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    Greetings, I have been trying for the past year to post in this thread. I signed up for that reason, but technical glitches have prevented me from doing so for 11 months. But here I am.

    First of all, I for one have been reading this thread for a good while now and have enjoyed your opinions, even if they are often very different from my own. I appreciate that your opinions are well thought through even when I don't agree with them and are quite entertaining as well. There are a few series we actually both like, although only a few.

    I would like to point out the the GG's reappearance is, I believe, explained with a throwaway line. In fact, you very often seem to miss explanation as many of the things I've seen you complain about as having come out of nowhere actually are explainined in series. In this case, they went back in time and picked it up from before it was destroyed. Does that make a lot of sense? Not really, but there is an explanation at least. You also seemed confused by quite a bit of the Great Power stuff in Gokaiger (transforming into a team is NEVER the Great Power, for example) but that was a whole series ago and you unfortuantely didn't like it so much.

    The Kyoruger intro is supposed to be somewhat awkward, because of the team's disfunctional nature for the first few episodes. You'll see when you watch it. I am hopeful you'll up liking the series once you get into it.

    Anyhow, thanks again for all the entertaining reviews and the differing perspective. I hope you feel up to finishing the rest of the series, as close as you are already.
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    Thank you very much for your feedback, catwhowalksbyhimself!
    It must have been the subs I used because I do not recall any line of the sort. Even then I do not see how time travel would also double as space travel (something I have only seen with Rampage Through Time).
    My main goal right now is to make it through Zyuohger ASAP since this topic is going to be turning five in September. With all that said....



    "What is with the caplock spam?


    "Are you going to take on Dino Force Brave?"

    Unlikely, but before we take on Kyuranger it will be considered.

    "So what is the story behind this?"

    Go-Busters had the worst toy sales since Timeranger while ratings were still in decline, Toei tried very hard to appeal to little kids with this one.

    "Where the hell have you been anyway?"

    Around, had to finish up minor projects as my depression kept creeping in (side note: fuck all ISPs that force static IPs).

    "Movies when?"

    The main movie takes place between eps 20 and 21, Kyoryuger and 100 Years After will be given their own posts before we take on the two most infamous sentai in the western toku fandom.
    Debo Hyogakki: Appears in episode 1, 21, 22, 23, and 24. Powers include ice blasts from the hands, icicle claws that form energy spikes and summon blizzards, freezing touch, and turning tears into freezing liquid
    Debo Peshango: Appears in episode 2. Powers include spawning energy cubes, a right arm claw, a left arm swatter, burrowing by stomping, and energy darts from the mouth
    Debo Ryaroya: Appears in episode 3. Powers include a cage on a chain that traps organisms into a cage in the left shoulder, super speed, and emitting electric bolts from the hands
    Debo Doronbosu: Appears in episode 4. Powers include a bullet deflecting cape, feather darts and lasers, from the body, teleportation, high jumping, back tentacles, and body suction
    Debo Batisser: Appears in episode 5. Powers include cavity causing icing, rotting teeth bullets from the mouth, a right hand whisk, super speed, left arm fire balls, and armored teeth
    Debo Viruson: Appears in episodes 5, 6., 21, and 22 Powers include a trident with a machine gun and acids in each tip, emitting diseases from the body, spawning holograms that release sleeping gas, and high jumping
    Debo Yakigonte: Appears in episode 7. Powers include a rage inducing touch, teleportation, scooper hands that spawn disguises and mind reading properties, high jumping, a brand that launches fire circles
    Debo Kokodoko: Appears in episode 8. Powers include a mirage maze barrier and a flag-like scythe
    Debo Honenukky: Appears in episode 11. Powers include bone removal grabs and martial arts
    Debo Tangosekku: Appears in episode 12. Powers include forehead lasers, fog from the head, teleportation, a pocket dimension, berserk magic from the right arm, a kilaj, and turning his lower half into that of a mermaid
    Debo Jakireen: Appears in episode 13. Powers include a relationship sensing lenses, love cutting scissors, high jumping, launchable blades on each arm, extendable blades for toes capable of burrowing, and a scalp horn
    Debo Kibishydesu: Appears in episode 14. Powers include an electric rod called the Blastic Pointer and a gatling gun for the left arm
    Debo Zaihon: Appears in episode 16. Powers include a staff with a pick ax, explosive coins called the Coin Bombs, a stone slab that summons duplicates called the Stone Slab Slammer, and telekinetic explosions
    Debo Nagareboshi: Appears in episodes 17, 18, and 21. Powers include traveling in a meteor explosive Meteorite Balls, reinforced armor, a shield on each wrist, telekinetic explosions, and the Extincto-Bomb
    Debo Kyawaeen: Appears in episode 19. Powers include flight, a whip, mouth electric lasers, a rattle that fires energy blasts called the Rattle Beam, and mind control kisses
    Debo Tanabanta: Appears in episode 20. Powers include magic paper slips that can drain life energy in a day, teleportation, a bamboo staff that fires lasers, and flight
    Prehistoric Deboth: Appears in episodes 22 and 23. Powers include jawed tentacles that absorb lifeforms, back tentacle that emit energy surges, a mouth energy beam, eye electric bolts, and instilling his heart into another organism
    Cambrimas: Powers include a kanabo that summons three flying energy faced that fire lasers a crystal ball, energy beams from the jawed top of the kanabo, and teleportation
    Dogold: Powers include a serrated sword that releases electric bolts, teleportation via lightning, high jumping, and reformation
    Aigaron: Powers include high jumping, an ax called the Tomahawk Boomerang, telekinetic explosions, emitting heat and electric surges while angry
    Getting ranger episode balance out of the way Red, Blue and Gold are good while Black, Green, and Pink need one and Violet just started so she only has one; not counting Cyan and Gray since they are background guys. Toei editing is noticeable, but minimal, although having giant zorimas show up during enlargement is head scratching. I like Torin, he is a needed change of pace of mentor, involved and ready to fight on his own, has some mystery going for him, very calm as opposed to stern, and he is not human- Wait he is Kruger from Dekaranger. Still though, it's all good. The music is just fine, but the constant whistles are annoying. In terms of mechs the happy meal designs are the best since the trend started in Gekiranger, creative and colorful. The villains I feel mixed on, a lot of choices seem very out of place like why would they need different types of emotional energy to awaken Deboth, the lack of a consistent motifs with the costumes, the zorimas being such a joke that rangers can one hit them as giants, why awaken Deboth nearly half way through, and a general lack of focus especially when you consider, like Black Magma, WHY THE HELL ARE THEY ONLY ATTACKING JAPAN? I find Aigaron relateable, otherwise the villains seem like a random hodgepodge of different sentai villains from different (tone wise) entries, especially since this is the most kid friendly entry since Go-Onger. Also the dancing turning transformations is unnecessary.

    Now lets talk about continuity since three other entries had monsters from the fifth mass extinction. The amount of contradiction is zero. First is Hyde Gene whose main shtick was catalogue, absorb, and then kill. It is very likely he arrived late to the party and keep in mind Antarctica (where Deboth becomes Frozen Castle) and Japan (where Hyde Gene was dormant) are on near opposite sides of the planet so chances are Hyde Gene succeeded in a specific section of the world, but starved or ran out of suitable genes to keep going for a while. Second is Horonderthal, all he did was make the dinosaurs go berserk, not outright destroyed all of them, so he contributed in them not working together as a factor, but not a cause. Third is Dezumozorlya, most of his stuff diverged into Dino World with his other half infecting lifeforms over tens of millions of years so he can control them eventually, it is possible Deboth knew of his existence but he was not a threat although it could have been a coincidence. Top that off with the series saying the extinction was gradual and yeah this all could have happened. As for the means to revive Deboth I do find it interesting his minions use three specific emotions of joy, sad, and anger which could represent positive, negative, and passionate energies the franchise has been using as a theme as far back as Maskman. Remember, anger is not seen as a bad thing in sentai unless it is misplaced or leads to hatred since it acts as a vector or drive to fight the various forces of evil. Shinkenger has shown that human emotions can interact with other dimensions similar to realms of the dead, perhaps Deboth's minions can use them better than previous villains.

    Whatever the case this series is fine, but somewhat mixed and we will have to wait and see.
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    The dancing thing is explained a bit later. In fact, it's connected with a major plot element. Let's just say it's a side effect of their power source.
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    Another sentai complete now that we move on to part 2.

    Debo Akkumoon: Appears in episode 25. Powers include entering dreams, a pillow-like memory foam shield, a pillow called the Rest Bomber, teleportation, and pillow bombs called the Bedtime Bombers
    Debo Shinobinba: Appears in episode 27. Powers include a ninjato, high jumping, explosive shurikens called the Shuriken Storm, doppelganger spawning, and shadow seals
    Debo Karyudosu: Appears in episodes 27, 28, and 29. Powers include an energy crossbow, a spiked club that fires explosive needles, a motorcycle that fires yellow lasers, and tendril hair that can burrow
    Debo Zaihodoron: Appears in episode 30. Powers include telepathic explosions, a pick ax, body needles, and a wormhole in the torso vault
    Debo Vaacance: Appears in episode 31. Powers include the Holiday Beam from the body which causes laziness, beam deflection, space flight, an ice cream cone-like left arm that can be used as a spear, and a duplicate body
    Debo Spokorn: Appears in episode 32. Powers include high jumping, a basketball bomb, spawning baseball bats, and throwing sports equipment
    Debo Akidamonne: Appears in episode 33. Powers include depressing gas from the mouth, a hammer, pine cone grenades called the Super Burr Bombers, high jumping, a subspace with tentacles called the Autumn Zone, teleportation, summoning dried leaves, and pot of dumplings that turn into flying balls and a mush rabbit
    Debo Tairyon: Appears in episode 34. Powers include a fishing rod, reinforced armor, and a double pronged harpoon armed with a machine gun in each tip
    Guardma: Appears in episode 35. Powers include a melody disrupting curse, black lightning from the body, and red eye lasers
    Mad Torin: Appears in episodes 35 and 36. Powers include flight, a sword called the Demon Blade, speed, fire Xs from the Demon Blade called the Madness Flame, absorbing dark energy to revive dead debo monsters, and green palm lasers
    D: Appears in episode 39. Powers include a serrated sword that fires energy cutters, high jumping, a set of flying jaws called the Deboth Finish, and summoning portals
    Debo Kantokku: Appears in episode 40. Powers include heart stealing, creating disguises, teleportation, movie illusions, and a clapboard
    Debo Yanasanata: Appears in episodes 41 and 42. Powers include bootleg present production, a Christmas tree-like spear that emits energy cutters, levitation, dividing, candle beams from the shoulders, telekinetic explosions, presents with freezing gas or bombs, and growth by hatred absorption
    Chaos Deboth: Appears in episode 44. Powers include hand rapid fire energy balls, arm energy tentacles, magic explosions his book from called the Deboth Destruction, armor, size changing, and a mouth energy beam
    True Deboth Appears in episodes 45, 46, 47, and 48. Powers include a staff that can fire an energy beam, strength, size changing, an energy butterfly called the Hammer of Ascension, levitation, and body shockwaves
    Green is one episode ahead and while I would normally consider Pink an episode down she is involved in half the centric episodes of others so I'll include her pairing up screen time as a full ep. The villains are good for the most part although the second half seemed to barely use Aigaron until the episode he is killed off. I liked Endorf, he was very casual in his hatred and had a spooky devil and Arabic motif going for him. The other villains improved over time although I did wish Chaos did a little more; minor side note but apparently Japan uses the Italian pronunciation of chaos rather than the English one, odd. I thought Torin eventually being a ranger was a smart idea, if mentors can fight they should be able to do so alongside the main team. It did feel like after Violet was introduced they had no idea what to do with her aside from being the tech expert. Deboth Hell gave me flashbacks to Dairanger (and to a lesser degree Turboranger) what with their underworld being literally underground and all, in this case the bottom of a lake. The ending foreshadowing a force that created Deboth allowed him to destroy a ton of planets does contribute to the mythos a little, showing just how big the cosmos is in Super Sentai and that more lively. The only major complaint I have is that Toei editing came back more over time.

    Time to rank things! This series is high as it is because it does very little wrong, it was similar to Gingaman minus a lot of the "many smaller things helped lowered it" problem it had.

