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    Episode 40:

    Yellow narrates the events of the last two episodes as the Kyurangers head for Casseiopia. We see them playing baseball, Yellow backs up to shortly before they landed. On the Orion he cooked for everyone, banter occurs before arriving to planet SBC in the Caaiopeia System which is a flying baseball stadium. The malistrate, Gloven, shows himself on a monitor challenging them to Deathball. Blue thinks this is how they will get the kyu globe energy, Hooh Knight explains what baseball is to the others with Purple sporting green sunglasses to show he is a coach. A kyu globe is used to give everyone uniforms and Yellow is not enthused. Fast forward to the game where everyone does intros for their positions. After the opening the game starts with Glover up to bat and striking out thanks to Pink catching his homerun. An indaver is struck out with Silver and Gold dancing over it. Red strikes an indaver out with Glover saying they should use their ace. Mecha Madoko soon interrupts the game to shoot at Orange which soon results in a brawl. Glover tells Red he is a good pitcher as he attacks him via a baseball bat. Yellow saves him followed by the umpire saying Orange is out of the game for unnecessary roughness. After rightful outrage Red strikes a homerun from Mecha Madoko pitching. Yellow's right wrist swells up when Black points out he is Orange's replacement, Pink finds this worrysome upon realizing something. Yellow strikes out, unable to hit the ball out of being bad at baseball. After striking out- Oh haha Orange has a dark cloud around him. Hooh Knight pitches, striking out the Jark Matter. It pretty much becomes a slaughter in favor of the Kyurangers when Yellow is not batting. Glover throws his bat hard enough to injure three Kyurangers which allows Jark Matter to cheat their way to some points. Red is knocked down by a flaming baseball from Glover and unable to stand. Black and Blue are out soon after.

    The score is neck and neck- Wait how did Mecha Madoko split the ball into eight balls? Yellow fails at batting once again with Glover taunting he is not worth it. Purple calls time out due to it being dark (more like a dark lens on the camera, the sky is clearly daylight). On the Orion the team try figuring out what to do, Red pointing out they need a homerun. Yellow points out he cannot back down as he gives a speech admitting he was running away. The next day everything is reset with Red and Yellow on the stands to make things dramatic. Yellow demands Glover do his best and he decides why the hell not. Pink even saw him train with Red and he failed so hard. Red tells them to believe in Yellow who transforms and throws the ball via his visor nose, getting a homerun. It's dumb, but in a classy way. Glover is in disbelief as Mecha Madoko yells at him before firing. Yellow does a speech about hard working getting them where they were and the kyu globe they have been looking for appears. It's power? A baseball called the Kyuranger Hurricane which everyone gets a catch at while indavers attack. Red transforms and uses his sword to bat the Kyuranger Hurricane, turning it unto a flag that crushes Glover who proceeds to grow once his badge breaks. All the voyagers are summoned to become Kyutamajin. Glover holds the mecha off via his bat so Red calls for Orion Battler to return the favor. The Super Galaxy is thrown to Orion Battler who rechannels it via his club to end Glover. Both mechs stand tall as a sign of respect to the sport of baseball. The episode ends with Yellow cooking for everyone in celebration and Red stating they are ready to head for Southern Cross. Next episode shows a lot of fighting and Kign Aslam holding a sword to Red's neck.

    Glover: Powers include a baseball bat, throwing flaming baseballs, throwing white energy cutters, telekinetic baseballs that can burrow, and yellow energy balls called the Swordfish Killer.
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    Episode 41:

    The Kyurangers prepare to go to Southern Cross with the new kyu globes. Gigante Hooh, Ryuteioh, and Orion Battler form to confront the Jark Matter fleet as Hooh Knight mentions they need to go at four separate locations, Blue volunteered to use Kyurenoh with Caesar. Super Kyurenoh forms to fight a giant Unit-00 and terminates it via Super Galaxy. Orion Battler deals with the Jark Matter fleet before the four mecha use the kyu globes to destroy the Crux System barrier. Cut to Don Armage telling someone to eliminate Red. On the Orion everyone eats rice balls as they head to the purple planet Southern Cross which is guarded by Hell's Gate. Gold has a kyu globe to keep the stelthy and alive while in Southern Cross's atmosphere, but only for thirty minutes. Red tells them to head out and Gold activates their stealth mode- HOW DOES A GIANT LEAF MAKE SOMETHING INVISIBLE!? Once on the planet everyone but Purple and Pink encounter the six indaver suits (and more via cgi), shooting at the garrison and five of them staying behind to hold the line as the others progress. The guy Don Armage sent arrives via fire ball. He asks where Red is and they transform. The others run down stairs and encounter- Oh snap it's Black Cross King! Well, sort of, same costume. Southern King serves as the system's malistrate and Hell's Gate's guard. The rangers transform while rushing him. He claims to have been the planet's king and defected to the Jark Matter willfully, insert might is right mentality is here. He soon hits them with a rainbow beam from his arm blades that causes the Kyurangers to experience horrific events in their lives. This slowly breaks their minds through pure suffering, but Red remains completely still. He sees his dad who attacks his friends. During that we see Blue as the only one still fighting samurai guy who even knocks Caesar away who tells him something about the assassin.

    Pink is unable to contact anyone, Purple notes they are running out of time (10 minutes to be exact). Red fights his fake dad who states the same shit Southern King did. Red sees through all this while anguishing. He slashes Southern King and broke the illusion. Red has more confidence in his father which gets everyone out of their hallucinations so they transform once more, this time with intros. This time the Kyurangers over power him while Purple tells them time is running out. The others head for the gate while Red uses the supreme kyu globe to power up. Southern King teleports around while the others aim for a shield generator on a wall. Red manages to uses his portal powers to cause Southern King to hallucinate. The generators are busted and Red plows Southern King into Hell's Gate. Night falls, the others spot their teammates and Blue is slashed by samurai guy. Red gets angry and fights him while Hooh Knight tells the others to get the injured on the Orion. Hooh Knight starts to suffer and goes down quickly while both Red and the assassin land a projectile on each other. Red recognizes his face- It's King Aslam! He recognizes his son once his mask is off when Don Armage appears as a hologram, revealing he is possessing him. The mask soon reforms so King Aslam can continue fighting. Hooh Knight teleports himself and Red off to the Battle Ship Orion. Somehow Blue also made it back as the injured are all being treated on board. The episode ends with Red enraged. Next episode shows all four mechs fighting and Red fighting King Aslam on the Orion

    Southern King: Powers include teleportation, a blade on each arm that causes hallucinations, and red hand beams
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    Episode 42:

    After Hooh Knight narrates the events of last episode we see Don Armage ordering his underlings to finish the Kyurangers. Most of them have recovered except for Blue who is resting. Red is still uneasy from the last fight when Hooh Knight asks him who he is fighting for: His dad or the universe. The Battle Ship Orion reaches the otherside of the gate's tunnel, revealing a hollowed planet where the surface is inverted. Moaiders attack, Purple gets a bad feeling, and Hooh Knight gets a chest pain. Giants start firing from the planet core, Ryuteioh and Gigante Hooh form to fight them. Kyurenoh forms soon after, but Red is too distracted to fight properly at first. I will take a moment to say this kaiju fight is awesome. Mecha Madoko is piloting a moraimarz while Don Armage orders King Aslam and another Unit-00 to slay Red. Mecha Madoko teleports off when her moraimarz is about to explode. Pink and Silver tell the others the planet core is where planetium that has been harvested is stored which can make it explode. Pink thinks it could destroy the universe- A GALAXY IS NOT A UNIVERSE! Super Galaxies are used to destroy the remaining giants when a new challenger comes, a mecha composed of the vice shoguns! Professor Anton brags how awesome his genius is and the mech's name is Akyacchuga. The mechs are easily defeated and both Orion Battler and Kyutamajin are summoned which fail to do anything. King Aslam spots Red and attacks him in the Battler Orion. Their duel leads to the bridge, Pink and Silver are knocked out by electrical eye flashes while the others use Ryutei Kyurenoh in an attempt to regroup. Hooh Knight fends off King Aslam and throws him out a window. A kyu globe is used to make the Orion invisible. The Super Galaxy easily loses to Akyacchuga, forcing the mechs to retreat.

