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    Episode 36:

    After a recap of last episode, the Engines try leaving the dimension only to fail via barrier impact. Some worry sets in when Green thinks they can go to Machine World to ask the delinquent son for help. Red thinks there is no point wasting time and says to head their. Cut to Bacchido leading ugatzes on a rampage which causes Warz Gil to get pissy someone else is doing their shtick and why the Gokaigers have disappeared. He tells Barizorg and Insarn to come with him as GG appears in Machine World. The race car Engine is spotted, Silver gives his a megaphone to the parents to explain things. He refuses, wondering why he would bother, and rides off. Go-On Red tries talking to him via pep talk that gets comedic. He shoots at them via rockets from the exhaust pipes and drives off. Red decides to launch their individual machines and open fire. While his parents disapprove, the Zangyack (minus Damaras) confront Bacchido with each faction having a squad of grunts. Warz Gil acts dramatic, Bacchido forgot about them noting he was too focused on the Gokaigers and points out the Gaiarc tried invading the planet first. Warz Gil says screw the first thing and let the stronger invader win. Insarn demonstrates her energy whip, but otherwise the fight is pretty even. At Machine World, the rebel son takes out Yellow and Green with Blue barely able to handle him. Red insults him saying his racing is not serious before forming GokaiOh. The mech chains the Engine to tame him, causing random explosions somehow, as Red finally gets hm to stop and state they will not lose to a guy that runs away. The rebel son admits he was a bit jealous of his parents, knowing he could never have what they have. Red gives him a choice to join, the Engine wants to be a pirate, so it is agreed he can be a pirate apprentice. The Engine breaks through the isolation barrier, opening a rift everyone can go through.

    GG returns to see the villains attacking each other, thee Gokaigers roping down to fight. Both Bacchido and Warz Gil throw fits before they transform and do intros. Mooks rush in to get slaughtered, Insarn suggests the Gaiarc and Gokaigers should fight each other so the commanders teleport out of there. Once Bacchido is left he starts using his old powers and the Gokaigers become the Go-Ongers with an instrumental version of their opening playing. Green gets a weird moment that looks like water skiing. Once Bacchido is the last one left he fires energy gears only for the pirates to assault the tar out of him via individual weapons. The GGB is fired as the opening theme plays, forcing Bacchido to grow. GG and GouZyuDrll are summoned to become GokaiOh and GouZyuJin. During the fight Go-On Red tells them to summon their partner. GouZyuJin deflects Bacchido's attacks long enough for GokaiOh to use an Enginee soul and cast to summon the rebel son who I might as well call Machalcon from now on because that is his name. He shows up, fires lasers, zooms around, and combines with GokaiOh once the legs are removed, jumps up, and GokaiOhdoes slashing including an energy cutter which destroys Bacchido for good in a spark filled explosion. Machalcon liked that and offers Red to call him again before going back to Machine World. Go-on Red points out the Gokaigers were jerks at first but now care, each give a statement about who they are. The episode ends with Silver and Go-On Red being silly. Next episode shows a pair of red gormins and the premier of Great Warz.

    Bacchido 2: Powers include creating dimensional rifts, spawning isolation barriers from the right hand, a torso gatlng gun called the Bacchido Vulcan, energy gears from the body called the Bacchido Spiral, right arm red energy bolts, and size changing
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    Episode 37:

    A horde of zugormins get slain by GouZyuJin and GokaiOh using Machalcon. After the battle Machalcon asks the Gokaigers if they have an ultimate power which they do not think they do. Warz Gil goes full hissy fit just as Damaras comes up with an idea. Two elite guards called the dogormins board's the Gigant Horse stating that upon Warz Gil's dad's request he gave his son a mecha named Great Warz so he can hurry up and invade Earth. Warz Gil gives his dad gratitude as Damaras comments about its immense power. Cut to GG where the pirates are resting, Red commenting they are no protectors despite their actions- THIS WRITING IS BAD! After lots o' talking ensues and protecting things and a flashback of AkaRed defending Red, Warz Gil attempts a speech on how the Gokaigers will go down, Damaras points out it is unorthodox for commanders to go into battle only for him to not care. Damaras has a flashback of when the emperor had him guide Warz Gil, both unaware he was eavesdropping. Warz Gil reveals this to everyone and storms off, Barizorg following. Warz Gil brings up that ever since he was a kid his dad's people were always around him saying he was dumb and would never be as good, with Great Warz he can prove them wrong. Barizorg is willing to follow any order so Warz Gil wants him to find GG. There we see Blue and Silver in the crow's nest talking about Red being mopey. This drones on so long I want to call this series worse than Megaranger before gormins lead by Barizorg assault GG from the ground. The pirates jump down, Blue says he will fight Barizorg before they transform and do intros to lay the smackdown on the grunts. Wow Green, what a weak rope swing. Blue and Barizorg duel in an abandoned warehouse with a random pile of dirt. Bantering goes on as blades clash, Barizorg having the edge.

    The GGB finishes the gormins when the dogormins show up, move fast, and use their glaives for flashing and firing an insignia. The introduce themselves as elite guards, Red states pirates are not straight forward, everyone save for Blue turns into an extra hero, mockery occurs, and the fighting resumes. Also these guys can launch fire balls from their palms similar to energy blasts from zugormins. Finishing moves are used to damage the dogormins so they teleport off in retreat while Blue and Barizorg still fight, the latter commenting he has improved. Both use explosive energy cutters to knock each other down just as the others and Warz Gil show up. Warz Gil introduces himself again, does smack talk, summons Great Warz to launch, he jumps up to it, and comments it is the ultimate weapon of th Zangyack. GG and GoZyuJin are summoned to form GokaiOh and GouZyuJin. Machalcon is summoned for laser spam only to be blasted back to Machine World. The two mechs combne into GouZyu GokaiOh only for Great Warz to out maneuver and assault them. Silver suggests ramming him just as he fires an energy beam called the Warz Guilty at them. Red flashbacks to AkaRed saving him, saying the others should evacuate. Warz Gil asks if his dad and Damaras are watching, everyone except Red turns into energy balls to get out of GokaiOh. The Great Warz reduces the mech back to GG form as Warz Gil laughs, proclaiming himself as next emperor of th Zangyack. The episode ends with Red being knocked out. Next episode shows the return of AkaRed and a new form for GokaiOh.

    Great Warz: Powers include flight, speed, energy arrows from the left wrist called the Warz Arrows, a right wrist blade, a blue torso energy beam called the Warz Guilty....
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    Episode 38:

    After a recap of last episode, the others rush to Red's aid. Warz Gil tells Barizorg to find ther corpses while he returns to Gigant Horse to celebrate. A feast is made for him, Damaras congratulates Warz Gil only to be scoffed at. Meanwhile, Yellow, Green, and Pink hide behind rocks from gormins looking for them while Blue encounters Barizorg who states he will finish him off here. Blue transforms and charges in while Silver hides in a tree, the others soon sneaking up on him once the cost is clear. Talking over Red protecting them ensues, Yellow thinks he was trying to be heroic like AkaRed did for him. This goes on for too long as Silver believes they should protect each other and fight to the end together. After that we see Blue and Barizorg dueling, the latter easily winning and dong that stab the ground and emit a surge technique General Gyrer from Sharivan made popular. The cyborg jumps down and keeps fighting while he and Blue exchange words about Red. Blue states he cannot die while he holds a debt, slow motion is done, Barizorg's energy cutters somehow deflect, and the pirate uses all the energy in his sword to send them back at Barizorg before doing a pair of slashes that cause the cyborg to blow up. Cut to AkaRed waking Red up in a white area. Red thinks he is dead and is glad the others are alive, AkaRed points out their crews were not the same, questioning the bond between him and the other pirates. Red admits it, AkaRed disappears, and Silver wonders if he can face facts only for the others to say he is in the right. During that Blue looks over Barizorg's body, sad he killed his friend. The area goes black as Sid appears, Blue asks if he saved his soul. Sid states his strength is not his alone, making Blue realize some of it is from his comrades. Sid points to a light and tells Blue to go toward it. Navi wakes Red up which makes the robot bird happy. He eventually takes the wheel and GG takes off.

    Warz Gil is told by Insarn that Barizorg was killed in battle which causes him dismay. In his rage he demands Great Warz launch against Damaras's advice. The others find Blue when gormins and zugormins attack only for GG to fire it's cannons and for Red to rope down. Blue promises to repay Red just as the dogormins show up. Red proclaims his crew matters to him and they accept before transforming and charging in to terminate the mooks. Th dogormnins insignia launch only for that to get deflected and blow up via GGB and Silver's Final Wave. Great Warz flies down as GouZyuJin and GokaiOh form- AND TOEI EDITING TELEPORTS US FROM A FOREST TO A CITY! The Triple Drill Dream is used only for the Warz Arrow to stop it. MagiDragon is summon only to get swatted. Fuuraimaru goes clone happy, but the Warz Guilty causes him to disperse. Machalcon tries ramming only to get shot down. Warz Gil asks if they are prepared to die, they reply they will not run away as their feelings are one and they will press forward. They notice their own keys are shinning, unlocking their ultimate power consisting of.... AN ENGINE SOUL!? It gets inserted into Machalcon, GouGokaiOh forms, Machalcon turns into armor, and from that a new mecha named Kanzen GokaiOh is formed. Looks like a bulky Getter 2 with a Gurren Lagann paint job. I agree with Warz Gil, what the hell is this? Great Warz gets beaten down and it's attacks do little followed by missile spamming and a drill slash called the Kanzen Drill. The fight ends via Kanzen Burst, the left arm bing launched while encased in fire and returning to Kanzen GokaiOh while Great Warz explodes. Insarn and Damaras are in disbelief that Warz Gil has perished. At dusk the pirates look at a sentai encyclopedia and the episode ends with Red going after Red for saying he cried after he woke up- Wait there is more! Damaras finds Warz Gil's body, blames himself for what happened, and curses the Gokaigers as GG can be seen via silhouette over the moon. Next episode shows the Gokaigers on a newspaper and the Gokaigers at a high school fighting Basco.