    Favorite Carriers and Mechanical Bases:
    DaiVoyager > DekaBase > Magma Base > Turbo Builder > Brachiosaurs > King Brachion > King Pyramider > Denzi Tiger > Battle Shark > Giga Bitus > Goggle Caesar > BragiOh > Sky Ace > Dyjupiter > Machine Buffalo > Jaguar Vulcan > Bio Dragon > Varidreen > Varibloom > Star Condor > Shuttle Base > Turbo Ranger > Dai Mugen > Nekomaru > Varikikyun > Gran Tortoise > Round Base > Gao Rock > Big Baser > Victrailer

    Favorite Mecha:
    Go-Buster Oh > Buster Hercules > DaiBouken > V-Rex > GaoHunter > Tategami Lioh > Great Five > GouZyuJin > Grand Liner > Bio Robo > Kiba Daioh > Jet Garuda > Ohranger Robo > Gosei Ground > GaoGod > Sirend Builder > Victory Robo > Turbo Robo > Star Five > Gouraijin > Go-Buster KeroOh > Gosei Great > DaiZyuZin > Jet Icarus > Dairenoh > Travelion > Gingaioh > PteraidenOh > Galaxy Mega > Oh Blocker > GaoKing > Five Robo > RV Robo > Delta Mega > Flash King > SpinoDaiOh > Tenkujin > Goggle Robo > SaiDaiOh > Live Boxer > GaoIcarus > Gosei Wonder > Change Robo > DaiTanken > MagiKing > Engine Daishogun > Dyna Robo > GekiFire > MaxOhJa > Gosei Ultimate > PlezuOh > Battle Fever Robo > Ginga Rhinos > Ginga Phoenix > GaoMuscle > VRV Robo > Sun Vulcan Robo > MougyudaiOh > DekaWing > Red Puncher > KyoRyuZin > DaiDenziJin > BakuRenOh > Liner Boy > Muteki Shogun > Time Robo Alpha > Sirender > Senpujin > Live Robo > Turbo Rugger > GouRyuJin > Kakure Daishogun > Dekaranger Robo > Victory Mars > WolKaiser > EngineOh > AbaRenOh > Mega Voyager > Time Robo Beta > Daigoyou > Titan Boy > Land Galaxy > GanbirOh > MagiLegend > DekaBike > GaoKnight > Mega Winger > Time Shadow > SeikuOh > DaikaiOh > KillerOh > Bull Taurus > DaiTenku > GekiTohJa > SaintKaiser > Go-Roader GT > ShinkenOh > Tsubasamaru > Sigma Project > Datas Hyper > Tackle Boy > GokaiOh > Revolver Mammoth > Providus

    Favorite Series:
    Magiranger > Changeman > Go-Busters > Timeranger > Fiveman > Goseiger > GoGo-V > Zyuranger > Go-Onger > Kyoryuger > Gingaman > Dekaranger > Denziman > Ohranger > Shinkenger > Gaoranger > Bioman > Carranger > Dynaman > Abaranger > Maskman > Goggle-V > Boukenger > Turboranger > Battle Fever J > Flashman > Gorenger > Dairanger > JAKQ > Kakuranger > Jetman > Gekiranger > Sun Vulcan > Liveman > Hurricanger > Megaranger > Gokaiger

    Favorite Openings:
    Turboranger > Bioman > Zyuranger > Ohranger > GoGo-V > Go-Onger > Gaoranger > Dairanger > Shinkenger > Flashman > Denziman > Gokaiger > Boukenger > Dynaman > Gingaman > Hurricanger > JAKQ > Magiranger > Goggle-V > Megaranger > Kakuranger > Jetman > Dekaranger > Timeranger > Kyoryuger > Carranger > Sun Vulcan > Battle Fever J > Liveman > Changeman > Gorenger > Go-Busters > Fiveman > Abaranger > Gekiranger > Maskman > Goseiger

    I know it took longer than it should have to finish this and I am sorry for that, I am planning to dedicate February mostly to Toquger to get it done. After I finish it though I will be taking a short break to catch up on other projects. Why? Because if Ninninger really is the worst in the franchise and not just /m/ blowing hot smoke out its collective posterior (which is possible since they think Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean is bad when it beats the first series by miles) I better be ready to take on that bad boy! Or I might take a pause after. Next time, however, I take on Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters and the 100 Years After.
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    Well honestly, your opinion is sometimes the opposite of what most people thing. Why most people do thing Ninninger was bad, I have a feeling you might actually like it. We shall see.
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    Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters:

    In space a pair of monsters ride a meteor saying they hate dinosaurs and sentai. They jump down to Earth's surface, Torin senses this and recognizes them. Meanwhile a truck ridden by zorimas contains a chained up guy with a bag over his head with Buster Red and Nick pursuing. Shooting ensues with Blue and Yellow Busters get on the side of the truck. More zorimas show up to knock them off and fighting ensues. Suddenly Geildon, now redesigned as Neo Geildon, shows up with a squad of barimas! The Go-Busters take off their helmets as the enemies disappear and Buster Red comments this is uper serial. At sunset King tries informing Tyrannoranger what is happening just as a new Griffozer, named Neo Griffozer, shows up with golems and says he was born of the space war god. Fighting breaks out briefly before the enemy takes Tyrannoranger and leaves as an evil aura makes itself known. The Kyoryugers notice this the next day as a feathered T-Rex shows up with decent CGI. It warns them the dinosaur sentai are in danger before turning into gold light. Zorimas show up with barimas and golems so the Kyoryugers fight them off easily- Oh wow Kyoryu Green has neat dance moves. The movie logo shows up after they transform then goes back to the explosive fight. Neo Geildon shows up with the chained up guy, unties him, and it is revaled to be AbaRed! He transforms, obviouly possessd, and fights the Kyoryugers off. The Go-Busters show up to help and tells the others who they are fighting just before Neo Griffozer shows up with a possessed Tyrannoranger. They retreat for now while the two neo clones are welcomed frozen castle. The two like what Deboth has down as their boss, Bordoss is said to be of equal power. Apparently Bordoss absorbed the hatred of Dai Satan and Dezumozorlya despite them being dead. The Deboth agree just as Enter and Escape show up saying they are part of the deal too. Cut to Stag Buster pestering Kyoryu Black and Green because they disturbed a forest when zorimas show up. After that both blues and Kyoryu Gold banter about tastes in jokes when barimas show up to fight. Golems go on an offensive as the female ranger exchange chocolate only to be attacked by Escape and a squad of buglars. The camera does inform us they are wearing black shorts under their skirts. The mooks go down as Escape uses gunkata and fails. The reds pair up, introducing themselves while Buster Red is hesitant to make friends. Enter and his buglars go after them after they chat it up while the avatar mentions a great space dinosaur and he was revived by Bordoss. Buster Red fights Enter himself as a weird editing montage with random characters occurs. Cut to Tyrannoranger and AbaRed strapped to vertical tables as their positive energy is turned into negative energy via machinery, the Kyoryugers show up to beat up grunts only for Neo Geildon to stop them; also he calls their positive energy "dino hope" as he reveals he is using that energy to feed Bordoss. The positive energy launches into orbt at the meteor from the beginning. The Kyoryugers finally bother transforming to fight him off. This fails as Kyoryu Gold gets hit with friendly fire. Kyoryu Red goes into Carnival mode which gives them the upper hand, eventually using the Victory Finish on him before Neo Griffozer shows up. Bandora's staff is called down from the sky to make hm grow and from an energy dome around the next several blocks as he goes on the offensive. GabuTyra tries fighting him off only to get a powerful sword slash, Kyoryu Red yells for him in slow motion. GabuTyra gets possessed as Neo Geildon pulls out energy whips to drain their energy. The Go-Busters spot the Kyoryugers, now possessed and wearing black leather as they call themselves dino hunters, going into a time portal to wipe out all dinosaurs. Kuroki and the Go-Busters meet up with Torin and Kyoryu Violet just as Buster Red almost freezes because of Torin's bird-like appearance. The Kyoryugers try killing their partners in ancient times. Suddenly AbaBlue shows up to help as Torin points out the other bakuryus are in another dimension for protection. Kuroki gives the Go-Busters the orders of breaking into the enemy stronghold and wrecking their shit. In ancient times a volcano erupts and GabuTyra shields them which causes flashbacks that stop the possesions. This also reveals GabuTyra was the CGI T-Rex from earlier because time travel shenanigans.

    The time portal opens up again, the dinos keep it open long enough for the Kyoryugers to get home. Meanwhile, the Go-Busters and Kyoryu Silver encounter both the Vaglass and Deboth Army. Fighting breaks out, the Go-Busters hold the Deboth Army off at first, but energy blasts knock them down. The neo clones bring their enemy red rangers to a field where the Kyoryugers return- Oh snap they cannot transform! They slowly walk as Neo Geildon proves his accuracy is garbage. Their enemy red rangers fight back only for Escape to hold them off. Grunts swarm in, actually being a threat as the rangers are given the smackdown, while Kyoryu Red yells for his partner with encouragement from Buster Red. The three red rangers band together as the Kyoryuger opening theme plays at half speed and the others give touching words during their fights. Kyoryu Red runs to GabuTyra as the Go-Busters still fend off their mook swarm with Kyoryu Silver. Buster Stag shows up to shoot the while Buster Beetle manifests, revealing he had a back up system in place. All five transform at once and each fight a Deboth commander until they shoot the machinery, causing the entire base to explode. The resulting particles gives everyone their powers back as well as revive GabuTyra once Kyoryu Red gives a speech. Suddenly the other Zyurangers and Abarangers show up- No AbaBlack!? Enter and Escape turn into their evolved forms as giant zorimas and cambrezorimas show up. Also the other mecha T-Rexes from older shows get spawned followed by the old reds transforming using modern CGI. The Kyoryugers transform next followed by intros. WOW that back explosion is huge! Props to the camera work here! Slaughtering of combatants litter the battlefield as a rock song plays in the background. Even the mecha rexes do some against the giant cannon fodder minions. Enter becomes Dark Buster to give the Kyoryugers trouble, but they quickly overwhelm him until he explodes. The neo duo are then taken down by their respective enemy teams and all three teams combining their finishing moves into one- Oh wait Neo Griffozer goes into space, explodes, and uses the dino hope in his body to give to Bordoss! Lasers spam as he threatens extinction, the three team mechs form to combat the beast. However, he proves a tad much as the lasers and claw swipes easily shove them off. Buster Beetle gives Buster Red a bakuryu battery before disipating as he tells them to protect those close to them. Lioh is sent in to help as the Go-Busters throw the battery as KyoryuJin, allowing Lioh to be used as a shield and the trio in the cockpit. The machines combine for a laser attack called the Brave Finish that destroys Bordoss for good. Excitement is abound as the sun sets. The next day Gabutyra tells the Kyoryugers to take care. Some silliness ensues between the reds and both blues apologize, also Kyoryu Black tries hitting on Buster Yellow which fails. The movie ends with King, Tyrannoranger, and AbaRed smiling as in the ending credits everyone dances to a new song- Actually where is AbaYellow's actress in all this? Neo Geildon is revealed in a post credit scene to be alive and fuses with a messiah card to become Neo Messiah.... Only for the Toqugers to show up, do intros (more like the narrator announcing them), debate whether or not they are sentai, and slay buglars before ending Neo Geildon after suit exchanging.

    Neo Geildon: Powers include adaption, high jumping into orbit, an ax that fires energy cutters, teleportation, and an energy whip that emits electric shocks
    Neo Griffozer: Powers include adaption, high jumping into orbit, a sword, hand energy balls, teleportation, and possession by negative energy clouds
    Bordoss: Powers include adaption, flight, lasers from his seven mouths, and claws

    This movie manages to be in continuity and further illustrates in sentai mythos that positive energy comes in a variety of forms and names while intersecting older shows quite finely. I wonder how that time portal opened up and the Toquger scene was so clumsy I can see why it became an end credit scene. The action was well done, but it had very little respect for the Go-Busters which unfortunately makes this movie falter a little, just enough to make it more middle of the road compared to other entries.

    As for where I have been, KissAnime uploaded Raijin-Oh and I marathoned it for a week until I finished it yesterday, it was so nutty! I might even start Ganbaruger following this post! Do not worry, we will be doing Toquger very soon once the 100 Years After movie is given a look over. Thank you for your patience everyone!
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    Kyoryuger 100 Years After:

    After a recap of the last episode the narrator states this takes place in 2114 complete with hover cars and flying hologram ads. Zorimas attack after coming out of a wormhole lead by a pair of goons when the new Kyoryugers show up much to their disbelief. They transform and apparently this is their first time based on initial reactions. After the semi-awkward intro we get the opening theme. Once the grunts go down the two leaders act goofy while introducing themselves and scolding the rangers for their color scheme as two other monsters show up aka Debo Natsudamonne (now blue) and Fuyudammone. Introductions are done and each of the four debo monsters are based on seasons. Fighting breaks out, the Kyoryugers start a losin' when Chaos shows up- HOLY SHIT HE REGREW HIS LEFT SHOULDER- No wait this is a new guy named Gaos with new versions of Degold, Aigaron, and Endorf. Bragigas teleports the rangers off before bad shit occurs. At base Candelira and Lucyro poke aroud beng happy while looking at an old photo of the main Kyoryugers. Insert flashback involving the new guys taking the role here. It feels awkward as hell. Luckyro thinks they screwed up as Candelira wonders what happened to the other suits. The new rangers proceed to walk out of the base except for one of them. After that we see th descendants of Red and Pink talking- Oh they have the same great grandparents! One is then followed by a silver version of minityra. At frozen castle the villains get bored out of their minds as Gaos announces he has a few of Deboth's cells they can use to revive them. Cut to the descendants of Black and Gold chillin' out trying to act cool. Suddenly an old guy shows up, revealing to be Green! Insert scolding about heart searching and doing better here. Luckyro roams around licking a lollipop and noting his favorite manga is remade for the seventh time. He spots a rare paper ticket and tries to take it only to get caught in a net by the new Aigaron clone. The Red descendant is attacked by the pirate-like new Endorf and gets infected by a green gas. A bus stops with the passengers encountering the new Degold. Candelira senses this and notes Torin is out for a while until he shows up to reveal the other batteries WERE BEHIND THE PICTURE FROM EARLIER. Red's descendant gets saves by Minityra, the new Endorf teleports off, and Torin shows up to explain how great his ancestors and their partners were and that he can achieve that level of status, leaving a battery. The Blue and Pink descendants show up soon after, saying they need to fight. Black's descendant sings while playing a guitar while Gold's goes bowling, both think about their ancestors' colors. Some splitting up happens while Green trains his great grandson, being surpassed which indicates he is ready, so much so he gives him Torin's old sword. Also we find out Green eventually married Rin at some point. The new Degold has people in cages when three of the new Kyoryugers show up to save them. Candelira shows up to give them the batteries of their ancestors. Fighting breaks out with the new Black, Blue, and Green. Gold's descendant bowls the four debo monsters from earlier before claiming his ancestor's battery, transforming once he realizes his samurai spirit. Pink's descendant gets the epiphany soon after with Red watching nearby. The five newbie rangers use the Brave Finish to terminate the debo monsters, the last one wishing he had proper colors.

