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    Episode 19:

    Silver practices his intro, Navi uses an energy tether to give him access to the ranger keys via his belt. He tests this using Kiba Ranger while Green wonders why they were chosen to be the Gokaigers. Silver thinks he is over thinking things while offering to cook dinner. Cut to Warz Gil demanding an interesting guy show up, specifically the action commander Warriaen. Insarn notices he is new when Warz Gil commands he remove the bones of the earthlings. On GG, Silver creates what I think are fish for everyone with Green finding it awkward and jealous Silver is a good cook. After that Blue and Silver train with their weapons, the latter able to hold his own which impresses the others save for Green who walks away complaining. Silver offers to go shopping with Green only to get brushed off. Meanwhile, Warrien takes a squad of gormins to a rooftop to use a staff that fishes bones out of bodies. Instead of reducing people to mush it just makes them lazy. Green and Silver spot this, the former calling in the others before they both transform and grapple hook to the roof. Green trips while Silver slays the grunts- WOW THE GRUNTS JUST THREW HIM OFF THE ROOF! Green flops hard only for Silver to save his ass. The others show up, all of them turn into the Go-Ongers for supr fast fighting, Silver is unsure which Go-On Wing to be until he has a vision of them. He mentions it would be easier to transform if they combined so the siblings do just that, combining the ranger key in the process so he can transform. The others are bewildered by the new design as Silver terminates the remaining gormins and fights Warrien. Green gets upset while Warrien goes blast happy, taking down Pink and extracting the skeletons of everyone that is not Green or Silver, the latter quickly getting beat up before Warrien telports off. Silver panics while Green gets mopey even as the now lazy pirates are taken back to GG. Navi wonders what they will do, Silver thinks they will be restored if he works with Green who replies he is just holding him back. Green goes on about how he feels pathetic (to be fair the series treats him that way), Silver walks off soon after. Green mentions he is amazing while Navi mentions how Silver found his recipes yesterday, became impressed, and that is why his food was well liked. Green gets an idea just as the computer detects the Zangyack.

    Silver fights Warrien again, failing once more. Green shoots at him before transforming and going in melee strong while suggesting to Silver he can combine the sixth ranger keys into one. Silver finds it hard to believe, but Green claims to believe in him. Silver calls for all the keys, asks them in a vision to combine as Green holds off Warrien and turns into Green 2 from Bioman and Flash Green from Flashman, and in pairs they proceed to do so after awkward silence and looking up. Th ranger keys become the Key of 15 Warriors. He tells Green to hang in there while he turns into Gold More, giving him armor with the faces of all the sixth rangers. Warrien gets enraged by color confusion, Silver tells Green it will be quick as he goes slash happy with his trident followed by the new Final Wave involving all the sixth rangers manifesting, slashing, and Silver getting the last hit. Warrien explodes and everyone has their bones restored while Warz Gil screams "HOW!?". Insarn clams it is not over as she uses the enlargement beam on Warrien, GG comes in to fire cannons, Green gets on so GokaiOh can form on the moon, GouZyu Drill forms GouZyu Rex once Silver jumps in it, and Warrien charges in only to get manhandled and drilled. GouZyuJin forms soon after for drill bashing on Warrien before finishing him using the Triple Drill Dream, blowing him up. Later, Silver cooks for veryone again, this time Green is fine with it. Yellow notices in the paper Silver is now a wanted man, worth more than Green which ends the episode with more jealousy nonsense. Next episode shows the Gingamen and extra heroes fighting the Gokaigers.

    Warrien: Powers include a staff that emits a green energy string that steals bones, energy blasts from the jawed left hand, and teleportation
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    Dyna Pink.
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    Whoops, my mistake. Anyway....

    Episode 20:

    Navi flies around while Yellow explains to Silver the are looking for the ultimate treasure in the galaxy which gets him excited. Navi says they will find warriors in a forest sealed away. Silver thinks it has to do with the starbeasts from Gingaman- Oh snap he has the picture book from the series! He explains their backstory, Green finds it iffy they fought space pirates while Red thinks this will be fun. Since the Ginga Forest has a seal it might be the one in Navi's prediction. Once on the ground Silver uses the picture book as a guide, Pink likes this because she thinks she is hiking. Green brought doughnuts as a peace offering when Pink notices they have been walking in circles. Suddenly the camera pans around until a ginga warrior is thrown out of the barrier, breaking it. Basco and Sally are revealed to be the culprits, Red briefly explains his origin to Silver. The thrown warrior turns out to be New Black Knight! Silver introduces himself in a sporadic manner while Red and Basco banter. Apparently Basco found more ranger keys, these being of extra heroes. Yellow notes they need to beat them while Silver takes New Black Knight from the battle. Red tries fighting Basco, but Sally holds him off via symbols. The others barely hold their own and are sent off a cliff into a river. Silver attempts to wrap New Black Knight's wound on his right arm while mentioning the Gingamen are what inspired him as a kid to love sentai, the ginga warrior then says he will try being Gokai Silver. Red shoots Sally off a tree while Blue tries to wake the others when Ginga Red shows up with a barely conscious Green. The Gokaigers are thankful and Green gives Ginga Red the doughnut offering.

    New Black Knight says he wants to protect the planet, Silver wonders if he could take his mantle, finding it awesome while wondering if it is a good idea. After long thinking and a pair of zoom in shots of their faces, Basco shoots at them wanting to claim their power. New Black Knight says he will not allow it, but Basco states he can simply suck it out and does so via his trumpet. Red stops him just in time- WOW that was a far jump! He manifests Black Knight who fights with Red. Silver tries to get Gokai Cellular as the two clash swords. The other extra rangers shoot at Red, causing him to go in his civilian form which he just laughs at and wants his dream of getting the treasure to come true. The extra heroes charge in, Silver gets his Gokai Cellular, apologizing to New Black Knight since he needs to do this for himself. Silver vows to protect the planet just like he did, New Black Knight admits he was testing Silver and wanted to make sure the planet was not in the hands of someone indecisive. The others show up to help as all six transform and charge in for sword play. Yellow suggests they become the Gingamen and they do so save for Silver who eventually goes into Gold Mode in mid combat. New Black Knight gets his power back while the others finish the other extra heroes via Final Wave. Sally takes their keys, Basco comments he will have to take the powers of the others for himself as he unleashes a moondroid named Tsukky on them. GoZyu Drill is called by Silver followed by GokaiOh forming in orbit and wearing GaoLion like armor as GoZyu Rex forms- Now it turns into GoZyuJin. Both mecha do slash happy until the Gokai Samurai Strike and Triple Drill Dream blow Tsukky to pieces. New Black Knight gives Silver his ranger key, hoping he will protect the planet. The episode ends with both ginga brothers watching GG fly off and while GingaRed still distrusts pirates, h i fine with it as long as New Black Knight is. The ending shows off a bit of the movie because why not. Next episode shows the Boukengers.

    Tsukky: Powers include eye energy bolts, dual wrist blades, and hand energy cutters
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    Episode 21:

    GG is anchored during the morning, small talk happens when Navi gets bullied by Red for a prediction. Green remembers the events of last episode, saying they should hurry up while Pink brings out tea. Suddenly a random guy shows up at their hallway revealing to be Bouken Red! Reed remembers him from the movie as Silver goes maximum fanboy, wanting his autograph. He says the Boukengers are not interfering and informs them about Precious, currently looking for the Yomi Heart. On Gigant Horse, Barizorg informs Warz Gil he found something on Earth- and back over to GG where BoukenRed wants breakfast. This annoys Red for no reason before they go hiking through some woods. Red does not like to be lead by BoukenRed when Insarn shows up with a pair of zugormins mentioning the Yomi Heart before deploying a squad of gormins. Yellow shoots at them whil Blue, Green, Pink, and Silver handle them while everyone else keeps searching. Silver says to go with ninjas, antics ensue, but the grunts go down regardless complete with Kakuranger comicbook style text. BoukenRed saves Red from a dart trap followed by Yellow saving him in turn. Red remembers a time when AkaRed did the same thing to him. The trio eventually find a cave with a defeated zugormin walking out. BoukenRed notices a bunch of beaten gormins on the ground before heading inside. They soon come across a door, Yellow thinking it is a dead end. The three step on an altar to open it, but they need to remain on to keep it open. Red shoots a stalactite to keep the platform pressed. Inside they see a golden glow from the Yomi Heart. However, it is wielded by a ryujin soldier of the Jaryu Clan trying to revive Ryuwon! A flash f light occurs, the minion is gone, but Ryuwon revives! He and BoukenRed talk a bit about their history. BoukenRed mentions the Yomi Heart revives the dead, but now Ryuwon has super speed! He launches a fire ball from hs right hand to cause a cave in. Meanwhile, Silver slays the two zugormins, leaving only Insarn. Ryuwon shows up to emit a shockwave and Insarn teleports off to retreat while he fights the Gokaigers.