    Everyone regroups on the Orion, Hooh Knight verbally smacks Red who states he will beat King Aslam. Green tries talking sense into him which kind of works, but he walks off anyway. Purple think Don Armage's final plan is universal destruction- GALAXIES ARE NOT UNIVERSES! Stealth mode is about to give when Silver thinks they can use his black hole kyu globe. Orange confronts Red, telling him not to disappoint. Purple agrees to the black hold plan, the others talk about how to deal with Akyacchuga and Red's dad. Red walks in, saying he made up his mind as he remembers his dad saying he needs to believe in his own fortune. Blue wakes up giving red some confidence. Hooh Knight asks for Purple's help on something. Akyacchuga attacks as the Orion is close to the core followed by Super Kyurenoh shooting at them. Ryuteioh and Hooh Knight use surprise attacks and more fighting ensues once Orion Battler joins in. So much action. Orion Battler is briefly possessed, but Super Kyurenoh frees it. All four mechs eventually use their Super Galaxies before using Battle Ship Orion as their giant sentai bazooka, Orion Big Bang Cannon which is not a Yamato Wave Motion Gun. Akyacchuga is destroyed and Pink has the Battle Ship Orion head for the core. Purple tells everyone that Don Armage has Red's dad. Red tells everyone he must do what must be done as Gold finishes a black hole generator. The Orion crashes and everyone sets out to fight for the fate of the universe. The Kyurangers begin to raid a base that looks like a garage, encountering tsuyois and indavers. King Aslam slowly walks to their location while Hooh Knight is escorted by Mecha Madoko and the episode ends with hin confronting Don Armage in hologram form. Next episode shows Don Armage on a throne and another Deathworm.

    Akyacchuga: Powers include flight, a chained mace right hand, a claw left hand with a red energy blade, blue lightning from the torso triangle called the Triangle Burst, absorbing projectiles in the torso triangle, eye lasers, machine hijacking waves from the left shoulder
    King Aslam continued: .... flight, red hand blasts, red electrical eye flashes
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    Merry Christmas, Henshin Justice! There will be no new plot synopsis tomorrow so come back on Kwanza!

    Episode 43:

    Purple narrates the events of last episode as the Kyurangers fight off indavers in Toei's famous garage. They transform and pose once a squad of tsuyois attach. Don Armage and Hooh Knight have a chat, the former saying the universe will soon be destroyed with nothing left. Pink activates the bomb and they only have fifteen minutes left. King Aslam appears and Red confronts him while the others go plant the bomb- And three of them stay to help him. Red uses the supreme kyu globe after some banter. Don Armage explains to Hooh Knight he is immortal and will survive the end of the universe and will recreate it. Hooh Knight points out he will have no bodies left to possess, Don Armage thinks he does not grasp his goals. He shows Hooh Knight his true form which shocks him. Meanwhile, Red and King Aslam fight with Blue, Green, and Cyan helping him- What is with the fences? Blue makes a duplicate of himself and Cyan grows so Red can land a hit which fails as he reverts to his civilian form. The others find Hooh Knight who is in disbelief as he states Don Armage got away. Gold sets the bomb ona control console while the others are beaten up by King Slam. Red remembers what his dad told him about believing in his fortune as he tells his dad he can save him. He gets a sword handle to the face, but still keeps talking. Just as Red is stabbed, his kyu globe glows as it stops the blade, expanding and pushing King Aslam back long enough for Red to slash the mask again. King Aslam starts regaining his sanity and recognizes his son as he wonders why he acted so recklessly. Red replies he is his only dad. It is a touching moment when Mecha Madoko attacks and Don Armage shows up, stating his bomb will detonate which will destroy the universe. Mecha Madoko is taken aback by this as the others show up. Don Armage promises to spare only her if she fights the Kyurangers. All ten of them transform at once and do intros with some low angling. Meca Madoko gets fired upon as the editing takes them outside where everything looks like a rooftop on a blue tint. Massive assaulting ensues as Mecha Madoko and Don Armage can barely hold their own. So cool. Don Armage points out his defeat is impossible, but they fail to care as Mecha Madoko is thrown near him. King Aslam throws his sword to disarm Don Armage so Red can slash him. Star Crashes are used on him, ten at once, which destroys Mecha Madoko and Don Armage almost kills King Aslam before disappearing. His eye lasers managed to hit the black hole generator, disabling it, and Mecha Madoko grows. Hooh Knight says he will handle her while the others fix the black hole generator.

    Kyutamajin is formed offscreen to fight Mecha Madoko who summons a deathworm to assist her. Gold is unable to fix the generator, the only way it can be done is if someone stays behind and is sucked into the black hole. Red states he will do it since he survived a black hole before. King Aslam volunteers to do it since escaping the energy and black hole would be impossible- RED CAN OPEN PORTALS FOR FUCK SAKE THIS IS STUPID! Also a dad saving his son is his duty and whatnot. It's a touching yet somber moment. The rangers leave while Kyutamajin shakes the deathworm off and Battler Orion shows up to help. The two against two battle rages on- Chest lasers? REALLY? Ugh. Battle Ship Orion is used in Big Bang Cannon mode to destroy the deathworm and Mecha Madoko in a fiery explosion. Red states there is no time left, Blue asks about his dad, King Aslam sees memories of his son before turning the switch, and the Battle Ship Orion leaves just as Southern Cross is consumed by a black hole. Don Armage appears as a hologram saying that their victory was hollow. After that Red is mourning near a window since he could not save him. Green states he did save him and he stayed to ensure Don Amrage's defeat. Blue tells them to come to the bridge- WHY IS THERE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS EVERYWHERE!? Cyan apparently told everyone about it so they put this all together to help Red feel better- AND IT WORKS! Talk about tone whiplash- HOW DID PURPLE GET A SANTA COSTUME!? WHY IS THERE A KYU GLOBE THAT MAKES SANTA OUTFITS AND MAKE THE LENS BLURRY!? The ending plays and apparently Gold has a snowman costume, my mistake. Before the preview the rangers wish everyone Merry Christmas. Next episode shows Anton unleashing a deathworm with more colors and Don Armage taking off a cloak.

    Mecha Madoko continued: .... black smokescreen from the shoulders and a purple laser from each pectoral
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    Episode 44:

    Purple narrates the events of last episode we find out from Minati some episodes back that Jark Matter is shaky. Purple thinks Don Armage is up to something as we see him talking to Professor Anton aboard a big moraimarz. After that Yellow serves Dinner when the pegasus kyu globe attaches to him and forces his body to jump around. Red reminds the audience about pegasus followed by Purple mentioning how he and Cyan became Kyurangers. Pegasus recognizes Hooh Knight and his origin is briefly touched upon- This is the yearly clipshow even though we already had once? Hooh Knight mentions how his destruction of Don Armage was not enough even when they destroyed him a second time in the past. Pink is alerted that planets in the Corvus System are exploding so they head there. Pegasus wonders if Don Armage is immortal, they point out his possession of Minati followed by touching upon the events of the last few episodes and his plans for destroying and recreating the universe. Hooh Knight flashesback to his talk with Don Armage, keeping something to himself. Voyagers are sent down to planet Veronia sonce in the system. A moraimarz is already on the surface and appears to be strange what with looking black and purple. Hooh Knight remembers that they used this planet as a labor camp until he freed it. He met Kuervo in this camp in a flashback since the two worked together to start a prison break. His fighting inspired Kuervo to be his partner ever since. Pegasus has doubts about this as Hooh Knight says his bond with him was unbreakable. Purple tells the others Pink's analysis that this moraimarz turns planetium into a volatile explosive. Anon, carried by a Unit-00, shows up from the shadows. Silver tells Green not to approach him when she tries to rush him. Anton reveals he is making dark planetium which is regular planetium with modifications. Planet Veronia is about to explode when a deathwor appears.

