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    Sorry everyone. Guess my thread is giving me a hard time.

    No one has been puttin' up their ideas fast lately.

    Sorry for messin' the rules. As everyone says, in this thread... break the rules.

    Go ahead and put up your ideas.

    This is the last time I change rules, if you go back to the first page.
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    Does anyone know how to make these riders?

    - Zodiarts rider. Someone who can rival Fourze
    - Alchemy rider. Someone who can rival Wizard
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    Alchemy rider is pretty easy. Just have him create potions, put them in special phials that he inserts into his driver, and the rest is like wizard's rings. Certain mixtures cause form changes while others cause certain effects to the user or the world around him/her. I would say more, but this is an idea I might use myself someday so I don't want to give away too much.

    A zodiarts rider could just be a guy who create dhis own Rider consteliation (I should spell check that) and focused so hard on it that when he got his switch it turned him into that Zodiarts. He could be like the Gai of Fourze and have simple rider tropes like a rider punch, kick, chop, etc. If you need more than that, then why not allow him the abilityt o gain other powers depending on the constilations that exist within the one he came up with himself. Hmmm...I should use this one at some point.
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    Those are good suggestions Z.

    Here's what I think of the alchemist rider. He can have like automail from his left or right arm as a weapon and tool. If using a "Connect" ring, his arm can become an armblade. And the potions help. And his form can be elements for alchemy like sulfur, antinomy, phosphorous, etcs.

    Zodiarts rider. He can be a grandson of Gamou Mitsuaki. His constellation will be Lupus the Wolf. And for his final form, his supernova of Ophiuchus once he's evolved into that Horoscope. His zodiarts switch is special, he can transform into his zodiarts form or summon forth his belt. All he needs to do is just insert the switch into belt after he presses it to summon the driver; its kinda like Fourze's states drives inserted into his weapons. Once inserted, he is changed to his zodiarts form and then morphs into his rider form.

    He also gain zodiarts abilities by stealing a person's zodiarts switch, he presses it and absorbs the power until it hits last one. And with one click, Presto! its gone.

    His powers can be like weapons, punches, kicks. And his armor is almost Saint Seiya like or Guyver. In his base state, he acts like an intelligent and savaged wolf like Gills and in Supernova form, he acts like Chalice.
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    I'd cut the arm weapons on your alchemist. Too Full Metal. That is unless it is for a fan fic or RP. Even then you will still get people making Full Metal pokes at it.

    I'm all for a Riderman reference, but not with an Alchemy rider.

    Of course that sort of thing is what RPs and Fan Fics are for.
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    Not for a fanfic. Just for fun.
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    i have lots of ideas in my head recently, i'll give you a basic summary of some

    Kamen Rider GeoS - a gamer is hired by a police force after entering a scene of crime when a elite police officer used a handheld game machine to defend himself from mutants, which the officer got killed and the gamer defended himself from them successfully. now he now has to take the officer's place and transform into a virtual reality cop to defend the city from these mutants. this rider uses a handheld device that uses "badges" as game carts to either upgrade forms or use special abilities.

    Kamen Rider Daiya(this one i wrote the story summary down already, plus it's pretty long) - there are eight diamonds known as the "Titan Diamonds" scattered across japan, each one representing a animal from a tribe. these diamonds have excellenct power within them, and could be unleashed with ports known as "Unleashers". if the eight diamonds are together and connected into eight unleashers in one object, it will summon a merged diamond known as the "Tribe Diamond", a power so great, it's hazardous. a diamond's power could also summon a monster inside the diamond called a "Titan" by pressing a button on the diamond which opens up a seal on the diamond unleashing it from the diamond, Diamonds however after unleashing a titan cannot be used for 24 hours as a titan inside must be rechanged and the powers within it. the Tribe Diamond has the power of summoning a Titan as well, but it's power is so strong it could possibly kill the user, and anyone would touches it.

    the journey begins when a young adventurer discovers another treasure known as the "Ark of Tears". but he opens it up by mistake releasing monsters would were trapped inside it for ceuntries known as "Embracers", monsters who's soul propose is to possess all the power in the world, and to get to that level, they have to destroy the Tribe Diamond. a local from the temple where the Ark was gives him a certain belt called the "Unleash Buckle" and tells him to find the Titan Diamonds to stop them. he searches for the first one known as the "Batta Dia" found in a temple in a rainforest, at the same time a Embracer goes to the same temple in order to get the Batta Dia. the adventurer puts on the belt in the middle of the fight and it transforms him into Kamen Rider Daiya, this doesn't do much to him until he gets the Batta Dia and inserts it into the Unleasher and a suit of diamond armor is formed increasing his ablitties and defeats the embracer. but now he must find all the Diamonds and get the power to merge them all, but also the Embracers can steal his diamonds and use him agianst him cause a Titan can be used by or against the enemies.