    The trio wakes up after the cave in, commenting that they are stuck. BoukenRed does a speech about what is important to people, Red gets more of the flashback with him and AkaRed treasure hunting. The treasure? BoukenRed's key. Yellow wonders what to do with the Yomi Heart, BoukenRed says as long as Ryuwon has it they must destroy it, but Red thinks that does not have to be the case. Ryuwon easily beats the others when the trio seemingly teleport to the location. Ryuwon comments that he needs an impossible obstacle followed by the Gokaigers transforming followed by intros. Ryuwon charges in, slashes up Silver hard while the others use the Final Wave- Oh snap it failed! After that they turn into the Boukengers as an instrumental version of that opening theme plays in the background. Red almost reaches the Yomi Heart, but Ryuwon throws him. Red holds him in place while Silver fires the Mixer Head to plant his feet in the ground. Red then tears out the hear with his left hand, ending Ryuwon and giving it to BoukenRed- Oh wait he lives! Silver kicks him before going into Gold Mode and using his Fnal Wave. However, the regenerative power makes him grow instead! GouZyuDrill is summoned to form GouZyuRex and GokaiOh forms soon after. Projectiles are fires, MagiDragon fails to restrain him, Ryuwon fires red sword lightning, Red suggests using the power of the Boukengers, DaiBouken forms to slash Ryuwon up, and the manifestation turns into the GoGoSword, allowing GokaiOh to use the Adventure Drive to terminate him. Later, Navi thinks hard to concentrate, Red comments about turning him into fried chicken, and an apology is demanded between the two. The episode ends with BoukenRed thanking the Gokaigers as GG heads into the sunset. Next episode shows some kid on a bike and lots of shots of Blue.

    Revived Ryuwon: Powers include speed, hand fire balls, a sword that emits red energy cutters and lightning, body shockwaves, and regeneration
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    Episode 22:

    GG anchors and Silver gives everyone a Super Sentai Encyclopedia for research. Blue goes shopping after pushups, Silver tags along asking if he likes anything on Earth. Blue replies he is unsure followed by Silver sayng they should learn more. A kid on a bike speeds passed them, Blue comments Earth kids are brats as something he learned. Bike kid arrives to some concrete stairs where he finds gormins lead by an action commander named Stargul who just found a fragment of the Power Stone. The reflecton detects the kid and the mooks go after him. Bike kid trips on the stairs before biking off as Blue and Silver walk in a train yard, spotting what is going on. Stargul confronts them, Blue tells the kid to wait while they transform and fight. Once the grunts go down they start changing into other rangers, Silver complains they are not in sync. Stargul drops his Power Stone fragment briefly and teleports off. Silver notices bike kid is injured, but he wants no help. Blue asks why, the kid says he made a promise with his friend, Daigo, to watch stars on Mount Kamikura. Silver find sit amazing he biked from Tokyo as Blue wraps his wound and tells him to keep going. Cut to Red sneezing- And back to the duo- And back to GG where Green notes the Power Stone is formed by a child and parent stone and has some terrifying legend about it they never specify. Mount Kamikura is likely where the other part is, Blue panic about bike kid and heads there. Stargul finds the other Power Stone fragment and informs Warz Gil who replies to unleash the super energy. Damaras comments they can control Earth instantly this way. Stargul does the ritual, taking in blue fire-like energy he says is hot. The Gokaiger split up into three teams of two, soon fighting gormins when Navi tells them the energy has been release. Blue spots bike kid about to be shot by gormins, he and Silver take them out first. Stargul comments he is almost full of energy. Silver tells him to flee, bike kid mentions his friend and how they made th promise after he was unable to play soccer due to a right foot injury. Blue lets him go to Silver's dismay.

    More grunts go down in slow motion just as Stargul gets full. The Gokaiger meet up to fight the action commander and he uses an energy ball to throw into orbit, commenting it will bring a big planetoid crashing into Earth. The Gokaigers transform and do intros, Stargul comments he powered up while bike kid keeps riding. The Gokaigers get blasted up, Silver tells them to turn into the Goseigers to fight which helps them out for defense followed by assaulting them. This is followed by turning into the Dairangers and the Ohrangers. Stargul explodes, but survives with Warz Gil so worked up he uses the Enlargement Ray himself to grow the action commander. Bike kid gets spooked just before Gokaioh teleports in for a rider kick, confirming the Gokaigers teleport. Blue gives him a short speech about watching the meteor show just as GaoLion and GouZyuDrill are summoned. GouZyuJin forms offscreen and Stargul is quickly overwhelmed before getting the Gokai Samurai Giri to destroy him, but not before telling them it is too late. The Gokaigers notice it is heading for Earth, the Star Burst fires which barely does anything. Dramatic musc plays when Silver tells Blue to throw him. Gokaioh throws GouZyuJin into orbit so a drill spin can destroy the planetoid. Bike kid is spotted by his friend- HIS NAME WAS SHOUTA!? COULD HAVE TOLD US THAT SOONER! Daigo apparently can play soccer now as he is impressed Shouta rode all the way from Tokyo. That night the Gokaigers watch them watch the meteor shower. Silver comments that Super Sentai protects both lives and dreams, Blue comments he worked hard. Next episode shows Basco being back and the women fighting as a pair.

    Stargul: Powers include explosive head lure flashes, teleportation, energy absorption
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    Episode 23:

    On GG Yellow takes a look at Pink's pricked finger, Green comments they are like sisters. Red wants a predictor from Navi who mentions the aid of people. Silver is unsure which sentai Navi is hinting at since they all do that. Red and Silver walk around, soon offering to help an old guy up some stairs but he declines. Silver makes Red carry the old man on his back. Once that is done Silver gets more people for Red to carry. After that Blue and Green engage in transvestite shenanigans. Yellow and Pink see some girl give her pregnant mom a cold water pack, when the two walk over the kid says she is expecting a little sister. Ths gives Yellow a traumatic flashback when the mom is about to go into labor. Some woman with a purse shows up who gets them a taxi just as gormins show up. Yellow and Pink transform to fight them, purse woman recognizes them and I'm just going to spoil it is GoPink. Thanks to Toei editing they somehow end up at a pier and turn into Fivemen followed by Magrangers to finish the grunts off. Once they go down for the count they head to the hospital the pregnant mom and her daughter are- Wait how would they even know where to go? Once purse woman's identity is revealed we see GoPink in an ambulance and the women alert the men. Gormins attack paramedics including GoPink before Yellow and Pink slay them. The ambulance gets attacked by extra heroes, Basco revealing he is behind the Zangyack attacks today. Sally smacks two gormins for no reason and he wants GoPink to hand over the ultimate power of her team. She understands and will hand it over while telling Yellow and Pink to hand in there as she lets them into the ambulence. Yellow scolds her for giving up so easily, remembering when she had to carry her sister to a hospital in a flashback before succumbing to death. Banter back and forth goes on, Pink mentions he wants to save the injured boy in the ambulance too and Basco wonders what is the hold up.

    Basco prepares to shoot the ambulance, GoPink walks out just before it leaves. Basco uses his trumpet, noting nothing is happening and wonders where the ultimate power is. Fighting ensues, soon it turns out Pink was using the disguise powers of the Magirangers. Yellow explains it to him via flashback and fighting with the extra heroes ensues. They soon flunk, but the men show up to catch them via princess carry. Basco makes himself known so the Gokaigers transform and lay smackdown on random gormins Basco summons by snapping his fingers. Th Gokaigers then become GoGoV as Silver fights alone until he goes into Gold Mode, at that point the Gokaigers use their Final Wave involving energy cutters and Final Dream. Sally takes the ranger keys and unloads a giant named Meram on the scene so he can escape. GG and GouZyuDrill form GokaiOh and GouZyujin. Meram turns up the heat via eye flames, GokaiOh returns this by summoning MagiDragon, but it turns out it can absorb heat! GouZyuJin shields GokaiOh via drill long enough for the mech to borrow the power of GoGoV, causing six fire hoses to be used called th Victory Splash followed by an imitation of Victory Robo's Providence Slash. The Triple Drill Dream from GouZyuJin finishes Meram off. Later, the baby is safely delivered and the boy in the ambulance survives albeit wheelchair bound. The women are happy as the men look on, Silver looking board as he notes Yellow acts like Pink's big sister. Next episode shows the return of Jealoushitto.

