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  1. bigone

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    1. Hakujaden (Tale of the White Serpant), Movie, 1958.
    2. Tetsuwan Atom, TV, 1963
    3. Horus, Prince of the Sun, Movie, 1968
    4. Kumotochuribu, 1943.
    8. Ashita no Joe, TV, 1970
    9. Lupin III, TV, 1971.
    10. Gatchaman, TV, 1972.
    11. Mazinger Z, TV, 1972.
    13. Space Battleship Yamato, TV, 1974.
    19. Spacde Battleship Yamato, movie, 1978.
    20. Future Boy Conan, TV, 1978
    22. Aim For The Ace!, TV, 1979.
    23. Akage no Anne, TV, 1979.
    24. Mobile Suit Gundam, TV, 1979.
    25. The Ideon: Be Invoked, Movie, 1982
    27. Armored Trooper Votoms, TV, 1983
    28. Galaxy Express 999, Movie, 1979
    29. Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro, Movie, 1979
    30. Urusei Yatsura, TV, 1981
    31. SDF Macross, TV, 1982
    35. Daicon films, 1983
    38. Urusei Yatsura 2: Beutiful Dreamer, Movie, 1984
    39. Macross: Do You Remember Love?, Movie, 1984
    42. Wings of the Honnimise, Movie, 1987
    43. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Movie, 1984
    44. Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Movie, 1986
    45. Tonari no Totoro, Movie, 1988
    46. Grave of the Fireflies, Movie, 1988
    47. Princess Mononoke, Movie, 1997
    48. Dr. Slump, TV, 1981
    49. Captain Tsubasa, TV, 1983
    50. Fist of the Northstar, TV, 1984
    51. Touch, TV, 1985
    52. Dragon Ball, TV, 1986
    53. Saint Seiya, TV, 1986
    55. Yu Yu Hakusho, TV, 1992
    56. Wicked City, OVA, 1987
    57. Akira, Movie, 1988
    58. Ghost in the Shell, Movie, 1995
    60. Gubuster, OAV, 1988
    61. Patlabor, OAV, 1988
    62. Giant Robo, OAV, 1992
    63. Tenchi Muyo!, OAV, 1992
    64. Ah Megami-sama, OAV, 1993
    65. Patlabor 2: The Movie, Movie, 1993
    66. Tokyo Babylon 2, OAV, 1994
    67. Macross Plus, OAV, 1994
    68. Memories, Movie, 1996
    69. Mahou Tsukai Tai, OAV, 1996
    70. Blue Submarine No. 6, OAV, 1998
    71. Sailor Moon, TV, 1992
    72. Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, TV, 1990
    73. Crayon Shin-chan, TV, 1992
    74. Mobile Suit G-Gundam, TV, 1994
    76. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, TV, 1995
    77. Kodomo no Omocha, TV, 1996
    78. The Vision of Escaflowne, TV, 1996
    79. Slayers Try, TV, 1997
    80. Revolutionary Girl Utena, TV, 1997
    82. Pokémon, TV, 1997
    83. Cowboy Bebop, TV, 1998
    85. Serial Experiments Lain, TV, 1998
    88. Digimon: The Movie, Movie, 2000
    89. Jin-Roh, Movie, 2000
    90. Blood: The Last Vampire, Movie, 2000
    91. Cardcapror Sakura, TV, 1998
    93. Neon Genesis Evangelion, TV, 1995
    94. HunterxHunter, TV, 1999
    95. One Piece, TV, 1999
    96. Detective Boy Conan, TV, 1996
    97. Love Hina, TV, 2000
    98. Sakura Taisen, TV, 2000
    99. Martian Successor Nadesico, TV, 1996
    100. Doremon, TV, 1979

    what do you think of the list
    some i disagree with Lain above Eva not so much
  2. FlashNeko

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    Most of these I can't argue with as, while there are some I do not like on a personal level, they've all had some kind of lasting impact on the genre they're a part of.

    The only exception I can think of is Digimon: The Movie. (And I assume they're talking about the US release that was an unrelated short, two movies, and an OVA series combined into one thing?)

    I like Digimon and all but saying that film was a "lasting impact on the genre"? Uhhh... no.
  3. bigone

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    no Animage is a Japanese Magazine
  4. Keith Justice

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    This list is false. The hell One Piece is down at 95. Sheeee-iiiiiiiiit...... :eyebrow:
  5. FlashNeko

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    Strange. I wonder which Digimon movie they're referring to then.

    To be fair, most of the fighting anime that shows up on this list are the "elder statesmen" of the genre.