    Chasing ensues that leads to a beach- Oh snap two of them survived! The entire Deboth army appears with Luckyro as a hostage, Gaos commenting Candelira is a traitor. New Endorf uses a lightning strike on the others, claiming to be an offshoot of the original Deboth himself, reviving the Kyoryugers and Deboth army before absorbing his minions. Candelira realizes they are in the place Deboth was slain a century ago. New Endorf opens a time portal and Red's descendant jumps through much to everyone's panic. New Endorf noticed the ranger on his leg and kicks him, but Minityra shows up to save him (which turning red). Suddenly the main Kyoryugers show up as spirits to infuse energy into Minityra that allows him to shoot New Endorf as both arrive in the year 2014. The Bakuryus fire lasers at him followed by mechs forming while the main Kyoryugers greet Red's descendant before transforming themselves. This kaiju fight is good! All Gigant Explosion is used to send New Endorf into the future followed by throwing the descendant. Candelira tosses him batteries and she blows heart kisses to have the team change jacket colors. They transform, do intros, and a back explosion occurs. Zorimas and the four debo monsters from earlier show up as Torin has Candelira sing Earth's song at base aka the opening theme. Nice fighting going on here- What happened to the white balance!? It got too bright! It eventually goes back to normal when the mooks are destroyed and Red's descendant discovers Carnival mode to slay the deboth monsters. The assault on New Endorf happens complete with spirit cameos by the main team for the Great Brave Finish. Boom! In the current tim e Violet tries analyzing who everyone marries in the future. Rin even shows up to cold Green because why not? In the future a random explosion goes off, Gaos and his two goons still remain alive and teleport off. Candelira encourages their bravery be turned up and to keep smiling as Torin watches from a rock. The ending credits roll with the cast dancing to the ending theme. The movie ends with the main rangers telling the audience the future is up to them.

    Entertaining but awkward movie, nothing is out of continuity, and production values were still solid. Also I am glad this is the last Years After movie that I will cover! Seriously, the typing was tedious! Toquger will be looked at starting next week!
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    All aboard the decline of ratings and rise of preschool pandering with Toquger.


    "You are late!"

    A lot of personal things have been happening in real life.

    "Got some trivia?"

    This has one of the lowest ratings in the franchise and the suit designs from this point forward do not click with me and yes I am including Lupinranger vs. Patoranger.

    "What is this I hear about a break?"

    I put off a lot of projects just to get through this (to little avail).

    "Have you seen any recent toku?"

    Ex-Aid left a bad taste in my mouth so I am still cautious on going into Build right away. I did see Space Squad which further expanded the Sentai/Metal Heroes universe.... Until I found out an episode of Kyuranger preluded and that has its own separate universe which mean it might not be canon after all and AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! So yes we will be reviewing Kyuranger in case it is not known, I really need to check the continuity there.

    "Go-Busters is getting a Power Rangers adaption!"

    I know! And Goggle-V got subbed! Not really on topic here, but okay.

    "How will this divide happen what with asymmetry?"

    Episode 24 will be in the first half, everything after that is for part 2 followed by Toquger vs. Kyoryuger.

    "Why are you adding a U?"

    Because sometimes it is spelled like that.
    Bag Shadow: Appears in episode 1. Powers include a staff with an extendable claw at the end and a machine gun in the claw staff
    Saber Shadow: Appears in episode 2. Powers include a pair of rapiers that emit fire cutters and sword copies as missiles, summoning a giant coin, high jumping, and a 4-barreled pistol
    Chain Shadow: Appears in episode 3. Powers include spawning chains from the body, an imprisoning coffin that can drain energy, a heavy chain for the left arm, and a chained crank
    Stove Shadow: Appears in episode 4. Only known power is launching hot coals from the abdomen stove
    Bucket Shadow: Appears in episode 5. Powers include claws that emit energy slashes, high jumping, and an enhanced sense of smell
    Seal Shadow: Appears in episode 7. Powers include turning each hand into a stamp that causes demotivation, agility, throwing fire balls, and a branding iron with four spikes
    Bomb Shadow: Appears in episode 8. Powers include self destruction, a gaseous form that possesses machinery, dividing into two bombs, and a pair of mandibles
    Marionette Shadow: Appears in episode 9. Powers include a pair of X shurikens that emit controlling strings, teleportation, and a pair of marionette drones
    Type Shadow: Appears in episode 10. Only known power is magic letters from the body buttons that causes sentences to come true
    Lamp Shadow: Appears in episodes 11 and 12. Powers include high jumping, a scythe capable of hypnosis, firing energy cutters, and lasers, and, shoulder flames
    Loupe Shadow: Appears in episode 13. Powers include a solar ray from the right shoulder magnifying glass, exploding hearts from the right eye, teleportation, and increasing the size of object via right shoulder magnifying glass
    Vacuum Shadow: Appears in episode 14. Powers include a left arm and trunk vacuum, speed, and vacuum arm gusts
    Hammer Shadow: Appears in episodes 15 and 16. Powers include a hammer that causes desires to manifest, high jumping, strength that can uproot train tracks, and hammer shockwaves and fire balls
    Ring Shadow: Appears in episode 18. Powers include pain inducing head bands from the hands and explosive heart kisses
    Fence Shadow: Appears in episode 19. Powers include a pitch fork that fires energy daggers and summoning fences and spikes from the ground
    Jack in The Box Shadow: Appears in episode 20. Powers include laughter activated magic springs, teleportation, maracas that fire lasers, and bombs from the torso door
    Count Nile: Appears in the movie. Powers include a rifle with explosive bullets and a bayonet and fusing with Hound Shadow
    Hound Shadow: Appears in the movie. Powers include a chained bear trap in the abdomen and an enhanced sense of smell
    Niles and Hound Shadow Fusion: Appears in the movie. Powers include hand and eye electric lasers, steel jaws for the lower half with each side armed with a sickle, and a long claw
    Soap Shadow: Appears in episode 21. Powers include hand bubbles that cause body switching called the Slippery Change, high jumping, explosive forehead bubbles, and explosive hand foam called the Bubble Bomb
    Keeper Rook: Appears in episode 24. Powers include a castle staff that fires purple energy balls, agility, absorbing kuros for more growth, and hand energy blasts
    First is ranger balance consisting of 4 down by two episodes and 6 down by one (I reluctantly consider ep 24 a 1 focus ep). The rangers here are clowns and yes I know they are supposed to be kids in adult bodies. The conductor I can say is the second worst mentor in the franchise after San from Kakuranger, most of his shtick is yelling and playing with Ticket-kun but at least he is not spewing sexist nonsense. The designs are questionable, Toqu-Oh especially being mostly trains in columns is very prominent in the McDonalds Happy Meal minutia that has taken hold since Gekiranger, not bad, but more could have been done. On top of that I will now apologize to Goseiger as it no longer has the title of worst opening theme in Super Sentai history. Wagon is also really useless.

    Now lets talk about the villains: Unironically they are solid, you can tell effort went into the costume and aesthetic choices and they manage to make them very distinct among one another. The kuros are also nicely well done and spiffy looking, probably the best grunts since the ugatzes from Go-Onger, maybe even since the zobils from Magiranger. The movie implies that all the railways on the Imagination Line are created by human thought and since the Shadow Line acts similar who is to say that both lines are not the result of intense human emotions brought about and manifested into what it is now after nearly four decades of ravaged cities by various types of monsters. Hell, the shadow monsters are all based on old technology barely if at all used in the modern age and the villains have the motif of pre-World War I era historical minutia. This could be a reference to an old yokai legend about how objects gain a life of their own after a hundred years thanks to (usually evil) spirits, the Shadow Line could even be based on that legend given industrial revolution technology. I also like that a monster of the week of all things is capable of becoming a full fledged ranger, pushing the imagination themes this series has gone with.

    So overall it is getting better despite a very rocky start and the villains are solid all things considered, but boy it has faults, this will likely be on the lower end of the spectrum unless they can pull of some big "WHOA!" moments.
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    This sentai ride is stopping as we approach part 2.

    Pin Spot Shadow: Appears in episode 25. Powers include a head spotlight that spawns fairy tale entities, lasers from the six body spotlights, and beam deflecting armor
    Coin Shadow: Appears in episode 26. Powers include a human disguise, explosive coins called the Coin Barrage, and body shockwaves
    Keeper Bishop: Appears in episode 27. Powers include high jumping and a flying buzzsaw on the staff that fires energy cutters and lasers
    Bottle Shadow: Appears in episode 29. Powers include a bottle opener-like trident and lasers from the twin bottle tops
    Wig Shadow: Appears in episode 30. Powers include firing bird nest wigs with chicks tied to life force, explosive eye flashes and lasers, spawning energy balls from the hands, entangling hair from the back called the Wig Catcher, and explosive face torsos called the Wig Bomber
    Table Brothers: Appear in episodes 31 and 32. Powers include mentally sticking objects, mentally flipping objects, a forked staff and sword, electric shocks, energy cutters, speed, and a back table that can be used as a shield
    Syringe Shadow: Appears in episode 33. Powers include a left arm syringe that spawns poison watches, controlling screens, a duplicate, a human disguise, and using the syringe arm for energy draining and redirecting
    Billiard Shadow: Appears in episode 34. Powers include a pool stick, spawning a pool table with billiard ball bombs, and teleportation
    Super Kuliner Robos: Appear in episode 35, 41, and 46. Powers include a shield, a broadsword that fires lasers, and shoulder lasers
    Fountain Pen Shadow: Appears in episode 36. Powers include a right shoulder pen that causes transformations, ink from the shoulder pen, a spear, and growth by confidence
    Keeper Knight: Appears in episode 37. Powers include speed, an ax with a horse head called Just A Way, hand lasers, and summoning water and explosions
    Film Shadow: Appears in episode 38. Powers include a large pair of scissors, ensnaring film strips that release fire, a movie subspace that turns nightmares into realistic movies, teleportation, a machine gun in each shoulder, and a dark sheet that spawns horror illusions
    Tombstone Shadow: Appears in episode 39. Only known power is absorbing darkness to revive dead shadow monsters via torso door
    Schwarz: Powers include a saber that fires energy cutters and high jumping
    Dollhouse Shadow: Appears in episode 43. Powers include agility, a dollhouse that shrinks humans into it, high jumping, controlling screens for communication, and a rapier
    Castle Keeper Pawn: Appears in episode 44. Powers include flight, a wrecking ball that deflects lasers, and head explosive flashes
    Zett: Powers include a human disguise, body shockwaves, a sword that emits energy cutters, absorbing other beings, emitting dark energy surges, controlling kuliners, torso energy balls
    Behemoth of Darkness: Appears in episodes 46 and 47. Powers include emitting darkness from the torso, spear arms
    Archduke Hei: Appears in Returns. Powers include hand lasers, telekinetic explosions, a cutlass, and teleportation
    Tanktop Shadow: Appears in Returns. Powers include a shirt form that possesses humans and bladed clothes hangers
    Well this series won me back! For ranger balance 3 and 4 were down one and the last four episodes revolved around just 1 a bit too much, the rest were fine. The pacing got slower, minutely over time, but I have to bring it up. Also 1 being able to use 6's suit made no sense since it was stated his did not transfer. Finally the TOQ liner crew members were the same throughout. I have to give Toei credit in that until the last scene in the last episode I did not spot any of their famous bad editing (on a side note it was trying a bit too hard to imitate the final scene in Return of Ultraman). The writing became surprisingly good and lead to some cool fighting scenes; much like how Kyoryuger gave the franchise its first real underwater battle this gave us its first toy size/house battle (I would say indoors, but Go-Busters did that what with Ace fighting in a boxing arena). I like how most of the Shadow Line members had some trace of humanity in them, after all it is heavily implied they need human thoughts in order to survive much like the Rainbow Line. The Returns movie was a bit of a needless tack on, but compared to Hurricanger's and Kyoryuger's I am okay with it. On top of that it seems like mech design was being built upon better because DAMN Hyper Ressha was bad ass! Toei tried some new things with this series and I think it worked out for the better.

    I do not have much more to add, it got better as it went on. Time to rank things.