    Meram: Powers include flames from the single eye, a right arm claw, body flames, and heat absorption
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    Gokaiger The Move: The Flying Ghost Ship:

    The movie opens with all 35 sentai teams on screen posing. Silver goes out jogging for training followed by posing for his intro. He thinks he is smooth when the sky turns to black clouds and a flying pirate ship with a skull shows up. GouZyuRex is summoned and he jumps in when GokaiOh shows up in a cape and hook for the left arm. GouZyuRex is attacked so to changes to GouZyuJin. The pirate looking GokaiOh fires a purple laser from the left eye (because an eye patch covers the right one) and in the cockpit is a ghostly individual that demands he bring his friends next time. The imitator jumps onto his pirate ship when we cut to GG some time later discussing what happened. Blue has heard stories about the ship throughout space, Red mentions it has a treasure called God's Eye which can grant any wish. The others get overwhelmed with excitement when Pink points out they can be taken to the world of the dead. Blue says nobody that tried to take it has ever returned alive. Red says it is a pirate's duty to get treasure and demands full speed ahead, cue the opening montage and title. On Gigant Horse, Warz Gil is amazed the Ghost Ship is on Earth, thinking with God's Eye they can conquer Earth instantly. Warz Gil gets consumed by the idea like a child and sends Insarn and Barizorg out to do something about it. GG flies around, the women in the crow's nest when they spot the Ghost Ship. Red steers GG toward it, Green is impressed it is huge while Blue mentions it is twenty times the size.... And an actual comparison shot shows it at over a hundred times! The Gokaigers step aboard after landing, unaware three ghosts are following, while the Zangyack miss the mark of the Ghost Ship and fall through the sky which angers Warz Gil. The pirates look around, Green spooked by everything before being kissed by a ghost. The three ghosts make themselves known to act mischievous and play a childish song. The Gokaigers are unimpressed and walk off- Wait why is Silver not with them anyway? They eventually find God's Eye in a giant skull when the ship's captain appears: Losdark! He claims to have been wondering the universe and that h will live again soon by stealing the life force of all that take God's Eye. He summons his minions, saying their loss will allow him to take their lives as the skull grabs them via a ghostly tongue. Losdark proclaims he will live once again to conquer the universe as the Gokaigers land in an old timey temple area. Pink wonders if it is an imaginary space as Yellow points out a smokey skull head s closing its mouth. Suddenly, every single foot soldier from the past thirty four sentai series show up! They say they are wondering souls and fight for evil. The Gokaigers fight them after transforming, someone on staff favored the kunekunes from Megaranger since they appear the most. After a beat down they do a bio fusion to become the Combind Combatman! Supposedly a few had to be put on the back, I was able to spot a grinam (back of torso), an angler (back of waist), a crimer (back of left knee), and a spotman (back of right knee); sadly I could not spot the rinshi (supposedly it is on the left arm somewhere). They extend their arms only to get shot and slashed. After that they started to in-fight and do a weird dance. Red has them turn into Battle Fever J and us the Pentaforce Cannon.

    After the explosion a bunch of baseball bombs are thrown at them, teleporting the pirates to an empty baseball field. Their challenger? Baseball Mask from Gorenger! Well, his reincarnation anyway. The Gokaigers then turn into the Gorengers, Baseball Mask gets nostalgic as they play a game of baseball. Oh boy this is funny, the men pitch at different speeds although Red's ball shows the G3 princesses from Go-Onger (why are they popular?). Baseball Mask explodes in defeat when they teleport to an ally, Ambrella from Dekaranger shows up with a squad of various mecharoids saying over fifteen hundred monsters beaten by past rangers inhabit this space before attacking. Blue says this is bad, the others tell Red to escape while they hold off the monsters. Red reluctantly agrees to this during dramatic pausing. The others surrender to Ambrella only to shoot at him before transforming and becoming the Dekarangers. Red goes full Jetman to get out and face Losdark. Losdark claims they will never return to the world of the living, Reed replies he will take his dream into his hands before sword play ensues. Editing shows the others shooting at the mecharoids before Losdark pulls out his automatic flintlock, allowing gun play to occur. The wireworks are pretty good during the fight. Red eventually uses the Final Wave while Losdark uses blue flames from hi mouth to enhance his sword. Both use energy cutters which explode, Red still standing as he carries God's Eye. Red wishes for his friends to come back and it does so as they were fighting Ambrella. This causes the treasure to become a fragile rock he tosses. Losdark says they will all pay as the Gokaigers transform and do intros with the opening theme playing. They use the Gorenger ranger keys for a special Final Wave that forms manifestations of the original sentai. Losdark blows up, but is still a ghost. The fake GokaiOh shows up as they attempt to escape on GG. GokaiOh forms near the ship's mast, proving they CAN form in orbit! Losdark uses Fake GokaiOh to fight the real one swashbuckler style on the mast. Pretty cool fight all things considered. Red tells them to get serious once they are on deck, the cutlass clashing continues. Fake GokaiOh unintentionally fires on the ship as the real on swings on a giant rope. As the Ghost Ship inks, Fake GokaiOh fires a 5-barreled cannon from the torso only to be met with various summoned mechs from GokaiOh. This causes the ship, the fake, and Losdark to explode. Later, Silver eagerly wants to know what happend to God's Eye, the others reveal it was an imitation which is okay so they can keep treasure hunting for the greatest treasure in the universe. The movie ends with Navi sayng five is better than six which bums Silver out.

    Combined Combatant: Only known power is extendable arms
    Losdark: Powers include a cutlass, an automatic flintlock pistol, high jumping, and blue mouth flames
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    Episode 24:

    On GG Green suggests they eat out, everyone has different ideas on what to eat. Meanwhile, Jealoushitto sits in some trash thinking he is disposable. Some banter with an old woman happens and he cries until he smells something good. The smell comes from a takoyakii stand, the owner lets him have some in exchange for being his pet which he agrees to. On Gigant Horse a new action commander presents himself via boring lecture named Sen-Den. Damaras tells him to get to work once Warz Gil almost falls asleep. Cut to Silver taking the other to the taokyaki stand only to find the owner playing with Jealoushitto in a field. They recognize the action commander and want to walk away despite Silver begging them to stay for the food. During this Sen-Den throws fliers from a rooftop followed by gormins passing out the fliers by force. Jealoushitto catches a boomerang and a frisbee when Sen-Den and his squad show up. Sen-Den scolds Jealoushitto for not doing jack shit and punches him followed by having his squad team up on him. The Gokaigers transform after being bewildered. Thanks to Toei editing they end up near an outdoor auditorium for stages to lay the smackdown on the gormins, doing their intros while fighting. Green suggests they become the Megarangers, doing so during the mook slaughter. Sen-Den fires energy blasts from his mouth and manages to disappear just as they turn into the Hurricangers. After that we se Barizorg and Damaras worried about Warz Gil just before Sen-Den returns asking for a weapon- I just realized how the hell do action commanders get on and off Earth exactly? The Gokaigers are caught up to speed on what happened to Jealoushitto, Silver finds it amusing the owner has an alien for a pet. Green wonders why Jealoushitto cannot just be a pupil and the action commander imagines himself giving takoyaki throughout space. The Gokaigers act supportive, gving him confidence, and the owner needs to ask his mom- Oh snap it was that old woman from earlier! She is against him being a pupil, Pink thinks it is prejudice. The old woman thinks aliens do not wash their hands, Blue and Jealoushitto admit they do. Also the owner is named Nobuyuki. After the rejection Sen-Den comes back with more gormins, but Red tells them the conversation is important so he has to wait. Jealoushitto gets super sad, calling himself organic garbage, Sen-Den gets upset at this enough to use his Zangyack Bazooka, forcing the Gokaigers to transform.