    Barizorg: Powers include a sword that emits energy cutters and ground surges, teleportation, and high jumping
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    Episode 39:

    My two least favorite sentai series compact into one episode, what could go wrong? /sarcasm

    Basco reads the galactic paper, Warz Gil's death increases the bounty of the Gokaigers which they notice is unlimited. Yellow jokes about it, Red wants a prediction from Navi who states Morobosh High School and a hand shake. Silver recognizes it as the school of the Megarangers, Green thinks they should become students. Later the pirates show up there, a teacher whines they are not from around here. Silver then recognizes MegaRed as a teacher who shows them the old club room. Silver fangasms and asks for an autograph. Pink looks at students, commenting to Blue she was homeschooled so she envies them. Red and Yellow mention they never went to school either. MegaRed asks about ultmate power and tells them there is a condition to get it, specifically to be high school students. They dress up which spooks the local teens- WHAT THE HELL IS WITH SILVER'S SOCKS!? Split up ensues for exploring. Red sees basketball going on, Silver explains it to him. Red decides to join in followed by Yellow and Green fnding what I think is a study hall. The two students want help so Green decides to help out. Blue tells Pink she noticed some shy girl to tries giving lunch to her senpai. He notices her and starts snacking, beng nice, and Pink finds it nice unaware MegaRed is spying on everyone. After that Yellow and Green hear about the students trying to make their own careers while Red beats the basketball players who want to win the nationals. Silver goes to get them drinks as MegaRed looks on via a window. Suddenly he notices Sally who taunts him toward an ally. Silver notices this as MegaRed is lead into the woods where Basco reveals himself. Silver states who he is and Basco wants to make a deal, mentioning he placed bombs around the schools. Silver tells Red this and Basco will stop the bombs for the ultimat power. MegaRed is about to do it when Red tries talking him out of it as the Gokaigers will take care of everything. Sally attacks and Silver transforms offscreen while the two study hall students hack into an INET satellite to look for the bombs, revealing they were agents hired by MegaRed.

    The Gokaigers transform offscreen to go bomb hunting, the other students from previous scenes making cameos. Heh, Yellow walks into a men's locker room. Silver barely holds his own against Sally and even transforms into MagiShine. Basco uses super speed while revealing his true form to injure Silver. The bombs are collected just as the ultimate power is stolen from MegaRed, but Silver turns into GoseiKnight to stop him. The others show up, revealing they turned into the Timerangers, used the VolBazooka, and freeze compressed the bombs in time. Red even mentions MegaRed's agents just as the Gokaigers turn into the Megarangers. Sally leaps in, but the leap back and use ther cyber sliders to ram her and Basco around. Blue and Black fend Sally off as Yellow and Pink shoot at her. Red duels with Basco and Silver attempts an assault only to fail. Basco emits an energy surge to send them flying. Blue uses virtual footage to trick Sally, allowing the four to catch her off guard and assault her followd by the Multi-Attack Rifle. Red and Silver use their Final Waves on Basco who deflects them. Basco opens Sally's stomach to release two giant monsters named Mororin and Dororin so they can escape. GG and GouZyuDrill are called in to become GokaiOh and GouZyuJin to fight the two monsters. They get beaten up, but quickly immobilize the mechs. Fuuraimaru is called in for shurken throwing followed by Machalcon being summoned to help out. Once GouZyuJin can move again the three machines become Kanzen GokaiOh and finish the fight via Kanzn Burst. At dusk the students go home and the ultimate power of the Megarangers is given to the pirates by MegaRed. He offers them to play again and they walk away to end the episode, not evn knowing what this power does. Next episode shows a Tmeranger badge and the return of Metal Alis.

    Thanks for reminding me why Megaranger was the worst entry, Gokaiger.

    Mororin: Only known power is a saw-like right arm that extends
    Dororin: Only known power is mud blasts from the right shoulder
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    Episode 40:

    On GG an explosion occurs, outside the others see GouZyuDrill floating next to them. Silver is blamed so he goes aboard to see what happened- Why did he make his hand look like a gun? He spots a Timeranger badge which creates a hologram of a person. He brings it aboard GG, the hologram revealing it is TimeYellow and Silver explaining it is from the 31st century. H is giving the Gokaigers a chance to acquire all the sentai powers to protect a place in October 2012 called the Negakure Shrine, using his key to travel. He warns them not to dick around in the past before the message disappears. Green puts a paper article on the monitor revealing that it blew up from an unknown cause at the time TimeYellow wants them to go to. Yellow wonders if this is a prevention mission. Red tells them to roll out as they use GouZyuDrill to travel in time, leaving Navi alone on GG. Once there Yellow asks for winning lottery numbers followed by landing and walking around the shrine. They suddenly spot a small kid attacked by nanashis. Rd shoots two and Silver protects the boy so the main five can transform. The nanashi jump and run over them. The boy does not want to go with Silver as he hints he ran away from home. The nanashi disappear and Yellow spots the Shinkengers and Goseigers, revealing this is the events of Goseiger vs. Shinkenger, further cementing the continuity of versus movies. Yellow mentions they have their ranger keys when they spot Shitari and the various nanashi. They debate about fighting because of debts or whatever and if you saw the movie you know they do it complete with intros and a big smackdown. At the shrine the boy reveals his mom is a freelance journalist that never sees him and he has no dad. He says they are heading to America next, Silver says he relates since his parents made him move a lot. More of the others fighting is shown with an insert song I do not recognize, eventually destroying Shitari.

    More talk between the boy and Silver occurs, the pirate encouraging the boy to still try to make friends despite all the moving. Suddenly, Metal Alis shows up reading an energy signal in the shrine and has Zan-KT0 destroy it. She laughs and walks off, Silver spots him approaching and launches fire balls. Silver transforms and deflects them before attacking Zan-KT0- AND THE EDITING TAKES THIS TO AN OPEN FIELD! The two duel, Silver assaulting him with transforming and whatnot as an annoying insert song plays. The others show up, Silver informs them this is the culprit, and Zan-KT0 is confused about more enemies showing up. They turn into the Timerangers with the opening theme playing except instrumental. Heh, bullet time and slow motion. Some slashing via vectors, some shooting, some more slashing, and Red tells them to end the fight, allowing the GGB to be unleashed with Silver in Gold Mode using his Final Wave. Metal Alis complains at the lack of data, sends in BB Bugs to make him grow, Silver wants to fight Kan-KT0 himself so they let him use GouZyuDrill by himself. After some attacks GouZyuRex is formed, assaults a little, forms GouZyuJin, does a spin attack that does electricity, and ends the fight via Triple Drill Dream complete with the Time Up catchphrase. The others got bored watching and Metal Alis thinks more defense will be needed to fight the Gokaigers. The boy's mom shows up to claim him, the boy thanks Silver, and everyone takes a picture to prove they saved the shrine. Back in the present day at night they see it is still intact from flying over it. Red says it is time to eat when Navi points out they did not get an ultimate power. Silver tries calming them down as they throw a fit, unaware there is a vase in the shrine. GouZyuDrill heads into the future, TimeYellow sees a letter and the photo from Silver. In the photo he recognizes the mom who turns out to be Honami. Yup, this confirms he got laid in his series offscreen. He even cries tears of joy to end the episode. Next episode shows the premier of Emperor Ackdos Gil and Pink starring at Red's empty chair in the dark.

    Zan-KT0: Powers include ten fire ball launchers on the torso, a gatling gun for the left arm, and a KT Missile in the back
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    Episode 41:

    On GG the Gokaigers note the Znagyack have not showed up in a while and Navi has no new predictions. On Gigant Horse Damaras and Insarn wonder why they have not been given orders when they are attacked by a random fleet of blue Zangyack battleships. The back of the control panel opens up, revealing two dougormins, two body guards, and Emperor Ackdos Gil or AG as I will call him from now on to save on typing time. AG has his bodyguards restrain Damaras as they wonder if they are responsible for killing Warz Gil. Insarn fails to interfere as he is hulled away and Warz Gil's portrait is hanged behind the emperor. Zatsurig offers to conquer Earth before his grave. Cut to Pink making Blue and Silver shop with her, the city gets attacked- Oh these ships are purple, not blue! Blue recognizes them as imperial ships as Zatsurig is tractor beamed down and Pink recognizes him as he touts he destroyed planets. She transforms and starts assaulting him, puzzling Blue and Silver who join her, but she will not let them. The three are eventually paralyzed by his torso eye and get blown back via what I assume are telekinetic flames. As dusk sets in he promises to fight all six at once. That night the Gokaigers talk about what happened, Navi suggests running. Pink heads to the crow's nest as she thinks of her parents and burned planet of Famille, the culprit being Zatsurig. As the area was being burned her parents scarified themselves so her butler could save them from Zatsurig's flames. She returns to the deck when everyone is asleep, thinking about them. Red catches her about to flee- WE HAVE DONE THIS EPISODE ALREADY! The others show up, catching her and pointing out he cannot be beaten alone. After that we see a flashback of the first four members beating a squad of gormins, Pink revealing herself to them in what looks like an abandoned construction yard. She wants to join since she has nowhere else to go- wait where the hell is her butler? After some jibbering Red has her join as we jump back to present day to see her getting teary with close ups- And I Just noticed Blue and Green are the only ones without gigantic duck lips how the hell did I not see this?

    The next day all six confront Zatsurig, Pink gives a speech of how she will not forgive him. Thy transform, pose, and Zatsurig beats the snot out of them easily. Once they are beaten into a factory and go into civilian form, Red and Pink mention his torso eye, Green states they have to close it. A distraction is suggested before they hurry back. Pink is out of sight as they charge in, transform, and Red mentions in a flashback how far Pink has come from being clumsy. They mention Pink has something they do not, what remains unstated (civility?). Final Waves are used, Silver goes into Gold Mode to block a fire attack, and Pink does a stab and Final Wave to destroy the torso eye. After that Pink and Silver become the Go-On Wings, with Green the Gouraigers, with Yellow Gosei Yellow and Gosei Pink, with Blue DekaMaster and DekaSwan, and with Red both ShinkenReds. All this while some insert song plays before Zatsurig is destroyed via the GGB. Some slow motion occurs as AG's other bodyguard comments in sarcasm how Zatsurig was supposed to be good before using the Enlargement Ray himself- No, Insarn does it herself. GouZyuJin and GokaiOh are already ready to fight the revived giant, Machalcon is summoned for laser gunning, Kanzen GokaiOh is formed from the three, the Kanzen Drill gets a slash ends, and the fight ends via Kanzen Burst, destroying Zatsurig for good. After that the pirates relax near a lake, Pink thanks everyone, Red comments they accomplished their goal, and some antics with Silver ensue. The episode ends with Damaras behind bars and in cuffs, the last shot of him in anger. Next episode shows Damaras and Basco working together to fight the Gokaigers.