    Favorite Carriers and Mechanical Bases:
    DaiVoyager > Hyper Ressha > DekaBase > Magma Base > Turbo Builder > Brachiosaurs > King Brachion > King Pyramider > Denzi Tiger > Battle Shark > Giga Bitus > Goggle Caesar > BragiOh > Sky Ace > Dyjupiter > Machine Buffalo > Jaguar Vulcan > Bio Dragon > Varidreen > Varibloom > Star Condor > Shuttle Base > Turbo Ranger > Dai Mugen > Nekomaru > Varikikyun > Gran Tortoise > Round Base > Gao Rock > Big Baser > Victrailer

    Favorite Mecha:
    Go-Buster Oh > Buster Hercules > DaiBouken > V-Rex > GaoHunter > Tategami Lioh > Great Five > GouZyuJin > Grand Liner > Bio Robo > Kiba Daioh > Jet Garuda > Ohranger Robo > Gosei Ground > GaoGod > Sirend Builder > Victory Robo > Turbo Robo > Star Five > Gouraijin > Go-Buster KeroOh > Gosei Great > DaiZyuZin > Jet Icarus > Dairenoh > Travelion > Gingaioh > PteraidenOh > Galaxy Mega > Oh Blocker > GaoKing > Five Robo > RV Robo > Delta Mega > Flash King > SpinoDaiOh > Tenkujin > Goggle Robo > SaiDaiOh > Live Boxer > GaoIcarus > Gosei Wonder > Change Robo > DaiTanken > MagiKing > Engine Daishogun > Dyna Robo > GekiFire > MaxOhJa > Gosei Ultimate > PlezuOh > Battle Fever Robo > Ginga Rhinos > Ginga Phoenix > GaoMuscle > VRV Robo > Sun Vulcan Robo > MougyudaiOh > DekaWing > Red Puncher > KyoRyuZin > DaiDenziJin > BakuRenOh > Liner Boy > Build DaiOh > Muteki Shogun > Time Robo Alpha > Sirender > Senpujin > Live Robo > Turbo Rugger > GouRyuJin > Kakure Daishogun > DieselOh > Dekaranger Robo > Victory Mars > WolKaiser > EngineOh > AbaRenOh > ToquOh > Mega Voyager > Time Robo Beta > Daigoyou > Titan Boy > Land Galaxy > GanbirOh > MagiLegend > DekaBike > GaoKnight > Mega Winger > Time Shadow > SeikuOh > DaikaiOh > KillerOh > Bull Taurus > DaiTenku > GekiTohJa > SaintKaiser > Go-Roader GT > ShinkenOh > Tsubasamaru > Sigma Project > Datas Hyper > Tackle Boy > GokaiOh > SafariGaOh > Revolver Mammoth > Providus

    Favorite Series:
    Magiranger > Changeman > Go-Busters > Timeranger > Fiveman > Goseiger > GoGo-V > Zyuranger > Go-Onger > Kyoryuger > Gingaman > Dekaranger > Denziman > Ohranger > Toquger > Shinkenger > Gaoranger > Bioman > Carranger > Dynaman > Abaranger > Maskman > Goggle-V > Boukenger > Turboranger > Battle Fever J > Flashman > Gorenger > Dairanger > JAKQ > Kakuranger > Jetman > Gekiranger > Sun Vulcan > Liveman > Hurricanger > Megaranger > Gokaiger

    Favorite Openings:
    Turboranger > Bioman > Zyuranger > Ohranger > GoGo-V > Go-Onger > Gaoranger > Dairanger > Shinkenger > Flashman > Denziman > Gokaiger > Boukenger > Dynaman > Gingaman > Hurricanger > JAKQ > Magiranger > Goggle-V > Megaranger > Kakuranger > Jetman > Dekaranger > Timeranger > Kyoryuger > Carranger > Sun Vulcan > Battle Fever J > Liveman > Changeman > Gorenger > Go-Busters > Fiveman > Abaranger > Gekiranger > Maskman > Goseiger >Toquger

    I thought of taking a break after this, but I decided to do a slow down instead, I have stuff to catch up on! Before then we will close things out with Toquger vs. Kyoryuger.
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    Toquger vs. Kyoryuger:

    The movie starts with Lady and the Galaxy Line being attacked by a body of energy. The Rainbow Line hears her SOS so the conductor tells the Toqugers to transform, the title appearing right after. The Galaxy Line's space station crashes into a mountain, the Toqugers encounter zorimas lead by a pair of cambriens. As they fight their weapons have little effect on the grunts when Kyoryu Red and Pink show up to actually inflict damage. Blue appears while saying a pun followed by Black and Green just before more zorimas spawn from the ground. The Kyoryugers do intros, their back explosions knocking the Toqugers down unexpectedly so like Nu Gundam they are not just for show! Kentrospiker is formed, drilling through the garrison and making it explode. A green barrier prevents any progress so they scout the area while Red talks to the Toqugers- Oh hey he cut his hair! The Rainbow Line appears and Red can see it, making him one of the few adults with IMAGINATION, implying the idea that IMAGINATION is an extension of positive energy. Wagon treats the guest- Wait a sec HE HAS NO TICKET! Red mentions a guy named Devius which causes the Conductor to scream out of the room as he knows he was Deboth's creator- Wait how would he know this!? Cut to Castle Terminal where Devius's aide, Salamas, introduces himself to Zett who is unimpressed by a lack of sparkling. He is willing to join forces with the Shadow Line and slay the Toqugers. Red tells 1 they have been preparing for Devius's arrival as in space he is energy, but on Earth will gain a body, maybe possessing the station even if not fully awaken. According to Salamas he will be awoke in a day as he asks Zett to stop the Kyoryugers from interfering. Because of sparkles, Zett sends Clock Shadow for assistance. Meanwhile, Red says the Toqugers were too weak in battle and thus cannot come along as he wants off the train- WHOA HE JUMPED OFF! 1 and the Conductor disagree on whether or not to tag along. Gold waits at a train station where a Kuliner shows up, dropping off Clock Shadow and some kuros drop off. Comedy happens before Gold fights, but he can barely damage the kuros. 6 plays his harmonica, Clock Shadow identifies him and he transforms which impresses Gold because of his samurai-like spirit. Gold transforms and uses 6's stick which actually inflicts damage. Also the Conductor and 1 have a Three Stooges fight when 2 gets a call that the Shadow Line has showed up. Clock Shadow starts making clock noises when the Toqugers arrive. 6 calls for Build Ressha for a quick escape. Suddenly some transforming noises happen in the woods, Clock Shadow and his squad find the freaking Ninningers because why not? Clock Shadow calls them rude because of their costumes and sics the mooks on them and because of their ninja moves easily slaughter them- Wait HOW ARE THEIR WEAPONS EFFECTIVE!? Ninningers do their intros and strike a pose once the soldiers are gone, Clock Shadow calls for his kuliner WHICH AKANINJA SHRINKS. Also a tornado attack called the Ninja Flash blows it up. AkaNinja tells the audience that is enough for today and the Ninningers teleport off via smoke bombs to the ground.

    After that nonsense we see the Toqugers and Gold have reverted into kids and a baby, respectively thanks to Clock Shadow. The other Kyoryugers try getting passed the barrier and fail just as Red shows up. GabuTyra is summoned just as kuliners bypass the force field and reinforce it (somehow). Red tries reaching Gold only for 6 to answer and we jump to everyone meeting up with one another. Blue figures out the two villain factions joined forces as Pink and 1 note their powers do not work against the opposite enemies. Clock Shadow returns and brings with him zorimas and kuros, the heroes on both teams transforming. Pink and Clock Shadow find the kid Toquger transforming adorable as they exchange batteries and trains with their counterparts and 6 looks after Gold. Somehow they now hurt both types of mooks and THIS IS REALLY INCONSISTENT AND ONE OF THE WORST PLOT POINTS EVER! It is amusing to see 4 act like a velociraptor from The Lost World: Jurassic Park what with long grass attacks and all. 3 summons Mikey to help her while 2 and 5 try some trip rope followed by shooting. The Kyoryugers actually handle things fine while random explosions go off (are they in mine field? what is doing this?). Once the battlefield is cleared, Clock Shadow complains and 1 gets an idea to combine powers which the Shadow Line can see on a screen they never used in the series. The villains save for Zett mock Salamas until he reveals his true colors of using his staff to set Castle Terminal on fire and running. The Lineup Bazooka is formed and powered by the ZyuDenchi, firing the Brave Rainbow Rush aka swirling energy to blow up Clock Shadow while knocking out four kuros near him. Salamas shows up via high jump landing to absorb the darkness from Clock Shadow and his four kuros, growing in size- WHY IS IT FOUR KUROS IN A CARDBOARD TRAIN!? LAZY! The Toqugers call in ToquOh as the Kyoryugers have Kyoryujin form. Lasers fire which does not slow down the Salamas Train at first. Lots of ramming ensues so 6 suggests both teams call in all the mechs so Hyper Ressha TeiOh and Gigant Kyoryuzin are formed, not even doing the full combo sequences. Finishers are used once mechs switch carriers and Salamas is destroyed for good. This returns everyone to their correct ages just as Devius wakes up, announcing he will destroy and recreate Earth. One use of his eye lasers weaken the mechs so they retreat.

    The Kyoryugers rest at a hospital because why bother showing them getting hurt, the Toqugers are miserable they failed. The conductor has noticed their batteries are still big and in Hyper Ressha n terminal form. Moping ensues and the Conductor notes maintenance must be done. That night 6 plays his harmonica with the others watching, 2 getting nervous followed by 1 bringing up Earth is at stake. Some shots of people walking, 1 says it is too big for them, 3 mentions they only did one town at a time until now, weird close ups of traffic lights, and Red recovers as he is walking around. More talk to raise morale ensues with a flashback of the Toqugers as kids running on a coast and at their secret base with a very blurry video quality, why is this so common in sentai flashback shots? 1 gives a motivational speech which even 6 likes. Red looks at his dad's fossil and his unconscious teammates. Candelria and Luckyro look on, commenting how they want no part in this, but want people to keep smiling as they laugh. The Toqugers sing before heading out in the morning, the batteries forming one train as the Rainbow Line President joined forces with Torin who is a golden ghost for some reason. The Conductor states Devius will wake at noon so they must depart now. 2 explains to the others 1's ressha must be protected, but Devius can sense them coming so he revives some kuros and the table brothers to change tracks. 6 fights them off so they can keep on course. A pair of kuliners attack, also having revived shadow monsters causing a hassle. 1 makes it through the barrier into the space station. He finds Devius who commends 1 for arriving when Red shows up because he hid on the rain. 6 deals with the table brothers only for more shadow monsters to show up, the other Toqugers also having trouble against revived foes. Red and 1 are easily defeated by Devius during this. The Kyoryugers now join in the various fights as an orchestral version of their theme plays- wait HOW ARE THEY HURTING SHADOW MONSTERS!? Green summons Torin's sword for the battle so he and 4 can have a blade team up as the same happens with Blue and 2, but with guns. Devius still dominates his battle with Red and 1. Just before things get bad, Red gives 1 his battery for the Hyper Ressha Bazooka while he holds Devius in place. The other ten rangers are bombarded by the revived shadow monsters. 1 fires in the air, Devius depowered while the others take down their enemies via all guns blazing. The space station starts breaking apart, 1 helps Red escape as Devius is about to explode. All twelve heroes are reunited once outside when the ground shakes and Devius grows big, firing lasers near them which ignites the ground. The four spirit warriors show up to assist followed by the Shadow Line generals- Ha! Only Nero does an intro. They are only assisting out of revenge while Candelira and Luckyro pray at a shrine. Devius announces their defeat here while they all transform at once with intros, flips, and back explosions with colored smoke- THAT IS HUGE! Devius flies and laser spams before his wings are shot off. More shooting happens from the twenty of them which DESTROYS DEVIUS! NOT EVEN A CLIMACTIC MECH FIGHT! The Galaxy Line and Lady head back into space and as the credits roll the teams bid each other farewell.

    Salamas: Powers include a fire staff, high jumping, absorbing dark energy to grow, and electric surges called the Salamas Spark
    Devius: Powers include an energy form for space travel, a green energy barrier, eye lasers, enhanced senses, reviving dead monsters, red had lightning, back tentacles, a spear that fires energy blasts, growing, and flight
    Clock Shadow: Powers include a head clock that deages organisms and a pair of knives that resemble clock hands

    Yeah, things are in continuity and all. This is the worst versus movie due to sheer idiocy in proof reading and timing things incorrectly. At least the rapist yokai in Ohranger vs. Kakuranger was consistent in-universe while here nobody is sure how weapons work. Devius going down that fast from a lot of blaster fire was just plains stupid. For someone who was so powerful he makes planet busters he went down too easily. Also why is he reviving shadow monsters and not deboth monsters? Top that off with how dumb and too early the Ninningers' first appearance was and you have something bad here.
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    Just a quick update, I FINALLY got around to watching Ninninger today (I had to catch up on a lot of projects) and with that here is a strawpoll! Do we cover Kyoryuger Brave? Voting ends after we finish Zyuohger.
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    Now to dive into what is being called the worst sentai also known as Ninninger.

    "No pictures this time?"

    Postimg decided to change domains without warning and ever since HJU got a new forum change there has been a big character limit that prevents me from going back and editing everything without causing mass deletion.

    "What the hell took you so long?"

    I had a lot of other things to catch up on. This take on has taken up a huge portion of my free time.

    "How is this the worst of sentai?"

    No idea at the moment, but according to /m/ it is basically a solid first quarter and gets really boring afterward. Also I recall something about sexism being a factor.

    "How will this be divided?"

    Since episode 24 starts a short arc part 1 will be up to episode 23 with the movie between 21 and 22.

    "Are you going to bring up the anniversary delay by ISIL?"

    The Power Rangers wikia already brings that up. Murder is bad, nothing I can add other than I hope that reporter's family gets justice and that he's in Heaven with God.

    "Anything else you want to add?"

    Lets hope Zyuohger breaks the curse of anniversary shows being a step back from the last one.


    And why are you people not being hyped for Unit Pandora and Gundam Build Divers? The former is a contender for anime of the year and the latter is saving the Gundam franchise and its legacy.


    And Avengers: Infinity War was awesome.


    And the Hughes Net girl voiced Maria Hill in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.


    And Atop The Fourth Wall will have its 500th episode next week.


