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    Name: Shinju Minase (水無瀬真珠)
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Rider Name: Kamen Rider Floraison (仮面ライダーフロライゾン)
    Rider Type: Heroic
    Bio: A young florist living in the city of Ibara, Shinju is perseverant and optimistic, but at the same time naïve, clumsy and completely ignored by the people around her. Ever since her childhood, she was always focused in preserving the enviroinment for the future of humanity, but in Ibara, where concrete and skyscrapers reign supreme, this is pratically impossible. That is, until a strange blue rosebud appears in the garden of her family's floriculture, starting a chain of events that leads to Shinju becoming Kamen Rider Floraison, "the answer to Earth's call for help".
    Motif: Flowers
    Forms: Her only known form so far is the basic form, which is themed after the blue rose and specializes in close combat.
    - Her driver, the Blumen Driver, works with devices called Blumen Keys, each one representing a different flower, though only select Blumen Keys grant Floraison new forms.
    - Her bike, the Calyx Booster, which works a bit like the Massigler (Fourze's bike) in that it uses hydrogen as a fuel source and does not release any carbon dioxide emissions.
    Other Info: Her Rider Kick is called Floral Unlock.
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    Anything Kiva-related?
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    Name: Aile
    Age: 250 Earth years (appears 25.)
    Gender: Male
    Rider Name: Kamen Rider Gale
    Rider Type: Heroic
    Bio: An alien warrior from a distant, war-torn planet. He was tasked by the king to escape the planet with the princess in order to protect her from those who want to use her, for she harbors a hidden power. The two eventually land on Earth after evading countless chasers, enemy soldiers, and bounty hunters. They disguised themselves as normal humans and took refuge on the peaceful planet, working in a small restaurant owned by a kind old couple. Though they were able to live peacefully and happily for years, their thoughts always turned back to their destroyed planet. The two are eventually discovered by hunters, forcing Aile to take up the guise of a warrior again in order to protect the princess and the new home he has grown to love. He’s a very laid-back individual who likes to get involved in anything he believes is fun. He tends to stress out the princess often.
    Motif: Robotic with a slight bird theme.
    Forms: Base Form, Albatross Form (his combined form with his bike. The two smaller wheels attach to his feet giving him great mobility and the rest of the bike acts as additional armor. His hissatsu attacks are more powerful in this form.)
    -Quezacotl: A bluetooth earpiece that is required to transform and issue commands to Aero. It also doubles as a communication device.
    -Aero: Aile’s small, bird-like robot partner that is summoned when he issues commands through the Quezacotl. It scans Aile (a security measure to make sure that the user is him) then changes him into Kamen Rider Gale. It attaches to his belt in Rider form. Aero is also required to summon Albatross (his bike) and to initiate his hissatsu attacks.
    -Griffon Talons: Though he prefers to use punches and kicks, he will use these weapons when necessary. They are 2 katars stored on his back that can combine into a bow that fires energy arrows. Aero attaches to the bow and acts as a targeting device.
    -Albatross: A futuristic, high-speed, three-wheeled motorcycle.
    Other Info:
    -His first hissatsu attack is a series of energy punches, an uppercut, and a spinning air throw ending with a powerful jump kick (he shouts, “Rider Kick!â€) that slams the target into the ground.
    -His second is a series of slashes with the Griffon Talons, ending with a dashing cross slash.
    -His third is a large, bird-shaped energy projectile fired from the Griffon Talons in bow form.
    List of Quezacotl Commands:
    -“Henshinâ€: Transforms Aile into Kamen Rider Gale.
    -“Albatrossâ€: Summons Albatross
    -“Final Breakâ€: Initiates the first hissatsu attack.
    -“Final Break Griffonâ€: Initiates the second hissatsu attack.
    -“Final Break Phoenixâ€: Initiates the third hissatsu attack.
    -“Combineâ€: Initiates Albatross Form.
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    She was not realy created as a Kamen Rider, but on that Project, she was based on modern Kamen Rider series (Like a female rider series for people who like Kamen Rider shows)

    Like in Kamen Rider series she says Henshin to change and uses a belt.

    She has many mode (like Den-O's Forms)
    And each mode has its own look and weaponry

    Rider Form: Basic form
    Slasher Form: Uses a big sword
    Striker Form: Uses gauntlets and boots upgradees (unarmed mode)
    Blaster Form: She uses a big gun and other ranged weapon
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    Identity Unknown as s/he was never seen without her basic suit.

    This Rider can transforms into any of the 12 zodiac signs, each of them with different weapons, look, equipment and its own fighting style.

    This rider uses a card device to transform and there is a mechanical voice that says the form.

    Noone knows if this Rider is good or evil... as s/he seems fighting both monsters and other riders.

    But s/he might work with other Riders if s/he must.
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    New added Kamen Rider ideas

    My new added Kamen Rider ideas

    Kamen Rider Decade X

    Kamen Rider Decade X is another rider from the other world travelling into Decade's world to spy on him to see if he's really on the good side or the bad side. He encounters Diend as a challenger and he works alone but sometimes working together. He processed the powers of first, second, third and special riders like Decade and Diend. He's got an X symbol on his helmet (like Kaixa and X) and his armour (like Decade) but it's coloured green.

    • Height: 192cm
    • Weight: 84kg
    • Punching Power: 10t
    • Kicking Power: 19t
    • Maximum Jumping Height: 62
    • Maximum Running Speed: 100m/4.5

    DecadeDriver X - It's similar to Decade's but it got an "X" symbol on it. He puts his card in the DecadeDriver Xand transforms like Decade but it's coloured light and drak green. When the "X" symbol comes to his helmet like Decade and Diend it lights up.