    Zatsurig: Powers include a left arm gun, fire from the torso eye, teleportation, levitation, an energy barrier from the torso eye, super speed, telekinetic explosions and throws from the torso eye, and energy balls from the torso eye
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    Episode 42:

    GouZyuRex fights two giant dogormins as the others fight regular gormins and two normal dogormins on the ground. Green gets panicky, eventually shoved off a ladder and into boxes. Blue and Yellow comment he gets easy fights while Pink accidentally hits him and he unintentionally lands on a pile of mooks. GouZyuJin forms while the Gokaigers become the Gekirangers to aid in ther fighting followed by the Fivemen. GouZyuJin goes drilling while the Five Ball is in use to slay the grunts and the GGB takes care of the dogormns. GouZyuJin uses the Drill Spin in the first time in too long to end the giant ones which angers AG's bodyguard as Insarn comments he told them so. She also says Damaras is the most saddened by this. Insarn and the bodyguard (yes I know his name is Dyrandoh, I'm just saving on typing time) go to see him. Insarn informs him he has been cleared and the bodyguard wants him to go after the pirates. Suddenly he does an energy burst to break out of his cell, goes through their names, and points out he does not care about Green. On GG Pink sees Green's face in an ad in a magazine as some fantasy hero. Green walks in as Yellow reads about the hero defeating an evil dragon. Blue points out he was a refugee from a Zangyack attack, but he reveals he had amnesia ths entire time which Silver thinks is a good time for hero energy or something. He also has a star shape on his left arm like described in the magazine, jarring a sort of memory he has of something delicious. Pink thinks they should cook for him. Cut to Basco and Sally walking around when Damaras surprises them. He draws his sword and fires an energy cutter at Basco, scolding him for not killing the Gokaigers. Basco says he has reasons and Damaras demands he help him or die, easily beating him and Sally in combat. He reluctantly agrees after a beating.

    The others take Green to a fancy restaurant for tasting. Yellow recalls when they first met what with her wanting him to repair her ship. Green realized she was a wanted pirate and ran complete with pants falling humor. Pink asks why he joined, Yellow states GG's main computer was broken. Red caught him roping up the ship, willing to look at it. Once aboard he states hee sticks to jobs to the end and says the Zangyack got his homeworld when he comically cleans the messy deck. After eating some of his good and his repairs they allow him to join. Pink likes the story and Silver tells him to eat up. After that Silver thinks they should do a tour to jar his memories, Pink thinks it is wonderful when Damaras pops in to fire an energy cutter from his sword that destroys a building. Once everyone meets up Blue points out who he is- STRONGEST MAN IN THE UNIVERSE!? Are we including the likes of the Black Cross Fuhrer, Banriki Baoh, Inazuma Ginga, Silva, half the Gozma warriors, Vulgyre, Bomber The Great, Exhaus, Tau Zant, and half the Alienizers? Something tells me that is a far fetched claim! Damaras vows to avenge Warz Gil, Red does smack talk, Blue warns not to underestimate him, and they transform. They rush forward only to get slashed up as Damaras's sword emits an extending energy blade to aid him. Final Waves are used as shows, slashs, and Silver's trident only to be deflected. Damaras emits a surge followed by a destructive explosive cutter. Red tells them to temporarily retreat when Basco and Sally block and fight them. Damaras tries dueling with Red although Green interferes briefly. Basco uses energy cutters from his cutlass while Green gets scared until he takes what I think is a sonic attack from Damaras's sword. Explosions fly, all six are injured as Basco tries to finish the Gokaigers off, resulting in Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Silver disappearing. Green tries to defend Red, but Damaras pushes him aside. He picks up Red by the hair, vowing to make him suffer while beating him. Basco takes his Moribites and ranger key before both teleport off ignoring Green. He gets flashbacks and breaks down to end the episode. Next episode shows Damaras fighting both mechs and Red chained to a cross.

    Damaras: Powers include energy bursts, a sword that emits energy cutters and sonic waves, teleportation....
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    Episode 43:

    After a recap of last episode, Red is chained up on Gigant Horse as he asks why the emperor is on Earth only to get stomped and kicked by his bodyguard. AG demands he be publicly executed since sending him to hell is not enough. At GG Green and Navi wonder what to do as the former looks at himself in a magazine and says he is no hero. He mentions something as a prank and wipes the star mark on his left arm as flashbacks ensue. He claims to be a liar as he remembers the day he was given his ranger key and morabites. Damaras shows up on the monitor, Red is chained to a cross as he announces his execution. Damaras tells Earth to fall into despair, Basco shows up to watch despite Damaras stating his job was done. He also has the powers of Sun Vulcan and Fiveman offscreen because why put effort into things? Green panics and Navi slaps him while stating he is a weak pirate. Apparently in his first fight with gormins he just coward behind a rock. He even felt bad for having Yellow rescue him. Also he adopted dual pistol wielding on the fly during this. He notes he could not do anything alone and says he will not let this end.

    Red mentions Green still being around and Damaras laughs it off. Two dogormins are show by Green as he walks in slow motion and a random insert song plays. Basco comments he did not see this coming as Green calls himself a legendary hero. Damaras is unimpressed as Green goes gormin busting. After he transforms it gets easier for him (go figure) and goes through transformations of other green rangers. I like how Red and Green talk prevents gormins from hitting the latter over the head. Damaras jumps down to fight as Navi tries pecking Red's chains. This works just in time as Green calls Navi their seventh warrior. Also Green had o back up plan, but gives Red his weapons back. The others show up to shoot which annoys Damaras. In a flashback Sally saved them at the last minute as Basco stabs Damaras in the back, wanting the greatest treasure in the galaxy and mocking him that he let his guard down and lost to Green. Damaras does a body surge, give Red his ranger key and moribates back, and says they will duel next time. The Gokaigers transform and do intros with explosions at their backs as the opening theme plays. Gormins appear to get slaughtered followed by the dogormins, the pirates turn into green rangers to use indivdual weapons, destroying the dogormins. Damaras fires an energy cutter, the Gokaigers charge in which fails, Red shoots at him followed by Green as the two do a tag team assault ending in a Final Wave that knocks him back. The GGB is unleashed on Damaras, weakening him followed by another shot which succeeds in blowing him up. Insarn uses the Enlargement Ray, GG and GouZyuDrill become GokaiOh and GouZyuJin, he swears to defeat them before charging in, a pair of gatling guns in the back stops the mechs, and Green does a speech commenting that he is still one lonely guy. MagiDragon destroys the gatling gun, PAT Striker is summoned to gun him down, GaoLion is summoned for clash slashing, Fuuraimaru throws shurikens, Machalcon fires lasers, Kanzen GokaiOh forms, Damaras's punches fail to phase it, missiles fly, and they use an attack called the Super Burst which uses all the summoned mechs. Damaras is in disbelief before he is destroyed for good. That night the Gokaigers dig in to dinner, Yellow commenting Green makes the best dinner and Blue calls him a legendary hero. The episode ends with everyone grateful and wanting seconds. Next episode shows- Oh the credits show them fighting Gavan. Anyway, next episode shows Christmas, a panda, and the premier of Gokai Christmas.

    Damaras continued: .... high jumping, and a pair of gatling guns in the back
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    Episode 44:

    AG admits he underestimated the Gokigers and decides reorganizing is a smart idea. Insarn wants preparations when talking to the bodyguard who mentions one of her old acquaintances became an action commander. On GG the Gokaigers note that their bounties went up with Basco and Sally included even though they were unlimited last time. Silver sings jingle bells with a small christmas tree, pointing out it is Christmas Eve. Later we see Yellow and Silver seeing a Santa and a panda giving out present, the former goes to investigate. The Santa implies she has been a bad girl so she gets no presents. After that Silver shows Yellow kids decorating and he saves one that falls off a ladder.... Only for his older sister to slap him. He decides to calm the situation by helping with decorating. The abusive sister acts abusive while Dyrandoh walks around with two dogormins and an action commander named Bibaboo (oh like in Cinderella!). Bibaboo uss his wand to turn civilians into dolls. They eventually run into Yellow and Silver, the abused boy, Seiji gets turned into a doll. Silver stops the sister from becoming a doll by blocking the attack, becoming one himself. Yellow shoots at them and the others rope down from GG. Fighting breaks out, Yellow transforms offscreen to join in. Bibaboo turns the dogormins into dolls by accident and changes them back, allowing the Gokaigers to turn into the Kakurangers, Green revealing he knows the spell now. Dyrandoh brings out a giant hammer (as in bigger than he is) to pound the ground to escape. The others feel bad for Silver, Yellow then meets up with the abusive sister who starts crying and being regretful. Yellow points out Christmas is not over yet. The others track down Dyrandoh who holds them off. Yellow finishes making a doll of herself and abusive sister wants to go with her.

    Yellow tricks Bibaboo into thinking he got her, but ths fails and she gets converted for realzees. The Gokaigers are in disbelief as abusiive sister uses Yellow's ranger key and moribates to transform and fight, taking Bibaboo's staff. Dyrandoh knocks away the Gokaigers as abusive sister returns everyone to normal. Silver comments that was a crazy move, Yellow replies Christmas is still going on. Some banter goes on, Seiji and his abusive sister leave, Silver busts the staff via kneeing it, and they transform. Dogormins use the energy insignia, but Yellow and Silver quickly deal with them. After that they all turn into yellow rangers complete with unique weapons in the assault. Bibaboo wing slaps them in anger, Yellow suggests they become Battle Fever J for Christmas and they do so once they push Silver aside, during the fight he asks for the ranger keys of Red and Green, somehow merging them to become Gokai Christmas. Dyrandoh and Bibaboo get assaulted before the Pentaforce Cannon is fired alongside the Final Wave, now called the Christmas Slash, nding Bibaboo. Insarn complains before firing the Ennlargement Ray on Bibaboo and the dogormins. GouZyuDrill and GG are summoned to form GokaiOh as the former stays in vehicle mode to distract the dogormins. GokaiOh uses classic weapons as GouZyuRex forms to stave off the duo guards. MagiDragon is summon for mouth flames, GaoLion is summoned for random slashing, Fuuraimaru throws explosive shurikens, Machalcon is summoned, and GouZyuJin forms. Fuuraimaru and Machalcon do ramming, Kanzen GokaiOh forms, and the Super Burst terminates Bibaboo who hates Christmas as his last words. That night the tree from earlier is lit, Yellow uses Magiranger power to make it snow, Silver is amazed, and Red says they will party at home. The Santa and panda from earlier show up, the former revealing to be Battle Kenya of Battle Fever J. At GG Navi points out how the Battle Fever J keys glow, indicating they now have their ultimate power.... WHAT!? AND WHAT IS IT EVEN!? Silver notices it is snowing to end the episode despite VERY clear skies. Next episode shows a shrine and the return of Ninjaman.