    This Rocket Power reference has gone on too damn long.
    Yokai Kamaitachi: Appears in episode 1. Powers include a curved chainsaw on each arm that can fire energy cutters and kunais.
    Yokai Kappa: Appears in episode 2. Powers include strength, swimming, extinguisher mist from the wrists, and high jumping via back extinguishers.
    Yokai Kasha: Appears in episode 3. Powers include skates for feet and nose rings that control vehicles and form rope binds.
    Yokai Tsuchigumo: Appears in episode 4. Powers include mouth webs, four bladed arms on the back, and a giant spider form capable of mouth suction.
    Yokai Ungaikyo: Appears in episode 5. Powers include creating realistic illusions from the head dish, high jumping that can go to the moon, and a wand that controls machinery called the Marionette Attack and fire energy bolts.
    Yokai Tengu: Appears in episode 6. Powers include a nose horn that opens portals and fires a semi-automatic gun, a fan that emits powerful gusts, flight, and extending the nose horn as a battering ram.
    Yokai Nekomata: Appears in episodes 7 and 8. Powers include a time reversal beam from the torso eyes, fire balls called the Super Cat Pad Bomber, opening portals in time, reformation as a watch, an ensnaring band for a tail, and the Cat's Eye Beam.
    Yokai Ittan-momen: Appears in episode 9. Powers include a broom that turns humans into mice, rocks, or dolls and reveal secrets, phasing through matter, invisibility, creating floor holes, a stone beam from the left hand, and telekinetic explosions.
    Yokai Daidarabotchi: Appears in episode 10. Powers include an extendable shovel claw for the left arm and a rock body.
    Yokai Enraenra: Appears in episode 11. Powers include head smoke that makes organisms depressed, palm fire balls, and finger missiles.
    Raizo Kabi: Powers include twin katanas that emit energy cutters and lighting and body shockwaves.
    Masakage Tsugomori: Powers include a staff that emits explosive flashes and uses telekinesis
    Yokai Yamawarawa: Appears in episode 13. Only known power is throwing a large iron ball.
    Yokai Yamabiko: Appears in episode 14. Powers include a head telephone with changing voices, granting disguises, and mouth sonic booms.
    Yokai Futakuchionna: Appears in episode 15. Powers include high jumping, twin extendable ponytails, and spell contracts.
    Yokai Kasabake: Appears in episode 16. Powers include rain summoning, an umbrella disguise, flight, head ink bombs, and eye electric shocks.
    Yokai Umibozu: Appears in episode 17. Powers include a double sided naginata, swimming, summoning fog that creates mirages, eye electric bolts, and dumbbell grenades.
    Yokai Otoroshi: Appears in episode 18. Powers include chainsaw teeth, a buzzsaw for each hand, high jumping, and electric eye beams called the Otorshi Beam that mind controls humans.
    Advanced Yokai Nue: Appears in episodes 19 and 20. Powers include a right hand drill, a flying circular saw, high jumping, turning thee right hand into a clamp, fire balls from the jaws for the right shoulder, growth, spawning clippers made of explosive energy, and turning the left hand into a tool chest that launches tools.
    Yokai Baku: Appears in episode 21. Powers include dream eating via eye lasers, teleportation, and telekinesis.
    Juza Yumihari: Appears in the movie. Powers include a bladed bow that fires energy charged arrows, dividing the bow into two short swords that fire energy cutters, an energy barrier, and curse and growth arrows.
    Yokai Nurikabe: Appears in episode 22. Powers include wall spawning based on despair, spawning rail guards, a wall-like energy shield, and a pair of energy cannons on each shoulder.
    Yokai Yuki Onna: Appears in episode 23. Powers include freezing breath and a naginata.
    My main concern was how they were going to separate yokai here from Kakuranger and as it turns out they have a bond with physical objects and created through a different form of negative energy than their more natural counterparts. The eps with the red rangers from Kakuranger and Hurricanger were fine, a bit underwhelming for the 40th anniversary though. The ranger balance is really bad here, Aka and Star hog up a lot of episodes with Ao barely able to keep pace and the rest only get one. Technically episode 23 was supposed to be a second centric episode for Shiro, but she barely does much of anything although it is still better than how Ki and Momo are treated. The mechs vary, starting off with the McDonalds happy meal looks (although mechs piloting mechs is amusing) and when Lion La-Oh shows up it is a sudden return to how 90s sentai mechs operated. On top of that the animatronics for the individual mechs are surprisingly well done, I dare say the best since Goseiger if not outright surpassing them. The mentor/grandfather does the role of mentor well and starts out proving how good he is in combat, but is mostly for comic relief for some reason.

    Pacing was mostly fine, but very slowly over time it has been dragging. Episode 15 where Roderomaru decides to be part of a yokai's contract is right down there with other exceptionally bad sentai episodes like DynaPink's fear of cats, MegaYellow's grandmother, Bison Green's abortion, and Gokaiger's pathetic tribute to Carranger; talk about unnecessarily long, dumb, and boring as shit! Who thought this was a smart idea? I say all that as someone okay with explosive baby screams from Ohranger. Now let us talk about the villains because these guys are the weakest links unfortunately. Raizo was killed off too quickly as the red ranger's rival and was replaced with some guy that barely comes up with plans, the big bad's wife who complains about it being too hot, and the former apprentice of the Last Ninja who is almost never explored beyond a handful of sentences. I would not mind this except they barely do much. Only positive thing about them thus far is that like the kuros from last season the grunts have surprisingly polished costumes.

    So yeah, it has problems with the pacing, character balance, and villains, otherwise this is not only not the worst sentai series, but it might be the best of the ninja ones as long as they do not just throw someone like Daimaoh into a gate and call it a day and no I will not get over that.
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    This took long than expected as the shadows are cast with light in part 2.

    Yokai Franken: Appears in episode 24. Powers include high jumping, an abdomen screw beam that stops machines called the Stop Light, and green electric shocks.
    Yokai Dracula: Appears in episodes 24 and 25. Powers include a human disguise, hypnosis, life draining fangs, hand lasers, a rapier, and dividing into bats.
    Yokai Mataneko: Appears in episode 26. Powers include a human disguise, high jumping, speed, and throw fire balls called the Super Pad Cat Bomber.
    Yokai Wolf Man: Appears in episodes 24, 25, and 27. Powers include sharp claws that emit energy cutters called the Bloody Moon, thick armor, and regeneration.
    Yokai Hayabusa: Appears in episode 28. Powers include high jumping, spawning force fields only kids can pass through, a ninjato that emits fire and energy cutters, telekinesis called the Falcon Puppet Technique, and a bladed wing on the left arm that also allows flight.
    Yokai Ikkakusai: Appears in episode 29. Powers include a rhino horn on the right shoulder, teleportation, a ninjato that creates doors to a board game subspace, a pair of sais, and summoning a die and magic hammer.
    Yokai Kuroari: Appears in episode 30. Powers include possession called the Parasite Technique, hand fire balls, a scissor blade on the left wrist, a ninjato, and turning the ground into quicksand in a move called the Antlion Technique.
    Yokai Mujina: Appears in episodes 31 and 32. Powers include an ax on a chain attached to a saw-like round shield, duplicate spawn, specialty stealing, disguises, a ninjato, running on water, purple energy bolts from the shield, and spawning duplicates.
    Karakuri Kyuubi: Appears in episodes 31 and 32. Powers include a ninjato that fires energy cutters, armor, and nine flying beam guns called the Fox Cub Fire Storm.
    Yokai Suzumebachi: Appears in episode 33. Powers include flight, poison arrows from the left arm bow gun, a ninjato, and speed.
    Konaki Jiji: Appears in episode 34. Powers include high jumping, arm beams that place people on backs of others, eye lasers, teleportation, and speed.
    Oomukade: Appears in episode 35. Powers include emitting lightning from the body, converting into electricity, and extending the neck for constriction.
    Masakage Tsugomori continued: Maze of Doubt, summoning a giant green skull that explodes called the Wiser Head, high jumping, dark fog spawning that alters memories, regeneration for the fake body, and size changing.
    Ghoul Cart Oboroguruma: Appears in episodes 36 and 45. Powers include a steam roller, a head cannon, size changing, and explosive eye flashes.
    Yokai Mokumokuren: Appears in episode 37. Powers include traveling through computers, body lasers for blasts and telekinesis, video game alteration, and teleportation.
    Yokai Amikiri: Appears in episode 38. Powers include pincer claw hands that fire lasers, high jumping, and scissor cutters from the body.
    Mangetsu: Appears in episodes 39, 40, 41, and 42 and Returns. Powers include a large sword, speed, high jumping, growth, summoning lightning, hand fire balls, sword energy cutters, an enhanced sense of smell, body shockwaves, flying energy swords called the Full Moon Slash, and reviving dead yokai.
    Yokai Binbougami: Appears in episode 40. Powers include a Santa disguise, misfortune rings, a staff that fires energy blasts, and creating earthquakes by stomping.
    Shutendoji: Appears in episodes 41 and 42. Powers include turning humans into peanuts, disorienting breath that allows mind control, a metal bottle that doubles as a club, and growth.
    Fudagaeshi: Appears in episode 43. Powers include trapping organisms into a subspace based on memory, reviving yokai, and flight.
    Gabi Raizo: Appears in episodes 44, 45, and 46. Powers include high jumping, teleportation, and a pair of wakizashis that emit lightning.
    Gengetsu: Powers include sending yokai into the future, a naginata that emits energy cutters and lightning, hand energy balls, launching teeth made of magic, magic explosive arms called Ashura, teleportation, absorbing other yokai to grow, and summoning an energy dragon.
    Counting Returns: Girls vs. Boys here. So, ranger balance is one of the worst in the franchise with Ki only getting one other episode to himself, Shiro and Momo each getting only two, and the others just hog up screen time. This may not have been as bad if they did not go out of their way to have MagiYellow star in an episode which, while good and proves continuity, also shows they were so ignorant of their own yellow ranger they used a previous one instead! Why!? The Jiraiya episode was solid and further cements the fact sentai and metal heroes are in the same universe. I like the twist of Kyuemon being Gengetsu's son, but it comes a bit out of nowhere since he appeared human in the flashbacks and you'd think the old man would sense he was a yokai sooner. Tsugomori's twist with him using a robot body reminds me of Sargain from Hurricanger except it comes out of nowhere and is not consistent with the supernatural nature of the Kibaoni. Mangetsu should have came in earlier and his arc with him being a bad son toward his mom could have been expanded on some more. Gengetsu was fine for a final boss although he feels like a gender swap of Granidene from GoGo-V. In fact cast wise this entire series is basically Shinkenger with ninja switching samurai for the motif. Star's struggle with not being a yokai could have been better except they spread it out over many episodes rather than a consistent arc like the GaoSilver/Loki arc in Gaoranger- And BOTH monsters are wolf themed! And why did they drop the running joke of Star taking selfies with yokai? And why did he turn into a shuriken power in ep 45? The mechs continued the happy meal desi- Oh never mind I covered that! Returns could have acted as a two part finale similar to Bioman, Flashman, or Megaranger where the main threat is over but the last villains give one final hurrah. Props for Returns, however, confirming in the sentai universe that reincarnation is possible for monsters, not subjecting them to an eternal hell if they ever decide to become good.

    Despite my complaints Ninninger is a good sentai, definitely not the worst of the franchise and it can be fun if you prefer more comedic sentai. In fact I think it got its reputation from older fans that preferred more grounded entries or have been around long enough and seen a lot of things done better in previous series. Time for rankings!

    Favorite Mecha:
    Go-Buster Oh > Buster Hercules > DaiBouken > V-Rex > GaoHunter > Tategami Lioh > Great Five > GouZyuJin > Grand Liner > Bio Robo > Kiba Daioh > Jet Garuda > Ohranger Robo > Gosei Ground > GaoGod > Sirend Builder > Victory Robo > Turbo Robo > Star Five > Gouraijin > Go-Buster KeroOh > Gosei Great > DaiZyuZin > Jet Icarus > Dairenoh > Travelion > Gingaioh > PteraidenOh > Galaxy Mega > Oh Blocker > GaoKing > Five Robo > RV Robo > Delta Mega > Flash King > SpinoDaiOh > Tenkujin > Goggle Robo > SaiDaiOh > Live Boxer > GaoIcarus > Gosei Wonder > Change Robo > DaiTanken > MagiKing > Engine Daishogun > Dyna Robo > GekiFire > MaxOhJa > Gosei Ultimate > PlezuOh > Battle Fever Robo > Ginga Rhinos > Ginga Phoenix > GaoMuscle > VRV Robo > Sun Vulcan Robo > MougyudaiOh > DekaWing > Lion Ha-Oh > Red Puncher > KyoRyuZin > DaiDenziJin > BakuRenOh > Liner Boy > Build DaiOh > Muteki Shogun > Time Robo Alpha > Sirender > Senpujin > Live Robo > Turbo Rugger > GouRyuJin > Kakure Daishogun > DieselOh > Dekaranger Robo > Victory Mars > WolKaiser > EngineOh > AbaRenOh > ToquOh > Mega Voyager > Shurikenjin > Time Robo Beta > Daigoyou > Titan Boy > Land Galaxy > GanbirOh > MagiLegend > DekaBike > GaoKnight > Mega Winger > Bison King > Time Shadow > SeikuOh > DaikaiOh > KillerOh > Bull Taurus > DaiTenku > GekiTohJa > SaintKaiser > Go-Roader GT > Gekiatsu Dai-Oh > ShinkenOh > Tsubasamaru > Sigma Project > Datas Hyper > Tackle Boy > GokaiOh > SafariGaOh > Revolver Mammoth > Providus

    Favorite Series:
    Magiranger > Changeman > Go-Busters > Timeranger > Fiveman > Goseiger > GoGo-V > Zyuranger > Go-Onger > Kyoryuger > Gingaman > Dekaranger > Denziman > Ohranger > Toquger > Shinkenger > Gaoranger > Bioman > Carranger > Dynaman > Abaranger > Maskman > Goggle-V > Boukenger > Turboranger > Battle Fever J > Ninninger > Flashman > Gorenger > Dairanger > JAKQ > Kakuranger > Jetman > Gekiranger > Sun Vulcan > Liveman > Hurricanger > Megaranger > Gokaiger

    Favorite Openings:
    Turboranger > Bioman > Zyuranger > Ohranger > GoGo-V > Go-Onger > Gaoranger > Dairanger > Shinkenger > Flashman > Denziman > Gokaiger > Boukenger > Dynaman > Gingaman > Hurricanger > JAKQ > Magiranger > Goggle-V > Megaranger > Kakuranger > Jetman > Dekaranger > Timeranger > Kyoryuger > Carranger > Sun Vulcan > Battle Fever J > Liveman > Changeman > Gorenger > Go-Busters > Ninninger > Fiveman > Abaranger > Gekiranger > Maskman > Goseiger >Toquger

    Ninninger vs. Toquger will be next, after that we can head onto Zyuohger when I eventually feel like it. Going to cover a few things real quick:

    -The strawpoll is still open and will remain open until Zyuohger vs. Ninninger is posted
    -I do intend to cover that sentai mom special and Go-Onger 10 Years Later when they are eventually subbed
    -I will be taking a break before we get to Kyuranger
    -High chance we will end with Kyuranger unless you guys want me to cover Lupinranger vs. Patoranger.
    -Why the hell am I the only person watching Unit Pandora? No, really, you guys should check it out, Shoji Kawamori proves he is saving the industry with Go Nagai's return.
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    Ninninger vs. Toquger:

    A train carrying the Ninningers goes through a tunnel, Aka just waking up after lunch. He asks where they are going and Ki shows him a map to Dream Ninja Land. The train stops at some concert that plays the ending song with Star singing. Such a shaky camera. He thinks of doing an encore when some random woman in Love Live cosplay takes him away. On the train we see a repeat scenario of thee beginning except Star is gone. Aka notices deja vu and six lunches. The conductor announces a spy mission, the Ninningers now act as Hollywood spies lead by Ki. Chasing ensues when 4 of the Toqugers smacks up two random guys while in his detective costume. He points out they are ninjas when the scenario repeats with Aka waking up and now only him and Shiro are left. The conductor announces a wedding going on so we cut to Shiro as a bride in a church- Why is the camera blurry? The groom is 2 of the Toqugers who she does not recognize when 3 shows up to get them out of there- And I just realized Love Live woman is 5. Jurokages show up and the rangers transform to slay them. A yokai named Wanyuudo shows up revealing to be the culprit and his head looks like a celestial from Marvel's The Eternals. He traps the four on the train, 2 panics and 3 tells him to calm down. Shiro asks for an explanation and 3 says they are on a yokai train. Aka remembers the six of them were fighting Wanyuudo when he turned into a traina and grabbed them. The others were rescued by 4 and 5 as they explain at the base and reveal who they are. The title appears as a clip show of Toquger plays with the narrator explainng things. Apparently a scientist for the Shadow Line was on vacation and just recently came back to revive it named Dr. Dark. They do not credit Stan Lee's Who Wants To Be A Super Hero season 2, odd. The ToquLiner shows up with 1 piloting when grunts from both series appear in the yokai train. Fighting breaks out and trains batter each other, Wanyuudo's soon winning. 2 shoots a window and accidentally falls out, Aka pushes Shir into 3 to get them out as he slips on Shiro's banana she was eating earlier. The three rangers encounter Kyuemon who brags he made the yokai train. Wanyuudo stops in Dark Ninja Land and turns back to normal once Red is forced out. In this gloomy historical town we are met by Dr. Dark who smacks Wanyuudo away and talks to Aka- AND HIS NAME IS DR. MAVRO, CAN WE KEEP NAMES CONSISTENT PLEASE!? Mavro hams it up and Aka transforms only for random ninjas to show up and fight him. These ninjas are former clan leaders, specifically clones of real life feudal Japanese leaders. Aka hold his own as the fight somehow changes to a rooftop, neat action. The three clones use a Dark Fire Technique that weakens Aka long enough to hold blades to his body. Mavro uses holographic computers to merge the ninja clones into him, forming Dark Aka Ninninger! The real Aka is forced out of Dark's body, causing him to lose nintality and Mavro confirming he will soon vanish. Mavro catches a punch and ditches his disguise. 1 shows up to save Aka and run as Mavro happily walks with Dark. Kyuemon tells this to the three who escaped and teleports away because he can. At the base the rangers go into despair and blame themselves. They decide to go together, but Aka's dad stops them because it is a trap and if they lose the planet will be in darkness.

    Cut to Aka waking up in the woods and 1 being relieved. Intros are done as the former notices he is disappearing, sad music plays as the two talk. As the base more talking happens and Aka's dad finally lets them go. 2 asks how they find the reds when Ao shows them his magic wand. Mavro leads Dark to a temple where the hybrid ninja covers the area in darkness. Kyuemon shows up wondering if there will be interference. The Shadow Line leaders show up to do intros with old timey weapons. Kyuemon excuses himself with Wanyuudo taging along just as the reds appear. Dark attacks them upon command by Mavro, 1 even transforminig during the fight. The rangers notice the Shadow Line generals and get passed them using ninpo techniques. Also Nero confirmed to like manly girls, Star was rather unconvincing. 6 shows up to fight Mavro after demonstrating his harmonica playing. Kyuemon has Wanyuudo gather fear with a squad of jurokages, attacking random people when a guy in red flies around to terminate mooks. He lands with his friends and calls Wanyuudo a Deathgaliene who a guy in green points out is not. A yellow guy smacks the red guy and decides that they are bad guys. Wanyuudo throws a fit as the random guys do intros and reveal to be the Zyuohgers. Ivy from Soul Calibur called and wants her snake sword back. Grunts are slaughtered in random attacks and I have to admit after the last two face palming team intros in versus movies this is a step up. Wanyuudo goes down via shooting at him as he claims to be sorry. Meanwhile, the reds keep fighting Dark, but barely. Dark uses a Dark Shift Star to brutally attack 1 with. Aka faces him alone when the others show up on a cliff to exchange weapons. The Ninningers use the Rainbow Rusher to pour red peppers on Dark which allows Aka to punch him so hard he beats him and gets his nintality- No he just disappears. Sad music plays, the others start to cry, Aka is in a place of darkness he thinks is the afterlife. His grandpa shows up asking if he gave up. He tells him to pursue his dream regardless and says IMAGINAYSHUN. The area turns white and the other Ninninigers show up for words of encouragement. Aka decides to go home with them which causes him to reappear on Earth. Everyone gets happy until 6 literally rolls in as Mavro is now faced with twelve rangers and shocked Aka is still alive. They all transform and do intros after Mavro vows to force them into darkness. Fighting breaks out with Mavro ad the revived generals and man it looks pretty. I do wonder how Ki and Shiro are not hurt by stepping on their own cowtraps though- Come to think of it this is the first time the Ninningers used cowtraps. Mavro breaks down and fights the reds. He seems to have the upper hand at first, but they double team on him and he gets engulfed in an explosion. He calls for a three kuliners to surrround the area in darkness, the Ninningers summon Shurikenjin and Bison King, two kuliner robos form, and the Toqugers use the ToquLiner to fight Mavro's rain. So many explosions and why is the area suddenly a city? Come on Toei. Mavro and the Toqugers fight underwater followed by the kuliner robos are forced into water. There the three kuliners merge to become Super Duper Kuliner Robo! Ha-Oh Shurikenjin is formed during an explosion to go gun happy via Splendid Buster. Mavro calls it useless as they are forced back. The Toqugers show up with the Conductor and Ticket, ToquOh forms to combine with Ha-Oh. As the cockpit gets crammed the ninja allies are summoned and ride a secon ToquLiner so the Ninningers can go slash happy, causing Super Duper Kuliner Robo and Mavro to explode and thus ending the darkness. The Ninningers and Toqugers say their last farewells to one another- Geez 5 can scream loud! Random comedy ensues and the Toqugers become kids again before the ToquLiner heads to the sky. The movie ends with everyone dancing to Ninninger's ending theme, low budget but still creative- Oh hey an end credits sequence! Aka's dad is glad he is alive.

    Wanyuudo: Powers include dream manipulation via a train, and twin machine guns in each wrist
    Mavro: Powers include a human disguise, merging organisms, three claws on the left wrist, and a staff that fires energy cutters and lasers
    Super Duper Kuliner Robo: Only known power is a mouth energy beam

    Everything looks to be in continuity, the action and interactions are decent, Mavro was amusing, and the fact the reds have zero qualms with each other is a decent change of pace. With that said they could have explained why the Toqugers have their powers again or what the other Kibaoni members thought of the Shadow Line. Technically this is on the lower end of the crossover movies, but it was still enjoyable. We will continue with Zyuohger in the near future.
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    Now for the current anniversary series also known as Zyuohger.


    "Where the hell have you been?"

    Four months is a very long time! Most of it was catching up on anime and toku I was meaning to watch for years and got most of that out of the way, one of which was the total disaster called Kamen Rider Build. I also got hired on by the Anonymous Russian Rippers to edit a lot of fansubs they did for old anime titles. Thanks to me working with them we now have complete subs for Shin Mashin Hero Wataru, Ultra Nyan, Steel Jeeg, Barom One, and currently I am working on Trider G7 with Aizenborg being up next. DiscoTek announced Baldios just as I was on the final four episodes so that one is an "almost". Regardless this should have not taken four months and I am sorry for everyone that waited.

    "Aren't you going to announce it?"

    For those unaware Rampage Subs has completed Gorenger in its entirety! Whoo! Also Spielban is being worked on!

    "How will this be divided up?"

    Since this is the fortieth anniversary and I want to spread out my time management better I am dividing this into quarters, twelve episodes each with the movie in part 2 and Returns in part 4.

    "What about Super Animal Wars?"

    That will be covered before doing Zyuohger vs. Ninninger.

    "What about Go-Onger 10 Years Later and Super Mama League?"

    The former will be done right before we get into Kyuranger and the latter will happen whenever KissAsian gets off their lazy asses and upload it. JAToku won't do it and I don't know of another site that hosts english subbed toku. SockShare doesn't count.

    "Anything about this series you know about?"

    I'm going in blind although supposedly the red ranger is a bit more serious this time and everyone on /m/ likes the blue ranger.... Wait, is this a repeat of Hurricanger?

    "You leaving us in the dark again?"

    My main goal right now is to finish Zyuohger within the month and start on Kyuranger in October.
    Jagged: Appears in episode 1. Powers include high jumping and a left arm cannon that launches fire balls and uses a machine gun.
    Halbergoi: Appears in episode 2. Only known power is a spear that summons other spears, emits energy cutters, and can enlarge the blade.
    Bowguns: Appears in episode 3. Powers include an explosive laser bow gun, high jumping, and eye lasers.
    Amigard: Appears in episode 4. Powers include electric nets, an ax that converts organisms into barrels and fire energy blades, teleportation, and forehead energy bolts.
    Gaburio: Appears in episodes 5 and 6. Powers include high jumping, reinforced teeth that can clean through buildings in seconds, speed, and energy blasts from the head crest.
    Yabiker: Appears in episode 8. Powers include a right shoulder horn that causes berserk rage, a spiked club, teleportation, and foot wheels for super speed.
    Hanayaida: Appears in episode 9. Powers include a bladed watering pot, emitting sleeping spores from the flower shoulders, high jumping, and summoning a plant pot as a shield.
    GIFT: Appears in episodes 10 and 11. Powers include claws that fire lasers and electric shocks, hip energy blasts, a torso circular saw and drill, analyzing, sonic waves from the body, size changing, and torso lasers.
    Hattena: Appears in episode 12. Powers include regeneration, flight, a detachable head that steals languages from brains via eye lasers, a pen-like staff, and neck tentacles that can possess machinery.
    This started off strong, for a fortieth anniversary we do get call backs to other tokusatsu: The idea of the villains celebrating an anniversary invasion calls back to Fiveman, this is the first series since Go-Onger we've seen enemy fighters, Eagle's finishing pose homages Kamen Rider Black RX, the moebas resemble Kamen Rider Duke, the busted portal home is similar to Goseiger, and the green ranger being a jerk has been going on since Shinkenger. The cube and Africa motifs are really well done and looks like effort was put into them. The idea of cells and coin-like objects spawning minions and strengthening monsters comes from Kamen Rider OOO. The ranger motifs even heavily reflect Liveman and Gaoranger. For ranger balance Eagle has two episodes, Shark, Lion, and Elephant each have one, and Tiger currently has none. The villains are unique, instead of being conquerors they are just poachers looking for fun which does give this sense of disconnect between them and Earthlings not unlike classism and it's done well here. One last positive note: No Toei editing! The editing is actually up to a reasonable standard!

    Now for the negatives. First off, this is the worst opening theme in the franchise, even worse than Goseiger's. Nothing about it is really sentai-y. Second, the CGI is very low quality, almost Kamen Rider W levels if not worse since this was made in the mid 10s when HD was standard, the amount of detail is seriously lacking. Third, the running joke of keeping animal forms away from Mario is very unnecessary, used only for bad comedy. Fourth, the ending theme is also probably the worst as well. And finally how the hell did Kamen Rider Ghost and Shinomeking crossover into the Super Sentai universe? Toei has made it very clear they are from different continuities entirely!

    So yeah, we have a strong start, but it can go down hill at any moment so I will proceed with caution.
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    Spielban subs are done! While Jiraiya is getting started lets get into part 2!

    Noborizon: Appears in episode 13. Powers include a drill that drains plant energy, twin pick axes that emit red electric surges, and four lasers from each pick ax.
    Dorobozu: Appears in episode 14. Powers include invisibility, suction fingers, spawning decoy bags, and teleportation.
    Hunterji: Appears in episodes 14 and 15. Powers include a sniper rifle that turns organisms into dolls, dual shoulder cannons, a pair of bladed boomerangs called the Stacherangs, and a gun in each ankle.
    Mantle: Appears in episode 16. Powers include a teleporting cape and a saber.
    Trumpus: Appears in episodes 17 and 18. Powers include high jumping, sticky cards that cause levitation and electric shocks, entrapping card boxes with explosive cards, a razor fan made of cards, and teleportation.
    Bowlingam: Appears in episodes 19 and 20. Powers include telekinesis from the belt buckle, rolling into a ball, and a pair of bowling pins for clubs.
    Prisonable: Appears in episode 21. Powers include iron balls that spawn chain restraints and sink victims into the ground, an iron ball on each knee, sinking into the ground himself, a grate that fires lasers and can form cages called the Iron Bar Shield, and wrist electric bolts.
    Illusion: Appears in episode 22. Powers include a bomb casting wand that fires lasers, invisibility, telekinesis, teleporting objects turned into bombs, flight, and fusing with five triangulars that allows him to summon a fleet of triangulars.
    Domidor: Appears in the movie. Powers include a human disguise, a whip that teleports lifeforms, altering celestial bodies for stunts, hand lightning, a knife, fusing with his space ship, and summoning robot clown heads with eye lasers.
    Domidor Ship: Appears in the movie. Powers include an underside cannon powered by sadness that can destroy planets, triangular storage, six double barreled laser turrets, and a combat form armed with a pair of whip arms that emit electricity.
    Cruiser: Appears in episode 23. Powers include a triple barreled cannon on the right shoulder and left shoulder lasers.
    So in terms of ranger balance everyone is up one except for World who has four. I know episode 21 should be both him and Elephant, but I do not count sharing eps and the latter had more development in that ep. World's introduction arc harkens back to Gaoranger quite a bit what with him being reluctant and having a lot of guilt for what he's done although here the guilt is played up for laughs despite his obvious mental break downs. A bit odd considering how seriously they treated Eagle having the life force of a zyuman in the previous quarter. It seems like the subplot with the eagle zyuman is dropped since at no point do they reference it. I like how the movie plays with the idea of a cosmic circus performer since back in Fiveman there was an alien circus and cosmic entities doing random shit like this is considered normal.... Until you realize Domidor can MOVE STARS. Dairyujin's priorities become more and more stupid as villains like this keep popping up, just saying. Bunglay is a unique edition, still keeping with the game motif the villains use while being more interested in outright hunting and eating at first until he acts like a massive prick. His brand of brashness is not too different from Banriki Baoh from Denziman, you gotta admire the subtle sentai homages scattered about in this series. Also why was Ticket-kun from Toquger in the ending credits of the movie? I have to applaud Toei for mostly doing editing consistently well as only in ep 23 did their weird brand of editing make itself noticeable.

