August Tokusatsu of the Month - Tokkei Winspector

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    Welcome to this month's Metal Hero Tokusatsu of the Month! Winning by a hair this time around is Tokkei Winspector, the first entry into the trilogy within the Metal Hero franchise known as the Rescue Heroes.


    Special Police Winspector takes place in modern day Japan during a time when crime and terrorism are on the rise. These violent acts have increased in intensity beyond what the average defense force can respond to. To counter this threat, the National Police Agency creates two robots and an armor for a human to don, this newly formed team is called Special Police Winspector. Going into duty as Fire, Ryouma is joined by the robots Walter and Bycle as the greatest line of defense in Japan.

    The entire series is available for download over at the Media Matrix.

    Viewing Schedule
    1. The Runaway Baby
    2. Strange RC
    3. Cheers to Friendship
    4. The Life Taking Thief
    5. Attack! The Giant Bird
    6. The Couple that Turned into Children
    7. The Happy, Praying Holy Girl
    8. Derailment! Parent and Child Rescue Team
    9. The Bomb Setting Dog
    10. Revenge of the Adults
    11. Ryouta's First Love Letter
    12. My Robot Friend
    13. Ryouma Died?!
    14. Death God Moss's Counterattack!
    15. Ryouma! Shoot Masaki
    16. I Love Walter
    17. The Scary Space Creatures
    18. Super Abilities! The Determined Girl
    19. The Bridge of Love and Courage
    20. Burning KO Punch!
    21. Tears and the Fatal Ball
    22. The Murderer Dies Twice
    23. Father's Cosmic Postcard
    24. My Piiko-chan
    25. The Robot Who Cried in the Rain
    26. The Sad Girl's Journey
    27. The Star Summoning 100-Year Old Beauty
    28. Fly! Yuuko Rocket
    29. The Village Ghost
    30. Mama...Mama...Help Me
    31. The Strongest Robot's Sadness
    32. Onsault Against the Rescue Police
    33. Urashima Taro Awakens
    34. A Turnabout Trip
    35. The SOS of a Mother and Child
    36. Bycle's Father
    37. Attack of the Amazoness
    38. The Chosen Man
    39. The Mysterious Thief
    40. Ohashi Seto's Mutant 1

    41. Ohashi Seto's Mutant 2
    42. The Treasonous Investigator
    43. The Boy Who Became a Bomb
    44. A Very Different Day
    45. Love Before the Explosion
    46. One Bad Boy
    47. Naive Ambition's Trap
    48. Attack the Special Police
    49. Fly into the Sky of Hope

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    And we're open for business! I'll probably get started a little later today. School starts back up for me this month, so I might not be able to write about every episode but I'll make an effort to.
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    Not sure if i'll take part this month, i'll be gone from the 4th to the 10th, and that's 10 episode i'll miss and i don't know if i can catch up if i fall that far behind.
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    There a bunch of one episode days this month, so it shouldn't be too incredibly difficult. I was ten episodes behind on Kakuranger at one point and caught up, but I also went on a binge of eight episodes in one day.
  5. MetalSymphony

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    It's seems 2 a day is my limit.
    Any more and i tend to bored and fall asleep :sweat:

    That's a reason why i'm not sure if i'll take part this month, it will take me forever to catch up, if i even manage to....
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    I'll see if I can stick it out this month... not least because, omg, Hiroshi Miyauchi is in this show! I never had any idea.

    This show has a lot of the things going for it that B-Fighter did. It's really energetic and not afraid of being strange, which lets it be original in some interesting little ways. The emphasis on master criminals manipulating impersonal but dangerous threats is a fairly interesting format decision.

    It's also nice to see a rescue show that, thus far, is really non-stop rescuing. Neither episode really has a fight scene to speak of, though there are definite action scenes. I look forward to seeing how the series develops.
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    Haha, figured you would have known about that. Yeah, he's basically the mentor in the first two shows.

    I've always been interested in seeing a how show could effectively pull off the idea of having heroes with no grand force to fight against. I know Tomica tried it and while I enjoy those shows, they really do seem to fall apart when it comes to those concepts of only being rescue workers.