    Bibaboo: Powers include a magic wand that turns organisms into dolls and extending his back swing for slap attacks
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    Episode 45:

    Red asks Navi for a prediction, Silver notes how many ultimate powers are left, the only one unclaimed by them or Basco is that of the Kakurangers. Navi bounces around, noting they cannot find a hiding ninja, Blue comments the prophecy is useless. Pink thinks they should ask God for help, Green mentions the shrine TimeYellow asked them to protect a few episodes back. Yellow thinks they got nothing when Blue thinks about the name, thinking it is related to the Kakurangers. Once at Kegakure Shrine the Gokaigers look around (except Silver who yells for them). Red notices a vase, picks it up, and hears something. He brings it outside, Green calls it a pot, and Pink uses a hammer to destroy it, revealing it was the prison of Ninjaman! Silver fangasms, Yellow asks why he was sealed up, Ninjaman reveals he tried to save a girl from a zoo in chaos who looks like that loli vampire from Bakumonogatari or whatever the hell it's called (I know /a/ masturbates to this anime and it supposedly makes tons of money in sales), Ninjaman fights the animals off, and for not caring about property damage he had to spend tn years in the jar. Yellow thinks this was intentional of th Timerangers so Ninjaman could find the ultimate power as he wonders why the trad did not undo his seal. Silvr mentions the legendary war from episode 1 which makes you reflect on how much of a joke this series has turned into. Ninjaman gets sad, Red asks for the ultmate power, and Green stops him because that leads into fights (pretty sure dumb drama does that but okay). Yellow thinks they should appeal to him before negotiating so on GG theey prepare him a feast with her dressed as a geisha and Blue as a sushi chef. Green is worried about Red who dresses up in theater clothes and an umbrella twirling with Navi on top. Ninjaman loves it even after Navi crashes onto the food. During the clean up Silver mentions they are the thirty fifth sentai which surprises him, Pink mentions the first time they fought the Zangyack on Earth via stock footage followed by usage of the GGB, Silver's first time transforming, turning into the Kakurangers last episode, and mentioning the ranger keys. By the sound of it Ninjaman can probably see the stock footage, weird. So much random stock footage although I get the idea is they transformed into every team already, wow the Liveman scene looks the worst. Silver suggests showing off the transformations so they do so, starting with all blue rangers, then lion themed rangers.

    Ninjaman figures out they are all lions because this is quiz time, Yellow thinks their appeal is raised. Red believes the keys can help them achieve their dreams. Blue points out they are not from Earth, the flashback from the Magiranger tribute has MagiRed pointing out that if all thirty four ultimate powers are collected they will find the treaure. Insert all power up related tribute episodes here although the dead sixth rangers giving Silver his mech is included in the montage. The non-power up ones get a few seconds each before reaching Kanzen GokaiOh. Blue then brings up Basco who has the same goal of treasure hunting as they do. Red ponts out his team is the only one unfound so he asks Ninjaman to give it to them. He says no because of his personality causing trouble for people, therefore he cannot trust the yet. He decides to watch them to see if he can trust them or not and will even join fighting the Zangyack. Pink and Silver are happy, the others get in a bad mood. The episode ends with Ninja White looking at GG sailing across the night sky being impressed. Next episode shows the men eating poultry and Silver fighting the others.
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    Episode 46:

    Red asks Ninjaman how long he can stay before he mentions he will not be tricked- A MONTH HAS PASSED!? WHAT THE HELL HAS ANYONE BEEN DOING!? AG is informed reinforcements are coming as he is impressed one remote planet has given so much trouble. Insarn wants to do something before they arrive, something about earthlings not damaging their hands. She calls the aid of an action commander named Juju who fires a blow dart at random civilians. Meanwhile, Ninjaman attempts training with only Green, Pink, and Silver being present so they fight each other. Pink easily hands Green and Silver their rears until they double team on her. Some bickering ensues, Ninjaman believes they are good guys when he senses something unfamiliar. Juju is about to blow dart a couple when Ninjaman and the trio spot him. Two zugormins are called in to fight with him as Green, Pink, and Silver transform. Ninjaman cheers them on while scolding the other three for showing up late. Blow darting on Green and Silver occurs so Juju runs away, Yellow finding him a weird guy. At his cave lair, Juju and some gormins do some ritual around of a crystal ball. The result? It causes the victims to act rude and violent! The others have no idea what is happening with Green and Silver who eventually fight. Ninjaman says he does not trust the other three as Red demands something from Navi. Ninjaman and Pink notice a crime wave going on, the former soon being ran over by a truck. On GG Red's cutlass is analyzed, showing residue from an energy dart he cut in half which emits a wave frequency. Pink carries Ninjaman around as Green and Silver fight each other in what I think is a park, getting serious to the point of transforming. Pink and Ninjaman try restraining them. Juju laughs until Red, Blue, and Yellow find his cave, slay gormins, and the action commander eats his crystal ball, commenting that the evil in human hearts will undo them. Pink and Ninjaman are conflicted on how to handle this so the former tries to b nice to them. This fails and she rolls down a hill. She tries talking them down which eventually works and they come to their senses. The darts try to fight their resistance, but they burn out, getting them back to normal and collapsing. Pink states she believed in both of them and Ninjaman is sorry for being deceived by the bad guys. Navi calls the others what is going on, saying it is Zangyack activity.

    At a quarry Red, Blue, and Yellow continue to fight Juju and his squad. This has them turn into Sun Vulcan to flip around and terminate grunts. Juju bolts spams them back into their civilian forms when the others show up to shoot them. Ninjaman is sorry he called the others cold as Juju is amazed Green and Silver got over his curse, both replying human hearts have more than malice. The Gokaigers transform, back explosions occur, two zugormins teleport in, Silver jumps in, and the others turn into the Kakurangers to join Ninjaman as an instrumental version of it's opening theme plays. Man ninpo is weird. Silver goes into Gold Mode to use the Final Wave on the zugormins, destroying them, followed by the others using the GGB on Juju and hs crystal ball. After the explosion everyone is returned to normal. Insarn uses the Enlargement Ray on Juju, GG and GouZyuDrill are summoned to become GokaiOh and GouZyuJin to fight him off- Where the hell did he get that scimitar? Juju teleports around to make it a far fight, the Gokai Full Blast fails to hit him, and the ultimate power of the Kakurangers is given to the Gokaigers thanks to Ninjaman. Said power seemingly does nothing until Ninjaman grows giant size, revealing he was the- OH FORGET IT! Ninjaman draws his ninjato and it is a good fight all things considered as Kanzen GokaiOh is quickly formed to use the Kanzen Burst, ending Juju for good in a big explosion with the mech's left leg blocking a third of the frame. Basco looks on, saying he has to take them all. Ninjaman bids farewell to the Gokaigers, summons his flying cloud, heads off into the cloudy sky, and Blue wonders what the last five ultimate powers are. Red ends the episode saying "Just wait, Basco." Next episode shows Basco shooting Sally and the Gokaigers before taking over GG.

    Juju: Powers include an energy blow dart that causes people to be rude and violent, a spear on the blow dart, green energy bolts from the head, a scimitar, and teleportation
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    Episode 47:

    After a recap of last episode, on GG Blue comments they need to find Basco. Green thinks they should immediately use their mechs when Pink suggests calling him since he needs their ultimate powers too. Red tries it and Basco claims he wants to settle things as he is on a rooftop. He opens Sally's stomach and unleashes two giants on GG. Both mechs form offscreen, the pseudo life forms each get an attack in only to get drilled, gunned, bound by MagiDragon, and the two pseudo lifeforms go on a spinning rampage. Machalcon is summoned so Kanzen GokaiOh can form while Basco notes he is out of giants to use. He looks at Sally sinisterly while Kanzen GokaiOh uses it's three attacks to destroy the two giants in a big explosion. The Gokaigers spot Basco pointing his gun at Sally, shooting at her and walking away. They head down, noting how wounded she is and Red flashing back to the day he betrayed him and AkaRed, unaware he watches from a building over. At dusk the pirates attend to Sally's wounds, Silver tries to speak her language because why the hell not? Red flashbacks to a time Basco tended to his injuries before remembering when he turned them over to the Zangyack. He walks to the crow's nest, Blue hands him his jacket asking what the plan is, pointing out it is a trap. Red is aware, but does not know how to proceed as he knows Sally will be betrayed for real eventually. He suggests sending her away once she has healed. Blue comments he is surprisingly soft given everyone's backstory. Blue tells him to do what he wants and walk away, Red puts on his jacket. That night Basco waits in the woods as in a flashback he reveals he did fake his betrayal with Sally as he wants her to steal their chest of keys.

    Sally sleeps, waking up via popped snot bubble. She spots the chest of keys and wonders what to do since the Gokaigers treated her kindly. Her conscious goes back and forth until she eventually takes it and meets up with Basco that morning. The Gokaigers show up calmly which forces Sally to make a decision although Yellow points out it is empty. Sally opens it up, revealing it is empty. Red questions Basco caring about his comrade which leads to him revealing to be an animal abuser. Basco tempts her via banana which makes the struggle last a long time. She eventually goes to the Gokaigers, Red tells Basco to blame himself for betraying everyone. Basco thanks Sally for dragging everyone away from GG and unloads a bomb attached to her belt, killing her and knocking out Red. Everyone checks him after the explosion followed by turning their attention to Basco who ditches his human form. They transform to fight him, but Basco eeasily manhandles them with his cutlass. They turn into the Dairangers which fails to help them even though they use individual ki techniques. Basco tells them to give up and they turn into the Hurricangers instead.... Which does little so they turn into the Gingamen- FUCK NO YOU CANNOT USE THE GALAXY FLASH WITH ONLY FOUR MEMBERS! THIS WAS IN THE LORE! Basco does super speed flashes to knock them out, lightning flashes, Basco boards GG, Navi is spooked, and he shows off he has their ranger keys before swatting him to the ground. With everything h can now get the greatest treasure in the galaxy. The episode ends with closeups of all the knocked out Gokaigers. Next episode shows the Gokaigers fighting themselves and Red dueling with Basco.

