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    This idea was stolen from the CBU Rumble Boards.

    Anyway, threat is attacking earth, yadda yadda yadda...You've been chosen to create an elite team of 7 members to defend the planet. The threat level will be adjusted to match the strength of your team, so you'll be in for a tough fight. Who do you pick and why?

    1. Leader - Havok. (X-men) He's a talented leader in any scenario or team he's put in, and he's much more laid back and flexible than his older brother. He doesn't have the same experience, but he makes up for it in ingenuity.

    2. Baraka (Mortal Kombat) - Odd choice? Probably. But the man is a walking fighting machine, and considering the amount of damage your typical mortal kombat fighter can take and still come back for more, he's a good front lines man.

    3. Chalice (Kamen Rider Blade) - Kickass powers, understands the value of life, can go to Wild Form and take out pretty much anyone in one hit, not to mention shape shift into 13 different undead and use their powers to his advantage.

    4. Dr. Tommy Oliver (Power Rangers Dino Thunder) - While I'm tempted to call him to duty during his green ranger days for pure cool factor, Tommy as the Black Ranger was more experienced AND more powerful. Just a hands down good choice.

    5. Batman - Been going on raw power so far, but Batman would outthink the opponent and find a weakness, an area to direct all of that raw power. If it comes to it, he'll throw down too, but in a team like this and with a threat like this he's better off hanging back.

    6. Wolfwood (Trigun) - His cross is full of mercy. Nuff Said.

    And finally, their secret weapon, only to be used as a last resort.

    7. GODZILLA. Do you need to ask why?
  2. Keith Justice

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    Jason, Gold - Greatest Power Ranger of all time!

    Godzilla - This is a guy you ALWAYS want on your side

    Power Master Optimus Prime - I get the Power Suit to merge with him.

    Marc Dacasacocas-whatever - One of the greatest martial artists I've ever seen go

    Mr. T - I pitty the fool who stands against this guy.

    Sonny Chiba - Japan's greatest hero.

    Mecha Godzilla - This... would be MY Zord. :thumbs:
  3. Jedah Crow

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    Just for variety's sake, I'll avoid using names already listed.

    Son Goku - The Superman of anime.

    Hakaider - The original toku bad boy. He and my next pick will take care of the things the squeamish can't handle. Besides you gotta have at least one guy that just likes to blow shit up.

    Jack Bauer - It may take him twenty-four hours to do it but he's always gets the job done.

    The Question - Incredibly underrated as a detective, reporter, martial artist and mystic. People will learn the hard way that just because he's crazy doesn't mean he isn't right.

    Dr. Strange - If the threat be magical, it best to have the Sorcerer Supreme on your side.

    Kenny - Will distract the threat by getting killed over and over and over again.

    Candy Cane - We need a token girl in the line-up and I happen to like red-headed, punk rock, school girl wrestlers who may or may not have lesbian tendencies.
  4. scikaiju

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    Captain America- for leadership and strategy. He can think of of strategy that can take down anybody, even Batman.

    Kamen Rider Kuuga- Just for the versitilty in power. Red form basic, blue jumping and agility, green hyper senses, pulple just a tough sob. Not to mention a rider kick that can take out a city block

    Eric Meyers/ Quantum Ranger- Fighter, future technology and the Q-Rex for those big sumbitches

    Dr. Fate- Mystical abilities

    Gambit- hey every team needs a guy that ain't exactly on the side of the angels, so to speak. Plus he an up close and long range threat.

    Warbird- powehouse and militray ties. Just keep her away from the alchol

    Green Lantern(Kyle Ranor)- most powerful weapon in the univers nuff said. And Kyle is a graphic artist so imagination is no problem
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  5. KR Garren

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    Captain America - the best leader and strategist you can find.

    Quantum Ranger/Eric Myers - because you need a Ranger and his Mech on your team.

    Nightwing - for stealth, detective work and acrobatics.

    Vegeta - the powerhouse of the team. he may be a little guy but he can fight.

    Deadpool - weapons master and comedy relief.

    Captain Marvel/Genis Mar-Vell - powerful cosmic being with cosmic awareness. this is definately the pre-insane Genis.

    Kamen Rider Faiz/Inui Takumi - for tech. and b/c i needed a rider on the team.

    there you have it. three leader types (Cap, Genis and Nightwing) and four badasses who dont like to take orders (Eric, DP, Vegeta and Takumi). should make for some good conflict and action. wish i could have found a chick to add to the team instead of the sausage fest that's there but none met my specific fields. now if this was a team of 8 then i woulda added one for sex appeal. probably Scarlet Witch for both sex appeal and to be the resident mystic (this would be before the whole crazy dissassembled thing)
  6. UltraMatt

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    Kamen Rider Knight - Need I explain?

    Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta - C'mon! This guy is POWERFUL!

    Ultraman Nexus - Oh yeah baby! Squish em!

    King Ghidorah - Who would want to piss of a giant three-headed dragon?!

    Rayquaza from Pokemon - A Giant Green Flying Dragon with a massive Hyper Beam attack! BOO YEAH!

    Brachio Ranger - Most experienced Ranger in Dino Thunder and has the Brachio zord! I wanna see it in action! :p

    A Drunk Irishman - Very violent XP

    Nah, j/k. The final choice is....

    Mace Windu - He's a great Jedi, great character and true to the Jedi order.
  7. Aoi Kurenai

    Aoi Kurenai Mad Skillz

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    Ultraman Nexus-Token kickass giant guy XD

    Big One - Token kickass normal sized guy

    Kamen Rider Faiz- Token leader guy

    Ban-DekaRed- Token guy who rushes into everything

    Mothra - Token "guy you'd least expect to be strong" guy

    Cyborg 009- Joe Shimamura- Just 'cause I can XD

    Tsubasa-Magiyellow- Token new kickass guy

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