    The fight goes on the surface, the rangers quickly find out this is not a regular deathworm as Anton points out its name is Bossworm and was heavily modified. Hooh Knight collapses from pain, Pegasus tells Yellow to buck up as he wants to see their evolution. This gives the others confidence as they all use various kyu globes and do intros. Using their powers Bossworm is easily beaten up while Orange fights the Unit-00 carrying Professor Anton followed by Green assaulting both villains. No idea why Green is acting like she is in a make up magazine and saying real women can be scary (maybe she has vagina dentata?). Red mocks Anton's brilliance while Hooh Knight is unable to stand. The Star Crashes are used on both of them, but they survive and Anton teleports off while the others show up. Super Kyurenoh is formed offscreen to fight the black moraimarz when Bossworm grows to fight them. Green still acts weird for no reason before the fight actually happens. Lots of struggling, a little whipping, Cyan uses his voyager's tiny motorcycle for a quick attack, and Pegasus has Super Kyurenoh fire the shoulder cannon, allowing the Super Galaxy to blow Bossworm to pieces. Lasers start attacking Super Kyurenoh and force everyone out. The source? Don Armage! He asks Hooh Knight to tell the Kyurangers who he was, he replies he did not want to believe it as the current Don Armage takes off his cloak, revealing to be.... Kuervo. He states he nearly died defending Hooh Knight, soon turning into a more angelic form of Don Armage. So yes, Don Armage possessed him just after Hooh Knight slashed him, almost defeated. Don Armage flies off, saying they will meet again as the planet begins to explode. Hooh Knight tells Kuervo to fight his possession before he teleports off. The Kyurangers escape with all of the civilians that were never seen. Pegasus goes back to his kyu globe followed by wondering why they were using dark planetium. After some discussion they think he is heading to Earth next. Hooh Knight thinks that Earth has so much planetium it could destroy the universe! Minati calls in via monitor that Earth is having a big moraimarz being drilled into it. The episode ends with our heroes heading for Earth. Next episode shows. Next episode shows Anton using a custom Unit-00 and Cyan finding his little brother.

    Bossworm: Powers include fast burrowing, a pair of whip arms that can be charged with blue energy for more damage, and size changing
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    Episode 45:

    Red narrates the events of last episode. Hooh Knight walks into the command room and everyone brings up his friend being possessed. Hooh Knight states he will do things his way even if it costs him his life. Red points out Hooh Knght might be dying just as the Orion arrives at Earth's orbit. Voyagers are sent out to fight attacking moaiders. Some head to ground level, Cyan finds his little brother, Jiro. Anton uses a Unit-00 to appear out of nowhere and state how he will destroy Earth and the universe. Black asks why bother universe busting when Don Armage teleports from the sky to state his goal again. He tells Hooh Knight that he cannot succeed and this leads to both of them fighting while the others handle the Unit-00. Red tries helping Hooh Knight while the others fight Professor Anton, Cyan even points out there will be nobody to recognize him which makes him an idiot. This triggers him and he possesses the Unit-00 to go gun happy. Hooh Knight and Don Armage fight on a long ass bridge, the former suffering from what looks like a chest pain which makes him vulnerable. Red spots Hooh Knight who is on his knees. Don Armage uses this to reveal Kuervo willfully let him possess him as he was dying and we see this in a flashback. After the possession he made duplicates to deal with Hooh Knight who he thought was now not as strong. Hooh Knight mentions he is a savior of the universe. Don Armage reveals he is destroying the universe to end its suffering. Red calls him out and Hooh Knight takes energy blasts to prevent him from getting hurt. Don Armage flies and teleports off as Hooh Knight states he will die soon, only his kyu globe keeping him alive. This is due to him giving Red some of his power back when they time traveled. Meanwhile, Anton manhandles Orange in front of a crowd followed by a laser blast on the Kyurangers. He wants the people to think they are the bad guys when Jiro and the crowd start defending them. Jiro then calls him stupid which angers Anton and he teleports off. The crowd gets happy when Pink calls everyone back.

    On the Orion Hooh Knight reveals he will die soon, but tells them not to worry as he will save Kuervo. Red says he wants to see the universe in person by going to its edge. He points out everyone wants something once times become peaceful. Each of them reveals something about themselves on by one- Green wants to be a teacher? Well that came out of nowhere. After some more talking Pink informs them indavers are attacking. Anton is turning humans into indavers while stroking his ego. Jiro is held hostage, but Orange uses his tail to save him. Green, Yellow, and Blue restrain the converted humans while the others transform to fight Professor Anton, the camera rotating in a circle as they do intros. Fighting breaks out with indavers and tsuyois abound, Cyan handles Anton followed by Black and Orange. They use the Star Crash despite Anton's pleas. He grows his unit and detaches his brain to try and run, Red hands his kyu globe to Cyan so he can use Kyurenoh to use him like a volley ball. Orion Battler also bashes him into his Unit-00, soon causing both to explode. Everyone cheers, Hooh Knight comments about protecting dreams. Later we see Purple doing one last kyulette which releases a kyu globe that calls for all the rangers. Red wears his dad's white jacket to signify it took everyone to get where they are now. Everyone looks at Earth as the sunrises to end the episode. Next episode shows Red, Orange, Silver, and Hooh Knight fighting Don Armage.

    Anton Bovine: Powers include dual wrist machine guns, a right shoulder laser cannon, and head energy blasts that turn humans into indavers
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    Episode 46:

    Hooh Knight narrates the events of the last two episode. The Kyurangers stare at the dark moraimarz and a giant army of indavers and tsuyois. After some chatter they transform and charge through the battalion followed by Ryuteioh and Super Kyurenoh forming to use their Super Galaxies. Don Armage in hologram form blocks their Super Galaxies and summons giant tsuyois to fight. Red and Hooh Knight head for the moraimarz while Orange and Silver deal with the main ground forces. A quick flashback involving Red and Hooh Knight takes place which has them talking about Red knowing Hooh Knight is a strong man and a friend. During battle they recall this as they are swarmed with mooks. So much action. Don Armage blocks their paths and Red states Hooh Knight is his friend as the two rangers charge in. During the sword fighting Don Armage tries psychological warfare by talkign Red down, but this flops. Hooh Knight takes a hit for Red as both of them are injured. Hooh Knight says he will be Red's shield to which Don Armage responds by teleporting him away in an orb of smoke. Red wakes up on the Orion, everyone looking down as Gold statea Hooh Knight was killed by Don Armage. Purple says they still have a ways to go before it is brought up that Kuervo was the real savior. Red yells at them when he notices his kyu globe is back. Cyan says Earth is destroyed as busted dreams are mentioned, Red finds this strange as he sees Earth is about to explode. Hooh Knight is told that Red is sent to a pit of despair to witness lamentation. Both of them argue about who Kuervo is and Don Armage develops a savior complex. An earthquake begins which disrupts the kaiju fight. Red states he cannot give up despite the fake others saying it is pointless. He fires the Battle Ship Orion's cannon right at the smoke orb he was imprisoned in, soon breaking free into the real world. Talk about lucky. Don Armage is shocked and expected him to die, Red just replies he will never give up and he will win. Silver and Orange join so all four can transform and do intros after a speech from Red.