    Kamen Rider i(this one i'm still figuring out) - the canvas is the passage way to two worlds, one is embraced with color and one has none. these two worlds are runned by the mind eyes, only two alike and both control their colors around them. the colorless eye, "the vice eye" is the ruler of a breed of monsters known as "grey" which were fallen into despair by the lack of color, gone into madness by the order of the eye of vice. and in the colored world holds it's power by "the virtue eye", a powerful warrior who commands his power though the use of "virtue paint". these two worlds have each six brushes in there worlds, commanding different powers for whatever color they use. these two worlds however never came in contact but now the vice eye has finally found it's way through the canvas and now removing all the color from the virtue world, the hands of the virtue eye has been given to a artist without major experience but has a teacher who will teach him how to be a experienced painter. now this rookie must use his artistic powers to completly paint the colorless into the virtue world to stop them from turning the world grey. beyond the mind eyes and the six brushes within their power, this will be his masterpiece.

    and there is a new one i'm figuring out the story to called "Kamen Rider Charge", who uses Flavor Packets in a water based belt to transform. this rider's powers are based on fruit flavors and the flavor packets are also able to summon genies through shaking a bottle to summon them. there are also no flavor packets of the same that could be used once every time, this rider in order to change and summon genies needs to use new packets of the same type every time. in other words, there is alot of the same packs and have only one time usage(this doesn't apply on the toys though, however the toys will have a delay of usage on them forcing you to use similar flavor packets, that's why some of the toys will come with multiple versions of the packets either in packs of four or included with toys that already have some with others)

    UPDATE: the name Charge will change.
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    I've got a few Riders of my own, some can be looked up and linked, but it's very long so I'd just reference them here and also introduce new things.

    I've created a couple of Riders of my own, but I've only come up with a few stories. Here's a list of stories I've got:

    Kamen Rider Gadez
    Kamen Rider Voltur
    Kamen Rider Ryuki: A Different Direction
    Kamen Rider Unleashed

    Each of these series are based on previous works with the exception of Gadez and Voltur to an extent, and I'll edit in some info as to how to get to them later, if people are interested. Some of them are just a click away on this thread, some are on my deviantart account (SSJ4Bardock).

    Now, as for creating a Rider on spot... Here we go:

    Kamen Rider Faiz: Stop Point

    It's been 20 years since Kamen Rider Faiz (Lost Paradise Version) ended. Orphenochs and humans are beginning to live together, Smart Brain's influence had grown weaker and weaker as the days go by. People resisted, and it worked. The fighting for a better world, a better society, understanding of each other was coming to an end. They were almost free.

    However, something happened that wasn't part of the calculations. The Orphenoch King, long thought to have been only of stories had awakened. He is now commanding an army of Orphenochs that are still willing to wipe out humanity. With nothing left to lose, a young generation of boys stood up to this offence. They broke into Smart Brain's last underground lab and stole what they thought could be hope: The Emperor's Belts. Built to protect the Orphenoch King especially, the Emperors Belt were designed to destroy any threat or nuisance that was out of order, however that would also mean that they'd have great ability to counter their own purpose... depending on the wearer. The young men came to two new belts, and one extremely old, yet functional belt. Having no choice, they took whatever they could and ran, however they didn't think that it would be a trap…

    Almost a minute later, every door in the lab was locked. There was no getting out, someone had triggered the alarm. The boys were helpless, and soon the entire room was bombarded with Orphenochs, appearing from hidden passages all over the room, like from behind bookshelves and cabinets that could all be moved, to reveal a hole in the wall. It was a set up. Deciding on the moment, one of the boys puts on one of the newer belts, the Emperor Belt of Depths; the Mu Gear. The belt slipped onto the boy's waist easily, and pulling out the new touch Phone, he flipped it open and pressed the activation code: 124. He then placed the device into the belt and announced the transformation, with dark blue photons firing up from the belt, the boy was changed into a warrior clad in dark armour with shinning green eyes. This was Kamen Rider Mu. The young Rider began to fight for his own, but he was still a rookie, and was knocked back into his original form, the Mu Gear not being of help.

