2019-2020: Kamen Rider Zero-One

Discussion in 'The ORB - News & Rumors' started by Toku Prime, May 13, 2019.

  1. Kamen Rider Kaixa

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    I'm just hyped that T.M. Revolution is doing the Op.
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  2. Dr Kain

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    I hope it's good. I honestly never understood the hype with TM Revolution. I mean, I loved their Gundam SEED openings, or some of them, but most of their other music felt pretty average to me.
  3. Kamen Rider IXA

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    How can you're not mention TM Revolution's work on Ruroni Kenshin?

    It's one of the first japanese songs I've heard and still one of my favourites. The best song of that anime as well.

    He also did a few excellent Sengoku Basara songs

    His Abingdon Boys School stuff has a different feel to it, but I like most of it as well.
    I wish Zero-One would get something akin to his (and Nana Mizuki's) Valvrave OP songs at least, but looking at sad excuses for opening themes Riders usually have these days, it likely won't happen.
  4. scikaiju

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    Wasn't sure were else to put this but tvarashi put the first episode on their youtube channel, and as of now it's not region locked. So if you're interested check it out
  5. Dr Kain

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    Over Time has subbed it.
  6. Shogun_Master

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    Ok, having just seen ep 2, we're now taking bets-- do we think they're waiting to introduce all three main riders before they have an opening theme sequence, or is this show trying to do an Amazons thing?
  7. Japaneseseriesfan

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    Apparently, there's a sixth Rider that's upcoming. Kamen Rider Thouser, based on a Caucasus beetle/King motif. Uses both Progrise Keys and Zetsumesurise Keys to transform.

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