    The Gokaigersget the civilians to concrete tubes thanks to the commerical break so they can take out grunts. Some slashing and shooting later, Jealoushitto still acts mopey when Nobuyuki's mom makes herself known. Sen-Den attacks her, but Jealoushitto takes the shot. The old woman feels sorry for him after realizing he was a good individual. Jealoushitto calls her a fellow alien bfore passing out, everyone thinking he is dead until he gets up. Blue thinks he is quite strong a Sen-Den wants the fight to continue. Th Gokaigers turn into the Timerangers to slash the action commander up and destroy his bazooka. Silver goes into Gold Mode so all six of them can use their Final Wave shot and cutter style and Legend Dream in the opposite order. Sen-Den explodes, Damaras uses the Enlargement Ray on him, GG and GouZyuDrill are summoned, GokaiOh and GouZyuRex form, the Star Burst fires at Sen-Den followed by a tail drill, and GouZyuJin forms. Sen-Den uses body shockwaves to counter attack and go in melee strong, but GaoLion is called to slash him up followed by becoming samurai armor. Before Sen-Den can do much of anything h gets th Samurai Giri and Triple Drill Dream, ending him. Later, the Gokaigers joke about takoyaki and Mars because of a pun while Nobuyuki reveals his mom eloped with Jealoushitto.... Did not see that coming. The episode ends with them going to a hotel and Nobuyuki cooking at his stand. Next episode shows the return of the Dark Spears and the Hurricangers.

    Sen-Den: Powers include a mace for the right hand, mouth energy blasts, an energy bazooka called the Zangyack Bazooka, and shockwaves called the Sen-Den Waves
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    Episode 25:

    Silver does a class for the others explaining Super Sentai history, annoying the tar out of Yellow. Red says it would help understand Navi's predictions. Silver goes through the grand powers they have gained so far and in chronological order. Odd how Zyuranger, Timeranger, and Abaranger are just combined for Silver's power. Yellow notes they only have eleven, Silver references their fight in their crossover movie with the Goseigers which eliminates a bunch of teams.... Weak and lazy. Only Green and Pink remain to listen after he fangasms, causing the sixth ranger to contort his face for comedy. On Gigant Horse Barizorg and Damaras inform Warz Gil the next action commander has arrived, revealing to be Sundahl Junior, son of Sundahl from the Jakanja's Dark Spears. Following him is Saturkura Junior, also son of Saturkura of the Jakanja's Dark Spears. After their ninja intros, we see a truck driver eating his food when Saturkura Junior turns him into a chestnut followed by some random boy and an office of people. Three random peopl feel a dark aura and I am going to spoil these are the Hurricangers. Red, Blue, and Yellow notice people panicking and turning into chestnuts as they eat ice cream. Saturkura Junior eats their ice cream and they transform and fire for retaliation. However, the magician proves too much for just the three of them just as Sundahl Junior shows up. They turn into the Livemen- Wow it is weird seeing Blue Dolphin and Yellow Lion have their genders switched. This is followed by by them becoming the Abarangers which fails. The others show up, but the ninja sons retreat. The Hurricangers look on from nearby in worry. Meanwhile, Warz Gil is happy with their results as Sundahl Junior mentions their missile will turn humans into chestnuts. Yellow shows Navi a human chestnuts, Green wonders where ther missile factory is. Silver transforms and uses BoukenSilver's search feature of the SagaSniper, soon detecting their base and Red ordering they move out.

    The missile preparations continue, the Gokaigers bust into their concrete base to do intros. The fighting resumes although the pirates barely do much better. Silver attempts to rescue the human chestnuts. The Gokaigers soon have the ninja sons on the ropes until Saturkura Junior teleport their positions to dodge attacks. He manages to trap Red, Blue, and Yellow into a subspace. He then uses another portal to summon magerappas and Sundahl Junior grows his body because why not. Silver summons GouZyuDrill to become GouZyuJin to fight Sundahl Junior while Green and Pink slay grunts. Suddenly, Furaimaru shows up to fight Sundahl Junior, the Hurricangers comment he likely could not wait around while space ninjas are around. Shurikans, explosive and non, fly and pn Sundahl Junior to a building so the Triple Drill Dream can finish him off. Furaimaru flies off while Green and Pink keep on fighting, the Hurricangers jump in to help fight off their old enemies. Green and Pink are introduced and Silver fangasms- Wait how WOULD he know about these guys f kuroko bots delete everyone's memories- Whatever, they probably skipped a few people. Hurricane Red thinks this is the worst case scenario as Red, Blue, and Yellow wake up in subspace. Hurricane Blue comments they need their grand power to free the others, but Hurricane Yellow says they do not trust pirates and want their power back as they demand the ranger keys. Silver objects to this, pointing out th Gokaigers were the ones that found the keys to begin with to end the episode. Next episode shows the trapped rangers in a game show and GokaiOh resembling Senpuujin.

    Sundahl Junior: Powers include ceiling walking, a serrated ninjato that can extend into purple energy and fire electric surges, super speed, turning into a shark head, and size changing
    Saturkura Junior: Powers include invisibility, a malleable body, turning organisms into chestnuts, clone spawning, super speed, teleportation, high jumping, a double sided trident that emits electric surges, telekinetic explosions by finger snapping, subspace portals....
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    Episode 26:

    After a recap of last ep, Green and Pink hand over the ranger keys to save their friends. Hurricane Red points out they might turn tail and flee, but Pink has faith in them. Meanwhile, the captured three are chained up and forced to do a quiz show with Saturkura Junior as the host. The episode has part of it in English as Damaras explains the plan to Warz Gil. Barizorg and Insarn are in charge of torturing the other pilots while Saturkura Junior gets an audience of magerappas. The game show begins, Saturkura pretends to be AkaRanger in a video so they would guess wrong and get a bucket of water on their head. The area changes to a field and a bomb with a ball is shown. During this the Hurricangers use their power to transform and summon a portal to jump into as the remaining pirates get attacked by gormins lead by Insarn and Barizorg. They transform to fend them off as the Hurricangers spot the game show in subspace. They then use their ninpo to grow large ears AKA A POWER THEY NEVER HAD. Blue gets a question wrong that causes telekinetic explosions. Red gets a question wrong which annoys the ninjas to the point of jumping in and fighting. Saturkura Junior shows off his bomb and his explosions injure the Hurricangers badly. Green, Pink, and Silver turn into the Dekarangers while the ninjas get chained up like their pirate counterparts. The Gokaigers feel gloomy for some reason, Hurricane Red says they will save them. Their timeout is up and Hurricane Red wants another round of quizes with their power being betted on. The space ninja accepts as he answers their quiz questions easily, Saturkura accidentally saying the safe word Ping Pong which undoes their chains, allowing for slashing and saving the chestnut converted people.

    Green, Pink, and Silver are beaten down hard by the Zangyack when subspace opens up and frees everyone. Pink asks what the Hurricangers thought of their leader, Hurricane Red did not care for him, but liked hm nonetheless. The nine rangers line up and transform with intros. An instrumental version of the Hurricanger theme plays as gormins and magerappas are slain in hordes. After that the reds are attacked by Saturkura Junior while the Zangyack generals go after those of their respective genders until they realize they lost the operation and flee. The Gokaigr theme plays as the reds slash up Saturkura Junior followed by a Final Wave of energy cutter attacks. Boom! Those converted into chestnuts return to normal and Warz Gil uses the enlargement beam of Gigant Horse to revive and grow the alien ninja. The Hurricangers give their ranger keys back, saying they are trusting their legendary successors, as GokaiOh and GoZyuJin form to fight. Saturkura states he will gladly send them to Hell as he summons pink lightning from the sky. The power of the Hurricangers is unlocked for GokaiOh which causes Fuuraimaru to show up and throw explosive kunais before turning into a series of enrgy shurikens fired from the limbs of GokaiOh- NOW IT LOOKS LIKE SENPUUJIN! Now the shurken is on the chain and all the limb shurikens fire at once and Fuuraimaru forms a bunch of clones to attack with themselves as bombs and Saturkura Junior explodes. Fuuraimaru liked that work out and teleports off. Later, the Gokaigers and Hurricangers do joking disguises as the reds chatter a bit on what is on their mind. The episode ends with Silver getting a picture of everyone together. Next episode shows Yellow holding shopping bags.

