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Discussion in 'Toys Unlimited' started by alternate-zer0, Aug 6, 2010.

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    For Super Sentai? Absolutely not. The Sentai figures are no where near as popular as the rider ones, but they still sell pretty well and always top pre-order charts for online stores like Amiami and HLJ. And like I said before, contrary to popular belief, Zyuranger is a very popular season in Japan. Not the most popular, I doubt we would have the full team of them released so soon without the MMPR nostalgia from the West, but they would have done it eventually.

    If you mean the US sales saved Digimon from cancellation.. then maybe, I don't follow that series closely enough to know. I just don't think it has the same levels of demand to be compared to something like DBZ.

    It was hugely popular over in Japan for a while, but then it was largely forgotten when they moved onto the next thing. Much like what happened with Naruto and Tiger & Bunny.

    This is why Figma are pumping out those Attack on Titan figures as quickly as possible, they know it'll only hold interest for so long.
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    I meant T&B.
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    Does anyone know where I can find D-Arts Medabots Metabee at a better price? I know Ebay has him for over $100.
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    Mandarake has them between 4000 and 6000 (roughly between $40 and $60) minus shipping fees (anywhere from perhaps 10 with SAL to 25 with DHL) which is probably the best price you would find around.

    I think $40 USD was the original selling point so you are lucky to see it sell for that much.

    I always look for him and Rokusho but I always talk myself out of getting them because I either want something else or cant afford them.
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    I'm selling Metabee and Rokusho if you're interested.
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    ok many question on d-art

    is there a Beelzeemon exclusive or did it get cancel?
    is anyone selling Beelzeemon?
    is the line cancelled?
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    There is the standard form of Beelzemon that's been released, and that's it so far. Blast Mode was shown at a previous toy show several years ago, but has had no announcements yet.

    Beelzemon is several years old now. Your best bet is to check out Mandarake, eBay, or the B/S/T threads of forums like this.

    D-Arts as a brand name has been cancelled, however, we are still getting video game related figures from Bandai. In order to capitalize on the brand recognition of the S.H. Figuarts line, Bandai simply moved D-Arts figures into that line.

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