    Loading Gun / Sword Booker X- Same like Decade's but it had an "X" symbol on it.

    Rider Cards - Like Decade and Diend he uses the crads or first, second, thrid and other riders.

    Kamen Rider Stag

    Kamen Rider Stag is an earth technology rider.

    Kyosan is the main protagonist of the Kamen Rider fanfiction "Kamen Rider Stag". Kyosan is a lone traveler and his misson is to destory the "Virus" monsters because he was chosen to protect everything around him and people he cared about. He had a sister named Maya who wants to become a singer and actress and he supports her dream. There parents died in an accident because of the "Virus" Monsters attacking the city and he and his sister are the only survivors left. Kyosan will keep contact with Maya wherever he goes and rides on his motorcycle. Whenever there's trobule he will always be there to protect her.

    As Kamen Rider Stag he has the ability to run at high speed in his AXEL form or normal form. Kyosan uses a Stag Zecter (Form of a Stag Beetle). He uses weapons and vehicles.

    Kamen Rider Leo

    Kamen Rider Leo is another time traveler from the future. He teams up with Kamen Rider Honou and help Den-O and the other riders to take down Imagins. His armor is based on a lion and armor color is silver and black. His weapon is a sword and forms into a gun.

    Leo Belt
    Leo Pass
    Leo Saber

    Leo-Liner is similar to Den Liner and Zen Liner mixed in because it's based on a lion.
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    I am not sure which season this would fit into but.

    Kamen Rider: Dragonfly
    Motif: Dragonfly

    Dragonfly is based off of, what else, a Dragonfly, much like Kamen Rider Drake.

    He uses a key gimmick in his belt. The skeleton keyhole on the top is where the key is put in. Depending on the key used he changes into a different species of Dragonfly with different abilities. His basic form uses a gold key with Dragonfly wings at the top. When the key is inserted into the keyhole, The rider turns the key which activates the standby noise. Pushing the key, and the armor forms around him with wings.
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    Kamen Rider NeOOO
    NeOOO belt: This belt acquires both core & cell medals. The cell acquires a blank form (like Den-O's plat form), and the core medals also acquire him to use combos.
    Medajavelin: NeOOO's personal weapon.
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    Kamen Rider Semi:
    Semi has a Masked Form.
    The Semi Zecter comes to you in 2 halves, you catch both halves and stick both halves wings forward in a Rider Belt.
    Clock Up is a slap of a button on the hip ala Kabuto.
    Flick both wings up to initiate the Cast Off command, push both down to Cast Off, the belt says "Change Cicada".
    In Rider Form flick both wings up to initiate the Rider Float which levitates you up in the air. Flick the left wing down after Rider Float= Rider Kick, Right= Rider Punch.
    Weapon= Kunai Gun
    Special Ability= With a Rider Belt retrofitted in secret by Kagami Riku it has access to the Super Clock Up function, which gives the wearer access to ever evolving speeds faster than the original Clock Up function, possibly in time matching the Hyper Zecter for speed.
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    Kamen Rider Fortress:

    He has 9 forms, called classes.
    They are:

    1.Scout-The speedy class.Carries a scatter gun.
    2.Soldier-The balanced class.Carries a rocket launcher.
    3.Pyro-The attack class.Carries a flamethrower.
    4.Demo-The explosive class.Carries a grenade launcher and C4s.
    5.Heavy-The brute class.Carries a mini gun.
    6.Engineer-The tactical class.He can build robots to assist him in fights.His main weapon is a shotgun.
    7.Medic-The healer class.Carries a sub-machine gun that shoots out needle-like bullets.He can heal wounds.
    8.Sniper-The distanced class.Designed to take out targets far away, he is armed with a sniper rifle.
    9.Spy-The stealth class.Carries a dagger that can transform into a gun.

    His base form is Soldier.

    Alternatively, his gimmick power revolves around his Hattes and Loadout ability.Each hat gives him an attack that he previously did not have.Fortress' Loadout ability revolves around him setting a hat in his Loadout Slot which allows classes to gain upgrades of armor and weapons.

    Fortress uses the 2Fort Driver.His Loadout Slot on his belt is blue while his main belt on the front that activates the form change Hattes is red.So form change Hattes go in the belt, the attack/upgrade hattes go in the Loadout Slots.

    Fortress is funded by a company named Valve, which is owned by an eccentric man by the name of Naben Gewell.
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    Could you make more like that? What's the item?
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    kamen rider death uses the death memory
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    ............annnnnnnnnnnnd?, what that's it?. no details on what his powers are or what not?
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    There's got to be a way to make an alien rider that possesses the power of zodiarts. Someone who's like Gills without the need of a belt to transform and is like Chalice.
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    Does it have to be a made up kamen rider from one of the Heisei shows? Cause I just cant come up with a plausible way to make my dream kamen rider fit very well into any of the shows. Dacade and W are the closest I could get but it still doesnt fit very well with them either. Let me know please?
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    Yes. It has to be.

    From Kuuga to Wizard.
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    The rules have been broken.:laugh:
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    ....That's a stupid rule. Half my riders fit into their own worlds. Besides with the advent of AR worlds in Decade any rider of any world, in a series or not, can exist. So Shagon, your boy can have his own world seperate from the rest. Decade did something good for a change.

    So it turns out Henshin Slayer made this thread so he can set the rules as he wants. If he decides he doesn't want riders who can't fit into the heisei era shows specifically then I guess I'll set up a new thread for all the other concepts. Speaking of which...I have work to do.
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