    The four charge at Don Armage with their upgraded forms. This also confirms Red in Orion form REPLICATES weapons not take them. Hooh Knight briefly gets chest pains while Super Kyurenoh and Ryuteioh terminate the tsuyois just as things get desperate, the Earth shaking beneath them. The four rush Don Armage out of the moraimarz, allowing the Orion Big Bang Cannon to fire on it now that it lacks a barrier, even tearing through more tsuyois. Don Armage is displeased, Red points out they are not like him as the villain expected to be more powerful. The four then use the All Star Galaxy combo attack which damages Kuervo so much that Don Armage leaves his body. Hooh Knight almost collapses as he walks forward and apologizes to his friend. Kuervo charges at hom with a knife, Hooh Knight slays him. Kuervo crumbles to dust, Hooh Knight still calls him his friend and tells the others "fine work". Don Armage calls them fools, stating this is where the real hell begins as he begins to possess Hooh Knight's body. Hooh Knight knew this would happen when Kuervo was defeated. He begs the others to kill him with Don Armage. Red says they cannot give up, Hooh Knight says sorry and wants his final request to be fulfilled. Red yells he will abandon no friend as Don Armage fully possesses his body. He likes his new body as he absorbs planetium as part of his body and fires a purple energy ball that Purple blocks, inspired by Red's words. Purple asks everyone to forgive him as the ball explodes and his body is absorbed into Don Armage, stating that he is overflowing with power. Don Armage flies into the sky, ending the episode on a dire cliffhanger and Red saying this is where they start as ultimate saviors. I LIKE THIS SERIES! Next episode shows day and night fighting against Don Armage.
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    Episode 47:

    Silver narrates the events of last episode. Don Armage is absorbing Earth's planetium to create a new army and restore his immortality. Pink calculates it will be complete in 99 hours, green wonders if they must really kill Hooh Knight. Red asks them to risk their lives for now and tomorrow. After the opening plays Green storms off in a fit, Blue trying to calm her down. She is angry thinking Red does not trust them, finding it strange. Blue can relate to how things have changed. After that Silver tells Gold he, for the first time, is afraid. Gold tells him this is important and that he shouldn't give into fear as he claims everything will be find. Yellow also comforts Pink who misses Purple, saying they will take back the galaxy. Orange is met by Black and Cyan, they chat a bit on justice and how Orange believes Cyan is the strongest person from Earth. The sun rises, Red says it is time as everyone walks into the command room reporting for duty. once on the surface the ten rangers stare down the army ahead, transform, and charge in while doing intros during combat. Don Armage sends out Unit-00s/Bovines/failed Blacks to assist. SO. MUCH. ACTION. The moraimarzes try shooting at ground level, but Orion Battler attacks the four of them. Slow motion lasts into the night and the next day and that night followed by the next day and then night and then that morning soyes they fought for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT! Blue loses his costume and soon gets surrounded before getting shot up. A moraimarz shoots Yellow down to defend the Orion Battler- AND THEN PINK JUST GETS OUT. Granted to make sure he's okay, but now your mech is open to laser fire! Indavers start swarming on them and they both go down in a blaze of glory. Orange, Black, and Cyan are surrounded and without their costumes, obviously worse for wear as they too are shot up. Gold and Silver are back to back, the former powering down and the latter experiencing the Inside Out gang minus Disgust. Silver succumbs to being tired as mooks charge in.

    Red and Green confront Don Armage who says his body is complete despite no changes. Both of them transform and easily get defeated while the villain brags about restoring immortality. Green is quickly taken back by a hard blow via eye lasers and Don Armage absorbs all the rangers that are no Red into himself. The sky is suddenly dark, Red charges in and gets overpowered- THE SUPREME KYU GLOBE IS DESTROYED! Don Armage claims there is no miracle for him this time. Red goes on about how he used to hate him at first yet they both changed for the better over time. He still keeps fighting when Don Armage's body holds him back, allowing Red to punch his now glowing abdomen. Since he has all the Kyurangers in once place all their constellations form around him and the eleven of them use a Star Crash on the inside while Red slashes the torso. Everyone is ejected out including Hooh Knight and the Supreme Kyu Globe is restored. Talk about lucky! Don Armage is confused, Red says his absorbing gave him an idea that kyu globes would still function so if all of them placed theirs in him that would stop him. Everyone gives encouraging words except Pink who shakes Purple for being so risky. Also Hooh Knight is better due to all the planetium. This enrages Don Armage so as a last resort he summons the whole galaxy's planetium, including all lifeforms, and possess the galaxy itself in a new form! So glad TV-Nihon translated this correctly and not as UNIVERSE. The Kyurangers reject him as the galaxy belongs to everyone, charging in before the ending plays and Don Armage fires hand lightning. Next episode shows everyone's war face and posing.

    Next episode will determine where I rank this! Will it surpass Magiranger as the best of Super Sentai? Find the fuck out next time!
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    Episode 48:

    Don Armage claims to be the galaxy itself, everyone else disagrees. The rangers charge in like last episode, Don Armage holds his own against them all, lots of explosions and slashes abound. The narrator does an epic speech with the title card showing one last time. The fight goes on, many special moves and combos being used. Don Armage soon regenerates and sends purple lightning everywhere, knocking the heroes down. He claims his power magnificent as he brags how everyone will suffer inside of him forever followed by causing a massive fissure that depowers the team. Red still believes in his luck. Don Armage gives his backstory consisting of being born from lamentations and suffering in the galaxy. Unending despair means unending power. The emotions of the trapped individuals even force themselves on the rangers, Don Armage saying they will fall into despair. Red gets up saying they will make a galaxy where this will never happen. He cries out to those trapped souls, giving a rousing speech which the others join in by one by one. It's fucking beautiful. Red tells them all to shout which succeeds as Don Armage is forced to release everyone from his body. The Kyurangers do their intros without their costumes followed by transforming all at once with a group pose. GLORIOUS. Everyone does their various impacts, Don Armage noticing energy is still spilling out of his body. Red uses the supreme kyu globe and the Star Crash from everyone is used, temporarily help back by Don Armage until Red punches it at him. One explosion later Don Armage grows, banter follows and Kyutamajin is summoned. Don Armage uses all of his remaining power to darken the sky, still claiming he is the galaxy, and fires a purple torso beam at them. Kyutamajin fires a yellow energy beam from it's torso, signifying how contradictory both sides really are. Hooh Knight notes he is using all his planetium.

    Red tells him to squeeze out every drop of planetium he still has. Everyone grunts and pushes the levers in their cockpits forward. Every constellation lights up, Silver pointing out how the galaxy itself is cheering them on. Both beams stop, Red says that is the power of the constellations. Kyutamahin lights up and the Super Galaxy, now called the Star Break, forms energy versions of all the voyagers which ram into Don Armage. He is in disbelief as he finally explodes with enough force to change it back to day again. On the ground and in human sized form he releases all of the remaining souls throughout the galaxy all at once. Red tells him to give it up and Don Armage says he congratulates them for cornering him before mentioning he can still possess others. He turns into a comet of dark energy to nab Red and throw him into orbit where he slowly dies- Wait that was just an energy ball? Red freezes up while the others get zapped via hand lightning. Red tries to survive despite the lack of oxygen and Don Armage's soul trying to possess him. The Leo constellation appears, Don Armage wonders why he cannot possess him, Red replies he is the luckiest man in the galaxy as the constellation itself launches meteors which allow Red to surf down to Earth. Purple has the others use the Star Crash all at once with Red doing a very strong slash immediately afterward. Don Armage wonders how lucky Red is before finally going down. Everyone throughout the galaxy thanks the Kyurangers and the narrator proclaiming they have saved the galaxy. Two years later we see Ankh from Kamen Rider OOO- I mean Orange in Purple's jacket aboard the Orion. On the galactic news Yellow opens his new restaurnt where everyone congratulates him. He owes his nine stars to them. Hooh Knight is glad he is president of space again, commenting they will make a new legend. Black brags about his winning streak and Purple lies about visiting multiple galaxies. Green mentions her dreams as a teacher while Silver and Gold use their treasure stealing to retrieve Jark Matter stolen treasure. Orange pushes Pink into Yellow so she can thank Yellow. Red is brought up that he is hanging around we see him and Blue traveling in space on a hoverbike doing astronomy predictions. Red hits his console too hard which has the hover bike go out of control. Yellow is interviewed by the news when the hover bike crashes near them. The episode ends with text thanking the viewers for sticking with them the entire year.
    There is no question, this is not only the best Super Sentai entry, but one of the best tokusatsu ever made. Everything was done with flying colors: The writing, the cinematography, the audio, the effects, the action, the cast (on both sides), the designs, and it had plenty of monsters of the week! The few problems I did have were surprisingly minor in the grand scheme of things. Super Sentai has finally done it, they made an entry so good it actually knocked off the likes of Juspion, Inazuman Flash, Garo: The Flower of Makai, Ultraman Dyna, and Kamen Rider Drive and I can now say I have a new favorite tokusatsu series after nearly a decade. In fact I'll also count movies too: Better than Ultra Galaxy Legends, better than Godzilla vs. Biollante, better than Gamera 2: Advent of Legion, better than Death Kappa, and better than the Daimajin trilogy. I fucking went there. Talk about lucky. If Kamen Rider Build is the absolute worst of the genre then this is the absolute best.