    Just as all hope seemed lost, an Orphenoch appeared, attacking the ones targeting the boys. It looked like a wolf, but it moved too fast to be too clear. Before anyone saw anything, the mysterious Orphenoch grabbed the old and dusty gear and puts it on, entering the code of 555. Placing the phone in the driver, red plasma rays fired from it, transforming him into the one and only legendary saviour: Kamen Rider Faiz.

    Faiz fought with the enemies, and destroyed all of them, guaranteeing everyones safety. As the dusts cleared, he turned around and looked at the boys. Grabbing the Mu gear, and the other gear that they stole, he handed it to the boys and said "Protect your dreams… and the dreams of others."

    The boys accepted the belts, and as soon as they did, a sound beeped from the belt and it announced "Deformation". Faiz's armour lit on blue fire, and soon he was turned to dust, and even while it happened, he didn't even flinch. The boys panicked and watched helplessly as the future is rested upon them. However, they weren't going to be alone. In the pile of ashes, laid the Faiz memory chip…
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    Home Page:
    Kamen Rider W V2

    Name: Kamen Rider W V2
    Alias: Jay Hunter
    Homeworld: Galifrey (Doctor Who)
    Race: Time Lord
    Human appearance: 5 foot 8, 200 pounds, Blonde hair slicked back, Beard (sometimes), blue eyes, dresses in normal clothing, usually with a leather jacket, Caucasian.
    Age: Varies (Usually around 21 or so)

    Rider appearance: W's default design,a long scarf and flame shaped eyes. The crest changes depending on the power
    Rider colors: Vary on powers:
    Forms: Azrael/Skull (Black/red and Black/silver) Burning Agito/TaJaDor (Red with flames as the Crest) Black/RX(Black) Ichigo/Nigo(Metallic green with Cyclone shaped crest) Fang/PuToTyra (Infinity King only) Stronger/Elek States(Golden with lightning bolts as the crest) Amazon/Black(Dark Green/Black) ShAuTa/Aqua(Light Blue with waves as the Crest) Kabuto/LaToraTah (Orange) and Infinity King (The crest becomes a crown with a golden Crystal Server, and Eternal's cape. it give W V2 the ability to change powers without switching Memories.)

    Character bio: Jay is the Doctor's son. 100 percent Time Lord. He has his own TARDIS and travels through time, space, and different dimensions. He started off as Kamen Rider Azrael, but, after meeting Shotaro and Phillip, Jay creates a Double Driver that only requires one person. He then takes up the name of Kamen Rider W V2(Version 2). His TARDIS is in the secret bunker of the Narumi Detective Agency. Jay stays in Futo to help Shotaro, Philip, Eiji/Gentaro/Haruto(When needed). The reason he became W V2 is due to an ancient prophecy. Jay is kind, intelligent, and very social. He is the balance between Shotaro and Phillip, being as emotional as Shotaro and as intelligent as Phillip.
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    If possible:

    The user would have a homunculus; a soul in a suit of armor beside him in battle.

    First put the belt on and insert the phial to fuel the belt's power. It'll shout "Driver On!". Does the same henshin pose as Wizard but different. Later, he claps his hands together to call out his suit from his homunculus partner and his hands touch the armor merging with him.

    Then the soul within the armor becomes a homunculus.

    His Phantom would be a Wyvern.
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    I've had this idea floating in my head for a while.

    Name: Sydney “Syd” Mattlyn

    Rider Name: Jayd

    Gender: Female

    Motif: RPGs

    Striker (Default)
    Hunter (Ranged)
    Caster (Special)
    Stalker (Stealth)

    Twin Swords (Striker)
    Crossbow (Hunter)
    Staff (Caster)
    Daggers (Stalker)

    Rider Item: Dice

    Finisher: Critical Strike (Varies on execution depending on form used)

