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    Well I wasn't expecting this just yet. :eek: Toei don't normally register their trademarks for Rider until June but the trademark bot that's been reliable for the last few years has produced an early application:

    Now before you all start making Power Ranger jokes, apparently the Japanese characters indicate that the "ZI" part is pronounced "ji", so the name sounds like 'Geo'. However, the 'Ji' character can supposedly mean a lot of things so without anymore context there's no solid indication as to what the theme is just yet.
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    I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that Zi-O will be similar to Decade in that his powers will derive from his predecessors. His main form could be based on Decade, while his additional forms are fusions of the other Heisei Riders a la Ultraman Orb's Fusion Ups and Ultraman Geed's Fusion Rises. They could have either 9 fusion forms with 2 riders each (preferably 1 pre-Decade and 1 post-Decade) or 6 fusion forms with 3 riders each.
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    I'm going to say it's a geological theme. :)

    Either that or a giant floating head gives the Kamen Rider his powers from a space crystal collected from various time periods.

    EDIT: So I didn't read the first post. Already beaten. lol

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