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No Fear, No Pain., from The Citadel

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    1. Milky Rose
      Milky Rose
      I appreciate the criticism, Zig. And I admit that there's some flaws...that are coming to me the more I re-read the stuff LOL. As I've said, Ideas are hard to come by for me lately, what with real life messing with my brain LOL. Still, I'll try to incorporate feasible ideas whenever my muse strikes fancy XD
    2. Milky Rose
      Milky Rose
      Well...I do admit that there are limitations, and...I have used the form split before. But...I figured I'd go with familiar ground, since, well...I have not made RPGs in a very long while. But if I ever have an original idea...well...I'll be sure to try and execute it
    3. Milky Rose
      Milky Rose
      Just wanna get your opinion on the RPG I put up. I must admit it's been a long while since I last made one...
    4. Shagon Kabuto
      Shagon Kabuto
      Yeah I have seen Bleach before. I get what you are saying I just don't feel comfortable with a dad hauling off and punching his son. Even if he is 17 lol.
    5. G.K.
      I'm actually glad you found it amusing to a degree. Having Gin yell at the empty building and implying that his ex-wife was scarier than smart brain were attempts to inject humor into an otherwise frightning or depressing storyline. That an he the only character that seems to be an emotional roller coaster right off the bat.
    6. Shagon Kabuto
      Shagon Kabuto
      Hmm, looking back on it the middle did seem a little forced but I don't think there's anything I can do about that as if I were to rewrite it I think I might mess it up. As for the hitting thing...meh having Vagon openly hit Shagon in public would have just been a little to much mainly because I don't believe in openly hitting your child even for punishment. slapping was about as far as I was willing to go with that lol.
    7. Shagon Kabuto
      Shagon Kabuto
      Ok done with my post and am about to post it. Let me know what you think.
    8. selfa
      Its a long spam of some suggestive cut-scenes for the 2nd of trilogy i know. If its too much to digest and getting to the state of a lil mindf**k, my bad =(

      And just to clarify, Tsuguru wakes up shortly after, gather the last of mankind that is still willing to follow him now that the remnants of the governments were gone. He begins to start, establish and at time goes by, turns over the leadership of Foundation-X to his men.

      Tsuguru continued with his ingenious mind that led him to re-develop the rider systems, to invent other technology, such as locating the entire Utopia-X HQ, in an entirely isolated dimension of singularity (a term one would hear in Den-O), where time and space comes to a standstill.
    9. selfa
      "Tsuguru Nii-san!!"

      "T-tomoya.. l..listen to me. The heroic tales of descend, forget them all! Let them be a fleeting memory... The utopia-x, the place of eternal peace and respite, needs only us as their riders! To do that, you must eliminate all other riders apart from us as your arch-enemies! Re-write the pages of the world... so that we can save them!"

      As he falls into a comatose, Tomoya carries his respected brother by arm, turning back to the sight of the battle-worn companions.

      "Let us head back, until Nii-san wakes up from this weariness, much awaits us to do."

      The veil of sandstorm briefs pass as the four silhouettes treks in the blood-bathed desert, disappearing into the darkness of the distance...
    10. selfa
      As he walks on, the sudden strain of the prolonged use of the 'Transcend Form' acts up in the form of a terrible side effect, the transformation is forcibly undone as the two drivers escalates into mid-air, tearing open into the torn fabric of space and time, disappearing into it.

      It was as though the powers has chosen to discard their former owner, sensing the twist of his heart and mind, deeming him unfit to be the chosen owner any longer..

      Tsuguru fell to his knees as his body grew more and more feeble.

      Tomoya runs over to catch hold of his brother, looking nervous and helpess at his brother's sudden predicament, he cried out to him.
    11. selfa
      With the war going on for what it seems like hours, the mere group of a few riders, decimates the entire army of enemies, leaving the Great Commander's at the tip of the 'Transcend-Punisher' from Tsuguru's hands, still shaking violently from the blood banquet of the Mass Rider Army Massacre.

      "Pl..Pl-lease!!! Let me live, I beg you!! There, there---- It was wrong of me, i am ignorant, *slaps himself* i am stupid to overestimate my lowly abilities..."

      However Tsuguru's heart have long grew malevolent and merciless from the partings and betrayal, unable to listen to any pleads from the helpless captive.

      Crying out in tears as Tsuguru raises his blade, the blade hacks across as blood splatters out from the head that flew off its body...

      Tsuguru's walks away with his blood-stained face, devoid of emotion.

      "Lets go, everyone.."
    12. selfa
      Tomoya: "Tsuguru Nii-san! What are brothers for, Live or Death, We will brave through them together!"

      Tsuguru and his straggling crew all transforms into their Rider forms, as the great commander sneers at their futile resistance

      "Humph! Resistance is futile! Against hundreds of thousands of my men, none of the rider power of the savage bloodlines shall prevail!"

      Tsuguru assumes his 'Transcend Form', with his cold voice, began to tremble with the indulgence of a blood-lust "Do you... truly think so?"

      Atsuo, Kouhei and Kiyoshi evolves into Complete Decade, King Blade and Emperor Kiva form as all of them tears and unleashes their power all out at the hordes of Mass Riders that seems to come endlessly.
    13. selfa
      Looking at the glowing crystal - signifying the final magic trick of the slain-villain, Tsuguru put down Aurora's body to lie against the wall, he instructs Narutaki, who was torn at the sight of his son's plight as he was intended to run ahead of Izumi's team to inform of the breach, "Naru, take Aurora's body and run back. Promise me, don't look back no matter what happens and what you hear."

      "Atsuo, Kouhei, Kiyoshi, Tomoya - Til this last minute, are you willing to risk your lives for such a powerless, helpless being like me?"