    Saturkura Junior continued: .... summoning chains, disguises, morphing into a head with hard gusts of wind from the mouth, and summoning pink lightning
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    Episode 27:

    Yellow is happy she bought new rings as Green carries her bags while admitting he is pathetic. They soon hear something, specifically gun shots as gormins attack bodyguards of someone trying to escape. The action commander leading them, Regaeru spots Yellow and Green and commands his squad to go after them just as they transform. A zugormin attacks the important guy who speaks english. The others show up to rescue him from Regaeru followed by changing into the Flashmen to finish off the mooks. Regaeru tries to flee, but Yellow and Green try to stop him. Regaeru fires and elctric bolt from his hands which changes their fighting styles. He teleports off and the Gokaigers assess what happend, soon realizing Yellow and Green switched bodies. Regaeru reveal this to Warz Gil who really likes it until he realizes this might have ruined their plan. Barizorg says they should move forward before they find out and Warz Gil gives approval. On GG the stuation gets tense, figuring they must find Regaeru as Silver thinks he might have remembered the important guy somewhere before. Yellow walks off to enjoy being a guy and Green goes after her. This turns into a shopping trip. Yellow sees two punks harassing school girls in an ally and fights them despite Green not wanting too. The two school girls fall for this and give Yellow their numbers as she unwittingly reveals Green's real name. Green gets harassed by two people in yakuza cosplay, accidentally punching one before running off. The chase goes on for a while before Green gets cornered flees into a building.

    Silver remembers important guy is a prime minister, Pink dduces they want to switch political leader bodies to surrender to the Zangyack, therefore conquering Earth. Red wants Navi to find this guy while Green is stuck on a rooftop- WHY DO YOU NOT TRANSFORM!? Yellow FINALLY shows the hell up. The two yakuza guys beg Green to work for them, Yellow tells them to piss off since they sell fake jewelry. The two take a minute to talk their misunderstandings out. Yellow thanks Green for taking care of her body when Pnk tells them where the action commander is. Regaeru and his garrison go after prime ministers when the Gokaigers show up to save them. Regaeru says they must beat him when Yellow and Green want their bodies back. They transform and do intros with funny results and Yellow and Green shoot up Regaeru pretty hard. Eventually the Zangyack are all forced out of the bulding and into an outdoor food court. Because Toei editing. Once the grunts are slain Regaeru holds his own against Yellow and Green for a while, but the double assaults get more vicious until he is taken down via Final Wave of energy bullets and cutters. With their bodies switched back the Enlargement Ray revives and grows Regaeru, forcng GouZyDrill to become GouZyuJin and GG to become GokaiOh in orbit. Regaeru gets beaten and tossed until he is finished via Fuuraimaru fusing to GokaiOh more throwing happens, and Fuuraimaru uses copies and shurikns to blow the action commander to pieces. Later, Green meets the two high school chicks at an outdoor restaurant called the Selan, they note he is different and walk away. Yellow notes it would not have worked out. Next episode shows Red failing in a duel with an action commander and the return of Black Condor.

    Regaeru: Powers include hand electric bolts that change bodies called the Reversal Beam, teleportation, and extendable head whips
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    Episode 28:

    We see a couple at a bar playing poker, the guy winning and wantiing a real drink since the booze here is bad. Cut to GokaiOh gunning down three zugormins. GoZyuJin helps out followed by GaoLion fusing with GokaiOh- Oh wow there are more than three! Fuuraimaru helps out to do his shurken bananza with the Triple Drill Dream. Warz Gil jokes that if they lose enough times they can relax as Barizorg states a new battle is coming. Later we see an action commander named Kiaido encounter the Gokaigers, Red knowing him as Barizorg mentions he is a famous bounty hunter that defeated the captain before. In a flashback of washed out colors we see Red encounterng Kiaido who only cares about money and battle. He beat Red, partially due to bullet catching, and the action commander even stabs himself in the chest to give the pirate a handicap. This somehow caused fear in Red as he almost backs away. The Gokaigers transform and fire their guns only for bullet catching. Red is still traumatized as Kiaido starts slashing hiis crew up. Green tells them to become the Biomen, which does little. Yellow then has them turn into the Maskmen to channel aura power, but that flunks too. Red fails to punch Kiaido's weak spot and walks off, saying he will let them live this time. On GG Blue comments he earned the title of greatest bounty hunter. Yellow says they need to find a way to beat him, Navi does a prediction relating to purgng and a phoenix. Silver thinks it has to do with the Jetmen, even going over their various occupations after the Vyram attack- Swallow becoming a pop star? The hell? Red tells them to head out while Kiaido explains he let them live to jack up their bounty, for once Warz Gil says something smart in that doing so is pretty stupid. Kiaido challenges the Znagyack, only Damaras not backing away as the bounty hunter walks away. Blue, Yellow, and Green see a guy on a motorcycle who turns out to be bar guy from earlier. He starts coming onto Yellow and punches Blue for touching him. He takes Blue's mobilates and bikes off.... Only to encounter the others. Red confronts him, the guy saying he should come and get him. Bike guy moves around although Silver cannot see him. Bke guy comments the red ranger he knew put his heart into every punch, eventually taking his moribates too before saying his name, finally revealing this is Black Condor. Later on GG Silver notes that Jet Condor mysteriously disappeared and wonders why he is invisible. That night Red trains, the dead ranger taks to him stating he is not fit to fight and that he is a child. He eventually walks off.

    Red chases hm well into the morning where he sees Jet Condor's grave, the other soon following. Various offerings are at his grave from his teammates, Silver going on how they care for each other. Jet Condor goes after Kiaido and a squad of gormins, beating the grunts down before even transforming. The Gokaigers watch save for Silver who cannot see him. Eventually he duels with Kiaido, Red coming to a realization as he walks forward. Jet Condor proclaims he conquered his fear, Red stating that will can even overcome death as he and Blue get their moribates back. The Gokaigers transform and fight the remaining mooks as Red fights the bounty hunter. The power of the Jetmen is unlocked for them, allowing them to transform into them.... Not much of an ultimate power, does ths give them to power to fly now? Anyway, slashng ensues followed by turning into a phoenix for a ram attack. After that Jet Condor talks with the Gokaigers casually, sayng it is their turn to protect the sky before disappearing. The episode ends with Red saying he will use the power of the Jetmen at its best as Jet Condor still plays poker at a bar (and a saxaphone). Next episode shows Pink in various outfits.

    Kiaido: Powers include a katana and fast reflexes
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    Episode 29:

    On Gigant Horse we see Warz Gil with a cold, Insarn points out it is an Earth virus that can be cured by happy energy from an Earth woman. Damaras has assigned an action commander named Daiyaru who walks in sweeping. After that the Gokaigers leave a fancy restaurant, Silver talks to Reed wondering if Pink is really a pirate. They spot a nearby wedding which Daiyaru ruins by using his broom to take the bride's happy energy. The Gokaigers transform and shoot him only for Dayaru to grow big via belt buckle nob. GG becomes GokaiOh and GouZyuDrill becomes GouZyuJin. Daiyaru sweeps dust around the area only for GouZyuJin to drill him. Just as MagiDragon is summoned Daiyaru changes sizes, flies around, knocks out Silver, and takes control of GouZyuJin. Silver wakes up soon after and Daiyaru tries taking over GokaiOh only for the five to just shoot hm out of the cockpit. Navi starts attacking him as the Gokaigers corner the action commander on deck- GREEN WHY DO YOU HAVE A FRYING PAN!? Daiyaru becomes fly sized and gets into Yellow's suit, causing tickling until Pink uses bug spray. Daiyaru flees when a random couple on a rooftop thinks the Gokaigers are not worthy of the power of th Abarangers. Warz Gil complains about his cold, Insarn starts coffing just as Daiyaru complains about having dry eyes. Greeen says it will be difficult to repair the damage Daiyaru did to GokaiOh. Pink wants Silver to marry her in the middle of this. Daiyaru flies around to find more happy energy and hears church bells where Pink's trap is being set in motion while everyone else repairs their mech, Yellow telling Silver to treat Pink like royalty. The couple from the rooftop take over the eyecatch.