    No more further ado, time to rank stuff.

    Favorite Carriers and Mechanical Bases:
    DaiVoyager > Hyper Ressha > DekaBase > Magma Base > Turbo Builder > Orion Battler > Brachiosaurs > King Brachion > King Pyramider > Denzi Tiger > Battle Shark > Giga Bitus > Goggle Caesar > BragiOh > Sky Ace > Dyjupiter > Machine Buffalo > Jaguar Vulcan > Bio Dragon > Varidreen > Varibloom > Star Condor > Shuttle Base > Turbo Ranger > Dai Mugen > Nekomaru > Varikikyun > Gran Tortoise > Round Base > Gao Rock > Big Baser > Victrailer > Orion > Argo

    Favorite Mecha:
    Go-Buster Oh > Buster Hercules > DaiBouken > V-Rex > GaoHunter > Kyutamajin > Tategami Lioh > Great Five > GouZyuJin > Grand Liner > Bio Robo > Kiba Daioh > Jet Garuda > Kyurenoh > Ohranger Robo > Gosei Ground > GaoGod > Sirend Builder > Victory Robo > Turbo Robo > Star Five > Gouraijin > Go-Buster KeroOh > Gosei Great > Ryuteioh > DaiZyuZin > Jet Icarus > Dairenoh > Travelion > Gingaioh > PteraidenOh > Galaxy Mega > Oh Blocker > GaoKing > Five Robo > RV Robo > Delta Mega > Flash King > SpinoDaiOh > Tenkujin > Goggle Robo > SaiDaiOh > Live Boxer > GaoIcarus > Gigant Hooh > Gosei Wonder > Change Robo > DaiTanken > MagiKing > Engine Daishogun > Dyna Robo > GekiFire > MaxOhJa > Gosei Ultimate > PlezuOh > Battle Fever Robo > Ginga Rhinos > Ginga Phoenix > GaoMuscle > VRV Robo > Sun Vulcan Robo > Kerberios > MougyudaiOh > DekaWing > Lion Ha-Oh > Red Puncher > KyoRyuZin > DaiDenziJin > BakuRenOh > Liner Boy > Build DaiOh > Muteki Shogun > Time Robo Alpha > Sirender > Senpujin > Live Robo > Turbo Rugger > GouRyuJin > Kakure Daishogun > DieselOh > Dekaranger Robo > Victory Mars > WolKaiser > EngineOh > AbaRenOh > ToquOh > Mega Voyager > Shurikenjin > Time Robo Beta > Daigoyou > Titan Boy > Land Galaxy > GanbirOh > MagiLegend > DekaBike > GaoKnight > Mega Winger > Bison King > Time Shadow > SeikuOh > DaikaiOh > DodekaiOh > KillerOh > Bull Taurus > DaiTenku > GekiTohJa > SaintKaiser > Go-Roader GT > Gekiatsu Dai-Oh > ShinkenOh > Tsubasamaru > Sigma Project > Tousai Zyoh > Datas Hyper > Tackle Boy > GokaiOh > SafariGaOh > Zyuoh Wild > Condor Wild > Zyuoh King > Revolver Mammoth > Providus

    Favorite Series:
    Kyuranger > Magiranger > Changeman > Go-Busters > Timeranger > Fiveman > Goseiger > GoGo-V > Zyuranger > Go-Onger > Kyoryuger > Gingaman > Dekaranger > Denziman > Ohranger > Toquger > Shinkenger > Gaoranger > Bioman > Carranger > Zyuohger > Dynaman > Abaranger > Maskman > Goggle-V > Boukenger > Turboranger > Battle Fever J > Ninninger > Flashman > Gorenger > Dairanger > JAKQ > Kakuranger > Jetman > Gekiranger > Sun Vulcan > Liveman > Hurricanger > Megaranger > Gokaiger

    Favorite Openings:
    Turboranger > Bioman > Zyuranger > Ohranger > GoGo-V > Go-Onger > Gaoranger > Dairanger > Shinkenger > Flashman > Denziman > Gokaiger > Boukenger > Dynaman > Gingaman > Kyuranger > Hurricanger > JAKQ > Magiranger > Goggle-V > Megaranger > Kakuranger > Jetman > Dekaranger > Timeranger > Kyoryuger > Carranger > Sun Vulcan > Battle Fever J > Liveman > Changeman > Gorenger > Go-Busters > Kyuranger > Ninninger > Fiveman > Abaranger > Gekiranger > Maskman > Goseiger >Toquger > Zyuohger

    Episode of Stinger will be done next, after that I am taking a hiatus. Not permanent as after Episode of Stinger we will then move onto Lupinranger vs. Patoranger which, at the time of this post, is still airing. Until next time.
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    Episode of Stinger:

    Oh great, one hour. Kyurenoh fights a moraimarz on planet 3B. Just before the finisher we see Black short circuiting and his voyager soon ejects. Orange detaches his voyager and goes after him while Silver and Cyan replace the limbs. The moraimarz walks forward only to get a Super Galaxy which blows it up. Black goes haywire and Orange tries to calm him down. A mysterious blue guy shows up who Orange recognizes as Zandabard. He blasts Black and Orange off a cliff just as the others show up (wearing school uniforms). Zandabard teleports off while the others look over the cliff. Flashback to when Scorpio murdered random people in Orange's village- Oh that was a dream. Black and Orange wake up near the famous Sentai river and the latter explains what happened. Black recognizes the local flowers as belonging to Mika. There's the title card! Flashback to half a year ago to the Scorpio arc of the series with over exposure on the picture. Purple wanted Black and Orange to find a new kyu globe so we see the two walking around the woods with Orange rehydrating himself. Night falls, Black trains while encouraging Orange to do the same. The next day they eat out and walk around more and there is a fork in the road where they split up because Orange does not like taking orders from Black. He sings to himself until Black interrupts. Suddenly we see some woman with a right arm similar to Scorpio proclaiming she will kill a bunch of people in the name of Jark Matter. She proceeds to do that (rather horribly). Soon the crowd around her joins and manage to damage her. She fails at killing some random guy when Orange and Black show up and fight her. She holds her own in this cool fight. Black thinks she is from the Monoceros System given her arm. She claims to seek power when Orange asks her about kiling people. She runs off as Orange has flashbacks of his brother. She calms down upon looking at yellow flowers, soon crying in sorrow. The inhabitants beg the two Kyurangers to exterminate her, saying she is not human and that Jark Matter has attacked them many times. Black tells them they will deal with her. At a moraimarz with an interior looking like a church we see this woman, named Mika, return to Zandabard in shame. He is glad she is unharmed and swears to protect her. They talk about slaying the Kyurangers, Zandabard tells her it is a bit much to go alone so she takes four indavers with her. Meanwhile Black and Orange talk about where she is before mentioning the latter not like being bossed around. Orange thinks he may have been labled a monster at face value on this planet. Black points out she is a member of Jark Matter, Orange thinks there is another motive. Bickering ensues which goes on for too long before the two punch it out. Indavers storm in and the two go after the mooks. Mika walks in once they and a tsuyoi go down. Her clawed arm uses an energy cutter to knock them down, more grunts show up. Orange soon fights Mika one on one. She soon recognizes his tail when suddenly an explosion causes the building to collapse. Black makes it out while Orange grabs Mika. He sings a little to wake her up. She tries attacking, he tells her not to due to rubble. Orange says he sings his song when he is alone when Mika asks. He notes she had sadness in her eyes while fighting him and that her dialogue reminded him of his brother. Another flashback of Orange around a campfire with his brother showing up and this is when the village slaughtering began, Scorpio even says the same dialogue. Indavers eventually show up in a massacre mirroring Star Wars Episode 7. Orange tells Mika he thinks she was like Scorpio and thinks she is human despite the arm. Mika reveals to be half Monoceros Seijin, born and raised on Earth yet treated like a monster. The chamomile flower was the only thing that let her endure for so long. Zandabard took her in as he was the only one that accepted her. During this Black and Zandabard fight in the woods, the latter revealing he was manipulating her to kill the Kyurangers himself as they fight in melee. After that Orange blasts his way out of the rubble which backfires, but allows Mika to escape. She decides to help him by using an energy cutter on the rubble on top of him. Cheery music plays until Mika walks away in slow motion. She sees her type of flower when the civilians attack her with a net and random objects. Black finds Orange to inform him what he found out. Mika is taken to a crowd while her hands are tied together. She soon fights back and breaks her bonds followed by terminating her attacks. Yeah, I gotta call self defense her, they did intend to murder her afterall. Orange and Black encounter a straggler that soon dies and they witness the carnage. Roughly the same boy count Roy did in Friday The Thirteenth Part 5. Both blame Zandabard for leading her to revenge while wondering if she can be saved. Orange sings sad music as he and Black carry the bodies off and dig graves for them. I counted and it appears the death toll her is forty five. The yellow flowers can be seen nearby to add to the sadness.