    Geronpa: Powers include gold dust from the hands and spinning fast
    Solar: Powers include hand fire balls and spinning fast
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    Episode 48:

    After a recap of last episode, Blue manages to wake up from being knocked out and wakes the others. Red barely able to get up, Yellow in grief they lost and Green unable to access their computer or reach Navi. Pink notes their rangers keys and GG are gone, it begins to rain to make the atmosphere gloomy. On GG Basco ties Navi via ropes and empowers some ranger keys using the ultimate powers he stole before noticing Navi is gone. He soon spots his ropes are cut via a kitchen knife and attempts to search for him via Gokaiger manifestations. At a dilapidated church the real Gokaigers hide out to think about what to do next as Red recovers. They wonder what the greatest treasure is and if GG would even be able to fit it all. Navi calls Yellow after a ton of talking, stating he cannot he cannot escape and gives their location. The manifestation of Red looks around the cockpit, interrupting the transmission. Red tells the others to go since the sun is out. They reach a cliffside where they determine whether or not they can make the jump before doing so, somehow not killing them. After some bickering Blue thinks they should split up to cover more ground. Upon doing so they find their manifestations and proceed to fight them. The manifestation of Red spots Navi as the fighting goes on. Red grabs his jacket while still injured as he tries to leave. A flashback shows Sally saved Red via the medallion Basco used.

    The manifestation of Red brings Navi to Basco who refuses to help him. Basco says he s the treasure's key when the others show up to shoot at him, revealing they beat their manifestations. Basco ditches his human form to emit red lightning from his left palm to throw them outside. They turn into red rangers to gun down the manifestation of Red. Eventually he is reduced to a ranger key and the GGB is fired on Basco which he merely rediriects with his left palm. This causes them to be reduced to their human forms and retake their ranger keys. Before he fires using his pistol Red shoots at him. Basco is surprised Red is able to fight who replies this will be the last time he sees his face. Basco mentions AkaRed wanted them to risk their lives for the ranger keys and protect Earth, meaning he was not the real traitor. Red calls him out on his BS saying anyone who gets in the way of their dream will be wasted. Basco starts shooting and Blue throws Red his ranger key, both start sword fighting once close enough. Both seem evenly matched as the fight goes on and dang it's pretty good stuff. Basco almost has Red pinned, but he manages to stop the traitor via sword pinning his right foot and dong and abdomen slash that ends in an explosion. Both pirates are knocked back, Basco gets up as he bleeds green blood followed by Red. What saved him from death was Sally's medallion in his jacket. Basco finally collapses and is reduced to dust, Red takes the stolen ranger keys, and the others attend to him as he states they will finally find the treasure. The episode ends with the Gokaigers heading back to GG. Next episode shows some guest stars, the triforce, and Insarn using Great Insarn.
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    Episode 49:

    After a recap of last episode, on GG Red is up despite still healing. Some talking occurs about how close the treasure is, Silver wonders if they should use those ultimate powers what with Basco stealing them. The ranger keys glow and take the pirates to a white realm where they are met by past rangers. They state they have been waiting this whole time for glorious individuals and hand over their ultimate power before disappearing. The pirates are back at GG, Silver fangasms, Red tells them to find the treasure and for Navi to become the door, and we get the flashback of Basco saying Navi s an anomaly. Comedic antics ensue while on Gigant Horse reinforcements have arrived. The bodyguard reminds Insarn she is part of Warz Gil's death for not conquering the planet properly. AG tells her now is the time to accomplish something. The Gokaigers wonder how to get Navi to work when all the keys glow and fire a golden beam on Navi, turning him into a chained up door. Everyone except Blue gets excited, some red ranger keys are used to unlock the door which reveals a cave (this is still on the ship deck. After entering they find the triforce (or an object that looks like it) which starts to shine. Red approaches it which causes glowing. It starts talking, saying they are the center of the Earth and that object s the planet's will. Yellow wonders how much it is worth, the will replies they can remake the whole universe, confirming they could even rd the universe of the Zangyack or remake Famille or revive Yellow's sister or Sid. All they have to do is put ranger keys in and imagine it. They return to the deck, Navi goes back to normal, gather around the ranger keys, put hands together, and start thinking. Green stops them wondering what wll happen to the ranger keys, the will confirming they will disappear. This could also erase the ultimate powers, the will tells them not to worry as the ultimate powers would be used to recreate the universe. This would also make sentai disappear from history.... Making me wonder if maybe THIS is how Super Sentai and Metal Heroes became a different continuity from Kamen Rider. Suddenly GG is attacked by insarn's mech, Great Insarn. Reed puts the will in his chair while they fight.

    GokaiOh forms to fight followed by GouZyuDrill being summoned to become GouZyuJin. Insarn wants to defeat them to become the greatest scientist in the universe, even revealing she made her own mech. Two giant zugormins attack which GouZyuJin attacks. GokaiOh fuses with Fuuramaru while four more zugormins attack GouZyuJin. Fuuraimaru tries clone spamming, but Great Insarn uses an energy barrier. GokaiOh uses the power of the Changemen for a more powerful Starburst Cannon that busts the energy field. This is followed by an iimitation of the Aura Galaxy via Maskmen ultimate power. GaoLion is summoned to become samura armor and end Great Insarn via flaming chop. Insarn survives the explosion and the main five jump down while GouZyuJin gets manhandled. Red tells her to stop resisting when four dogormins show up to help. Insarn refuses their help and spams shoulder rockets. The Gokaigers turn into the Magirangers to redirect some rockets followed by turning into the rangers that visited them. Fighting ensues on the small and large fronts, various powers get used with instrumental themes being used- Oh hey dogormins can be armed with a cannon arm like zugormins. Red duels with Insarn which ends badly for her. Once the dogormins explode and the giant zugormins are destroyed, the GGB is used on Insarn to blow her up much to her disbelief. AG's bodyguard acts like a dick followed by the Zangyack Fleet firing lasers at them in droves of hundreds, the Gigant Horse in the middle of it all. The episode ends with AG saying the Gokaigers and all humans will be slaughtered as lasers from the ships fire at them. Next episode shows the Gokaigers battered and a doll of MagiRed.

    Great Insarn: Powers include flight, dual orange lasers from the mammary glands, large claws that emit electric shocks, and a green energy field
    Insarn: Powers include intelligence, teleportation, an electric whip, shoulder triple barreled rocket launchers, and a pair of bladed tonfas
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    Episode 50:

    The Gokaigers and a nearby city get beam spammed, the rangers get into their mechs GokaiOh and GouZyuRex to fight off the fleet, the Star Burst and GouZyu Laser fire on them, lots o' explosions with GouZyuRex taking it hard. GokaiOh gets laser spammed, Green thinking t is too much. Pink says they should borrow the powers of their predecessors, insert borrowed power spamming here. Eventually GokaiOh combines with Machalcon breifly while GouZyuJin forms- What, it uses Megarangr's power to fly? WAY TO PULL THAT OUT OF YOUR ASS! Even Variblune from the Gokaiger vs. Goseiger movies makes a proper appearance. On Gigant Hors AG says their tricks are useleess as more ships arrive. All the summonables get show down as Gigant Horse launches homing rockets from their undersided triple barreled howitzer. Once the two mechs crash, AG says it is time for them to die as more rockets fire and force the pirates out in their civilian forms. AG uses a hologram to announce the defeat of the space pirates which induces fear among the population and starting at dawn humans will be slaughtered. Also THE FLEET TELEPORTS AWAY! WHEN THE HELL COULD THEY DO THIS!? The Gokaigers are distraught and tempted to use the planet's will. Insert moral debate here. Silver sees a girl trying to rescue his mom and helps out. Suddenly Mammoth Ranger of the Zyurangers pops in to do the rescue! He asks Silver for assistance while Yellow and Pink notice it was the same mom and daughter (and baby) way back in GoGo-V's tribute episode. They get attacked by a pair of gormins, but Yellow and Pink shoot them down. After some bravery talk Blue and Green see a guy with a beard helping people- Oh yeah that's Dr. Amachi from Goseiger! Also assisting him is Yuka from Magiranger. At dusk Red spots the nameless samurai kid from the second episode fighting gormins by himself so he shoots them down for him. The boy says he can still fight even if he is not part of a sentai team. Red gives him words of encouragement and walks off.

    The pirates look for Navi, him soon waking up in the wrecked GG. Some "we are doomed" lines are said, more debating about the treasure, Silver brings up they should ask the past sentai members. Apparently Silver talked with Mammoth Ranger- HOLD THE PHONE THE WILL SAID THEIR POWERS WOULD DISAPPEAR NOT THE ACTUAL PEOPLE! Anyway, he said they were willing to lay down their lives for the people of Earth as that is the wish of all Super Sentai. In unison they all decide not to use it and save Earth with their own hands. Blue states the Earth needs Super Sentai which is more important than their pasts. Silver eventually agrees and SHOOTS THE WILL OF THE EARTH. WHAT. THE. FUCK!? That morning Dyrandoh greets civilians saying they will die and prepares gormins to fire on what is essentially a mob. The Gookaigers shoot them down, reveal themselves, do taunting, raise morale among the people, Dyrandoh states everything will die, and after more word exchanges that last too long they transform with the opening theme playing. Dyrandoh sends his garrison forward who get slaughtered. Zugormins show up to get slain by Final Waves and Red and Silver become Zyurangers to slash up two dogormins who also end via Final Wave. Dyrandoh is stunned by this as the episode ends with the Gokaigers running at him. Next episode shows Red and Silver fighting AG on Gigant Horse.

    I have a lot to rant on next time so here are the rankings early!