    The fact that a (relatively speaking) "young punk" like One Piece was able to show up on the list and be counted alongside them at all is a pretty major accomplishment. You'll notice that its contemporaries, Bleach and Naruto, don't even get that much.

    Ultimately, what fascinates me about this list is less the specific numbering of each show and more what is put on the list at all. It really shows what sticks in the Japanese anime fan's consciousness and why certain things keep getting referenced over and over again throughout anime's history.
  6. garfield15

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    Wow, Cardcaptor Sakura is above One Piece...

    And, actually, I can understand that.
  7. KouAidou

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    On the other hand, I like seeing Dragonball, Saint Seiya, and Yuu Yuu Hakusho nestled together in the 50s like the buddies they are. Makes me imagine their protagonists all hanging out together. :)
  8. Aoi Kurenai

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    Nadesico and Yu Yu Hakusho deserve to be much higher. D:
  9. FlashNeko

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    They're all drinking together after work and bitching about the "new kid" that got let into the club they had to put their dues into to be accepted by and who does he think he is with his silly hat and that big muppet mouth?! :mad:
  10. Sage Shinigami

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    True Story.

    I, cannot. I don't even LIKE One Piece, but I realize it's immensely more popular in Japan than...nearly anything else animated on television right now.
  11. KamenRiderBiblio

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    It's popular for little boys. Japanese "men" do not like it. Just be lucky it's even ON the list. Bleach is much better AND drawn better, but it's not on there.


  12. Sage Shinigami

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    ROFL. This is an argument I don't care about, since I really don't like One Piece. That having been said, here's your problem, as they made a trope about it.
  13. garfield15

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    Okay, first of all, this is an anime and both One Piece and Bleach have just about the same level of QUALITY (as in, both tend to have shitty animation from time to time). Second, One Piece is not in the top ten every week and have unbelievable movie sales just from little boys watching it. It's the same as Conan as it's just as much of a family entity as much as it is a shounen anime. Bleach wishes it could have that kind of TV success. It doesn't even get in the top 20 anymore. Even Yu-Gi-Oh beats it some weeks.

    Third, Bleach is really the better of the two in story quality? Cause I was pretty bored with these last few episodes.
    Well, that's the thing. One Piece is popular right now but this list seems to take in the most popular and influential ever. It'd be like being confused as to why if this was an American list, Avatar would be lower than, say, The Simpsons Sakura was a unbelievable phenomeon with girls when it was airing (though, probably not as much as Sailor Moon was).

    I'm honestly surprised to see One Piece even on the list, but I can see why it's there. I can't believe Pokemon isn't there though and Digimon is (cause it's more awesom)
  14. KouAidou

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    I seriously love me some YYH, but given what's higher on that list, I think 55 is about right. (Also, what's with the numbers missing?)

    Naw, c'mon dude. Can you really see Seiya, Goku, and Yuusuke throwing down that way? They might look at him a little funny, and Yuusuke might break out laughing at least once, but it'll all be boozin' an' punchin' an' swappin' stories by the end of the night.
  15. Hidden Masta

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    Not Dragonball. He got plastic surgery, changed his name to Kai and got back in the business.

    I think you can only really understand this list if you lived in Japan. An American list would probably have Pokemon in the top 3.
  16. KouAidou

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    Naw. The American top 3 would be Cowboy Bebop, Eva, and Gundam Wing.

    (Followed by DBZ, Princess Mononoke [for people who want to sound classy], then Pokemon, and... I feel like I'm missing something obvious here...)
  17. Fox-Chan

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    I am very okay with this list. Especially with Lupin III in the top ten.
  18. Wonderwall

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    No Samurai Champloo? That was one good damn show....but so far I agree with the list.
  19. Kalle

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    Home Page:
    Pokemon is there, it's #82 on the list.
  20. bigone

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    how the list is broken up

    Group 1: #1-#15 "The Blooming of Full length manga based movies to TV anime"
    Group 2: #16-#29 "The Arrival of the Anime Boom"
    Group 3: #30-#42 "The Rise of the Anime Fan Generation"
    Group 4: #43-#47: "The World of Studio Ghibli"
    Group 5: #48-#55: "The Prosperity of Manga"
    Group 6: #56-#70: "The Signs of Japanimation" (this covers many titles that went to America)
    Group 7: #71-#90: "The Permeatation and Diffusion of Anime"
    Group 8: #91-#100: "The Readers' Picks for the Anime that should be remembered in the 21st Century"

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