    Mika is rewarded by Don Armage by infecting her with blue flames that do a number on her skin. Zandabard wants to see her power when her skin is back to normal. After that we see her encountering Black and Orange. Mika claims the old her is gone and she is now a malistrate, soon transforming. The two rangers also transform while fighting. Mika holds both of them back at the same time, but they quickly double team via tail whipping and sheer strength. She goes back to normal, somewhat afraid as Don Armage's inner flames wreck her from the inside. She begs Orange to kill her when Zandabard does it himself via energy cutter to the back. Zandabard states Mika is no longer useful to him as he jumps at his moraimarz and flies off. Orange holds Mika as she is about to die, wishing she had met him sooner as she dies crying. Sparkles from her body go into the blank kyu globe from earlier as the two carry her off, burying her with four of the flowers she loved on her grave. Orange admits to Black he was naive which failed to save her life or soul. Back to the present moment Black short circuits up again right after saying they need to settle things. Two indavers attack Orange and easily get knocked away just as Zandabard shows up. Orange claims he cannot let him live while Zandabard says he got promoted thanks to him torturing the people he sent Mika after so she'd suffer more, setting up humans to kill each other and Don Armage liked that. Orange becomes furious as the six indaver suits and the other Kyurangers show up. Silver points out they will save Black after this is over so they take off their school uniforms and transform while fighting as more mooks start swarming around them. Zandabard attacks them as they do intros with a back explosion upon posing- WOW that is big. More indavers are aided by tsuyois rushing in with them. Awesome fighting going on here. Orange duels with Zandabard, barely holding his own. He uses the kyu globe from Mika's energy which becomes a long drill surrounding the right arm. Now Orange actually manages to gain an upper hand here, soon using an energy drill attack to carve a hole through the malistrate. Damn, that's a big explosion. On the Orion everyone tells Purple what happened with Black while Orange broods about how he will save his friend. The credits roll with Orange walking in slow motion to end the movie.

    Zandabard: Powers include a broadsword that fires blue energy cutters, teleportation, high jumping
    Mika Reetz: Only known power is a clawed right arm that emits explosive purple energy cutters

    That's it folks, Lupin vs. Pato will be the next thing review unless KissAsian gets off their asses and upload Hero Mama League. And no I will not be doing Kyuranger vs. Space Squad, it's a crossover not sentai proper. I have a lot of other things to do so see you all later! And yes I will do that four part miniseries that takes place after LuPat.
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    After four months we return with the first versus series known as Lupinranger vs. Patranger.


    "Where the hell were you?"

    Catching up on other projects.

    "How will this go?"

    Three parts with seventeen episodes each with the movie being early in part 2. Girlfriends Army will be ignored unless someone uploads it somewhere.

    "Will you take on that four episode special and Hero Mama League?"

    Yes and when someone uploads it, respectively.

    "Cap you're showing your age."

    Well this is series number 42 after all.

    "Are you going to bother doing Ryusolger?"

    I haven't even started Kamen Rider Zi-O or Ultraman R/B and some anime I've been wanting to see, doing this took a backseat but hopefully I can finish parts one and two done in reasonable time frames.

    "Anything else you want to tell us?"

    Denziman and Turboranger are being subbed in English with the latter being done really soon! Also I helped the Anonymous Russian Rippers edit scripts for Aizenborg/Izenborg and Koseidon with Jumborg Ace being our next big project. Stay tuned!
    Ruretta Gerou: Appears in episode 1. Powers include a human disguise, telekinesis, and purple body bombs.
    Garatt Nargo: Appears in episodes 1 and 2. Powers include a human disguise, hand flames, an extendable spare arm in each shoulder, and a 6-tube homing missile launcher in the abdomen called the Garrato Missiles.
    Namero Bacho: Appears in episode 3. Powers include a telepathic sculpting knife and an icing gun for the left arm used to immobilize enemies and teleport himself.
    Rabroom Jaws: Appears in episode 4. Powers include a human disguise, a saw staff that emits shockwaves and energy cutters, hand fire balls, teleportation, shark plushies that teleport organisms via face rubbing, and launchable jaws from the mouth.
    Bundorute Peggy: Appears in episodes 5 and 6. Powers include a human disguise, high jumping, a sword that fires energy cutters, and a pair of arm blades that fire energy cutters.
    Merg Arita: Appears in episode 7. Powers include a left hand claw, purple energy cutters from the hands, a tongue-like whip that can take down bullets, and a giant mouth in the abdomen.
    Brez Arenishka: Appears in episodes 9 and 10. Powers include a human disguise, an twin antler-like swords that fire yellow energy cutters, green electric bolts from the body, teleportation, and spawning duplicates by quick skin molting.
    Pitch Cock: Appears in episode 11. Powers include a rapier that switches genders, a human disguise, and forced slipping magic for enemies on the ground.
    Jenko Copamino: Appears in episode 12. Powers include super speed and grenades.
    Naiyo Kapaja: Appears in episode 13. Powers include teleportation, a green force field made of energy chains called the Bari Bari Barrier, a scythe with a chained mace on the butt that summons more chains and blue energy cutters, shockwaves from the feet
    Togeno Aves: Appears in episodes 14 and 15. Powers include a rifle and venomous shoulder needles that can also be used as traps.
    Odoro Maximoff: Appears in episode 14. Powers include a human disguise and a kanabo that spawns whool upon striking thr ground.
    Manta Bayarsh: Appears in episode 16. Powers include green mouth fire balls, purple hand lasers that switch bodies, head electric bolts, and flight.
    Nero Kilner: Appears in episode 17. Powers include the Nemulance which fires pink energy discs that cause organisms to sleep, a green energy tentacle from the right shoulder, and green homing energy balls from the forehead.
    So it seems like this series is flat out ignoring the ending of Zyuohger for no damn reason. I like how the Lupin Collection is meant to resemble various pieces of Super Sentai history and based on the research I did they seemed to have done a good job with that. The opening is fine, a definite improvement over what we had throughout this decade. As for characters both teams have a sense of "two clowns and a straight" going on so diversity is simply not there. Both Reds are wreckless but in different ways: Pat 1's method of being reckless is still driving a drill tank after being poisoned by needles in the back just so some kids can have a field trip while Lupin Red's method involves SHOOTING HIS OWN HAND. How the hell did that heal? Minor inconsistency, but Lupin Yellow can somehow transform her boots between intros and fighting, great continuity! The villains are fine, for a supposed interdimensional threat they act more like Space Sheriff aliens. The camera brings over the first person perspective Kyuranger experimented with and I found no issue with it. The mechs are decent step up and feel like a throwback to the early and mid 2000s although still having Happy Meal style minutia I described took over the franchise since Gekiranger (still glad that flopped despite being okay).

