUFF!
    This week: How do you make a HumaGear that replicates the exact appearance of a person without giving the people processing your order some sort of image of that person, tipping them off that you're having them copied? Jin goes through a lot of parental angst and almost changes sides before becoming a Kamen Rider, and Yua is a woman so of course her first alternate form gets titty missiles.
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    Well in previous episode there is part of order application interface which give customer freedom to edit Humagear face or just let them randomize it. I guess this father was spend hour to recreate his daughter face from various shape in that app. Like how gamer create their character as close as celeb face. I remember my brother spend time to make his character in Dynasty Warrior Empire to look like action movie actor. Not really same but I guess Hiden Intelegence have more resource to make it. Hence the rule forbid to make their Humagear look like a real person without their concern, because those interface capable to do that .

    I think we just get a hint of another team member in near future. I don't know, maybe destroy Jin and steal his backup, clean it and create him again.

    So, Shotriser give their Rider clearly new look, while Zero-One Driver and ForceRiser only put some part significance to their key in top of their base form. And Lightning Hornet really a cheat, it give user ability to fly (Falcon), ranged attack minion (Scorpion), and elemental attack. Which make me wonder what Wolf ability again? I think they treat Hornet breast armor as hive of hornet, still look like as insult to female rider though.
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    Jin is a humagear. Called it.

    And I actually like his Rider design, at least in terms of the story. On its own, it would be kind of an ugly asymmetrical look. But the asymmetry works here, because it represents how he is torn by his artificial nature and his sentient emotions. It may have come at the cost of the Falcon Key (Can't they just print out another one?), but for now, I think it was worth it. And I know people are going to say this increases the chances of Aruto being a humagear as well, but I think it just increases the chances of an emotionally-striking plot where the line between human and robot is blurred.

    I actually hope they go into more detail about this. I really want to know why it's so wrong to give a humagear another person's likeness, dead or alive.
    I mean, it's one thing to do it intentionally, but... There are only so many combinations of human faces, bodies, and other details. Eventually, even if it's completely random chance, you're going to create a humagear that looks like a person in real life. A few times in my life, I've met people who could pass as celebrity look-alikes.
    I bet some people would be flattered to have a humagear look-alike! It's not like they can hide those huge ear pieces and fool people.

    If it's such an illegal thing, you'd think Hiden and other similar companies would have fail-safes to keep it from happening or something. If I had to guess; famous, rich, and influential people can probably register their appearance so that Hiden and other companies won't let you customize a humagear to look like these people. If you try, the computers would give an error code and block your attempts. But if someone isn't registered in a "Don't duplicate" code, then they should be fair game, right? I am guessing this is all part of the Daybreak Incident mystery, but right now, seems like a very flawed story detail.
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    It is to prevent misused of someone look or identity. I mean, by covering their robotic ear, they was perfectly look like a human. It can be used to stole another person identity or indecent action, because they are fine as long as they didn't hurt human. And they furthermore learn to do their job better which is scary.

    If there us such robot in real life, even I support this law to exist. Heck, they even have to add bunch of test of own them to ensure this robot are used for domestic job and not for immoral action. Which is something like A.I.M.S job.
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    I'm still trying to decide if Horobi is also a HumaGear, or if his headband thingy is a double bluff, and he's a human but they want us to think he's a HumaGear given his emotionless demeanor and hidden ears.
    I really liked the ForceRise sequence and use of the falcon. There's no authorisation, so the Driver just has to wrench the key open to use it. The Falcon looks more like it's trying to crush him with it's wings than willingly merge with him, and then a cage-like structure shoots out to drag it into the suit. On top of that, while Aruto's Wing form had the falcon forming pink parts of his outer armour, Jin's suit has the pink parts inside, with the previously mentioned "cage" forming the outer armour that still traps the falcon underneath.
    Yeah, I also wondered why they can't just make another? On a similar note, are they launching his bike back up into orbit between episodes or is it a new bike each time?
    Honestly, there's plenty of real world examples of people's identities being stolen/misused that are probably not appropriate for them to use in a kids TV show. But the episode itself made it quite clear that the "manager" was using the HumaGear to pretend his daughter was still alive rather than face reality and grieve.
    Yeah I hope they do so. My guess is one of either Aruto, Jin or Horobi is a copy of a real person.

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