    Haven't thought of the enemies yet, though I'm imagining shadow like creatures that hide in pocket dimensions that Jayd must locate and fight the MOTW within.
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    Rider Name: Kamen Rider Deck
    Identity: A Guy who roams with no purpose seeking for it
    Gender: Male
    Motif: Cards
    Forms: Spade->Fire element Skills(power and combat)- Explosion card- Cause explosion in an area with cards, Fire Ring- Causes a ring of fire, Flame twister- Cards becomes flame and twist in any form, Burnout- Spade body overheated with heat letting his next attack deals bonus damage, Illusion- A standard deck that replaces Kamen Rider Deck with a deck of cards like a clone, (Still working on it)

    Heart- Water(Intelligience) element skills

    Diamond-Nature(Plan) element skills

    Clubs-Ait element skills(Flexibility)

    Ultimate form: Joker- Allowing him to grant all stats of all various form(still working on its skills) and maybe inserting the Joker gaia memory?

    Ellusion- Making Illusions and different confusions to let enemy misinterpret Deck's next move

    Royal mode- Granting deck a new power and letting him create weapons from his card by combining them

    Arsenal: Motorcycle (still working on it)
    Rider Item: A card machine that allows card to connect to his brain letting out any cards what Kamen Rider Deck thinks, Belt made of poker cards, King Joker, a machine that allows him to take cards from the enemy when they're dead (something like Kamen Rider blade when he kill an undead he obtain a card)

    Transformation- Deck user holds two cards and a deck of cards dropping the deck first which will automatically attach to the user like a belt then he drop his first card in and 'henshin' linking his brain and deck together, his appearence after doing so looks like a human with the back of the poker cards attached on it then he turn his back of the hand around and the cards attached to him turn as well, he drops his last card which can be any 4 forms (Spade,Diamonds,Clubs,Heart) and turning into it.

    Finishers: Full house ( still working), Flush: Deck in any form summons all his cards to the air with different abilities he cast and it aims at a target directly smashes its way through then the cards forms into steps and he steps on it then he lastly drop a card which will enter his leg and does a rider kick

    For Royal form its Royal Flush

    For Joker form its All-In

    Skills: Expert Martial arts, Ability to throw cards fairly well, Card transformation, Fast reaction
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    Rider Name: Kamen Rider Wild
    Identity: Mazikawa Skyler
    Age: just turned 19
    Gender: Male
    Motif: Lion
    Kaiju Enemy: Gemorians

    Bio: On Skyler's 19th birthday, there were many things he expected to happen, becoming a Kamen Rider was not one of them. When he was walking home after a special party thrown to him by his best friend Ryu Kisaragi (son of Gentaro), and his sister Clara Mazikawa, he became caught up in a stampede of terrified people running from mysterious creatures that resembled wild animals. Whilst he was running away, Skyler was unfortunate enough to trip on a random rock that got in the way of his foot, causing him to fall to the ground hard. As he tried to crawl away, he found that - to his dismay - he had crawled right to the feet of one of the creatures, this one resembling a gorilla. Just as the creature raised its fists to make the final strike, time froze around Skyler, sending him into a strange black void. As he looked around, a voice promised him that he would soon learn everything, after he had defeated the creature. The void vanished around Skyler as his body started glowing, then an explosion of enregy, launching the gorilla monster back and putting him in a feline-like armor *might make a fanfic*, Now Skyler fights the Gemorian monsters as Kamen Rider Wild to defend his friends and family, but he won't be alone......

    -WilDriver: An almost futuristic looking belt that's completely black, using the power of the Esscence Gems (powers) and the Wild Crystal (henshin), Skylar can utilise hidden Gemorian powers to help take down foes, at the cost of some humanity.
    -ExcaliberMagnum: If you've seen wizard, picture the WizarSwordGun, except Replace the hand with a built-in crystal, and make it black and gold.
    -Li-O-Cycle: Wild's trademark vehicle, a gold and silver motorcycle with a lions head at the front. Similar to the Jungler (Amazon's bike), it appears to have intelligence due to the fact that it is created with the spirit of Royal Gemorian Guard, LI-O.