    So yeah, ranger balance is off and writing could use tightening up, otherwise not much worth complaining about at this point. If this ends up being better than Ninninger then the "every fifth entry is inferior to its predecessor" curse will finally be broken!
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    Trider G7 has been subbed in its entirety! While we wait for ARR to release the batch here is part 3!

    Jashinger: Appears in episode 25. Powers include spawning entrapping cameras, an entrapping camera on the right shoulder, and a tripod-like staff that creates cyclones.
    GIFT Custom: Appears in episode 31. Powers include a 12-tube missile pod in the right shoulder, a triple-barreled harpoon gun in the left shoulder, and green electric shocks.
    Omoteuria: Appears in episode 32. Powers include Reversi lasers from the torso that uncover hidden feelings, retractable arms on the back half of the body, and Physical Reversi beams from the hands.
    Sumotron: Appears in episode 33. Powers include strength, forming sumo rings and tents, forcing sumo movements on organisms upon losing, a spear, throwing salt that causes sparks, and spewing explosive water.
    Sambaba: Appears in episode 36. Powers include manipulating fire by dancing, teleportation, and claws that emit energy cutters.
    To start things off ranger balance is pretty bad, anyone who isn't Eagle or World is pretty much doubled up which makes the writing somewhat on the lazy side for the protagonists. Makes me wonder if this is an indirect Maskman homage since the red ranger gets so much screen time. If it wasn't for the preview for episode 37 I would have assumed the eagle zyuman subplot was dropped because it simply had not been used. With the negatives out of the way I can safely say that Bunglay is a top tier sentai villain, he has all the requirements including being capable to beat all the rangers at once, having a variety of moves at his disposal, being sneaky and dastardly when necessary, can be self reliant in most cases, and lasted a long time. Also now Zyuoh Whale has a gun strong enough to DAMAGE THE FRIGGIN MOON which makes you wonder why he doesn't blast dethgalien giants.

    As for the revelation that Bunglay was hunting Cube Whale this entire time and calls it a Mega Beast really does alter the mythos a lot. Mega Beasts in Juspion are said to be gigantic descendants of dinosaurs and that Earth was their home world (which does raise questions why Bunglay did not mention the events of Juspion) and according to Zyuranger any prehistoric animal qualifies as a dinosaur to some degree even if not a true one. Top that off with the original Zyuoh Whale asking the Earth itself for help (not unlike Changeman) and the energy itself that forms Cube Whale resembles Choriki energy from Ohranger and it does raise a valid question: What if various sentai planet born mecha like the ones in Zyuranger, Dairanger, Gingaman, Gaoranger, Magiranger, Gekiranger, etc. are all refined/more aware Mega Beasts? All those positive energy based giants, they could be descended from dinosaurs and it makes a lot of sense: Massive size advantage, planets themselves grant minerals that form the armor and nutrients necessary to grow so big, regenerative properties that allow them to survive otherwise grievous injuries and environments like space, their connections to their home worlds, why they look like various lifeforms. You could even go the extra step in saying Mega Beasts are (one of) the galaxy's natural defense/immune system(s) against the various cosmic and dimensional evils that frequently invade the Milky Way with occasional rogues like Gozma, Vulgyre, or Daitanix. Since Abaranger confirmed that every lifeform on Earth has alien parasitic microbes in them that could manifest into humanoid amoebas and may have contributed to so much of humanity's wrongdoing it would make sense that most of these Mega Beasts would come from the planet that needs it the most. Or maybe I just wanted to reference Diebuster. Point is this, whether intentionally or not, does add a lot of context to the lore.

    Then there's the Gokaiger guest episodes to celebrate the franchise's 1999th and 2000th episodes. They were fine, but it was obvious the Zyuohgers couldn't beat the space pirates. I did like that they could turn into their successors, but Bunglay reviving villains they clearly never fought makes absolutely no sense unless the ranger keys themselves have memories. It's not impossible as they are manifestations based on the positive energy from various rangers, but it just seems like a big stretch of the imagination. Then there was Gokai Silver's mention of Gil being the embodiment of every evil cosmic emperor, which was not a thing until now. Assuming Silver actually had a credible source and was telling the truth there are too few "cosmic emperors" Gil could have.... Absorbed? Take the souls of? Been a part of? Whatever the case, counting strictly leaders that have an order and a clear military chain of command with the idea of conquest (not just destruction) in mind and being recognized as the emperor, that leaves us with: Black Cross Fuhrer, Ra Deus, Bacchus Wrath, Tau Zant, and King Mons Drake. Adding interdimensional emperors we could increase that with Queen Hedrian, Radiguet, Javius, Dezumozorlya, Yogoshimacritein, and Dokoku; Messiah is debatebly from another dimension since it was never clear whether humans made it or not. In other words: Not impressive. People seem to forget that most of the villains in Super Sentai are more earth bound and tend to be either very old, high tech, or supernatural.
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    Mirrorman has been licensed by Toku TV! Speaking of toku it is time to finish this with part final.

    Saguil Brothers: Appear in episodes 37 and 38. Powers include two explosive ropes, high jumping, throwing knives controlled via telekinesis, self duplication, hidden jet packs in the back, and hat energy blasts.
    Chefdon: Appears in episode 39. Powers include a pepper shaker mace that spawns high calorie food that cause inflation, an energy curtain for teleporting, seaweed throwing called the Seaweed Bomber, and an electric Mayo Shower from the pepper shaker mace.
    Killmench: Appears in episode 40. Powers include high jumping and a whip.
    Kubar: Powers include intelligence, teleportation, an energy pistol, a sword, spawning sphered force fields for capturing items, speed, hand fire balls, and body energy whips.
    Gakkarize: Appears in episode 43. Only known power is a rapier-like paint brush that spawns objects.
    Azald Form 1: Powers include teleportation, a sword that emits energy cutters, reformation, and high jumping.
    Azald Form 2: Powers include telekinetic explosions, body and hand shockwaves, summoning eruptions by ground pounding, mouth lasers, and reformation.
    Naria: Powers include teleportation and a pair of nunchucks with a laser gun in each butt.
    Genis: Powers include hand lightning, regenerative cells, body shockwaves upon absorbing data, levitation, converting his hands into swords that emit energy cutters, wing energy blasts, causing dethgaliens to grow via hand flames, terraforming planets with his cells, spawning a pocket dimension from his wings, and size changing
    Pocane Daniro: Appears in Returns. Powers include a human disguise, hand beams that convert organisms into diamonds, a sword that emits energy cutters, blue eye lasers, and reviving dead Deathgaliens.
    Well this officially has the worst ranger balance in the franchise. I like how in the last quarter how they gave Shark and Lion eps but not Elephant or Tiger, good to see your priorities there, Toei! Aside from a brief instance in episode 45 Toei editing is not noticeable which is a good thing. Genis proved himself to be a worthy final boss, being a collective of microscopic organisms while still having the cruelty and calm of previous villainous leaders. Episodes 42 and 43 had minor Space Sheriff minutia to them what with random assassins and Kubar's betrayal reflecting Reiden's from Sharivan. I like how Genis's base actually had use at the end and was not just a glorified satellite. The twist with Azald being a destruction god was pretty good because it had some foreshadowing to it and it proved just how capable Genis was in being in control of situations. Eagle having relationship issues with his dad did harken back to Timeranger and was okay although it should have been built up more throughout the series rather than the very end. As for Zyuland and Earth becoming one at the end it was a bit cheesy, but it does set in some ground roots for Timeranger and since there are new continuities after this we will have to wait and see just how committed Toei is to everything.

    Overall Zyuohger was a well made anniversary series, but a lot of the problems piled on and at some point you have to deduct points. I did watch Super Animal War since it was short and had no monsters in it and felt like a half assed way to continue Gokaiger's anniversary. I will say that Zyuohger accomplished something no other 5th series has: It is better than its predecessor. It broke the curse. Time to rank things!

    Favorite Mecha:
    Go-Buster Oh > Buster Hercules > DaiBouken > V-Rex > GaoHunter > Tategami Lioh > Great Five > GouZyuJin > Grand Liner > Bio Robo > Kiba Daioh > Jet Garuda > Ohranger Robo > Gosei Ground > GaoGod > Sirend Builder > Victory Robo > Turbo Robo > Star Five > Gouraijin > Go-Buster KeroOh > Gosei Great > DaiZyuZin > Jet Icarus > Dairenoh > Travelion > Gingaioh > PteraidenOh > Galaxy Mega > Oh Blocker > GaoKing > Five Robo > RV Robo > Delta Mega > Flash King > SpinoDaiOh > Tenkujin > Goggle Robo > SaiDaiOh > Live Boxer > GaoIcarus > Gosei Wonder > Change Robo > DaiTanken > MagiKing > Engine Daishogun > Dyna Robo > GekiFire > MaxOhJa > Gosei Ultimate > PlezuOh > Battle Fever Robo > Ginga Rhinos > Ginga Phoenix > GaoMuscle > VRV Robo > Sun Vulcan Robo > MougyudaiOh > DekaWing > Lion Ha-Oh > Red Puncher > KyoRyuZin > DaiDenziJin > BakuRenOh > Liner Boy > Build DaiOh > Muteki Shogun > Time Robo Alpha > Sirender > Senpujin > Live Robo > Turbo Rugger > GouRyuJin > Kakure Daishogun > DieselOh > Dekaranger Robo > Victory Mars > WolKaiser > EngineOh > AbaRenOh > ToquOh > Mega Voyager > Shurikenjin > Time Robo Beta > Daigoyou > Titan Boy > Land Galaxy > GanbirOh > MagiLegend > DekaBike > GaoKnight > Mega Winger > Bison King > Time Shadow > SeikuOh > DaikaiOh > DodekaiOh > KillerOh > Bull Taurus > DaiTenku > GekiTohJa > SaintKaiser > Go-Roader GT > Gekiatsu Dai-Oh > ShinkenOh > Tsubasamaru > Sigma Project > Tousai Zyoh > Datas Hyper > Tackle Boy > GokaiOh > SafariGaOh > Zyuoh Wild > Condor Wild > Zyuoh King > Revolver Mammoth > Providus

    Favorite Series:
    Magiranger > Changeman > Go-Busters > Timeranger > Fiveman > Goseiger > GoGo-V > Zyuranger > Go-Onger > Kyoryuger > Gingaman > Dekaranger > Denziman > Ohranger > Toquger > Shinkenger > Gaoranger > Bioman > Carranger > Zyuohger > Dynaman > Abaranger > Maskman > Goggle-V > Boukenger > Turboranger > Battle Fever J > Ninninger > Flashman > Gorenger > Dairanger > JAKQ > Kakuranger > Jetman > Gekiranger > Sun Vulcan > Liveman > Hurricanger > Megaranger > Gokaiger

    Favorite Openings:
    Turboranger > Bioman > Zyuranger > Ohranger > GoGo-V > Go-Onger > Gaoranger > Dairanger > Shinkenger > Flashman > Denziman > Gokaiger > Boukenger > Dynaman > Gingaman > Hurricanger > JAKQ > Magiranger > Goggle-V > Megaranger > Kakuranger > Jetman > Dekaranger > Timeranger > Kyoryuger > Carranger > Sun Vulcan > Battle Fever J > Liveman > Changeman > Gorenger > Go-Busters > Ninninger > Fiveman > Abaranger > Gekiranger > Maskman > Goseiger >Toquger > Zyuohger

    Stay tuned as we head toward Zyuohger vs. Ninninger.
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    Zyuohger vs. Ninninger:

    An explosive opening! We start out with a red filter and some kid notices the Ninningers and Zyuohgers are dead. In the present time the Zyuohgers are playing around near the riverbed that's been in most Toei tokusatsu, notably with a unique flying camera shot. Eagle calls on his phone only to find out it is out of range. World carries some food when he is knocked down by the kid in the beginning. The food he made for the others spilled out and he gets upset over it. The Zyuohgers sense a threat when they are attacked by shurikens. The Ninningers jump out of the woods and surround them, Aka saying they finally found them. They think they are a band of yokai, Eagle tells the others to turn human. The Ninningers transform after saying the Zyuohgers are villains that are against Super Sentai. After some posing and shooting the Zyuohgers transform, both teams stare each other down before charging forward. The title appears briefly as everyone fights on, neither heroes gaining an advantage. Eagle turns into Whale and fires which stops the Ninningers long enough for them to retreat. Red takes this.... Badly and summons Shurikenjin. Zyuoh King and Zyuoh Wilf are summoned to counter in a two against one brawl which is now in a city. Pretty good fight. Shinobimaru jumps off its thrown and does a lot of martial arts. UFOmaru takes its place and gets gun happy when Wild Zyuoh King is formed, Aka compliments the combination. The UFO Big Bang and Zyuoh Dynamite Strike are used at the same time, causing the mechs to be blown backwards and all the rangers forced out of their cockpits. Aka fights Eagle, still thinking he is a yokai. World shows up to the river, still mopey, when he notices the smoking aftermath. The other Ninningers return to their base when a a peach-like creature named Runrun gets upset that they lost. Momo brings up that the Zyuohgers apparently slaughtered his people and that is why they're hunting them, Ao finds it weird since they do not seem like the type. Runrun tells how rather bloody things got for his people. Blue and Pink wonder about the Zyuohgers as most of them are separated and cannot reach each other. Shark asks what a ninha is when it turns out Star is overhearing them. He moves around and offers to tell them as Aka still attacks Eagle. The boy from earlier tells his dad to stop who turns out to be Aka, shocking him. Eagle finds it weird. At Mario's house Yellow and White sneak around. Minor antics ensue and World shows up saying he does not know what happened to them. Ki and Shiro nab World when Mario is not looking. Ao and Momo shows up, World asks if they are Super Sentai members who confirm they are while calling him a fake and a yokai. World breaks down and collapses as Runrun shows up and ties and gags him via vines from his head. Meanwhile, the boy is Aka's son from the future which Eagle does not buy. His name is Yoshiharu and he states he got to the past via ninjitsu Time Warp. Aka asks if he is bald and Yoshiharu replies that he dies tomorrow with the other Ninningers and Zyuohgers. At dusk Star tells the Zyuohgers that ninjas are basically spies when World's Cube Animals show up with a ransom letter from the Ninningers. Star finds this weird when they say Ninningers and transforms to prove he is one, causing them to tackle him. At Mario's house Yoshiharu explains that he came from twelve years in the future and how a great evil brought down both teams via pitting them against each other and it ended Super Sentai's history, by extension ending the title of AkaNinja. Aka apologizes and Eagle forgives him. As it turns out Runrun is an assassin working with the Deathgaliens who Naria claims is an expert on slaying heroes. You think Ambrella from Dekaranger worked with this schmoe? Kubar notes they are doing this while Genis is not around. Runrun also reveals his spores are what was causing phone interference from earlier. World wakes up and is being question, his vine restraints speaking for him and saying things he did not say. The spirits of the zyumen tell him his mask is what is causing it. Aka and Eagle head out while the next day the heroes attempt a hostage exchange. Insults are exchanged, transformations are done, charging ensues, and their leaders try telling them to stop it to no avail. Very well done fighting. The red rangers free their respective sixth rangers who join in the fighting. Runrun watches this from afar as Aka fights both sides, enraging Eagle who tries to be calm. Yoshimaru runs out of Mario's house while things turn violent as Shiro injures Aka. Runrun comments that the flames of hate are almost irreversible as both use their team finishers at the same time even when their leaders are blocking. The heroes are each hit, causing massive explosions just as Yoshiharu shows up. He is distraught that he failed to save Super Sentai history.

    Runrun states his mission is complete when the bodies disappear. Using ninjitsu it turns out they were tricking Runrun. World was trying to communicate via spelling out kanji with his butt (yes it is as stupid as you think), confirming Ao and Momo's suspicions from earlier. They met the Zyuohgers that night after leaving clones- Why is Star cleave gagged? Anyway, Elephant believed them so they decided to hear them out. Aka hugs his family and Eagle gets mopey for not knowing anything. Runrun gets angry and reveals his true form: Girumaada! His backstory is galaxy traveling and hero killing as he vows to kill them. Using back tentacles he revives old villains as the heroes both transform and do intros on a rooftop ending on back explosions. Fighting ensues once they jump down. The leaders struggle with their fight, but Yoshiharu shows up to summon lightning- Oh snap that failed! A sealing shuriken shows up based on Aka, meaning since he changed the future he will be a Ninninger eventually. Tsumuji shows up because the sealing shuriken came out of a picture frame from the base. Eagle turns into Gorilla to fend off Gengetsu as Aka states they must unite as three generations to win (again). Come to think of it who is Yoshiharu's mom and if Aka was supposed to die and he's not married, does that mean a red ranger is a confirmed poon hound? Anyway, the three transform to defeat their old nemesis. Gorilla goes after Girumaada while the Deathgaliens watch only for Bird to show up- Wait, who the hell just crashed? Is that- Yes! It is a the luckiest guy in the galaxy: ShishiRed of the Kyurangers! And look! More of them showed up! A total of nine show themselves, shocking Bird and the villains. Azald does not see the sense in them so moebas are summoned.... From the sky? Whatever, fighting occurs and it is neat noodles. The space sentai forces them to flee and ShishiRed tells the audience to remember them, Bird wonders if this team was born from the history alteration. The revived villains are destroyed in a final onslaught while Gorilla still fights alone. He turns into Whale, gaining the upper hand and using the Zyuoh Final to stun him. It is used again using the spirits of all twelve rangers. Girumaada eats three of Genis's coin cells to grow and cause wanton carnage around the city. The rangers summon their mechs and at full combinations. Girumaada uses roots for stabbing with both mechs using finishers, but those are blocked via green electrical field that looks like a pentagon. He grabs them and like a kid smashes them together followed by shocking them, breaking the mechs to pieces. Girumaada fires his eye lasers when Yoshiharu's sealing shuriken flies in to shield them. Suddenly the twelve are in a white room, someone states they cannot die just yet. Suddenly all of the red rangers from past sentai teams make themselves known! Live Falcon gives them a heartfelt speech, returns them to the fight, and the 40th anniversary logo becomes their shield, resulting in new found confidence. Aka gets a news shuriken followed by Wild Zyuoh King getting a giant shuriken on it's chest. Girumaada is quickly damaged from their combined might, the shuriken launches and turns into three because ninja magic. One spike ram and some trash talk later, the red rangers appear in the cockpit to encourage them. This causes Wild Zyuoh King to glow gold and fire all 40 emblems at once! Girumaada explodes in slow motion as the red rangers disappear. Eagle thanks them and everyone compliments one another. Yoshiharu tells everyone goodbye and warps back to his time. Elephant wonders how Aka could have a son if he is dead to which it is revealed he will be born soon to everyone's shock. Told you, poon hound- No, wait, he's married and he never told anyone. Shiro takes it the hardest and Lion gets beaten up for being pervy toward Momo. Once everyone runs off the end credits play complete with dancing.

    Runrun: Powers include restraining vines from the head and interference spores from the body
    Girumaada: Powers include his Runrun form, yellow eye laser, back roots that revive dead monsters, a sword with a machine gun in it, tendril roots from the body, a green pentagon electric field, and green electric shocks

    Nothing contradicting continuity persay although Yoshiharu's sudden appearance and not being referenced in Ninninger Returns does raise concerns. The movie itself was mostly fine and middle of the road compared to other installments, the main hang up was that the Ninningers just assumed the Zyuohgers were yokai despite having methods of detecting yokai. The red rangers suddenly showing up was out of place and the idea that a team brawl ended forty years of history seems like a big stretch.
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    Go-Onger: 10 Years Grand Prix:

    Some boy named Souji sees a girl harassed by three bullies. They turn on him and he runs to a public playground. He has the Engine Bear RV and is chased by a pair of SWAT wannabes claiming he broke the law. A sniper is called in to shoot him, but goes after the two wannabe SWATs. More show up to chase him and the sniper is told off. The chase leads into a public garage where it soon ends. Cut to some guy on a bike- No wait the SWAT guys inform some business woman. Souji has a gun pointed at him when two of the SWAT guys go full traitor and take off their disguises, revealing to be Go-Ongers! Specifically Red and Blue! Souji says their morphers look old before they transform and the title card appears. Head SWAT guy points out there are only two of them and that Sentai actions are law breaking. After a firing barrage fails to beat the heroes, Red grabs Souji and the two make a run for it, the boy vsaguely remembering him. Some guy on a bike interrupts the chase and uses his bike to take out most of the SWAT wannabes. The sniper comes in guns a blazing, both transform revealing to be Green and Black! An alarm in the city tells people that Sentai activity is going on and advising citizens to stay away. Silver shows up to help when the lead SWAT guy fires and AT-TA at them, the Go-Ongers fleeing in the confusion- Oh snap he's a machine! They encounter business woman who turns out to be Yellow and a spokesperson for some weird chips the SWAT wannabes have been using which causes a load of tension. Speedor catches the audience up to speed on the events of the last episode, not even mentioning the crossovers that came later preventing this from being cannon. The Nova company made some technology to seal portals to other dimensions and N Chips for easy communication. Silver tells the guys they have been sloppy while Bomper surprises Souji. Silver does more scolding and it is brought up Gold attacked Nova's found and died in a suicide bombing which made Sentai banned. Souji states the Go-Ongers are bad guys, now no longer heroes. Yellow talks to Nova's leader who states interference must be exterminated. Red gets Bear RV out of Souji's jacket when the SWAT wannabes show up and their leader ditches his disguise, revealing to be Kireizuki! He claims to have left Gaiark, Black holds him off so the others can escape. They go to where Bear RV was found which was on the day the isolation started. Kireizuki spots them and shoots them as they are led into Nova HQ. A green light appears which spills N Chips into a container. Some new guy appears named Noizune who is the head of the Zontark Party. Kireizuki, now Grayzuki, is his right hand man. Noizune reveals he is trying to take over the world and uses a smartphone to throw the Go-Ongers around. A light shows up to take the Go-Ongers using Bear RV as an anchor point. This causes them to turn up at Junk World, Silver wonders how this happened. A man in gray his Bear RV's soul and Silver points out he is familiar- It's Gold. Of course. She slaps him silly and calls her brother stupid. Bear RV thanks Souji while Gold reveals he was trying to convince Nova's founder to stop everything. This failed because Bear RV fell from a portal, causing an explosion and how everyone got separated. Meanwhile, Black and Bomper are roped up with Yellow seeing them. She interrogates Black as Bomper wants to know why she turned from them. At Junk World, Bear RV states she and Speedor had a falling out which is how she crashed in the human world. This has Red come to a conclusion that Yellow is undercover. Black tells Yellow Bear RV is in Souji's hands, giving her relief as she beats up two SWAT wannabes. Once Black and Bomper are untied, the Nova founder makes himself known.

    At Junk World some ugatzes are collecting old stuff when Grayzuki shows up only to step on a mine. It turns out the three Gaiark ministers are still around! It turns out they are environmentalists now, no longer interested in Earth. They collected a bunch of junk that accidentally created Noizune and Grayzuki. A container filled with random junk is converted into N Chips, Green concludes Souji's N Chip is how they were being tracked. Grayzuki shows up with a bazooka, revealing he is conquering the world via N Chips on humans being activated. Nova's founder activates the N Chips which turns Yellow into a cyborg called Noizumi Children. She attacks Black while the others fight Grayzuki to no avail. The three ministers decide to help by holding Grayzuki off and open a portal. Red grabs Souji and the Go-Ongers head through. They find Black fighting Yellow as a Noizumi Child, her memories slowly fading from her. Grayzuki shows up in human form soon after as the villains reveal their eco friendly of conquest which strips everyone of free will. Also the founder is Noizune. Fighting breaks out consisting of Green and Black against Grayzuki, Gold and Silver against Yellow, and Red and Blue against Noizune. This goes poorly for the team as they change back into civilians after a combo attack. Yellow steals the Change Souls via magnetism. Suddenly all the Engines come through via a portal to save the Go-Ongers. Kegalesia also joins because why not- Wait she transforms into Go-On Yellow!? No, wait, she calls herself Kega Yellow to save the real Yellow. Pretty easy when you have an extendable whip- And she turns her back and gets blasted. The others restrain Yellow which flops. Yellow thinks about how one day they will be all alone as Red tries calling out to her. She gets memories of her teammates from the series. Red's hand somehow gets inside the robot body and Yellow rushes out, crashes into Kega Yellow, and she gets her suit back. How dumb. Noizune points out they only have five minutes left so the Go-Ongers all transform as the opening theme plays followed by intros and back explosions. Gold and Silver take out the Noizumi Child while Grayzuki fights with Green and Black which ends badly. Red, Blue, and Yellow assault Noizune pretty easily followed by the Highway Blaster- Wait, his barrier stopped it! Red throws his helmet which allows him to grab Noizune's cellphone. He warns Red that peace will never comes if the Isolation Barrier is down then they will be invaded, he replies they will just fight whatever enemies appear. After some flashbacking from the first episode, apparently Souji was a small kid when the Go-Ongers first appeared- Wait shouldn't he be in high school by now!? Red stomps on the phone, restoring the portals. The Go-Ongers summon their Engines to form Engine-Oh, smashing through Noizune with ease and causing all N Chips to disappear. At dusk Souji gains courage to face bullies again- And it ends abruptly with the Go-Ongers goofing off as music plays. The Go-Ongers and Bomper thank everyone for watching as the credits roll.

    Grayzuki: Powers include a human disguise, a machine gun, and a bazooka.
    Noizune: Powers include a telekinetic smart phone, green body beams, a human disguise, a spear that emits electric blasts, and an energy barrier.
    Noizumi Child: Powers include a broadsword that emits energy cutters, magnetic palms, and red eye lasers.

    Not canon and had some lazy writing, not sure why these 10 Years Later movies insist on doing "good ranger pretends to be bad" stories. This could have easily been a two parter in the series and the span of time makes no sense. I can easily say this is the weakest of the 10 Years Later movies, but not by much. Stay tuned as next time we finish off 2018 with Kyuranger coming in the very near future.

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