    So yeah, there isn't much to talk about and it is nice for a series NOT to have its sixth ranger pop in for the entirety of the first third which has been pretty rare since Dekaranger. I'd add more but I just don't have much else. Unless it does something exceptionally stupid I can currently say it is definitely better than Gokaiger, Megaranger, Hurricanger, and Liveman.
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    Wow that took forever. Lets just get this over with in part 2.

    Anidara Maximoff: Appears in episodes 14 and 18. Powers include a kanaboo, torso homing missiles, and screen hijcking.
    Sudaru Urukyu: Appears in episode 19. Powers include a human disguise, invisibility, and a spear that fires energy cutters.
    Zarudan Hou: Appears in episode 20. Powers include a staff that fires electric bolts and purple lasers and summoning a smoke cloud to fly on.
    Gabatt Kababacci: Appears in episode 21. Powers include a large tooth brush with a rotting bacterium upon brushing, speed, turning his skin metal, and firing energy cutters and explosive balls from the brush.
    Demeran Yatmis: Appears in episode 22. Powers include a scooper staff that converts organisms into goldfish, pressurized water from the mouth, high jumping, swimming, and spawning a Goldfish Bowl Barrier.
    Ushibaroque: Appears in episode 23. Powers include a human disguise, high jumping, a bull horn on each shoulder, microwaves from the hands, and strength.
    Giwi Newzie: Appears in episodes 23 and 24. Powers include a drill sword, phasing through projectiles via high luck feathers, a human disguise, a left hand claw that fires yellow lasers, and luck pendants that turn organisms into ivy.
    Raimon Garoufang: Appears in episodes 23, 24, and 25. Powers include claws that emit purple energy cutters, size changing, a second set of arms, torso missiles, body shockwaves, reformation, and high jumping.
    Herlock Sholmes: Appears in the movie. Powers include a human disguise, a shield on the left arm, a pair of grapple cables in the torso, spawning wormholes, and an explosive laser revolver.
    Wilson: Appears in the movie. Powers include spawning blue fire balls that divide efore exploding, high jumping, summoning meteors, a human disguise, and a sword that causes the surrounding area to go dark.
    Gristo Lloyd: Appears in episode 26. Powers include speed, pinecone bombs from the wrists, mouth bubbles that cause teleportation, a human disguise, and an acorn mace that fires needles and a machine gun.
    Pyodor: Appears in episode 27. Powers include speed, mind control via talking, a human disguise, shoulder bombs, and a left hand claw that emit purple energy cutters.
    Ryugu Tamatebacco: Appears in episode 28. Powers include spawning smoke clouds that age organisms, liquefying the ground to swim in it, a saw-like trident, and hand water blasts.
    Modified Porderman: Appear in episoded 29 and 31. Only known power is a large left hand that turns memories into photographs.
    Kunks Butylmercaptan: Appears in episode 30. Powers include telepathic explosions, emitting a stink gas from the fingers, and a forked sword.
    Yoshi Urazer: Appears in episode 31. Possesses no known powers.
    White Experimental Body: Appears in episodes 31 and 32. Powers include collection weakening, a circular force field from the left hand, energy cutters from the right hand claw, energy enhanced kicks and shockwaves from the right foot, green fire balls from the mouth, and creating an energy circular saw.
    Envy Chiruda: Appears in episode 33. Powers include a large frying pan that emits energy cutters, torso shockwaves, purple homing lasers from the scalp that reverse aging, and flight.
    Kerbero Gangan: Appears in episode 34. Powers include high jumping, a triple-barreled rifle, spawning rocks from the ground, oxygen manipulation, and gun smelling from the dog skull on the right shoulder.
    So the Lupinrangers don't have much going for them while the Patrangers actually seem to have effort put into their writing. X has been stealing the show ever since he joined, easily getting a lot of screentime and most of the plot has been revolving around him in some capacity. The opening theme has grown on me a little I'll admit. Worth noting is that this is one of the very few entries in all of Super Sentai to have no alteration to the villain cast in 34 episodes; no really the others consist of JAKQ, Denziman, Bioman, Maskman, Fiveman, Timeranger, Dekaranger (Ambrella being the only thing counting as a main villain anyway), and Gekiranger. Props for keeping a status quo but they don't really do much with it. The kaiju fights being as over the top as they are really do seem to push how far they are willing to push zanniness (which they have for a while now).

    Overall I don't have much else to say other than it is enjoyable even if the pacing feels slow at times.
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    Exactly one month since the last post. I delayed this too long so lets just get into part final.

    Golams: Powers include a machine gun for each arm, replacing either hand with a blade
    Doryun Sanp: Appears in episode 35. Powers include green eye lasers that duplicate organisms into good and bad halves, a large claw for the left hand, and turning the right hand into a second claw.
    Pekka Zepplin: Appears in episode 36. Powers include red launchable spikes from the right shoulder and head that cause clumsiness, a targeting computer for the single eye, a machete, and a human disguise.
    Yadogar Gohome: Appears in episode 37. Powers include crab claw hands, opening dimensional portals, a rainbow beam from the eyes that sends enemies to their home, turning his legs into a cone shell, and back shell missiles.
    Jarnake Saucer: Appears in episode 38. Powers include a whip for each arm, mentally controlling vehicles, armored skin that allows him to survive high falls, and red lasers from the single eye.
    Iselob Starfryed: Appears in episodes 38 and 39. Powers include a fan that launches fried shrimp missiles, suspending enemies into the air, teleportation, a human disguise, emitting frying oil from the four launcher ports on the fan, and using the fan as a jetpack for flight.
    Dugon Manattee: Appears in episode 40. Powers include bladed hands that fire purple energy cutters that can destroy buildings, fog from the boat bow on the face, red eye lasers that amplify worry, and agility.
    Destra Majjo: Powers include opening wormholes, a hammer with a hidden 4-tube missile launcher, a golam capsule, electric shockwaves from the hammer pounding the ground, machine guns in the left wrist, and an energy cannon and four 4-barreled gatling guns under the torso armor.
    Tokagale Nakushaku: Appears in episode 43. Powers include a sword, purple energy balls from the hands, high jumping, running on water, a human disguise, and quick inflation.
    Narizma Shibonz: Appears in episodes 43 and 44. Powers include a human disguise, telekinesis, and a long barreled flint lock pistol.
    Salmon Shakekisutanchin: Appears in episode 45. Powers include a serrated sword with a wired fishing hook on the tip, teleportation using a smoke bomb, hijacking screens, food manipulation, spawning salmon cutlasses called Salted Salmon Blades, and creating hot steam from the ground.
    Modified Red Poderman: Appears in episode 46. Powers include spawning a subspace called Game Dimension and creating holograms of himself.
    Black Experiment: Appears in episode 48. Powers include a large right hand claw, purple eye lasers, and mouth flames.
    Goche Ru Medou: Powers include opening wormholes, enlarging ganglars via green energy balls from the hands, analyzing enemy weaknesses, palm machine guns, turning her right hand into a sharp sword, restraints from the abdomen, and screen hijacking.
    Zamigo Delma: Powers include a human disguise, spawning disposable pistols at the waist that instantly freeze enemies, and body liquefying.
    Dogranio Yabun: Powers include size changing, energy blasts and beams from the top of the cane, armored chains around the body, telekinesis, spawning flames onto objects, a psychic barrier from the left hand, creating circular floating mirrors, explosive electric balls from the left hand that can destroy a city, turning the left hand into a claw that emits yellow energy cutters, summoning lightning, spawning restraining tar from his shadow, and circular saws from the shoulders.
    Kazemi: Appears in episode 51. Only known power is blue hand energy balls.
    So uh.... I don't have that much to say. Things happen, ranger balance is sort of average, there's very few twists, the mecha seem like a return to form to the pre-Gekiranger days, the opening theme grew on me a little, it was interesting to have the final boss be the only villain to survive in the end, it was nice to see a dimension based villain group not of paranormal origin since the last time that happened was Go-Onger (Abaranger if you want just dimensional LIFEFORMS), the final battle was mostly good outside of Dogranio destroying multiple blocks of buildings only to show very little of said destruction happening at ground level, and this is the first sentai series not to have neither a major villain killed off or added in within 40 total episodes. It was a perfectly fine series, but most of the things it tried have been done in other sentai. Aside from the lack of Zyuoh World inhabitants there's nothing out of continuity.