    Silver tries kissing Pink, Daiyaru busts in only to get shot by the latter. The action commander complains they cheated before the two transform- No, wait, Silver gets knocked out by broom wind. Pink tells Silver not to worry as she has this herself. After that Pink takes the disguise of a high school girl to take his broom, she ditches this disguise once it fails- HOW ARE THEY IN A HOSPITAL? Pink turns into a nurse to inject a needle into his rear to take the broom again- And this fails. Suddenly teleported outside again where Pink runs Dayaru over via cop van where she stomps on the broom, releasing the happy energy. The others arrive with Silver being super impressed as he watched this whole time. The rooftop couple shows up, Silver identifying them as AbareBlue and Emiri, now married and stating they are now worthy of their team's ultimate power. Silver concludes there is more to GouZyuJin which AbareBlue confirms- Wait they were unable to use the Abaranger keys before!? BULL! Also Emiri gives Pink an AbarePink key, saying she was Super Sentai's 200th hero. Dayaru shows up, AbareBlue and Emiri flee while the Gokaigers transform and do intros. They turn into the Abarangers complete with posing, Pink finds her suit embarrassing which Daiyaru laughs at. They others fight on while she stays behind- OH COME ON! After everyone assaults the action commander, the Final Waves are executed via slashes and shots and cutters. Daiyaru blows up commenting he liked Pink as a school girl. Warz Gil gets dizzy while Insarn, now sick, fires the enlargement ray for giant revival. With the mechs repaired GouZyuJin combines with GokaiOh via turning into arms. GokaiOh can now spin so fast that Daiyaru's eye lasers get deflected back at hm and is finished via Gokai Rex Drill which is a drill slash and rex jaw chomping. Daiyaru blows up for good, AbareBlue tells them to rampage to their hearts' content. After that the others comment about Pink's cosplaying which Silver took pictures of and she finds embarassing. Next episode shows a boxing ring and Blue deep in thought.

    Daiyaru: Powers include a broom that steals happy energy and emits strong winds, size changing, flight, and lasers from the right eye
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    Episode 30:

    The Gokaigers want a prediction from Navi who mentions a lion that specifies with skateboards. Silver thinks it is Yellow Lion of Liveman, Yellow congratulates him on being precise for once. Gren asks where he is, Silver laughs in reply that he dos not, Blue comments it will be another treasure hunt. On Gigant Horse Warz Gil fee healthy after last episode and thought of a great plan. An action commander named Zaien shows up, Insarn commenting he is a great scientist. Zaien confirms he was the one that turned Sid into Barizorg and is therefore his parent. Damaras compliments the action commander which makes Insarn jealous. Cut to random skateboarding, Red and Green interrupt a guy to ask if he is of the Livemen. Yellow and Silver do the same at a playground, the former mistaking two kids as part of the sentai group with the latter pointing out they were around before he was born. Blue and Pink encounter a guy that saves a baby in a stroller from rolling down stairs. After a bit of talking Zaien and some gormins capture a boxer as he would be a prime specimen. Blue and Pink transform to fight the grunts while baby saver watches- I'm spoiling it that is Yellow Lion. Anyway, the old ranger saves the boxer and fights off gormins rather well. Blue and Pink become Denzimen to fight Zaien via punching. He drops a device before teleporting off. Yellow Lion takes a look at the device, Blue notices it has blueprints for Barizorg. This gets Blue wondering if Yellow Lion can restore him to Sid and he replies it is uncertain right now. The two walk off to examine them further, Pink goes back to GG to inform the others. Green points out on the monitor many athletes were kidnapped, Pink wonders what Warz Gil confirms in that Barizorg is being mass produced from these athletes. Silver tries contacting Blue, Red tells him to leave him alone until he is satisfied.

    At a laboratory Blue has flashbacks as Yellow Lion examines the blueprints, eventually concluding Zaien is on a level so high that it is impossible to reverse Barizorg into Sid with current knowledge. Blue gets understandably distraught from this with minor rambling. Yellow Lion tells him it is natural that Blue wants to save his friend, not unlike the events of Liveman which he briefly mentions. Gotta admit the music is fitting for this scene. Yellow Lion even peaks out a window to see three students release a pair of butterfliies like in the Liveman opening. This inspires Blue some and heads off, but not before seeing his skateboard and confirming this was indeed a past sentai ranger. Cut to a cave where the athletes are chained up, the Gokaigers attack the garrison of gormins and zugormins lead by Zaien after transforming- Seriously Green? You threw a rock? Zaien gets the upper hand when him and three zugormins remain until Blue shows up for surprise slashing. He vows not to let this tragedy happen again as he transforms and the zugormins fire their hands energy balls. Silver goes into Gold Mode to fight them whil the others turn into the Fivemen complete with retro CGI grid posing. This fighting goes on a bit complete with individual weapons until the Final Waves are used on the zugormins. Zaien wonders how mere pirates can beat him, Blue walks alone, deflecting fire balls from the action commander's left hand. He remembers Sid's technique and replicates it on Zaien, making him explode. Warz Gil gets upset while Insarn uss the Enlargement Ray, making him revive and grow with the zugormins followed by GG and GouZyuDrill form GokaiOh and GouZyuRex. At dusk the zugormins fire on the mechs, the Gokaigers realizing they have the ultimate power of the Livemen which summons Super Live Robo to fire the Super Big Burst, destroying the zugormins. Fuuraimaru is summoned to do his combining shtick and GouZyuJin forms right after. Zaen gets overwhelmed, shurikened up, gets fuurai'd and drilled to terminate the action commander for good. That night the full moon is huge and Blue vows to save Sid's soul trapped in Barizorg who is looking down on Earth from orbit. Next episode shows the UAOH logo and Green shooting from boxes.

    Zaien: Powers include intelligence, teleportation, twin back tentacles that emit a freezing gas, explosive eye flashes, and left hand fire balls
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    Episode 31:

    At night (likely two weeks later given the moon cycle) Basco goes after some guy in an ally and takes his ultimate power. At an UAOH office some guy at a desk comments how more sentai energy has been stolen. The nxt day Navi has a prophecy by yelling a lot. The others wonder, eventually thinking he means an amusement park. Green notices someone with a sign mentioning she has ultimate power, revealing to be OhPink of the Ohrangers. She recognizes the Gokaigers when they approach her. Silver gives brief explanations and whatnot as OhPink says she is entrusting the ultimate power of the Ohrangers. Meanwhile, desk guy and Basco make an exchange on the ultimate power of the Ohrangers in exchange for blueprints of Gigant Horse and because satellites exist I can buy the military knows it exists. OhPink wants the Gokaigers to go out shoppng with her to carry all her stuff, likely to reference the whackier episodes, followed by a massage and free dinner. Green and Silver wonder if she is the real deal, the others eventually get anxious. They walk off to leave her alone while desk guy drives off. Blue notices she is worried about the time and believes an operation was happening. She reveals she was trying to delay the Gokaigers as desk guy meets up with Basco and Sally and it is revealed desk guy is OhRed. Basco kept his end of the bargain so OhRed relinquishes the ultimate power of his team in exchange. OhPink reveals this to the Gokaigers, Silver is in disbelief over this. During the exchange Basco destroys the blueprints and OhRed reveals he had a bomb place, both crossed each other. Sally goes after OhRed and restrains him long enough for Basco to do his thing, OhPink states if he fails they can protect their ultimate power. Red says they do not want it given, but they want to take it with their own hands.

    Sally pins down OhRed before he summons chains via remote. He tries setting off another trap, but Basco uses the extra heroes to disarm them as they pop up around the warehouse and free them. Basco uses his trumpet when Red shoots him. The Gokaigers arrived, Red saying they do things their own way as OhPink tries recovering OhRed who comments on the pirates being clever. They transform and Basco unleashes the extra heroes on them. Nice to see Silver his Go-On Wings form before going into Gold Mode. Basco also has his manifestations grow upon defeat now, Silver summons GouZyuDrill to form GouZyuRex to fight them off only to get beaten up, Yellow complains he is too loud. The Gokaigers turn into the Ohrangers, noting they have their ultimate power and even strike a pose before using their individual weapons on the extra hero manifestations. GouZyuRex turns into GouZyuJin, this tim turning the tide before using the Triple Drill Dream to win the fight just as the others use the Choriki Dynamite Attack and Ole Bazooka. The Final Wave is used to take down the remaining manifestations, reverting them all into ranger keys. Sally tries stealing them, but Silver stops her via shooting. Red goes after Basco once he is out of ranger keys, but he emits a red energy barrier to stop his cutlass and force him back. Basco transforms, Damaras smirks on Gigant Horse. Basco reveals ths monster form is his true form which even AkaRed was terrified of. Silver runs forward, gets caught, and a body shockwave knocks him unconscious. The others attempt a Final Wave which Basco just pushes back at them. He also demonstrates super speed which depowers them. He comments they will continue next time as he shows Red he has the powers of Changeman, Maskman, and Flashman (why in that order who knows), gotta like how they look like dragon balls with team insignias. Basco tells Sally to get going as OhRed and OhPink attend to the wounded pirates, Red nding the episode by yelling at Basco. Next episode shows Green hard at work and the premier of the Gokai Galleon Buster.
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    Episode 32:

    After a recap of last ep, OhRed suggests the Gokaigers use the powers entrusted to them. On GG Pink attends to Green's wounds since his are apparently the worst. Red trains like crazy while Blue and Yellow train with other. Green thinks he can make a stronger weapon via fiddling with their weapons. Later, Green walk around, seeing a boy with glasses lose his soccer ball so he returns it. The boy says sorry a lot, commenting he ha no confidence in himself and is a lowsy player. He was trying to get better for an upcoming match, Green tells him not to give up before returning to work to the point of ignoring Silver's calls for dinner. Silver blabs what Green is doing to the others as they chow down. Insert comical lab explosion here. Cut to Damaras wanting the next operation to be entrusted to hm to terminate the Gokaigers. He will send his own minion for this task while Green tries a new Final Wave which seems to work. He is then attacked by this minion, an action commander named Shieldon, and a squad of gormins. Green takes down the grunts with the others showing up to help him soon after. Shieldon jumps down once h is the only one left, his arm shields tank a Final Wave as he brags he is the most defensive member of the Zangyack. Thee Gokaigers become JAKQ to use the Big Bombr which results in the same reaction. After that they turn into the Dynamen for a Big Explosion, same thing occurs. Shieldon asks if that is the limit of their power. Green uses his Double Final Wave which also flunks and burns his flintlock. Shieldon counterattacks with blue electric bolts fires from his body that go straight up then straight down. Red calls for a retreat and they do so by turning into the Kakurangers. Green complains he cannot fix this, Silver tries talking to him, but Yellow stops him. At the soccer field from earlier, Green talks to glasses boy who is down in the dumps. He replies that he should not say it is hopeless until he gives it his all so h trains with the soccer boy. Insert soccer montage here. At dusk Green recall a time the others needed him, Red giving him his flintlock to dual wield which inspires him.

    That night Green states he can make a powerful weapon if they have all of the ranger keys so he asks for them. The others pause before handing their weapons over for him. Insert invention montage here. That morning Silver think he has seen the weapon before, Green says it s his original idea. They are soon attacked by Shieldon and two zugormins and wow these guys are accurate with their hand blasts. Shieldon calls them cowardly before the Gokaigers jump down (Green and Silver not present and wow that must have been a full kilometer drop!). They turn into the Gekirangers to take down the zugormins and hold off Shieldon who proves to be too much for them. They then change into the Changemen DESPITE NOT HAVING THEIR ULTIMATE POWER, GREAT INCONSISTENCY! Silver remembers the new weapon looks like the Ole Bazooka. This gives Green an idea, specifically using the ultimate power of the Ohrangers. Turns out choriki energy completes the weapon! Green shows up to save the others with the weapon complete- Ha! It looks like a pirate ship! He calls it the Gokai Galleon Buster. Red grabs it, Shieldon prepares for impact, everyone inserts their ranger keys, the gun charges up, and a double helix beam fires to form an energy pirate ship that destroys the action commander in a fiery explosion. Damaras is amazed by this power. Green comments it was just everyone putting their power together when the enlargement ray does giant revival. Red calls in Fuuraimaru followed by GokaiOh forming offscreen. Shieldon catches a shuriken on a chain to deliver an electric shock. GouZyuDrill shows up to hoot him loose before becoming GouZyuJin despite Silver's broken right arm. Fuuraimar does his clone spam to end Shieldon for good. The episode ends with glasses kid promising Green to get better while he is on the bench and the pirate having confidence in him while Red wants their weapons returned to normal. Next episode shows Warz Gil eating and a martial artist in a white shirt.

    Shieldon: Powers include high jumping, a thick shield on each arm, and blue electric bolts from the body
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    Episode 33: decided not to work today when I looked up monster info, ugh.

    Silver says sorry for taking so long to recover from a broken arm, Pink points out he has nothing to b sorry for when he starts mopping the deck. Silver notes Green finished weapon repairs while on Gigant Horse the commanders cook Warz Gil a big meal only for him to act mopey. Barizorg introduces the action commander Zakyura who eats his meal. Barzorg notes his stomach is a bottomless pit ideal for stealing the planet's food supply. Warz Gil approves and wants his melon back, Zakyura stating he cannot do that. After that we see Yellow, Green, and Silver grocery shopping with Zakyura sucking up all the produce before fleeing once he sees he pirates. They transform and fight outside, the trio getting beaten until the others show up to shoot at him. Silver says they should turn into the Gaorangers and they proceed to do so complete with slash attacks and Silver being hammy. Zakyura shoots all the produce out of his stomach to knock the Gokaigers out and suck them back in, Silver's Gokai Cellular included. Zakyura thinks he is full and runs off. At GG Silver tries calling his phone only for Yellow to conclude it cannot get a signal in the action commander's stomach. Silver gets depressed over being unable to transform. The others tell him not to worry and Red stating he is now on break. Silver goes walking around until he collides with a guy on a bike. He recognizes the biker as Ryu of the Dairangers and Silver introduces himself as a Gokaiger before realizing he cannot transform. At a restaurant Silver tells Ryu what happened offscreen, both exchange banter as the pirate is sad he is no longer a hero. Ryu's boss shows up saying they have an order, Silver kindly walks out as dusk occurs. The next day the others comment on what happened when Navi detects Zakyura who is raiding an eggplant farm. The Gokaigers arrive, proving once more they can teleport, as Zakyura teleports around the area to clean out restaurants. After the teleportation and eat montage, Red informs Silver they will talk later.

    Silver looks at a lake, encounters Ryu again who is doing an outdoor gathering of shopping districts. More talking ensues, gyoza being brought up because practice makes perfect and brings smiles and such. Zakyura shows up to steal all the food, this time aided by gormins to raid the place. The chefs get wailed on, Silver and Ryu start pounding the grunts back. Ryu even does his intro before going full Bruce Lee on the squad. Silver remembers when he saved people without his costume, remembering why he wants to be a hero, and joins Ryu as he yells his name. Zakyura sends more gormins after them which fails hard followed by three zugormins sent in. Silver eventually fights Zakyura and flunks hard. The others show up to shoot the zugormins followed by transforming. They turn into the Gekirangers to punch Zakyura until he barfs up everything including the Gokai Cellular, allowing Silver to transform and trident slash. After Silver does his intro they turn into the Dairangers complete with an instrumental version of the opening playing in the background. Silver goes into Gold Mode to use his Final Wave to finish the zugormins, the others use the Gokai Galleon Buster to destroy Zakyura. Also I am calling it the GGB from now on to save on time. Warz Gil throws a tantrum so Insarn uses the enlargement ray for giant revival on Zakyura and the zugormins. GG and GouZyuDrill become GokaiOh and GouZyuJin, the zugormins fire hand blasts followed by holding the mechs so Zakyura can whip them. Ryu tells the Gokaigers to use the ultimate power of the Dairangers which is encasing themselves in a ball of fiery ki to destroy the zugormins. Fuuraimaru is summoned to go his cloning shtick to end the action commander after he tries to eat them. After that the Gokaigers are treated to Ryu's gyozas. The episode ends with Ryu happy Silver learned his lesson while not getting any gyozas. Next episode shows Yellow fighting herself.

    Zakyura: Powers include mouth suction, eye electric bolts, teleportation, and head whips
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    Episode 34:

    Green complains he is shopping with Yellow and she replies he needs exercise. Gormins lead by two zugormins attempt to attack, but a guy in white claiming to be a space businessman show up who wants to talk to Yellow. He bribes the squad which actually works- ARE WE SURE THESE GUYS ARE ROBOTS!? The businessman takes off his sunglasses and Yellow recognizes him as a guy named Cain/Cyn/Kyn. On GG it is explained Cain is a childhood friend that wants to take her back. Navi comments he is a sugar daddy when his price for her is worth three hundred trillion yen. On Gigant Horse Warz Gill reveals the entire idea of being bribed was his idea when he realized the money that was used turned out to be fake, realizing he was robbed. Insarn notes Cain is likely Yellow's friend from this which works to their advantage. Meanwhile, Cain leads Yellow to an abandoned warehouse where the real Cain is chained up, the one she followed was really an action commander named Vannian! The action commander disguises himself as Yellow while headbutting her to knock her out. Navi thinks Yellow left when Vannian shows up at GG. He tries dodging questions and starts chowing down, commenting on food while taking others'. That night Cain wakes up Yellow as both are chained up. He mentions the money part is true as they have a flashback of whn Yellow stole a bunch of food for their starving friends when the Zangyack attacked. The resulting destruction made Yellow realize they need a place for kids free of the Zangyack and vows to make t true regardless of time. After that Cain took what little money he had to help her. While on GG, Vannian sets charges and escapes using the corw's nest to jump down over a kilometer onto the ground, seeing their base destroyed.

