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    1. selfa
      Back to Tsuguru's saga. Due to the life-long inspiration of Minami Kisuke's legend, Tsuguru devotes himself to the re-development of Rider Systems for Kamen Rider Descend, Ascend and Strife.

      Initially in a neutral side between the Bloodlines and the Mankind, Tsuguru puts his heart and time into the re-development project, in hope of showing to the human that, the Bloodlines are nowhere different from us, expressing them through a Rider System (referring to Descend, Ascend and Strife) that stands up or even far surpasses them.
    2. selfa
      In a fight in the late story, Original Descend will be over-powered by a Shadow Rider Commander, as Kisuke awoke in his sub-consciousness, he pleads to his dark persona for aid, which Nega-Kisuke somehow relents in the end, combining both powers of Ascend and Descend to attain the 'Transcend Form', wielding all powers of BOTH the Hero Riders and the Dark Counter-parts.

      This story upholds the concept that once before, The Rider Multi-verse are originally as one, breaking down to one another after the war against the Shadow Riders eventually, causing a major upset of the universe's balance of Light & Darkness.

      As the world splits, so did Nega-Kisuke - the dark persona of Minami Kisuke himself, as he lands on the Nega World across the time, where he would become the antagonist of the movie-length advent of Reitsuguri-existence Kisuke and his companion in the World of Nega. (The movie containing Nega-Kisuke which i mentioned initially on the thread)
    3. selfa
      As for the story of Minami Kisuke, forms the fore-story and the First Grand-Arc of the Trilogy.

      Minami Kisuke was the foster son of Minami Kotaro, Kamen Rider RX. Since young, his parents was seemingly killed by Kamen Rider RX, in the First War of Mankind and the Kamen Riders.

      Together with his childhood friend, Shizaki Mizune (紫咲 水音), they embark on an adventure to uncover the mysteries as the Second Rider-Human War broke out, and the truth behind the death of his parents.

      Along the adventure, Kisuke stumbles upon the ruin of prophecy as the almighty blesses him with the destiny and power of Kamen Rider Descend, awaking his acute sense of good and evil, and his split-personality that uses the powers of Kamen Rider Ascend as a counter-part.
    4. selfa
      And Since childhood, Tsuguru was deeply awe-inspired by the legendary tale of Kamen Rider Descend, who gathered all Riders of Light and Darkness in unity with the whole mankind to fight the threatening forces of the Shadow Riders; The hero who possesses both Descendriver back-to-back with its dark form, Ascendriver, transforming into the pinnacle state of Kamen Rider Descend -Transcend Form-, with the Kamen Rider outlook of Half-Ascend and Half-Descend.

      Wielding this form, Minami Kisuke himself leads all Dark Riders and Righteous Riders to annihilate the race of Shadow Riders, returning the world its much effort-acquired peace, heralding him to come to be known by the rest of the generations as 'The Highest Legendary Rider - Saikyo Densetsu No Raida 最高伝説のライダー'
    5. selfa
      Other than Tsuguru and Tomoya, there is also Tsuguru's crush and close friend since their childhood, Aurora - who cares for the lost children at the 'Utopia Care Relief Nursery', gentle and demure, always believing faithfully in the concept of an 'Utopia-X' where Mankind and Kamen Riders can co-exist in peace and harmony)

      [though by the story time-line at Kamen Rider Descend's main series, this was somehow distorted by Tsuguru's eventually twisted personality and his sense of justice, more on the cause of this later on]
    6. selfa
      In a midst the rising tension between the Bloodlines and rest of the mankind, however stands Junpei Tsuguru (淳平 嗣) and his younger brother Junpei Tomoya (淳平 智冶), the rare exceptions among the mankind to continue believing in the just existence of the Kamen Riders.

      Working hand in hand with the surviving riders - namely Takizawa Izumi (滝沢 泉) [son of Narutaki, of the Faiz Bloodline of Inui], Souma Yuichiro (操真 雄一郎) [Wizard Bloodline of Souma], Hino Senji (火野 千次) [OOO / Ozu Bloodline of Hino in order of the subsequently recorded history, despite of the Unnamed King being the origins], Kadoya Atsuo (門矢 敦夫) [Decade Bloodline of Kadoya], Kurenai Kiyoshi (红 清) [Kiva Bloodline of Kurenai] and lastly, Kenzaki Kouhei (剣崎 航平) [Blade Bloodline of Kenzaki]
    7. selfa
      Behind the development of the systems is the core of the research team, Sakuraba Goichi (桜庭 刚一), ambitious and always jealous towards the chosen ones that possess the original, true powers of the Kamen Rider (known as the 'Bloodlines')

      As the doomsday struck mankind, the natural star and planet alignment causes multi-verse to collide - a crisis thought to be averted from the period of Decade's active crusades.

      With this phenomenon highly attributive to the true riders, Goichi made use of the opportunity to delude the mankind that the 'Bloodlines' are primarily responsible for the destructive chains of apocalypse disasters, hence deceiving the human to stake a war against the innocent 'Bloodlines' - All thanks to his reputation and authoritative influence on the mass which stems from his background as the core genius behind the development of the 'Mass Rider System' - that was deeply-trusted by the mankind.
    8. selfa
      Hehe everyone has such moments isn't it? :P

      Tsuguru's back-story will be presented in the form of a 90-minute movie length format, that will also be the second grand-arc of the trilogy.