    Henshin Sequence:
    *Skyler inserts the Wild Crystal into a slot on top of the driver* Driver: ~SET!~ *Skyler moves his hand across the top of the driver, turning the crystal inside and activating hidden lights on the sides of the front.* Driver: ~ARE YOU READY?!~ Skyler: Henshin! *hits lever on side of belt* Driver: ~*Tribal drum beat*ROWR, ROWR, C'MON LET'S GO NOW, LET'S GET WILD!!~

    Wildfire Henshin:
    *While in base (wild) form, Skyler inserts a gem into the left side of his driver, causing the drivers voice to ring out (ESSENCE SET!). He then spins the gem with a flick of his left thumb (WILDFIRE, IKUZE, IKUZE, IKUZE!) As it shouts this chant out, spectral flames cover Wild, eventually casting off to reveal a new armor, with a color scheme of red, black and gold, and has a much more menacing look.*
    Forms: Wild, Wildfire (first appearance: RIOTER 7: Wild X Wizard: The Roaring Knight And The Ring-Bearing Mage?!), Wild Awakened

    Theme: Break Through Beginning

    -Rider Kick: Wild removes his henshin crystal from the belt (DISCHARGE!), places it back in (SET!), then spins it with a flick of his thumb (GO FOR IT, WILD RIDER KICK!!!)
    -Wild Slashing/Shooting: Takes ExcaliberMagnum in whatever form it's in and places his hand on the gem built-in, focusing essence into it. The focused essence then charges up inside the blade for an extremely powerful slash/shot.
    -Call of the wild: WIP
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    Volcano, Surf, Island...... Luao (or however the heck it's spelled)?
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    • Rider Name: Kamen Rider Den-Boss
    • Identity: ???
    • Gender: Male
    • Motif: Emotions
    • Kaijin Enemy: Kyoryujins (Dinosaur based Kaijin)
    • Forms:
      • Happy Form: His main form. Gets possessed by Candelilla. Uses punches and kicks. Catchphrase is "Keep smiling!"
      • Sorrow Form: His second form. Gets possessed by Aigaron. Uses an axe. His catchphrase is "I'll make your tears shimmer!"
      • Rage Form: His third form. Gets possessed by Dogold. Uses a sword. His catchphrase is "I'm feeling rather vexed."
      • Resentment Form: His fourth form. Gets possessed by Endolf. Uses a gun. His catchphrase is "My head aches."
      • Brave Form: His movie-exclusive form. Gets possessed by Torin. Uses a sword and a gun. His catchphrases are "Let's finish this in a snap" and "Checkmate", all with a snap of a finger.
      • Chaos Form: The Climax Form where it combines all four-five forms.
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    Rider Name: Kamen Rider Geist
    Identity:Mesa Blackwell
    Gender: Male
    Motif: Grasshopper and Ghost
    Kaijin Enemy:
    Arsenal: Typhoon belt, Geist eye, Geist Luna ken, Geist lasso, Hurricane messaider
    Rider Item: Tyohoon belt
    Finishers: Geist Crush (grabs skull and crushes), Geist Slash (use luna ken), Geist screw (throws in air and Geist jabs with foot), Geist Genocide (cuts throats with hand and removes head and spine), Geint Crash (runs over with Hurricane Messaider), Geist Punch, Geist Kick

    Theme: Ware, Arubeki Basho
  17. Sentai Rider 1983

    Sentai Rider 1983 Tokusatsu Geek

    I have three original Kamen Riders I'm currently working on. But I can't figure out what kind of enemies the second one would fight. I only know the form of the first monster.
  18. Kamen Rider Alicorn

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    Home Page:
    Rider Name: Kamen Rider Alicorn
    Identity: Gamepad/Shining Star.
    Gender: Male/Female.
    Motif: Cards/Alicorn/Pony.
    Kaijin Enemy: DaiShonī.
    Forms: Earth/Pegasus/Unicorn/Alicorn/Fusion.
    Arsenal: Horn Sword, Magic Blaster, Wing Blades.
    Finishers: Horn Spiker, Dynamite Punch, Tornado Kick, Overcharge, Kamenkazi.

    Earth Form - A basic Rider form that increases the strength of the rider apposed to Pegasus and Unicorn forms.
    Pegasus Form - Increases both Speed and Agility as well as adding wings and the ability to fly.
    Unicorn Form - Adds a horn to the helmet and allows the summoning of barriers and objects similar to that of Green Lantern without the need of a card.
    Alicorn Form - Allows usage of all three of the forms at once however it gives extra power to the skill currently being used e.g. running - speed of a Pegasus, punching - strength of an earth pony.
    Fusion - Combines both the Alicorn Riders powers together creating a rider that looks a bit like Double.