    I don't have much more to add, time for ranking things.

    Favorite Mecha:
    Go-Buster Oh > Buster Hercules > DaiBouken > V-Rex > GaoHunter > X Emperor > Kyutamajin > Tategami Lioh > Great Five > GouZyuJin > Grand Liner > Bio Robo > Kiba Daioh > Jet Garuda > Kyurenoh > Ohranger Robo > Gosei Ground > GaoGod > Sirend Builder > Victory Robo > Turbo Robo > Star Five > Gouraijin > Go-Buster KeroOh > Gosei Great > Ryuteioh > DaiZyuZin > Jet Icarus > Dairenoh > Travelion > Gingaioh > PteraidenOh > Galaxy Mega > Oh Blocker > GaoKing > Five Robo > RV Robo > Delta Mega > Flash King > SpinoDaiOh > Tenkujin > Goggle Robo > SaiDaiOh > Live Boxer > GaoIcarus > Gigant Hooh > Gosei Wonder > Change Robo > DaiTanken > MagiKing > Engine Daishogun > Dyna Robo > GekiFire > MaxOhJa > Gosei Ultimate > PlezuOh > Battle Fever Robo > Ginga Rhinos > Ginga Phoenix > GaoMuscle > VRV Robo > Sun Vulcan Robo > Kerberios > MougyudaiOh > DekaWing > Lion Ha-Oh > Red Puncher > KyoRyuZin > DaiDenziJin > BakuRenOh > Liner Boy > PatKaiser > Build DaiOh > Muteki Shogun > Time Robo Alpha > Sirender > LupinKaiser > Senpujin > Live Robo > Turbo Rugger > GouRyuJin > Lupin Magnum > Kakure Daishogun > DieselOh > Dekaranger Robo > Victory Mars > WolKaiser > EngineOh > AbaRenOh > ToquOh > Mega Voyager > Shurikenjin > Time Robo Beta > Daigoyou > Titan Boy > Land Galaxy > GanbirOh > MagiLegend > DekaBike > GaoKnight > Mega Winger > Bison King > Time Shadow > SeikuOh > DaikaiOh > DodekaiOh > KillerOh > Bull Taurus > DaiTenku > GekiTohJa > SaintKaiser > Go-Roader GT > Gekiatsu Dai-Oh > ShinkenOh > Tsubasamaru > Sigma Project > Tousai Zyoh > Datas Hyper > Tackle Boy > GokaiOh > SafariGaOh > Zyuoh Wild > Condor Wild > Zyuoh King > Revolver Mammoth > Providus

    Favorite Series:
    Kyuranger > Magiranger > Changeman > Go-Busters > Timeranger > Fiveman > Goseiger > GoGo-V > Zyuranger > Go-Onger > Kyoryuger > Gingaman > Dekaranger > Denziman > Ohranger > Toquger > Shinkenger > Gaoranger > Bioman > Carranger > Zyuohger > Dynaman > Abaranger > Maskman > Lupinranger vs. Patranger > Goggle-V > Boukenger > Turboranger > Battle Fever J > Ninninger > Flashman > Gorenger > Dairanger > JAKQ > Kakuranger > Jetman > Gekiranger > Sun Vulcan > Liveman > Hurricanger > Megaranger > Gokaiger

    Favorite Openings:
    Turboranger > Bioman > Zyuranger > Ohranger > GoGo-V > Go-Onger > Gaoranger > Dairanger > Shinkenger > Flashman > Denziman > Gokaiger > Boukenger > Dynaman > Gingaman > Kyuranger > Hurricanger > JAKQ > Magiranger > Goggle-V > Megaranger > Kakuranger > Jetman > Dekaranger > Timeranger > Kyoryuger > Carranger > Sun Vulcan > Battle Fever J > Liveman > Changeman > Gorenger > Go-Busters > Kyuranger > Lupinranger vs. Patranger > Ninninger > Fiveman > Abaranger > Gekiranger > Maskman > Goseiger >Toquger > Zyuohger

    Super Sentai Strongest Battle will be done eventually and with plot synopses, but watching this series has pretty much burned me out on Super Sentai. It is very unlikely I'll even touch Ryusoulger until it's done airing. I finally got around to watching Kamen Rider Zi-O, I still need to watch Ultraman R/B (especially since Taiga is coming), JAKQ was just recently subbed into english in its entirety with Flashman soon to follow, and I have a dozen other things. Consider this a hibernation period, we'll be back eventually, folks. Until then.... "catch me if you can".
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    Looks like Jatoku finally got off their asses so I can take this short on.

    Hero Mama League:

    On a distant planet we see Demost from Jiraiya/Space Squad 2, one of the Genmakuu apostles, train for a new martial arts. He targets Earth to test it out where there are heroes. The narrator introduces Hurricange Blue, Deka Yellow, and Magi Pink with quick backstories each. The three of them are walking their children to school while their husbands are said to be mentioned for another time. The children are dropped off as we see what each of the three is thinking. Their teacher, Hiroto, tells them they are tired and that bums them out hard. The trio go to a cafe to relieve stress, clearly they have interest in him. After a lot of talking of how to juggle ranger duties with motherhood we get a pun about money and Blue gets an idea called time saving. Meanwhile, Demost sends mecha nin insects (I haven't seen Jiraiya so I don't know if this is a new power) and a joke about the budget by the narrator. After methods on how to save time on chores (this goes on for a while) Blue suggests they do the same thing in battle. At one point they think about throwing out ranger rollcalls when Yellow gets a call and has to run off, but not before transforming to save time- HOW CAN YOU BE DONE IN THREE MINUTES!?

    Demost lines up his cutout insects while Blue and Pink munch on pizza- Oh hey, Yellow got back. She tried bunching up anaroids in battle, but that failed and apparently Deka Pink likes rollcall. The narrator reminds the audience of the rollcall so they redid it from the beginning. Also Dekas Master and Swan are on vacation together. Magi Pink talks with a mouthful of pizza and Hurricane Blue suggests doing chores while fighting. How? Also an idea of pressing clothes by putting them under a futon. Magi Red calls Magi Pink and she runs off after transforming and tripping at the door. Demost sends out his insect cutouts as Pink gets back and Blue gets sleepy. Pink mentions she tried using the back explosions during the rollcall which only burned it and also a mishap with laundry. Blue gets depressed and cries on the cafe floor. Black smoke heads for Earth, the trio put on makeup, an earthquake occurs, and Yellow suggests not doing any cheap tricks. Blue agrees as Demost senses the trio approaching. They transform while running in slow motion- Why are their helmets off? A slow motion charge occurs and Demost no longer feels his insects as the narrator states the whole story will be in Space Squad vs. Kyuranger. The moms go to pick their kids up after fighting. They are aware their moms are heroes, give them words of kindness, and the narrator gives out closing words of encouragement to all the moms watching.

    Better than Megaranger and Gokaiger, I'll say that much.

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