      Atsuo: "Definitely, my life is with you till the merciless betrayers do us all! Those ingrates! They have no idea what we have done to help them."

      Kouhei: "I second that. My life is yours the moment i have decided to head in and slain that son of a bastard down with his head rolling back there."

      Kiyoshi: "I-I too am following you all the way til the end!"
    14. selfa
      As they exited the stronghold, they discover hundreds of thousands of 'Mass Riders' laying an ambush on them.

      With his left hand, the Great Commander grabs Izumi in Faiz Form on his head . Faiz, heavily injured til the extent that his facial features was partially revealed from the shattering helmet of the Faiz Gear. And grabbing with his other hand, a demising Senji and his tattered Super TaToBa suit, they urges Tsuguru and the rest to run as the peace treaty has been breached.

      It was as if the loss of loved one wasn't a huge blow enough, Tsuguru turned cold and aggressive : "What's the meaning of this?"

      "I am sorry, Eiyuu-san (Mr Hero). But i am afraid there can be no trust and peace between us and the cruel bloodlines afterall. Sakuraba-sama has beforehand entrusted his words to us - that should the cruel, bloodthirsty bloodline took his innocent life, the crystal i have in my hand will glow in correspondence!"
    15. selfa
      Enraged Goichi turns around to deal Aurora a fatal blow, sending Aurora to fly off and slams into a wall, as Aurora lie in a pool of blood, she continues to call out to Tsuguru with her dying breath, saying that she has always believed in him all these while, confessing her true feelings for him and that she know he will one day create the harmonic, peaceful world of 'Utopia-X' which they had promised one another.

      Aurora deceased upon her dying words. Heartbroken, extremely-devastated, Tsuguru holds back his tears as he converts them into anger towards Goichi.

      The intense pain and anger finally made Tsuguru able to use the 'Transcend Form' of Kamen Rider Descend and Ascend. Where after the final scenes of fierce battle, the heroic party took Goichi down as the Genesis Driver gets destroyed once more.

      Stricken with boundless sorrow and grief, Tsuguru carried Aurora's dead body as everyone walked out of the fortress.
    16. selfa
      Upon felling the humongous hunk of scrap-iron clock-gear, The group ventures into the core of the fortress, only to see Aurora held hostage by Goichi, as he threatens them to forego any thoughts of resistance should they want Aurora alive.

      Goichi henshins into Kamen Rider Genesis as he thrashes Tsuguru and everyone up, who was without resistance all these while.

      Aurora cries out as she restlessly attempt to pick open the cage with the shredded splinters from the nick of her high-heels, she escapes from the cage as she grapples Genesis Goichi from behind, damaging the Genesis Driver with the remnant of her broken high-heels, freezing the Genesis Systems in a pause for awhile.
    17. selfa
      Nevertheless with Izumi's team absent, they explored deeper into the heart of the fortress, as they trekked further, a gigantic, clockwork Cerberus Dragon confronts the group.

      With one head of the dragon crashing down, Tsuguru throws the Strife Driver at Tomoya as he leaps away from the crashing impact, facing this towering menace that stands at the tremendous height and size, Tsuguru and Tomoya is forced to henshin into Kamen Rider Descend (unable to utilize the Transcend Form at this juncture) and Kamen Rider Strife, fighting a battle too impossibly tough for a couple of first-timers, with the existence of their three bloodline comrades

      (The Clockwork Cerberus Dragon is even taller and larger than Ryuki's Dragranzer/Dragredder for reference, but below standard size for sentai mecha's enemy)
    18. selfa
      Aside from the scenes of the Bloodline's initial raid on the fortress, Kouhei suggests to split the team into two, with Izumi, Senji and Yuichiro to hurry back such that Tsuguru & Tomoya could meet-up with them asap with the completed rider systems.

      As Tsuguru and Tomoya finally succeeding with the re-development of the lost rider powers, with respectively the Descendriver; Ascendriver; and Strife Driver in their possessions, they rushes with anticipation to the aid of their fighting comrades.

      As they reach the fortress, Atsuo asked them if they had seen Izumi and the group on the way here. Tsuguru says no as they took the 'Junpei's Secret Tunnel-Drive Route' that was only known by Tomoya other than himself.
    19. selfa
      Back to his labs, he started to hatch his plot of vengeance against the Bloodlines by re-developing the lost Rider System - Kamen Rider Genesis - that once belongs to the leader of the Shadow Riders in the historical war with the mankind.

      As Souma Yuichiro's garuda has been conducting surveillance within the depths of Goichi's stronghold, he was able to inform Tsuguru and the rest, where the cohort of Bloodlines left Tsuguru and Tomoya behind to do the final touch-up of the completing rider systems while they proceed with the raid on Goichi's fortress.
    20. selfa
      With his rider project coming to near completion, Tsuguru finally manages to persuade both the Bloodline and Mankind to sign a peace treaty, regaining peace to the apocalypse-torn world, or at least it appears to be.

      Meanwhile Hino Senji accidentally discovers Sakuraba Goichi's treacherous conspiracy to manipulate & control the whole world to his liking through his 'Mass Rider System', after stealing much-needed proof and footages, Tsuguru and his cohort of Bloodlines reveals Goichi's true colors by leaking the footages of his conspiracy discussions with his team of sinister scientists on the Speech Rally of the World President Elections.

      As a result, for quite some time Goichi completely loses trust of the entire mankind, along with the 'Mass Rider System' he develops, although Goichi forcibly manages to regain a majority of the lost trust by pulling strings behind the political and media network, this causes him to deepen his hatred towards the Bloodlines.
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