    Horn Sword - Summons a sword that looks a bit like a horn. (All Forms)
    Magic Blaster - Summons a Megaman like blaster onto Alicorn`s hand. (Unicorn and Alicorn forms only)
    Wing Blades - Summons sharp projectiles that can be fired from the wings of Alicorn similar to that of Falcon from the avengers. (Pegasus and Alicorn forms only)

    Horn Spiker - adds small spikes to the blade of the Horn Sword for extra damage. (All Forms)
    Dynamite Punch - Adds extra power behind the punches of Alicorn in rapid fire. (Earth and Alicorn Forms only)
    Tornado Kick - Creates a tornado when Alicorn jumps into the air and preforms a spinning Rider Kick - combined with Wing Blades allows the projectiles to be fired as well. (Alicorn and Pegasus Only)
    Overcharge - turns both of Alicorn`s hands into blasters than can be merged into one big cannon. (Unicorn and Alicorn Only)
    KAMENKAZI - Merges all the final attacks together into one massive attack. A Tornado Kick with dual Cannons with spikes added to Alicorn with the impact of the Dynamite Punch and the projectiles of Wing Blades. (Alicorn Only) (Causes de-morph, de-armour due to the power loss)

    Henshin/Morph Sequence:
    1. Insert Card into slot in top of belt. "Henshin!" KAMEN RIDER. or FINALE KAMEN RIDER/DUO RIDER
    2. Turn the slot to the right. Alicorn EARTH/PEGASUS/UNICORN FORM or A-A-A-ALICORN/F-F-F-FUSION

    Summon Weapon Sequence
    1. Insert Card in card slot at top of belt. SUMMON WEAPON
    2. Move card slot to the left. HORN SWORD/WING BLADES/MAGIC BLASTER

    Finisher Sequence
    1. Insert Finale card into the card slot at top of belt. FINALE
    2. Push card slot to the right. HORN/DYNA/TORNADO/OVER/KAMEN
    3. When it spins all the way around push down. SPIKER/MITE/KICK/CHARGE/KAZI
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    Kamen Rider REV

    Motif: Dragonfly/motorcycle

    Weapon: REV Pac. ( Looks like a Gas-tank mounted backpack)

    Bodysuit Color: Black
    Armor Color: White
    (Armor changes color depending on the mode being used)

    Belt: I call it the REV Driver (you use keys for different effects)

    Drive Key: used to activate henshin sequence

    |Change to Stunt Form
    Stunt Key: |Suit colors change to Blue & White
    | Increases Speed & Agility

    |Change to Combat Form
    Combat Key:|Suit colors are Black & Green
    |Attack power is increased
    |Weapon: REV Pac (Gun mode)

    |Change to Road Form
    ROAD Key:|Suit colors are Black & Orange
    |Defence is Increased
    |Weapon: REV Pac ( Rod mode)
  20. HenshinSlayer

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    Rider Name: Kamen Rider Druid
    Identity: Kazami Sosuke
    Gender: Male
    Motif: Druid/Wizardry/Jewelry
    Kaijin Enemy: Phantom
    - Shadow
    - Wood
    - Ice
    - Sand
    - Almighty (Final form)
    - Salamander
    - Leviathan
    - Behemoth
    Wizard Rings:
    Style Rings
    - Shadow
    - Frost
    - Sand
    - Wood
    - Almighty
    Magic Rings
    - Driver On
    - Connect
    - Engage
    - Wyverize
    - Dowsing
    - Heal
    - Storm
    - Poison
    - Wild
    - Dark
    - Confuse
    - Flash
    - Control
    - Barricade
    - High Speed
    - Note
    - Perfume
    - Gamble
    - Shut Up
    - Kick Strike
    Finishers: Strike Druid (Bicycle Kick)

    Story: Sosuke is an agent of Kizaki's group. He too was involved in the same ritual as Haruto. His phantom is a wyvern. His despair came from his past in the time of his abusive father who treated him and his wife badly. His hope was to end domestic abuses for children without them suffering like he has.

    They kidnapped Wajima to make a ring for them. However, realizing that only a mage can defeat the Phantoms, they let him go. Eventually, the Druid mage, Sosuke was later assigned to team up with Haruto and the gang, letting Wajima go along with the magic stone.

    While Haruto eats donuts, Sosuke eats pizzas.

    (note: if Wizard was rewritten, this rider would be the secondary rider instead of Beast. Except Beast would be tertiary)

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