    Favorite Mecha:
    DaiBouken > V-Rex > GaoHunter > Great Five > GouZyuJin > Grand Liner > Bio Robo > Kiba Daioh > Jet Garuda > Ohranger Robo > Gosei Ground > GaoGod > Sirend Builder > Victory Robo > Turbo Robo > Star Five > Gouraijin > Gosei Great > DaiZyuZin > Jet Icarus > Dairenoh > Travelion > Gingaioh > Galaxy Mega > Oh Blocker > GaoKing > Five Robo > RV Robo > Delta Mega > Flash King > Tenkujin > Goggle Robo > SaiDaiOh > Live Boxer > GaoIcarus > Gosei Wonder > Change Robo > DaiTanken > MagiKing > Engine Daishogun > Dyna Robo > GekiFire > MaxOhJa > Gosei Ultimate > Battle Fever Robo > Ginga Rhinos > Ginga Phoenix > GaoMuscle > VRV Robo > Sun Vulcan Robo > MougyudaiOh > DekaWing > Red Puncher > DaiDenziJin > BakuRenOh > Liner Boy > Muteki Shogun > Time Robo Alpha > Sirender > Senpujin > Live Robo > Turbo Rugger > GouRyuJin > Kakure Daishogun > Dekaranger Robo > Victory Mars > WolKaiser > EngineOh > AbaRenOh > Mega Voyager > Time Robo Beta > Daigoyou > Titan Boy > Land Galaxy > GanbirOh > MagiLegend > DekaBike > GaoKnight > Mega Winger > Time Shadow > SeikuOh > DaikaiOh > KillerOh > Bull Taurus > DaiTenku > GekiTohJa > SaintKaiser > Go-Roader GT > ShinkenOh > Tsubasamaru > Sigma Project > Datas Hyper > Tackle Boy > GokaiOh > Revolver Mammoth > Providus

    Favorite Series:
    Magiranger > Changeman > Timeranger > Fiveman > Goseiger > GoGo-V > Zyuranger > Go-Onger > Gingaman > Dekaranger > Denziman > Ohranger > Shinkenger > Gaoranger > Bioman > Carranger > Dynaman > Abaranger > Maskman > Goggle-V > Boukenger > Turboranger > Battle Fever J > Flashman > Gorenger > Dairanger > JAKQ > Kakuranger > Jetman > Gekiranger > Sun Vulcan > Liveman > Hurricanger > Megaranger > Gokaiger

    Favorite Openings:
    Turboranger > Bioman > Zyuranger > Ohranger > GoGo-V > Go-Onger > Gaoranger > Dairanger > Shinkenger > Flashman > Denziman > Gokaiger > Boukenger > Dynaman > Gingaman > Hurricanger > JAKQ > Magiranger > Goggle-V > Megaranger > Kakuranger > Jetman > Dekaranger > Timeranger > Carranger > Sun Vulcan > Battle Fever J > Liveman > Changeman > Gorenger > Fiveman > Abaranger > Gekiranger > Maskman > Goseiger

    Only one more episode of this tripe to go and so cannot wait!
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    Episode 51:

    After a recap of last episode, Dyrandoh attacks the Gokaigers who .at him. The Final Wave stuns him when an explosion happens, the source being Gigant Horse. The Zangyack Fleet assaults the city as he promises slaughter and states the world will be reduced to ashes. The Gokaigers are depowered and about to be fired on when Navi shows up with Basco's ship, Free Joker. Yellow asks how he can even fly and he gives no decent response as he fires into the fleet. Red says they need to board Gigant Horse and kill the emperor, Blue suggests Silver go with him when Dyrandoh shows up. The others stay behind to fight Dyrandoh. Red and Silver TELEPORT onto Free Joker to ram into Gigant Horse which fires at them, thank goodness for energy shields! Red throws Navi so he can escape while he and Silver transform offscreen, fight gormins, and AG is ticked but still continues the attack. Red and Silver make their way to the bridge, AG says it will be his tomb as he fights them without getting out of his seat at first. Silver goes into Gold Mode to fend him off, but AG's scimitar is too much for him. Red takes the controls and destroys the surrounding fleet via energy cannons. Dyrandoh is in disbelief as the other keep assaulting him. AG curses them and Red returns to fighting when finished. On the ground the others use extra hero forms to take on Dyrandoh followed by the GGB which destroys him. Red and Silver are barely able to stand as AG proves too much, both attack a control console to cause the room to spark. This distracts AG for slash attacks followed by Final Waves. The room electrifies as Gigant Horse sinks.

    Gigant Horse crashes with the others looking on, Red and Silver make it out fine. They think the Zangyack is done, but AG shows up soon after sayng he will eradicate them. Red says he cannot beat them as each does a speech about how Earth and Super Sentai are on ther side. Silver deflects a pair of incoming fire balls before they transform and do intros. In the ensuing fight they turn into rangers of the first five teams and keep transforming offscreen. So much on screen chaos. Eventually they use various upgraded forms, beating AG down who is in disbelief. Red acts like a jackass before one last Final Wave blows him up- No, wait, he is still standing. Silver takes a point blank shot with the GGB (a GoGo-V homage?) and that finally does him in. Such a standard explosion. Everyone falls happily in slow motion when Navi shows up. Several months later, Yellow reads a galactic newspaper that says "SPACE SPORTS" and "Fear power to exist". In it there is confirmation the Zangyack have split into factions and lost influence throughout the universe before inevitable dissolution. Red is happy they reopened the diner from the first episode. Silver shows up to say farewell as the GG is finally fixed. Rd suggests going to the Zangyack homeworld and everyone agrees. While walking they are greeted to a bunch of kids and their teacher back from the first episode who thanks them. Yellow states they did not save Earth as Pink states they just want treasure. Red says they will see them around as the pirates walk off, the kids still thanking them. Red holds up the ranger keys and gives them back to Earth as the dissipate, Silver says they will be back for New Year's. Red spots AkaRed on the bow briefly. GG heads off into space as the ending plays, the opening plays, and the ranger keys return to their various rangers. Also Red stands on the bow because why not? The episode ends with their ranger keys still in the chest. So ends the worst entry in the franchise although Go-Busters has questionable camera work looking at the trailer.

    Dyrandoh: Powers include a giant hammer that can increase in size and green lasers from the shoulders
    Ackdos Gil: Powers include a scimitar that fires energy cutters, shoulder fire balls, and thick skin

    Pathetic and insulting ranger balance! Worse cinematography! The Battle Fever J tribute was even worse than the Carranger one! The sound editing was atrocious! The main bad guy hardly did jack shit! Silver shot the very will of the Earth! Only Damaras and Insarn were good villains! Everything dragged out too long! TOO MANY DAMN INTERNAL CONTINUITY ERRORS! DO I NEED TO GO ON!? And Gokai Green confirmed for Super Sentai's Kamen Rider Diend! This was no anniversary series, this was pure mockery by people who either had no idea what they were doing or simply never cared. My brain hurts and I might tear into this properly another day, but right now my brain hurts from the sheer stupid. Is Gokaiger bad? Yes. Is it among the worst tokusatsu ever? Maybe. It isn't as bad as say Kamen Riders Blade, Kabuto, The Next, W, or Ex-Aid, Shougeki Gouraigan, Bio Planet WoO, Daimajin Kanon, Reigo, Half Human, or Dogora, but it scratches the surface certainly. It is on the same level as the Kiryu Godzilla movies, Gamera vs. Viras, and Gamera vs. Jiger. The only reason to recommend this is as a first sentai entry because everything it does was done better somewhere else! And no I am not going easy on this, Toei put a shit load of time and money into this! What ass balls.

    See you when we get to Go-Busters!
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    Too bad you did not enjoy Gokaiger many people thought it as was one of the best anniversary shows.
  18. Captain Shark

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    Loved by the west and hated by the east is the mix received Go-Busters.


    "Whoa you were gone a long time!"

    Gokaiger drained a lot out of me.

    "Why does Japan hate this?"

    Supposedly because it changed things and because of that it had the lowest toy sales since Timeranger.

    "What do YOU think?"

    That is what we are about to find out!

    "Anything else I should know?"

    The main movie will be in part 1 between eps 19 and 20, I'll cover director cuts when available, and I am going to confirm this take on will go as far as Kyuranger.

    "So no more breaks, right?"