    The first two episodes definitely show some of that trademark Metal Hero oddness that's so fun to watch, Walter and Bycle can easily lead to a lot of interesting scenarios that could be good for a laugh. I'm really enjoying Ryouma as a lead as far as the first two episodes are concerned, he's not too stiff but has a great dedication to his job.
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    Well, for a premiere episode that lacked a true fight, Winspector starts off pretty well. I do like the lack of the Fireball Rookie trope that Toku is prone to. I note a lack of a Villian group, at the outset at least.

    Also, that truck must have been made of cast iron, it barreled through how knows how man cars and at least one buliding without so much as a scratch.

    And i think i know where Kiss Players came from.....

    The second episode follows close on the heels of the first, with no real villains showing themselves. It's wan't bad, but saw the return of the Westpoint Ballcap and the Macbeth jacket.
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    Winspector happens to be my all time favorite show so I can honestly tell you guys, things pick up a good pace around the episode 13.

    I'm not sure if you guys will agree with me on this but I think the very first episodes, writers were still trying to find a formula for the Rescue Heroes. So stories vary a lot in style and quality. While I think the first episode had a lot more action than any other episode did...

    The second episode was mostly centered on the relationship between Ryouma and his sister, Yuuko. However she hardly appears in the rest of the show, apart from the episode 13 I just mentioned. And a few other episodes. They had a good chemistry, I think it is a shame her character was pretty much erased from the show.

    This episode also introduces more of Hisako and her brother, Ryouta's backgrounds. Their relationship was much more explored during the show. Later on, we will find out why she knows Chief Masaki and works with him.

    As far as fight scenes go, wait a few more episodes. The main actor on the show, Masaru Yamashita was a stunt man. He does some KICK ASS fighting scenes that became his trademark on the show.

    If you guys have any questions about the plot, let me know. I saw the show both dubbed in my native language and RAW as well.
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    Ah...the Rescue Mission Series...the one I wanted Saban to adapt but instead...pulled a Robotech with 3 Unrelated 80s Heroes and pulled a 60s Batman with B-Fighter.


  11. Tokusatsufan

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    Now the third episode is one of my least favorites in the entire show. I don't like it when Tokusatsu wants to teach me a moral lesson. It always leaves me with a bitter after taste.
    Not to mention that snake was more FUNNY than scary, that's for sure. We start to see here the mad scientist bad guys we will see thru the series trying to plot something evil that goes wrong.
    I think there is a good fight scene in this episode but I might be mixing it up.

    This is only relevant for die hard fans (like me) but it is interesting to see Masaru Yamashita playing baseball with the kids. In a recent interview, he made it public he is training a little league baseball team on weekends. Pretty cool.

    Let's talk about the forth episode now.

    Pretty complex plot here. Girl gets hurt in a bank robbery and needs a liver transplant. Only she was adopted and the donor would have to be a family member. Just happens her biological brother is robbing a bank... :sweat: so Ryouma goes after the guy and actually saves him. And tells him to go to the hospital while he, Biker and Walter have some business to do at the bank. And then the robber shows up on the hospital in the last minute, saves his sister and gets arrested.

    Once again, plot focused on the relationship between Ryouma and his sister. We will learn later on the show why they have this strong bond to each other.

    I like this episode better but I think the 5th one was actually the first REALLY GOOD episode on the show. This is just my opinion, of course.
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    Thanks for the summaries, they really help a lot when I can't pick up certain aspects. I'm thinking I might stick to the Portuguese track on the downloads I have just because...knowing Spanish, I can understand a heck of a lot more than I imagined, the sound also sounds better on that track for some reason.

    I enjoyed both of today's episodes, the third wasn't as great as the fourth, but it was still a cute little episode. The two villains in three were particularly hilarious, I loved their mannerisms and seeing that guy smile and pass out at the end when they're in the car had me laughing a lot.

    Episode four was probably my favorite of the show so far. The content in this episode seemed a little heavier than I would expect so early on in the show and it gives the criminal of the week a more personable aura and reason to be remembered. Seems like the guy became rather bitter over the years and started proclaiming that he has no sister.

    I think what struck me about this episode was that even though it felt like Ryouma and the others weren't in it too much, the characters specific to this episode were enough to carry the episode.

    Looking forward to any episodes that let us see more of Walter and Bycle as character and not just those two robots that act funny...which is entertaining so far, but I would like it if their characters went a little deeper.
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    So I just marathoned the first 4 eps and I must say, this is a start to a pretty interesting series. The first episode felt like you were jumping straight into the action, almost like you were watching ep 5 instead of ep1, which was pretty refreshing. You can tell that the characters will show more depth as you go along based off of this block of episodes. episode 4 was definitely a good one, had lots of pathos to it.

