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Discussion in 'Toys Unlimited' started by Kaji Motomiya, Apr 8, 2012.

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    So there have been some talks about accidents from the factory for some of their figures. One example, TCJJ in the figma thread got a figma Ritsu Tainaka from HLJ; the hand was glued in, and when he tried to remove it, it snapped off. He contacted HLJ, and I think he got a brand new figma.

    When this happened to me with my figma Strength, where the thumb on the right Ogre Arm was completely glued in, I e-mailed AmiAmi about it. All I got was a 10% discount as an apology. And they're completely sold out of Strength, so I can't find a replacement.

    I haven't bought any figmas since White Rock Shooter and Black Rock Shooter BEAST, both from AmiAmi (WRS hasn't had any problems, but I'm too scared to play with BRSB to try it...). Two more figmas have caught my interest, but where should I go if something like this happens again? Does anyone know if HLJ can recreate that replacement policy, or will I have to just pray it doesn't happen?

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