    Marathoning sentai has distracted me from other projects so Go-Busters will be the last series to be taken on this year. Do not worry, we should be taking on Kyoryuger at the beginning of the year!
    Bugzords: Powers include a cocoon form, a tommy gun for the right hand, and a pair of laser cannons on the shoulders
    Shovelloid: Appears in episode 1. Powers include a right arm shovel claw and finger guns in the left hand
    Shovelloid Megazord: Appears in episode 1. Powers include a shovel claw right arm, a left arm claw, and back missiles
    Burnerloid: Appears in episode 2. Powers include a flamethrower left arm and dual shoulder fire ball launchers
    Burnerloid Megazord: Appears in episode 2. Only known power is a torso flamethrower
    Needleloid: Appears in episode 3. Powers include possessing humans infected with the metavirus via three needles on the right arm, a pair of claws on the left wrist, and twin back tentacles
    Needleloid Megazord: Appears in episode 3. Powers include a right arm needle that drains enetron, a pair of claws on the left wrist, and shoulder missiles
    Cutterloid: Appears in episode 4. Powers include a circular saw for the right arm and feet, launchable circular saws in the shoulders, and teleportation
    Cutterloid Megazord: Appears in episode 4. Powers include a right arm circular saw, an energy barrier from the left hand, an enetron draining beam from the eye, and finger rockets from the left hand
    Tireloid: Appears in episode 5. Powers include high jumping, super speed, and three needle guns for each hand that possess machines
    Tireloid Megazord: Appears in episode 5. Powers include super speed, a machine gun in each wrist, and high jumping
    Sprayloid: Appears in episode 6. Only known power is a right arm acidic extinguisher
    Sprayloid Megazord: Appears in episode 6. Only known power is a right arm acidic extinguisher
    Denshaloid: Appears in episode 7. Powers include super speed, high jumping, and launching train tracks from the torso
    Denshaloid Megazord: Appears in episode 7. Powers include beam resistance and torso lasers
    Drillloid: Appears in episodes 8 and 18. Powers include a right arm kanabo-like drill, body drills, and a hacking cable from the back
    Drillloid Megazord: Appears in episodes 8 and 18. Powers include a right arm drill and a left wrist gun
    Danganloid: Appears in episode 10. Powers include a sword, a left wrist knife, super speed, and a pistol
    Danganloid Megazord: Appears in episode 10. Powers include a sword, a left arm cannon, and a teleporter beam in the eye
    Fanloid: Appears in episode 11. Powers include a torso fan that emits gusts and high jumping
    Fanloid Megazord: Appears in episode 11. Powers include flight, eye electric bolts, and a torso fan that absorbs enetron and emits gusts
    Copyloid: Appears in episode 12. Only known power is a right arm camera that allow it to disguise what it films
    Copyloid Megazord: Appears in episode 12. Powers include torso lasers and a right arm camera that allow it to disguise what it films
    Tubaloid: Appears in episodes 13 and 14. Powers include a sonic horn on the left shoulder and right wrist rockets
    Tubaloid Megazord. Appears in episodes 13 and 14. Powers include a sonic horn on the left shoulder and right wrist rockets
    Soujikiloid: Appears in episode 15. Powers include a vacuum that drains enetron and fires energy balls and turning his vacuum into a katana with a gun on it
    Soujikiloid Megazord: Appears in episode 15. Only known power is a right arm vacuum that drains enetron
    Parabolaloid: Appears in episode 16. Powers include radar detection, an antenna used as a staff, and left wrist homing missiles
    Parabolaloid Megazord: Appears in episode 16. Only known power is using an antenna as a staff
    Forkloid: Appears in episode 17. Powers include levitation and a right hand fork that causes faults upon striking the ground
    Forkloid Megazord: Appears in episode 17. Powrs include a right hand fork, spawning Megazord Delta, and scalp missiles
    Megazord Delta: Appears in episodes 17 and 19. Powers include a right arm pendulum that fires enrgy charged spikes, emitting electric surges, and forehead lasers
    Spanneloid: Appears in episode 19. Only known power is a pair of large wrenches that fire electric bolts
    Spanneloid Megazord: Appears in episode 19. Powers include spawning Delta Megazord and a wrench for each arm that emits electric shocks and lasers
    Steamloid: Appears in the movie. Powers include water absorption, rust spray from the head and shoulders smoke stacks, and a right arm tread battering ram that emits energy surges
    Gamma Megazord: Appears in the movie. Powers include a pair of swords and eye lasers
    Beta Megazord: Appears in the move. Only known power is scalp missiles
    Alpha Megazord: Appears in the movie. Only known power is storing a pair of bugzords in their back
    Epsilon Megazord: Appears in the movie. Powers include flight and a right wrist sword that fires lasers
    Filmloid: Appears in episode 20. Powers include spawning replicas from the projector in his torso, teleportation, dream illusions from the torso projector, and a yari that creates purple energy balls
    Filmloid Megazord: Appears in episode 20. Only known power is a hyper space replica and blaster lasers from the head projector
    Dumbbellloid: Appears in episode 21. Powers include mind controlling dumbbells, a giant dumbbell that can cause shockwave upon pounding the ground, strength, teleportation, and dumbbell bombs
    Dumbbelloid Megazord: Appears in episode 21. Only known power is a giant dumbbell
    Keyloid: Appears episode 22. Powers include a key lock beam from the forehead, a right arm sword, and a repair laser from the four eyes
    Keyloid Megazord: Appears in episode 22. Powers include a right arm sword, a hyper space replica laser from the single eye, lasers from the left arm, and a keyhole beam from the single eye
    Jishakuloid: Appears in episode 23. Powers include magnetic quills from the scalp called Ironsand Quills, arm magnets, and teleportation
    Jishakuloid: Appears in episode 23. Only known power is arm magnets that absorb enetron
    Wataameloid: Appears in episode 24. Powers include enetron absorbing cotton candy sticks, teleportation, and redirecting energy attacks via cotton candy sticks
    Wataameloid Megazord: Appears in episode 24. Powers include cotton candy stick hands and a head energy cannon that emits shockwaves
    Rousokuloid: Appears in episode 25. Powers include a right arm flamethrower, a hypnotic flame on the scalp, teleportation, and a lance
    Rousokuloid Megazord: Appears in episode 25. Powers include a right arm flamethrower and a lance
    I have to very much disagree on this notion that Go-Busters is somehow not like other sentai entries, aside from trading in spandex for leather it has a tone similar to that of the 80s and 90s ones. Mech design is on par with Boukenger, maybe even being the best in the franchise thus far! The main trio surprisingly only get a pair of centric eps each while Gold and Silver are stuck sharing theirs twice aka their debut episodes. Once they did show up though the series became comedic like every entry since Abaranger so talk about some whiplash. Not too much, but enough to be disappointed in it for doing that. Messiah and his Hyper Space are well done, both having 90s chaotic computer imagery to make it vaguely resemble Hell with Messiah's teeth the only way to determine (properly) his skull-like shape, giving a fake image of something natural from an otherwise unnatural abomination. Then there are his avatar underlings who consist of a guy that spews random French dialogue and a gun toter with guns named after Gog and Magog (they seem to be hammering in a Revelation motif). The music is just fine for the most part, but the second ending theme is very unfitting and subpar all things considered.

    Overall this is a very strong start and a definite improvement over Gokaiger.
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    Now for electric boogaloo that is part 2.

    Keshigomuloid: Appears in episode 26. Powers include high jumping, data erasing touch, an eraser disguise, and a torso energy beam
    Keshigomuloid Megazord: Appears in episode 26. Powers include data erasing touch, a sword, and spawning a delta megazord
    Mushikagoloid: Appears in episode 27. Powers include wrist laser guns, spawning holograms to form a labyrinth via hacking security cameras, and spawning cages
    Mushikagoloid Megazord: Appears in episode 27. Powers include a hyper space laser from the left wrist, wrist laser guns, and enetron draining just by being close to it
    Sprayloid 2: Appears in episode 28. Powers include high jumping, a copy spray from the spray can right hand, head lasers, and a sword
    Sprayloid 2 Megazord: Appears in episode 28. Powers include head lasers and a copy spray from the spray can right hand
    Messiah Cell: Appears in episodes 29 and 30. Powers include metaloid reviving, body shockwaves, regeneration, and telekinetic explosions
    Rhino Doublar: Powers include a nasal and forehead horn that both fire energy bolts, teleportation, an axis shifter in the torso horn, a scimitar, a shield, and turning into a fire ball
    Danganloid 2: Appears in episode 31. Powers include a sword, an assault rifle with a chainsaw attached, and a motorcycle
    Danganloid 2 Megazord: Appears in episode 31. Only known power is a left arm assault rifle
    Sunadokeiloid: Appears in episode 33. Powers include drills that convert the ground to sand, right hand energy balls and telekinetic explosions, an extendable right arm, data absorption, electric shocks
    Puppetloid: Appears in episode 34. Powers include enetron draining tentacles from the body, high jumping from the right leg, possession via intangible data hands, and energy cutters from the right leg
    Sunadokeiloid Megazord: Appears in episode 34. Only known power is a data converting drill for the right arm
    Puppetloid Megazord: Appears in episode 34. Only known power is possession via intangible data hands
    Bulldozerloid: Appears in episode 36. Powers include an armored bulldozer blade for each arm that cause shockwaves, foot treads, and energy balls from the abdomen
    Bulldozerloid Megazord: Appears in episode 36. Powers include an armored bulldozer blade for each arm and forehead lasers
    Tiaraloid: Appears in episode 37. Powers include enetron absorption tentacles from the body, an emotion changing tiara on the right shoulder, fire balls and electric bolts from the left arm, teleportation, and high jumping
    Tiaraloid Megazord: Appears in episode 37. Powers include tiara aerial fighters that launch purple lasers, a pair of claws on each wrist, flight, and lasers from the single eye
    Domeloid: Appears in episode 38. Powers include a building disguise, a tractor beam that leads to hyper space, boxing glove hands, and summoning a boxing arena
    Domeloid Megazord: Appears in episode 38. Only known power is boxing glove hands
    Karateloid: Appears in episode 39. Powers include data absorption tentacles from the body and martial arts
    Karateloid Megazord: Appears in episode 39. Only known power is martial arts
    Parabaloid 2: Appears in episode 40. Powers include a head radar, a pair of arm jets that convert matter into data, and teleportation
    Parabalod 2 Megazord: Appears in episode 40. Only known power is an assault rifle
    Loupeloid: Appears in episode 41. Powers include high jumping, body tentacles that alter emotions to force charity, a cane, explosive flashes from the shoulder magnifying glasses, teleportation
    Loupeloid Megazord: Appears in episode 41. Only known power is agility
    Denshaloid 2: Appears in episode 42. Powers include arm electric bolts and speed
    Denshaloid 2 Megazord: Appears in episode 42. Only known power is an enetron absorbing tentacle in the right arm
    Megazordloid: Appears in episode 42. Powers include turning into a flying train, hand blades, twin head horns, and spawning Zeta Megazord
    Zeta Megazord: Appears in episodes 42, 43, and 44. Powers include a chained kunai in each wrist, an energy field, teleportation, body shockwaves, reducing objects to data that can be absorbed, summoning other megazords, and hand electric bolts
    Kentateloid: Appears in episode 43. Powers include a right arm katana that emits explosive energy cutters, a left hand shield that fires energy balls, and energy draining
    Kenzord: Appears in episode 43. Only known power is a right arm katana
    Tatezord: Appears in episode 43. Powers include a right arm ax and a left hand shield
    Messiah Reboot: Appears in episode 44. Powers include left hand electric bolts, a right arm club, eye and back lasers, and abdomen missiles
    Azazel: Appears in Returns. Powers include using a black cloud to fly which emits lightning bolts, a scythe that fires electric bolts, telekinetic explosions, and energy cutters, thick skin, right arm energy beams, size changing, and summoning storms from the scythe
    Omochiloid: Appears in episode 45. Powers include firing marshmallows from the left arm, high jumping, heat absorption, and a rubbery body
    Omochiloid Megazord: Appears in episode 45. Powers include firing marshmallows from the right arm and head lasers
    Kuwagataloid: Appears in episodes 46 and 47. Powers include head horn electric bolts, a right arm machine gun with a pincer claw
    Kuwagataloid Megazord: Appears in episode 47. Powers include flight, a head laser gun with a pincer claw, lasers from the single eye
    Escape Zeta: Appears in episode 48. Powers include data converting tentacles, talons, flight, and explosive energy knives
    Omega Megazord: Appears in episodes 49 and 50. Powers include arm tentacles that spawn clones, body cannons, and a torso laser beam
    The ranger episode balance has issues (especially with Stag), the music got worse, the tone got jokier, and pacing got slow at times. With that all said I am going to safely say this is the third best entry in the franchise: The battles, the villains, the designs, the writing, the world building, and (mostly) consistent editing is top notch for Super Sentai in general. I dare say that, ignoring Brajira from Goeiger, that Messiah, Enter, and Escape are the best big bad, traitor, and loyalist type villains, respectively. The buddyroids, aside from Nick, did go further into the background over time, but they were side characters to begin with so I do not mind.

    Time for rankings!