    Yellow mentions that once her sister died she stole a bunch of Zangyack money, almost failing had Red and Blue not save her. Red said that if their money is given to the people they can escape, Yellow given the chance to join although she refuses until the greatest treasure in the galaxy is mentioned. She laughs it off at first as a legend, but the two were so convicted of its existence she joined them. Vannian shows up saying he killed the Gokaigers via blowing them up like fireworks. He points a pistol at them when the Gokaigers show up to shoot him. Vannian finds it impossible, Silver explains that once he ate broccoli which Yellow hates. At night they collected the charges and used Fuuraimaru to use his Supreme Bluff Cloth to make a hologram of GG exploding. Yellow and Cain are freed, the Gokaiger transform to do intros and shoot Vannian until he is sent flying outside. A squad of gormins show up to get the smackdown as a random insert song plays. Yellow duels with Vannian who copies her, but since he is not so great with combat gets quickly beaten. Silver gets too close and gets copied. The two fight back and forth, Green suggests doing a quiz when Yellow decides they should turn into the Megarangers. Vannian does not transform, catching him and allowing for an assault that allows him to be finished via GGB. Warz Gil throws a tantrum while Insarn uses the enlargement ray followed by GG and GouZyuDrill becoming GokaiOh and GouZyuJin. Vannian uses torso flashes as a cheap attack and turns into a building with window turrets, disguising himself into the scenery. This goes on for a while until the two mechs slash at him. Silver explains his body heat and breathing gave him away. Thee Triple Drill Dream and Fuuraimaru's chained shuriken are used to end the fight. On a cliff Cain talks to Yellow about how beautiful she became and that she has good friends. He is off to do what he needs to do and they wish each other the best as his space ship comes up from the sea and takes him to space. Next episode shows the return of the Go-Ongers and Engines in a western setting.

    Vannain: Powers include disguises via forehead touch, high jumping, a pistol, and explosive torso flashes
    So ranger balance is super off! Pink only gets two episodes while all the guys get five and Yellow got three, how deplorable! The cinematography improved, but in return we now have bad writing. I cannot comment on the villains since they have hardly changed although I will say that Basco not being in his true form makes me wonder why the hell he needed a human disguise at all or why he let Red take his keys or why AkaRed ever trusted him if he feared them or AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! That's not even getting into various team ultimate powers, at first they were manifestations used in mecha format, now they range from "oh hey you can transform into this team now" to "oh hey bazooka power" or "oh hey mechs combine" and "have an exploding manifestation!" It's so forced it makes you wonder if they even had a plan for this. How are they important again? I don't have much else to say on cameo episodes besides "why can Jet Condor transform?" and "why did nobody notice he was dead?" and "why could Silver not see him?" Too many of the cameo episodes also have this dumb shtick of "I don't trust pirates okay here you go" and just copied and pasted over and over. Also why does Basco have the ultimate power of Changeman, Flashman, and Maskman? Did I also mention the questionable sound mixing and Toei editing are still plaguing this? On a side note I bothered to look ahead with the gokai changes: Surprise! They never turn into the Turborangers again! The only time they transformed into them was for Red Racer to tell them "hey, wrong team!"

    To top this all off this the the SEVENTH TIME IN A ROW a fifth sentai entry turns out being inferior to its predecessor! Sun Vulcan was a mediocre set back after Denziman set the standard for Super Sentai, Flashman was forced emotional nonsense after Changeman became the best entry in the franchise for twenty years, Jetman was a retrend of the last two after Fiveman was balls to the walls epic, Carranger was a bunch of comedy after the seriousness and homage filled Ohranger, Gaoranger started the collectable trend for the franchise after the well made Timeranger, Boukenger became a cluster of good and bad mixed together after Magiranger became the new best entry, and Goseiger gave a us one of the best toku villains of all time before being followed up on by this! On top of that ever since Megaranger the first entries in rows of five have been abysmal, kind of hoping Go-Busters breaks that curse!
  19. Gokai Green

    Gokai Green Member

    This interview from Gokaigers head producer Takaaki Utsunomiya that was translated a few years ago gives a insight as to the changes the show went through after the Earthquake/Tsunami disaster that struck Japan during production that year>>>>>>

    Also the Gokaigers turn into the Turborangers earlier in episode 9.
  20. Captain Shark

    Captain Shark Active Member

    ^I know that, they just did it in an insulting manner when they did the entire team transforming.

    Episode 35:

    The Gokaigers have fruit dessert after dinner when Bomper from Go-Onger falls from a portal and onto the deck. The small robot wonders what is going on as does Red. Silver recognizes him and Yellow wonders what the Go-Ongers are. After Silver explains and accidentally smacks Blue, Bomper explains the eleven worlds, soon explaining he got onto GG via bad exiting. At a race track Bomper reunites with Go-On Red which causes Silver to fangasm and introduce himself. Bomper has apparently heard of the Gokaigers, Pink remembering Go-On Yellow from the events of the movie. Bomper tells everyone that a Gaiarc remnant is on Gunman World, a sheriff named Chirakashizky or as I will name him Chir for short. The Engines assaulted him when a dimensional rift opened up, allowing Chir to depower them via his lasso. Go-On Red wants the Gokaigers to help, but everyone who is not Silver wonders why do it. Go-On Red takes Bomper as Silver tries reasoning with them. Pink notes he dd not ask for his ranger key back. Go-On Red and Bomper spot the rift the latter came out from so the former tries to get there via trampoline and pull volt. The Gokaigers watch, Red eventually asking why he is even bothering only to get the "we are friends we help each other" reply. Red decides to go to Gunman World with him, Silver tries taking Bomper aboard GG unaware a machine watches them go through the rift. The rangers arrive in Gunman World where two ugatzes attack the locals followed by an entire squad. The Gokaigers shoot at them, transform, give intros, and fight the grunts off. During the fight they turn into Battle Fever J complete with using the Pentaforce. After that they turn into the Changemen to execute dive attacks. Silver tells the others Go-On Red found three of the Engines.

    The team and Engine team are treated at the local restaurant, Green fnding it odd vehicular ifeforms exist. Also two of them got married. Bomper says the others are resting somewhere after the fight with Chir. Also the married Engines have a race car for a son who is also.... Pushy in traffic. Chir shows up to shoot Red's drink- That pistol is seriously too big for him. H wants a duel with them, holding the locals hostage and threatening to execute them if he wins. Red agrees to the duel and Chir apparently heard of the Gokaigers before walking off, a bit suspicious. Later, the duel commences, Go-On Red doing a coin flip, indicating that when the coin hits the ground the guns can shoot. Chir attempts to shoot, but Red shoots down his bullets which enrages him. Ugatzes are summoned from around the area only to be shot by the others. Pink comments they saw right through him before they transform to slay the mooks. After that Chir launches missiles from all over his body only for the Gokaigers to turn into the Dekarangers. Red shoots him up before the others charge in for slashing. Silver goes into Gold Mode soon after, the Final Wave and GGB are unloaded on Chir, and he explodes- No, wait, he grows big! Pink comments she sort of knew this would happen before GG and GouZyuDrill are called to become GokaiOh and GouZyuRex. Chir shoots at them only for GouZyuRex to mouth beam him. GokaiOh tries using the ultimate power of the Gokaigers, but nothing happns and Chir uses this as a chance to use his energy ball bazooka. Fuuraimaru is called in to go shuriken happy after combining with GokaiOh whil GouZyuJin forms. Chir notices he is out of ammo before the Triple Drill Dream stuns him long enough for Fuuraimaru to go clone exploding to terminate the Gaiarc sheriff. The locals cheer whil on Earth we see the machine from earlier sealing the rift. Yellow asks Go-On Red what happened to their ultimate power as they notice they are stuck in Gunman World, the culprit revealing via sky illusions is Bacchido! He set up an isolationst barrier on Earth so they cannot return home. The entire plan was to lure the Gokaigers off Earth because.... Also the race car Engine son is on a rampage to end the episode. Next episode shows the race car Engine helping and combining with GokaiOh.

    Chirakashizky: Powers include a large revolver, a gatling gun rifle, an energy draining lasso, an energy ball bazooka, body missiles, and size changing

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