    And even though I'm an action junkie and love me some hand-to-hand fights, the action in this was good enough to keep me interested. Also helps that the suits look awesome. My only gripe thus far is that Ryouma can only transform in the car. I guess it adds more tension to the episodes because in ep4 when they are trapped in the facility, I kept wanting him to transform but he couldnt. The only downside to it is that the stock footage for him pushing the button and changing gets old quick. In most toku, they can transform wherever so you tend to get a bit of variety to how its done. But I understand why its done and is only a small hiccup to a pretty awesome show. Can't wait to see how it picks up from here.
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    Yeah, the plot of episode 3 was... special. Episode 4 was quite enjoyable, though, if cheesy.

    Now, I did sort of enjoy the bit in episode 3 where the ordinary mad scientist guy tries to fight Fire with conventional weapons and then a super-death-laser. That scene really put me in mind of the 50s George Reeves Superman show, it's not a type of thing you see in tokusatsu very often. I wonder if there's a "Western tokusatsu" (for lack of a better term) influence happening in Winspector. Some sequences in episode 4 were pretty reminiscent of the old Incredible Hulk live-action show, for instance.
  15. Aoi Kurenai

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    Have I mentioned how much I love these suits?


    Seriously, these things are such a joy to watch on screen. Even if there isn't too much (if any) hand to hand combat. I think the format of the show allows for some unique stunts and action set ups that show the suits off really nicely. Figuarts, dammit!

    I'm not sure how true or not this is, but I've been told that the basic idea for the show, not having a singular enemy organization, was something based off old cop procedural shows. Metal Heroes does seem to take a lot of influence from Western stuff in general. Gavan is supposedly inspired in part by Star Wars, Jiban is Robocop in TV tokusatsu form, there's probably a lot of similarities to be found.
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    Aoi Kurenai, your signature is TOO AWESOME!!! :buttrock:

    Well, the 5th episode is one of my favorites from the first part of the show. Just like MOST of the first 12 episodes it was mostly writers testing ideas for the show e.g. later on episodes are gonna be more consistent in style. But I love this one.

    I'm going by memory here, I'm not watching the episodes. I don't remember details too clearly but there is a bird attacking people. One boy who happens to know the bird, because he raised it tells Ryouma & friends about it. What I don't really remember is WHAT the mad scientist did to the bird but it chases after golden colored things. I think some of you might have already figured what will happen... :laugh: And I won't spoil the end of this episode because that's what makes it remarkable for me.

    I LOVE THIS SHOW. So brace yourselves for a fan girl going on and on about its awesomeness. :laugh:
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    You ever have one of those days when a brainwashed hawk just starts trying to kill you?

    Oh man, this was such a ridiculous episode I can't help but love. The bit with the kid was pretty sweet and it's nice to see that the attacks, random as they may be, tie into guest characters for that specific episode. I like how this episode paints Ryouma, he's definitely got his mind on his job, but he isn't a heartless bastard as to break a promise he made to a little kid.

    There's not much else to say about this one, but dear lord, I might just watch the action footage later on for no reason other than it might be the single most hilarious action sequence in all of tokusatsu.
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    All I have to say is, devil birds are a bitch to deal with, as you can see in my avy. :D
  19. Tokusatsufan

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    ^ Inui Takumi, your avatar cracked me up! :thumbs:

    Hold that thought. You haven't seen episode 29 yet! :laugh: Story makes a little bit more sense than this one but I just LOVE that episode as well. But action sequence in the eppy 29 is funnier in my opinion. Let's see what you think later.

    Don't ask me why I love episode 5 but I do. It is just because Winspector rocks, I suppose. :buttrock:
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    Is it just me, or does the OP sounds like it's saying "Baby Baby I'm ok!"?

    All that grief over a little Snake wanted by a wannbe International Criminal.
    And i just how their backpack's just materialize whenever they are needed out of thin air :p

    GOD DAMN Westpoint hat, AGAIN! It's get used only 2 episode apart!

    Giant Birds man....scary stuff.

    (Well, i'm off for 7 days, hope i can catch up when i get back!)

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