    Favorite Mecha:
    Go-Buster Oh > Buster Hercules > DaiBouken > V-Rex > GaoHunter > Tategami Lioh > Great Five > GouZyuJin > Grand Liner > Bio Robo > Kiba Daioh > Jet Garuda > Ohranger Robo > Gosei Ground > GaoGod > Sirend Builder > Victory Robo > Turbo Robo > Star Five > Gouraijin > Go-Buster KeroOh > Gosei Great > DaiZyuZin > Jet Icarus > Dairenoh > Travelion > Gingaioh > Galaxy Mega > Oh Blocker > GaoKing > Five Robo > RV Robo > Delta Mega > Flash King > Tenkujin > Goggle Robo > SaiDaiOh > Live Boxer > GaoIcarus > Gosei Wonder > Change Robo > DaiTanken > MagiKing > Engine Daishogun > Dyna Robo > GekiFire > MaxOhJa > Gosei Ultimate > Battle Fever Robo > Ginga Rhinos > Ginga Phoenix > GaoMuscle > VRV Robo > Sun Vulcan Robo > MougyudaiOh > DekaWing > Red Puncher > DaiDenziJin > BakuRenOh > Liner Boy > Muteki Shogun > Time Robo Alpha > Sirender > Senpujin > Live Robo > Turbo Rugger > GouRyuJin > Kakure Daishogun > Dekaranger Robo > Victory Mars > WolKaiser > EngineOh > AbaRenOh > Mega Voyager > Time Robo Beta > Daigoyou > Titan Boy > Land Galaxy > GanbirOh > MagiLegend > DekaBike > GaoKnight > Mega Winger > Time Shadow > SeikuOh > DaikaiOh > KillerOh > Bull Taurus > DaiTenku > GekiTohJa > SaintKaiser > Go-Roader GT > ShinkenOh > Tsubasamaru > Sigma Project > Datas Hyper > Tackle Boy > GokaiOh > Revolver Mammoth > Providus

    Favorite Series:
    Magiranger > Changeman > Go-Busters > Timeranger > Fiveman > Goseiger > GoGo-V > Zyuranger > Go-Onger > Gingaman > Dekaranger > Denziman > Ohranger > Shinkenger > Gaoranger > Bioman > Carranger > Dynaman > Abaranger > Maskman > Goggle-V > Boukenger > Turboranger > Battle Fever J > Flashman > Gorenger > Dairanger > JAKQ > Kakuranger > Jetman > Gekiranger > Sun Vulcan > Liveman > Hurricanger > Megaranger > Gokaiger

    Favorite Openings:
    Turboranger > Bioman > Zyuranger > Ohranger > GoGo-V > Go-Onger > Gaoranger > Dairanger > Shinkenger > Flashman > Denziman > Gokaiger > Boukenger > Dynaman > Gingaman > Hurricanger > JAKQ > Magiranger > Goggle-V > Megaranger > Kakuranger > Jetman > Dekaranger > Timeranger > Carranger > Sun Vulcan > Battle Fever J > Liveman > Changeman > Gorenger > Go-Busters > Fiveman > Abaranger > Gekiranger > Maskman > Goseiger

    After Gobusters vs. Gokaiger we will be taking a break until next year, cheers folks.
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    Wow this took longer than expected.

    Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger:

    According to the narrator an ancient legend of five keys promised to unlock a great power- Oh it's just the Gokai ranger keys. We see some Zangyack commander being given four of the five keys by Enter when the open title shows up. The Go-Busters and Buddyroids have a meeting about how in trouble they are or some shit. Meteors are detected followed by a black Gokai Galleon. Nice smoke. The Go-Busters head out only to be bombarded. The Zangyack commander reveals himself as Bacchus Gil, with him being none other than the core five Gokaigers! And hey they actually look like real pirates. They transform to fight while Beet and Stag use Buster Hercules against the black GG.... Somehow losing. Gokai Green begs them to hear them out, but that fails. The reds duel because they can, an action commander named Waredonaiya wants in on the fun. Gokai Red uses a Final Wave, Gokai Silver shows up to give them the Goggle-V keys fr ribbon surgng followed by Timeranger. The Go-Busters use their Powered Customs to stand more of a chance. Buster Blue noticed Enter who has the last mystic ranger key, but an electric surge causes his case to break and opens a black hole. A lot of sucking happens before sudden closure, Enter leaves via black GG rope, and Navi is detained at the base by Buster Red and Buster Blue. Navi recalls they went to the Zangyack homeworld where the GG crashed and Bacchus over powered them. By the looks of it the planet seems to neighbor a gas giant and is mostly rocks and water. Buster Red asks about the mystic ranger keys, Navi replies the most powerful treasure in the universe is unlocked by them. Suddenly the crew gets a formal old timey invitation. Turns out Buster Yellow and J are stuck in the year 1772! Run around antics ensue when they spot Silver in a thief outfit, he fangasms upon the encounter. Gokai Silver states he tried calling thm to no avail, but knows what they can do. In the present day Princess Shinken Red shows up to the base revealing the one to keep the scroll the past quarter millennium. Cut to Bacchus who brags he will be better than his predecessors, Enter wanting Messiah's subspace on Earth. After that Buster Beet pinpoints where everyone is throughout time and space, Navi mentions GouZyuDrill can be used as a time machine. Buster Beet points ut bringing the Buddyroids and zords would be difficult so preperations are made so they only have forty five minutes to time travel. Frog is teleported to the Mediterranean Sea in 1557 where Waredonaiya, Gokai Blue, and Gokai Yellow are. They spot a ranger key and Buster Blue challenges the two pirates who are now lousy shots. In Edo times Jealousshito is encountered who has a ranger key. At 1805 England we spot Gokai Green and Gokai Pink finding a ranger key only to be met by traps. They are quickly saved by Buster Beet in a Zoro costume. In the Cretaceous we see gormins and a zugormin take a ranger key when Blue Gorilla is chased by what I assume is supposed to be a T-Rex, but if this northern Laurasia as the caption says it could be an Albertosaurus. In 2005 Tokyo the reds encounter each other at the dinosaur restaurant from Abaranger complete with Yatsudenwani in the background aka ALL SENTAI ARE STILL IN THE SAME UNIVERSE, DISMISSING OTHERWISE IS DUMB. They fight outside while we see Waredonaiya betraying the Gokaigers as he takes the key to the present day via teleporting. The Gokaigers then explain they have been trying to steal the keys via surrender and fake loyalty to the Zangyack making Bacchus one of the biggest morons in the franchise for falling for this. Oh and Gokai Red calls Buster Red immature, yeah that is rich. Buster Beat, Gokai Green, and Gokai Pink encounter Bacchus and make it back to back where the reds are followed by the blues. Blue Gorilla and Yellow Rabbit look for Buster Yellow in Edo, freaking the locals out, when Enter sends an Epsilon Megazord on them- WOW those lasers are weak! Bacchus shows up with a squad of buglars, Gokai Silver and Buster Yellow transform to fight with J becoming Buster Stag. Both reds are sent out to save them- HOW IS IT NIGHT ALREADY!? Epsilon Megazord laser spams until Ace shows up to get punch happy. Gokai Red heads down, turns into Shinkenger, and slays buglars while Ace sword plays at the cost of enetron. During the weak laser spam Gokai Silver loses the key. Buster Red uses Red Cheetah to head out and shoot Bacchus which fails as he knocks him down and gets the key. Things get dire as everyone teleports back to base in a hurry. The Buddyroids overload and shutdown soon after. They are quickly taken back to base in slow motion.

    The next day the are back online, but without their personalities. Blue Buster blows a gasket as Beet Buster states this cannot be fixed. Sadness occurs with the Go-Busters, Gokai Yellow notes they will have to find the keys without them. Speaking of which, Enter uses them on a door in black GG which opens an energy pillar that is quickly detected. Enter is happy, Bacchus reveals Ackdos was his uncle as he claims he showed him, and Navi shows up with real GG aka HOW THE HELL WAS IT RECOVERED!? Both sentai teams walk with random fire explosion going off, encounter Enter, banter is exchanged, and they transform once grunts from both villain factions appear. After a neat pan we get back explosions as the rangers charge in terminating mooks. Bacchus shows up, Enter says he can assist him by summoning avatars of Escape, Basco, and Damaras. The avatars fight the rangers, Gokaigers become Sun Vulcan while fighting Basco and therefore blowing him up, Damaras is brought down by them turning into Gouraigers and Shurikenger, and Escape holds off the Go-Busters until Buster Red does a stealth kill. Buster Stag gets beaten by Bacchus as the black GG goes cannon happy. The reds teleport up there to fight Waredonaiya, eventually kicking him out of a hole in the hull; since this is sentai there is a strong chance he survived. The reds have a chat about trust before taking the keys, hyper space is still going through- Yup Waredonaiya lived, he even has gormins backing him up. Suddenly the reds are met by Kyoryuger Red!.... Also he thinks his teammates are with him and they are not. He says he can handle this, the main two leave while he handles the gormins and Waredonaiya when the other Kyoryugers show up. Some melee and intros later they shoot up Waredonaiya, blowing him to pieces. A megazord is detected, Gokai Red says he will leave it to the Go-Busters. Omega Megazord arrives to fight Buster Hercules, the others show up soon after as body cannons fire, combining into Go-BusterOh. Omega Megazord has the upper hand while the Gokaigers get a face full of explosions, Bacchus wonders why they are protecting Earth as Gokai Red states the Go-Busters are doing that. The Gokaiger theme plays as they all turn into random red rangers to assault Bacchus. Gokai Silver goes into Gold Mode for his Final Wave followed by the others using GGB. Bacchus chugs his booze to make him grow, GG is called in to become GokaiOh in orbit, GouZyuDrill becomes GouZyuJin, and Omega Megazord fires a torso laser that stuns the other megazords. The base thinks they are offline as Bacchus holds the Gokaigers off. The Go-Busters channel enetron to their Buddyroids as Omega Megazord walks forward, flashbacks occur during this while being ordered to eject. Omega Megazord attempts to fire when enetron overloads around them, Go-BusterOh gets up to fight with the Buddyroids back to their normal selves. Go-Buster Lioh forms followed by the mystic ranger keys glowing and becoming Buddyroid keys. This allows the five mechs to get their own giant keys composed of random past sentai mechs. This turns them into said mechs, Bacchus wonders what the hell while Enter summons one of each of the four main megazord types. Naturally they get destroyed quickly. More mech transforming ensues, but more megazords are getting through. Ace flies up to fight while the others fight the villains. Ace shreds black GG, Omega Megazord goes down, and Bacchus Gil is blown to bits. Gotta love the climactic explosion. The movie ends with both teams having last minute talking (mostly the reds) and going their separate ways. The ending credits has the entire cast dancing and trying out costumes.

    Waredonaiya: Powers include a sword that emits energy cutters, time traveling, and surviving high falls
    Bacchus Gil: Powers include a sword that emits energy cutters and flames, time traveling, high jumping, and growth

    So thanks to questionable editing and GG coming back from nowhere I do consider this one of the lesser crossover movies. It also has the most awkward intro for a new team and I am not fond of that. Continuity wise everything seems fine outside of Omega Megazord being used before the events of episode 42.

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