50 States Initiative Game (A Post-Civil War Game)

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    I'll list a state, then the next poster makes up that team's roster for that state. Then other posters post another state and then the next poster makes up that state's team roster.

    Lather, rinse and repeat until we have 50 teams in this fun challenge.

    Here's the guidelines.

    1. Maximum roster is seven people.

    2. Anyone dead or alive can put to any team roster.

    3. Nobody can be in more than one team.

    4. Team name can be of your own choosing or you can have an established team name.

    5. No two states can have the same super team name unless they are specified (e.g. New Avengers, Young Avengers).

    6. No alternate universe characters (e.g. Hyperion IV, AoA Sabretooth).

    7. The whole game is based on the Post-Civil War Marvel 616 Universe canon.

    8. You can only use Marvel (Universe 616) characters in this non-role playing character game.

    9. Have fun with this and keep it civil in this post, 'kay?

    Let's start.

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    Netalia (Black Widdow)
    Janet Van Dyne (Wasp)
    Kitty Pride
    Jean Grey
    Spider Gwen
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