      At his timeline, prior to the cataclysmic disasters of doomsday, mankind developed a rider systems where everyone and nearly anyone of fighting-fit adult age could be a rider, known as "Mass Rider System", which has later become the "Proxy Rider System" that was came to be known of.
    9. selfa
      Lastly, as you could probably digress if you have read Episode 2, the antagonist group will nearly consist of riders from the future (post-end-of-the-world to be exact) exacting their own sense of justice, forming a line of grey zone between the antagonist & the protagonists.

      So we will get to see descendants going against their ancestors kind of fight in time to come =D

      And My bad if the torrent of ideas traumatizes your message wall -___-
    10. selfa
      As Descend's power is partially based on future, the synchro ability will pose a powerful aid to his rider friends.

      (the Descendriver in the main series is re-developed by Tsurugu from the future in accordance to the original existence and Descendriver's wielder who is Kisuke's reincarnation - Minami Kisuke who is the foster-son of Minami Kotaro / Kamen Rider RX as they shares a universe but extremely different timeline, fyi :) )

      Such as Kiva's new fuestle form that was only available from the future (Gurei Katar Form, Balrok Halberd Form and the third one that has yet to be decided, and also the Maximum Buroon Booster form for the vehicle)
    11. selfa
      And for Faiz Arc, Meta Rider mades it debut (Meta to Proxy = Horoscopes to a regular Zodiart in a way since they evolves similarly)

      The bracelet that Renee wear that was given a very dull mention during the prologue will make it use known also, Providing a power to both Descend and the hero rider of each world when it senses the kizuna at its peak height during the epic battle, allowing Descend to use "Synchro Form Ride" and "Final Synchro Form Ride" where Synchro Form Ride allows the original rider to receive the additional power-up when Descend uses his "Double / Triple Form-Ride". (However, one of the form has to be the correspond rider for it to take effect, such as Kabuto + Another Rider Power for it to be effective when Descend fights alongside Kabuto in Synchro Form Rider)
    12. selfa
      For an instance, Kisaragi Gentarou will be transferring school soon and finds himself a successor for the power of Fourze and the Kamen Rider Club, deeply believing that just like the times he used to spent at the Kamen Rider Club; Fourze itself should remain a part of his memories at Amanogawa High School.

      While for Faiz Story Arc, Takumi and Mari would be married for quite sometime (with Keitaro as the 'light-bulb'), and Takumi struck with a terminal chronic disease, worrying that he could no longer protect the dreams of the people around him like he used to promised himself during the faiz show (a satirical inspiration, thanks to how he really looked skinny-to-the-bones in real life compared to the times where he act as Takumi during the period of Faiz) as he faces the proxy kaixa coming back to pose as kusaka, causing dissonance of his marriage and the risk of the hidden truth regarding his illness being revealed to Mari.
    13. selfa
      Fortunately i have some time until KRW finishes (at least 38~40 episodes / weeks to go in another words)

      Since i have to integrate closely with the Wizard Story Arc (Morishita Souma is intended to be a non-rider world canon of Souma Haruto, so that means his development will be highly reliant on the entirety of the Wizard's story plot)

      Not to mention the story arc for Wizard itself, since all of the story arc are based after the series. ;]
    14. selfa
      Lucky You!!! I never won over the OCD-bugs and the procrastinations (when they piles up, that is), barely once. -___-"""
    15. selfa
      And i will probably be writing until the OOO arc, before i start to enter the 'modding phase' (Which fyi, after Decade's relatively short arcs it will be the world of Faiz and finally OOO's that succeeds after)

      Which after i will start to write the former two story of the trilogy, Thus a couple of reasonably concise back-story that precedes and lays groundwork for the main series of Descend (in a typical KR movie's length, 90 minutes length of words if i could measure that to my closest possible approximation) and the crossover with New Den-O and W.

      Those alone should be more than enough for me to work through without feeling lagging behind the progressions and being bitten & took down by the procrastination bug. -___-"
    16. selfa
      I get where you're coming from. However even with a proper place to stash them away, i felt that despite the need to amend them from time to time may annoys some, as long even if its just a few of them where the constructive criticisms and suggestions helps with the much needed brain-storming, i believe its worthwhile afterall.

      On the side note, its a personal way to fight procrastination at the same time. Hate it when you (I) have an 'OCD' of uneasiness when you see large piles of stuff not getting post up when in a way or another they're supposed to. -___-
    17. selfa
      Sorry for being real late! But Full Episode 2 has been done up, will place uploading of stories as first priority while i amends and revives afterwards, as i am scared of forgetting some story inspirations, stinks being a scatterbrain somethings. =X
    18. Keith Justice
      Keith Justice
      Don't worry. What changes may come will not affect your access. I'll make sure of it. ;)
    19. shingamyeonblack
      3,429 yen as the pre-order price. It is for March.
    20. MagiPink
      So exhausted at this point. I thought I had left a message on my visitor section when it was on yours. Hahah...oopsie.
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