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    I've been thinking for a while that we could do with a thread for all that miscellaneous minor news, often concerning former toku actors, that is notable enough to deserve a mention but perhaps doesn't really deserve it's own dedicated thread. There's been a couple of bits of news like this recently, so I decided it was time to bite the bullet and make it.

    Fell free to add anything else you hear about!


    First up, some slightly older news. Back in July Ayuri Konno, who played Amy/Kyoryu Pink, announced that she was retiring from acting. Apparently she's found a new passion that she thinks she can make a career out of, so she giving that shot instead.

    Next up, a bit of a double announcement. Mika Kikuchi (Umika/Deka Pink) and Tomokazu Yoshida (Tetsu/Deka Break) have announced on twitter that they have gotten married. This is Mika's second marriage to a fellow ranger, as she was previously married to Yuji Kishi (Kyosuke/Red Racer) between 2009 and 2011.
    In addition, Tomokazu announced that he is retiring from acting. Apparently in the last few years he has had two careers on the go, as he became a professional acupuncturist in between acting roles, and now he has decided to pursue that full time.

    Finally, Ryosuke Miura, who is probably best known to toku fans for playing Ankh in Kamen Rider OOO, has announced that he is leaving his agency. He intends to continue acting but on a freelance basis.
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    OK, let's get the depressing news out of the way first. Yusuke Tomoi, who played Ryou (Kamen Rider Gills) in 'Kamen Rider Agito', is retiring from the entertainment industry following public revelations concerning his scandalous (mis)treatment of his girlfriend. A magazine had been preparing to publish a tell-all report, so he decided to reveal all beforehand, initially on a short-lived blog post before providing further details at a press conference.

    Onto happier news now. Two of the stars of 'Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger' have gotten married...though not to each other. Yamato Kinjo, who played Nossan (Kyoryu Blue) has married an actress called Sayaka Kotani. Meanwhile, Haruka Tomatsu, who provided the voice and human form of Candelira, has married a man who isn't involved with showbiz.

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